Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 201-210

Chapter 201: To the Necropolis (2)

Wu Ruo looked at You: "Do you remember what I said last time?"

You You slightly forehead: "Remember."

Wuzhu was curious and asked, "What is it?"

Wu Ruo didn't answer him, watching Yuchan continue to ask, "Your family agreed to this marriage?"

You quietly said: "There is no family you said, and there will be no polygamy you said."

Wuzhu: "..."

Wu Ruo hooked his lips. Now that Youyou has taken care of her family, there is no need for him to take care of them. As for whether Youyou will become his sister-in-law, you need to see if Youyou's performance and his elder brother will not You will forgive You, anyway, he will not say anything good for You.

He turned to Hei Xieyu and said, "Let's go elsewhere."

"Um." Hei Xiu took the man into his arms.

Wuzhu tried to hide from You by them, but he was too embarrassed to disturb Wuruo and turned to walk to his house.

Youyou called out quickly: "Sangong, listen to me.

Wuzhu entered the room, closed the door, and blocked people from the door.

You looked at the door panel, and there was a loss of light in his eyes.

Suddenly, Wuzhu opened the door of the room again, as if frightened, walked out of the room and looked left and right: "This is indeed the room I live in. He asked the guard at the gate:" How is it lying on the floor in my room Got a woman? "The guard said:" Grand Master, it was Madam Master's servant who put the staff in.

Young lady? Wu Zhu stunned for a moment, knowing that the young lady they were talking about was You. He turned his head and asked angrily, "Why did you put a woman in my room?"

You Xuan raised her eyebrows: "She is the one who hurt you. I grab her to let you deal with her personally. She will die depending on you."

"..." Wuzhu looked at him in disbelief: "She is your concubine."

This person is so cold-blooded and ruthless, in order to please another person, even the wife and concubine who once shared the same bed?

"It's not it anymore," You said, staring at her eyes. "She and her father failed to win power and are now prisoners of the Demons."


Youyou interrupted him: "I know what you want to say. At the beginning, he was in a hurry and had no real power in his hands. The elders forced her into my palace, but I never touched her.

Wuzhu Yiyi: "The princess of the demons ..."

"She was the last demon emperor, the daughter of my elder brother who was born with other women. No one else knew it, even she didn't know it."


"My elder brother's daughter."

Wuzhu was silent for a moment: "You take people away.

You didn't want to annoy him, and immediately lifted him out.

"Well ..." Youyou's concubine stared at the bamboo with resentful eyes.

Wuzhu glanced at her and turned back to the room.

Youyou knocked on the door gently, and screamed carefully: "Xiangong ..."

Youyou's concubine widened her eyes in shock. She never saw Youyou put down her body to please anyone, even if her daughter was lonely in the face, she always treated her coldly or carelessly. Love the ebony.

The bamboo in the room chuckled coldly: "You calm me down."

Youyou finally let out a sigh of relief, and a smile arose from the corner of her mouth, not to drive him away, indicating that things have changed, and work harder, Xianggong will forgive him.

He turned around and looked at the people on the ground, cold face. "Give her to my little uncle for disposal."


Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu strolled back from the outside and saw a woman tied like a **** lying on the floor in their house.

"this is……"

Heishin quickly explained: "This is from the wife of his wife, he said this person is at your disposal."

Wu Ruo soon understood that the woman was the concubine of the devil: "Did you hurt my elder brother?"

The emperor's concubine glared at him in indignation.

"It must be that the elder brother did not have the heart to deal with him, and the emperor sent someone to me." Wu Ruo looked down at her, and said lightly, "I don't have my elder brother to talk, and my elder brother is so kind. I remember when I told the Emperor that if you fall into my hands, I will peel your skin and draw your muscles. "

The emperor's concubine's angry eyes showed horror, and she could see that this beautiful-looking man was not scaring her.

"But after you lose your muscles, you will die soon, so I decided to peel off your skin first, and put a mirror around you, so that you look at yourself every day, and then a little bit more Crush the bones in your body a little, until you kneel down and ask my elder brother for mercy ... "Wu Ruochi smiled:" Do you think this method of torture you is particularly good? "

"Oh ..." The emperor's concubine yelled frantically, struggling.

"Hehe, it seems that you are satisfied with such a treatment." Wu Ruo looked cold. "Xinbo, you heard what I said just now, just do what I just said."

"Yes." Heixin asked the emperor's concubine to be carried out.

Wu Ruo turned and hugged Hei Xieyu: "Fortunately, you don't have other women like Devil, otherwise, I really don't know what I will do."

"It's not going to be that day." Hei Xieyu kissed his forehead with thin lips, and explored his body for heat: "You just got better and can't be tired, you go back to lie down, I'll call after eating you."

"Um." Wu Ruo felt a little tired, and returned to bed.

When eating, Youyou was very cheeky and sat at the same table with them for dinner. Her mouth was so sweet that her father-in-law took a sip and made Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong particularly happy. As a subordinate, Ye Ji almost didn't see him. Already.

Wu Ruo clearly felt that Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong were much happier than before. During the meal, the smile never fell down, just like letting go of a burden, and the whole became extremely relaxed.

There are many more words. When eating, he kept telling Wu Ruo about his and his friends in the village. Today he told Wu Ruo what he had eaten or done with his friends, and also explained the date. Go into the trees and catch snakes with your friends.

Wu Ruo had already remembered their names before meeting his little friends.

Hei Xieyu will let everyone sail for half a month, so that they can prepare for it.

After having dinner, Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong went for a walk on the beach.

Wu Ruo was ill and could only play chess with Hei Xieyu in the house.

"When I just ate, my dad didn't ask me about the Wu family. Did you tell him about the Wu family's exile?"

Hei Xieyu took up black chess: "Dad can guess the end of the battle for power and do not have to ask, why bother asking us to be sad. You don't have to worry, he is obviously much more cheerful now than before. When you get up, go around the village with your mother and chat with the people in the village or go fishing. Maybe when you think of Wu family in a quiet night, you will be sad, but time will wash everything away. "

Wu Ruo nodded, frowning at the chessboard, "I'm going to lose ..."

"No loss." Hei Xieyu took a few black pieces in front of him.

Wu Ruo knew that he was letting himself and picked up White with a smile.

At this time, Lao Hei came in with the cake.

Wu Ruo saw him. Putting down the chess piece and asking, "Why did you come in with the cake?"

Lao Hei laughed: "The young is his wife's servant and can't do everything all day long, so he asked the housekeeper to serve his wife."

Wu Ruo looked at him and thought, "Wu Xuexue is dead and killed by Wu Chenzi. I had inquired about her before coming here. She was pregnant with your child, but she was conceived by her. Destroyed. "

He saw that the two of them had visited the hall and had entered the cave before telling him about it.

Old Black's face remained unchanged: "In her heart, I am not my husband, and so is I."

Although he misses the enthusiasm of Wu Weixue's carcass and the night of the cave house, he still knows clearly that everything between them is false, so what does she have to do with life?

"Well, marry a better daughter-in-law for you in the future." Wu Ruo took out an elixir and gave him "Eating it will make your face better."

Lao Heixin took the elixir: "Thank you, madam.

"We are leaving Tianxing Country in half a month. Are you sure you want to leave with us?"

"I don't have a family. It's the same everywhere I go."

"Go out."

Lao Hei stepped out of the room and swallowed the elixir into his stomach. Instantly, the pustules on his face were much smaller.

He quickly shouted into the room again: "Thank you, Madam.

Wu Ruowen laughed: "This old black is quite interesting.

Hei Xun silently put the **** he had just retrieved back to the original position on the board.

Wu Ruo stunned: "Don't you say I won't lose?"

Hei Xun stunned him for a moment.

"You don't care what you say." Wu Ruo stared at him unhappy and didn't know what to think. His eyes turned and he grinned, "Aren't you going to eat old black vinegar?"

He laughed and hugged the man's neck, rubbed his man's throat with his fingertips, and gnawed at the man's ear lobe husky and said, "We're not going to play ..."

Hei Xiong breathed heavily and his throat knot rolled quickly.

"Let's go to bed and do ... well ... that thing.

After Wu Ruohua finished speaking, he was hugged to bed by Hei Xieyu, but he is still ill. Hei Xieyu hasn't gotten that kind of animal, just kissed and kissed the little mouth.

Wu Ruo kept touching his chest and rubbing his thighs. He had to close his eyes and let out a deep sleep before he could be slain by the fire.

Days passed fast, and half a month passed before he knew it.

When they boarded the ship, people from the whole village came to send them away, and they gave them a full ten baskets of various fish.

Wu Qianqing and Yandan said goodbye to friends they just met.

The village chief said on behalf of all the villagers: "Welcome to you next time, when we will prepare a full fish feast to welcome you."

Yandan cried with red eyes and shouted, "Village chief, I don't want to eat fish anymore, I'm tired of it."

Everyone was amused by children's words.

Chapter 202: To the Necropolis (3)

It wasn't too early. Everyone made a final farewell and went on board together.

After getting on the boat, I immediately threw away the sadness of parting, like a monkey, and jumped up and down. I ran every place and giggled with a smile in my mouth: "The boat has started , Sailing. "

Wu Xi laughed, "I didn't know who was reluctant to leave the buddy and cried red nose ..."

"That's the way of a child. When you are happy, you will forget why you were sad before." Hei Xietang said and turned to look at Wu Ruo. Before, take a good look at our ship. "

The wind is strong on the beach, and it is early spring. The weather is cold, which causes Wu Ruo to get fever every night when he goes out. He has been sick again and again. He had to keep him in the room to keep him away. Go out.

As a medical doctor, Wu Ruo also knew that it would not be the way to go. Especially after boarding the boat, his condition was more difficult to recover, so he no longer quarreled out, stayed in the house in peace, and healed until yesterday.

"Um." Wu Ruo was attracted all the attention by the palace built on the deck. There are not only gazebos, but also small bridges. The floors have reached a height of five floors, as if in a gorgeous official palace. Luxury is so expensive that it can only be described by two words, no wonder U Xi can't wait to go to sea.

"Is this really a boat?" Wu Ruo stared at the hall with a stunned look. "Why is it different from what I'm looking at below?

He saw that the deck on the deck was just an ordinary floor providing accommodation. It was neither special nor beautiful. Others looked at it and were only attracted by the magnificence of the hull. But who would have thought that the building inside was amazing. palace.

"Yes." Hei Xieyu pointed at the statue of the bow. "That's the legendary sea god. The upper body is a human, and the lower body is a dragon."

He pointed to the stern again: "That's the dragon's tail."

Wu Ruo looked at him curiously: "I just want to know how much money it took to build this ship."

"I don't know." Hei Xuanxi frowned lightly. "This ship was built by my sister. She usually likes gorgeous things."

Wu Ruofu: "Oh, what you said reminds me of a very important thing that I didn't do. Can I sail again a few days later?"

"What is it?"

Wu Ruo said awkwardly, "I haven't prepared gifts for your family."

A black smile flashed in his eyes: "No need, as long as you are here."

"This is bad."

Hei Sui didn't want him to disembark again to prepare gifts, but seeing that he kept remembering gifts, he had to say, "Wait until you buy."

Wu Ruo will leave when she sees the ship, and it's not good to ask everyone to disembark, so she nods: "Okay."

At this time, Hei Xietang came over and said, "Brother, I called Hei and they came, and you introduced them to them."

