Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 181-190

Chapter 181: Onishi (2)

Everyone hastily closed the window, pasted the yellow charm, laid out the array, and took out the magic weapon.

Nevertheless, the situation outside is still very scary. The big trees make sounds like waves, rustling, heavy snow, like a natural disaster is coming.

Hei Xietang frowned, very worried that Hei Xieyu would be able to deal with the ghost difference: "If only I was as powerful as my brother."

Wu Ruo asked casually, "How many spiritual powers do you have?"

"Seventh level." Hei Xietang's eyebrows tightened a bit: "Many of the great secrets in our clan require nine levels to make it come out ..."

Wu Xi and Wu Zhu looked at him enviously.

Wu Qianqing patted him on the shoulder: "Young man, you have risen to the seventh-order level at a young age, which is quite great. You see that I am only fifth-order now."

Hei Xietang was embarrassed: "My elder brother is more powerful.

Uxi asked curiously, "How tall is the Mystic Order?"

There should be more than eight steps, otherwise, they will not dare to cope with ghost differences alone.

"My elder brother is ninth."

Except for the people who knew the information, everyone looked at him with wide eyes. Although he had guessed that it was possible to be in the ninth order, they were still shocked to hear it.

Wu Xi really praised: "Brother is really amazing.

Wu Ruohe gave a black glance to him: "You know that there are other reasons why your elder brother can practice so fast, so it's pretty good that you can reach the seventh level now."

Hei Xietang asked: "My elder brother told you that thing? But even so, he is very good."

Wu Ruo said proudly, "My man is certainly great."

Everyone laughed, and the atmosphere was relaxed a lot.

Thorny humming: "I'm not ashamed."

Suddenly, the candlelight in the room seemed to be blown out, and all of it went out instantly.

Hei Xuantang wondered, "Why did the candle go out?"

Thorny slumped his face: "It's coming."

Wu Xi hides away from Guan Tong in fear, fearing that a terrible ghost will suddenly appear in front of him.

Wu Qianqing asked in anxiety: "Can one person deal with ghost differences?"

Hei Shao shook his head, indicating that he didn't know.

"It shouldn't work." Wu Ruo clenched the fairy in his hand in anxiety. He judged it based on the experience of the previous life. Hei Xieyu also hurt Lingtian. Unfortunately, he was hiding in the magic weapon at the time, and he did n’t know the black How does the shame deal with the ghost difference, otherwise, you can tell the method to the black shame.

Wuzhu asked, "Shall we help him?"

"We went and only helped."

Suddenly, the candlelight lit up again, and Uhis was shocked, because the candlelight was not red but green, and the care was particularly terrifying on everyone's faces, as if everyone had become ghostly.

Dandou curiously asked, "Daddy, why is the fire green?"

Thorny said: "The ghost is here."

Everyone was nervous.

The shadow of the big tree outside was reflected on the window, swinging frantically from side to side.

"Bang--" A loud noise, like the sound of a sky thunder blasting, was deafening, the ground was shaking violently, and a pile of dust fell on the roof.

Then, it banged again and it was very scary.

Seeing the situation outside, Wu Ruo was increasingly worried and uneasy in her heart, so she could not rest assured.

He turned and ran to the door.

Wu Qianqing saw that he was going to open the door of the room and hurried out, "Xiao Ruo, where are you going?"

"Dad, you stay here, I'll go out and see Xun."

Hei Xietang disagrees: "Da'er, you're out now and die."

"Don't worry, I have fairy wares, ghosts should not hurt me."

Wu Ruo opened the door of the room, and violently, the wind and snow blew in. He almost did not blow him over.

The people in the room were embarrassed. Although the cold wind was cold, it couldn't compare with the overcast wind. A chill ran straight from the collar to the bottom of the feet, making people creepy.

Wu Ruo quickly raised her hand, blocked the snow in front of her, and stepped out of the room with difficulty: "Come and close the door."

Wuzhu walked over and saw the scene outside the door, and couldn't help but stagger. It was like seeing a waterfall. The heavy snow rushed down from the sky. In a blink of an eye, the courtyard was covered with a thick layer of snow.

"Not close the door yet," Wu Ruo shouted.

"Oh." Wuzhu quickly closed the door and returned to the place where he stood before: "I've never seen such snow."

Wuqian Qingyan's eyes blew into the house, "I haven't seen it before."

Outside, the wind was piercing and the snow was blowing. Wu Ruo was hurt by blowing his legs, and it was almost impossible to tell when it was the gate.

He stepped into the snow, thicker than his knees, and it took a lot of effort to get out of the compound.

"Uncle." Wu Ruo could not help cursing, came to the promenade to rest, and continued to walk to the front yard.

The closer he got to the front yard, the clearer the sound of the fight, faintly, he heard the shouts of Hei Gan and He Xin.

Wu Ruo was worried that Hei Xieyu was in trouble. He speeded up and ran to the front yard. He saw Hei Xie, Heigan, and Hexin standing in the middle of the compound. Because of the protection of the matrix, heavy snow couldn't drift in.

In addition, two shallow humanoid white lights standing outside the formation method should be the ghost difference described by Hei Xuanyu. After all, the other person's fairy level is not to let mortals see their true bodies at will, but to stand beside the ghost difference. With a transparent, green ghosts.

It deals with ghost differences together with Hei Xie.

Wu Ruo quietly walked along in the shadow, but was still found by the ghost.

They quickly jumped out of the array and turned to look at Wu Ruo.

Hei Xunyu flashed their doubts and looked in the direction that Ghost was facing. Wu Ruo quickly asked: "Xu Jiu, are you all right?"

"Hurry in."

Wu Ruogang was about to take a step, one of the ghosts came to Wu Ruo whispered, and the other whispered slowly and said, "It's him, his soul is different ..."

Wu Ruo heard the fairy-tale characters speak for the first time, and he couldn't help but widen his eyes with curiosity. The voice of the other side was low and majestic, but there was an echo. The sentence in his ear was like this. Different, different ...

and many more!

Wu Ruo was startled, only to reflect the meaning of what Guichao said. They said ‘his soul is different’, should n’t he discover that he was born again?

"Catch him and return to life." The ghost on the left took out the chain of soul lock.

Hei Xin anxiously shouted, "Mrs., be careful."

Hei Xieyu was about to rush out of the battlefield to save people, and for a moment, Wu Ruo disappeared in their eyes.

They couldn't help it.

Ghost whispered coldly: "Sculpture of eagle worm."

He looked at the shadows on the ground and picked up the soul-locking iron chain and swept over.

Slamming, the chain of soullock was rebounded.

Ghosts stunned, and did not expect that mere mortals were capable of confronting them.

Wu Ruo came out of the shadow and quickly ran into the formation.

"It turned out that there was an immortal in his hand." Guicha Lengheng "" The aura of the immortal was running low. "Hei Xieyu took the opportunity to ask:" I don't know why the two immortals came to our house. "

"Someone asked us to do it."

"Our house is full of living people.

Ghost almost didn't answer, and directly took their weapon to break the matrix method that can no longer support for too long.

The ghost suddenly turned around and looked at Hei Xuan.

Heixin's face changed drastically: "Master, be careful, he wants to lose his house, you should take it back quickly.

When Wu Ruo saw the green ghost coming over, he quickly turned the fairy into a golden lotus sucking the soul and threw it at the green ghost.

The green ghost yelled wildly.

Hei Xiexi quickly took the green ghost back, and then, with a sigh, he spit a blood from his mouth.

"Xu Yun, are you okay?" Wu Ruo rushed forward.

Hei Xunyu quickly recruited the fairy to become a magic umbrella, blocked the ghost attack, and then turned the fairy into a wooden fish.

Seeing this, Wu Ruo hit the wooden fish quickly.

After all, the immortal is an immortal, and it is a Buddhist immortal that Guichai hates. Although the spiritual power is not enough, it still makes the two ghosts dizzy and even uncomfortably covers their ears.

Hei Xieyu turned the fairy into a golden bell shape and covered the two ghosts, receiving them into the magic weapon.

Hei Xin hurriedly gave Hei Xieyu an elixir.

"Ran, you are all right." Wu Ruo wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth.

Hei Xuanyu said weakly, "Hurry up, the fairy won't stop for long."

Heigan quickly picked up his shoulder and ran.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xin followed behind, and before they ran two steps, with a sound, the fairy exploded, and the white light inside rushed towards Wu Ruo them.

Hei Xieyu exhausted all his strength, and all the defensive devices blocked the attack of one of the ghosts, and the other ghost took out his soul-claws and threw it at Wu Ruo, and when it was collected, he immediately hooked his soul out.

Wu Ruo seems to be back in the last life.

"Xiaoruo." Hei Xieyu's pupils suddenly shrank, and a touch of fear flashed indifferently to the eyelids.

"Madam." Hei Xin anxiously held Wu Ruo's body to the ground.

Guicha stared at Wu Ruo's soul and glanced: "Strange, Yuan Shou is not exhausted."

Another ghost was worried that the wrong soul might cause a big event, and he directly hit Wu Ruo's soul back, scanning the surrounding Heifu: "There are no dead here."

The two ghosts looked at each other as if they had reached a consensus and disappeared into the black house. Then, the wind and snow stopped.

"Xiao Ruo, Xiao Ruo ..." Hei Xieyu quickly pushed Hei Gan away and held Wu Ruo in Hei Xin's arms.

Heisin busily: "Master, don't worry, the lady's soul has returned to her body, but it takes a little time to fuse with her body.

Hei Xuan sighed with relief.

Heigan sent them back to the room.

When Wu Qianqing saw Hei Xiu's blood on his face, Wu Ruo was held back, and he hurriedly asked, "Xi Ye, are you okay? Why is Xiao Ruo unconscious? Did she get hurt?"

Hei Xieyu put Wu Ruo on the bed and poured out Wu Ruo to give him energy to replenish his spiritual power and meditate to restore his breath.

Hei Xin whispered to Wu Qianqing and explained the situation before him: "Ghost almost took away his wife's soul."

Guan Tong asked quickly: "Why can Guichao hook Xiaoruo's soul?"

"This ..." Hei Xin remembered that the ghost had said something different before shaking his head, and shook his head, not intending to tell the matter: "It may be the wrong soul."

"The little Ruo ..."

"The soul has returned to the lady's body."

Chapter 182: Ruin

"Xu Xun, Xun Xun ..." Wu Ruo, who was still in the fragrant fan, kept calling Hei Xunyu's name, then someone clenched his hand tightly: "Xiao Ruo, I'm here, you wake up soon. "

Wu Ruomeng saw the scene where Guichao's hand passed through the heart of Hei Xuanyu, and instantly woke up, seeing everyone looking at him with anxiety, and his eyes flashed with doubt: "I ..."

What's up with him?

After a while, he remembered the fact that the ghost sent to Heifu.

Wu Ruo quickly got up and hugged her face with anxiety: "Xun, are you all right?"

Hei Sui was afraid of losing him, and hugged him tightly: "I'm fine, how about you, is there any discomfort?"

"No." Wu Ruo remembered his own ecstasy, and quickly released Hei Xieyu, looking at his body: "Did I not be sent away by the ghost?"

Heixin saw that he was so energetic, and finally breathed a sigh of relief: "The ghost said that his wife Yang Shou had not finished, so he returned his wife's back.

Wu Xi exclaimed angrily, "How can those ghosts be hooked casually."

Heishuchi coldly lowered his face: "Someone specially invited them to ecstasy."

Wu Qianqing narrowed his eyes: "The spiritual order of those who can invite ghosts is not low."

"Well, it's not easy to go on a business trip. It will not only consume all his current spiritual power, but also hurt Lingtian. He can't get any benefit now."

Wu Ruo wants to ask Hei Xieyu privately, and then says to Wu Qianqing, "Daddy, go and rest, what's going on tomorrow morning?"

"Okay." Wu Qianqing and they saw Wu Ruo and they left the room. "Wu Ruo hastened to let Hei Xieyu lie down:" You tell me the truth, are you really all right? "


Without waiting for Hei Xieyu to speak, Wu Ruo said, "Don't lie to me, otherwise I won't talk to you again."

"..." Hei Xuyi knew he couldn't hide from him, and sighed silently: "It hurts Lingtian, and it takes about one or two months to recover.

Wu Ruo lay down and hugged him tightly. "I will make elixir for you to recover as soon as possible, right, who was the ghost who saw green light in his body before?"

