Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 171-180

Chapter 171: Who is this expert

When Wu Chenzi saw Wu Weixue, his eyes flashed with surprise. He searched for famous doctors and did not heal Wu Yanli's face. How did Wu Weixue restore his appearance? And the skin is smoother than before, just like a newborn baby.

"Where have you been this time?"

Wu Weixue pretended to look at Wu Chenzi with a look of surprise: "Grandfather, don't you know where I'm going?"

Wu Chenzi lowered his face: "It's ridiculous, how could the old man know where you went?"

"However, the person who took me away said that my grandfather sent him to take me to the doctor's face. Otherwise, my face would be better."

Wu Weixue touched her smooth face.

"..." Wu Chenzi stared at her face tightly, thinking of her face to see if she was lying, because he did not send someone to take Wu Weixue to treat her appearance.

However, since the granddaughter thinks that he sent someone to take her to heal her looks, then she will count: "The one who took you away from the Imperial City? And where do you heal your looks?"

Wu Weixue shook his head: "I don't know where I went. I was blindfolded when I was taken away from Wu's house. Then I left the imperial city in a carriage and walked for a long time to come to a room In the old and broken house, apart from giving me daily healing face, they wouldn't let me go out at all, and when the appearance recovered as before, when it came back, blindfolded my eyes and sent me back to the Imperial City. "

Song Yan: "..."

Wu Chenzi didn't feel like she was lying, but still didn't believe her, so she asked again using the spirit of words.

Wu Weixue still answered this.

Wu Chenzi frowned, who healed Wu Weixue.

Wu Weixue got out of control and turned back to her, and blinked and asked, "Grandfather, is there a problem?"

Wu Chenzi asked, "What about the person who brought you back? You asked him to come to the old man's yard, and the old man has something to tell him."

"After they sent me back, they left.

Song Yan hurriedly said, "Going to catch up now should be able to catch up.

Wu Weixue said softly, "I don't even know what they look like, how to chase them."

Song Yan angered: "It's clear you don't want to say."

Wu Weixue sneered: "If you don't believe it, you can let your grandfather use the magic of words to know whether it is true or false."

"Grandfather." Song Yan cast a pleading look at Chen Zi.

Wu Chenzi, who has just used speech magic, said: "She didn't lie."

Wu Weixue asked, "I don't know if my grandfather has ordered me? If not, I want to go back to my room to rest. I have been hurrying these days and I haven't been able to take a good rest."

Wu Chenzi thought for a while and asked, "Do you still want to marry Hei Xieyu?"

When Wu Weixue heard the name, his eyes flashed: "Of course, he is the only husband candidate."

Wu Chenzi chuckled a smile: "In this case, the old man asked the emperor to point you to a marriage."

Wouldn't Wu Ruo have a relationship with his husband? Didn't you say that you would miss each other for a moment? Then he will point to the black marriage again to see if they can still love.

Wu Weixue twisted his eyebrows lightly, "But when I came back, I heard that many people in Wuling, Gaoling City had died many months ago, and now the emperor is letting him marry, will it be bad for Wujia and his ? "

Wu Chenzi sneered: "You don't need to worry about this."

Regardless of the unsuccessful marriage, his main purpose is to be disgusting.

Wu Weixue's current idea is the same as that of Wu Chenzi. The most important thing is to torture Wu Ruo by all means, and the second is to want to marry Hei Xieyu.

Wu Chenzi waved her hand to signal that she could leave.

"Before leaving, Xueer would like to thank her grandfather again for finding a famous doctor for Xueer, otherwise, I don't know when I can restore her appearance." Wu Weixue turned to Wu Chenzi and turned away.

Wu Chenzi frowned, trying to explain that he did not do this thing, but felt that it was also good to not deny it. In this way, Wu Weixue would no longer hate what he did that day.

Song Yan was anxious: "Grandfather, you no longer have to ask her how to heal her appearance?"

Wu Chenzi lowered her face: "You heard it yourself, she doesn't know anything."

"Who the grandfather sent her to take a doctor?"

"It's not an old man at all." Wu Chenzi was also very curious who would take Wu Weixue to heal his face in his name.

You did n’t send it, why did n’t you deny it just now. Song Yan glared secretly at Wu Chenzi, she was really unwilling to catch up with Wu Weixue who hadn't gone far: "Wu Weixue, you ruined Li Er's appearance at first, should you be responsible to her? You said you didn't know where you were taken? Then you should know what kind of medicine the other party used to save you? "

"Responsible?" Wu Weixue looked at her with a shudder: "Did you take responsibility for me when you put a snake to bite someone? Besides, I didn't destroy the appearance of Wu Yanli with the capacity water, why should I Responsible for her? If you really want to heal Wu Yanli's face, you can ask your grandfather, but he sent someone to take me to heal. "

"But grandfather said he didn't send you to take you."

Wu Weixue smiled coldly: "Then you have to go back and think about why he is unwilling to admit it.

Song Yan froze, thinking of Wu Weixue the day she put the snake to bite Wu Weixue. He must have hated her for ruining the appearance of his granddaughter, so he was unwilling to tell how to heal his appearance.

However, no matter how she was that day, she shouldn't let her breath out on her great-granddaughter, after all, her daughter was also from the Wu family.

The more Song Yan thought, the more she felt that Wu Chenzi was unwilling to save her daughter. Suddenly, she had a great grudge against Wu Chenzi.

Wu Weixue took advantage of Song Yan's daze, speeded up her pace, and left Wu Chenzi's yard. She didn't slow down until she could see Wu Chenzi's yard, and she was relieved: "Master Master Xuan Shu is really amazing. Let me escape the grandfather's words. "

However, if her master is not powerful, she will not only recognize that she is Wu Weixue as a beggar, and heal all the injuries on her body, and restore her to her original level.

Wu Weixue thought of the former shame, and there was a lot of blood of hatred in his eyes.

Song Yan, who came out from the back, hurriedly left the Wu family and went to the Song family. She cried and told Wu Chenzi to send someone to take Wu Weixue to heal her face but did not want to treat her daughter. After the Song family learned, Especially angry.

The people of the Yao family soon learned about this, and then went to the Wu family with the Song family to question Wu Chenzi.

Wu Chenzi tried his best to explain, and no one believed what he said, so angry that he directly invited people out of the Wu family, causing the Song family to complain about Wu Chenzi.

In the early morning the next morning, Wu Chenzi went to Guannian, hoping that the emperor would marry his granddaughter Wu Weixue.

Ling Mohan learned of this and quickly asked Heiyang to tell Wu Ruo.

"Mrs. Prince, let me tell you that Wu Chenzi went to the palace in the morning and said that he dreamed of his father last night. His father has always blamed him for not fulfilling his promises and marrying his granddaughter to benefactors, so, I hope the emperor will marry his grandson and master, and hope to marry the black family as a flat wife. "

Wu Ruo was furious at the table: "When someone just comes back and wants to get something done, he can't be a part of it? Wu Weixue is so short of a man, should he marry someone else's husband? I should have sent her if I knew so To the brothel. "

Hei Xuan raised his black eyes: "Did the emperor agree to point to marriage?"

Heiyang said, "No, after all, at the beginning of last month, my wife died so many relatives. Now that the filial piety period has not passed, I will refer you to marriage, which is against the etiquette. If things go out, the people will How to look at the emperor. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

Does he want to thank Wu Xuanran that they died well?

No, we should be grateful to the emperor for his purple body, otherwise, Wu Chenzi will control the emperor with the spirit of words.

"Wu Chenzi will not give up so easily." Wu Ruoyin had a very bad premonition, which came from Wu Chenzi and also from Wu Weixue. She must have recovered from her body so quickly.

He hugged Hei Xu's neck: "Wu Xuexue must be prepared to return."

Hei Xieyu clenched his hand: "Don't worry, Ling Mohan can take her out of the Wu family and turn her into a beggar, and can sneak into the Wu family again and kill her."

Hei Yang heard the words and said, "Prince, the Prince sent someone to assassinate her last night, but it was unsuccessful. The Prince said that Wu Weixue's spiritual order has been raised from sixth to eighth."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "How did you rise so fast and ate the best **** Dan?"


"So you're not her opponent anymore?"

Hei Yang nodded.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and had other plans in mind.

At night, Wu Ruo bathed out and saw Hei Xieyu in the room, thinking that he was reading in the study, and went to bed to meditate. About half an hour later, Hei Xieyu returned to the room.

"It's not easy to kill Wu Weixue this time."

Wu Ruo opened his eyes and wondered, "Should you go to Wu Weixue before?"

