Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 191-200

Chapter 191: Recognized

Wu Ruo returned to the room and heard the rumors heard by Hei Gan while reporting to Hei Xieyu: "Master, nowadays, there are secret cheats for Madams stealing."

Hei Xuanyu looked at Wu Ruo who came in, and commanded: "You send someone to release the news, and you say that someone has seen Wu Chenzi used the magic of the demon tribe and the demon of the demon tribe. Other things are from the outside. People guess it themselves. "


Heigan turned and left, Wu Ruo smiled and hugged Hei Xie's neck: "Why suddenly thought of framing Wu Chenzi?"

If the matter spreads out, everyone will surely believe that the shadow stealing technique is on Wu Chenzi, because how could an unknown little soldier like him have the ability to get the shadow stealing technique.

Hei Xieyu held his cold hand: "If you don't lift Wu's affairs for a day, you won't have the peace to come home with me."

Wu Ruo kissed his face: "He who knows me, my husband is also."

A lover who knows himself is the greatest blessing in his life, but someone is going to be unlucky.

Wu Chenzi became a target for others to kill somehow. Almost every day, a group of wizards would come to him to seek stealth secrets. The nine major families also joined in stealing secrets, and even the people of the Wu family were eager to move. The Uzbek parents sent the Uzbek head of the family to ask about this. However, no matter how Wu Chenzi explained, it was useless, everyone just believed that the secret technique was on him.

Some people even played to the emperor and asked Wu Chenzi to surrender the shadow stealing power to the powerful royal family. Both the royal family and the members of the nine major families supported Wu Chenzi's surrender of the shadow stealing table. In fact, does Wu Chenzi have any influence? It is not important to steal the cheats, what is important is to give them the trouble of finding an excuse for Wu Chenzi. Of course, it would be better if they had the cheats.

In the imperial court, the Wu family had no more foothold. The Yao family no longer helped the Wu family because they had a lot of unpleasant things with the Wu family. The Song family, the Zhang family and the monk family also gradually disappeared because of Wu Chenzi's defeat. The people of Wujia are now the target of public criticism.

As the new year approaches, everyone is busy, adding a little joy to the cold atmosphere.

While Wu Ruo was busy preparing gifts for everyone, Numu's men heard the news that a large group of mysterious magicians had suddenly attacked Numu's people and helped tens of thousands of descendants who were trapped in the mountains to escape from the city. In Shenzhen, many people of the Wu tribe died. Today, the descendants of the tribe have disappeared.

Wu Ruo and Nu Mu quickly took the wounded medicine to the village outside the city to save people, and they didn't return to Fufu to eat with everyone until the next morning.

After the meal, the guards responsible for guarding Nguyen Tuan reported to them: "Madam, the three people in the Chaifang today can only listen and talk. Do they want to cut off their ears and dumb them?"

Wu Ruo stood up: "I'll go and see.

The guard hurriedly said, "Subordinates are worried that they will stain his eyes and smoke his nose.

"No problem." Wu Ruo came to the door of Chaifang and was quickly smoked by a smell of feces and rancidity in the room. "Why is it so smelly?"

The guard replied: "The subordinates put their bodies in a large tank, and if they want to go to the toilet, they can only pull into the tank, so it will be so smelly."

As soon as Wu Ruo entered the chaifang room, he saw Ruan Yan in a large tank, only one head was exposed, and three ugly faces like ghosts, dark eyes, cut noses and lips, and cheeks The flesh was also shaved and very disgusting.

"Can you still talk after you have cut your lips?"

Ruan Yue, they heard Wu Ruo's voice and immediately got excited: "Wu Ruo, you beast ..."

These days, they are tortured by inhuman people, and it is better to die. Every time they are injured, the guards will cut off some parts of their bodies and make them live better than dogs.

Without their lips, Wu Ruo could barely hear what they were saying: "It's awful."

"Subordinates go and poison them."

Wu Ruo did not object.

Ruan Yue heard them and yelled wildly.

"Uruo, you have no humanity."

"Wu Ruo, kill me, I'm not alive."

"Uruo, I will curse you, curse you not to die."

The guards shoved an elixir for each of them, and the shouting immediately turned into a roar.

Wu Ruo was still not satisfied, but unfortunately could not kill them: "Put a piece of red paper on the tank, and send him to their master by the day of the year."

"Yes." The guard asked them where J Father lived last time, and he was not afraid to find the place where the Son lived.

Ruan Yue, they heard that Wu Ruo would send them to the Son, and they were excited and afraid. They became like this, would the Son still recognize them?

On the day of New Year's Eve, the guards put them on a cart and quietly sent them to the place where the Son lived. Because the guards were arranged around them, the guards did not dare to get in, so they put people in front of them and turned around. left.

Soon, someone came out of the formation.

Seeing Ruan Yue them, hurried into the house to inform the master.

When the Son learned of this, he stepped out of the battlefield and watched Ruan Ye look like them. He chilled and said, "It still happened."

Ruan Yue heard the voice of the Son, yelling with excitement and joy.

Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying are also particularly excited.

Shengzi Lengheng "As far as your current situation is concerned, it's simply not as good as death. It's a good job for the teacher to give you the last journey."

Nguyen Yuan them], a moment of great fear came to mind.

"Roar--" Master, forgive me.

The next moment, the heads of the three exploded, and suddenly, the blood of their brains gradually grew, but the white robe of the Son of God standing in front of them was as white as snow.

He stared coldly at the blood on the ground, and said coldly, "Wu Ruo, I won't let you go to the kingdom of the dead."

The sky was full of snow, and the sound of bamboo cannons sounded in the streets and alleys, and the new year ushered in.

Heifu is very lively, it is red again, and it is fireworks and firecrackers. Everyone waits until the middle of the night to return to their rooms to rest.

On the fifth day of the new year, Wu Ruo decided to go out for a while. After being bored in the house for a long time, everyone finally came out to relax and feel very happy, especially the eggs, eating all the way, just like the belly. It's not filling.

Wu Ruo saw Wu Zhu walk alone at the end and turned to him: "Brother, what are you thinking?"

Wuzhu laughed, "Time flies so fast, it's another year."

With a movement of his eyes, Wu Ruo whispered in his ear and asked, "Did you think of something?"

Wuzhu smiled, "I just think of the things that I have experienced."

"Don't hide me, I know what you're thinking." Wu Ruo knew his elder brother was worried about the situation of the Demons and patted his shoulders to comfort him. . "

Wuzhu didn't take it easy on him. "Did I say I wanted to know these things?"

"Okay, I won't talk about these things again, you will die in a hurry." Wu Ruoxi smiled and walked back to Hei Xieyu: "Xi Ye, my brother is jealous of our relationship."

Hei Xieyu looked at the deadly black bamboo: "It will be better in the future."

"Brother, you two only care about affection, don't want any more children?" Hei Xietang shoved the eggs into Wu Ruo's arms: "Eggs, hurry up and toss your father and father, otherwise, they will not I remember having your son. "

Eggs stuffed the bite into Wu Ruo's mouth: "Daddy eat."

"Just eat." Wu Ruo was guilty after hearing Hei Xietang's words. For more than a year, people who have been busy dealing with Wu family rarely accompany the eggs. After the Wu family thing is over, they must Be with your son.

At this moment, a group of people approached them aggressively, walking in front of the man, covering his mouth and nose, making people unrecognizable until he came to Wu Ruo, and then put down his hand, pointing at Hei Xie Tong Tang Anger: "Uncle, it's him, it's he who killed his cousin."

When Wu Ruo saw that the person who spoke was Wu Shunren, he secretly said that it was not good.

Last time Wu Xitang and Ye Ji killed their family members were discovered.

Both U Xi and Wu Qianqing were stunned for a moment, wondering what happened.

Hei Xuntang naturally recognized Wu Shunren: "Don't do wrong to a good person, when will I kill your cousin?"

Wushun benevolent blushed: "Well, I know you even if you are turned into gray. In addition to you, there is a tall man who uses magic and should be a demons."

Wu Shunren's uncle was also very angry, but reason was still: "Shun Ren, are you sure this man really killed Shunhe?"

The Wu family is now in a period of self-danger. It can't be troubled any more. It would be bad if someone caught the handle.

"Uncle, what I said is true." Wushun was afraid he didn't believe it. "Uncle, I swear to Tian, if you admit the wrong person, the uncle of Wushunren will be thundered and see Wushunren's expression is not like lying:" Okay, uncle believes you once. His mother, you damn, you dare to kill my son. I asked you to bury my son. Come and arrest him. ""Yes. "The guards behind them quickly rushed out to catch the dark shame.

Seeing this, the guard of the Heijia who had been guarding the dark area jumped off the roof one after another. Immediately, the two sides fought.

Wuzhu busy guarding Guan Tong who had no spiritual power to hide in a safe place.

Hei Xiu did not participate in them, just let Heigan deal with the Wu family.

"What's the matter?" Guan Tong, who was walking around, wondered, "Xitang killed someone? Are they mistaken?"

Wu Xi remembered from their words a few months ago that Hei Xietang had gone out with Ye Ji to kill people, but now they must not admit it: "Mother, they must be mistaken."

Wu Qianqing tightened her brow: "They are from the Wu family."

Turned up the people of Wu family.

This time, Wu Chenzi will not let them go.

"..." Wu Xi anxiously looked at Chaos Avenue, so far their Heifu had the upper hand.

Wu Shunren they also realized this, and quickly stopped people to return to Wufu and ask someone to come over.

Hei Xieyu glanced at the troublesome Hei Xietang: "Let's go back first."

Chapter 192: Confession

Wu Chenzi once wanted to send someone to kill Wu Ruo, but Heifubu could n’t get in, but he could n’t break the scene. It was well known. The most depressing thing was that Wu Ruo rarely went out and could n’t find a chance Today, Hei Xietang's younger brother He Xietang killed the Wu family. Naturally, it will make things bigger. This is the best opportunity to get rid of Wu Ruo. He immediately notified the government to send someone to surround Heifu. Heifu.

Wu Xi hurriedly turned around: "Second Brother, the officers and men outside will not really take Brother Tang away?"

Hei Xietang smiled: "Is Xiaoxi very worried that I will be taken away by them?"

"Of course." U Xi rolled her eyes very unkindly.

"Don't worry, Brother won't make me okay, right, Brother?" Hei Xietang put his hand on Hei Xuan's shoulder.

He Xuan glanced at him.

Hei Xietang drew his hand and said, "There is only one person identifying me on the other side, as long as I don't admit it, how can they take me?"

Wu Ruo frowned: "I really want to go to the public hall. More than one person will recognize you. Wu Chenzi will arrange other people to say that you killed them, but also that the rest of us also killed the Wu family. . "

Hei Xietang: "..."

Wu Qianqing said: "Xiao Ruo is right."

Uxi opened his eyes wide, "Second Brother, do you mean we will also be taken away?"

Wu Ruo nodded.

"Then we need to find a way as soon as possible," although Wu Zhu and Guan Tong didn't know what was going on, but from their dialogue, they learned that Wu Xitang had indeed killed the Wu family.

Wu Ruo turned to Hei Xieyan: "Xie Yan, what do you say?"

The large array in the government can't stand the long-term attack of many people. Within a day, the large array will be breached. You need to quickly think of a way to do it.

Hei Xunyu knocked on his chair and stopped his hand, saying softly, "Plead guilty.

Hei Xutang: "!!!!!!"

Wuzhu them: "..."

"Confession?" Wu Ruo didn't believe it was as simple as confession: "What are you going to do?"

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes slightly.

Officers and soldiers and the Wu family outside Heifu have been looking for a way to crack the battlefield. Suddenly, the door opened and everyone outside was alert. Hei Xietang came out from the inside and said to Jing Zhaoyin, "I'll follow you."

The parents of Wu, standing beside Jing Zhaoyin, said coldly, "It's not just you, everyone in Heifu will follow us to Beijing Zhaozhao."

Hei Xingtang looked at Yanfu and nodded: "Yes."

The officers and men and the people of Wufu rushed out with the chains of the seal spirit ...