Hei Xieyu explained to him: "He is the ghost and **** I called. He was a powerful ghost master before him. He had a set of methods to deal with the ghost difference, but because I used the taboo for the first time, I couldn't control He was bitten back and hurt Lingtian. "

Wu Ruo looked up: "Do you mean you can bring back someone who died before for your own use?"


"Isn't that uncontrollable and it will take away your rebirth?"


Wu Ruo tightened his arms: "You still use this trick less.

He didn't want the body changed.

"I wouldn't use it if I had to force it just now." Hei Xuan rubbed his hair. "Recently, don't go out, they will deal with us while I'm injured."

Fortunately, the ghosts came straight through the wall when they came, and they did not destroy the large array in their house. Those people were temporarily unable to break into their house.

"Well, the person who came to Guicha must know that you were injured." Wu Ruo thought and said, "Do you say that person invited Guicha just to evoke the soul?"

There are no dead people here. The person who sent the ghost should not be so ecstatic. He thinks that the real purpose of the other party is to hurt the black people, and he can't protect them. By the way, the ghost is still damaged. Took his fairy.

"Only using Goose as a bait can ghost ghosts appear."

Wu Ruo took the pulse for Hei Xuyi, and determined that Ling Tian was not seriously injured before he said, "Sleep, what will happen tomorrow?"

Hei Xiu was really tired, and for a moment, he exhaled evenly.

Wu Ruo couldn't sleep, with his eyes open thinking about what to do next. For them now there are wolves in front and tigers in the back. There is only a way out if only one side is solved, and it is impossible to keep hiding like this, the door Those outside will certainly force them to go out to meet people while Hei Xieyu has not recovered.

He squinted his eyes, and must not let them have such an opportunity.

Wu Ruo looked dark and wanted to get up and go out, but the other side held him tightly.

He had to whisper, "I'm going to go out for a while."

Hei Xunyu did not let go.

"I will be back soon.

This time, Hei Xuanyu released her arm if she heard him.

Wu Ruo kissed the corner of his mouth, rolled over the bed, put on his cloak and went to the courtyard where the egg lived, and found the **** and the horn: "Please, you two, do something."

He and Jiaojiao looked at him blankly.

Wu Ruo whispered in their ears.

The two beasts nodded and got up to leave the room.

Wu Ruo went to the warehouse to find the herbs, and then went to the refining pharmacy to remedy the medicine. When he entered the house, he was startled by the shadow inside: "Who."

"I." The dark shadow lit the candlelight in the room.

Wu Ruo saw that it was black, and exhaled, "I was almost scared to death, weren't you sleeping? How come here?"

Hei Xunyu came to him and held the person in his arms: "You said you'll be back soon."

He vaguely heard these words in his sleep before letting people go. However, after waiting for a long time, he didn't wait for people to come back, and he would be inexplicably flustered if he couldn't hold anyone, and he couldn't sleep anyhow.

He didn't feel this uneasy before, but after seeing Wu Ruo sent away by the ghost, a fear that never experienced hit him.

Wu Ruo patted his back: "Go to sleep, I can't sleep."

"I'm here with you."

Wu Ruo looked up at him: "Aren't you tired?"

Hei Xuyi said firmly, "I am with you.

Wu Ruo flashed pampering and helplessness, pulled his hand out of the room: "I'm sleepy, you accompany me to sleep."

Hei Xuan looked at him behind, a corner of his mouth bent, and evoked a smile.

He knew he couldn't bear to be tired himself.

Hei Xiu returned to the room and continued to hug people to sleep.

Early in the morning the next day, before dawn, Wu Chenzi received a report from the following: "The Wuling family in Gaolingcheng, who lives in the northern yard, is gone."

"Gone?" Wu Chenzi sneered: "It's gone when it's gone, and it's better if it's gone, so the old man won't have to spend money to see them anymore."

Then, after thinking about it, he asked, "Why are you gone? Will you have left Wujia?"

The Wu family guard said: "The subordinates asked all the people and did not see them leave. Later, we found a few drops of blood in the courtyard. The subordinates suspected that they might have been killed and destroyed."

Wu Chenzi raised an eyebrow. Who has deep hatred with them? Moreover, who can break into the Wu family and kill someone silently?

He couldn't help remembering that the heavy wind and snow last night were really weird. According to his experience, someone used the forbidden technique to ask ghosts to seduce the soul, and he didn't know who had such a great ability to ask ghosts to move.

"Everyone's gone? Their clothes are gone.

"Yes, all the clothes are gone."

"It should be that they are gone by themselves, not necessarily."

"However, with so many people leaving, the Wujia guards cannot fail to know."

Wu Chenzi is not interested in whether the people in Gaolingcheng are going or not. However, no matter if Wu Qianli died or left, they must notify Ubud. After all, he took them to the house because of the imperial decree. Yes, now people suddenly disappeared, they always have to explain to Ubud.

"You send someone to say something to Ukraine."


The Wu family guards came to the house that Ubufang bought in the imperial city. However, the door was closed, and no one knocked.

"Did everyone move out of here? But why haven't you heard about it?"

The Wujia guard called again several times, but no one answered him, so he turned on his horse and prepared to leave on horseback, and suddenly found a few red dots on the white snow in the corner.

He quickly dismounted, came to the corner of the wall, squatted down and sniffed the red snow on the ground and smelled: "It's blood."

The Wu family guard looked around and saw no one passing by. He quickly turned over the wall and entered the courtyard. There were no people around, but he saw blood in some corners, and guessed that the people here were also killed.

He hurried out of here to go back to the matter.

When the Wujia guard just left here, someone came across the wall and entered the courtyard. The man looked so handsome and took blue books in hand. When he saw the empty courtyard, he could not help twisting his eyebrows.

"Why is there no one?" Xiu Xun strolled a large circle in the yard, but did not see anyone. Originally, I wanted to catch a few people or kill a few people from the Wu family in Gaoling city to lead Wu Ruo out of the house, but now what should no one do?

He narrowed his eyes while standing in the yard.

Heifu, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu got up for breakfast when they slept, and then received an anonymous letter.

Wu Ruo opened the scan and looked around, teasing her mouth.

Hei Xuyi asked, "What's wrong?"

Wu Ruo passed the letter to him, saying that Ubud and Mu Xiuwan were here with me. If he didn't want anything to happen, he would see Junpo outside the city.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "Can't be fooled, obviously I want to lead you out of the house to kill you."

"Of course I won't be fooled, but he threatens me with their lives at Ubud, which makes me feel ridiculous. What does the Wu family in Gaolingcheng do with me?" Wu Ruo turned and asked the guard to turn the puppet and the horn The horns called, and when they arrived, they asked, "Did you give me your business last night?"

He said, "It's all done."

"Are there any omissions?"


Hei Xuyi asked, "What did you tell them to do last night?"

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed fiercely: "I asked them to kill all the Wu family in Gao Lingcheng, who lived in the imperial capital, and destroyed the body by the way.

He had anticipated that they would use the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng to lead him out of the house, so he sent them to kill them all last night, not to mention that the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng should have been killed, and it was only until now that they killed him. Righteousness.

Of course, as he said, the lives and deaths of these people have nothing to do with him, and his life would not threaten him at all, but his father cares about them, and if they die, he and his father will go to the house to do funerals. Shou Ling Tang, in this way, Xiu Xiu will have a chance to kill him and Hei Xie Xiu.

But if he does n’t go out to mourn, Wu Chenzi will make excuses to find them unlucky, simply do nothing, endlessly, and directly clean the dead body to avoid a lot of trouble.

Hei Xieyu burned the letter: "So they didn't catch them at all, but they lied to you while they were gone?"

"Um." Wu Ruo looked at him: "I remember Ubud who had seen you and knew you were a monster of shame."

He nodded: "Yes, when we went to kill them, Ubud was shocked. When we died, our eyes were so wide that I couldn't believe we would kill them.

Wu Ruo hooked the corner of his mouth coldly.

Now that they are all dead at Ubud, they don't know what will happen to those who want to kill them to lead him out.

"Daddy, Daddy ..." Eggman hadn't even entered the door, but he heard his cry from a distance. Then, a little figure ran into the hall and rushed to Wu Ruo's arms: "Daddy, are you and your father better? ? "

"All right." Wu Ruo held him on his lap and fed him a piece of cake.

Everyone swallowed the pastry and slid down from Wu Ruo: "Then I will go back and tell my aunts that you are well."

Wu Ruo asked, "How about your aunt?"

"It's too cold to go out." Egg Yan ran out with his short legs, wearing a heavy robe, and at this time really rolled out of the hall like an egg, making Wu Ruo very funny.

At this time, the gatekeeper came in and reported, "Madam, your master is here."

"Ah?" Wu Ruo hesitated: "Nu Mu?"


Wu Ruo quickly stood up: "Isn't he saying that he wouldn't come to the Imperial City again if he didn't solve things in the clan? Did he solve everything?"

Hei Sui was worried that someone had tricked the guard's eyes using illusions, and he said to him, "Go and see."

Even if the other party had confused his eyes with illusion, but he could not lie to his nose, he could recognize who he was by the smell of the other party.


I left the hall, and soon a loud voice came from the gate: "Little Ruo, hey boy, I'm here again."

Wu Ruo heard the voice and was glad to stand up and go out to greet people: "Master, it really is you. Xiao Xi must be very happy if she knows you are here.

Numu walked in, patted him on the shoulder and laughed, "Did you miss me?"

"Thinking, it's just that you have just left for more than two months. Why did you come to the Imperial City so soon?" Wu Ruo invited him to his seat and poured him a cup of hot tea by the way. Why are you alone? "

"I brought a lot of people this time and it was inconvenient to bring them into the city, so let them live in several small villages nearby.

Wu Ruo frowned: "Did you go back to solve the problem of the descending tribe last time?"

Rather than failing to attack the descending tribe, they were all occupied by the descending tribe and had to take the people in the tribe to the Imperial City. Join hands with other clans to eradicate the descendants of the descendants. The descendants of the descendants are lost. Most of the clans died in our hands. Only a small part of the clans fled with the descendants of the descendants. No kill They patriarchs, they may come back up again, so I'll chase people here. "

Wu Ruo asked, "What about Pakse?"

Chapter 183: Game for adults

"According to your instructions, after successfully taking down the descendant, I killed him, yes, I was really guessed at one point, and Sanlun really stayed behind." Numu mentioned that Sanlun's face was heavy. Come down: "I don't know what hands and feet he moved in Pakse. When Pakse met his family, he suddenly spoke out and said that it was you Uruo who forced Sanlun to make him a puppet, the chief of the descendants. I was very angry for this. I think they fled all the way to the Imperial City. It is very likely that they came at you. I was worried that you were in a hurry, so I hurried to remind you. Xiaoruo, you have to be careful. But they are not as good as Sanlun. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

Now it is really not only a wolf in front, a tiger in the back, but also a leopard on the left and a dog on the right, it seems to be ready to surround him and solve him.

Hei Xieyu tapped his finger on the desktop: "Is the patriarch of the descending head tribe an old woman with braids and embroidered flowers on her face?"

Numu frowned: "Have you met her? Will you have already met?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

It was them, it was really destined.

"I saw her two days ago, when she was driving into the city with a group of people."

"How many people did she bring?"

"About a hundred people."

"It's not just this person who fled with her. Others are likely to be hiding near the Imperial City." Numu took out a bunch of artifacts from his waist bag and handed them to Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, you just blow when you are in danger. Ring this little whistle, no matter how far away I am from you, you will know that you are in danger, and this flute can control all kinds of bugs in a radius of ten miles ... "

Wu Ruo took the flute and blew it vigorously, but no noise came out.

Hei Xi laughed when he saw his face flushed.

Noum looked at him silently: "You won't play the flute?"

"Obviously." Wu Ruo rolled his eyes and lowered the flute.

"Then use it for shame." Numu gave another small staff that was only one foot long to Wu Ruo's hand: "Just shaking it with spiritual power can make people temporarily dizzy ..."

Wu Ruo looked at the table full of instruments "The chief of the descendants is very powerful?"

"It's a nine team warrior like the black kid, but it's not as powerful as the black kid. However, the black kid can't stay with you all the time. It's better to have more weapon defense.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo frowned: "Master, I want to tell you something."