Hei Xuanxi looked dignified: "There is a large array in her yard, and I can't even break in."

He just went to Wu's house to find Wu Weixue, but before the person entered the yard, he was bounced back by the formation method. Later, using 50% of the spiritual power, he could not break the formation half point. They left Wujia.

"Isn't this big array set up by Wu Chenzi?"

"No." Hei Xuyi said very surely, "Wu Chenzi does not have this ability."

Wu Ruo: "..."

"Wu Weixue must be assisted by an expert. We must be careful in the future.

Hei Xuan frowned, and now it is definitely not possible to protect Wu Ruo by the ghost clan.

He took out the fairy from his waist bag and handed it to Wu Ruo: "Remember the spell I taught you to read?"

Wu Ruo clenched his fairy wares tightly: "Even the fairy wares have been taken out. Is that person so powerful?"

"It's definitely not a casual person who can arrange that big array."

"Who will this expert be?"

Wu Ruo became more and more disturbed.

Chapter 172: I want to look at you

From black shading to bathing in the bathroom, Wu Ruo has been lying in bed thinking about the events of the last life.

During the last life, have there ever been any masters who are more powerful than Wu Chenzi? After much thought, he couldn't think of this person.

However, at this time in the previous life, he was still in Gaoling City, and it was not clear what happened to the Imperial City. Perhaps this expert appeared before he had gone to the Imperial City.

"What are you thinking about?" Hei Xuyi came back and saw Wu Ruo staring at the top of the bed, and asked curiously.

"I was thinking that Wu Weixue definitely hated me, but she has eighth-order spiritual power, and I'm still sixth-order. When I meet her, I must suffer a lot, so ..." Wu Ruo turned his head to see the black Yan Xun held a comb and combed the black and black silk, and her hair was like a man's big hand, stroking the open chest of He Xuan.

He couldn't help holding his breath, and a beautiful man was out of the bath.

"So what?" Hei Xuyi never heard the text below, looked up, and saw a figure rushing over, or he would fall into a dog and eat **** if he didn't react sensitively and would work hard.

"So ..." Wu Ruo hung Hei Xieyu on his body: "We need to be more loving and angry with Wu Weixue."

"..." Hei Xuyi clearly felt a hard object on his stomach. He raised an eyebrow, and asked hoarsely, "Want more love, huh?"

"Love so much that others can see that we have loved tonight." Wu Ruohou eagerly unbuttoned his obscenity: "Go to bed."

Hei Xieyu breathed heavily, trying to extinguish the candle, but was blocked by Wu Ruo.

"I want to look at you."

Hei Xiu directly took the person back to the bed, took off his obscene clothes, and covered him naked.

Tonight ’s Wu Ruo ’s special enthusiasm, such as leaving the black to be squeezed out, and leaving a mark on each part of the body, because the parts under the ears are very obvious, even a high-necked robe ca n’t stop it Hold kiss marks.

In the middle of the night, Wu Ruocai hugged people to sleep contentedly.

Hei Xiu looked down at the marks on his eyes, and the corners of his mouth couldn't pull upwards. Even the back of his hands and palms were sucked with purple marks.

He held the man in his arms, kissed his forehead, closed his eyes and slept.

When it was time to get up, Wu Ruo suddenly woke up and looked at the top of the bed.

"Having a nightmare?" Hei Xuwei, who was awakened by Wu Ruo, opened his eyes and asked.

Wu Ruo turned to stare at Hei Xuanyu for a while before calming down: "Hmm ..."

It ’s not a nightmare, but just after falling asleep, he dreamed of the last time Ruan Dai killed his family. Every detail of every action is clear. The strangest thing is that before Master Ruan Dai spoke, All the pictures are like speeding stickers, and they are constantly speeding up. When the master of Ruan Rong speaks, the picture resumes the normal speed immediately, until Hei Xuan 翊 arrives, Ruan Rong and his master flee. Then, the picture returned to the time when Ruan Yue was about to kill the whole family. The picture speed was still passing fast. When the master of Ruan Yue made a voice, the picture returned to normal speed. In this way, I repeated the dream one night. The voice of Ruan Rong's master, Hei Xieyu asked, "What's the dream?"

"I dreamed ..." Wu Ruo hesitated for a moment before he said, "I dreamed about Ruan Yue his master.

He hasn't dreamed of the last life for a long time. Is he too eager to see Master Ruan Yue recently, so he dreamed of him again?

Or does this dream foreshadow something, otherwise, as long as he dreams of his master Ruan Rong, the picture will slow down and keep dreaming about this repeatedly.

Does it mean Master Ruan is going to appear? Or has it already appeared?

If it has appeared ...

Wu Ruo inexplicably associates Master Ruan Rong with the superiors they talked about before.

Hei Xieyu asked, "Who is his master?"

"do not know."

Hei Xuanyu rubbed his hair: "It's just a dream. Don't think too much. Would you like to sleep again?"

Wu Ruo couldn't sleep: "No need.‘

"Are you sure?" Hei Xuyi squeezed his arm lightly: "Are you so hard last night, aren't you tired?"

Wu Ruo thought of his initiative last night, his face flushed, and he got up and poured on Hei Xieyu, kissed his lips: "I can come a few times now."

Hei Xunyu smiled and kissed his forehead, and kissed me in bed with him for a while before getting up and washing.

During breakfast, Hei Xuantang noticed that there were purple marks on the back of Hei Xuan's hands. He couldn't help but glance at it, and soon he understood what was going on. He laughed, "Brother, sister, you, you really are That's too much. "

If he didn't guess wrong, the mark on the back of his hand is a kiss mark, so it seems that his aunt has a lot of possessive power over his elder brother.

Wu Xi looked at Hei Xuantang strangely: "What are you laughing at?"

The others were also puzzled, only Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo knew what he was laughing at.

Hei Xietang held back a smile and shook his head: "Nothing, nothing."

Wu Xi looked back and saw the purple marks on the arm of Hei Xuyi: "Brother, have you hurt the back of your hand? I have wounds on me, do you want to apply it?"

"No." Hei Xingtang whispered for Hei Xuan: "My brother's injury must remain until it disappears.

Ushi wondered: "Why?"

"Cough one one" Hei Xietang coughed: "No reason, don't patronize and talk, breakfast will be cold."

Ye Ji silently looked at the back of the hand with dark eyes, and then silently looked at the spine which looked only six years old, and twisted his eyebrows.

After having a full meal, while everyone was leaving the table, he whispered in Jiyi's ear, "When will you be willing to grow back?"

Ji Yi glanced at him: "What are you doing here?"

"What do you say?"

Ji Yi and Ye Ji looked at each other for a long time before they understood the purpose of his question, and his face flushed: "Don't think about it, I don't plan to grow back in this life."

"..." Ye Ji didn't give up, and asked, "Where's your superb **** Dan?"

After eating the superb **** Dan, maybe he will come back immediately.

"Here it is to Wu Ruo." Thorny snorted coldly and stepped out of the screen. At this moment, Hei Gan walked in and said, "Master, five superb gods will appear in the auction.

He walked in front of Hei Xuyi and handed the list of auction items bought at the auction to Hei Xuyi. "It will be launched on the first day of November.

Upon hearing this, Uxi opened his eyes wide and said, "Five? How much money would it take to get it?"

The last time I went to the black market, two fine **** spirits would cost 30 million yuan. Now there are five elixir in total.

Wu Qianqing was surprised and said, "Necromantic God Dan? Didn't Xiao Xiao said that he was eating supernatural gods to improve the spiritual order? I have only heard of it before.

Ushi excitedly said, "I've seen it, I've seen it on the black market."

Hei Xutang looked at Hei Xuyi: "Brother, do you want to buy it all?"

Hei Xuanxi frowned, watching the auction list silent.

Wu Ruoyin had a bad hunch, and it was not known whether it was because of being affected by the rescued Wu Weixue's superiors. They always felt that someone was digging a trap for them to jump.

He looked at Hei Xieyu, exactly in the eyes of Hei Xieyu: "I don't think it is better to buy elixir this time."

After all, the elixir is going to be swallowed in the belly. Any unpredictable things may happen. Although he can identify the medicinal materials, it does not mean that all the medicinal materials can be recognized. Therefore, it is safer to absorb the spiritual power of others.

Hei Xieyu also has such an idea.

I just came up with a master, and then came up with five superb gods, it was a coincidence or someone did it on purpose, which is hard to say.

"Can I see it?" Ye Ji asked out loud.

Hei Xunyu glanced at him and handed him the list of auction items.

Ye Ji browsed it again, and finally his eyes rested on Jikou Shenling Dan, and then returned the list to Hei Xieyu.