Hei Xingtang looked at the rune on the eye chain, blocked the chain, and sneered: "Master, if I remember correctly, the chain is for the prisoner, but it is not too anxious to wear the chain before the trial is opened. Or did you just say that I was a prisoner after listening to Wujia's one-sided words? If this is the case, would it be too hasty? Will the emperor dare to refer the case to you in the future? "

Jingzhao Yin Lengheng: "I am afraid that you will run away."

"We are going to run long ago, will we be stupid enough to come out and catch you?"

Wu parents always angered: "Why do people tell him so much, just put it on him."

Jing Zhaoyin nodded and ordered: "I'm not ready to put it on yet."

"Yes." As soon as the officers and men with the chains took a step, they heard someone say, "Oh, why is it so busy here?"

Then, a handsome man riding a white horse came to Heifu: "What happened?"

Seeing that she was Ling Zisheng, the queen's nephew, Jing Zhaoyin quickly said, "Ling son, we are catching prisoners."

Hei Xietang smiled angrily: "You have been convicted before trial, sir, this is how you tried the case? No wonder so many people died in your hands unjustly.

As soon as he saw Jing Zhaoyin, he knew that he was from the Wu family, and everything made the Wu family behave.

The people who were watching immediately immediately whispered and discussed how Jing Zhaoyin handled the case. In the past, several cases were concluded hastily, and many people were unjustly killed. They even heard that the unjust death turned into a ghost to seek Jing Zhaoyin for his life.

Jing Zhaoyin heard everyone whispering, her face was green and red, and she no longer insisted on wearing Heishangtang with a chain.

After the cup of tea, Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo also went out of Heifu and Jingzhaoyin to open a trial in Jingzhaofu. Ling Zisheng also went to Jingzhaofu together.

After Jing Zhaoyin arranged for Ling Zisheng and Wu's parents to enter, Wu Shunren asked the audience: "Wu Shunren, what happened on September 13?"

Wu Shunren quickly said, "On September 13th, I went to drink with my brothers in the clan. As we were about to leave, he ..."

He pointed to Hei Xietang, his eyes turned to Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu, his eyes sneered, Wu Ruo, you're dead this time.

He quickly pointed to Wu Ruo and they were angry. "With them, they jumped in through the window and said nothing to kill me and my brothers in the tribe. Fortunately, I and the brothers in the tribe did not die in their hands. . "

Wu Ruodai glanced at him and glanced at the public hall. Wu Chenzi and the head of Wu family were absent, except for one old Wu parent.

Jing Zhaoyin looked at the children of Wu family behind Wu Shunren, and asked, "Is it like he said?"

"If you go back to adults, things are like what Shunren cousin said, that is, the three of them killed some of our ethnic brothers. If the adults don't believe it, they can pass the shopkeeper and the second child in the restaurant to ask questions."

Jing Zhaoyin asked the restaurant's shopkeeper and Xiao Er to ask questions.

The shopkeeper and Xiao Er have identified Wu Ruo them.

Ling Zisheng said, "It's been this time. You only met once. How can you remember who killed someone?"

Xiao Er's face changed slightly, and he quietly looked at the shopkeeper beside him.

The shopkeeper's face was calm: "If you return to the son, these three sons are beautiful and extraordinary, even if they are small, it is difficult to forget."

"..." Ling Zisheng glanced at Wu Ruo and Hei Xietang silently, as the shopkeeper said, just a glance could make him finally forget the two faces.

Jing Zhaoyin picked up the gavel and smashed the table, and said angrily to Hei Xietang: "What else can you explain?"

Hei Xutang said: "If I return to my lord, I did kill the Wu family."

Everyone exclaimed.

Ling Zisheng frowned, how could he plead guilty so soon.

People in the Wu family were also very surprised. They thought they needed to entangle themselves or use lynching to confess their guilt. Unexpectedly, the confession of murder was opened when the church opened.

Jing Zhaoyin has never met such a blatant confession, and he stunned, and said angrily, "Well, you are a murderer, come here and arrest them for my official."


Hei Xietang raised his hand: "Wait, sir, you haven't asked me why I want to kill them.

"No matter what your reasons are, killing is a crime and you have to ask for it."

Hei Xietang asked: "If the reason I killed them was because their Wu family was collaborating with the people of the Lingqi Kingdom to seek power and usurp, should they kill?"

Everyone was shocked.

"Why, what !?" Jing Zhaoyin looked at Wu Xitang incredulously.

Ling Zisheng: "!!!!!!"

He will appear here, completely entrusted by Ling Mohan to take care of Heifu, but did not expect a case involving the collusion of the people who prayed for the power to usurp the country.

Seeing that things were not right, Wu parents quickly made a look to the person hiding in the hall, who hurriedly left Jingzhaofu to report the incident to Wu Chenzi.

Wu Shunren jumped up in panic and anger: "You fart, we don't even know the people who pray for the kingdom of spirit, how could they collude with them."

"I'll know if I'm going to fart." Hei Xietang took out a stack of letters from his sleeve: "This is all a letter passed privately by Wujia and Lingqi Kingdom ..."

The Uzbek parents stood up and wanted to read the letter.

Hei Xietang stopped him: "You are from the Wu family, don't come over, I'm afraid you will destroy them. These letters can only be Jing Zhaoyin and ..."

He looked at Ling Zisheng: "Look with Ling Zi."

When Ling Zisheng heard him calling, he stood up and walked to Jing Zhaoyin. When he saw the seal on the top, he promptly informed the prince to come over.

The Wu parents were very anxious, put their toes on their feet, and kept looking at the desktop.

Wuxi, Wuzhu, Wuqianqing and Guan Tong looked at each other.

Wu Shunren anxiously explained, "We just drank on that day ..."

Hei Xietang joked: "Drinking purely? Don't you have to talk while drinking? We in the next-door compartment clearly heard you discussing how to seize the throne while drinking."

The Wu parents always lowered their faces and questioned Hei Xuantang: "If Shunren and they are collaborating with people who pray for the country, why didn't you expose them at that time and just say things now?"

"At that time, the people of the Spirit Prayer Country fled. I had no evidence and I could not expose them, and Wu Shunren wanted to kill us when they saw the matter uncovered. We ca n’t just stand and let them kill, right, just fight them When we got up and missed, we killed a few of them. We were worried that they would retaliate against us, so we went to investigate this matter. Things we didn't want to investigate would come in handy at this time. "

Old Wu parents: "..."

Jing Zhaoyin trembled and said, "This matter requires the emperor to come to judge himself, and the official can't decide." He quickly sent someone into the official and told the emperor about the circumstances.

Wu Shunren could not help but panic, wouldn't the letters on the table be true?

Hei Xietang retracted the letter into his sleeve: "I'm afraid that someone will take the opportunity to destroy it. I will put it away first, wait for the emperor to come, and then I will take them out.

Jing Zhaoyin nodded.

Ling Zisheng looked to Wu Ruo and asked with his eyes whether the incident was true or not. If it was true, if it was false, the people in Heifu would be convicted of slander whether they killed the Wu family or not.

Wu Ruo nodded slightly to indicate that it was true.

In fact, the letters were half true, half fake, half stolen from the Kingdom of Prayer, and half of them were forged by Hei Xieyu, and he never knew that Hei Xieyu investigated Wu Chenzi in private. Collusion with the ancestral kingdom, if it is not what happened today, Hei Xieyu will not blaze things out so quickly.

Ling Zisheng took a deep breath, and the people of Wujia were so bold to collude with those who prayed for the nation. This time, Wujia will fall, and the people of the nine ethnic groups will be implicated.

Chapter 193: Long Yu Bintian

When the emperor received the news, he was consort with the concubine. The princesses ate a family banquet, and when they learned that the Wu family colluded with the spirit and prayed for the country, they could not wait for the nine families of the Wu family. Said: "The Wu family has always been loyal to the uncle and the father. They will never collude with other countries to betray the uncle. The people in Heifu are simply talking nonsense, and they will go on to punish the crimes of Heifu.

Ling Mohan, who was watching and getting the news earlier, frowned. The father was obviously threatened and he didn't order to investigate the incident. This Prince is also very dangerous. He may be the next to be punished.

"Yes." The official turned and left.

The emperor's eyes narrowed coldly, Mohan: "Don't think of asking for them, the people in Heifu must die."

They don't die, they die.

Ling Mohan was very reconciled,

Is it just like watching Father Emperor being manipulated?

"Go back and continue eating." The Emperor turned and returned to the hall.

Ling Mohan looked and quickly winked at his people so that they could stop the official mission just now, then went into the temple and sat back in place.

"Emperor, your face is a bit pale, isn't your body uncomfortable?" The empress cared and said, "Would you like to give a doctor to give you a pulse?"

"I just don't have a taste recently, so I don't need to pass on the doctor." The emperor could not help but raised his hand and touched his neck, his face was ugly.

The queen mother was very nervous about her son's physical condition. When I saw him coming in just now, the pace was not as stable as before: "The Ai family thinks that the queen is right, or let the doctor to give you a more secure pulse.

The emperor waved his hand and wanted to say something. Suddenly, his eyes fell dark and he fell on the table.

"Bang one by one"

The seated people all took a leap, and then his face changed in shock: "Emperor, emperor, quickly, pass on the doctor."

"Father Emperor, Father Emperor, are you okay?" Ling Mohan hurriedly hugged people to the soft couch behind the screen, and before everyone had followed him, he quickly opened the emperor's collar and saw black flowers in front of him.

He froze all over. He could not see the flower before without Fabao. Can he see it now, indicating the death of his father emperor? But is n’t that about a year or so? Why did it bloom so soon?

Isn't his father the emperor "..."

Ling Mohan looked at Emperor Jun's peacefully sleeping face, his fingertips trembled, and he wondered if he should sniff each other's breath.

"Prince, what's the matter with the emperor? Wasn't it good just now? Why did you suddenly faint?" The queen mother and concubines hurried in.

Ling Mohan didn't say a word, stood up and gave way to one side, and looked around, but did not see the figure of the second prince.

He stepped out of the hall and asked the guards. The guards said that the second prince was called by an **** when he came out with the emperor.

Ling Mohan suddenly felt a bad feeling in his heart, and quickly sent his confidant to send someone to guard the emperor, and let people notify Yan Tianshi and the other five families.

Before long, Taiyi hurried to the hall.

"Fang Taiyi is here, Fang Taiyi is here." The people in the temple quickly gave way to Taiyi.

Fang Taiyi came to the back of the queen, and was about to kneel to be worshipped and was stopped by the queen mother: "Don't worship, hurry up to the emperor."

"Yes, yes." Fang Taiyi put his veins on Emperor Jun's wrist, and his face became increasingly white. Suddenly, he trembled and fell to the ground, his white lips trembling constantly.

The queen mother anxiously said, "Fang Taiyi, what happened? What happened to the emperor?"

"Emperor, emperor, emperor ..."

The empress was frightened by the appearance of Fang Taiyi. "Fang Taiyi, if you have any words, just say so, don't delay healing."

Fang Taiyi looked at the emperor on the soft bed and shouted sadly: "Emperor, Long Yubin!"

what! !!

The crowd looked at Fang Taiyi unbelievably.

The **** chief beside the emperor lowered his face and reprimanded, "Fang Taiyi, don't make nonsense, the emperor is just fine."

"Old minister dare not talk nonsense, old minister ..."

The queen mother's eyes were dark and she fell to the side. The queen hurriedly supported her: "Oh, mother, mother ..."

Suddenly, the scene was chaotic.

Ling Mohan walked to the emperor, sniffed his fingers, and trembled his fingertips, choking, "Father, he ..."

The **** chief looked ugly and stretched out his hand, without a sigh, slumped, kneeling on the ground, sorrowfully opened his sharp voice and shouted, "Emperor, Long Yubin is heaven--"

When the people in the hall heard it, they knelt and wept.

The original festive new year turned into a deadly national funeral.

Soon, the death knell sounded, and everyone in the entire city knew that the emperor had died.

Wu Ruo, who was still in the public hall, heard the sound and didn't know what happened for a while. Until someone had an emperor's guard outside the house shouting 'Emperor's frame collapsed', everyone quickly knelt down.