He was followed by three men, two of whom were wearing black robes, and the other was a white robe mopping the floor, and the embroidery was more gorgeous than the other two men. They came to Heishiu, respectfully, " I've seen the Lord. "

Hei Xunyu held Wu Ruo's hand: "This is Madam."

When the two men in black robes saw Wu Ruo, they were a little excited: "I've seen my wife.

Wu Ruo smiled and nodded.

Hei Xieyu introduced Wu Ruo, a tall and burly man in a black robe, called Hei Ye, and a thinner man called Hei Chao: "Hei is also the elder brother of Heigan, Hei Chao is Nephew's nephew, and the things on board are basically It's all up to them, and this ... "

He looked at the Sven man in white: "It is the priest Xihua I mentioned. When you are bored on the boat, you can ask him to teach you the mysticism of the priest."

Wu Ruo excited: "Can you?"

After knowing that he can learn other people ’s mystery, he always thinks about learning more about mystics in case of need. Besides, he does not take time to learn mystics. Just remember the opponent ’s spell and watch the other person ’s mysticism carefully. Then practice it a few more times by yourself, and basically you can learn and show it.

Xi Hua gently smiled. "It is my honor to teach my wife to learn mystery."

"I'll trouble you later."

Hei Xietang brought Wu Qianqing and brought everyone to know each other.

"Ship it--" someone suddenly called.

Wuzhu looked at Youyou: "Are you still off the boat?"

You looked at him innocently: "Why should I disembark.

"We're going to Xi's house now, are you going to follow too?"

"Marry a chicken with a chicken, and a dog with a dog. Wherever my husband is, I am there."

A corner of Wuzhu's mouth drew: "What about things in your clan?"

"I have left the matter to Youran." Youyou suddenly whine: "Sangong, I have a headache, please help me to rest in the room.

As soon as Wuzhu saw it, he knew it was pretending: "You let your men help you."

Youchan looked at Guan Tong with a grudge expression: "Mother-in-law, Xianggong doesn't hurt me anymore."

Wuzhu: "..."

The man was so shameless that he sued his mother.

Guan Tong can see that the two are in love with each other, but he doesn't know what happened between the two, so that Wuzhu has a knot in her heart, and she should naturally push him.

She laughed; "Yu's descendants are all men, how can you let them touch her body, Xiaozhu, then you can help you to go to the room to rest."

"You can let the mother ..." Wu Zhuyuan wanted Guan Tong's sister-in-law to help you, but thought about it, you really are a man, not to mention let him stay in the same room with the girl. "Yes."

He held his face somberly, holding on to the arm of You.

Youyou pressed all the weight on him.

"You, you don't have to go in."

Weary exclaimed weakly: "Mother-in-law ..."

Wuzhu said with a black face, "Don't call me mother, I'll help you."

You You smiled, hugged Wuzhu directly, and kissed his handsome face: "Sangong, you are so good."

Wuzhu: "..."

The thorns standing aside silently watched them leave, and turned to look at Yeji: "How about you?"

"This seat will stay to protect the Emperor."

Quivering coldly, "Go away."

Staring fiercely at night, he flew away to find his room.

Ye Ji was so sweaty, what did he say wrong?

Wu Qianqing saw the boat start, and took the egg to the stern and the people in the village waved goodbye.

"Brother, look at it quickly." Hei Xietang pulled Hei Xuan to the side and motioned him to look at the opposite reef: "It's the city owner."

Hei Xuanyu followed his gaze, and the city owner stood on the reef and let the wind blow his robe.

Hei Xuantang whispered, "Brother, do you think he is really the mother-in-law's father? If so, did he find out who we are?"

Hei Xuanyan frowned. "He may already know who we are."

Hei Xietang's eyes widened: "Then he asked us to take people away? Wouldn't he have any conspiracy?"

Hei Xuan said quietly, "What do you think he has intrigue?"

"Should not." Hei Xietang said embarrassingly: "If there is, we have it."

Hei Xun glanced at him: "Multiple words."

Hei Xietang smiled hesitantly, "I'm going to fish for a tug."

He went to the bow to cast.

Wu Ruo and Wu Xi went to Heixitang curiously and asked Heixiyu: "What are the four brothers doing?"

Hei Xieyu explained: "The boat is too big, and it will be slower to move by people alone. You need to call on the big fish to help us tow the boat. You can see the changes by the side of the boat."

Wu Ruo and Wu Xi went to the side of the boat and looked down. The sea surface was boiling with hot water and a lot of air bubbles came out. After a while, the bones of two huge fish appeared on the bottom of the sea, one foot wide and three feet long, very large. They Biting the rope under the big boat, dragging the big boat away from the coast quickly and blinking, the big boat drove out of the two miles and disappeared into the sight of the villagers.

Still facing the villagers who waved farewell to Wu Qianqing: "This boat is fast."

On the ship, Uhis exclaimed excitedly: "Is it possible to reach the place where I live at this speed?"

Hei Xietang put away his spiritual power: "It takes at least half a month."

"so far?"


Hei Xieyu said, "It's windy here, let's all enter the house."

The people on the deck returned to the house. Before too much time, Guan Tong became seasick. He could only lie back in the room, and Wu Qianqing followed her to take care of her.

Wu Ruo is not much better, because they are not comfortable with the boat for a while, the whole person is groggy, and some can't lift their minds. After five or six days, they will get better. With spirit, he ran from the bow to the stern, from the first floor to the fifth floor, and saw that everyone was worried and very worried that he would be blown away by the wind or dropped into the sea.

After half a month, the big ship finally slowed down, and the bone fish left, leaving the big ship floating on the sea.

Wu Ruo looked out of the sea through the window in the house: "Why not move?"

Hei Xunyu took his shoulders before he walked: "It should be here."

"Here?" Wu Ruo looked around curiously: "There are seas on all sides? Where is the shore? Is there a formation to confuse our eyes?"

"No, the door is still open. When the door opens, you will know what is going on.?"

"Oh." Wu Ruo looked at the sea and said, "The color of this sea is darker than before, and it is almost close to black. We are like falling into the ink."

"We call this the Mohai, and the color will turn black because of the curse."

"What a curse?"

Hei Xun said nothing.

Just then, a big ship that stood close to them appeared in front of them.

Wu Ruo pointed and said, "Xun, look, that ship is similar in construction to ours. Is your person coming to pick us up?"

"No." Hei Xietang's voice came from downstairs: "Dasao, that was the boat I used to go to Tianxing Kingdom to find my elder brother. After I arrived in Tianxing Kingdom, I asked them to drive back here first. Catch the door closing time, just stay here and wait for us.

The distant ship also found Hei Xuan, and sailed over.

Chapter 203: Necropolis (1)

"Master, master." The men on the big boat approaching Wu Ruo excitedly waved at them.

Hei Xietang was also very excited to wave at them: "Hei Yin, Hei Shi ..."

Wu Ruo lamented: "There are such masters and subordinates."

Hei Xietang's boat was like boiling water. The whole boat was very lively. Everyone ran to the hull and yelled, it was very warm, just like welcoming their arrival, Hei Xuan 翊But on the contrary, it was quiet, just like standing water. No one talked about the ship on the other side, only Hei Xietang's person was hot.

Hei Xuanyu suddenly frowned. "I am about to hit."

Hei Xuantang hesitated, seeing the boat getting closer and closer, quickly said: "Stop, stop, you stop for me."

The people on the opposite boat were being excited. How could I take care of it so much? The boat Ren Ren and Hei Xuanyu collided together. The big boat shook it fiercely, and Guan Tong was resting. Fortunately, there are matrix formations on both sides to block the boat.

"Master, we are going to pass." Hei Xietang stepped on the fence of the ship and jumped to Hei Xuan's boat. Suddenly, there was a vibration on the sea surface, and everyone stopped.

Hei Xuantang hurriedly looked down at "Brother, it seems the door is about to open."

"The door is open?" Wu Ruo leaned out of her body curiously, and saw the waves ripple on the sea surface, and the hull kept vibrating, and a crack slowly opened on the sea in front of their ship. The bigger it didn't stop until it was able to sail into a ship.

Hei Xieyu took him to the window facing the ship and drove in to the black standing on the bow of the ship. The big ship immediately turned the bow and drove the ship into the crack. Hei Xuantang's ship followed closely behind.

Wu Ruo's eyes widened: "You Necromancers are on the sea floor?"

"Rightly, it's underground."

At this moment, Dandan ran in excitedly: "Daddy, father, hug me.

Wu Ruo picked him up, pointed to the front and said, "That's the entrance to my father's clan."

Hei Xuan looked at the father and son, and raised his lips slightly.

The big ship entered the crack lane, and the hull quickly slanted down and rowed down. Wu Ruo and Egg Egg saw through the water wall various types of fish in the wall, large and small, with different shapes.

Neither Wu Qianqing nor Guan Tong had seen such wonders, and they all exclaimed.

Eggs curiously pointed at the pink body, but the four-footed fish asked: "Daddy, what kind of fish is that?"

Wu Ruo didn't even know: "Xun, what kind of fish is that?"

Hei Xuan said quietly: "I don't know, there are too many types of fish in the sea, and it is difficult to recognize all the fish."

Eggs pointed at another all-blue fish: "Daddy, what kind of fish is that?"

"I don't know." Wu Ruo pumped at the corner of his mouth, and wiped the drool from his mouth: "Don't you say that you are tired of eating fish? How do you see that the fish is drooling? Don't look at the fish, look at the front.

The front was dark and the end of the road could not be seen. However, after they got down to two miles, the sun could not reach the sea. The water color was getting deeper and deeper, and the fish in the water wall would glow. It's faint and bright, just like a light, very beautiful.

When they got down to Sanli, the looks of the fish became more and more terrible. The sharp teeth in their mouths were very vicious.

Wu Ruo pointed at the ugly fish and asked, "Dare you still eat?"

Everyone hurriedly turned his head and buried his face in Wu Ruo's arms.

Wu Ruo chuckled, and it seemed that he scared the child.

After the ship came down to Qili, he gradually felt the chill and took out his cloaks and put on them. Wu Ruo asked, "Not yet?"

"It's almost there." Hei Xieyu pointed to the front below: "There is red light in front, that's the door of our Necromancer."

Wu Ruoyan looked at him, the light in front of him grew bigger and bigger, and then the people on Hei Xietang's boat cheered, "Here we are."

The people on the ship were infected, and they laughed.

At the same time, Wu Ruo was very excited, and was about to see Xie's family. I didn't know if they liked themselves or not.

After a while, the ship stopped on the ground.

Wu Ruo raised his head in surprise and looked at the ten-foot-tall gate, and on both sides of the gate were two statues of Poseidon carved with red stones, which were very magnificent and domineering. The gate seemed to be burning with fire and red, but it seemed to only enter the Necropolis One channel.

Someone shouted, "Everyone can disembark."

Hei Xuanyu closed the window: "Let's go."

Wu Ruo came out of the room holding the eggs, and suddenly, the ship's hull shook again, and the tremor was very strong. Just like the earthquake came, the ship swung left and right, and people standing on flat ground had the possibility of falling at any time.

Everyone was shocked.

"what happened?"

"Don't ask so much, everyone get off the boat and get in the door."

Suddenly, the scene was chaotic and everyone used light work to fly under the boat.

Hei Xieyu asked Wu Ruo to disembark first, and he went down to see if they had disembarked.

As soon as Wu Ruo held the egg, he heard someone panicking and shouting, "The flood is drowning, run away."