"I want to see it too." Hei Xietang grabbed the list and looked at it: "Well, this is good, this is also good ..."

He looked at Uhis secretly while looking at the auction introductions and the pictures above.

"Ma'am, lord, here comes the robes you ordered a few days ago." The gatekeeper came in and reported.

Wu Ruo said, "Let them carry in.

This time because of the reasons for changing seasons, so I made more robes.

The gatekeepers carried ten large boxes in a row.

Wu Ruo opened the box, inspected it roughly, and handed the remaining unpaid silver to the shopkeeper of the garment shop.

The shopkeeper received the silver ticket and left with a smile.

Wu Ruo shared the new cotton robes with everyone, even Thorns and Yeji.

"Brother, these robes are so beautiful." Uhi was particularly pleased.

Guan Tong also put it down.

Wu Ruo smiled.

The robes he made were the favorite styles of women in the next few years, of course, Wu Ruo and Guan Tong would like it.

Ye Ji unexpectedly has a new robe: "Thank you.

"You're welcome, a few robes are not worth a few dollars." Wu Ruo looked at Ye Ji and suddenly remembered something, and while everyone's attention was on the robes, he invited Ye Ji outside: " Ye Ji, there's something I want to ask you about the demons. "

"You ask."

"Uh ... I want to ask about the Emperor." Wu Ruo thought about it before he said, "How many concubines and children does he have?"

Ye Ji replied: "There is only one concubine and one child."

"Only one?" Wu Ruoting was surprised. "Should the Emperor have three palaces and six courts like the emperor of our people?"

Ye Ji twisted his eyebrows: "The previous demon emperors did have three palaces and six courtyards. This demon emperor may have only had a concubine because he had just taken over the demon clan. This concubine was only married a few years ago. "

"Just married?" Wu Ruo wondered: "Isn't the princess of the clan tribe born of this concubine?"

"No. The Princess of the Demons is a child that had existed before the Emperor succeeded."

"What about the biological mother of the Princess of the Demons?"

"It is said that the child died after giving birth, and some people said that the princess was not the biological daughter of the emperor, but was picked up outside, and some said that the princess of the tribe was a child left by the previous generation of the emperor. As for the truth, no one Learn. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

Chapter 173: Decree of marriage

Regardless of the truth of the matter, the fact that the emperor has a family cannot be rid of it, and since Wu Ruo said those words to the emperor, the emperor has never appeared again. Wuzhu gradually returned to the same joke as before. Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong were very happy that he could get out of this relationship, but only Wu Ruo knew Wuzhu still thought about the emperor, because if he really liked someone , But it does n’t mean that if you want to drop it, you can drop it immediately.

On the day of the auction on the first day of November, because Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo did not intend to go to the auction, U Xi and Wu Qianqing left their homes with little interest in the auction. Only Hei Xietang and Ye Ji took the The bad guy at home went to the auction hall early in the morning.

At noon lunch, Eggs and Hei Xingtang returned to Heifu happily.

Wu Ruo saw them smile, and guessed that they must have captured what they wanted: "What items did you capture?"

Hei Xietang gave an embarrassed cough: "I won't tell you."

The next moment, Eggman sold him: "Uncle Si took a bun."

"..." Hei Xuantang rubbed his face round with a sullen expression: "Sure to keep it secret for me? Uh? Your dad asked me to betray me? Are there any uncles or nephews? , You just ate what I bought, and now you do n’t want to pay it? ”


Wu Ruo gave him a strange look: "Why can't a bun say?"

Hei Xietang giggled, secretly glanced at U Xi, and quickly turned away everyone's attention: "Ye Ji took the best **** Dan."

Everyone looks at Yeji.

Ye Ji actively took out the best **** Dan.

Wuzhu and Wuqianqing came forward to watch, except that their color and aura were different, they were almost the same as other elixir.

After everyone read it, Wu Ruocai took a closer look at his hands. From the color and smell, it is the same as the superb **** Dan he ate, so I don't know if there is any problem in the elixir.

Hei Xieyu also looked before leaving.

Ye Ji watched them repeatedly looking at the elixir, and asked, "Is there a problem?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "I didn't see any problems. You just bought a miracle god?"


Hei Xietang said, "Da'ao, you didn't go to the auction and you didn't know how much the best Shendan is so popular. For this one Shendan, Yeji spent 20 million yuan.

Thorny hummed: "Waste of silver."

Yeyi glanced at him, and after thinking, he decided to keep the superb **** Dan himself first, and later he was willing to take out the elixir, "Master, lady, there is someone outside to find Yeji son." The guard guard came in and said.

Ye Ji wondered, "Who does he say he is?"

"He asked me to give this to you." The gatekeeper gave a token to Yeji.

Yeji recognized the token and said to them, "It's the people of this seat."

He went out with the gatekeeper, and after a moment, he came back solemnly and said, "This seat needs to go back to the Demon Race, the time is uncertain.

Thorny asked: "What happened?"

Ye Ji twisted his eyebrows: "Some of the demons rebelled, and the demons let this seat return to the demons quickly."

Wuzhu's heart lifted up and asked anxiously: "Is it serious?"

"It should be serious, otherwise, this seat will not be recalled."

"That ..." Wu Zhu wanted to say something. In the end, it turned into a bitter smile, and now it has nothing to do with You. He is so worried about what he is doing, even if the two are still together, not only can't he help with his ability, Can also be a drag on you.

Wu Ruo patted Wu Zhu's shoulder, sooth him not to worry too much.

"This seat will not go back." Tiao Ling threw his token to Ye Ji: "The people in this seat will leave it to you for a while."

He is now less than half capable, and going back is almost dead.

"Well." Ye Ji politely received the token in his arms: "Go away."

As soon as he left, Wuzhu asked Thorax: "What happens if someone rebels?"

Thorny said, "Like your race, there will be a fierce fight."

Wuzhu: "..."

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong saw that his son was worried about the princess of the Mo tribe, and couldn't help but look at Wu Ruo comfort him: "Don't worry."

Wuzhu nodded: "Yes."

"Grumbling one by one", the sound of the babies' bellies came out in time.

Hei Xietang's eyes widened: "Little nephew, didn't you just eat five big buns before you came back? Hungry so fast?"

Eggs look at him with grievances.

Guan Tong laughed: "Let's eat."

Black bamboo and spiny thorns have no mood to eat, and swallowed two casually to return to the room.

After eating enough, Hei Xietang took Uchi back to the backyard alone, and quickly put the captured mule into Uxi's hands: "Little girl, here you are, without waiting for Uxi to react, Hei Xietang has run away. .

Seeing this, Heixin laughed and said, "It's so rare, Master Four is even shy."

Heigang said: "He should be afraid of being rejected."

"Our four masters are so good, who would be willing to reject him.

In Heixin's eyes, as long as he is the young master of the black family, it is all good.

Wu Xi opened the box and saw that it was a step-by-step magic weapon, simple and beautiful, as long as it was a girl.

She smiled shyly, looking at Hei Xietang's direction, and hesitated to close the box, and decided to find a time to return the **** to Hei Xietang.

Hei Gan ticked his lips: "It looks like it won't work.

Hei Xin slapped him: "Dead boy, Master Four is rejected, why are you so happy?"

Hei Gan rolled his eyes, he was just happy that he had guessed the ending, not because Wuzhu was happy that he refused Hei Xietang, Uxi was a good girl, and he also hoped that Hei Xietang could be with her, but Hei Xietang was full of children Temperament is not suitable for cheerful Uhi.

"Why is Heigan happy?"

Wu Ruo, who was going to rest in the backyard, heard what Hexin said and asked curiously.

"Nothing." Hei Xin smiled.

Hei Xuan looked at them and pulled Wu Ruo back to his yard. Then, Hei Yang appeared in front of them: "I have a son, a wife, a prince, let me tell you that the emperor has given the marriage to the master. Now, the **** director He is holding the holy mission on his way to Heifu. "

His eyes narrowed darkly.

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed angrily: "Did not the emperor always disagree before? Why suddenly changed his mind?"

During this time, Wu Chenzi went to the emperor to ask for it at three to five. The emperor immediately refused, and the emperor just rejected Wu Chenzi yesterday. Why did he suddenly promise to marry today? Does Wu Chenzi successfully use the words? Spirit Art?

"The prince said that the emperor was reviewing the memorial at that time, and suddenly he somehow said that he wanted to marry the master and Wu Weixue, maybe it was controlled, but the person who controlled the emperor was definitely not Wu Chenzi, and now the prince is also very worried about this control The emperor's men will shoot again. "

Hei Xuyi and Wu Ruo also thought that it would not be Wu Chenzi. If he had the ability to control the emperor, he would have controlled the emperor to give the emperor to the second prince.