Wu Ruo frowned.

Did the emperor go so suddenly because they exposed Wu's collusion with the spirit and prayed for the country, causing Wu Chenzi to do it in advance?

After Ming Ming was over, Ling Zisheng stood up and ordered: "Get everyone in Wu's house."

"Why?" Wu Shunren said excitedly, "Why do you catch us?"

"Just because you have the possibility of collaborating with the spirit to pray for the usurpation of power."

"Now things are not clear, you have no right to arrest us, not to mention you have no official office, and you have no right to lock us up."

The old Wu parents hurriedly said, "Long Gongzi, so many people in our Wu family are in the Imperial City, and they can't escape if they want to escape. After the matter is found out, you can send troops to come and catch us."

Ling Zisheng thought about it, the people in front of them were all unknown soldiers, and there was not much use in shutting them down, so he nodded and let them leave.

Wu Shunren, not convinced, pointed to Wu Ruo and said, "You should lock them up. They killed our Wu family, and he just pleaded guilty."

Ling Zisheng sneered: "He said it just because he accidentally overheard your conversation with the people of Lingqiguo and was discovered by you. Then there was a conflict and he killed people. If I arrest them now, it is Does n’t it mean that your collusion with the people is also true? ”

Wu Shunren gritted his teeth and said, "You are clearly facing them."

Ling Zisheng didn't say anything, it was the default.

The Uzbek parents said in a deep voice: "This is the period of the state funeral. What will happen after the state funeral.

He vaguely felt that collusion with the spirit of praying for the country was not simple, and perhaps not out of nothing, but Wu Shunren was definitely not the one who treason.

Wu Shunren stared unwillingly at Wu Ruoyuan, leaving his sleeves angrily.

Ling Zisheng said to Wu Ruo with their fists: "Farewell."

Hei Xie said, "Go back to your house first.


They returned to Heifu by carriage.

The spiny cockles flew over holding the eggs: "Are you okay?"

Hei Xuantang laughed: "If something happens, can we still come back."

Wu Xi quickly said, "Is the emperor really dead?"

The last time in the top ten family competitions, the emperor's body was still very strong and young, unlike those who died early.

Wu Qianqing sighed, "The matter of the royal family is not our turn."

How the emperor died, only the people in the palace knew.

Hei Xietang twisted his eyebrows: "The emperor died when he died, so what's the point of saying that the Wu family colluded with the spirit to pray for the country?"

Wu Ruo said: "The collusion was uncovered. Naturally, there are people who can't sit still. Now the emperor is dying, just when those people shot, within two days, the Imperial City will become a battlefield, and you kill the Wu family. The incident is also a thing of the past. Unless the second prince wins this battle, the Wu family will not trouble us again. "

The death of the emperor was when the princes were fighting, and only the prince and the second prince were able to fight for the throne, but the emperor died so coincidentally that Wu Ruoxiu could not help but look at Hei Xuan.

Hei Xuanyu received his gaze and raised his hand and said, "Everyone is tired, rest in the first room."

"Okay." Wuzhu and Wuqianqing returned to their yard.

Hei Xietang opened the yawn: "I will go back to rest, too."

Hei Xuanyu held him: "Follow me to the hall."

Hei Xingtang nodded.

Thorny horned eggs followed them into the hall.

As soon as they sat down, Hessian hurriedly said, "Master, the big array in the house was destroyed."

Hei Xuanyu became instantly energetic: "When we left, the matrix method was only damaged by 50%. How could it be destroyed?"

"Master Four, after you leave, someone will take the opportunity to destroy our formation."

"Who is it? Did someone break in?"

"I don't know. After those people destroyed the large array, they were blocked by the small array method previously arranged. Maybe they didn't come in because of excessive spiritual consumption."

Hei Xietang quickly looked at Hei Xieyu: "Brother, can you rearrange the team now?"

"I'm not completely good at Lingtian now, I can't use my spiritual power for the time being, and I've planned to leave the Imperial City ..."

"go away?"

Everyone looked at him in surprise.

"Yes, leave here, no matter who won this battle, we must leave immediately.

Wu Ruo frowned lightly.

If Ling Mohan wins this battle, the next is the Nine Wu family. He staying here as the Wu family will only make Ling Mo Han embarrassed and his identity is awkward. People in other families may not let them go . If the second prince won, let alone, Wu Chenzi would come to them directly.

Wu Ruo looked to Hei Xieyu: "Okay, we leave here.

Hei Xieyu clenched his hand: "Now the country is under martial law, we can't get out of the city, we can only leave after we fight, so we need someone to take vigil on these two days."

Hei Xietang consciously said, "I'll watch the night."

Thorny said, "I'm responsible for tomorrow night."

Hei Xuanyu looked at him: "No, just protect yourself.

Thorny Yi looked down at the innocent look: "Well, okay."

Wu Ruodao: "I'll watch the night."

Chapter 194: Where is the hair

Arrange the vigil, and everyone will return to the room to rest.

Wu Ruo returned to the room and immediately asked: "Is it true that the death of the emperor is related to you?"

Hei Xieyu took the tea from the corpse, took a sip, drew a corner, and asked, "Why do you think it's related to me?"

"Because you just asked the four brothers to expose the Wu family's collusion and pray for the country in a confession, and then the emperor died, as if someone had deliberately provoked the prince to fight with the second prince."

Hei Xieyu lowered the tea cup and hugged the person to his lap. "You guessed it, it was me who made it."

Wu Ruo looked at him in surprise: "Really did you send someone to kill the emperor?"

"I didn't send someone to kill him, I just made people curse him. Do you remember the night when I went to Wu's house to kill Wu Weixue? Because there was a big battle, I went to the palace to take the hair off the emperor's body in preparation From time to time.

"Do you mean, you and Wu Chenzi have the same kind of curse? It caused the emperor to die prematurely? That ’s not true, such a curse simply cannot predict the day when it will die." Wu Ruo suddenly didn't know what was happening. He looked at Hei Xuan 翊: "You won't even take the hair there?"

He couldn't imagine the scene where his man took off his monarch's pants to get his hair.

Hei Xun 翊 black eyes flashed a smile, pretending not to understand: "Where's the hair?"

Wu Ruo stared at him with a blank expression, "What do you say?"

Hei Xunyu no longer teased him: "Only that one hasn't moved."

"Then how did you curse him, and where did the priest come to curse the emperor?"

"You remember I told you at the Lianfo Temple that I once met two male priests, one of whom was cursed to death and the other because I saved his life, so I swear allegiance to me."

Wu Ruo wondered, "Why haven't I met this person?"

"He didn't follow, and is guarding the boat for us now.

"Guarding the boat?" Wu Ruo remembered that Hei Xieyu said that their family was on the other side of the sea and needed to leave the kingdom of heaven by boat, that is, they had a boat parked at the shore of the kingdom of heaven.

"Yes, after I took the emperor's hair, I sent the ghost clan to him, and let him think of a way to curse the emperor once again without sacrificing his life. Fortunately, the emperor's curse was deep, so do n’t You need to take the whole body of hair, and you don't need to sacrifice your life to curse success. "Hei Xieyu took out a humanoid yellow charm from his sleeve, which said someone's birthday character:" This is the charm he gave me, as long as Broke it, the emperor died immediately. "

Wu Ruo took the yellow human figure, and a hole had been pierced through it: "Did you break it?"

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "Well, the emperor is now under the control of Wu Chenzi. Even if we expose Wu Chenzi's collusion with the spirit to pray for the country, it will not help the emperor to punish us for being framed."

As soon as the emperor died and the prince came to power, Wu Chenzi had no other choice but to force rebellion.

When Wu Ruo saw that the human form yellow charm was useless, he burned it down: "When did you start investigating Wu Chenzi's collusion?"

"Since Wu Weixue hurt you in a coma, you have been investigating the Wu family, and after checking it all the way, Wu Chenzi has been associated with people who pray for the spirit."

Wu Ruo: "..."

The investigation started so early.

Suddenly, a loud noise came from outside.

"What happened?" Wu Ruo stood up and walked to the door of the room. "It seems to be coming from outside the house."

The corpse said, "Madam, look at the house outside."

"it is good."

Soon the corpse returned: "Madam, there is a team of warriors over 100,000 who came from all directions to attack the imperial capital city. Now they have come to a place fifty miles away. Tomorrow, they will arrive at the imperial capital city. The people in the village were afraid, so they wanted to leave the imperial city before the team came, but the martial law in the city did not allow anyone to leave, so now the people are making a big noise in the street. "

"A team of more than 100,000 wizards?" Wu Ruo frowned. "Where did you recruit so many wizards? Is it a fake message from the Wu family, so that the people in the city can get out of the city, then they can get out of the city. ? "

Hei Xuan said quietly: "It is also possible that the news is true. Wu Chenzi is ambitious. It is not surprising that he recruited a sorcerer early in the morning, maybe a part of it was sent by the spirit praying country."

He rubbed Wu Ruo's forehead: "These things don't get us to worry about, we just need to take care of ourselves and think about how to send father and mother out of the city safely, and we will make other plans.

Wu Ruo understood how he intended to deal with Wu Chenzi.

On the first day of the country's funeral, everyone spent it in an atmosphere of sorrow, panic, and vigilance. On the second day, the atmosphere became more and more tense, and the people seemed to perceive an unusual atmosphere and kept behind closed doors.

Ushi they learned that they would leave the Imperial City and packed up their bags early in the hall to wait.

Wu Qianqing said worriedly: "If we leave now, terror will completely lose contact with their mother."

He also sent someone to give gifts before the year-old came to know that Mu Xiuwan was no longer in the Imperial City. It can be seen that his son was so incompetent that it made him wonder why they left without notifying them and did not send someone to say Where did he move? Is his son so abominable?

Wu Ruoqing looked at Wu Qianqing silently, and rejoiced once again that he had removed Mu Xiuwan from them, otherwise his father's nature would never leave his mother alone.

Wuzhu comforted him: "Dad, don't worry. When we settle down, we will send someone to inquire about their grandmother."

Guan Tong looked at Wu Xi: "Have you talked to your master about the fact that we are leaving?"

Uxi nodded: "I have written to Master saying that after leaving the Imperial City for some time, I will come to see his elderly man in the future."

"Hee hee, you can't hit me." The joyous laughter outside instantly cleared the sorrow in the hall.

Uxi looked out of the door, and Dandan was playing a snowball fight with Jiyi. She couldn't help smiling: "I really admire Dandan's carefreeness. I don't know what happened. I saw that we were all carrying baggage and thought we were going to bring He goes swimming. "

"You can take it as a tour of the mountains and rivers." Hei Xietang said with a smile: "After leaving the Imperial City, you can walk while playing."

Ushi looked at him curiously: "Where are we going after we leave here?"

"Go to a small village by the sea. Someone will meet you at that time. However, you will return to play, but you must arrive there by April."

Wu Ruowen raised his head and looked at the black side of him: "Will you take my father and mother to your family?"

Then he doesn't have to arrange his father and mother's residence.

Hei Xiu whispered: "The loved ones of the two always have to meet up.

Wu Xi's eyes were bright: "Go to the brother brother? Brother brother, where is your family? Is it fun?"

Hei Xietang said: "You will know if it's fun when you get there."

Guan Tong frowned lightly: "Will you go to your clan and disturb your family?"

In fact, she also wanted to meet her parents and see if they really accepted a male daughter-in-law.

"Of course not. When I came out, my parents told me many times that when we went back, it would be better to take you back to see them."

Guan Tong was relieved.

Wuzhu wondered: "Xitang, you said you wanted us to rush to the beach by April, wouldn't you mean to leave us?"

"Send you off first, and then join you."

Wu Qianqing guessed that if they might stay to help the prince, he explained: "Be careful then, don't let yourself get hurt."

Wu Ruo nodded: "Yes."

The family was able to accompany him to meet his parents, and he didn't have the same feelings as before. Although he repeatedly promised that his family would accept him, he was always unreliable, and felt that it was comforting to him.