Numu stopped and played with the magic instrument in his hand and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Xu Xuan injured Ling Tian last night. For the time being, I can't use mysticism excessively."

Numu froze a little, and very easily gave Hei Xun the pulse, and twisted his eyebrows lightly: "It hurts so badly, who has such a great ability to hurt you?"

Wu Ruo said: "We don't know who he is. He is a master who has only recently emerged. He also invited ghosts to deal with us."

Nu Mu's eyebrows were even tighter: "No wonder the wind was so strong and snow fell last night. The village where I lived was almost covered by snow. More than a dozen houses were crushed by heavy snow. Our people dug all the snow all night. The person buried in the snow was dug out. The person who attracted the ghost must not have been hurt badly, and so many people will be killed if they are killed. "

He took a bottle of elixir from his waist bag: "Fortunately, I have elixir with healing Lingtian, but not much. I can only eat it for five days. If you can treat your black boy with your father, He should be able to recover within a month. "

"I think so."

"Hey Boy is injured now and can't take care of you. I think it's better to send more people to protect you."

Hei Xieyu refused: "There are many people in and out of the house, but it is easy for people who kill us to mix in."

"Then I'll stay here to protect you."

Wu Ruo asked, "Master, don't you come here today to live here?"

"I was going to remind you to be careful when you drop your heads and leave, because I worry about the wild boys who leave the clan for the first time. I need to go back and supervise them."

"Willn't that go back, Master?"

"It's close to the village where I live. It only takes half a day to go back and forth, and I just need to visit them every three to five."

"Isn't it troublesome?"

Numu laughed: "What is more trouble is better than worrying that you are here to deal with both the descendants and the superiors you say.

"Master, you are wrong. In addition to the Supreme Master and the descendants, we have to deal with the enemies in the Wu Chenzi and Xie Dai clan.

"Then I'll stay here to help you, just wait for the ghosts to send me a message."

Wuxi they learned that Numu was coming, and they were very excited. They also introduced Wuzhu to Numu. After eating, Wuruo prepared a medicated bath and bathed Hei Xieyu.

"Fortunately, there are some medicinal materials left, but it is only enough to soak for half a month in the medicinal bath. In the future, it can only be repaired with elixir." Wu Ruo was not afraid to wet his robe and hugged the black sitting in the tub from behind. He's neck: "If only I had 9th-level spiritual power, I wouldn't let you deal with ghosts alone last night."

Hei Xuyi said, "Even a ninth-level wizard can't deal with ghost differences. After all, how are we mortals against the fairy?"

He bowed his head and kissed Wu Ruo's arm: "Don't worry, I still have the last move."

Wu Ruo's eyes brightened: "What's the next move? Will it make your injury recover quickly?"

Hei Xingyu tickled his lips: "I'll tell you later."

"Hey, man, you can't do this." Wu Ruo raised his hand and splashed water on Hei Xuan's face.

Hei Xiu took his arm and took the person into the tub.

"Ah, my robes are wet, oh ..."

Hei Xieyu held him in his arms, kissed his lips, and removed his drenched robes with the other hand, and the two of them who were close did not find a pair of small eyes by the window watching them curiously.

After seeing them all stripping off their robes, Doudou quietly closed the window, climbed down the chair, and quickly ran back to his yard: "Yiyi, after I grabbed my breath, my father didn't find me."

The thorny prickling cultivator snorted, "That's because your father was injured and didn't notice you.

Everyone murmured, "They are bathing and playing with water, but they never take me to play with water."

"That's a game for adults, not for your kids."

"Can I play with you then?"

The corners of the spiny eyes were drawn: "No.

"Oh, you only play with Uncle Ye Ji.

His face flushed with thorns: "No more bullshit, I won't take you out to play."

Eggs are particularly wronged: "I didn't talk nonsense, I saw your uncle Ye Ji taking a bath together."

"That was forcibly held by him." Ji Yifu, he argued with a child who was not weaned. "Forget it, don't say this, do you want your father to get better?"

Everyone nodded; "Think.

"That book takes you somewhere, and the rest is up to you."

Every look brightened: "You want to take me out?"


Chapter 184: Don't scare the child

The thorny **** removes all the bells and eggs from the egg, and then takes the egg and the cricket away from the back door. The people who escape the surveillance of the black house come out of the palace, enter the first palace door and hide in the corner without people. Here, with his current ability, he can no longer lead people into the second door of the cloth formation, and points to the inside: "The elixir that can heal your father is in it, depending on whether you can steal it come out."

Doudou looked in the direction he pointed: "It's so big inside, how do you find it?"

"Look slowly."

Curiously asked, "What does the elixir look like?"

"I don't know." In fact, Jiyi took him here because he felt that it was too boring recently, and the egg looks so stuffy before he would bring people out to play. Therefore, he didn't come to heal Heihei at all. The elixir of the body, not to mention his concern about this matter.

"How do you get in?"

Echidna glanced at him coldly: "You take care of yourself. If you can't even do this, how can you be your father and father's child? When the sun is ready to go down, you must come out and wait for me immediately.


Everyone murmured, looked at the second door, and everyone who entered the first gate had to get off the horse and walk in. The horse and the cart must be parked in the designated place.

When he saw a woman in a Chinese suit coming down from the car with her three children, her black eyes murmured, quickly got under the carriage to the woman, and followed them to the second palace door.

The goalkeeper looked at the woman, and then the four children behind her, whispering coldly, "Passing order."

The woman showed them the queen's token.

The guard confirmed it was the queen's token and immediately put them in.

The thorny prince saw the egg easily walk into the second palace door and sneered: "The child who changed from Sanqi Stone was really smart."

Dandan has been walking with the woman to the palace.

The big boy who followed the woman soon found that they had been following behind them: "Mother, there is a little baby following us."

The woman turned around and exclaimed, "What a beautiful child."

Then, she noticed that the eggs and robes were made of the finest materials, and they were not different from the cloth worn by the prince. Children of kinsfolk.

"Sister, hello." Dandan politely said hello.

The woman saw him so politely and liked it so much that she walked over and asked, "Little brother, who is your child?"

She looked at her and blinked, without talking.

The woman thought he didn't understand and asked, "Are you lost?"

Dandan said, "I want to find a cure for my father."

The woman froze: "Are you looking for a doctor?"


"Let me take you there."

Worried about being caught, he quickly shook his head: "I want to go by myself."

The big boy who came with the woman pointed northward: "The hospital is over there."

"Thank you, elder brother." Dandan quickly ran away with her short legs.

The woman watched his running look particularly interesting, and couldn't help chuckling. Then, she found that the place where the son was pointing was not the hospital but the place where the emperor lived. His face changed, and she wanted to ask someone to find the child, but The last thing to do is to dismiss the idea.

In her opinion, the other party was just a child, and the patrol guards would not have embarrassed him if he saw him, and would send the little baby home to the people, so she didn't have to worry about this at all.

Along the way, Eggdan hid and ran to the north pointed by the big boy, turned over the wall and entered one of the large yards, escaped the patrol guards and eunuchs and maids, came to the bushes at the gate of an official palace, and raised his small head. Looking at the words on the palace plaque, I used a short snack index to count the words on the plaque: "Well, there are three words."

There is three characters in a hall on the plaque, and ‘tai hospital’ is also three characters. It ’s probably too hospital here.

Everyone is illiterate, but surely the big boy is pointing here.

He looked around, and while no one was passing by, he sneaked behind the palace and turned in through the open window. The hall was beautifully and solemnly arranged, except that the cabinet was full of books. This is the place for Tibetan medicine.

Eggs climbed to the chair carved with two dragons, flipped the books on the table, did not see the medicine bottle, slid down from the chair and entered the inner room, and suddenly heard someone snoring slightly.

He ran to the bed with curiosity, and looked inside through the curtain, and it turned out that someone was lying on the bed.

"Uh ---" The person on the bed suddenly turned uncomfortably, terrified to hide under the table, blocking his small body with the desktop.

The person on the bed had no sleepiness, got up and put on his shoes, took off his obscene clothes, turned his long hair to the front to reveal his neck, and went to the dresser to take two bronze mirrors, one on the front and the other on the neck.

For a moment, a mirror-like black flower was revealed against the neck, and he was so angry that he threw the mirror onto the table.

The Tai guarding the door listened to the movement inside, and quickly pushed in the door: "Old slave see Emperor."

"Get out." The emperor looked cold.

The **** was afraid of provoking the emperor, and hurried out of the palace.

The emperor looked at the bronze mirror on the table and flashed his breath: "One and two want to strangle."

He got up and sat in the cabinet and took out a rectangular box. It was like seeing a deadly enemy. He stared at the box, his hands holding the box, and many green tendons appeared.

The emperor took a deep breath, put the box back in place, and closed the door.

"Come here, change your clothes."

The **** heard and hurried in to serve.

The emperor wore a good robe and left the official palace.

Seeing no one in the room, Dandan climbed out of the table, ran to the cabinet, took out the box that the emperor looked at, opened it, and it only contained a yellow scroll.

He took out the scroll and turned it over. Except for the words on the scroll, the box was not filled with elixir.

Everyone lost his mumbled mouth, and suddenly, his stomach grunted, and he was hungry.

He looked at the five-disc snack on the table, quickly threw away the scrolls and boxes, climbed to the chair, and picked up a small piece to taste.

Every look brightened: "It's delicious."

He quickly took another piece and put it in his mouth, but he didn't dare to eat more, because he would have dinner, if he could n’t eat, he would be taught by his father, and he would not give him snacks later, but he couldn't bear these snacks.

Everyone looked at his small waist bag, which was full of magic weapons, and couldn't hold dim sum at all.

He looked around, his eyes fell on the scroll he had thrown off the ground, his eyes brightened again, he quickly picked up the yellow scroll and put it on the table, poured the snack on the scroll and wrapped it, and then walked out of the room holding it.

Suddenly remembering that the box thrown on the ground was not placed properly, he ran back to the room and put the box back in the cabinet. Then he picked up the snacks and left the hall to see the sun go down. Meet the woman and her children who came in together before.

When the woman was young, he asked with a smile: "Little brother, have you found the Tai Hospital?"

"No." Egg Dan shook her head.

The woman noticed that something was written in his arms, and asked curiously, "What's in your arms?"

She was afraid she knew that she had stolen a snack, and when she was out of the second palace door, she quickly said goodbye to the woman and quickly ran to the place where she had an appointment with the thorns.

After seeing him come back, Thorny still had a proud look on his face, but he was relieved: "What are you holding?"

Everyone smiled happily: "Snack."

Thorny mouth drew the corner of his mouth: "Don't you want to find elixir?"

"could not find it."

"Forget it, go back and say otherwise, Wu Ruo will be worried."

Eyes widened: "Dad knows we're out?"

Thorny and cold: "The formation in Heifu was set up by your father. There are a few people in and out of the mansion. He knows it all."

Eggs frowned pitifully: "Father, knowing we sneak out and play, will we hit my little ass?"

"Yes, after you go back, hurry up to your father, and your father won't hit you." Ji Yi took him to his uncle's back and sat down: "Leave."

The two flew away from the emperor and returned to Heifu.

As soon as they entered the yard where they lived, they saw the dark face of the pavilion sitting darkly and the worried Wu Ruo.

Gu Dan's eyes flashed with guilty conscience. When she thought of what the spine said, she immediately fluttered at Wu Ruo: "Daddy, father, we are back."

Wu Ruo hugged him and cared, "Where have you been? Did you get to the bad guys?"

"I'll go out and buy snacks for you." Dandan brought the snacks in her arms to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo hesitated and took the snack in his hand: "Thank you."

In fact, he knew very well that the child was sullen in the government. For the past few months, he could not go out to play, and there were no other children in the government to play with him. Therefore, he really could not bear to blame the child for not passing them Agree to run out casually.

"Dad, try it fast. The snacks are delicious."

"Um." Wu Ruo put the snack on the table and opened it. There were several kinds of snacks in it. He took one of them and put them in his mouth, and smiled, "It's delicious."

He picked up another piece of snack and stuffed it into Hei Xuan's mouth. "Xi Xuan, you can also taste one."

Everyone looked at Hei Xuanxi carefully, "Father, is it delicious?"

Hei Xuanyu glanced coldly.

Wu Ruo stared at him: "Don't scare the child."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Who said that when the child comes back, he should learn a lesson?

"Don't ask you if it's delicious."