Wu Ruo looked up subconsciously, and the water in the channel rushed down like a beast. The speed was quite fast. He was just enough to take out the defensive weapon to protect him and the eggs. Then, the water flooded over them. In an instant, the sound was lost and the light disappeared.

Wu Ruo hugged the egg tightly and let Dashui rush him to an unknown place. The only thing he was lucky was that the magic weapon he used could temporarily block the big water, so that he and the eggs would not die. .

I don't know how long it has been in the past, it seems that the magical instrument can no longer stand the impact and pressure of the water and makes a crunching sound. He quickly finds another magical instrument from the space, but other magical instruments can only block mystic attacks, not Block the water.

Wu Ruo thought that he could use the enchantment to stop the invasion of the water, and quickly made an enchantment before the instrument broke. After a moment, the instrument broke, and then he obviously felt that the water was carrying a spirit. The force hit his enchantment, fiercely fierce, and was about to crush it.

As a ninth-level wizard, he even resisted the attack of spiritual power, even feeling that his spiritual power was getting weaker and weaker.

Wu Ruo hurriedly said, "Everyone, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Before taking up the enchantment, he also took a deep breath and held his breath. The speed of the water was very rapid and rushed him around, causing him a lot of injuries.

The breath in his mouth did not last for a long time. After half a column of incense, the water entered his mouth and nose, and he could not breathe, and gradually lost consciousness.

Wu Ruo was in a coma, thinking to myself, I wouldn't die here like this, right?

"Father, father."

Do not know how long Wu Ruo passed out suddenly heard the sound of eggs, but still dark before his eyes.

"Daddy, you wake up soon." Dandan burst into tears.

Wu Ruo was very anxious when he heard his son's crying, but his body seemed to be tied up, he couldn't move, and his eyelids were very heavy. He tried several times, but all ended in failure.

"Dad, don't ignore me."

Wu Ruo was crying when he heard his son's voice, anxious and exhausted, and finally opened his eyes. Immediately, he yelled at the ugly face.

After seeing Wu Ruo wake up, Yandan rushed up and said, "Daddy, you are terrified."

"Sorry, Dad didn't scare you on purpose." Wu Ruo wanted to hug him, but couldn't help it. He quickly took a panacea from the space and stuffed it into his mouth. When he recovered, he quickly got up and put the eggs in Holding her arms, she watched with vigilance the person in front of him who was uglier than a ghost: "Who are you?"

The face of the other party looks like the dried-up ground, cracks of unsightly bloodstains, and the flesh at the corners is turned upside down, looking very disgusting, with gray hair, all white eyes, nose collapse, and yellow-black The teeth are exposed outside the lips and are not like a person at all.

Dandan hurriedly said, "Dad, it was this old woman who saved us."

Wu Ruosong said apologetically, "Sorry, thank you for saving us."

"Ah ..." The old woman walked to Wu Ruo in excitement, making a hoarse voice, but her eyes were full of tears.

Wu Ruo found her dumb, and comforted her: "Don't worry, if you have any words, slowly say it."

"Ahhhhh ..." The old woman hugged him.

Wu Ruozhi couldn't understand what she said, so she asked, "Can you write?"

If the old lady didn't hear what he said, she cried and hugged him all the time, crying even more miserably than the egg, just let Wu Ruo shy away.

The old woman let go of Wu Ruo when she cried almost, wiped her tears, and turned to hold the water in the bowl for Wu Ruo to drink.

Wu Ruo drinking water, looking at the room, the room was dim and simple, there was only a bed, a cupboard, a table and a chair, the table was lit with oil lamps, and he could barely let him see the people in the room and the room. Furnishings.

"Excuse me, where is this?" Wu Ruo remembered the flood and asked again: "Old lady, do you see anyone else besides us?"

The old woman shook her head and pressed him back to the bed to signal him to sleep more.

"I'm not sleepy." Wu Ruo wanted to, but was pressed hard by the other side, he had to lie down.

The old woman opened a ugly smile and went out with the bowl.

Wu Ruo quickly got up and asked Doudou, "Doudou, do you know where this is? Did you see anyone else when you woke up?"

Yandan shook her head with red eyes and said, "When I woke up, I only saw that the old lady used a lot of energy to drag us back here."

Wu Ruo opened the quilt and found that she was slippery, and quickly took out her robe from the space to put on herself and her eggs, and then held the eggs out of the room.

There is a dark passageway outside the room, and the old woman is cooking in the opposite room.

Wu Ruo didn't bother her, returned to the room and came out with an oil lamp, holding her eggs to the right of the passage.

Chapter 204: Necropolis (2)

After walking about ten feet away, Wu Ruo finally reached the end of the aisle. He held an oil lamp and looked at the left. There was an aisle on the left where he did not know where to go. The height is three feet high, and the width is about two feet high. There is a faint flare in the distance.

He turned to shoot to the right, and suddenly, two faces appeared in front of them, scaring them almost to use mystery to bombard them.

Wu Ruo patted his son's back quickly, shocking him: "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid."

He illuminated the other person's looks with an oil lamp. Two men taller than him, with slightly messy hair and rough face, dressed in gray coarse cloth, and had a large hole in their shoes.

One of the taller men asked sulkingly, "Who are you?"

Wu Ruo looked at them and said nothing.

The other man glanced at Wu Ruo with his gaze, and an expensive Wu Ruo made his eyes light up: "Oh, when is a beautiful rich lady coming in our town? Wine brother, do you know? "

"You big fool, he's a man." Jiujie squinted and stared at Wu Ruo's face: "Yeah, he looks really good, but this guy looks familiar and rich, please take a closer look, Have we ever met him? "

"It's pretty familiar." Rich Rich stared at Wu Ruo for a while. As if thinking of something, he clapped and clashed and said, "Isn't this the ghost's son Youpanyang? I went, but he was really found by the ghost? This silly big man didn't die after falling into the river, and his life was too high Well, everyone said that silly people have stupid blessings, which is really good, wine brother, do n’t you look at him in a robe, it ’s not a thousand or two hundred dollars, right? ”

The elder brother stared at Wu Ruo's cloak made of fur, his eyes sparkled: "Stupid big man, where have you been getting rich lately? Teach my elder brother, I will never forget you when my elder is rich."

Wu Ruo frowned.

Does he look so similar to the man named Youpanyang? Otherwise, why would they recognize people wrong?

By the way, who is the ghost woman?

Wu Ruo thought of saving his wife and his son's grandmother. He was so excited and crying before, maybe he was regarded as her son.

Rich Rich pinched his chin and asked, "Stupid big man, wouldn't you be a rich businessman's darling or be a rich man, Miss Qian Jin, and be regarded as the other person's face. Alas, if you look good, you are different. Make a lot of money, silly big man, are you holding your son in your arms? "

Wu Ruo ignored them and turned away.

Brother Jiu and rich man quickly blocked his way: "Let's ask you, do you fool, think you have a few stinky money, and dismiss us?"

The wine brother said, he was going to grab the eggs in Wu Ruo's arms.

Wu Ruo sank his face, and kicked Jiuge to the ground with one foot raised.

The rich man became embarrassed, and said, "Do you dare to hit someone? His mother, today I will not give you a lesson, I will follow your surname."

He raised his hand and stunned it. Suddenly, a blaze came over, scaring him to hurdle his hand back.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well since the old lady ran out, holding the firewood, she raged angrily at the wealthy.

"Ghost, do you want to burn me? His mother, you two are waiting for us." The rich man yelled and hurriedly helped the wine brother on the ground to leave.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh since my wife was angry at them leaving the back and scolded, and dragged Wu Ruo back into the room.

She pointed to the chair in front of the table and asked Wu Ruo to sit down before turning back to work in the kitchen.

Wu Ruo put the eggs on the table and looked at each other face to face, sighing helplessly: "Eggs, we are separated from your father, and we don't know if your father and your grandfather are as good as us."

Everyone comforted him: "With his father, he won't let his grandfather do anything.

"So too." Wu Ruo smiled and rubbed his forehead, comforted by his son less than two years old.

Today, they are separated from Hei Xuyi, Hei Xuyi cannot find them, and they must be very anxious in their hearts. They will definitely send people around to find them, so they cannot stay here all the time. If they find the door of the Necromancers, they should be able to see people in the black gauntlet searching nearby, and when the ghost woman comes in, ask where the door is, but the ghost woman is dumb, and I do n’t know if I can ask the door The place.

Doudou looked around: "Daddy, it's so dark here."

Wu Ruo sighed: "Can it be dark under the ground?"

There is no daylight here. It is impossible to know when it is today. No matter where you go, you can only see things with a candlelight. Moreover, the ground is still very cold. I really do n’t know how He spent them living here all year round. No wonder the dark-skinned skin will be so pale. This is the result of not being exposed to the sun all year round.

Wu Ruo looked at his shadow space, and took out a defensive magic weapon from the inside. The top is a transparent crystal ball, and the bottom is similar to a candlelight shelf to support the balance, so that it can be stably placed on the table and drive its spiritual power. The whole house was as bright as day.

He laughed: "Is it bright enough now?"

"It's bright enough, it's bright enough." Dandan hugged magic weapon happily.

At this time, the ghost woman came in with a cauldron and saw the magical utensils being held by the eggs, she couldn't help but stun.

Wu Ruo quickly got up and put the eggs on the ground. Then she took the pot in her hand and put it on the table. There was a slight scorching smell in the pot, and she didn't know what was cooked, but it was dark inside.

The ghost woman turned and went to get the bowl and chopsticks in, and each person sipped a bowl.

"Thank you ghost woman." Wu Ruo took the bowl and put it in front of Eggs.

He smiled grinningly, "Thank you, old lady."

He had been hungry for a long time, and hurriedly picked up the spoon and sent it to his mouth. With this, he frowned: "Hey."

Wu Ruo froze and rubbed his hair and said, "This is a hard-working meal made by a ghost mother-in-law. You can't waste it, you know?"

Nodded, nodded, and continued to deliver food to his mouth.

Wu Ruo also scooped a spoonful and brought it to his mouth. The taste was indeed a bitter and burnt taste, which was very difficult to drink, but he finished it.

When he lowered his bowl of chopsticks, he found that the old man kept watching him crying.

Wu Ruo quickly took out the silk silk and handed it to her: "Ghost, why are you crying?"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh when at the time, my wife was happy and sad.

Wu Ruo guessed that she should miss her son, took her hand, and said nicely, "Ghost, I need to clarify one thing with you. I just learned from my wine brother and rich man that I have grown up with your son. Very similar, but I am not your son. "

The ghost woman was shocked and exclaimed, "Ahhhhh ..."

Wu Ruo saw that the ghost woman did not believe her words, but said helplessly, "This is true."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh since there I grimaced his hand so sadly that he did n’t want to confess.

"Ghost, calm down."

Outside the door, a woman's rage burst out suddenly: "Ghost woman, from Panyang, get out of me."

Wu Ruo frowned.

Hearing the sound, the ghost woman wiped the tears in the corner of her eyes, got up and held Wu Ruo, motioned him not to go out, and then went out the door by herself.

The woman outside the door saw her come out, and immediately rushed forward and grabbed her collar: "Oh, you hag, the people in our town kindly accepted you, but you hit my son with firewood, and it hurt my baby son. Be careful and scared, oh, you have become bold, even my son dare to fight. "

The rich man took the stick in his hands and beat her hard, and Fang Da, who had no robe to cover the ground, specifically asked: "Let you hit my son, I let you hit my son."