"Master, madam, the second prince entered the palace with a group of people." Hei Yang suddenly appeared in the hall: "Some people have thorns on their faces, and they seem to be descendants."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "So, the person who rescued the descendants in the past few days is Wu Chenzi?"

Hei Xun stunned: "It should be."

"So they have joined forces and decided to help the second prince defeat the prince, and then use soldiers to regain the territory of the descendants.

"Bang one by one" Suddenly, the sound of bombing came from afar. Then Heiyin also appeared in the lobby: "Master, Madam, a team of over 100,000 wizards has arrived at the gate of the city."

"I see." Wu Ruo stood up. "I'll arrange it."

When it comes to arranging, it is actually going to Wu Qianqing's yard and putting all the things they can't take away into his shadow space.

Wu Ruogang put things into the space, and suddenly, there was a wave in the mansion.

Someone shouted, "A thief broke into the house--"

Wu Ruo quickly walked out of the room.

More than a dozen figures rushed down from the roof and fell in front of him.

At a glance, Wu Ruoding was a two- to three-year-old baby boy. There were men and women. They looked blue and white, their eyes were like the demons, they had no white eyes, their lips were black, and they were all wearing red clothes. A smile, a sour laugh: "Squeak, squeak--"

They flew together and attacked Wu Ruo suddenly.

Wu Ruo saw that the children were all ghosts, took out the sword, blocked their attacks, put out a few charms on their heads, jumped up again, escaped their siege, and flew to the courtyard door. At the moment of the ground, the sword in his hand waved a few times.

Immediately afterwards, more than ten ghost baby bodies burst open and turned into a pile of white powder.

"It's cruel, even the children are killed." A female voice came up from the roof.

Wu Ruo turned and looked.

Five women with embroidery on their faces jumped down from the roof and rushed to Wu Ruo. They broke into Bao Wu Ruo's hand-painted array and immediately couldn't move.

The five women widened their eyes in horror and watched Wu Ruo's fierce sword indifferently. Instantly, a bloodstain appeared on the necks of the five men, and his breath was broken on the spot.

Wu Ruo didn't look at them and hurried to the front yard.

Hundreds of descendants and the guards of the Black House have long been in trouble.

Chapter 195: Life is your person, after death is your ghost

U Xi, standing by the entrance of the hall, saw Wu Ruo and quickly called out, "Second Brother, the formation in the house was broken."

"I see, you're here to stay, don't come out first." Wu Ruo raised his sword and joined the battle.

The bodies on the ground are getting more and more, there are people of the descendants, and the guards of the Heifu, but the guards of the Heifu die less, because most of the guards are senior corpses, and the body is only a container for them. Even if you are seriously injured, you can not feel the pain, you can still fight with people, and you are not controlled by tapeworms. To the descendants, they are like natural enemies.

At this moment, three men in animal robes jumped to the door, and the man standing in the middle threw a hand, and countless black spiders flew out of his heart.

As soon as the spider landed, it immediately entered the body from its neck.

The man raised his hands while chanting.

Suddenly, the corpses on the ground stood up and shot a silver wire from behind their necks towards the man, entangled with the man's five fingers. As long as he moved his finger, the corpse would take the initiative to attack the enemy. Only by cutting off the limbs of the corpse can they be moved.

Two men next to him blew the piccolo in their hands quickly, weird songs came out, countless snakes, rats, ants, spiders, and other bugs, like rolling black waves, crawled in from the wall and were These bugs cover the body and are scooped up into a pile of bones.

Seeing this, the guards of Heifu stepped back and avoided.

"啾-" A **** monster flew in the sky, opened his mouth and sprayed on snake worms and rat ants, burning them all to ashes with fierce fire, and the man playing the flute sank, seeing that he could not defeat the enemy, and Instead, recruit ghost slaves to deal with the people in Heifu.

Whispering in secret watching, he turned to Hei Xieyu, who was sitting on a chair, and asked, "Brother, the ghost clan under your hand? Your ghost clan should be able to cope with their ghost slaves."

She used to see many ghost clan beside Heishiyu. Now why only Heiyang, Heiyin and five or six ghost clan, where are all the other ghost clan?

Hei Xuan's eyes flickered without Ushi's words.

Uhi looked anxiously, anxious to join the fight.

With a wave of Wu Ruo's sword, he cut off the spider silk of the descendant's control of the corpse, and then took out the amulet and stuck it on the ghost slave. As if they were struck by lightning, the ghost slaves screamed screaming and disappeared in front of everyone. .

Hei Xietang and Hei Qian released attacking magic weapons to kill three men standing at the door. One of them died because of being too late to escape, and the other two saw that the situation was gone, no longer in love, and hurriedly fled.

Wu Ruo they didn't catch up.

Hei Xun said they saw the descending heads leave and quickly walked out of the hall.

Hei Xietang said, "Brother, we shouldn't stay here for a long time. We still have to leave here quickly."

Hei Xuan murmured quietly.

Hei Xietang said to Wu Qianqing: "My in-laws, in-laws, let's go."

"Okay." Wu Qianqing walked in front of the door with their bags.

Wuzhu saw Wu Ruo standing in the middle of the corpse motionlessly, wondering: "Xiao Ruo, won't you go?"

Everyone stopped to look at Wu Ruo.

"Walk." Wu Ruo slowly took a footstep and heard someone shouting, "Madam, wait for me, wait for me."

Everyone followed his voice to the door to the backyard. Lao Hei panted and ran to Wu Ruo with two heavy bags: "Madam, can you take me with me?"

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "We are leaving the Imperial City, even the Kingdom of Heaven, will you follow us?"

Lao Hei hurriedly said, "I am your servant. Wherever you go, I will go. In the future, I will be a cow and a horse for you. There will be no complaints."

He thought about it all night last night, no matter whether the second prince or the prince inherited the throne, he stayed here is a dead end, because after the second prince took over, the people of Wu family will get rid of him who once helped Wu Ruo to humiliate the Wu family. Man, let alone the crown prince take over, let alone the half-wu family, how could the prince let him go?

Wu Ruo knew at a glance that he was afraid of death. However, this person was quite clever. He might take him with him, and it would be good to have one more person when he went to the Necromancer.

He nodded. "Let's go."

"Thank you, Mrs.," said Lao Heixiao. "I will be your person in life, and my ghost after death."

"Do not talk nonsense."

"Yes, yes." Lao Hei followed behind Wuzhu quickly.

As soon as Wu Ruo stepped out of the gate, he was reluctant to glance inside. This place is full of memories for him. I don't know if he can come back here.

"Xiao Ruo," Hei Xie yelled.

Wu Ruo walked quickly to Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xuanyu took his hand: "I will come back in the future when I have a chance."

Wu Ruo clenched his hands and smiled, "Yes."

Everyone in the Heifu stepped out of the gate, and the guard quickly locked the gate as if no one had lived here. The doors of the nearby houses and shops were closed, and no one dared to come out and glance at the first half.

Because the horse and the carriage were too conspicuous, they could only walk out of the city on foot, but before walking half a mile away, they could see the scene of fighting between the two parties. It was very fierce. Booming sound.

There was a large array at the gate of the Imperial City. As long as the enemy forces opened the array immediately, they could resist for a period of time. However, the bad array was damaged by Wu Chenzi and his warlock. Today, Yan Tianshi has not been in office for a long time. There are so many things to take over that he can't take into account. He didn't expect to replace the array method for a while. As a result, Wu Chenzi was destroyed when he started the large array. To give other wizards a chance to attack.

Judging from the situation, Wu Chenzi's side is slightly better, and more and more surgeons have come in. The Prince's side has been losing ground.

At this moment, a large group of family children emerged from all directions, attacked the invaders, and forced them back to the city gate.

Heigan took people to a place where they were both safe and able to watch the battle: "Master, Madam, the person with the white cloth on his arm should be the prince."

Wu Ruo looked down at the white cloth on his arm because it was worn during the state funeral. "The family members who just rushed out seemed to be from the Song family, Shang family, Yao family, and Zhang family. Are they trying to help the prince take the throne? ? "

Hei Xuan whispered quietly: "Looking at the current situation, even if the four big families don't help Wu Chenzi, Wu Chenzi's chances of winning are very great. Moreover, after Wu Weixue and Lianfo Temple, the head of Wujiazi The four major families all saw the true face of Wu Chenzi. His heart was too harsh and he was not a person to be attached. In this battle, even the Shang family, Song family, Yao family, and Zhang family helped Wu Chenzi, It wo n’t get any benefit. It ’s possible that after the second prince successfully ascended the throne, he will turn his back on his face and help the prince. It ’s different now. The prince seems to be in a weak position. Not to mention whether they can get the award, at least the prince will watch them help, and will not touch their four families. "

Wu Ruo frowned: "Ling Mohan shouldn't be stupid enough that even Wu Chenzi's collusion with the spirit of praying for the country is unaware of it, or even the preparation for the throne, how could Wu Chenzi be forced back into the city at once. "

"The Prince will be in such a disadvantaged position so fast. It should be shown to the Song family, Shang family, Yao family and Zhang family. It is a chance for the four big families to rely on him."

The four major families have always stood by the second prince, and due to various practices of Wu Chenzi, they have shaken their hearts, but they have no opportunity to turn to the prince. The prince can only create opportunities for the four major families by himself.

Hei Xietang said to Hei Xieyu: "Brother, we are about to call out depending on the situation."

If they do not get out of the city again, if one of them is defeated, they will close the gates and martial law to catch the rebels. It will be difficult to go out then.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and nodded: "While the Prince's side beat Wu Chenzi out of them, we took the opportunity to get out of the city."


Heigan, Heiyang, and Heiyin led the team into the battlefield, took out various defensive instruments, tried to be defense-only, and went all the way out of the gate.

Wu Chenzi, who was standing on the city tower and fighting Yan Tianshi, saw Wu Ruo at a glance, because from a height, they were too conspicuous.

"It's not dead yet."

Yesterday, he received an anonymous letter saying that the Heifu Formation had been cracked, and Hei Xuanyu was seriously injured, and Wu Ruo could be sent to assassinate at any time. He also stated that people with level 8 or higher needed to deal with Wu Ruo.

When the head of the descending tribe learned of this matter, he told him that this matter would be left to her to handle. Then why did Wu Ruo and his family still appear in front of him?

Yan Tianshi, who fought with Wu Chenzi, thought that this was what he said to him, and said angrily, "You count as dead, and I will not die."

Wu Chenzi sneered: "Yanteng Road, just because you want to kill me, dream it, Chenzhong, come here to deal with Yandeng Road."

Wu Chenzhong heard Wu Chenzi call him and quickly came to Yan Tianshi.

"Wu Chenzi, you rebel, you are not allowed to leave."

Wu Chenzi snorted and took the opportunity to find an elder of the descending tribe: "Isn't your patriarch saying to send someone to kill Wu Ruo? Why is Wu Ruo alive?"

The elders of the descending tribe flashed a guilty conscience: "I don't know."

Wu Chenzi's eyes flashed harshly: "Do you really not know, or do you want to tell the truth?"

Seeing that the elders of the descending head could not conceal it, he had to tell the truth: "When the clan asked the old man to send an eighth-step descending head, the old man sent only three seventh-step descending heads ..."

According to his inquiries, Wu Ruo is only a Tier 6 wizard, so why send a Tier 8 bower to deal with them, which is basically a big advantage and a small number of senior bowers from their tribe. Let the eighth-order bow-head division take risks, and sent the seventh-tier bow-head division.

"It's stupid." Wu Chenzi flew at him with a fan in his palm.

Chapter 196: Leaving the Kingdom of Heaven (1)

Wu Ruo's team has three or four hundred people, who are concentrated together, which is very noticeable. However, there are not many people who attack them. One is that they have white cloth strips on their arms. At least half of the people present will not attack. For them, the second reason is that they have a high level of defensive weaponry. Generally, it is difficult for wizards below the sixth level to break through their shields, while wizards above the sixth level are busy dealing with other people and have no time to deal with them. They only defend against attack and carry burdens on their bodies. At first glance, others know that they just want to get out of the city. Others are not stupid enough to ask for help, not to mention that a few wizards can kill them. However, it took them a long time to get to the gate of the city. Bi Jing had a large number of them. They needed to take good care of everyone and didn't want anyone to be injured in the middle.