Hei Xuan said faintly, "It's delicious."

It's not as delicious as outside snacks.

Wu Ruo picked up a snack and put it in his mouth: "Where do you buy snacks?"

Thorny: "..."

Can he say he stole it in the palace?

Gu Dan flashed a guilty conscience in her eyes, and quickly put the snack in her mouth, pretending not to hear what Wu Ruo asked.

Hei Xuanyu looked at the yellow cloth wrapped with snacks and raised his eyebrows. There were two white jade axes on both sides of the cloth.

He turned away the snack in the middle, only to see two mighty five-pronged golden dragons embroidered in the middle of the yellow cloth, and the word `` Holy Decree '' was actually written in the middle.

Chapter 185: You guess first

Wu Ruo saw the word "decree" and wasn't nearly stupefied: "Oh, cough, which shop is so bold, dare to use the imperial order to wrap snacks?"

Even if you want to use a paper filled with dim sum to attract customers to your door, you won't be joking about the imperial edict. This is to kill.

Thorny: "..."

I thought they wouldn't be found by Wu Ruo and he went to the palace with Eggs and Eggs, but now it's hard not to be found. It seems that in the future, they will not only need Eggs and Eggs but also teach him to read.

Doubt looked blank, wondering what the imperial edict was.

Hei Xunyu put the dessert on a plate on the table, and then reversed the imperial edict with a large string of words written on it.

Wu Ruo quickly scanned it, his face changed, and he stood up stupidly: "This is the imperial order ..."

It reads, Give the throne to the second prince! !!

How could this be?

"Egg, where did this imperative come from?"

Doubt looked blank, wondering what the imperial edict was: "What is the imperial edict?"

Wu Ruo pointed to the decree: "Just this yellow cloth."

Guanda moved her gaze to the place again with guilty conscience: "Of course it's the uncle who sells snacks to me."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Thorny helper: "..."

Wu Ruohe smiled: "Uncle selling snacks for you? Eggs, don't you want to eat tonight?"

Eggs: "..."

Dad seems to find him lying, what should I do?

He looked at Thorns and looked for help.

Wu Ruo looked at the thorns: "thorns, where did you say you went?"

Thorny knew that he couldn't hide it, and honestly said, "I went to the palace."

He took the waist bag down and "stolen you some valuable herbs for healing Lingtian."

At that time, I passed the Tai Hospital and stole the medicinal materials.

"Thank you." Wu Ruo took the waist bag and looked at it, all he needed.

Black eyes narrowed his eyes: "Is the imperial edict so true?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

If the imperial edict is true, then they will be miserable. When the second prince takes over, Wu Chenzi will be the first to operate on him.

Ji Yi said: "Then you'll have to ask the egg, this seat was not with him at that time."

Wu Ruo put the egg on the table and sat down, so that he faced himself: "Egg, you say it quickly, or you will be punished for not eating for two days."

Pitifully said, "I took it out of the closet of an uncle's room."

"Who is Uncle?"

Everyone shook his head, indicating that he did not know.

"So what does he look like?"

Douban still shook her head: "I was hiding under the table and didn't pay attention to what he looked like.

"Is there a feature on his face? Like a mole on his face, or a scar or a wrinkle?"

Douya tilted her head and thought, "I seem to see a little black flower behind his neck."

"Little black flower?" Wu Ruo took a poke, and looked at Hei Xuan, remembering that Elder Tongji said that there was a black flower on the neck of Emperor and the emperor.

But isn't it necessary to use a device to see it?

"How did you see it?"

Danzi said, "I saw it in the mirror."

Wu Ruo guessed that the mirror in the emperor's hand should be a magic weapon: "Egg, you say the things you saw at that time carefully again."

Eggs are still small, and their expression ability is not very strong, but let Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu know from his words that the emperor already knows the existence of the death curse.

Now that you know the death curse, why did the emperor allow the second prince to succeed as the reunion? He didn't know it was very likely that Wu Chenzi had cast this death curse?

Or did the emperor misunderstand the death curse under the Prince?

Or is the person whom the emperor values is actually the second prince?

Wu Ruo quickly denied that the emperor valued the second emperor ’s law, because when the top ten families asked the emperor for a reward on the day of the contest, the emperor renounced Wu Chenzi ’s position at the Lotus Buddha Temple. The emperor felt that he wanted it. Get rid of Wu Chenzi.

He called Heiyang: "Go ask the prince if you told his father the death curse."

"Yes." Heiyang disappeared in front of them, probably after half a column of incense, and then returned to them: "Prince said that he did not tell the emperor about the death curse.

Wu Ruo turned to Hei Xieyan: "Xie Yan, what do you think?"

Hei Xieyu pointed to the words on the imperial edict: "From the handwriting of the imperial edict, it is too sloppy and sloppy, and through the back of the paper, it can be seen that the emperor wrote the imperial edict under great anger, indicating that he is likely to be threatened. "

Wu Ruo found this point to be reasonable: "In this case, it is likely that Wu Chenzi told the emperor about the death curse, and then Emperor Wei Ri made the second emperor the emperor, but the people who cast the curse died, regardless of the emperor You have to die if you do n’t write the decree. Unless the emperor doesn't know that the curse can't solve it. "

Hei Xuyi glanced at him: "It is also possible that Wu Chenzi used some method to keep the priest's life that cursed the monarch, but this possibility is very small, Wu Chenzi is unlikely to save the emperor's life."

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "Anyway, I must not let the emperor become the second emperor."

He handed the imperial edict to Heiyang and showed him to Lingmohan, and then let Heiyang guess and tell Lingmohan.

When Heiyang left, Wu Ruo asked again: "Did anyone find that you sneaked into the palace?"

Tricky: "No."

Wu Ruo nodded.

After discussing with Ling Mohan, I decided to find someone to spread the news, saying that someone sneaked into the emperor's palace to peek at the imperial edict that the emperor planned. The imperial edict states that the emperor will pass the emperor to the second prince.

When the emperor heard the news, he was so angry that he returned to the dormitory and opened the cabinet to take a look. Sure enough, the decree was gone. It was determined that this matter was done by Wu Chenzi or the second prince, so that he was forced to give the emperor the hands of the second prince. How could the emperor who had always been superior be manipulated in this way, this would undoubtedly stir up the emperor Greater anger and killing.

Wu Chenzi and the second prince secretly rejoiced when they heard the news. They had already played a role in threatening the emperor, forcing the emperor to formulate the imperial order.

In fact, if the Prince did not force them too tightly, and they have recently suppressed their Wu family one after another, they would not have threatened the Emperor.

But thinking about it is not quite right. The imperial edict of the emperor is not in their hands. What's the significance of spreading the news? This will only make the emperor think of their Wujia forcing the emperor and make the emperor more angry.

Sure enough, for three consecutive days, the emperor found several Wu family members who made small mistakes in the upward direction and removed their official positions. If anyone pleaded for these people, the petitioners would be removed from office. In the end, no one would Dare to speak for the people of Wu family. Seeing fewer and fewer people as officials in the DPRK, the second prince and Wu Chenzi were anxious.

The second prince said angrily, "Now the father has been targeting the Wu family, isn't he afraid of death?"

"He must be afraid, but he also loves face." Wu Chenzi snorted humbly. "He has been in this position for so many years, and everyone must obey his heart. Regarding him, nobody dares to refute his words, and even control others Life and death, now that we threaten him with his life, wouldn't he not be angry? But it doesn't matter, as long as he is afraid of death, he won't dare to move us, let alone we have a backhand.

The second prince thought about it and made sense, so he settled down a little.

Wu Ruo waited for the upward news from Ling Mohan, but his heart was not relaxed. Although the decree was stolen by them, Wu Chenzi's threat to the emperor is still there. The emperor will write another decree, and according to the egg Describe that the emperor's neck is about to bloom, and that's when the emperor's death.

"Ma'am, there is a son named Ruan outside the door to find you."

Wu Ruo learned that Ruan Yue had arrived, and there was no surprise in his heart. He even guessed that they would come to him in these days.

He asked Hei Xuan to leave the hall and invited people in: "Invite people."


After a while, Ruan Yue came in with Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying. The smile on their faces was even brighter than the sun.

"Little Ruo."

"Master Ruo."

"If you don't see him for a long time, Master."

Wu Ruo stood up and welcomed them in: "Are you so happy, have you encountered any good things?"

Ruan Ha ha smiled, how could he not conceal his happy mood.

Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying also laughed, with a look of pride.

Wu Ruo poured a glass of water for Ruan Yue: "Hey, brothers, don't flirt with my taste, and quickly tell me what's making you so happy?"

Ruan Yue sat down and sipped her tea: "You just make me happier for a while, okay?"


Wu Ruo looked to Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying: "Would you like to drink in the backyard?"

Ruan Sheng said, "We haven't seen Master Ruo in a long time and want to stay here to chat with you."

Wu Ruo smiled and held up the tea cup, blocking the sneer of his mouth by drinking tea.

He said he wanted to stay here to chat with him, and he saw that they actually wanted to show off.

When Ruan Yue smiled, she pulled the chair beside Wu Ruo and whispered in Wu Ruo's ear, "Do you know why I came to see you today?"

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "What's the matter?"

"You guess first."

Wu Ruo guessed he must have found Master, but said, "I can't guess."

"You haven't guessed yet, how do you know that you can't guess it." Ruan Yuefei forced him to guess.

Wu Ruo murmured, guessing: "Did you find the woman you like?"

Nguyen Xuan hummed: "Manly husband, no great thing, how to talk about marrying a wife and having children?"

"Isn't I finding my favorite girl? Was that meeting someone in the city?"

Ruan shivered and didn't want to mention the affairs of his loved ones, and waved his hand "No, no, forget it, I won't let you guess, I'll tell you ..."

He grabbed Wu Ruo's arm with excitement: "Xiao Ruo, I have found Master, I have found a very good Master."

Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying are also very excited.

Wu Ruo frowned.

Ruan Ye looked at him unhappy and wondered: "Xiao Ruo, why aren't you happy for me?"

"No, I'm not upset." Wu Ruola lowered his hand. "You told me a while ago that you worshiped a liar master. How many days have you passed now, and you have found a master again? Will not be a liar Right? Well, don't be fooled again. "

"Haha, I told you this time it was true. He gave me a panacea, which cleaned the spiritual power in my body and raised me from the first order to the second order. Think about how many years I have never been to the order. Now? But after I met him, I immediately rose to the second level, and after a while, I can still rush to the third level. "Ruan Yue recruited a ghost:" Look, this is me The ghosts that the Master sent for me were not great, but my master said that I ’m only second-order now and can only control the lower-level ghosts. When I rise to level six and above, help me catch a powerful demon. Ling, hee hey, how about it? "

Wu Ruo looked at the ghosts flying around them, and praised: "This is really caught by you, Master? Your master is so kind to you. I envy you and die, no master catches ghosts and ghosts for me. These things are demons. "

Ruan Xun laughed again happily.

Ruan Sheng said, "If the young master, the young master's master not only caught the ghosts of the young master, but also handed us mystery."

Wu Ruo asked, "What mystery to teach you?"

"Yin and Yang."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Oh, your master is a master of yin and yang?"

Ruan Yue accepted a smile: "This ... Honestly, I don't know if my master is a yin and yang master. In short, he is particularly powerful, like any mystical city, such as the city of heaven master and priest, is very powerful. "

Wu Ruo was even more surprised: "What kind of mystery can be? Impossible, how can a person have so many mysteries?"

"I'm also surprised, but my master will."

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Who is your master? Which school do you come from? Such a powerful person should be as famous as the former Wu Guoshi."

Ruan Yue shook his head: "I only know that he's called the Holy Son. As for which school and which school, I really don't know.

"Holy Son?" Wu Ruo frowned.

Is this sage the same man who saved Wu Weixue? According to Ruan Yue's description, this person is so powerful, it is likely that he is the same talent.

By the way, it may be his enemies of the last life.

Wu Ruoqi clenched the tea cup in his hand: "I have never heard of this person."

"My master doesn't seem to be a man of heaven."

Wu Ruo asked quickly: "Who is he then? Why come to heaven?"

"He didn't tell me. You also know that he is a master, and I am an apprentice. How can an apprentice ask the master these things, as long as he is good to me."

Ruan Ying and Ruan Sheng nodded: "Master is right."

Wu Ruo sneered and was bought by this person so soon.