The stick hit the ghost woman, making a crackling noise, and the ghost woman screamed in pain.

In the room, Doudou flew into Wu Ruo's arms.

The lady-in-law who followed her said viciously, "Mrs., you have to hit hard, see if she dare to scare our young master in the future."

Wu Ruohan, with a face on his face, quickly walked out and grabbed the treasure stick of Baobao's mother. He pulled it hard and grabbed the stick and threw it to the ground. When he saw the forehead's forehead was broken, he was furious and reached the highest point. : "Do n’t be too much of an old woman. The hag just scared your son with a fire stick and did n’t hit him with a stick, but you went down to hit an old man. Are you still a human? And your son, scared a little Just crying for my mother, it's just a waste. "

The maid sneered: "Even if we kill her, no one in this town dares to make a noise.

"Who are you bunny? Dare to call my son a waste, aren't you **** wanting to live?" Tubao stared at Wu Ruo in anger and stunned: "Yu Panyang, It ’s really you, huh, you ’re dressed like a dog. You ’re almost going to recognize you. You little **** is just coming back, and it ’s quicker for me to pay the twelve silver you owe. ”

When the ghost woman heard it, she waved with excitement and shouted, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) when the ghost woman listened with excitement, she cried,

She never owed her so much money.

Wu Ruo guessed from her expression what was going on: "You said my mother owed you a dozen or two coins? IOU? Is there an IOU? If you don't have IOU, get out of my way."

The rich man suddenly became rich and did not expect the dead fool to become so savvy: "Are you planning not to confess it?"

In this town, no one dared to owe her money even if there was no IOU.

Wu Ruo sneered, "You come up with the IOU."

The maid said, "Everyone knows that your mother owed our wife a dozen or two dollars."

Wu Ruo didn't even look at her: "I see your wife talking, what do you want to say?"

The niece gave him a vulgar glance.

"Okay, you bunny, you ’ve gotten brave after mixing for a few years. You dare to rely on the old lady's account, right? Very good, it seems that the old lady doesn't teach you a lesson today, you don't remember who in this town Is the biggest. "

The rich man took a short whip from behind, a black aura condensed on the whip.

The ghost woman became even more frightened, and hurriedly protected Wu Ruo behind her.

Wu Ruo raised her eyebrows and could feel that the rich man was a second-order surgeon, but he didn't understand what a second-order can be.

"Are you afraid?" The rich man smiled proudly, and the next moment, he drew towards Wu Ruo.

Chapter 205: Uncle

But before the whip fell, the rich man was grabbed by his wrist.

The crowd looked at each other, looking at the man standing behind his rich mother, and the faint candle of the lantern in the hand of his daughter was shining on his face, and the bright black pupils like obsidian flashed with aura of aura, Under the seemingly calm eyes, there is a sharp eagle-like look hidden in the handsome face with a deep carved corridor, which is even more impressive, reminiscent of a black panther rushing to its prey on the savanna. , Full of danger.

Wu Ruo's heart was so tight that he didn't realize when the man was approaching them. It can be seen that the other person's spiritual order reached the ninth order, or else there was a high-order magic instrument to hide his spiritual wave.

The maidservant saw that the man was not the one they could afford, and quickly took a step back.

The rich man also felt that this man was not easy to mess with, and stuttered, "You, who are you?"

The man glanced at them, his gaze fell on Wu Ruo, who was out of place here.

The ghost woman guarded Wu Ruo and stared at the man with vigilance.

Then, another tall and thin man came over and stared at Wu Ruo: "Who is this man? See that he is not dressed like an 18-story person."

Of course, no one answered his words.

The handsome man made a slight effort, and suddenly he made a click, and his rich man's wrist made a crackling sound, and the severe pain almost made her faint.

Rich man begging for mercy: "Master, forgive me."

The maid said quickly: "His name is Yu Panyang, the son of a ghost woman."

The handsome man squinted: "What's the last name?"

The tall and thin man raised an eyebrow: "Who is the ghost woman?"

The maidservant pointed at the ghost woman in front of Wu Ruo.

The tall and thin man looked coldly, and looked down on Wu Ruo: "The old lady wears coarse cloth, and the son wears Chinese clothes. Is he really filial? Is he really the son of a ghost?

"Yes." The maidservant worried that he didn't believe it, and added: "Everyone in the town recognizes them. If you don't believe it, you can ask other people about it.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Is his face so similar to the son of a ghost woman? Otherwise, why do you think he is from Panyang?

But this is also good, you can hide his identity.

The handsome man indifferently pushed away his rich man: "Get out."

"Yes, yes." The maid hurriedly helped her wife to leave here.

Wu Ruo thanked him: "Thank you for your help.

The tall and thin man yelled, "You're not a good thing either. As a son of man, you can look expensive but make your mother so shabby."

Wu Ruo was embarrassed and didn't explain the situation to them.

The handsome man stared at Wu Ruo for a while, then looked at the white light from the room, and turned without a word to walk to the crossing.

At this moment, a group of people riding the monster came and asked the man, "Master, have you found it?"

"No." The man jumped onto the monster in front of him.

"Then let's keep looking."


The handsome man and the tall and thin man sit on the monster's back and leave with the others.

The ghost woman hastily returned Urora to the room and closed the door.

Everyone ran over: "Mother-in-law, are you okay?"

The ghost woman waved her hand and motioned him to extinguish the magic light. She quickly opened the closet and took out all her robes and dry food. Then she went to the kitchen and took the robes that Wu Ruo hadn't baked in the room. Wrap it with another cloth, then, holding the torch, hurriedly pull Wu Ruo away.

Wu Ruo picked up the egg and asked quickly: "Ghost, where are we going?"

The ghost woman didn't speak, and dragged him around the passage. Finally, she stopped at a corner, and she secretly looked out.

Wu Ruo also followed and looked out. Opposite to them, there was a gate that looked like a palace. The lights were bright. Outside, there were two stone lions. Outside, a group of people were giving the palace a messenger. Turn in the silver.

At this moment, the rich man came out with a group of messengers, and shouted angrily at the shouting guards of the gatekeeper: "You guard me, don't let the ghost wife and her son, and those who hurt my mother Leave from our teleportation array. "

"Yes, master."

Rich man talked about good things, and angrily led his people to Wu Ruo.

The ghost woman hurried Wu Ruo to run in the other direction.

Wu Ruo, who was behind him, probably guessed that the ghost woman was afraid of getting rich, and they were in trouble, so they left before they found the door.

The ghost woman took Wu Ruo and they walked around, finally went to the gate of the town, found the beast car that ran long distances, and then pushed Wu Ruo to the car.

When the coachman saw that the man was a ghost woman, he fooled and said, "Ghost woman, it's you. I can say first. It costs 1,500 yuan from our end town to Zhongzhen. Do you have so much money?"

The ghost woman gave him a drop of money.

The coachman glanced: "It's five hundred pennies.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh since my wife has begged for him, I hope he will be accommodating, and I will return to him later.

The driver said heartily, "Ghost, you should know very well that I never get a credit here. You sit where you have the money, get out of the car when you have no money, go, go, go, don't hinder me from doing business."

He lost patience and pushed the ghost woman away.

Wu Ruo hurriedly grabbed the ghost, took out some silver from the space, and asked angrily, "Is this twelve silver enough for the three of us to make your car?"

The driver's eyes brightened, and then he noticed that the man who came with the ghost woman was expensive, and he quickly nodded and reached out to pick up the silver. "Enough. Enough."

Wu Ruo sneered and collected the silver back: "But I don't want to take your car anymore."

He held the egg and pulled the ghost woman into another beast car that looked better and bigger, and asked the driver: "How much does it cost to go to Zhongzhen?"

The driver knew that he had money, and he answered honestly: "I am a big car, it is comfortable, and the speed is fast. The charges are naturally more expensive than others. If the three of you go to Zhongzhen, you will have to pay two bucks, and if you go to Lucheng Five hanging money. "

Before Wu Ruo squinted, the dog driver saw the driver with low eyes, and shoved the silver into the driver's hand: "Go to the city, don't need to find it."

The driver of the cart did not expect Wu Ruo to be so generous, opened his mouth wide, and accepted the silver with a smile: "Thank you, uncle, thank you."

The previous driver was envious with red eyes, and regretted that he couldn't wait to slap himself.

After leaving the town, Wu Ruo immediately took out the wound medicine and applied the wound to the ghost woman.

Seeing him so tender, the ghost woman couldn't help hugging him and cry.

"Don't cry, it will hurt your body." Although Wu Ruo hasn't been in town for a long time, she can see that everyone despises the ghost woman, so she feels very sorry for her situation. After going to the city, she must arrange everything for her before leaving. After all, this old man is their life-saving benefactor.

The coachman saw the ghost woman crying sadly, and couldn't help but say, "It's not easy for the ghost woman to stay in the end town, or to leave."

Wu Ruo patted the ghost's back, and when she fell asleep, she whispered to the driver and asked, "Uncle, do you know where the door to leave the Necromancer is?"

The coachman glanced back at him, and because of the dim candlelight, he didn't take a closer look at him: "Is the man from another country?"

Wu Ruo did not answer him.

The driver saw that he gave more money, and kindly reminded: "Then you have to be careful, don't reveal your identity, otherwise, you will be arrested to change your soul into other people's bodies."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Why should I change my soul to another body?"

"Sorry, I can't say this. If you want to leave the necropolis, you can only leave from the land on the first floor."

"Land surface?" Wu Ruo frowned. "But when I came, I came in from the bottom of the sea."

"Come in from the bottom of the sea?" The coachman frowned, and said, "I have never heard of such a thing. Of course, it may be my ignorance. After you go to Slight City, you can ask people about it, but, Be sure to ask quietly. "

"Okay, thank you Uncle for reminding me." Wu Ruo thought for a while and asked, "Uncle, where are we now?"

"Here is the eighteenth floor, the lowest floor of the Necropolis. Our floor consists of fifty-six small towns and nine large cities. If you want to reach the seventeenth floor, you need to pass through the city through the teleportation array. "

Wu Ruo asked, "Isn't there a teleportation team in the last team?"

He just heard that riches said that there was a teleportation team.

"There are teleportation arrays, but they only pass to other towns or other big cities on this floor. The charges are more expensive than our beast cars.

"Your beast car is fast. How long does it take to get to Slight City?"

"About two hours or so."

Seeing that the hours are not long, Wu Ruo didn't plan to stop and use the teleportation array midway: "Uncle, you don't have the sun and the moon here, how do you know when it will be bright? When will it be dark?"

"There is a time report from the husband, and every time an hour passes, the husband will report the time.

The coachman had just finished speaking, and suddenly there was a rumbling sound behind him.

The driver hurried to drive the beast car aside.

Wu Ruo glanced back: "What's wrong?"

"I'm giving way to the people behind."

After a while, a team of monsters flew over.

Wu Ruo saw at a glance that the man running ahead was a handsome man who had helped them before.

The handsome man also saw Wu Ruo. In a short period of time, he saw this person twice, and his dress was really noticeable, so he could not help but look at Wu Ruo more.

The monster team was very fast. They flew past them at once, and the tall and thin man who walked at the end saw that the person on the beast car was actually Wu Ruo, snorted, and pulled the monster's **** under him with a whip. Then, with a bang, the beast put a stinky fart at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo held her breath quickly.

"Ah, it's stinky, it's stinky." Doudou quickly covered her little nose. "It's even more stinky than my fart. Dad, I'm going to feel faint. Hold on to me."