Outside the city gate, the fighting scene became more intense, the ground was blasted unevenly, and the trees on both sides of the road have already set off a fire. Fortunately, it is winter and the fire is not large. It has not spread to other places. People on the Prince's side no longer need to care about hurting the people. They can no longer let go and let go, so the number of dead and injured is particularly high, and the strong **** smell is coming.

Wu Ruo they crossed one dead body after another, Wu Zhu tightened his brows: "The supreme throne will always step on the corpses of everyone."

Wu Xi clasped Guan Tong's hand tightly. To her, she could never understand why so many people had to be sacrificed to fight for the throne.

"Let's go." Wu Ruo told everyone to go first, he protected others after he stepped in, and he kept up when everyone walked out.

Suddenly, a powerful force came over, smashing their defense, and the weapons that protected them burst out.

Everyone was taken aback and looked back while running, and saw a dark blue figure leaping from the tower, and the powerful spiritual power that made them feel terrible attacked Wu Ruo who was walking in the back.

Wuzhu They saw that the attacker was Wu Chenzi, her pupils shrank suddenly, and she hurriedly shouted, "Xiao Ruo, watch out for the back."

The two guards walking in front of Wu Ruo hurried back and blocked in front of Wu Ruo. However, they were nothing more than a fourth-order guard. How could they block the ninth-order magician, and he was still a child before he approached Ling Fei was three feet away from Zhenfei, and suddenly died on the spot.

Seeing Wu Chenzi was about to hit Wu Ruo, suddenly, Wu Ruo turned quickly and lifted up the huge spiritual power that had already gathered to face the attack of the opponent.

Immediately, two powerful spiritual forces collided together, and the low-level magicians around them were stunned by the shock wave of ambulances flying out of the ground and vomiting blood.

The unaffected sorcerers hurried away from Wu Ruo.

Wu Chenzi's face was unbelievable. He thought that his palm would allow Wu Ruo to break his bones, but Wu Ruo could meet his powerful attack with his own strength.

"You have risen to Tier Nine Master?"

how can that be?

A sixth-order surgery market actually rose to the ninth stage in just a few months? Even if he continuously eats a number of superb gods Dan Dan and rushes to the ninth stage, without foundation training, the foundation will not be solid, and it is impossible to match his spiritual power.

Wu Ruo Leng stared at him: "Are you surprised?"

To be honest, he himself was quite surprised.

He thought that Hei Xieyu's last move was to think of a wonderful way to catch the Son. Who knew that Hei Xieyu actually recruited all the ghosts around him and let him **** all the spirits existing in their ghosts. The power to improve the spiritual order, so the ghosts are temporarily in a state of collapse, and it will take a few days to recover. This is why Hei Xieyu did not recruit ghosts to protect them. Therefore, on the day of his appointment, he had already risen to the ninth stage. At that time, in order to hide his strength, he did not take any action to catch the repair, nor did he kill Wu Weixue on the spot. This was done to wait for this day.

Wu Ruo absorbed a lot of spiritual power from Heifu, and quickly condensed the spiritual power to the highest point.

Wu Chenzi was forced to take two steps back by his spiritual power, and his face was filled with anger: "Just because you are a fledgling boy and you want to compete with your husband, don't you dream?"

He quickly concentrated his whole body on his hands.

Two terrible forces collided constantly, the ground flipped on both sides could not withstand the impact, and a large crack was fissuredly split. The wall was lifted open by powerful spiritual waves, and even the wizard standing on the wall felt To the city wall is crumbling.

The sorcerers flew down the city wall and saw that Wu Chenzi was fighting with a young guy they didn't know, and he couldn't help it.

Yan Deng wondered, "It's the kid ..."

I heard the Prince once said that he was able to take the position of a teacher so smoothly, Wu Ruo contributed.

Wu Xi was surprised and excited and said, "Oh my God, I read that right. The second brother can rival Wu Chenzi? Is this really my second brother? Why does the second brother suddenly become so powerful? When is his spiritual order? Ascended to the ninth stage? "

She eats at the same table with Wu Ruo every day, but she does not know that Wu Ruo's spiritual order has risen to the ninth order.

Wuzhu and Wuqianqing were also quite shocked, and I stood still and couldn't return.

Guan Tongsong was also very excited at the same time. Ninth level was the highest state at present. Even if Wu Ruo had only eighth level, the secret technique in his brain could barely deal with the ninth level.

At this moment, a white shadow emerged from the city gate, using each of us to attack magic weapons and mysterious power to attack Wu Ruo.

Everyone hadn't responded, only Hei Xiezheng rushed to protect Wu Ruo.

Although Bai Ying was wearing a veil, Wu Ruo still recognized it as the Holy Son, coldly hooked his lips, and finally attracted people.

The Holy Son did not fight Hei Xieyu to the end, and a turn rushed to Guan Tong. The speed was fast and fierce.

Wu Ruo hurriedly shouted, "Father, mother, be careful!"

Hei Xietang hurriedly threw the defensive weapon, but was smashed by the palm of the Son and rushed to Guan Tong.

When Heigan wanted to use his advanced defense magic weapon, a lightning strike struck the Son.

The Son was frightened, and quickly withdrew from outside Sanzhang.

Immediately afterwards, a dark shadow landed in front of Guan Tong from high altitude.

Wu Ruo was a city owner again.

He glanced at Hei Xuyi and did not expect that even the owner of the black market appeared.

"It's you again," the Son said angrily.

The city owner stared at him narrowly and said coldly, "You forgot my last warning to you?"

He had warned him once at the last funeral in Wujia.

Guan Tong heard the voice of the city's owner, and froze.

The Son clenched his fists and glanced unwillingly at Heishuyu and Wu Ruo. There was a city guardian in Thaksin Kingdom. He could n’t move Wu Ruo and they could only wait for Wu Ruo to leave the sky. Traveling country.

He snorted coldly: "Don't forget your vow."

The Son turned and left.

Hei Xunyu wanted to chase, but was stopped by the city owner.

"In your current situation, it will only hurt him and lose more."

After the city owner spoke, he stepped forward to leave.

Guan Yue exclaimed excitedly: "Daddy--"

The lord of the city stepped abruptly and stopped in place.

Wuqianqing and Wuzhu choked.

Uhis eyes widened: "He is a grandfather?"

Although Wu Ruo had previously speculated that the city owner might be his grandfather, he was still shocked when he heard Guan Tong himself call his father.

"The owner is the mother-in-law's father?" Hei Xutang, who was standing next to Guan Tong, opened his mouth in surprise and didn't know what to think of. He hurriedly moved his body behind Heigan to let Heigan block his body.

"..." Hegan turned to look at him silently.

Hei Xuantang cut his face back with his index finger.

The city owner did not answer her, nor did he look back. After looking at Wu Ruo and Hei Xie, he used light work to leave here.

"Daddy one by one" Guan Tong shouted anxiously again, but the city owner had disappeared.

Ushi quickly asked: "Mother, is that man really a grandfather?"

Guan Tong looked back, his eyes were red, and he choked and said, "The sound is exactly the same, and the back is very similar. It should be his goodness.

"Then why didn't he answer you?"

Guan Tong wiped the corners of his eyes with silk silk: "I was driven out of the clan, and my father and my daughter did not know each other."

Uhi: "..."

Wuzhu: "..."

Wu Qianqing held Guan Tong in her arms guiltily,

Wu Ruo: "..."

No wonder the city owner who had nothing to do with him in the last life would rather suffer from condemnation and send him back to life. It turns out that he was his grandfather, so everything makes sense.

Wu Ruo looked stunned and blasted Wu Chenzi out of all his spiritual power. Suddenly, like a Cuju kicked out by a man, Wu Chenzi knocked heavily against the city wall, and he spit out blood in his mouth. .

He stole his spiritual power indifferently. If it wasn't for Wu Chenzi carrying many high-level magic weapons, or if he could not hurt him so easily with a frontal attack or a sneak attack, he would not take a risky approach and take his family to risk from Wu Chenzi Leaving, by the way, led the Son, but unfortunately, the Son has just appeared, and because the city owner has left, there is no chance to see the true content, let alone kill him.

They opened their mouths in surprise.

Even if Yan Tianshi went out of business, Wu Chenzi might not be able to bring down Wu Chenzi in a short period of time. Nowadays, someone actually beats Wu Chenzi to the ground.

Wu Chenzi couldn't believe that he would be repelled by a junior, so he hated Wu Ruo even more. He must kill this person.

Wu Ruo did not give him a chance to fight back and attacked again.

Wu Chenzi hurriedly called out three demons, two of which dealt with Wu Ruo, and the other demons took him to the wall.

He quickly took out the elixir to heal his wounds, and then raised his long sword command. Then, another group of warriors rushed out of the woods and killed Wu Ruo as much as they could.

Heigan took out multiple advanced defensive weaponry to protect Wu Qianqing. This time, the weaponry is not like the previous intentional use of intermediate weaponry to protect people in order to draw Wu Chenzi. Now, even if Wu Chenzi makes a full attack, he may not break Defense, however, the advanced magic weapon has a limited range of defense and can only protect seven or eight people.

Hei Xietang said, "Protect your father-in-law and leave."

"Um." Hei Qian retreated.

When Wu Chenzi saw that Wu Ruo wanted to leave, his face was terrified, and he directed more people to attack them, leaving Wu Ruo nowhere to run.

Just then, a twist appeared in the sky.

Chapter 197: Leaving the Kingdom of Heaven (2)

Everyone was puzzled and retreated to a distance.

The sky became more and more twisted. Gradually, a large black vortex was formed. After turning for a moment, it stopped and a large black hole appeared. A man with a gorgeous mask on his face and a red and black Chinese robe brought it to work Ten thousand soldiers in red and black armor flew out of the vortex.

"It's the Demons." The faces of the people changed greatly, and the demons suddenly appeared here. Wouldn't it be a chance to want to fight to lead their country?

Wuzhu pursed his lips, his eyes moved with the headed man, and he could easily recognize who the other party was even without removing the mask.

"Yi--" Ji Yi saw Ye Ji standing behind the headed man, gave a soft sigh, and turned around without holding them.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu glanced at each other, faintly guessing the origin of the Demons.

Wu Chenzi burned in anger. When he robbed the emperor, the demons churned in: "Emperor, this is our human race, what does it mean for your demons to infiltrate?"

The Emperor said lazily, "The deity is here to protect Xianggong.

Everyone: "!!!!!!!!!"

Are you sure you are a husband and not a wife?

Laohe lamented: "The man who is his mate is really happy, and I also want someone to protect me."

Wuzhu: "..."

Wu Chenzi did not believe in the words of the Emperor: "Who is your relative?"

"What kind of thing are you? Why should the deity tell you?" Mo Di gave him a glance, turned his eyes to the battlefield, and soon found them.

Wu Chenzi was half dead. At this time, the situation was not good to be against the Emperor, so as not to attract one more enemy.

Ye Ji behind the demons turned around and flew towards Thorns, clearing the people around them one by one. The other soldiers saw the situation and flew to Thorns to protect them.

At first glance, everyone knew who the Emperor wanted to protect, and no one dared to step forward to deal with those in Heifu.

Hei Xingtang whispered in his thorny ears, "Is the Emperor your wife?"

Thorny gave him a white look: "No."

"Who is that?" Hei Xietang curiously asked.

Echidna looked at black bamboo without talking.

Wu Qianqing was also very curious. After thinking about it, they did not expect it to be bamboo. In their hearts, bamboo was most likely the son-in-law of the demon.

Wu Chenzi saw the Emperor guarding Wu Ruo, and his eyes sank. This time was not the time to act with dynamism, and it was not too late to deal with Wu Ruo when he took the throne.

He turned around and used light work to fly to the direction of the palace.

Yan Tianshi wanted to chase him, but was stopped by Wu Chenzhong.