"Well, is your master male or female?"

"You are so stupid, you know that you are a man by hearing the name." Ruan Yue said before whispering, "I said, my master looks like a heavenly fairy, and the beauty is not human."

"Really fake?" Wu Ruo didn't believe that someone would be black-eyed, and he was the best-looking man in his heart.

"If Master, it is true, you will know that we did not lie to you when you see Master Master."

Wu Ruo smiled: "Okay, when will you introduce me to your master? I want to see if it looks so good as you said."

Ruan Dai thought for a while: "I will go back and ask Master for his opinions. When he agrees, how about I arrange time?"

"Okay, but we are approaching the new year. I hope to see him before the new year."

Ruan Yue stood up: "I'll go back and ask him now. If he promises, I'll see you tomorrow or tomorrow?"

Wu Ruo stood up: "So anxious?"

"I just want to share the happy things with my good brother. Know, you, just wait for my good news at home." Ruan Yue took Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying away.

Chapter 186: Appointment

Wu Ruo put away a smile, and Jiucheng was sure that Ruan ’s master was the one who saved Wu Weixue. Because Ruan did not come to him someday, he came to him after Hei Sui was injured, apparently. The second threat with Ubud did not help, so he instructed or implied that Ruan Yue asked him to go out and kill him. Therefore, no accident, Ruan Yue sent someone to inform his master that he would like to see him.

As for whether Master Ruan is now going to kill his master in the last life, he is not sure yet, but if Master Ruan is the one who saved Wu Weixue, then Master Ruan is now very likely It was the Master who killed him in the last life, after all, they all wanted to take his life.

But who is this master Ruan Ye? Why put him to death?

Wu Ruo wanted to come and go, but he couldn't remember who this saint was.

At lunch time, while everyone was here, Wu Ruo asked, "Who do you know about the Son?"

Everyone looked at him somehow.

"Holy Decree?" Gave him a thorny look: "Who wouldn't know? Didn't you just get a holy Decree a few days ago?"

"..." Wu Ruo was unable to roll his eyes. "I am talking about the Son, not the imperial edict, I am talking about the name of a person, not the imperial edict issued by the emperor."

"Oh, I don't know."

Wu Ruo looked at Wu Qianqing and said, "Dad, do you know each other?"

Wu Qianqing shook her head.

Guan Tong also shook his head and said he didn't know.

Wuzhu and Wuxi also shook their heads.

Wu Ruo frowned: "Just think about it."

Wu Qianqing wondered: "What's wrong with this man named Shengzi?"

"I just want to ask if you don't know each other."

"I've never had a man named Son of God around me."

"Did any of your former friends be called the Son? Even if they met once."


Numu said with a smile: "I don't know a person named Shengzi, but I know a person who is a Son. There is a Son in our family, and he is presided over by sacrifices.

Hei Xuanyu looked at him: "Are not all the maidens in your tribe chosen?"

"In the past, we were all saints. However, after a traitor came out of our tribe and the descendants killed our saint, only one young man was eligible to inherit the virgin. He was elected, and he would wait for a suitable person to change people."

Wu Ruo thought for a while and asked Numu, "Is your son still in the clan?"

"Of course, our Son or Virgin cannot leave the clan unless there is something significant.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Then it's not the same person.

After having dinner, Wu Ruo received the news from Ruan Yue. He asked him to have a meal at a fragrant restaurant in the afternoon, and introduced Master to him by the way.

After returning to the room, Hei Xieyu asked, "Who did you mention is the Son?"

Wu Ruo told him what Ruan Yue had said, and then gave his guess.

Hei Xuanyu raised an eyebrow: "So, guess this man named Shengzi is the one who deals with us."

"Well, eight or nine are inseparable from ten."

"Then you plan to make an appointment?"

Wu Ruo pursed her lips.

Although he knew that this was a trap, and even this man named Shengzi would not come to see him, he still wanted to go to the appointment, waited so long, and finally knew who was going to kill him, so he didn't want to miss it.

"I think this is the best opportunity to get rid of repairs."

Hei Xun curled his fingers through Wu Ruo's hair, squinting, not knowing what he was thinking.

Two days passed quickly. On the eighth day of December, Wu Ruo took Heigan, Heixin, Heiyang, Heiyin and twenty guards to leave Heifu to Yipinxiang Restaurant.

Ruan Sheng has been waiting at the gate for a long time and saw Wu Ruo come down from the carriage and quickly greeted him: "Master Ruo."

Wu Ruo asked, "What about you?"

Ruan Sheng looked up to the third floor: "Our master is there."

Wu Ruo followed his head and looked up. Ruan Yue stood at the window of a third-floor room and smiled and waved with him: "Xiao Ruo, come up."

Wu Ruo responded with a smile, and led Heigan, Heixin, Heiyang and Heiyin into the restaurant with Ruan Sheng.

The lobby was as lively as ever.

Ruan Sheng took Wu Ruo to the third floor.

Wu Ruo entered the room and quickly swept around the room. "Sorry, late."

"I've just arrived soon." Ruan Yue greeted him into the room with a smile. Hei Xin followed, and the others stayed outside the door.

Wu Ruo sat down, "Where's your master?"

Ruan Yue poured a cup of tea for him: "My master has something to do. Come back later. Come and drink tea first."

"Okay." Wu Ruo picked up the tea. Later, Yu Guang shot at Ruan Yu's body, and immediately saw Ruan Yu's face burst into tension.

He sneered under his eyes and blew water from the tea and said, "It's too hot. I'll drink it later."

"Okay." Ruan Yue looked at the black letter behind Wu Ruo and asked, "Don't you always hate taking too many people out? Why do you take so many people out now?"

Wu Ruo helplessly sighed, "My husband has offended many people recently. I am worried that someone will come to seek revenge while I am out, so let me bring more people out."

"Speaking of it, I don't seem to have seen your husband." In Ruan Ye's previous hearings, Wu Ruo's husband was so ugly that everyone else could compose their drama into a drama. But when he came to the Imperial City, he heard all praises of Wu Ruo ’s husband, who was so beautiful, even his beautiful sister Wu Weixue was deeply obsessed with Hei Xuan.

"I originally wanted to bring him to see you." Wu Ruo sighed. "Unfortunately, he has been injured recently and can't go out.

"is it serious?"

"It's serious. It hurts Lingtian."

Seeing him as if he had told him everything in the past, Ruan Yue was very proud: "Don't worry, he will be fine."

Wu Ruo nodded: "Actually, I also want to introduce my master to you. Unfortunately, he has no time today and will bring it back to you later."

Ruan Yue said, "Do you have a master? Why didn't you tell me before, and you said you envy me that I have a master who catches ghosts for me, hey, Xiaoruo, you shouldn't be my brother."

"Of course, when you are a brother, I did n’t tell you before because my master was a ghost, and he only taught me to study medicine, but I have n’t learned much so far, so I did n’t mention him. I see you so positively now Introduce me to Master. I'm not good at hiding my Master. I came to the Imperial City just a few days ago and wanted to take him to see you. Unexpectedly, he was not available. "

Wu Ruo said half-truthly and half-falsely that he would say so many things, just to make Ruan Xun relieve his guard.

Ruan Yue's face eased a lot: "So it turns out, I'll see you later when I have time. The tea is going to be cold. Drink it quickly."

Wu Ruo took the tea cup, drank it, and laughed, "After drinking the cup, my body is much warmer."

Ruan Yue saw that there was no drop of tea in the cup, and quickly smiled at the corner of her mouth, and poured him another cup of tea.

Wu Ruo looked at the sky outside: "Well, your master hasn't come yet. Is there any delay?"

Seeing this, the man of the Son will never show up.

"Maybe." Ruan Yue pointed at the snack on the table: "If you are hungry, eat a snack first. Serve when my master comes."

Wu Ruo waved his hand: "No, this will be very disrespectful to your Master."

"Then you drink more tea."

Wu Ruo picked up the tea cup, lowered it, and twisted his eyebrows: "I don't seem to be very comfortable ..."

Ruan Yu immediately asked: "Did you feel dizzy?"

"seems like it."

Hei Channel: "Mrs. Would you like to go back to rest?"

Ruan Dai stared at him: "There is a soft couch in the middle, and Xiao Ruo can rest there.

"Well, I'll go there for a rest, oh, if your Master comes, remember to wake me up.

"it is good."

"Master Ruo, we will help you in." Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying squeezed the black letter, holding Wu Ruo's arms into the inner room one by one.

Ruan Yue and Hexin followed.

Wu Ruo lay on the soft couch and slept over.

Ruan Yue winked at Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying.

Ruan Sheng understood and turned to Black Letter with a smile: "Let's not disturb Master Ruo here.

Hessian said quietly, "I'm going to keep my wife here."

"With our young master guarding him, don't worry about it."

Hessian hesitated, nodded and went out with them.

Ruan Yue saw that they were out of the house and whispered to Wu Ruo, "Little Ruo, Xiao Ruo ..."

Wu Ruo did not respond.

Ruan Yue patted his face, sneer: "Wu Weixue said that you are a little clever, you will play tricks, but in my eyes you are still stupid, you still have no precaution in front of me."

He pulled out a bracelet engraved with seal mystery from his waist bag: "Xiao Ruo, don't blame me for being too cruel. If you blame, blame my master for hating you. As an apprentice, naturally you must worry about the master.

Ruan Yue opened the lock and was ready to put on Wu Ruo.

Suddenly, the fainted man opened his eyes and stared at him coldly, scaring Ruan Yue almost jumped up.

"Little, Xiaoruo, you ..."

Wu Ruofei grabbed his bracelet and fastened it to his Ruan's wrist, and then controlled him with Ghost Grips, making Ruan Xu unable to move.

Ruan Yue changed greatly: "Don't you pass out?"

Wu Ruoxue patted his face just now: "Then I didn't pass out. Are you disappointed? I tell you, I didn't drink that cup of tea at all."

"Impossible, I clearly saw it swallowed." Ruan Yan opened his eyes wide. "Did you use illusions on me and let me see that you drank tea? No, that's not right, I brought someone who resisted illusions. Artifact, your illusion does not work for me. "

Wu Ruohe smiled: "I don't need to explain it to you."

He just drank the tea into the space through his lips, so Ruan Yue thought he had drank the tea into his stomach.

Ruan Xuan stared at him angrily: "Master said, no one can smell the drug he developed. How did you know that there is a drug in tea?"

Wu Ruo sneered, "I really didn't smell the medicine in the tea."

Even if he couldn't smell it, he knew that he would put some medicine in the tea, but just now I did n’t know what medicine it was, so I said it was not comfortable. I would be stupid enough to ask him if he was dizzy, then he would count it as dizzy.

Chapter 187: kill--

"So, did you have defenses against me early in the morning?" Ruan Dai looked at him with disbelief. "But we have always been good brothers. Why would you guard against me?"

"Good brother?" Wu Ruo looked at him ironically: "Are you sure we are good brothers? If they are good brothers, would you help the newly worshipped master to kill me? Ruan Yue, in your heart you never treat me as Have a good brother, and have always looked at me like a fool to see you as a brother. Because of this, you will be so confident, and even volunteer to help your master kill me, right? "

"Wu Ruo, now that you know I didn't treat you as a brother, are you still here for an appointment?"

"No, how can you reveal your true colors?"

Ruan Dai stared red eyes: "Wu Ruo, you treacherous villain."

Wu Ruo ignored his scolding and used magical control techniques on him. "Ruan Ruan, is your master really a saint?"

Ruan Ye's eyes instantly became empty and absent: "Yes."

"Where is he? Why does he want to kill me?"

"do not know."

"So how much do you know about your currency father?"

"He's very good, any martial art can.

"The others?"

"do not know."

Wu Ruo frowned: "The day before yesterday when you came to Heifu and told me you had a master, did you not know that your master was going to kill me?"

At that time, he could see that Ruan Yue was really happy, unlike today with any purpose.


"Later, when you learn that your Master is going to kill me, you can help your Master solve me without hesitation?"


Wu Ruomu was cold and cold: "You mentioned Wu Weixue just now, what is your connection with her?"

"She is my sister."

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "Did Wu Weixue save you?"


"Did your master invite the ghost to deal with us?"


When Wu Ruo asked here, he knew that Supreme and his master were the same person.

"Is someone ambushing outside?"


"Who is outside?"

"do not know."