"..." Wu Ruo hurriedly supported his small body.

When the monster team heard the words of the children, they couldn't help laughing.

Handsome men also rarely raise their lips.

The tall and thin man at the back of the team raised his thumb at Wu Ruo, and then fell down, indicating that he seriously despised him.

Chapter 206: So fierce

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes and was even despised.

Immediately, his eyes flashed, and he opened his mouth wide: "Hello--"

Suddenly, a strong wind from his mouth shot at the monster team, and the speed was quite fast. Except for the handsome man, the group of people who were laughing and laughing didn't respond, and the strong wind swept the monster The beast's body was like a fierce whip, and the monsters were in pain and slammed into the wall of the passage. Suddenly, there was chaos.

The coachman froze.

Wu Ruo asked the driver to continue.

The driver drove the beast car slowly past the side team.

"Hello ha ha--" Wu Ruo sneezed at the tall and thin man again. This time, the power was much smaller than before. It was like being beaten by a few whip on the tall and thin man. Nothing light, but annoyed tall and thin men.

"Fuck, are you sneezing or thundering? It's so fierce."

Wu Ruo rubbed his nose and gave a bright smile: "Sorry, I haven't gotten cold recently."

This trick is the mystery of hymns learned from Xihua when he was on the ship. It can break the soul through sound, control people's hearts to be lost, or stir up the excitement of the other party, which can kill invisible people.

The tall and thin man stared at him fiercely.

Wu Ruo smiled even more and made the gesture he despised just before the tall and thin man.

Douban is a kind of learner, with two white and tender hands reaching out with a smile, despising the tall and thin men, and then, using the thorny magic of roaring magic, blows the earth to them and lets them eat the soil.

"Fuck, you dead boy." The tall, thin man rolled up his sleeves.

Giggling giggled and made a face at him.

"Well, you're addicted to bad, right, I don't teach you today, you are my uncle."

Everyone hid behind Wu Ruo, and the probe said, "He said, the bad guys did it to the end, and they sent the dead to the west.

Wu Ruo saw his son having fun and did not stop him. He waved at the handsome man, "I'm sorry, let's take a step."

The handsome man squinted and said quietly, "We will catch up with you."

"Wait for you to catch up." Wu Ruo posted a speedy charm on the back of their monster, and hesitated, disappearing before their eyes.

The tall and thin man said angrily, "Fuck, don't let me see them anymore, or I'll kill him."

The handsome man turned back and said, "You are not his opponent."

The tall and thin man "..."

After the coachman was away from the team of monsters behind him, he hurriedly said to Wu Ruo, "Master, they are not a mess, if you encounter them again in the future, stay away."

"Who are they?"

The coachman shook his head: "You are not from our country. There are certain things I cannot tell you."

Wu Ruo: "..."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ever since I woke up and asked Wu Ruo what happened.

Wu Ruo let her lie down: "You go to bed first, and once you sleep, we're here."

Yawny yawned and crawled onto Wu Ruo consciously to sleep.

After the beast car was affixed to Speed House, the speed was much faster. The journey of two hours was shortened to one hour.

When they came to Slight City, the driver and Wu Ruo entered the city, and then they found a place to rest by themselves. They would leave as soon as a customer returned to the end town or other towns tomorrow.

The city is a bit like the night in an ordinary town in Tianxing Kingdom, with bright lights everywhere, unlike the end town, which is dark and invisible.

After Wu Ruo and the coachman said goodbye, he thought about it. He is unfamiliar with life today and does not know the situation of the Necromancer. He stayed in the city for a night and waited for the situation to find out where to find Hei Xuan .

After making up his mind, he first took the ghost to the ready-to-wear shop to buy some robes.

The ghost woman was unwilling to change clothes at first, and later heard Wu Ruo say that she had money to change her robes.

Later, Wu Ruo bought her some jewellery, and bought a few different small masks for her eggs, some of which could cover her face, half of her face, or only her mouth, eyes, and other parts. Buying a mask for a child is nothing more than worrying about encountering the black enemies' enemies inadvertently, and worrying that seeing their face will make them think of the black enchantment and kill them.

After buying clothes and jewellery, he took someone to the drug store to buy some medicines in case of need. Before an hour, he spent 2,000 yuan of silver. Fortunately, before leaving the heavenly kingdom, they exchanged the silver tickets. Cheng has silver for every country, and all the silver is in his space, so he does n’t lack silver flowers at all.

"Shen Shi arrives--" The gentleman outside the drug store slammed his gong while shouting: "Shen Shi arrives--"

Wu Ruo saw the hour early, and she walked downstairs from the drugstore with the ghost and eggs, and then saw a man hurried in from outside with a four-year-old baby, followed by a woman who kept crying. people.

"Doctor, doctor, please show my son."

The doctor looked at the child and shook his head: "There is nothing we can do."

With a "thump", the man knelt down and choked, "Doctor, you haven't seen how he knows he can't save, he is so young and hasn't seen the outside world, how can you bear to watch him die ... ... "

The man's wife also knelt down and kept scratching her head at the doctor: "Doctor, please save my son."

The doctor frowned and made them rise: "You're not ignorant of the lack of treatment for aphasia, even if I look at it, there is no way to treat him."

The child's father heard the words and wept loudly, and the whole drugstore was full of sadness.

The others shook their heads and sighed.

Wu Ruo looked at the couple and walked past them.

"Dad, ma'am, don't cry, you're all right." The child comforted his parents with a weak and sensible face. He didn't want to see his father and his mother cry again.

The immature voice made Wu Ruo suddenly stop.

"Okay, we don't cry, we don't cry." The child's father quickly wiped the tears from his face.

Wu Ruo turned to look at the pale and weak child. When he couldn't help thinking about the egg comforting himself, he hesitated for a moment, handed the egg to the ghost woman, and asked, "Can I have a look?"

The couple froze for a moment, then hurriedly said, "Are you a doctor?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "No, but I have learned medicine."

He didn't want to gossip, but the child was really pathetic.

The father of the child thought that the doctor said that he was not saved. Why not die the horse as a living horse doctor? There may be a vitality. He gritted his teeth and nodded: "Okay, trouble son to help my son take a look.

The doctor persuaded: "My son, the child has a deficiency of the sun, and he cannot be cured."

Other onlookers also sighed and said, "No doctor in the dead nation can cure anemia."

Wu Ruo hasn't heard of anemia, and the probe gives the child a pulse, as if the child had just been salvaged from an ice cave, his skin was cold, his body was shaking constantly, and his body was cold, even the exhaled breath was cold. Today the child is almost empty to the point where there is gas in and out, and it can be said that the child is now at the ghost gate.

He frowned and had never seen or heard of the disease.

"My son, can my son be rescued?" The child's father asked with a hint of hope.

Wu Ruo frowned: "Is the cold body born?"

The child's mother cried and said, "It wasn't born, it was only at the age of one."

Seeing that the child slowly closed his eyes and knew that the child was about to die, Wu Ruo quickly said, "I have a way to temporarily restrain the cold in his body. I wonder if you would like to try?"

The couple also knew that the child would die, and nodded quickly: "No matter what method the son uses, we are willing to try."

Wu Ruo pretended to dig out of his waist bag, and took out the fire worm that Numu had given him from the space. It looks like a fiery red silkworm, about three inches long, and has a soft cotton body. Harmless, but ordinary people who touch it will be burned to ashes by the fire inside it.

He placed the maggot on the back of the child's hand as he chanted.

Infested worms drilled into the child's body from the green tendons on the back of the child's hands. The onlookers couldn't help holding their breath. After seeing the worms entering the child's body, they swam slowly inside.

The doctor looked at the motionless child and sighed, "It's really useless.

When the child's parents heard the words, they could not help crying, "Zhaoer, my zhaoer."

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids and he did his best.

In fact, he just took out the fire maggots just to think of the heat energy to overcome the cold, so he was not sure if he could save the child.

The others sighed again: "Poor boy."

Immediately afterwards, someone exclaimed, "The child moved."

The child's parents quickly raised their heads and saw the child's eyelids roll, his pale lips gradually became bloody, and the skin and body temperature were no longer as cold as before.

"Recruit? Recruit?" The child's parents cried excitedly.

After a moment, the child slowly opened his eyes, and called weakly, "Dad, mother ..."

The child's parents cried again and again, "It's great, it's great, we're fine."

Everyone looked at Wu Ruo in shock: "This boy can cure hypoxia? Does that mean that the children with hypoxia have been saved?"

The doctor hurriedly asked, "My son, how did you do that? Can you teach me?"

Wu Ruo frowned: "I said before, only to temporarily restrain the child's cold. Once the fire in the worm is exhausted, the child's condition will recur. Therefore, before the child does not have an attack, it is best to find a cure. "

"How long can a worm last?"

"In the shape of a child, it may last for about two years. If it is an adult, it will be at most half a year.

"Can't you put another bug in after the fire is exhausted?"

Wu Ruo shook her head: "Let the maggots stay in the body all year round, which is harmful to the human body, and maybe the next time maggots will not work for children."

He didn't want to attract too many people's attention, turned around and took over, and saw the handsome man and tall man before.

Chapter 207: curse

The handsome man looked at Wu Ruo's lips and said, "Meet again."

I met three times a day, and it was really destined.

"It really caught up." Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow, and left with the child and the ghost.

The tall and thin man looked at the distant figure, and grabbed the hand of the handsome man with excitement: "Master, he can cure the deficiency.


The handsome man frowned. "It's just temporary restraint, not radical cure."

"That can also extend a period of time." The tall and thin man pointed at the child who was awakened: "You see this child is no different than usual."

The handsome man's eyes flickered and he didn't speak again.

Wu Ruo left the drug store and found a nearby inn to stay.

After having dinner, Wu Ruo checked the ghost's face: "Ghost, how did you get the injury on your face?"

The ghost woman kept her eyes down and said nothing.

Wu Ruo did not expect to be able to ask anything from a dumb mouth: "There is no poison on your face, it should not be caused by poisoning, the cracks are curved, it does not seem to be injured by a sword, it looks like a sunburn.

The ghost woman's body shook, as if thinking of bad things, yelling with her head in pain.

Wu Ruo quickly clicked her coma, hugged her to bed and hid, and then continued to examine her face. According to her reaction, she should have been really sunburned.

He raised his hand and lightly touched the skin on her face and twisted his eyebrows. How much sun would it take to get this?

Everyone came over lightly and asked, "Mother-in-law, are you asleep?"

"Um." Wu Ruo covered the quilt for the ghost, held the egg and went to the next room, and while Xiao Er gave them water to bathe, Wu Ruo used the magic of words to interrogate Xiao Er: "You know to leave the dead nation Where's the gate? "

Xiao Er's eyes were dull: "Leave off a pavement."

Wu Ruo frowned, and replied again: "Is there no other law to leave? For example, is there a gate on the bottom of the sea from which you can leave the kingdom of the dead."

"do not know."

Wu Ruomei's heart tightened a bit, and he replied: "Do you know who or where the news is best in Slight City? You can know the news on each level."

"Yemen." Xiao Er said, "Everyone who queues at Yemen to enter the teleportation team likes to talk about the news on all levels before entering the team."

"I heard that when people from other countries came to the Necropolis, they could not reveal that they were people from other countries. Is it true?"



"Because the people of our Necropolis are cursed, we cannot see the sun, and we must not leave the realm of the Necropolis. If we are exposed to the sun or leave the realm of the Necropolis, it will be destroyed. People exchange bodies to leave the dead. "

Wu Ruo took a sigh of air conditioning, some did not believe what Xiao Er said.