The two of them agreed to save Wu Weixue's master.

Wu Ruo was burning in anger: "Who the **** is this guy? Why has he been helping Wu Weixue?"

I always felt that the people who helped Wu Weixue came at him. He couldn't help but remember the dreams he had dreamed a while back. Did the people who helped Wu Weixue have something to do with Master Ruan Yue?

Heiyang frowned. "The prince also said that if the master and his wife resisted the decrees, they would kill their heads. Would the master send someone to kill the **** who passed the decree?"

As long as the eunuchs are killed, the edicts will not be sent to Heifu.

Wu Ruoshen whispered, "Kill one eunuch, and there will be another **** who will preach it."

Heiyang Road: "At least for a while, the master and wife can find a way to solve this matter."

Hei Xuanxi frowned lightly: "If the emperor is really controlled by the person who rescued Wu Weixue, it is likely that this person has been protecting the **** of Chuanzhi to Heifu, and it is not easy to kill the **** of Chuanzhi."

"What to do?" Heiyang didn't like Wu Weixue, but didn't want this vicious woman to enter Heifu's door.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked at each other.

About half an hour later, the decree was sent to Heifu.

Everyone must go out and answer.

The **** of the mission read: "Carried in Fengtian, the emperor's next day: The master of the black house, Hei Xuan, has an extraordinary appearance and excellent mysticism, but only his wife serves him, and he is very worried. The history of the **** makes Wu Rongshu worry. The daughter of Wu Weixue, skilled, generous, gentle, and good-looking, is suitable for marriage and marriage when choosing a husband and a good match. It is worthy of the help of the talents to cooperate with Wu Weixue. For the beauty of the beautiful lady, he specially assigned Wu Weixue to Hei Xieyu as a flat wife. All the etiquette was left to the man, and he chose to get married on the tenth day of November. "

There was silence now.

Everyone couldn't believe that Shi Jun would marry Hei Xieyu.

"No ..." Wu Xi was trying to speak, and Wu Qianqing yanked his robes to stop her from speaking.

The **** of Chuanzhuan looked at Hei Xuyi and said, "Hei Xuyi, aren't you quick to answer the question?"

Wu Ruoqi stood up and ran back to the backyard, and Hei Xuan quickly ran after him.

A man with a sore face and a wretched face came to the father-in-law, and secretly stuffed a bag of silver into the father-in-law's hand, and took over the imperial edict: "Tough father-in-law, father-in-law should not enter it Have a cup of tea before leaving? "

Seeing that his face was poor, Chuanzhi **** refused: "No, we have to go back to the palace to return to life.

"The father-in-law walks slowly."

The **** passed out of Heifu, walked to a carriage, and whispered, "Miss Wu, the imperial edict has arrived."

The person sitting in the car was Wu Weixue, she whispered, "What is Wu Ruo's reaction?"

Chuanzhi **** smiled: "He turned away with anger."

In order not to make Wu Weixue unhappy, he omitted the matter of Hei Xieyu's pursuit of Wu Ruo.

Wu Weixue whispered, "I just get angry when I receive the imperial edict. Wouldn't I be mad when I marry?"

If that's the case, she is right.

The **** of Chuanzhi said, "How can he be compared with Miss Wu? In the eyes of the minions, he is at best a male pet, which is better than Miss Wu's honorable status."

Wu Weixue was very happy to hear this, and let the maidservant's peach reward bag silver be given to the eunuch.

The **** passed the silver, and happily returned to the palace to return to life.

Wu Weixue looked at the gate of Heifu House and sneered. After nine days, she was the hostess of this mansion.

Heifu was arguing because of receiving the decree.

"Is the emperor full of food and nothing to do, so he decides to give someone a marriage at will?" Wu Xi was so angry: "The emperor also praised Wu Weixue's sophistication, good manners, and good looks. He was blind? Who doesn't know that Wu Weixue is a vicious woman in the entire city of capital. When she sees that others look more beautiful than her, she uses cosmetic water to destroy people's looks. My second brother looks so good, she will never let my second brother down. "

"You speak quietly." Wu Qianqing sank his face: "If these words reach the emperor's ears, we will all be beheaded."

Wu Xi stomped with anger: "I just can't breathe. The second brother and the second brother have such a good relationship, but the emperor came to destroy the feelings of others, and gave the second brother such a disgusting woman.

Wu Qianqing tightened her brow: "The destiny is the emperor, no matter how angry you can't resist it."

Hei Xietang was also very upset that the emperor had randomly ordered his marriage, and after reading the holy fingers, he was so angry that he threw it back to the person who received it: "My elder brother won't marry her. Two wives. "

"But the imperial edict has been taken. Can you say that you don't marry if you don't marry?" Wu Xi said, "If Wu Weixue marries into Heifu, she will be suffocated by her."

If there is one day, she and dad will definitely move out of here, and even the second brother will take it away.

Hei Xietang was furious: "This emperor is really sick. How can a man like my brother be tough on a woman? The people in Wu family also have abnormal brains. Knowing that my brother likes men, he must marry Wu Weixue. Come in, doesn't that mean that Wu Weixue stays alive? What's the point of letting her marry in? "

Uhi: "..."

Wu Qianqing: "..."

Wuzhu looks dignified and doesn't want to see his brother sharing a husband with others: "Before we have gotten married, we should think of a way for the emperor to recover his life."

Guan Tong looked worried: "I'm going to see Xiao Ruo, I hope he won't faint like last time."

"Mother, I will go with you."


Guan Tong and Wu Xi came to the courtyard where Wu Ruo lived together, and from a distance, he saw Hei Xuanyu sitting in the pavilion, Wu Ruo sitting tightly around his neck on his legs. Theirs, therefore, can't see their expressions clearly, but everyone is unwilling to disturb them with only tranquility.

"Second brother and uncle, so pitiful." Wu Zhu sad.

Wu Zhudao: "Mother, let's not bother them for the time being."

Ushi said: "If only Wu Weixue was not in this world."

"it is good."

Hei Xuantang squinted his eyes: "Just send someone to kill Wu Weixue."

Wu Qianqing quickly stopped "Xitang, don't mess around."

"Master Four, don't bother you." Heiyang and Heiyin are now behind them: "Now Wu Weixue is an eighth-order magician, and it is not easy to kill her, not to mention that there is an expert behind her. It's hard to kill her. "

Wu Qianqing advised: "Still waiting for Xun and Xiao Ruo to calm down, we will discuss how to solve the imperative.

Everyone nodded, but at dinner, Hei Xieyu instructed Hei Xin to set up Xitang.

Chapter 174: Get married

"Brother, are you serious?" Hei Xutang looked at Hei Xuyi incredulously: "Do you really want to marry Wu Weixue?"

Others looked at Hei Xieyu in disbelief, not expecting that he would agree to the marriage.

"What about Dasao? What about Dasao?" Hei Xietang was very excited.

Wu Ruo bowed her head and did not speak.

Wu Qianqing, Wu Xi, Wu Zhu, and Guan Tong are not good enough to blame Hei Xieyu. After all, he can't blame him for this matter. If the emperor had made a decree, they believed Hei Xieyu would never marry Wu Weixue.

Echidna didn't pick up the purpose, so I don't know what happened in the afternoon: "Hei Xieyu wants to marry Wu Weixue? What's going on?"

Hei Xuantang said again to receive the decree.

Thorny snorted coldly: "It would be better to resist directly. If you are afraid that there will be no place to be killed, go back to the demons with this seat. The house of this seat is absolutely safe and no one dares to harass you."

Ushi asked, "Isn't someone in your demons mutinous, sure to be safe?"

Jiyi: "..."

He has forgotten it.

Douban probably understood what they were saying, screaming angrily: "Father, I don't want my stepmother, my stepmother doesn't hurt me, she will choke me, I only want my father, I don't want my stepmother."

Hei Xietang hugged Dandan: "Little nephew said it well."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"Mr. Storyteller said that his stepmother was a badass, and his stepmother's father was also a badass." Eggs broke free of Hei Xietang and ran to hug Wu Ruo: "I only want father."

Hei Xuan said quietly, "I have decided my heart, and don't mention it again.

Hei Xietang said anxiously, "Brother, you can't marry Wu Weixue, you forget us ..."

"That's enough." Hei Xie stopped slamming him, turned his head and said to Hei Xin, "passing dishes to eat."