Wu Ruo takes back the magic control and the mystic grip.

Ruan Yue looked back and blinked, and some of them didn't remember what happened just now.

He stood up sharply, angrily, "Wu Ruo, what have you done to me?"

Immediately, I found myself moving.

Wu Ruodan whispered: "Just a few questions using the Spirit of Words."

"You ..." Ruan Yue was even more angry: "Don't be too proud."

He quickly picked up the jade pendant around his neck and put it in his mouth. A sharp noise came out of the window. Then, black light flashed on the wall in the room, and black runes appeared.

Wu Ruo looked around: "What rune is this?"

Ruan Yue unbuttoned the bracelet on her wrist, and took out a magic weapon in her waist bag: "This is a rune that restrains you from using mystery and magic weapon. If you look at his magic weapon," it would not restrain you Use mystery and magic? "Ruan Yue sneered:" You are wrong, my magic weapon is not restricted by runes, Wu Ruo, you die. "

He quickly input spiritual power into the magic weapon, but the magic weapon did not respond.

Ruan stunned, and used the spiritual power again, and found that the spiritual power in the body could not make it out at all: "This, what's going on?"

Did the rune also work for him?

There was a flash of panic on Ruan's face.

Suddenly, a bombardment sounded outside the window, and he fell to the ground near the window.

Ruan Yue stood up in a hurry, ran to the window and shouted outside: "I'm still in the inn, don't hit first."

As if the other party didn't hear it, he directly used Xuanshu to beat it.

"Ah-" Ruan Yue was in a hurry to evade, and howled in horror.

The moment the opponent's spiritual power hit the window, he was blocked by the window's defensive golden light.

Ruan Yan looked at the window, what happened? Why didn't you hurt him?

Wu Ruo saw that his timid appearance was very different from the murder that killed him in the previous life, and a little irony aroused in the corner of his mouth.

"Yes." Heixin walked in and gave Ruan Rong a uniform three or two times and tied him up with a seal mystic rope.


As soon as Ruan Yue was about to speak, she was gagged and dragged out by a black credit card, and she saw Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying stunned to the ground.

Heixin said to Heiyang: "Bring the three of them back to Heifu."


Heiyang brought in a few ghost clan to push people back to Heifu.

Wu Ruo went to the window and looked at the Sven man on the top of the building opposite, holding a blue book: "Repair."

"It seems that Hei Xieyu didn't mention me in front of you." Xiu Xiu smiled and quickly tore the paper from the book and threw it at Wu Ruo.

The moment the paper hit the window, a loud noise made the people on the street flee, and after a while, there was no ordinary people except the wizard on the street.

After the smoke, Xiu Xi saw Wu Ruo standing in place, covering his ears, scratching the ground, and frowning.

Wu Ruo closed the window calmly, so that people outside could clearly see the advanced defensive formations painted on the window.

He used this method to find someone to get up in advance, and more than that, various patterns were painted on the floor on the fourth floor above his head, on the ceiling on the second floor below his feet, and on the walls of the room next to him, left and right. Rune method, which is why Ruan did not have any spiritual power before the fight.

As for why there is no his formation in the room, of course, it is left to Ruan Ye to arrange the rune formation to deal with him today, but both the rune and formation will be restrained by him to face the formation well in advance.

His eyes narrowed, and five people jumped from the window of the room under his feet to the top of the building to surround him, even his people were trapped.

Xiu Xi knew immediately that he had been back calculated.

In other words, Wu Ruo knew early on that he would use Ruan Yue to lead them out?

But how did Wu Ruo know?

Someone ordered: "Kill--"

The five wizards surrounding the repair quickly made moves, and they were eighth-level wizards with the repair. It was easy to deal with the eight-step repair.

The magicians who deal with the ghost clan under Xiu's hands all took out the amulet.

The ghosts saw the faces of the Buddhist runes change.

Wu Ruo came out of the restaurant and looked up, Xiu Xi was beaten back and forth.

"Wu Ruo, are you okay." A black figure came out of the carriage and quickly walked to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo looked at Ling Mohan: "Thank you for your help this time."

If it weren't for Ling Mohan, I couldn't find so many eighth-order coins to deal with repairs. Of course, if it wasn't for Hei Xieyu's injuries, there was no need to ask Ling Mohan for help, and more and more enemies would not be removed, and it would be difficult to deal with them in the future.

Ling Mohan laughed: "You have helped the palace so much, what is the palace to help you back again and again, if there is any need in the future, although Heiyang came to the palace.

Wu Ruo nodded slightly, glanced at a ghostly figure in the alley across from the alley and peeked at them. The man's face seemed to be embroidered with embroidery.

He squinted. "Dark, grab that man."

Heigan jumped up and flew to the opposite alley.

Seeing this, the ghostly revered man quickly ushered in a bunch of maggots to deal with Heigan, and then fled the alley.

Hei Qian hurried back.

Wu Ruosha spread the insect repellent powder, and the insects dispersed instantly.

Ling Mohan asked: "Who is that person?"

Wu Ruo frowned. "Maybe one of my enemies."

If he hadn't guessed wrong, he should have descended.

Ling Mohan: "..."

On the top of the building, Xiu Xi chanted the spell quickly, and all the books and charms in his hand flew out, throwing it at the five tier eight wizards.

The eighth-level magician changed his face slightly, and quickly took out his magic weapon to deal with it.

Xiu Xun took the opportunity to get rid of them and rushed to Wu Ruo, a vicious look that vowed to kill Wu Ruo.

"Madam, be careful." Heigan quickly protected Wu Ruo behind him.

Six guards behind Ling Mohan rushed towards Xiu.

The repair only defends against attack, the main purpose is to rush to Wu Ruo.

Ling Mohan's guards are also eighth-order magicians. How could he be so easily broken by him.

Xiu Xiu took out all magic weapons.

Ling Mohan ordered: "Kill him."

This person is very powerful. He can survive the attack by so many people, indicating that he is a capable person.

"It's not that easy to kill me." Xiu Xiu rushed to Wu Ruo as he recruited the skeleton and used the magic weapon to deal with the guards, "Wu Ruo, think Hei Xuanyu really likes you?"

Ling Mohan glanced at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo frowned.

Hei Gan took out the black magic weapon given to him, and said to Wu Ruo, "Madam, don't listen to him."

Wu Ruo nodded.

Is Hei Xuanzhen true to him? He can feel it for himself.

Xiu Xi saw the magic weapon in Hei Gan's hand, and recognized it as the top magic weapon that Hei Xingyu usually uses. He sneered, "Isn't this the bone of Xuan Xing's usual use? Take him out. Will you be afraid of telling the truth? "

"Repair, you talk nonsense."

Ugan spoke a spell and threw bursting bones at the repair.

Xiu Xun's face changed. Before, he had experienced the horrible power, and fled after turning around.

Wu Ruo saw that he finally showed his fear, and asked, "This weapon is very powerful?"

Ugan nodded, not explaining how terrible it was.

The repair who did not escape far suddenly made a big turn and rushed to Wu Ruo at the fastest speed.

Ling Mohan watched him gather his spirits and was startled: "No, he seems to be destroying Lingtian by himself.

If the eighth-level magician's spirit field explodes, the lethality is equal to the impact of the nine-level magician's mystery.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xuyi once said that this man was cruel and unkind, and did not expect to be so cruel to himself.

He hurried out a few defensive weapons to resist.

"Haha--" Xiu Xi laughed wildly, when the body exploded, he said, "Wu Ruo, Hei Xiu is using you ..."

Before he finished speaking, there was a loud noise, a huge spirit wave like a tornado struck, and in a blink of an eye, it shattered countless defenses.

After being broken, Wu Ruo was rushed out two feet by Lingbo and fell to the ground fiercely. Wu Ruo's head hit the pillar heavily and almost fainted.

Even the eighth-level magician was retreated several steps by this powerful Ling Zhen.

Before Wu Ruo got up, he heard Hegan anxiously shout, "Madam, be careful behind you."

Chapter 188: Bursting

Lingmohan's people are too far away to save time.

Immediately afterwards, Hei-yin suddenly appeared behind him, blocking the watch attacker with a sword.

Wu Ruo looked in a daze, rolled to the side as fast as possible, at the same time, turned over and turned to look at the back.

He fixed his eyes, and the attacker was actually Wu Weixue.

Wu Weixue's eyes were covered with bloodshots and venomous hatred, driving all attacking instruments to attack Wu Ruo, and quickly concentrating great spiritual power to try to kill Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo quickly took out five magic weapons to resist the attack.

Wu Weixue's eyes flashed with surprise: "Why are you carrying so many instruments?"

Just now I saw that Wu Ruo had come up with several instruments to block the repaired Lingbo shock. Now how can he come up with so many defensive instruments? ask you.

But he clearly didn't have a waist bag. Where did he take it out?

Wu Ruo sneered: "I still have a lot of defensive tools that I have made for me. Would you like to try them?"

This words completely angered Wu Weixue and reminded her of her deceived husband again. She couldn't help but look at her belly. She hasn't been there for more than a month. Shouldn't she ...

"Wu Ruo, I'm going to kill you!" She went back to God, smashing all the magical power in front of Wu Ruo with all her spiritual power.

"Wu Ruo, be careful--" Ling Mohan hurriedly hurriedly, and saw Wu Ruo's fingertips condense spiritual power, and quickly drew an enchantment in front of Wu Weixue to attack.

Wu Weixue looked at him in disbelief and looked at him in disbelief: "You, a sixth-order surgeon can resist the attack of my eighth-order surgeon. Impossible, impossible to stop it."

Ling Mohan also froze and ordered: "Catch her.

Wu Weixue stared at Wu Ruo unwillingly, no longer fighting, and fled here quickly.

Ling Mohan quickly chased the past.

Ling Mohan and Heigan ran to Wu Ruo: "Wu Ruo, are you okay?"

"It's all right."

Lingmo Hansong breathed, thinking that Wu Ruo could block the eighth-level magician's attack just now, raised an eyebrow: "Wu Ruo, you ..."

How could a sixth-order person block an eighth-order warlock.

Suddenly, someone shouted, "Wu Ruo has Shadow Stealth on his body. As long as you kill him, you can get Shadow Stealth."

Everyone froze.

Wu Ruoyan tightened his eyebrows, and the caller was a repairer who actually came to die. However, did the repairer really know that he had shadow stealing techniques or deliberately fabricated things to arouse everyone's greed? The division's hand killed him.

"It's true. Otherwise, how could a man without spiritual power suddenly have spiritual power and rise to the sixth level or above so quickly."

Lingmohan sank his face: "It is vicious to kill others before dying.

The guard did not hesitate to raise his sword and pierce the man's heart.

Although there are no people except Ling Mohan and Wu Ruo on the streets today, there are many sorcerers hiding in the hotel next to each other to watch the battle, and everyone hears the repaired people shouting. Can't help guessing whether it is true or not.

Seeing that the repaired people had been killed, Wu Ruo thanked Lingmo Han again: "Thank you Prince for helping Caomin to kill the enemy."

Ling Mohan curled his lips and smiled, "You're welcome, Wu Ruo ..."

"Xiao Ruo." A deep voice interrupted Ling Mohan's words.

Wu Ruowen heard, the beautiful face speed burst into a bright smile.

Ling Mohan's eyes tightened, and Wu Ruo looked at Wu Ruo with a look of joy and turned and ran to the wagon parked in the alley.

In the carriage curtain, she stretched out a fair, slender hand, and wanted to help Wu Ruo in.

"Hey, please trouble you and the prince to clear the street." Wu Ruo put on his big hand, stepped into the carriage, and knocked the people in the carriage: "Why did you come out? The injury on your body is not good yet, in case What about Xiu Rong and others? Are you trying to make me worry? "

"Don't worry about you." Hei Xuyu saw that he was worried and happy, and he couldn't help but tickle the corners of his good-looking mouth. He saw Ling Mohan standing on their side through the gaps in the curtain, his eyes sinking. "Back home."

"Yes." The guard left in a carriage.

Lingmohan looked at the back of the carriage and twisted his eyebrows. He didn't understand why Wu Ruo and his husband were leaving.

Hei Gan Road: "Thank you Prince, for your help.

Fortunately, they set up a defensive formation early in the morning, otherwise the houses on both sides of the street will be destroyed. At that time, the emperor will be held accountable by the prince. After all, this is the busiest street in the Imperial City. How can it be destroyed at will?