If this is the case, how do they explain it? Don't they use their body?

Wu Ruo thinks of them in words and deeds, not like people who have changed their bodies.

By the way, shouldn't the ghost be so hurt by the sun because he can't get sunlight?

"Cursed, it should be not only the body being cursed, but even the soul should also be cursed. What's the point of changing the body?"

"You can use your physical body for a period of time, after which you need to change your body back."

"What about the borrowed body?"

"It will become a useless scorch."

Wu Ruo: "..."

No wonder the driver is reluctant to tell the truth. "

Wu Ruo thought for a while and then asked, "What is a deficiency?

"Because the people of the Necropolis have been hiding underneath the ground for many years and can't get the sun, the health of the offspring of ordinary people has become increasingly weak. Just over 20 years ago, some people in the Necropolis began to have a disease. The body of the sick person is all cold, and the skin is cold and the exhaled breath is cold. The whole person can't help shaking. People who have this disease don't live long, but all the famous doctors in the Nation are helpless. No one can cure this disease. Later, some people gradually called this disease a deficiency of the sun, indicating that the disease was caused by chronic lack of sunlight.

"A lot of people have this disease?"

"Yes, more and more people are sick, most of them are brought from the mother, so many children die shortly after birth, and fewer and fewer children can survive today."

Wu Ruo's brow tightened, and he did not expect that the situation in the country of Hei Xieyu would be so bad.

"Can no one break the curse?"

"do not know."

Wu Ruo still had a lot of doubts in his head, but Xiao Er couldn't answer him. He could only find Hei Xieyu and clear it up.

He unlocked the Spirit of Words and let Xiao Er leave the room.

Wu Ruo closed the door and fluttered excitedly: "Dad, I want to take a bath with you."

He smiled and picked up the child: "Okay."

Dandan is so excited that he can finally take a bath with his father.

Wu Ruo was also very happy. This was the first time he took a bath with the child. After three times, five and two were removed, the eggs were cleaned and put into the water, and his body was white and tender like a bun, and Wu Ruo really wanted to bite him. .

"Daddy, come down quickly." Eggy smiled and chuckled.

"Come on." Wu Ruo took off his last lewd pants and stepped into the water.

Eggs curiously pointed at his little brother and asked, "Daddy, why are my little eggs so small, and if your little is so big?"

"..." Wu Ruo rolled his eyes. "Because I'm an adult, of course older than you."

"My father is taller than you, is he bigger than you?"

Wu Ruo's cheeks warmed inexplicably, and he did not admit: "I am older than him."

"Daddy, why is your little Ruoruo black hair in front of you?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

Dandan pointed at the cherry on his chest again, "Daddy, why do we have two red spots on our chests?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

Why does this child have so many problems?

He regrets having a bath with the child, what should I do?

"Child, don't ask so much." Wu Ruo grabbed the person and said, "I'll wash your hair."

Everyone was unhappy and muttered.

"Leave these questions to ask your father later."

"Dad won't answer me."

"If you do n’t ask, how do you know that he won't answer you?" Wu Ruo washed his head, rubbed him under the liquid and washed his ass, got the child done, and it was his turn, when both father and son lay in bed He couldn't help sighing: "It's tiring to bring children."

Just taking a bath with the children is like waiting for the little ancestors.

Everyone happily lay on Wu Ruo's chest: "It's good to be able to sleep with dad.

Wu Ruo smiled, looked up and kissed his little face: "Hurry up and sleep."

Lying on his chest, "I just sleep like this."

"Okay, my little ancestor, you can sleep as much as you want." Wu Ruo patted his back gently, coaxed him to sleep, and slept with his eyes closed, but he was very restless and often liked changing his posture. On several occasions, Wu Ruo was awakened by his face, so he had to lay the person aside.

When he arrived, there was a husband who beat the gongs outside the inn: "When the time comes--"

Wu Ruo heard the sound of the gong, opened her eyes, and saw that the child was still asleep. She could not help lightly got out of bed, put on her robes and went to the next room to see the ghost.

The ghost woman had already woken up, wearing a robe and a sister-in-law who Wu Ruo bought for her, sitting at the table and drinking tea.

"Witch, okay."

The ghost woman nodded.

"How did you sleep last night?"

The ghost woman nodded again.

Wu Ruo asked several times to ask her which city she wanted to settle down, but when she got to her mouth, she couldn't ask, she was worried that the ghost woman was crying again, and finally decided to wait for the gate to enter the necropolis before talking to the ghost woman Say it.

After having breakfast, Wu Ruo left her eggs to accompany the ghost wife, and she went to Yemen to inquire about the news, but no one knew about the undersea gate.

He remembered that Xiao Er said last night that people in the kingdom of the dead can't leave the kingdom of the dead. The black shame that they can leave the kingdom of the dead should be related to opening a channel on the sea floor. So, this channel is probably an Secrets to let outsiders know.

Wu Ruo had to inquire about the family with the surname Hei, and with the financial strength and level of mystery of Hei Xuan, someone should know him.

"The people of the royal family and the old people have the surname of black." Those who were bewitched by Wu Ruo's words and spirits replied honestly.

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Royal?"

It would not be surprising if Hei Xuyi was a royal person. In his eyes, Hei Xuyi's identity was not simple.

"What is the old race?"

"The old people are the old royalty."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Both are black, is there a difference?

Wu Ruo didn't bother with this question: "Do you know a man named Hei Xie?"

"do not know."

"Where's Heishangtang?"

"do not know."

"Heigan, Heixin, Hei Chao, Hei ..." Wu Ruo asked a lot of people's names.

"do not know."

Wu Ruo collapsed.

Did he have to go to every mansion named Hei?

"Where does the royal family live?"

"Of course the first floor."

"What about the old people?"

"I heard that they live on the eighteenth floor, which is our floor. Their whereabouts are floating and it is difficult to find them."

Next, Wu Ruo asked several people the same question and answered similarly, saying that they didn't know Hei Xie.

Soon it was noon, when he thought that Eggs and Ghosts were still waiting for him to go back in the inn, he dismissed the thought of continuing to inquire.

Wu Ruo returned to the inn, and heard a loud noise coming from the backyard. One of them was the cries of the eggs: "Bad guy, let go of your mother-in-law. If you let go of your mother-in-law again, I will hit you."

"Who is this dead child? Just because you want to hit me?" The man who spoke was a man.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh since y ...

"Guest, this is the backyard. The guests are resting. Would you please speak a little quieter?" Xiao Er said nicely.

Wu Ruo hurriedly walked into the backyard and saw a middle-aged man holding the ghost's wrist. The ghost kept his eggs behind him to prevent the middle-aged man from hurting the child.

He dumbfounded his face: "Everything, what happened?"

Everyone saw Wu Ruo coming back, his eyes brightened: "Daddy."

Chapter 208: Really alive

Wu Ruo kept the ghost and the egg behind behind him, staring at the middle-aged man, squinting, and this man was similar to his appearance except that he had a beard on his upper lip.

Damn, that's alive.

If it wasn't clear who his child was, he would have thought that this talent was his dad.

Dandan also seems to find that the middle-aged man looks like Wu Ruo, and small eyes are moving around Wu Ruo and the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man saw Wu Ruo stunned, looked up and down Wu Ruo's dress, and burst into anger: "You wicked man, do you really become the face of others? Last night, the rich man said that you were someone I do n’t believe it, but now I see you wearing Jin Daiyu, you have to believe if you do n’t believe me, and you do n’t believe me, I hope you do n’t have a face, I want a face, no matter what, you must go back with me today, after you go back, Let me tell you something. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

Is this man really his father?

Oh no, is it really the father of Panyang?

He looked at the middle-aged man. From the perspective of his good robes and accessories, even if he was not rich, he should be a rich man. Moreover, the spirit wave from the middle-aged man should be a seventh-level technique. Teacher, then why is the ghost woman's life so miserable?

Wu Ruo has a bad impression of a middle-aged man. Let ’s not talk about his bad attitude first. Take the matter of a ghost woman, even if the ghost woman turns into a person that does n’t look like a person, and a ghost does n’t look like a ghost, he should n’t treat his wife like that.

The ghost woman heard that the middle-aged man was about to take Wu Ruo away, and she was so excited that she threw herself crazy on the middle-aged man: "Ahhhh ..."

Yi Yi grabbed her arms and held down the anger: "He is almost at the age of knowing that he is as old as a group of children, even his grandsons. You do n’t want him to marry any more. Do n’t you Want him to be lonely like you forever? "

"Wu Ruo heard him feel like they were not a husband and wife.

The ghost woman stunned.

Youyi took a deep breath and said, "And your face, you should heal well.

Wu Ruo: "..."

This man didn't look as bad as he thought.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh ..."

"This time you can't help but you don't want to come." You Yi ordered, five guards ran out of the inn hall: "Bring them back."

Two of the guards suppressed the ghost woman, and the other two guards went upstairs to help the ghost woman pack up.

Wu Ruo asked subconsciously, "Where are you taking us?"

"Back to Elephant City."

Wu Ruo: "..."

He had just inquired that Xiangcheng is the first city on the eighteenth floor and the most prosperous and richest city on the eighteenth floor. I heard that the old people with the surname Hei lived there.

Wu Ruo hesitantly followed Yimen to Yamen, and the nine men spent a total of twenty-two dollars from the teleportation team to Xiangcheng.

Xiangcheng is indeed the first city. The lights are brilliant, the traffic is crowded, the songs are full of enthusiasm, the laughter is constant, and Egg Zuo holds Wu Zuoruo's neck and looks around curiously.

Yi Yi looked at his eyes, "Whose child is this?"

Wu Ruoluan said quietly, "My son, is born."

So he froze and said, "You got married? You didn't notify your family when you got married, did you treat me as your father?"

He turned to look at the ghost woman: "Do you know this?"

The ghost woman looked blank.

Seeing that she didn't know, Yi Yi was in a better mood, looking back at Wu Ruo with a calm face: "What about your wife?"

"I went away with him.

Yu Yi: "..."

"I'm looking for him now."

Unbelievable by reason: "You, you, you can lose even your wife, you ..."

He didn't bother to say that this stupid son, a shook his head, took someone back to Yufu.

The gate of Yufu is spacious. At first glance, it is a big family. Because there is no underground and no sunlight, the courtyard is decorated with various jade carving stones.

"Master, you're back." A dignified lady walked out of the hall and saw the ghost who was brought back. Duan Ke's face twisted instantly: "Master, why did you bring her back?"

Yu Yi came to the lady with a calm face, and said coldly, "She is my sister, your little aunt, and your father-in-law's baby daughter. Her surname is Yufu, her home, and she will not come back here. , Then where is she going? "

Su Baishuang smiled awkwardly: "Master, I didn't mean that, you also know that she can't stay in this house, and every time you come back and stay there for two days, you disappear."

"As long as Panyang is in the house, Ying Ran will not leave."

Su Baishuang didn't want to make her husband unhappy, so she didn't mention it again. She looked at Wu Ruo and saw that he was holding the child in his arms, and frowned: "Who is Yang's child?"

You Yi said, "Panyang's son.

Su Baishuang's face changed suddenly: "He has a son? What can I do? I have made a relationship for him."

With narrowing his eyes for a moment, "So fast?"

Su Bai's eyes flashed a guilty conscience: "Last night he said that he had become the head of someone else's house. I was worried that his reputation would not be heard well, so I thought he would fix the matter before he passed it on."