Hei Xin tightened his brows and wanted to say something, but when he saw Hei Xun's indifferent gaze, he responded, "Yes."

"I'm full of gas and don't eat anymore." Hei Xietang turned and walked away.

Ushi watched him leave, stood up and said, "I'll see him."

Wu Qianqing sighed: "Let's eat first."

However, no one was thinking.

The imperial decree placed on the tea table under the main wall flashed a light of gold, as if lightning flashed, so fast that people could not catch it.

Hei Xin arranged Heifu Hall as Xitang in accordance with the instructions of Hei Xuyi. Unfortunately, the atmosphere was not festive at all, and because the hall was decorated like Xitang, everyone was not willing to come to the hall for dinner. The place to eat was changed to the side hall.

The atmosphere in Heifu is down, and the atmosphere in Wujia is not very good.

Wu Weixue waited and waited for Heihuan to send someone to deliver the gift. Shang Xirong did not know how many unpleasant words he said in front of Wu Weixue, not to mention Shang Yuanrong originally disagreed with the marriage.

Others are not optimistic about this marriage. How can a man with a boyfriend give another woman a happiness? So many people are waiting to see Wu Weixue's joke. She thinks that she must feel bad about her reputation before rushing to marry a man with a boyfriend.

Because of this, everyone ’s impression of the Wu family is getting worse and worse. It ’s really shameful that the family ’s Wu family has just died of so many people, and has not rushed to marry a woman to handle marriage.

The people of Wu family also strongly disapprove of Wu Chenzi's approach. However, it is difficult for them to say that Wu Chenzi's is not just that what Wu Chenzi has done in the past half year is getting more and more outrageous, even almost because of the fairy. The Wu family was affected by the incident, so more and more people were unwilling to take orders from Wu Chenzi, not to mention that Wu Chenzi had no official position and was no longer qualified to order them to do things.

Outside rumors are getting more and more unpleasant, but Wu Weixue is indifferent no matter what people outside her say about her, because she is confident that she can grab Hei Xuanyu, waiting for them to see her standing with Hei Xuanying loving At that time, people from all over the world would be envious of her being right with Hei Xieyu.

Of course, on the day of marriage, Wu Weixue still did not receive the offer of Hei Xieyu. Fortunately, Heifu sent someone to pick up the relatives, but Heifu only sent a guard to pick up the man in a donkey cart. On the spot almost shouted not to marry.

Shang Yanrong and Wu Chenzi are also very bad-looking. If not many people are watching them, they will be furious. In the back, they will prepare for Huajiao and the wedding team, and prepare the dowry for a mile. Other people's attention, otherwise, Wu Weixue must be ashamed to look up to people.

In this way, he came to Heifu joyfully and joyfully, and finally the peach of the girl who was married to her was relieved. She quietly whispered next to the sedan chair, "Miss, we have arrived in Heifu."

Wu Weixue was pleased and asked quickly: "Are there many visitors to the ceremony?"

Zhitao looked at the door indifferent, and then looked at a large group of people in the distance to see the lively people, barely holding a smile: "Many, many."

Wu Weixue smiled even more.

Outside, Hipo shouted, "Please ask the groom to come out and kick the car door."

Of course, nobody ignored her.

After Xipo shouted several times, the guard responsible for welcoming her relatives finally said, "There is no custom of kicking the car door in our family.

"This ..." Xi-po looked awkward.

Zhitao quickly asked Wu Weixue in the sedan, "Miss, what should I do?"

Wu Weixue didn't care to say, "If there is no, there will be no."

As long as she can successfully marry Heifu, the future is still long, and she will have another grand wedding after she wins the heart of Hei Xieyu.

"The bride is down," shouted Xi Pia outside.

Zhitao quickly opened the curtain to let Wu Weixue come out.

Wu Weixue was covered with a red headscarf and couldn't see the outside. He could only hear the lively sound, but it didn't come from the direction of the gate.

She could not help clenching her fists: "Peach, have any guests come to give gifts?"

"..." Zhitao looked at the deserted gate and said with a clever gesture: "Miss, don't you know that your aunt is a foreigner, and your relatives and friends from the Imperial City come to celebrate."

Wu Weixue thinks about it too, so he won't be tangled with this matter. After being pushed into the door, he asks again, "Where is my husband? Why don't you see him come out to meet me?"

Zhi Tao said: "It should be waiting in the hall to get married."

Wu Weixue smiled slightly.

Zhi Tao helped her to walk to the hall.

All the men brought by Wu Weixue were blocked out of the door.

The guard at the gate said: "It is custom of our people that on the day when the new couple becomes married, the woman's servant must return to the door to enter."

Everyone heard that it was a custom, but how could they dare to refute, they could only watch Xi Xi, Zhi Tao, and Wu Weixue enter Heifu.

When he came outside the hall door, Zhitao saw a man wearing a red wedding gown and a fake leather covered with black fish scales standing under the main wall. He couldn't help exclaiming: "Miss, I see my aunt."

Because the other party was her husband's husband, it was inconvenient to see more. After a few glances, she retracted her gaze.

Wu Weixue was also particularly pleased: "Is my husband handsome and beautiful today? Is he happy today?"

"This ..." She was afraid that she would be unhappy.

Wu Weixue anxiously said, "What the **** is wrong? You say it fast."

Zhitao whispered, "My aunt has put on the fake leather again. He is still the same and likes to keep his face cold."

Wu Weixue hesitated and sneered: "He just wanted me to retreat, but he didn't want to think about how I had seen him, but how could he still hate his appearance, let alone we would worship, would I just Give up on this little thing, right, is Wu Ruo there? "

"Not here." Zhitao proudly said, "I'm afraid I can't get angry anymore, even Wu Ruo's father and mother are not there."

Wu Weixue ticked off with satisfaction.

"Just arrive-" shouted the bridesmaid who stood aside.

Xi Po and Zhi Tao quickly helped Wu Weixue to the groom's letter.

"Where is the world--"

Wu Weixue and Hei Xieyu turned to the door and bowed.

"Thanks to Gaotang--"

Because Hei Xieyu didn't have a high hall, he just bowed in front of the open space.

"Wishing couples--"

When Wu Weixue heard this, she couldn't stop trembling with excitement, and she finally married the man.

"Li Cheng, send the bride and groom into the cavern--"

Zhitao was also very happy, and the lady finally married her aunt as she wished.

Standing at the entrance of the gate, when the bride and groom were sent into the cave, someone immediately returned to Wu's house and told Wu Chenzi about it.

Wu Chenzi was particularly happy to hear that Wu Weixue and Hei Xieyu had worshiped in the marriage, and now he is increasingly looking forward to seeing Wu Ruo kicked by Wu Weixue.

Wu Weixue, Zhitao, and Xipo followed Hei Xuanyu to the backyard, but all the way down, they did not hang red cloth and red lanterns. They did not see the whitewashed new yard until they came to the innermost yard. It was white for a while, with red silk cloth hanging on it.

Zhitao whispered: "Miss is here."

When she entered the yard, she was dumbfounded.

Although it is very new here, the yard is so small that it is not called a yard at all. It can barely squeeze in ten people. On the left hand side of the yard, there is a small wooden door. Moreover, the room was not as wide as the room she was staying in. Only a new five-foot-wide bed could be put in it. It was very shabby. Because there were big trees outside to block the daylight, the room looked particularly dim. If the lady saw This scene is bound to be mad.

Zhitao didn't have time to explain the situation here to Wu Weixue, and was rushed out by the guards: "You hi wife and girl can go to the Wu family, and when you come back, you will come again."

Xi Po said, "They haven't had a drink."

"The customs in our tribe don't drink wine, they go directly to the cave."

When Wu Weixue and Zhitao heard it, their faces couldn't help getting hot: "Peach, you go back first, and then you come back when you come back.

Zhitao looked around uneasily. With the urging of the guard, she had to say, "Miss, we're back."


Zhitao and Xipo left, and the room became quiet.

After all, Wu Weixue was a girl. In the face of a strange environment and a favorite man, her heart was naturally tense, and she kept twisting the red silk in her hand.

She shouted shyly: "Sangong."

"Um." The other party responded lightly. Next, pick up a double-hook steelyard and use the hook to lift the bride's hijab.

Although Wu Weixue had already seen the black shawl wearing fake leather, she was still startled in the dim, but she didn't show it, and, just thinking of the fake leather underneath, With a heart-beating face, she was particularly shy and happy, and she could not help lowering her head in the face of the burning eyes.

The man saw her gorgeous face, breathing heavily, and quickly dropped the weighing rod, lowered the curtain, unbuttoned the bride's phoenix crown and wedding robe, and then kissed Hong Yan's lips, rubbing her sensitive parts with her big hands, For a moment, Wu Weixue was trapped in his superb technology.