When Wu Ruo saw that the Emperor was protecting his family, and no longer worried about their safety, he turned to chase Wu Chenzi, taking advantage of Wu Chenzi's injury to solve the problem.

Hei Xuan turned and said, "Let's leave here first."

Wu Qianqing was a little worried about the direction in which Wu Ruo left: "Little Ruo ..."

"Get you out of here first, and I'll go back to him."

"it is good."

Wuzhu looked at the Demon Emperor who was soaring in the air, his eyes flashed with complexity, and he lowered his head, trying not to look at Demon Emperor again, and Wu Qianqing quickly retreated from the battlefield.

The face of the demon emperor lost under the mask, his eyes turned with the bamboo.

Under the **** of the demons, everyone didn't stupidly approach them to provoke them, and even volunteered a way out for them to leave.

After leaving the battlefield, Hei Xieyu went back to Wu Ruo with Hei Yang and Hei Yin.

The demons are responsible for sending Wu Qianqing to the nearby towns and buying horses and carts before leaving.

The battle situation in the emperor is even more tragic than outside the city. The corpse is everywhere, blood is splashing on the palace wall, and the screams are constantly heard. Most of the eunuchs and palace women in the palace are ordinary surnames, neither spiritual nor kung fu. If you don't have time to hide, it will be a dead end.

Anxious to kill Ling Mohan, Wu Chenzi rushed to watch palace all the way, and when he saw himself, he asked where the prince was.

Those who knew said immediately: "Prince is in the Daxing main hall."

Wu Chenzi quickly ran to the lower hall of Daxing. On the way, he felt that something was passing behind him. He paused and looked backwards. He saw no one except the people who were fighting.

There was doubt in his eyes, was it his illusion?

Wu Chenzi couldn't care so much, and quickly came to Taihang Main Hall.

A large inscription was affixed to the main wall of the main hall, surrounded by white urns and white lanterns, and the emperor's large black coffin was placed in the center of the main hall. The emperor lay quietly in the coffin. Others, wearing red and green, were so angry that Ling Mohan yelled: "Ling Mo Yan, you bastard, even if you want to fight for power with your official, you shouldn't be wearing a big red robe, you can do it right Father Father? 'The second prince sneered: "From childhood to age, did he treat me as a son? No matter it ’s delicious, I use it to reward you first, and I and the other princes can only pick up your leftovers, so eccentric, but I still have to look grateful to Dade's 叩 Xie Longen now he has Dead, why should I pretend to please him like a dog. "

The prince glanced at the other princes, and the other princes seemed uneasy, but they were not as bold as the second prince to show rebellion and take the throne.

Wu Chenzi angered: "Second prince, why waste time telling him so much.

After hearing the words, the second prince immediately raised his sword to Ling Mohan.

Wu Chenzi also rushed over.

Ling Mohan, Ling Mohan, immediately protected Ling Mohan behind him.

Suddenly, the roof of the hall burst, and rubble fell from the air. Two figures fell from the roof. One was the head of the descending tribe, and the other was a middle-aged man. God, his nose is tall and his lips are thick. He has a long black beard on his chin and a long purple whip in his hand.

The head of the descending tribe glared at him angrily: "Wizard Noum, why do you follow me wherever I go? Do you want to be my eleventh prime minister?"

Nu Muzheng said, "Women who do not know how to be shameful, don't be disgusted with me."

Her face was full of thorns, and goosebumps came out after watching it.

The head of the descending tribe sacrificed his face: "Since you don't want to be my husband, let's die."

She held up the skull cane in her hand and read the spell. Suddenly, a figure rushed out from behind Wu Chenzi and stabbed the sword at the head of the descending tribe.

The Patriarch's patriarch froze a few steps in a hurry.

"Wu Ruo?" Wu Chenzi was shocked. When did this man hide behind him?

The thought of him following him silently all the way, was immediately creepy, and even a little scared, if Wu Ruo had the intention to take his life, he would be dead.

"Xiao Ruo?" Numu was surprised. "Why are you here?"

Ling Mohan rejoiced: "Wu Ruo."

"You are Wu Ruo? Didn't you die?" The head of the descending tribe glared at Wu Ruo at the same time, and looked at it secretly. In beauty, today I am going to avenge my son. "

When Wu Ruomu's eyes sank, the sword condensed spiritual power to quickly draw a golden rune in the air and hit the head of the descending tribe.

The head of the descending tribe raised his skull cane to take the move.

Wu Chenzi hurriedly cried, "He is a ninth-level magician, and quickly flashed away.

Unfortunately, the reminder was too late. The golden rune struck behind the skull cane, and there was a loud bang, and the cane exploded. If it wasn't for the head of the descending tribe, the whole arm or the whole person would be blown up .

The head of the descending tribe asked Wu Chenzi angrily, "Isn't he a sixth-order wizard? How did he become a ninth-rank?"

Ling Mohan and Nu Mu heard the words, their eyes flashed with surprise.

Wu Chenzi's face was somber: "He must have eaten the superb **** Dan to rise so fast."

Wu Ruo pointed at the descendant with a sword and asked, "Twenty years ago, did you kill my mother?"

The head of the descending family cried for a moment, and smiled gloomily: "Yes, your mother seduced my husband. Of course, I must teach her a good meal, but your mother is so fatal that she did not die."

"My mother didn't die because you didn't yell at my mother, but her unborn babies, so that her children can't gather, right?"

The head of the descending family narrowed his eyes: "How do you know?"

Numu Shen said: "Xiao Ruo, is the puppet on your body under her?"

Wu Ruo glanced at him and nodded: "It should be.

The head of the Jiangtou tribe flashed wonder: "You were the child in Guantong's abdomen? Are you still alive? And you also solved my uncle?"

"I didn't die fat, are you very disappointed?" Wu Ruo asked for the situation and was no longer kind to her. He recruited dead hands and forced the head of the descending tribe to retreat.

Wu Chenzi wanted to kill Wu Ruo or Ling Mohan while he was in the situation, but he was stopped by Numu.

They are both in the ninth order. Although Wu Chenzi is more powerful than Numu, he can do nothing in a short time.

Wu Ruoke did not intend to fight her for a long time, and directly absorbed all the spiritual power from her through her shadow.

The head of the descending tribe's face changed greatly, and she fell down on the ground, and asked in fear: "Wu Ruo, what have you done to me? Why is my spiritual power all gone?"

Wu Chenzi: "!!!!!!!!!"

The spiritual power of the patriarch's head was sucked away?

The descendants of the descendants saw the patriarch falling down and wanted to help, but they were stopped by Ling Mohan.

"Go to the mansion and ask Lord Yan." Wu Ruo looked cold and stabbed with his sword.

The head of the descending tribe hurriedly defended himself with defensive weapons and blocked his attacks: "Wait, Wu Ruo, you are not curious why I didn't want your mother's life at first, why didn't I yell at her, but only with you Hey? "

"I wonder if there is any difference." Wu Ruo chopped her weapon and suddenly, a gap was cracked.

The head of the descending tribe hurriedly said, "Of course there is a difference, because the person who hurts you is not me, but someone else. Do you not want to know who your other enemy is?"

Wu Ruo stopped and looked at him: "Who is this person?"

"You let me go and I'll tell you who it is."

Chapter 198: Leaving the Kingdom of Heaven (3)

Numu said, "Xiao Ruo, she is very cunning. Don't believe her words, maybe she doesn't even know who wants to harm you.

The head of the descending tribe glanced at him severely: "Big wizard, I am in his hands now, how can I lie to him, me, ah--"

She screamed, and before she finished speaking, Wu Ruo cut off her right hand.

Wu Ruo calmly lifted her broken palm, and ran out of six unnamed maggots in the palm of his hand. He threw amulet to burn the maggots, and then used the spirit technique to ask the head of the descendants: " Say, who harmed me and my mother back then? "

The Patriarch patriarch who was about to faint soon lost his spirit, and soon was confused by Wu Ruo, his eyes became empty and indifferent. Muna said, "I don't know who he is, only he knows that his mystery is very powerful. I can't beat him, I can only obey him, and sacrifice the fetus in Guan Tong's abdomen, so that this child cannot gather, and even die silently without anyone being able to detect it. "

Numu dealt with Wu Chenzi while angrily, "I said this woman can't believe it.

Wu Ruo asked again, "What does that person look like?"

"He was wearing a bonnet and couldn't see his looks."

"So what are his characteristics? Or is there something to identify him?"

"No, but there is an attendant named Twin pupils around me. When he turned around, I once saw from the floating white gauze gap that the attendant had two black eyes in each eye, which was very scary. I dared not look at the second glance.

Wu Ruo: "..."

He had never heard anyone say or seen anyone with two black eyes in his eyes.

Wu Ruo had no more things to know than take back the Spirit of Words, and deliberately waited for her to wake up, and then shot her in the palm of her horror.

Seeing that he had lost a helper, Wu Chenzi was so anxious that he tried his best to repel Numu and attack Lingmohan.

Wu Ruozi narrowed Wu Chenzi, quickly raised his sword, and used Shadow Kill to insert the shadow that passed by his feet. Then, Wu Chenzi screamed and looked down at his shoulder without any magic weapon or weapon inserted. In the case, there was somehow a hole in it.

Ling Mohan was not Wu Chenzi's opponent, and while he stopped, he quickly escaped to a safe place.

Wu Ruo attacked Wu Chenzi. Suddenly, an attacking weapon was shot from somewhere. He quickly turned away from the attack and turned to look at the person who threw the weapon. Weixue ... "

Wu Chenzi heard the words "Wu Weixue" and raised his head sternly. His sullen eyes burst into fury: "U Weixue--"

During this time, he was ashamed in front of the world. Everyone pointed at him behind him and scolded him for corrupting moral integrity. He also said that he used to pamper Wu Weixue because he liked his granddaughter. But Wu Weixiang didn't know where to hide, and she couldn't find anyone.

Wu Weixue gave him a slight glance, pointed his sword at Wu Ruo and said, "Kill him."

She had been secretly observing every move of Heifu before, knowing that Wu Ruo was about to leave the imperial city. If she did not kill Wu Ruo now, she might never have another chance. Therefore, she must not let Wu Ruo leave the Imperial City alive.

Wu Chenzi tightened his brow.

Wu Weixue's eyes were full of resentment against the bone marrow: "Kill me."

Wu Chenzi clenched his fist, obviously felt that he was about to control his body, and quickly suppressed it with spiritual power, but it didn't work. Gradually, his eyes changed, and his eyes became gentle from his squinting teeth: "Xue Er, Where have you been recently? Let me find you so hard. "

Wu Weixue held back the cold and said again, "Kill me Ruo."

If Wu Ruo was already a ninth-level magician, she would not want to control Wu Chenzi to deal with Wu Ruo. As long as Wu Chenzi killed Wu Ruo, she could endure Wu Chenzi's unethical eyes.

"Okay, do whatever you want me to do. After I kill him, we will marry." Wu Chenzi turned his eyes to Wu Ruo, and his eyes became fierce again: "U Ruo, take your life."

Nu Mu was sweaty by Wu Chenzi's capricious appearance: "What's going on with this man?"

Wu Chenzi released all the instruments on his body, and then raised his sword to attack Wu Ruo, but when the man jumped up, his expression suddenly changed, his eyes flashed with doubt, and his face fell to the ground blankly. What to do.

Numu came in while it was empty.

Wu Chenzi quickly evaded.

"Kill Wu Ruo." Wu Weixue said again: "I let you kill Wu Ruo for me."

Wu Chenzi couldn't control his behavior again and attacked Wu Ruo in the past.

When the second prince saw that Wu Chenzi was under the control of Wu Weixue, he hurriedly called, "Great grandfather, please wake me up soon, don't be fooled by this woman again."

This woman dared to do bad things at important moments.

The second prince hurriedly ordered people to kill Wu Weixue. However, Wu Weixue was an eighth-level wizard, and the wizards below eighth level were not her opponents at all.

Wu Chenzi heard the second prince's voice, suddenly stopped, and shook his head.

When Wu Weixue saw Wu Chenzi awake for a while, she was confused by her, and he couldn't help but raise her voice: "Wu Chenzi, you can't do as I say."