Wu Ruo left, Ling Mohan did not have any interest in staying, told the guard some things, and rushed back to Guan in a carriage.

When Wu Ruo returned to Heifu, he asked Heixin, "Where are Ruan Yue?"

Black Channel: "They were locked in our backyard chalet."

"Look at them." Wu Ruo now has no energy to torture Ruan Yue them, wait for a rest, and then repay the revenge of his life.

He pulled Hei Xuanyu back to the room: "Did you hear it just now? The repairer shouted shadow stealing in front of so many people.

"Um." Hei Xuanyu took him to the indoor bed to lie down.

Wu Ruo frowned: "We in Heifu must have caused a lot of trouble recently.

At one point, he couldn't figure it out. Repairing them is clearly the enemy of Hei Xieyu. He should kill Hei Xieyu if he wants to kill. Just grab him to threaten Hei Xieyu. Why must he be put to death? Just as Xiu Xiu had blasted Lingtian before, Xiu Xiu had a chance to escape, but he turned back and attacked them. He would even kill him if he detonated himself, but what good is it to kill him? Just want to see the black shame?

Wu Ruo thought that it was impossible to make Hei Xieyu miserable, and they did not know how much Hei Xieyu liked him. Killing him might not be painful or itchy for Hei Xieyu, why bother with him.

"The person who said this is our enemy, so I don't believe too much in his words. Most people just think that he just wants to use the hands of others to kill you before he dies." Slap his back: "Should you eat something and sleep?"

"No taste."

At this moment, Hei Yin outside the door said: "Mrs., the prince's man repaid, saying that Wu Weixue had run away."

"I see." Wu Ruo thought for a while, then asked, "Hey Yin, you just slapped Wu Wei just now, are you okay?"

"Thank you, Madam, for being concerned, my subordinates are all right." Hei Yin left the room after finishing speaking.

Wu Ruo told Hei Xuan from Ruan Yu's mouth, and asked, "Wu Yuxue should flee back to the Son, or should he be forced to ask where Son Ruan Yu lived, and then wipe it out?"

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "Sheng Zi can recruit ghosts to deal with us, and he will definitely think of a way out, but if it is not so easy to deal with, even if we know where, our people will not break into his territory."

Wu Ruo thought that the place where the Son lived might have a large array and then dispelled it: "Yes, I just saw Heigan took out a magic weapon called Bone Bone. How powerful is the magic weapon? Why is Xiu Xiu so afraid? ? "

His attention at that time was on repair, and he did not pay attention to what the magic weapon looks like.

Hei Xieyu explained: "Burst bones are made from a bone in my chest and a big demon's bone. It blends some of my abilities with the big demon's abilities. He will be scared when he sees it."

"Bone on the chest?" Wu Ruo incredulously poked his hand into Hei Xieyu's clothes, fumbled his chest, and found no missing bones.

Hei Xunyu kept busy holding down the restless person, and said dumbly, "The part that lacks bones has made me fill in the bones of other big monsters."

Wu Ruo looked at him with worry and doubt again: "Why do you use your bones to make instruments? Can it be better than using the best materials to make instruments?"

"I was originally going to use the bones of the demon to make a magic weapon. However, even if the demon is dead, only the bones are left, but there is still a large demon power in its bones. I don't listen to me. When I met a powerful refiner, he said that as long as I fuse my bones with the big demon, the big demon's bones will recognize the Lord, and I can control the big demon's power. "

As long as Wu Ruo thought of taking out bones from his body, he felt a pain: "Don't it hurt when you take out your bones?" "Hei Xuanyu raised an eyebrow:" It hurts.

To this day he still remembers the severe pain of bone removal.

"Does it still hurt? The monster's bones are in your body. Is it okay?"

"In the beginning, I was not used to it, and sometimes even controlled my body by it. Now that all these years have passed, it is not a big deal. It has completely integrated into my body."

Wu Ruo pulled off his robe and lay on his body and kissed his chest gently.

Hei Xiu could feel his care for himself from his kisses, breathing a room, holding people in his arms.

Wu Ruo asked, "I won't have a problem lying on your chest like this?"

Hei Xunyan smiled at the bottom of his eyes: "It's just one bone missing. It won't be so fragile that it can't even be touched. Besides, the bones of the demon are like steel smelting iron. Something will happen. "

"That's good." Wu Ruo looked up at him: "Why haven't you seen you use explosive bones before?"

In the last life, he has never seen Hei Xieyu used it.

"Using explosive bones is equivalent to consuming my spiritual power. If it is not for difficult people, it will not be used easily.

If it weren't for today that they would not be able to cope with the repairs, they wouldn't take out the bones.

Wu Ruo finally let out a sigh of relief, and said, "Heigan used explosive bones, will it harm your body?"

"Don't worry, it will only consume some of my spiritual power. Lingtian is not a big deal."

Wu Ruo said strangely, "You won't use other powerful magic weapons to deal with repairs. Why should you use explosive bones?"

"Xiu Xiu was afraid that I would explode.

Hei Sui patted his back: "Sleep first, what's the matter, wake up and talk.

"Um." Wu Ruo kissed the corner of his mouth.

After He fell asleep, he still patted his back lightly, and stared at the curtain. Before that, he not only heard what Xiu said, but also Xiu said before he died.

Chapter 189: So hot

Wu Ruo had dinner and went to the chaifang to see Ruan Yan.

Ruan Yue, Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying saw Wu Ruo and yelled excitedly.

Wu Ruo put the food box in front of them: "Hungry? Would you like to eat something?"

Ruan Dai looked at each other and looked at each other, thinking that Wu Ruo still took into account their previous love and nodded quickly.

Wu Ruo sat on the chair of the guard and motioned for the guard to open the food container. Suddenly, the fragrance wafted throughout the firewood room.

Nguyen Yuan they smelled the scent and couldn't help swallowing.

"Zhu Yiyi" Ruan Sheng looked at Wu Ruo, raised his chin, and signaled Wu Ruo to remove the towel from their mouths.

The guard looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo nodded.

The guard ripped the towel from their mouths.

Ruan Yue sneered, this man was still as soft as before, he was going to kill him, and even gave them food.

Ruan Ying smiled flatterly at them: "If you master, can you untie the rope for us?"


The guard gave him a slap without saying a word: "Our lady will give you food and ask for it. If you want to eat or not, we will take it away."

Ruan Sheng angered: "We talk to your wife, what do you say?"

The guard was angered by his words, and kicked him severely: "I am a servant, aren't you a servant?"

Ruan Sheng walked with pain.

They had known Wu Ruo for many years, and for the first time they were treated so fiercely by those around him.

Ruan Ying watched the guard so fierce that he dared not ask more: "We eat, we eat, we don't need to loosen, we don't need to loosen."

He bent down his upper body, madly sucking at the food in the box like a rotten dog.

Ruan Sheng swallowed his mouth. They have n’t eaten from morning till now. They are already hungry. Now watching Ruan Ying eat this fragrant, his stomach can't help but grunt, but he doesn't want to be like a dog. Eat on your stomach.

Ruan Yan's eyes were red and stared at Wu Ruo: "Wu Ruo, what do you mean? Give us food, but don't let us loose. You want to see me lie on the ground like a dog and eat, I tell you, don't dream . "

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "As a prisoner, do you think you are qualified to choose what to eat? Now the food is in front of you. If you like to eat, you just starve to death. Right, I only give you half a column of food for dinner, and whether or not you are full, I will take the food away. "

Ruan Sheng heard it and swallowed again.

Ruan Ying said while eating, "Hurry up, otherwise, you won't have to eat it later."

Ruan Sheng hesitated for a moment, hurriedly pushed Ruan Ying away, bent down to eat, anyway, they were subordinates, and they didn't need to care about their identity and face.

There was a touch of irony in the corner of Wu Ruo's mouth. In the last life, Ruan Sheng ignored his plea and played with his mother in front of him. Now Feng Shui has finally taken turns.

Ruan Yue was so annoyed by their indisputable looks. He stretched his legs and kicked at them: "Are you two useless waste, can you be a little bit strong, and you won't die if you don't eat a day of food, you look at you What does it look like? It's like two funeral dogs are rushing to eat. Do you know that you will not eat and you will not be allowed to eat again. "

He kicked the food in his food.

Ruan wins aggrieved: "Master ..."

Ruan Dai turned his head to Wu Ruo: "Wu Ruo, if you have the ability, kill us immediately ..."

With a bang, the guard pulled out a frame around Ruan Shizhen's neck.

Nguyen Xuan immediately heard the sound.

Wu Ruohuan said: "Say, why not say it? Aren't you afraid of death?"

"You ..." Ruan Yuegang just spoke, and his neck felt a tingle immediately, scaring him to swallow everything back into his stomach.

As soon as Banzhuxiang time was up, the guard immediately put away the food container.

Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying have already eaten almost.

Wu Ruo stood up and left Chaifang.

After the guard tied Ruan Sheng and Ruan Yingsong, he also left Chaifang and locked it.

Nguyen wins aloud: "If young master leave like this?"

Ruan Sheng also didn't believe it: "He just let us go?"

Ruan won a smile: "If the master really did not want to kill us."

Ruan Xuan kicked them again in anger: "What are you still doing? Don't hurry to untie me."

"Oh." Ruan Ying quickly untied him.

Ruan Yue was free, pushing Ruan Yingnu angrily, "Look at your counsel."

Ruan Ying: "..."

Ruan Yue went to the door and pulled the door of the house. However, the door was locked by someone, and he wanted to die with spiritual power, but he couldn't make it out. force.

"Son of a bitch."

He looked around. There was no door except a door, and he couldn't escape if he wanted to escape.

"Master, there seems to be no one outside," said Ruan Sheng, peeking out of the door slit.

Ruan Yue walked over, pushed him away, and looked forward. He could barely see the corner of the yard. One of the trees had a lantern hanging from it.

He turned back and said Shen: "Bash the door."

"Okay." Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying turned around and picked up the firewood, smashing the door of the room for a moment, but let alone smash the door open, not even a hole came out.

"Master, there must be a defensive formation in the room, so no matter how we smash it, it is useless."

Ruan Yue leaned against the wall with a dark face.

Ruan Ying throws away the firewood in his hand and asks carefully: "Master, would you say that Master Shengzi will come to save us?"

Ruan Yu: "..."

Ruan Sheng sneered: "If we wanted to save us as long as we were tied out of the inn, why wait till now.

Ruan Ying frowned: "But the young master is his apprentice. He won't be saved?"

"Apprentice? The young master just became his apprentice for more than a month. He has no deep feelings. How could he come to save us?"

Ruan Ying doesn't believe Shengzi is so invincible: "Master, you say something."

"What did you say?" Ruan Yue thought of the person who was ambush outside the restaurant today, regardless of his life and death, and shot him directly. If not for luck, he would have died there.

"Will Master Son come to save us?"

"How do I know." Ruan Yan scratched her hair annoyingly.

Ruan Ying and Ruan Sheng glanced at each other, stopped speaking, and fell silent in the room.

Late winter nights were extremely cold, and Ruan Yue squatted down and hugged her body: "It's cold."

Ruan Sheng beside him said, "It's hot."

Ruan stunned: "Hot?"

Ruan Sheng pulled the collar of his robe: "Yes, Master, don't you feel hot?"

"Don't think, I'm almost freezing." Ruan Yue stood up and jumped in place, hoping to warm up by jumping.

"Master, you may feel cold until you have just eaten the meal." Ruan Sheng unbuttoned his collar and said to Ruan Ying, "Ruan Win, are you right?"

"Well, I also feel so hot." Ruan Ying stood up and unbuttoned his robes.

"Since you feel hot, please warm up your clothes." Ruan Yue took Ruan Ying's robe over her body, and suddenly, it eased a lot, he put Ruan Sheng's robe on the ground again and lay down "I'm sleepy, sleep first."

Soon, he fell asleep.

"Strange, why is it so hot?" Ruan Ying undressed his upper body with nothing left.

Ruan Sheng frowned: "Is there a problem with the meal just now?"

"What is the problem?"

"do not know."

Ruan Ying stretched his tongue and licked his lips: "I feel so thirsty."

"Me too." Ruan Sheng's breathing was getting heavier and his body was getting hotter and hotter, and the upside was uncomfortable. He couldn't care about someone next to him, turned around and took off his pants.