At the moment when the man stepped in, when he encountered a film, he became more excited, harder and more rude.

Wu Weixue felt a little pain when she was first entered. The more and more addictive was behind, until they passed out, the two stopped loving, and when she woke up, the man continued to have fun with her until he returned That day they stopped at the cave.

Wu Weixue lay prone on the man and smiled proudly, didn't he just say that he only loves men? But after touching her body, she has not fallen under her pomegranate skirt. She is reluctant to leave her half a step. I believe that Hei Xun will not touch Wu Ruo again this month.

"Master, it's not too early, it's time to come back."

Wu Weixue quickly got up: "Sangong, I'll wait for you to change."

"Um." The man was lying lazily on the bed, not wanting to move at all.

Wu Weixue opened the curtain happily. At the moment, she was choked by the small room. It was Wu Ruo's idea to live in such a small room.

Wu Weixue quickly recovered, and silently hummed. When she got all the favor from Hei Xuan, let Hei Xuan to move the room to the big room where Wu Ruo lived. Out of the black house.

She picked up the robes scattered all over the place, and frowned, and these robes were not suitable for wearing the door.

Wu Weixue across the door and instructed the guard outside the door to send two ordinary robes.

After a moment, a girl coldly put two new robes into the room, then threw the robes on Wu Weixue and left.

Wu Weixue looked so cold that she almost killed the dead girl, but thinking that today is her homecoming day, she must not kill, so she had to hold back the nausea, squatted down, and picked up the robe. However, the robe fabric Rough, like the clothing worn by the lowest men in Wujiafu.

"Not too soon to dress me." The man on the bed cried husky.

Wu Weixue once again thought that the robe was Wu Ruo's ghost, so no matter how much, put the robe on the body, and then dress the man on the bed.

After the man put on his robe, he kissed Wu Weixue's face.

Wu Weixue bowed her head in shame: "There is no dressing table or comb here. How can we comb our hair?"

"Sit down and I will comb your hair." The man pulled her to the bed.

Wu Weixue coquettishly said, "When you're going to see my father and mother, you have to give me some good-looking."

"Well." The man gathered her hair at will, then picked up the pink turban on the ground and wrapped it around. "Okay."

Wu Weixue froze: "Alright?"

Would you like to wrap your hair with a cloth towel like a village aunt?

"Well, my lady looks so good." The man kissed her on the face.

Wu Weixue smiled, and suddenly, the man's voice didn't feel like the voice of Hei Xuanyu.

Chapter 175: Back door


Wu Weixue looked up at the man. The dark room could barely see the man's face. The black scales made her unable to see the man's face, but her eyes and eye shapes seemed different.

She was shocked. When she wanted to see more clearly, the door was knocked. The man turned to open the door and took the breakfast from the guard.

Wu Weixue looked at his tall back, and thought that even if Hei Xunyu was unwilling to marry her, he could not resist and obey a man for her, so it must be her illusion just now.

She was slightly relieved. When she saw that there was only a bowl of white porridge and a bun that was too hard to bite off her teeth, her face became ugly again. She drank the bowl of porridge at will and put down the bowl. Ok.

"Don't eat?" The man asked her.

"Not hungry."

"Then I ate it." The man took a bite of the bun, chewed it, and swallowed it with a mouthful of porridge.

Wu Weixue's anxiety rose again. She once had dinner with Hei Xieyu. Her temperament was very elegant. Like the noble son who came out of the noble grandson Sun, the etiquette was very in place. Her actions were extremely rude, and the porridge made a gurgling sound. After listening to it, she was extremely nauseated, and even turned against this man.

How could this be?

She looked at the man again. Suddenly, the man stopped his mouthful of eating and began to chew slowly, drinking porridge and no longer making sounds.

Wu Weixue smiled back, this is the man she likes.

Just now it must have been so rude to eat for two days.

Wu Weixue thought of the fierce strength of Hei Xieyu on the bed, her face heated again, and she found the silk she brought to wipe the corners of the man's mouth.

The man grinned: "Mother, you are so gentle!"

Wu Weixue frowned. It was not her illusion. The voice of the man was a little different.

The man stood up and took her hand: "I'll accompany you back to your mother's house."

Wu Weixue quickly suppressed the strangeness in her heart and nodded: "Okay."

When the two walked out of the house, Wu Weixue saw the courtyard narrow enough to be regarded as an aisle, and quickly stared at his red eyes, so angry that his teeth kept on forehead and one of the walls facing the doorway of the room seemed to be just blocked. , The color is newer than the surrounding walls. In the vagueness, you can still see a trace of the door frame on the wall.

The man took Wu Weixue's hand to the left wooden door, opened it, and went out.

Wu Weixue's eyes widened. There was an alley outside, and there was a donkey cart to pick her up.

How could this be?

After coming out of the house, shouldn't it be the courtyard of Heifu?

"Isn't this black house?"

"It's Heifu, um ..." The man pointed to the plaque hanging on the small wooden door that came out of them, and the words "Heifu" were written on it.

Wu Weixue asked angrily, "Where is the courtyard of the Heifu?"

"The door to the compound was blocked."

Wu Weixue: "..."

It must be a certain number.

The man pushed her directly into the donkey cart and drove away.

Wu Weixue was full of anger. She was so angry that she could not ride in a donkey cart. She kept thinking that she would give Wu Ruo a hard lesson. Otherwise, she thought she was a bully.

When she came to the gate of Wujia, her hair fell loose.

The guards at the gate saw their couple wearing coarse cloths, but for a moment they did not recognize her as Wu Weixue, nor did they expect that Wu Weixue would wear coarse cloths, appearing at the door of Wujia with messy hair, and beat them as refugees to drive them away.

Wu Weixue, holding her belly in flames, slammed her arms in the wind and said, "Blind your dog's eyes, I can't even recognize them."

One of the guards saw that it was Wu Weixue, and quickly let the way in.

Wu Weixue snorted and walked proudly into Wu's house, and the man quickly followed.

"That person is really Miss Snow? Why is she wearing such rough clothes?" A guard whispered as Wu Weixue looked away.

The slapped guard pressed down the anger: "It must be my aunt's boyfriend can't stand her temper, and deliberately let her dress like this. You see they are driving back in a broken donkey cart. Dead. "

"Yes, why didn't you see your aunt?"

"Isn't the man who followed her just now her husband?"

"That man looks so ugly. How could it be her husband? I think it's an offender."

The guards stood talking and chattering at the gate. In the big house, Wu Weixue took the man to the yard where she lived before she left the courthouse.

When they came to the compound, the sharp-eyed peach saw them froze, then exclaimed excitedly, "Miss is back, Miss is back?"

Early in the morning, Wu Chenzi and Wu Rongshu monk Tong Rong, who were waiting at the gate of the Wuwei Snow District, heard the screams of peaches. They couldn't help looking at the gate, but they didn't recognize the woman wearing a coarse cloth. It's their granddaughter and daughter.

Wu Weixue saw Shang Yanrong, and all grievances surged up in an instant.

She ran quickly and hugged Shang Xirong: "Mother--"

"Xue, Xueer?" Shang Xirong couldn't believe that the village woman in front of her was her daughter.

Wu Rongshu frowned. "How do you look like this?"

Dressed better than the men in their house, said that anyone who would go out would believe she was Miss Wujia.

Wu Weixue said angrily: "It's all the ghosts of Wu Ruo, let the subordinates send us coarse clothes and coarse cloths for us to wear, and my daughter didn't care about her in order to rush back to the door."

Wu Rongshu said angrily: "Naughty, look at you, where is it like a famous lady? It's almost like a crazy woman.

Wu Weixue was suffocated and was scolded by her father. She suddenly became red-eyed.

This time, Shang Rong didn't plan to face her.

Let her not marry Hei Xieyu, she just does not listen to persuasion, and now she is in desperation, she is asking for it.

Wu Chenzi stared at the man standing not far away. From the shape of the body and the fake skin on his face, it looked a bit like black shading, but his temperament and momentum were worse than the black shading he had seen. It's a big deal, no, it should be said that the sky is different, this person is not black shame at all.

"Xer, what about your husband?"

Wu Weixue froze, pointing at the man and saying, "Isn't he standing there?"

Wu Chenzi's pupils flinched sharply: "You say he's black shame?"

"Yes, haven't you ever seen him wearing fake leather? Grandpa, how could you not recognize it?" Wu Weixue signaled the man to come and call.

The man quickly walked in front of them, shouting respectfully: "Father, mother, grandfather, you are well."