Wu Chenzi gritted his teeth, avoided Numu attacks, closed his eyes to condense a huge spiritual power, and then quickly drew a spell against Wu Ruokong. When he threw out, he suddenly turned in a direction and attacked Wu Wei snow.

Wu Weixue was startled and hurriedly blocked her attack with Baobao, but Wu Chenzi was a ninth-order spell, and she wanted to kill her, so that her spiritual power was extremely powerful. Therefore, she easily smashed her magic weapon and hit On her.

"Ah, one by one-" Wu Weixue flew out and hit the wall fiercely, spitting blood in her mouth.

Wu Chenzi opened her eyes and stared coldly at her. If she hasn't been able to hide, he may let her go, and he will do bad things when he fights for power, then don't blame him for being ruthless.

He called out the demon, pointed at Wu Weixue and said, "Kill her ..."

Wu Weixue saw the killing intention in his eyes, and heaved with a weak expression, "Wu Chenzi, are you willing to kill me?"

Wu Chenzi: "..."

The devil looked blankly at Wu Weixue and Wu Chenzi. Would you like to kill them?

Wu Ruo quickly uses the hidden shadow technique to hide his shadow in the shadow, avoiding Wu Chenzi's weapon attacks and sneaking behind Wu Chenzi.

Wu Chenzi's magic weapon lost his attack target and stopped motionless in the air.

The second prince saw the sudden disappearance, and then suddenly appeared in Wu Ruo behind Wu Chenzi. The strange figure made him couldn't help glaring his frightened pupil and shouting, "Great grandfather, be careful behind him."

Wu Chenzi heard the words, hurriedly turned around, and hurriedly confused Wu Ruo's eyes with illusion. Immediately, three Wu Chen Zis appeared in front of Wu Ruo, which made him wonder what was true and which was false.

Taking advantage of Wu Ruo's loss, Wu Chenzi quickly withdrew from his feet to drive the demon to deal with Wu Ruo.

Seeing this, Numu rushed to help deal with the demons.

Wu Weixue glared at Wu Chenzi not far from her, resisting the pain in her body and condensing her spiritual power, and jumped up and rushed towards Wu Chenzi, piercing the sword in Wu Chenzi's back fiercely. .

A thump, the silver sword entered, the red sword came out, and the long sword went straight through Wu Chenzi's chest.

Wu Chenzi looked at the sharp sword on his chest unbelievably.

Wu Weixue laughed wildly: "Haha, Wu Chenzi, I learned this trick from you, haha, when Song Yanfang spitted me, you were holding my shoulder behind my back, Any spit snake bit my face and watched me look disfigured. Now I stab you with a sword from behind you, even if I revenge that day, haha. "

She pulled out her sword, and said angrily, "You want to help the second prince to take the throne, and make your dream come true."

From the moment she and Shengzi returned to the Imperial City, in addition to killing Wu Ruo, she also destroyed Wu Family and Wu Chenzi.

Wu Weixue once again lifted the sword of condensed spirit to Wu Chenzi. Suddenly, a black shadow passed through her waist and fell into Wu Chenzi's hands. With a fixed eye, it was actually Wu Chenzi's attacking weapon. Sambo Wheel.

She stopped suddenly and looked down at her waist in shock. Suddenly, the whole body broke into two halves, and her eyes widened without breath, and she was so unwilling to die like this.

Wu Ruoyan glanced at Wu Weixue's body, did not expect that she died in the hands of her grandfather Wu Chenzi.

Wu Chenzi snorted and finally lifted the peach blossom curse.

He wanted to turn around to deal with Ling Mohan, but found that his body could not move. Then, the spiritual power in his body was flowing outward like a stream of water. This feeling made him very familiar, like the soul was sucked away on the same day Force. Fortunately, the opponent did not control his body for a long time, and only absorbed part of the spiritual power.

Wu Chenzi twisted his body anxiously. At the moment when he could move, he hurriedly turned around and saw Wu Ruo behind him, angrily: "Wu Ruo, who are you, why is your mystery so strange and evil?"

Wu Ruo sneered: "Evil?"

If Wu Chenzi knew that he was using the shadow stealing technique that everyone wanted, he didn't know what kind of expression it would be, whether to continue to be upright, or kill him to capture the secret technique.

Wu Chenzi had a little fear of the secret technique he had never seen before, and subconsciously grasped the sword in his hand to take a few steps back. It is very clear to them that if Wu Ruo is not removed, it will be very difficult for them to kill the prince.

As he swiftly chanted the spell, he drove the magic and magical equipment to attack Wu Ruo with all his strength.

Wu Ruo took out the black magic weapon that he made to deal with.

"Xiao Ruo ..." At this time, Hei Xieyu came in from outside the hall.

Wu Ruo's eyes turned dark: "Dad, mother?"

"It has been safely sent away from the Imperial City." Hei Xieyu walked in front of him, holding his wrist: "Are you all right? Are you injured?"

His face was full of concern and worry: "If there is any injury, you must tell me that I have medicine here."

Numu rolled his eyes: "You two husbands and wives, if you love, can you wait to kill Wu Chenzi?"

Chapter 199: Leaving the Kingdom of Heaven (4)

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "I'm fine.

"It's great, it's fine, just fine." Hei Xieyu took him into his arms: "You don't know how I'm worried about being injured by Wu Chenzi on the way here."

Wu Ruo rested his head on his shoulder.

Noum looked silently.

Ling Mohan looked at the two husbands who were hugging together, and there was a flash of complexity in his eyes. Then, his eyes widened suddenly, and he screamed, "Wu Ruo, be careful and shameless."

Numu heard the sound quickly turned his head, and saw Hei Xieyu took the short dagger and inserted into Wu Ruo's heart from behind Wu Ruo. His face changed greatly, and he was trying to save someone, but saw Hei Xieyu's action abruptly stopped. live.

Wu Ruoyou said: "Is your husband every move, and his temperament and temperament, can you imitate it?"

With a cold look, he withdrew the Mystic Grip and pushed him away.

At the moment of the black fall, Wu Chenzi standing not far away disappeared in front of their eyes, and the face, body shape and robe of Hei Xuao changed, becoming Wu Chenzi.

Numu and Ling Mohan have gone back to God before they knew them.]

"You ..." Wu Chenzi's mouth was bleeding with blood, and Wu Ruo stared in disbelief. "You ruined the husband's Lingtian."

"Xiao Ruo, are you okay?" Numu hurried to Wu Ruo, watching the people on the ground said, "How do you recognize that he is not a black kid?"

"I have a lot to do with ..."

Wu Ruo said that he stopped halfway. He wanted to say that he and his wife had been married for many years, and he knew every movement, tone and look of him. However, he had only married him for more than a year.

If Numu seemed to know what Wu Ruo was going to say, she laughed, "You are indeed husbands, and you can tell whether the other party is true or not in such a short period of time.

He raised his foot and stepped on Wu Chenzi's face, "Let you lie to us with illusion, let you lie to us with illusion."

"You ..." Wu Chenzi has never been stomped under his feet like this, grabbing the sword handle in anger, however, at this time he was so weak that he couldn't even lift the sword.

The second prince exclaimed anxiously: "External great ancestor ..."

Wu Chenzi turned to look at the second emperor, revealing painful and dejected eyes. The next moment, because Lingtian was destroyed, his hair turned white, and his smooth face was instantly covered with wrinkles, just like an old man who was about to die.

Numu quickly stopped: "Mother, he became like this, I am embarrassed to kick him."

He called his own and **** the bodies of Wu Chenzi and the head of the descending tribe.

"External great-grandfather ..." The second prince suddenly red eyes, trying to run over, but was blocked by Lingmo Han.

Numu used to help Ling Mohan in the past. Before long, one of the elders of the Wu family was killed by him, and the second prince was defeated.

"Xiao Nuo ..."

Wu Ruowen looked at the entrance of the hall.

Hei Xieyu led Hei Yang and Hei Yin quickly to Wu Ruo, and his gaze quickly swept over him: "Are there any injuries?"

Numu quickly jumped in front of Wu Ruo, and pointed at Hei Xuan 翊 with a whip: "Don't approach Xiao Ruo before confirming whether you are true or not."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Heiyang, Heiyin: "..."

Wu Ruo pressed Numu's arm: "He is real."

Numu curiously said, "He only said one sentence, and you recognized it? How did you recognize it?"

Wu Chenzi, who fell to the ground, stared at Wu Ruo unwillingly. He had just used illusions and speech and spiritual skills to confuse him.

Wu Ruo hummed: "I can't even recognize my own man, how to be his wife."

His man would not easily expose his emotions like Wu Chenzi's transfiguration, and the smell on his body was different.

Numu laughed: "That makes sense."

Hei Xuan asked a slight radian from the corner of his mouth. He looked at Wu Chenzi on the ground and asked quietly, "Is everything done?"

Wu Ruo asked, "How is the situation outside the palace?"

"The second prince's wind has fallen."

Wu Ruo said to Numu, "Master, we are going to leave and leave the rest to you."

It was he who sent a letter yesterday to let Nu Mu come to the palace to help Ling Mohan. He wanted to do things to the end and helped Ling Mo Han to the throne. In the future, there will be an alliance of Heaven and Earth. There will be no one in 200 years. Dare to bully the Witch.

Numu had a feeling that it would be difficult to see him later, and quickly asked, "Where are you going?"

Wu Ruo looked at Heishu and said, "Follow him."

Numu laughed: "Goodbye by chance."

"When I come back, I will go to see the Master clan. I haven't been to the Wu clan yet."

"Okay, I'll wait for you to come to the Wu tribe."

Hei Xuanyu looked deeply at Numu: "Thank you for helping Xiao Ruo to solve the problem. See you later."

He took Wu Ruo's hand and left the emperor.

On the afternoon of the same day, the second prince was beheaded and hung on the city wall. The sorcerer recruited by Wu Chenzi saw that the situation had gone and evacuated the imperial city. Next, the imperial capital entered martial law, and the prince went all out to arrest the Wujia rebels, whether they were affiliates or wives, as long as they were related to the Wujia people, no one was spared.

Many families have been implicated. Although some families got the wind early in the morning and hurriedly let the people who marry into Wujia or Wujia marry into their homes, they still couldn't escape the dilemma, so Tianxing Kingdom fell into People's hearts are lingering.

The number of Wujia nine ethnic groups is very large, at least more than 50,000 in total. When everyone was pressed all the way to the Imperial City for treatment, the scene was very spectacular, from the city gate to the end of the city gate. At the same time, it was also very miserable. Many have yelled injustice, but still avoid sentencing.

Clan members who are distant relatives to the Wu family are exiled to live in remote mountainous areas, while some distant relatives and some relatives have been destroyed. Lingtian is sold to nobles as slaves, or sold to brothels as slaves for fun. As for the people of Wujia of the imperial city, they could not avoid death.

On the day of execution, many people rushed to the torture ground to watch, crowded everywhere, more lively than catching up.

Everyone looked at the people in Wujia wearing white prison clothes kneeling on the ground. They couldn't help sighing. What kind of scenery did Wujia think of at the outset, when a lady or a young master went out at random, a large number of guards followed, and no one was in the city Those who dare to provoke the Wu family, especially Wu Chenzi, the master of the National Teacher's College, his sentence is equivalent to the one of the emperor, but nowadays it has been impermanent to the point of being exiled to the Nine Clan.

"The hour is coming--" Ren General, who was responsible for supervising the execution, threw out the signing token.

The Wu family kneeling on the ground didn't shake, many timid people cried, and the entire execution ground was mournfully crying.

"General Ren, wait a minute." A woman in a white robe hurriedly carried the food container into the execution ground.

General Ren sank his face: "Who are you?"

"Song Yan, the daughter of the family, was once the daughter of Wujia, and wanted to send her children for the last trip." Song Yan cried with red eyes and knelt down.

Everyone heard Song Yan's identity and couldn't help talking about it.

"Wu Jiaren? Why not be arrested and beheaded together?"