Ruan Ying heard his heavy breathing, and his lower body reacted.

"Damn, why don't you come out." Ruan Sheng panted. "If only there was a woman."

"There isn't a woman there," Ruan Ying said.

"Where?" Ruan Sheng turned around and saw Ruan Hui lying on the floor in the direction that Ruan Ying pointed out: "Don't make a joke, that's a little ... uh ..."

Suddenly his eyes took a moment, and the man on the ground suddenly became a white-skinned girl: "It's really a girl, and, still, a pretty girl"

Ruan Ying smiled wryly: "This woman is mine."

He threw at the people on the ground in excitement.

Ruan Sheng was furious: "Mother, Ruan Ying, don't rob me."

Then he rushed up.

Sleeping Nguyen Xuan felt a heavy weight, so that he was almost out of breath, and his face was wet and cold, and he was particularly uncomfortable. He opened his loose eyes and saw Nguyen Sheng and Nguyen Ying lying on him. , Touching and touching his face, even pulling on his robe.

"You ..." Ruan Yue suddenly sobered up: "What spring are you sending?"

Ruan Sheng shoved open his robe: "Little girl, you look so beautiful, you will make your uncle hurt you soon."

Ruan Yingkang kissed Ruan Yan's face: "The girl's face is really smooth and tender, I like it."

"Did you take the wrong medicine?" Ruan Yue shoved them away in anger. "You two are jerk, see who I am?"

I am your young master, but not your prostitute, Ruan Li, who you are playing with. "Ruan Sheng pinched his **** fiercely:" Little girl, you are so disobedient today, do you want the uncle to use a stick to pump you, then you are softened, eh. "

He pressed Duan Ruanchi with his lower body.

Ruan Yue's entire face was dark.

Ruan Ying pushed Ruan Sheng away: "Ruan Sheng, this woman is mine. Don't grab it."

Ruan Yue quickly realized that they were not right. He just said it was hot now, and now he is a girl again, shouldn't they be drugged? Depending on the situation, it is aphrodisiac.

He thought of the previous meal, only Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying ate it, so it must be out of the meal: "Wu Ruo, you bastard.

No wonder he gave them food with such kindness and loosened them. It turned out that he was waiting for a good show. No, he won't let Wu Ruo succeed.

Ruan Rong quickly pushed Ruan to win them, but Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying who took the medicine were five times more powerful than usual. He was not an opponent of the two at all, and the more he struggled, the more Ruan won them. Excited.

For a moment, Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying took off his robes completely.

Ruan Sheng was forced to open his legs by Ruan Sheng, his face pale, and he hurriedly yelled, "Ruan Sheng, Ruan Ying, wake up quickly and see clearly. I am your young master."

Ruan Sheng had long lost their minds, carrying his big gun, and hurriedly entered the unexplored land.

Suddenly, the firewood screamed sternly in the chaifang: "Ah, Wu Ruo, I will kill you one by one, you bastard--"

Chapter 190: People

Wu Ruo came out of the firewood room, and unknowingly walked to the courtyard where Wu Qianqing lived. From a distance, he heard U Xi's joking voice. They all laughed at her.

The wuzhu in the house heard the footsteps of Wuwai stepping on the snow and staying at the door. He looked suddenly and asked, "Who."

"I, Xiaoruo," Wu Ruo said.

Wu Xi opened the door with a smile: "Second Brother, why are you here?"

Guan Tong said, "Come in, don't freeze it."

Wu Qianqing asked, "Xiao Ruo, is there something wrong?"

In the past six months, Wu Ruo rarely came to their yard, so I thought it was something to come over.

Wu Ruo sat beside Wuzhu: "I just can't sleep because I'm bored. What are you talking about?"

Wuzhu said, "We just talk casually."

Wu Xi asked: "Second Brother, when can I go to Master's Mansion to learn mystery?"

I have n’t seen Master for a long time and I miss his old man.

Wu Ruo laughed: "You can go out tomorrow."

The repair is dead, the Son is wounded again, and Wu Chenzi is too busy with the second prince's affairs. Now the most important thing is to guard the descendants, as long as Ujido takes some guards to go out.

Wu Xi rejoiced: "Really? Great, I'm so bad in my house."

Wu Qianqing asked: "Is everything resolved?"

"It's been resolved for the time being." Wu Ruo said nothing,

Guan Tong saw him as if he was okay: "Xiao Ruo, if you have something to say, don't let yourself be uncomfortable in your heart, let alone your family, there is nothing to say.

Everyone looks at Wu Ruo.

Uxi nodded: "Second brother, tell me if you have any troubles, I will give you an idea."

Wu Ruo laughed: "I'm fine, but just before I heard, a guard said that a family's parents had been raped, their children had their limbs cut off, their eyes were cut and their bodies were burned. , I feel uncomfortable after listening. "

Ushi exclaimed: "It's so cruel, which **** did it?"

"I don't know, their other son is still pursuing the killer, so I was wondering what would happen if this son found the killer."

Wu Xi said angrily: "Of course, it is tooth for tooth, eye for eye, and that kind of scum cannot be easily let go."

Wuzhu nodded: "If someone treats my family like this, I will never let him go."

Wu Qianqing tightened her brow: "How much hatred this murderer has to treat the family like this?"

Wu Ruo looked to Guan Tong: "Mother, what do you think?"

"This ..." Guan Tong frowned lightly: "If it were me, I would definitely take revenge, but it would not harm the murderer's family, they are innocent."

"Yes." Uhi was particularly excited: "Just let the family's crimes be vented on the murderer. Isn't he the parent of the family who was murdered? Then find someone to murder him ...

"Ahem!" Wu Qianqing glanced at her: "More and more there is no girl like her."

Uhis tongue stuck out.

Guan Tong chuckled: "Xiao Xi is so good, much more cheerful than before."

She had always wanted to be lively.

"Mother." Uxi hugged Guan Tong coquettishly.

Wu Zhu laughed and said, "Xiao Xi's change is really big."

The little girl used to be quiet, but she was easy to be bullied, and she often swallowed her. But whoever bullies her now, she will be stingy. Don't worry about her being bullied.

Wu Ruo stood up and said, "It's not too early, and everyone rests early."

Uhi stood up and opened the door for him: "Second brother, walk slowly."

Wu Ruo couldn't help pulling the robes out of the courtyard due to the cold wind.

In the last life, it was Hei Xieyu who settled Ruan Xun. In this life, he may want to hear how his family treats enemies.

"Xiao Ruo, why haven't you slept yet?" Wu Lang's voice interrupted Wu Ruo's thoughts.

Wu Ruo looked up and saw a snowflake Nu Nu, and asked, "Master, you have just returned?"


"Do you track where the descendants are hiding today?"

Wu Ruo guessed that the descendants would send someone to watch them, and let Numu follow them, and the descendants who were scared away by Heigan today would go back and report what they saw today, so let Numu Guarding the descendants in secret.

"They are hiding in the deep mountains thirty miles away. I was worried about the grass and the snakes, so I didn't go in to check it." Numu squinted. "They are hiding in it now. Ambush, if it is summer or autumn, I can set them on fire.

"You can find someone to surround the mountain. When there is no food, they will come out to find food. Then, when they come out, they will kill one, and they will always force their patriarch out."

Numu laughed: "I think so too, I have arranged my people to stay near the mountain, it is late, and quickly go back to rest."


The next day the sky lit up, and the three people in the firewood room were awakened by loud noises outside.

Ruan Sheng opened his eyes and saw Ruan Yan's enlarged face, standing up in shock, and then, when the cold struck, he shook his body, looked down, and found that his whole body was smooth.

He hurriedly picked up his clothes and put them on.

"Um ..." In Ruan Ying half awake and half a dream, the male beneath him hardened again, and the man who could not help hugging his arms twitched his lower body.

Ruan Sheng's eyes widened.

Oh my god!

This Ruan won't be so fatal, even Master can dare to do it.

Ruan Yan was awake, opened her eyes sternly, the memories of last night came to her mind, her face was ashamed and angry, and she was thrust under her, and she suddenly turned her feet and raised Ruan to win her belly.

"Ah, one by one" Ruan Ying was in pain and rolled up.

Nguyen Xuan propped up the body of the disabled player and kicked Ruan Ying fiercely: "I killed you asshole, even I did it."

"Master, don't fight." Ruan Ying endured great pain, quickly got up and fled.

Ruan Sheng gloated: "Deserve it."

Ruan Yue came to him angrily, threw him a slap and kicked him, "Deserve it? Should I be **** by you?"

These two of you are messy, I will kill you. "

I think he was a big man who was forced to **** on the ground by two men, and was said to deserve it. He really wanted to kill them.

Ruan Sheng was snoring: "Master, it was Ruan Ying who hugged you early in the morning, what matter to me?"

"It doesn't matter to you?" Ruan Xuan yelled angrily: "Your mother-in-law gave Lao Tzu to think about what happened last night?"

After playing with him, thinking that you can't remember it? Dreaming!

Ruan Sheng shuddered, some intermittent pictures came to his mind, his face was pale, and he actually pressed a man last night.

He looked at the bruises and bite marks on Ruan's body, and he could not help but shiver, he was disgusting, and he wanted to vomit, but if he vomited now, he would be strangled to death by the master.

At this time, the door was opened.

Ruan wins, they hurriedly picked up their robes and put them on.

Six guards walked in, and Wu Ruo came in, "How did you sleep last night?"

"Wu Ruo, I'm going to kill you." Ruan Xuan rushed in sorrow, and the next moment, he was restrained by the guards to the ground.

Ruan Yue raised her red eyes: "Wu Ruo, I won't let you go."

"Wait until you have a chance to escape here," Wu Ruo said quietly to the guard, "I don't want to see his eyes ..."

The guard quickly drew his dagger out of his eyes.

"Ah-" Ruan Yue screamed, and suddenly passed out in pain, scaring Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying's legs softened, and fell to the ground.

They] saw Wu Ruo for the first time.

Wu Ruo was so happy in her heart that she looked at Ruan Sheng.

Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying panicked, hurriedly kneeling in front of Wu Ruo, and scratched their heads for mercy: "Master Ruo, please look after us for many years and forgive us once, we will never dare.

Wu Ruo raised his lips sarcastically.

In the last life, he also begged for mercy, but did they let his family go?

"Wake Ruan Hui."


The guard gave him a wound medicine and made ice to wake people up.

"Wu Ruo, you **** ..." Ruan Yue cried weakly.

Wu Ruohe glanced at him, and looked at the guard who had dug out Ruan Ye's eyes: "Do you know what Ren Ren is?"


"Very well, don't let him die." Wu Ruo's eyes were red, and he said coldly, "Because I want to make him a little bit by bit, dig his eyes today, and chop his right leg tomorrow, The day after tomorrow I will break my left arm ... "

The guard respectfully said, "Yes, his subordinates are bound to die."

Ruan Ying and Ruan Sheng turned pale and looked at Ruan Yan's dark eyes, their bodies couldn't stop fighting.

Ruan Yue excitedly said, "Wu Ruo, you might as well kill me."

"Do you want to die? Oh, how can there be such a good thing? You can enjoy how the body is separated little by little." Wu Ruo's gaze turned on Ruan Sheng coldly: "Last night Play you guys] How comfortable are you playing? "

Thinking of the shame of last night, Ruan Yue shouted wildly: "Wu Ruo, you shut up, you shut up for me."

The guard pulled out the cloth and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Well ..." Ruan Yue's **** face was full of resentment.

Ruan Ying and Ruan Sheng did not know how to answer, for fear of being punished for wrong answers.

The guard kicked them: "Our lady asks you something.

Ruan Ying was afraid, "No, I don't know."

"I don't know? I didn't know if Shu was uncomfortable last night. What's the use of that?" Wu Ruo's eyes swept across them.

Ruan Ying hurriedly changed his mouth: "If you master, I remember, last night was very comfortable and very comfortable."

Wu Ruo sneered: "Since it's comfortable, it's even more useless to keep it.

Ruan Ying and Ruan Sheng have understood the meaning of Wu Ruo. No matter how they answer, they will not make them feel better. Suddenly, they collapse on the ground.

Wu Ruo's words later sent them to hell: "Make them all human."

Ruan Ying burst into tears: "Master, please forgive us."

Wu Ruo left the firewood room with his sleeves, all crying behind him.
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