He took out two chickens from the back and handed them to Shang Yongrong: "This is a big hen specially picked by Xiaoxiong, and I will give you to fill your body."

Shang Rongrong: "..."

Wu Weixue: "..."

Wu Rongshu: "..."

Didn't you say that black shame is quite rich?

Why can't I just take two ordinary hens back to the door?

Suddenly, the atmosphere fell into awkward embarrassment.

The two hens did not feel their distress and made a "cooing" sound.

Wu Chenzi slaps the table angrily: "He's not black shame at all."

"What?" The monk Wu Rongshu stunned.

Wu Weixue shouted incredulously, "How is that possible?"

"You ..." Wu Chenzi was so angry that Wu Zhixue scolded Wu Weixue: "I am so stupid that you do n’t even know the wrong person because you say that you like black shame.

He got up early in the morning to wait for tea, and wanted to give Hei Xie a prestige, so that he knew clearly that he had to bow to power, but he did not expect such a thing to happen.

"I, I ..." Wu Weixue walked through the house with the man, not convinced that he would admit the wrong person: "Impossible, grandfather, you must be wrong."

She was already very upset in her heart, rushed to the man, grabbed his arm and said, "Tell me grandfather, you're black shame."

The man looked at her: "I'm black shame."

"Grandfather, you hear it, he's Hei Xieyu."

"Confused." Wu Chenzi walked up to the man in a fierce gesture, and tore off the man's fake skin. Immediately, a wretched face full of thick sores appeared in front of everyone.

He threw the fake skin on Wu Weixue's face: "Take a good look, is this the man you like?"

Wu Weixue was shocked by the disgusting face in his middle age.

The peach who stood not far away was frightened, her face was white, her body could not stop shaking, the day she married, but she handed Wu Weixue into the hands of a man, but now it is out of here Obstacles must be impossible.

Her legs softened, and she fell into the ground.

Shang Rongrong screamed, "Who is this person?"

She has seen Hei Xieyu, and it is undeniable that the man is indeed very handsome, but the man in front of him is almost ugly.

Wu Rongshu returned to God: "Come, grab him."

Two guards rushed to the man and crushed him to the ground.

The man was anxious: "Dad, mother, I am your son-in-law Hei Xuanyuan, why do you arrest me?"

Wu Rongshu angrily said, "Say, who are you? Why pretend to be black?"

"Dad, I'm really black shame, I've visited the hall with Xueer, and I've been in the cave. If you don't believe it, you can ask Cher ..."

Suddenly in front of Shang Rongrong's eyes, he turned his head to look at Wu Weixue: "Xue Er, what he said is true? Are you already ... already caved?"

Isn't she nonsense? After worshiping, of course, you have to enter the cave.

But at this moment, it is extremely hopeful that her daughter did not make a hole with this person, maybe she could marry a good family while keeping her innocence, but now everything is ruined.

"How could this be? How could this be?" Wu Weixue didn't believe she was married to an ugly and old man: "All this is a lie, it must be a lie. My husband's name is Hei Xuanyu, and he told me Man is definitely not him. "

Wu Rongshu was angry and rushed to the crown: "Did you know who you've been in?"

Wu Chenzi glared at the peach on the ground and screamed angrily, "What the **** is going on?"

Chapter 176: Into the palace

The guard caught the peach in front of Wu Chenzi.

Zhi Tao was snoring in shock: "Slaves and slaves didn't know what happened ..."


Shang Zongrong's anger slaps peaches into a slap: "Don't you know? Who else knows? Xueer was covering his head and couldn't see each other's face, did you? You were blind, but the other person was Isn't it black shame, don't you know? "

"Slaves and slaves saw ..." Zhitao covered her red and swollen face. "But when I went to church, my aunt wore fake leather and didn't know clearly. Moreover, the other party was aunt, and the slave and slave didn't dare to stare at him for more ,and so……"


Shang Yanrong angrily slapped her again and fiercely: "This is Cher's life-long event, and you don't even see the other person's looks clearly, let Xueer marry this person ..."

"How can you do this ... Wu Weixue rushed to Tao Tao in a frantic manner and patted her wildly:" I usually treat you well, why do you treat me like this? "I knew this. When I returned to Wujia, I shouldn't let this person out to harm himself.

Zhitao cried: "Miss, slaves really thought he was a black boy, miss, after you took off your head cover, you didn't admit it the same way.

"You also said, you also said, if I didn't believe you, wouldn't I see it carefully?" Wu Weixue really looked like a madwoman at this time: "Also, what makes you think of the new house so dim?"

Besides, people had **** with each other before they could see clearly.

Shang Rongrong was furious: "Pull the dead girl down and smash him to death."

Zhitao cried and begged for mercy: "Madam, forgive me! Madam, please forgive me."

Two guards dragged the man down.

The man was frightened by the scene, and he dared not move around in the same place.

"Mother one by one" Wu Weixue cried and threw herself into Shang Xirong's arms. She thought that she would marry Hei Xieyu as she wished, but in the end she lost her wife and lost her soldiers.

Shang Yongrong said angrily: "I said everything, so you don't marry Hei Xie, you just don't listen, now you're fine, marry an ugly and old man, are you satisfied?"

Wu Rongshu stared coldly at the man who looked older than himself, and said with anger: "You can't just let the mother do this. Hei Xieyu dare to steal the beam and change the pillar. We want them to pay the price and let them Know how serious the consequences of resistance are. "

Wu Chenzi squinted his eyes: "We're going into the government now and let the emperor decide for us."

"it is good."

The father and son walked out of the compound and the housekeeper reported: "Master, just now a guard came back from the outside and said that the people outside were passing on Miss Xue to an old and ugly man, and also said that Miss Xue was a scam and just married She pestered her husband for two days and two nights before leaving the door, and people who passed by their house heard her calling for the bed. "

Wu Chenzi and Wu Tengshu's faces were darker than Tan: "Who passed this thing on?"

"do not know."

Wu Rongshu said in a deep voice: "Dad, let's talk to the emperor when the advanced officials meet.

Wu Chenzi nodded calmly, and entered the emperor with Wu Rongshu.

The emperor heard this and remained silent for a long time. On that day, marriage was not his original intention, but he wrote the imperial edict to Hei Xieyu to refer to the marriage. After the imperial edict was transmitted to Heifu, he returned to God, although he did not know who He was fooling around in the back, but it was definitely not Wu Chenzi, and when the imperial edict came out, he was not good enough to let things continue. What was unexpected was that someone would dare to resist his edict. This was something he had never encountered before. thing.

"Call Hei Xiu and Wu Ruo into the palace. He wants to see how brave they are in daring to disobey him, and bring the man who married Wu Weixue and her to the palace together. "

"Yes." The **** director quickly sent someone to summon.

Lingmo Han got this news and quickly asked Heiyang to notify Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu were very calm. When the **** came to Heifu, he sat in a carriage and entered the palace.

When I arrived at the palace, I met Wu Weixue who was called in.

Wu Weixue saw the husband who was holding hands, almost did not glaring out her eyes. If it were not the palace, she would rush to tear off Wu Ruo's mouth.

She took a deep breath, piled up a smile, and walked towards the black whistle, sighing sighingly: "Sangong ..."

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo did not seem to see her, and followed the **** to the emperor's royal study.

"Mother-in-law, I'm here." The man married to Wu Weixue responded in a hurry, angrily Wu Weixue gave him a slap: "Who is your lady, you shameless man."

The eunuchs passing by covered their mouths and smiled immediately.

The man's face was embarrassed, and the **** woman threw a slap, feeling particularly disgraceful. Although he was afraid that Wu Weixue shot him in the palm of his hand, he is now in the palace and is surrounded by patrol guards, so he has the fear of serving Says: "You stinky pussy, everyone saw you married to me, isn't it my wife? Who else can she be? Also, when I was screamed comfortably two days ago, you But my mouth kept shouting at me, what happened? When I got out of bed, I recognized him? "

Wu Weixue blushed in shame: "You, you ..."

The leading **** retorted: "Shut up, this is the court of the emperor's office, not a busy city. How can you let you yell, if you are upset about which one is upset, just pull you to behead."

The man and Wu Weixue shut their mouths immediately.

After coming to the Royal Study Room, the four met the Emperor, and Wu Weixue immediately knelt on the ground and couldn't afford to say, "Please ask the Emperor to decide for the daughter."

The emperor said: "You get up first."

"Yes." Wu Weixue stood up.

The emperor stared at Hei Xie sternly, "Hey Xie, He personally pointed you to marriage, but he refused to comply. Do you know sin?"