Just glance at her, don't think he doesn't know what she's thinking.

Su Baishuang lowered his face: "But he is my own son, can I still harm him?"

When Wu Ruo heard what they said, there was a flash of surprise in his eyes.

From their dialogue, we can see that Yu Yi and the ghost woman are brothers and sisters, not husband and wife, and the lady is the mother and mother of Panyang, but why do people in the end town say that the ghost woman is the mother of Panyang?

"I have already got married," he said. "You have to cancel the relationship."

Su Baishuang wondered: "Don't you say that he made a face in front of others? How did he get married?"

Youyi looked back at Wu Ruo: "It doesn't look like he's doing a head-to-head, it's more like a young lady who married a rich man."

Su Bai double-checked Wu Ruo's dress, his eyes brightened, "What about his wife?"


"Lost?" Su Bai stunned for a moment, not knowing what to think. His face sank, and the housekeeper took him to Wu Ruo to sit in the hall first, and then pulled Yi You to whisper in the courtyard. : "Master, why are you so confused, if his wife is a member of the Netherworld, just return to the house and wait for someone. How can they be scattered? Also, the children in his arms do not look like him. I don't know if it's really his son. "

"You're not ignorant that Panyang is a fool, and it's not surprising that he separated from his wife."

"But I just saw him stupid.

As Su Baishuang reminded, it was only then that Yizhan noticed that his son had always behaved normally since he met him, unlike every previous meeting, he just drooled and laughed sillyly.

Su Baishuang said, "Don't you say that his wife is a rich man? Maybe he has cured his stupidity, so he might lie to us if he disperses.

With a frown on his back, "Are you worried that Panyang's wife is from another country?"

"Of course I'm worried." Su Baishuang said in a low voice. "Master, you forgot that the old people will not let us marry foreigners from home. Do you still want to happen again in our home decades ago? ? "

Youyi looked dignified: "When we have dinner, explore his tone."


When Yi Yan and Su Baishuang returned to the hall, they ordered the steward to pass vegetables for dinner.

Su Baishuang asked Wu Ruoxiao with a smile: "What's the name of this child?"


"Originally called Eggs, the name is so cute." Su Baishuang reached out to Eggs: "Eggs, grandma hugs you, OK?"

Dandan doesn't like Su Baishuang, she buried her head in Wu Ruo's arms and ignored her. Moreover, this woman is not his grandmother. His grandmother is gentle and kind.

Su Baishuang looked at Wu Ruo awkwardly.

Wu Ruodao: "He recognizes life."

"Then you should get acquainted with him before you hold him." Su Baishuang retracted his hand and asked, "Dome should be the child's nickname, what's his name?"

Wu Ruo chose a name at will: "Named Youyou.

Yi Yi frowned and frowned: "Why did you take the name of the girl, what's his mother? What's her name and where is she?"

"When I find him, I will introduce you to you."

"Can't you tell us now? We can send someone to help you find her."

"He has too many enemies, and I'm worried that speaking out will kill the family.

"What?" Su Baishuang suddenly changed his color: "Do you dare to marry such a woman? Do you want to kill us?"

Because of this, Yi Yi's face was also very unsightly.

Su Bai stood up sullenly: "Hurry up and leave me now. We don't want to be affected by you."

Wu Ruo looked at her sarcastically: "That's how you treat your own son?"

Su Baishuang yelled back: "Do you now admit that you are my son? Why haven't you seen you call me a mother before?"

Wu Ruo saw that she didn't welcome herself, and stood up holding her eggs, and the ghost woman hurriedly got up and shouted Su Baishuang angrily.

The housekeeper quickly helped Su Baishuang to save her from falling to the ground.

"Yu Yingran, don't go too far," Su Bai said again.

Wu Ruo looked at Youyi: "You want us to leave too?"

Yu Yichen said with a calm face, "Yufu can't afford to toss, you can eat and go."

Wu Ruohe laughed and would come back with Yi Yi, one is to find people with a black family name like Xiangcheng, and the other is to see if Yi Yi Yi treats the ghost wife well. If he is good to the ghost wife, he will leave the ghost wife at home and let her family take care of her, but now it is more appropriate to take the person away and settle in another.

Su Baishuang also said: "Looking forward, if you leave with that woman and send the child in your arms away, and I will arrange another marriage, you can stay."

Wu Ruo sneered, "Do you think I'm rare?"

Su Bai shot angrily at the table and said, "Don't come back if you have the ability to leave."

Wu Ruo looked at her coldly: "If you have the ability, don't recognize the son, don't recognize the ghost wife sister again."


You Yi stared at Su Baishuang: "Bai Shuang, you can say a few less words."

Su Bai was angry and left the hall.

Wu Ruo also took up the robe and left the home with the ghost woman.

Eihan sat in the hall and sighed bitterly: "If nothing had happened decades ago ..."

Chapter 209: Indestructible

Wu Ruo they left Fufu into the guesthouse.

After lunch, Wu Ruo stayed in the room to make the sunburn medicine for the ghost woman, and came out of the room near dinner time, but he did not expect that the reaction of the ghost woman would be so fierce that she refused to take the medicine. Unwilling to let people heal her face.

He failed to persuade him several times before giving up the treatment, and when he found them, he wanted to heal the ghost woman.

In the early morning the next day, Wu Ruo went to Yemen to inquire about the old people. However, the old people were like a mysterious existence. No one could know their place of residence, or even let people talk. Moreover, there is not a large family in Xiangcheng whose last name is Hei.

He didn't give up, and spent three days, using Tibetan Shadowcraft to hang around in every big family, but did not find a familiar figure, had to dispel the idea of continuing to find, and was planning to leave Xiangcheng with the ghosts. .

Wu Ruo found that the last rich man still couldn't find the person he was looking for, so he turned back to the inn, and in the distance saw a group of people around the entrance of the inn.

"Fuck, this dead child has such a powerful defense magic weapon. How can we catch them?" Someone said angrily.

"I don't believe they will stay in the magic weapon all their lives."

Wu Ruo was very familiar with this voice, and it seemed like Su Baishuang's voice. He stepped forward curiously, and saw the egg and the ghost sitting on the ground, with a top defense magic weapon on their heads to protect their safety.

He walked into the crowd suspiciously: "Eggs?"

Everyone saw Wu Ruo, his eyes widened: "Daddy ..."

Wu Ruo raised his hand to signal that he didn't come out first, and turned to look at the others, one of which was Su Baishuang whom he saw the previous three days.

"That's him." Su Baishuang pointed to Wu Ruo excitedly: "Liang Guanshi, he is my son You Panyang.

Liang Guanshi looked at Wu Ruo and nodded with satisfaction: "It looks very similar to Mr. Ye, they are both handsome and handsome."

Everyone loves to compliment, and Su Baishuang is no exception. He heard Liang Guanshi praise her husband for being good, and the corners of her mouth couldn't hold it upward.

Wu Ruo smiled at Su Baishuang: "Mrs. You, I haven't been your son since you ruthlessly pushed me out."

Su Bai's face changed.

Liang Guanshi asked, "Mrs. What's going on?"

Su Baishuang hurriedly said, "I yelled at him a few days ago, and he's playing hard now.

Liang Guanshi frowned: "Then he knows about marriage?"

Wu Ruolan asked, "What marriage?"

This woman made a claim to help him get married?

Su Baishuang said, "The children's marriages are always handled by their parents. Does he know what to do?"

Liang Guanshi hesitated for a moment, turned to the young lady in the beast car and asked, "Miss, you can like this boy."

The curtain was lifted to reveal a pair of eyes. After seeing Wu Ruo, he quickly lowered the curtain and shouted shyly.

Su Bai was delighted.

As long as Miss Liangjia likes her son.

Liang Guanshi smiled and ordered: "Come, take the three sons back."

Three Liang family guards surrounded Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo sank her face and swept her three guards out with a wave of her sleeves.

Su Bai stunned for a moment.

This fool has become so powerful?

Liang Guanshi frowned: "Mrs. You, don't you say that the son will not use martial arts and do not know how to use mystery? But it is also good that the third son can be worthy of my lady."

Wu Ruo sneered, "I'm not her son anymore. If you want to get married, look for her other son."

Liang Guan slumped his face sternly: "Our Liang family doesn't care about your family affairs. Since your mother has already received our hundred thousand two hundred gifts, we should perform this family affairs."

"It turned out that the family had fallen into a situation where they wanted to sell their sons." Wu Ruohuan looked at Su Baishuang: "However, you family is too brazen. When I say I'm in trouble, you rush us without a word. Come out, now you want to sell me for money when you ’re short of money. How can there be such a good thing in the world, everyone said, am I right? ”

"Yes." The onlookers nodded, secretly pointing at Su Bai.

Su Bai's eyes were red and airy: "Yu Panyang, you are also a family member, don't ruin your reputation."

Wu Ruo looked at her innocently: "Am I wrong?"

Su Baishuang suppressed the anger and walked to him in front of him and whispered, "The 100,000 silver I collected was for your eldest brother and second elder brother, and when they rushed to the sixth level, they will definitely be less beneficial in the future. "

Wu Ruo mocked and looked at her: "Do you treat me as a fool?"

I really feel sorry for Youyang, who is also a son, but the mother only thinks about the first two sons. It is better not to have such a mother. Fortunately, his mother, Guan Tong, would not do this.

Su Baishuang also wanted to persuade Wu Ruo. Suddenly, someone pulled her skirt corner, looked down, and looked at her with pretty big eyes, "You are dead."

Su Baishuang stared angrily at him: "What do you say, dead boy?"

Everyone muttered, "You say kiss to my father, you are dead."

If his father knew this, he would be very angry and the consequences would be serious.

"Mrs. you, can you talk?" Ran steward urged.

Su Baishuang turned his head and laughed: "Now talk."

"Well, it's a good talk." Wu Ruo pointed to Su Baishuang and said, "She said that the silver was collected by her. She would marry Liang to polish the mirror with your lady.

Everyone froze.

Suddenly, with a snoring sound, someone took the lead to laugh out loud, and others laughed.

Su Bai's face turned blue and white: "From Panyang ...--

Liang Guanshi's face was also not very good-looking: "Come here, grab the third son."

As soon as the guards of the Liang Family took a step, they heard someone say, "Liang Guan, you are such a great skill that you dare to catch people in the court."

Liang Guanshi looked up, his face pale, and saluting respectfully to the man riding the monster: "The old slave has seen Lord Ode ..."

Su Bai's body trembled slightly, and he squatted down and worshiped.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes. Isn't this man the tall and thin man I saw a few days ago?

Shen Songju looked down at Liang Guan, "The third son is unwilling to marry your wife, so why should you persecute each other?"

"Yes, yes, it is the old slave who is not careful and should not force the third son to marry my wife."

Shen Song pointed at Su Bai with a smile and said, "Just as the third son said, she collected the silver, so she accepted her and your family ..."

"Songsong!" A cold voice came from behind the crowd, warning Shensong not to talk wildly.

Song Song hummed quietly and stopped talking.

Liang steward looked at the people behind the crowd, looking more respectfully: "Old slave has seen Master Pingxing."

"No need to be polite." Li Xing came to Wu Ruo: "You three sons, we met again."

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows: "Yeah, it really is."

Pingxing looked at the housekeeper: "Know how?"

"I know." Liang housekeeper's forehead was sweating coldly, and he hurried to leave Liang's house guard.