"She is the daughter of the Song family, and the people of the Song family came forward to save her life. The Crown Prince saw that the Song family had done her work, and ordered her to break away from the Wu family, and to break the relationship with the Wu family."

"Then she was kind and righteous. When everyone was eager to clarify the relationship with the Wu family, she also came to send the Wu family for the last trip, and some people didn't know where to hide."

The Shang Yuanrong they were referring to, who was also preserved by the Shang family, had long wondered where to hide.

General Ren looked at the sky: "Give you time for half a column of incense."

"Thank you, General Ren."

Song Yan quickly walked in front of her husband, son, and daughter, opened the food box, and took out the food in tears. It's your favorite dish. "

Wu Weichu suddenly flushed his eyes and choked, "At this time, you are also sending us food to eat, and you really have the heart."

Song Yan wept bitterly: "What are you talking about? We were originally one ..."

Wu Weichu quickly interrupted her: "I have my hands tied, you feed me.

"Okay." Song Yan picked up the bowl quickly, fed him a bite of rice and a bite of meat, and finally a bite of wine.

She turned to her son: "You eat too."

Wu Yanlan cried red eyes: "Mother."

When his great-grandfather fought for power, many people in Wujia did n’t agree with him. Some people did n’t even know what Wu Chenzi was going to do. Therefore, most people in Wujia were helpless. Take the position, because if Wu Chenzi lost the position, their entire Wu family would be implicated.

In the end, their Wu family still lost.

Song Yan cried and said, "It's useless to be a mother, and I can't protect you. In the next life, you must invest in a good family and a family that can protect your life and happiness.

Wu Yanlan smiled bitterly.

The Wu family can also protect their lives and happiness, but now? Not yet kneeling here to die.

Song Yan fed her son a meal and turned to his daughter Wu Yanli.

Wu Yanli's face was rotten and his eyes were awkward, as if he had seen through life and death.

"Lier ..."

Wu Yanli said blankly, "Even if I die, I already want to die.

Song Yan could not help tears again.

"Time is up-" General Ren said.

Two guards stepped out of the crowd and quickly helped Song Yan clean up the food container.

Song Yan suddenly burst into tears with excitement: "My son, they are innocent, they should not be punished for their death."

Everyone heard her shouts and they couldn't bear it.

"It's all you, it's you that hurt everyone." Song Yan rushed to Wu Chenzi and kicked him fiercely.

The two guards were members of the Song family. They came here to supervise Song Yan's every move. When she saw that she would disrupt the order of the execution ground, she hurriedly left her.

"Execution--" General Ren called.

The people in Wujia cried instantly, and many people were not willing to die like this.

"We are innocent, begging the new emperor to reoffend sin." The Wu family yelled excitedly.

It is unfair that many of them have not participated in the battle for the throne, but are subject to the death penalty.

Chapter 200: To the Necropolis (1)

The executioner in red was walking behind the people in Wu's house, taking out the crime card behind them.

The Wu family cried even louder, and suddenly someone shouted: "Wu Ruo" ""

People who knew Wu Ruo were stunned and looked at Wu Shunren who was so angry that he looked at the crowd and said, "Wu Ruo, you turtle grandson, I see you, you get out of me, You are also from the Wu family. You ca n’t escape. As a sideline, you should be sent to the Nanfeng Pavilion to be a tadpole. In your appearance, there will be many people who **** you, until you die. Hahahaha! "

When Wu Chenzi heard the name of Wu Ruo, he raised his red eyes quickly, exhausted his whole body strength, and opened his hoarse voice angrily and shouted: "U Ruo, the old man will not let you go as a ghost ..."

His many years of planning were ruined by the emergence of Wu Ruo, which reminded him of the words that Ubud had once said that the sign of the great evil would be implicated in the Wu family of the imperial capital.

At this time, Wu Chenzi was like a dying old rooster, calling out the last unwillingness and anger in the heart. Everyone will never see the former majestic National Teacher College.

Ling Mohan, who had been sitting behind General Ren's screen, hurried out: "Wu Ruo, where is he? Where is he?"

During the period of the Nine Wu family, he went to Wuruo, but the gate of Heifu was closed. There was no one except the pile of corpses, and all clothing and valuables had been taken. Leaving, it can be seen that the people in Heifu have no plans to come in a short time.

He sent someone to find them, but he never found them.

Ling Zisheng quickly led someone to chase him out: "Cousin, don't be fooled, someone must have purposely called Wu Ruo's name to lead you out."

Ling Mohan was anxious to find in the crowd. However, besides people or people near the execution ground, no familiar shadow could be found at all.

General Ren quickly walked forward and said, "Prince, it's time to execute, please avoid it, and let these people not stain your eyes."

Ling Mohan quickly ordered Ling Zisheng: "You send someone to look for it."

Ling Zisheng was helpless: "Yes."

"Send more people to find, this palace wants to thank him personally." Ling Mohan only wanted to see Wu Ruo at this time, and wanted to tell him in person that he had fulfilled his original promise and copied the Wujia Jiuzu, even if it was He did not let go of the Wu family who had been trained abroad. In addition, he also wanted Wu Ruo to see him at the ceremony.

Ling Zisheng quickly sent someone to find him.

Ling Mohan was also worried about the extravagant branch, so he let the general execute.

The executioners were commanded and raised their large swords.

The Wu family mourned loudly, and the scene was sad.

Many onlookers were covering their eyes and dared not to look, and they still heard someone yelling Wu Ruo's name in their ears.

The force fell together, thousands of heads landed at the same time, and the hundreds of years of large families also fell. In the future, the Wu family became a taboo in the kingdom of heaven. No one will mention it, and it will slowly disappear into the flood of history. .

General Ren stared coldly at Wu Chenzi's body, clenched his fist, and finally avenged his wife.

On the diagonally opposite high-rise building on the execution platform, a group of people looked blankly at the head that fell to the ground. One of them was Wu Ruo in Wu Shunren's mouth.

On that day, after leaving the imperial palace, although they left the imperial capital city, they did not go far. Instead, they waited for the execution day in a nearby town until they saw Wu Chenzi's head fall to the ground.

He turned around and hugged the man next to him, and said silently to the last generation of Hei Xieyu: Xie Ye, did you see it? The man who separated us is finally dead.

Hei Xieyu looked down at Wu Ruo: "Wu Chenzi is dead. What do you want to do next? Are you going to stay here for a few more days or leave?"

"I think dad and mother."

"Well, let's go now."

Wu Ruo said rarely, "You can't move, you hold me."

Hei Xieyu whispered a cheerful smile, hugged the person horizontally, jumped up, and flew out of the tower of the Imperial City.

Seven days later, the new emperor of Tianxing Kingdom ascended the throne ceremony. The scene was grand and grand. The new emperor wore a golden ornate dragon robe to the throne exchanged with countless lives. He stood and looked at the ministers kneeling and worshiping him. In the distance, I couldn't help thinking of the fat man who had saved his life.

"Hello--" Wu Ruo rubbed his nose: "Who is thinking of me?"

Hei Xie, holding the medicine, raised an eyebrow: "You are caused by wind and cold, so take the medicine quickly.

Wu Ruo smelled a bitter taste before drinking: "You said it would be better for me in the future.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"You're forcing me to drink bitter medicine now, what do you mean?"

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"You don't hurt me anymore. After coming to the seaside village, you have been shutting me down and not giving me out."

The black letter standing behind could not help covering his mouth and grinning, but he did not expect his wife to be so afraid.

Hei Xiu held people in his arms and coaxed while feeding: "After taking the medicine, I will take you out for a stroll, but only for half an hour."

"It's a word." Wu Ruo swallowed the bitter pill into his stomach in one breath: "Well, let's go out for a stroll, I'm going to be spoiled."

Hei Xieyu lowered him, shoved the stove into his hand, put on his cloak, and covered him tightly before taking people out of the room.

Wu Ruo took a deep breath: "It's better to be outside."

It happened that U Xi, who walked out of the room, saw Wu Ruo coming out, his eyes brightened: "Second Brother, are you ill?"

Wu Ruo laughed: "Well, it's alright, it's just a cold wind."

"It's just a small wind chill? Second elder brother, you have passed out. Is this a small wind chill? When we saw my brother holding you back, we were all scared to death.

Wu Ruo: "..."

But it was because of a matter of mind that I became sick when I was relaxed.

He turned away from the topic: "Rish, where is your ship? I want to see it."

Uhi excitedly pointed at the huge ship in the distance: "It's over there, my brother's boat is big and good-looking. Every room above is very comfortable, and I want to hurry up and go out to sea."

Wu Ruo turned to Hei Xieyu and asked, "When will we leave here?"

Hei Xieyu pulled his cloak for him and said, "In another half a month, we will sail.

Wu Ruo counted his days, and his eyes flashed with doubt: "Are we not going now? Who are we waiting for?"

Hei Xieyu explained: "The gate of our tribe only opened at that time."

"Is there such a thing? When will it close?"

"There used to be a rule that every year before the new year, the door was opened and it would be closed around May. However, the time of the previous year suddenly became a bit inaccurate. I can't know exactly when it will close and when . "

"Isn't it inconvenient to go in and out? When you want to go, you can't go."

Hei Xun said nothing.

When Wu Ruo walked out of the courtyard, he saw many strange villagers posing with a bunch of small fishes hanging on their waists and necks, which seemed to be the characteristic ornaments of their village, and a thick fish spread out on them. Fishy smell, if anyone smells this kind of taste, they can't help frowning or avoiding it.

When the village girl saw Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu, they all showed shyness and hid in the house, embarrassed to see people.

Uxi covered her mouth and chuckled. "It seems that the girls in the village like you very much? It depends on you as the object of election."

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo: "..."

Wu Ruo whispered in her ear: "If they ask us, you say we are married.

Wu Xi smiled hesitantly: "Relax, they will never be taken away from my brother."

Wu Ruo took hold of Hei Xieyu's hand with satisfaction: "To tell them clearly, this man is mine."

Hei Xun flashed a petting smile under his eyes.

Wu Ruo stepped on the sand under his feet and said, "The ground here is really hard to walk, and my feet are stuck in the sand."

"Second brother, the wind on the beach is relatively strong, you have to cover yourself up, don't let yourself fall ill, I won't accompany you to the boat, I'll go find them."

"Um." Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu walked over to the ship, admiring, "Wow, Xie Ye, your boat is so big."

I can see that the ship is two feet high, which is just the height from the sea surface to the deck. The bunkers on other floors are not included. The length should be about nine feet. It is very large and magnificent. There is a huge wooden sculpture carved like a snake and a fish, which is very spectacular.

"Ran, you ship can hold at least 10,000 people, right?"

"Um." Hei Xieyu held him. "It's windy, wait until you get sick before going up to see."

"Okay." Wu Ruo looked up, faintly seeing many people walking on it: "There seem to be many people on it."

"It's all my people, because they brought too many people, and didn't take them all into the city, so they kept watching the boat here.

Wu Ruo wondered, "How many people did you bring?"

"There are about 5,000 people."

"so much."

"Maybe it will take people to bring so many people here. It's too windy here, let's take a look elsewhere." Hei Xiu took him away from the sea.

Wu Ruo turned around and saw Wuzhu stopped by a tall girl at a glance: "No girl will confess to her brother, right?"

"It's our aunt."

Wu Ruo: "..."

"He has been here for two days, but your elder brother is unwilling to see him."

When Wu Ruozhen was struggling to pass, Wu Zhu saw Wu Ruo, like a savior, and quickly dropped down and ran over; "Xiao Ruo, why are you out?"

Youyu came over and gave Wu Ruo a glance, it was the time that he destroyed him and Wuzhu alone.

Wu Ruo directly sued, "Brother, he actually glared at me. You have to give good instructions to him. Right, there should be three books from Side, and you should ask the mother to come out and give him a back, not familiar. Ignore him. "

Whoever makes him a patient has the right to make trouble unreasonably.

What a great idea. Wuzhu smiled and nodded, looking forward to seeing as a man the recitation of women's commandments and women's morals and other books: "OK."

You You: "..."

Wuzhu looked at You: "Do you remember what I said last time?"
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