When Su Baishuang saw Wu Ruo and met them in advance, she knew that this family matter could not be reached, and she did not dare to commit crimes before them, and quickly retreated from the crowd.

Seeing that there was no good show, others also dispersed.

Shen Song looked at Wu Ruo and said, "From the third son, you owe us two humanities."

Wu Ruo held up and thanked them, "Thank you two adults for their help."

Although he can solve it by himself without their help, but since they helped him, he can't offend people so unwittingly.

Limping looked at the child in his arms: "Your son?"

"Um." Wu Ruozi fiddled with the little mask covering her eyes, not letting the mask cover his eyes.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh when I both together, I woke up and watched them warily.

Wu Ruo felt that the ghost woman didn't like to follow them, and said to them that "there is still something to do next, so you need to leave one step first, and if you meet again next time, please invite two adults for dinner."

Chants deeply: "Just say so."

Originally, he had a bad impression of Wu Ruo, but after seeing him save the child with anemia, his impression changed completely.

Humbling watched Wu Ruo as they walked into the inn.

Shen Song said with a smile: "Master, this person is quite interesting, actually in front of so many people, let his mother polish the mirror with other ladies, haha, thanks to him."

The corners of the limp mouth were bent invisible.

"Master, we searched all over the 18th floor and did not find that person at all. I guess he was either not scattered or he was not brought back to the Necropolis, and I heard that they had returned to the palace. Now. "

No sound at all.

Deeply singing, he asked coldly, "Master, shall we continue to find someone?"

Flicked his eyes narrowed: "Keep looking."


Shen Song tuned the head of the beast to prepare to leave, and saw Wu Ruo carrying his baggage and carrying the ghost woman out of the inn. He laughed and said, "From the third son, we have met again, can we invite us to dinner?"

Limping: "..."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Why are these two people still here.

Just then, Gengfu walked past them, and said with a loud whisper: "It's noon--"

At the right moment, Gudan's belly made a grunt.

Wu Ruo pumped at the corner of his mouth: "Okay, I invite two adults for dinner.

He turned back to the inn and asked Xiao Er to take them to the dining room.

As soon as he was seated, Shen Song didn't care if the eggs were unwilling or not, and hugged the eggs directly, pulling his eye mask: "I'm going to eat, you still wear this.

Doudou quickly covered the mask and raised his mouth unhappy. "Men and boys are unacceptable. You can't take off my mask."

Wu Ruo: "..."

As soon as he heard this, he knew that he had learned from the thorns.

Loosing his hands deeply and laughing, he laughed;

He lowered his head, and made a bad kiss on the egg white tender face, and kissed him a few times, and smiled, "I kissed you so much, can I still accept it?"

Chapter 210: You are responsible to me

"Your beard hurts me." Qi Yan gasped out a string of curses. Suddenly, a blue-gold shadow flickered like lightning on his small waist bag, and quickly circled around Shensong's body, Then one shrunk, like a bundle of mules, tied Shen Song.

Deeply chanting for a moment, looking down, he looked like a worm, his limbs were locked tightly, and he struggled, but found that the more he moved the rope, the tighter it was: "Oh, you little boy, where are so many seniors? Weapon, I ca n’t even unlock it. "

Gudan chuckled and slid down from him, pounced on Wu Ruo: "Daddy, he's really bad."

Wu Ruo looked distressed at the little red face: "Well, that's how to treat bad people."

Deeply sulking and sulking, "You son, how do you teach children, am I a bad guy? Where am I like a bad guy?"

The sales office also saw Xiaowa's face flushed with red eyes, faintly chanting, "Let you bully the child, you just watch us eat."

Song Song aggrieved: "Master ..."

Ignoring him, he turned to Wu Ruo: "What about the child's mother?"

"Busy other things in other cities, and meet with him in a few days." A few days ago, Wu Ruo used "scattering" as an excuse, which caused Yu's suspicion and speculation, so this time he Can't say that again.

With a glance at the baggage aside, "Where are you going now?"

"You saw it just now. We have been kicked out of our house. Xiangcheng can no longer accommodate us, so we plan to go to other cities."

"If you want to stay in Xiangcheng, I can guarantee that they will not be disturbed by your family and Liang family."

Wu Ruo shook his head: "Thank you for your kindness, I still want to walk around."

Deeply chanting Leng Yan: "In this dungeon, it is the same everywhere."

In the underground city, there is no special scenery to see the towns on each floor except the houses.

With a glance at him, he said to Wu Ruo: "If you haven't figured out where to go yet, you can go to Chicheng. They will be very busy after the April festival tomorrow, and you can visit the market to buy things in other levels.

"Thank you for your information." Wu Ruo is also planning to go to Chicheng, which is closest to Xiangcheng.

When not too much, Xiao Er Duan comes with a table of wine and dishes.

After being tied to Shen Songsong, he ate with a big mouthful.

"Eat slowly." Wu Ruo wiped his mouth and spiced vegetables again. When he saw that the ghost woman was afraid to take the table appetizer, he personally helped her clip it into a bowl and saw her swallowing too fast. After that, she hurriedly gave her tea and patted her back, and waited for the little one and the old one to eat almost before moving the chopsticks to eat.

Li Xing silently watched him serve the young and old, without disturbing him.

Song Song said loudly, "I blame you before."

Wu Ruo looked at him suspiciously.

Shen Song smiled awkwardly: "I thought you were a filial son, and you only care about your own pleasure, but ignore your mother's life and death."

Wu Ruo's face didn't care: "Anyone who saw our dress at that time would have such a misunderstanding."

"I'll ask for this later, and pay for it."

Wu Ruo blinked, "Isn't it good that I asked?"

"Then, I'll see you again next time, and I'll ask you again.

Wu Ruo burst into a smile: "Okay, son, at that time we should be very lucky to sing praises to the Lord.

Eggs stuffed their mouths and said, "I'm going to the restaurant for the most expensive meal."

Deeply chanting Haha smiled, and gently poke his small face with his fingers: "You little boy, really cruel, do you regret the injustice I gave you?"

Bending the corner of his mouth: "The restaurant on the first floor is the most expensive and best in the Nation."

"Master." Shen Song looked at him with a crying face: "Are you such a subordinate?"

Pingxing raised an eyebrow: "Who told you to turn your child's face red just now, you have to pay for it."

Everyone eats and puts down the chopsticks: "Yes, you are responsible to me.

Wu Ruo: "..."

What mess has his son learned over the past year?

Deep chanting looked at him meaningfully: "Little baby, you really make me responsible to you?"

Wu Ruobai gave him a glance: "Song to the Lord, don't teach my son badly."


After they were full, Wu Ruo and Falcon said goodbye to Falmen, and then from the teleportation team to Chicheng.

When he arrived in Chicheng, Wu Ruo had a kind of induction immediately, and he contracted induction with someone, and it was near the Yamen.

He took the ghost woman and walked to the gate, and came to a place where people outside the gate gathered. He heard someone say, "I just came back from the first floor. I heard that the prince has returned to the government and brought the future princess to the government. The temple, it is said, will be married to the princess in a few days.

Someone is happy for the prince: "Great, the prince is finally married. I believe it won't be long before our emperor and queen can hug their grandchildren."

"Oh, I heard that Prince is going to marry a man."

Everyone was surprised: "Man?"

"Emperor, will the Prince agree to marry a man?" This man's voice is familiar to Wu Ruo, the old black who was willing to come with them to the Necropolis some time ago.

"It is reasonable to disagree, but the prince always has an opinion. It's really hard to say. We still don't comment on the royal thing."

When hearing this, Wu Ruo released the contractual sense in his body, and he was looking up at Wu Ruosu with the gossip of the old gossip. Suddenly, his eyes were bright, and he hurriedly pushed the crowd out of Wu Ruo In front of him, his eyes were red and he said, "Father ... Master, the younger finally found you."

The old black man was not stupid enough to call his wife in front of everyone.

Wu Ruo looked at his dress and laughed, "You look good."

After the thick bag on the old black face was removed, it was matched with neat and clean robes and serious expressions, just like the young master from the Shuxiang family, with a slight look.

He smiled embarrassedly, took the burden from Wu Ruohuai's arms, and asked, "Man, where do you live now?"

Wu Ruo said, "I just came to Chicheng."

Lao Hei looked at the ghost next to her: "My grandfather is also separated from the master? Haven't they found the master yet?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "What were you doing just now?"

"I'm inquiring.

Wu Ruo waited until there was no one, and then asked him, "Are you rushed here alone?"


"Then you asked about the door where we came here? Or the one who found us?"

Laohe faced bitterly: "No, the little tentative questioned several people. No one knew the entrance we came in. The little one guessed that the master brought us into the entrance might be a secret passage. Right, the little one asked ... ... "

He glanced around and said in a low voice, "All people in this country are cursed, and no one can leave the Necropolis, and if they are exposed to the sun, they will be sooty. So, if they are from other countries, When you come here, you must not let others know that we are from other countries. Otherwise, we will be taken away by the people of the Necropolis and leave our country with our bodies. "

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Your news is still well informed."

It is not easy for him to be able to inquire about so many news without being aware of his identity even if he is not able to understand his identity.

Laohe laughed: "You also know the identity of Xiao, when Xiao is doing nothing, he likes to talk with others about gossip and exchange information with others. It is really not a small boast, although he only came here for five or six days Time, but Xiao has made a clear understanding of what happened recently in the Necropolis, and everything on each floor is well understood. Yeah, if you have anything you want to know, you can just ask the little. "

Wu Ruo thought that they mentioned the prince just now, and asked, "What color is the **** pulled by the prince?"

"..." Heihe glanced at him silently: "Man, I didn't expect you to also be joking. If you really want to know, when will the younger one sneak into the palace and ask you about it.

"..." Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "No, I'm not interested to know, you shouldn't be small, young, it sounds awkward, you still call yourself as before."

The old black laughed, "OK."

Wu Ruo asked, "Where have you lived recently?"

Laohe's face was dignified: "Speaking of which, I have a fate with the beggar. When I was rushed here, I was saved by an old beggar. Now I live in a broken house. Can't you do me a favor? "

Wu Ruo saw that he was serious and right: "What is it?"

Lao Hei said quickly: "The granddaughter and grandson who saved my old beggar, as well as a few children in the big house, were seriously ill. I would like to ask you to look at their illness."


Lao Hei added: "I have all the silver they see at the doctor.

Wu Ruodao: "You are my person. They save you is equivalent to saving me. Wherever you need money, you must be embarrassed and hurry to find my husband."

Heihe smiled: "I miss the master, right?"

"Crap." Wu Ruo's face warmed a bit.

Lao Hei patted his chest and assured him: "You can rest assured that I will try to find them.

Wu Ruo smiled: "Okay, I believe in you.

"Man, why did I suddenly feel like you were nearby when I saw you just now."

Wu Ruo explained: "That is the contractual induction between us. No matter where you are or how far away, I can sense where you are, but in the state of the dead, only in the same city. To sense your presence, and you can sense me, because I have given the power to find out where I am.

"So that's the case."

"Lao Hei, you just said that you know the latest news of the Necromantic Kingdom. Have you heard anything about rendering them? For example, it is similar to rendering them."

The old black face hesitantly asked, "Master, don't you know the identity of the master and son? Or do you live there?"

"Do I need to find them if I know?"

"Then what I want to say next is just my simple guess. If the Lord listens, I will use it as a reference. What I said is not necessarily true.

Wu Ruo nodded: "Just say it."
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