Hei Xieyu calmly stood out: "If you return to the emperor, Caomin doesn't know when the emperor pointed to Caomin's marriage?"

The emperor was furious: "Is there any reason to dare to be confused in front of You?"

"The words of the Emperor Hui did not receive the decree."

"You dare to quibble, and you have the decree that was personally drafted on the first day of November, so that the father-in-law of Chuanzhi will come to your house to read it in person. Now that you haven't passed half a month, you are pretending to be stupid and say you don't remember it.

Hei Xieyu interrupted his words: "Return to the emperor, did not the imperial edict you sent him refer to him?"

He pointed to the man standing next to Wu Weixue.

The man then said, "Yeah, didn't you point me to marriage? The decree was handed over by me."

The emperor stunned.

Wu Chenzi said angrily to the man: "The old man obviously asked the emperor to give Hei Xieyu and Wu Weixue a marriage, what's your matter?"

"I'm black shaman."

Wu Chenzi: "..."

Emperor: "..."

Wu Weixue and Wu Rongshu: "..."

"At that time, Ming Ming wrote on the imperial edict: The master of the black house, Hei Xuan, has an extraordinary appearance and mysticism, but only his wife serves him, but you ..." The emperor looked at the terrible face, it was not good to lose his identity Say something awful.

"If you return to Emperor Jun, Caomin is the master of Heifu Heixiu ..." "Heixiu" said confidently: "It is not Caomin boasting, Caomin has been talented since he was a child. Without the teacher's instruction, he can also be thirty. Ascending to the first level of spiritual power before the age of the year, let alone the appearance, the women in Caomin Village boast that Caomin is handsome and attractive, and they scrambled to marry the Caomin, which made the Caomin very troubled. "

The emperor's mouth was drawn.

Where can this man be so confident?

Wu Weixue sneered: "The women in your village are blind.

"Even if they are blind, you don't know how I look, but you don't blind?" Hei Xuanyu asked, "When you were in the cave, you kept holding me and kept calling me. of."

Wu Ruo held back his lips with a smile.

"You ..." Wu Weixue became so angry that she turned into a pig's liver: "You shameless man.

Wu Rongshu felt that he was standing here without a face.

"Do you want a face? If you want a face, you won't be **** by me, and you call this man a good man." Hei Xie 翊 "angrily pointed at Hei Xie 翊 and said," You are my name matchmaker. Woman, maybe you are pregnant with my child now, but you call other men to be fair, you really have a face, and your skin is very thick.


Wu Chenzi hurriedly interrupted their quarrel: "In the imperial decree, Hei Xieyu has a boyfriend to serve him. What about your boyfriend?"

"Hei Xuan 翊" explained: "The room is too small, so let him go back to his mother's house first, and plan to wait for Wu Weixue to conceive a child before picking him up."

He squinted at Wu Weixue: "My boyfriend is a good man. You will see him respectfully in the future."

Wu Chenzi: "..."

Wu Weixue sneered: "Do you think I will go back to live with your broken house?"

"But you're pregnant with my child and won't go back with me. Where are you going?"

"None of your business."

‘Hei Xuan 翊’ turned to the emperor, crying, “Emperor, you ’ve made a promise to assign her to the grassroots, but she wants to resist the emperor, you must be the grassroots’ master. ”

"The emperor admires Hei Xieyu's wit and finds someone with the same name and surname to pretend to be himself.

Wu Weixue also rebuked, "Emperor, it is not him who will marry the daughter of the people."

The emperor rubbed his head with a headache: "Since you know it wasn't him who got married, why didn't you see clearly when worshiping the church? Now you have worshiped the church and you have passed through the house, what else?"

"Folk girls are going to break up."

"It's ridiculous!" The emperor said angrily, "Your Majesty's will, let's say that you can be separated and separated? You are playing the divine imperative."

Wu Weixue: "..."

Wu Chenzi quickly said to Hei Xieyu, "You say it is Hei Xieyu, do you have proof?"

‘Hei Xuyi looks at Hei Xuyi:“ Then you say he ’s Hei Xuyi, what proof do you have? ”

Wu Chenzi: "..."

Hei Xuanyu is not a person in the kingdom of heaven, it is really impossible to prove.

"This is a misunderstanding that you have made, and you will resolve it privately, and ignore it." The emperor waved his hand and motioned for them to step down.

‘Hei Xiu’ said before he went: “Emperor Qi Qi, Cao Min still has something to say.”

The emperor glanced at him impatiently: "What is it?"

"You also know that we made a big misunderstanding because of the decree. However, after this incident, the people of Wujia will hate the grassroots, and may even be disadvantageous to the grassroots. Therefore, please see the emperor who is yours. For the sake of the people, they asked the emperor to protect Caomin's life. "'Hei Xuan 翊' kneeled down and scratched his head.

The emperor looked at Wu Chenzi with a cold face: "The people in the Wu family are reasonable and will not blame you for things."

"But before they came, they wanted to kill the grassroots."

Wu Chenzi said angrily: "Nonsense."

He had this meaning, but didn't say to kill him.

"It doesn't matter if you don't admit it, but if I have a three-pronged one, it will be killed by your Wu family."

Wu Chenzi: "..."

"Emperor, you see he has acquiesced."

Wu Chenzi glared at him.

The emperor looked at Wu Chenzi: "You won't even be able to tolerate one in your Wu family."

Wu Chenzi quickly assured the emperor: "If you return to the emperor, Caomin will not kill innocent people."

Wu Weixue clenched her head.

The emperor nodded: "You all step back."

Leaving the Imperial Study Room, 『黑 翊 翊』 immediately hid behind Hei Xuan 翊.

Wu Weixue gasped his eyes: "Grandfather, you see they're obviously a group."

"Hei Xuan 翊" gave her a white look: "Isn't this nonsense? I live in Heifu and follow the name Hei, not a gang. Is it a gang with you, or is your Wu family actually Not a family, they were picked up from the outside. "

Wu Chenzi raised his hand and motioned Wu Weixue not to quarrel with such lowly people anymore. He stared at Hei Xuan and said coldly, "Don't be too proud."

Wu Weixue reluctantly looked at the beautiful black shame, and snorted in her heart, she would not stop there.

When he came to the place where the carriage was parked, 'Hei Xiu' and Hei Xiu took the carriage and left the palace, and returned to Heifu. The red lanterns and red silk in the house sent the Wu family's accompany and left, and they immediately flew all. Remove it.

U Xi and Hei Xietang saw them come back together and immediately came around.

Uxi asked with concern: "Second brother, are you okay in the palace? Did the emperor embarrass you?"

Wu Ruo smiled and said, "It's okay. After asking a few words, the emperor let us leave."

"Ma'am, you and our elder brother concealed us so hard. When I saw Heisin's beautiful layout of Xitang, I really thought my elder brother was going to marry Wu Weixue."

Wu Ruo looked at him with black eyes and laughed: "This is not to worry that someone is watching us, so there is no way to perform this play."

Before the imperial edict was sent to Heifu, he and Hei Xieyu discussed to find a person with the same name and name to replace Hei Xieyu. Therefore, he found a newcomer to the imperial city nearby. The beggar, then, while he was still unmarried, let him learn the behavior of Hei Xieyu and tricked Wu Weixue them.

In this way, they do not need resistance, and they can also cure Wu Weixue. In the future, she dared not to wish to marry his man again.

Hei Xietang wondered, "Isn't Big Brother setting up a big team in the government? Does anyone have the ability to break into the government to watch us?"

"Recently, there is a great man." Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked at the imperial edict on the table in unison.

Chapter 177: Go against

"What master?" Hei Xietang looked down at Wu Ruo their eyes: "What's wrong with the imperial edict?"

Hei Xieyu picked up the imperial edict, read a spell, and the golden light hidden in the imperial edict disappeared instantly.

Hei Xutang looked at the imperial edict with a look of surprise: "Brother, how do you know that there is a curse in the imperial edict?"

It's no wonder that Big Brother has a large array, and he is worried that someone will monitor them. It turned out that people had cast mantras in the imperial edict, thereby mixing in Heifu to monitor everyone in Heifu.

Hei Xuan said quietly: "Guess."

Since the controlling emperor planned to imperial edict, it was possible to use the opportunity to cast a spell to monitor them.

Wuzhu asked, "Who monitors us?"

Wu Ruo said: "We are now guessing that the person who wants to monitor us is the one who saved Wu Weixue, but we have not found out who he is."

Wuzhu frowned lightly: "You are worried that someone is monitoring us, or someone is overheard, so you did n’t tell us that you had arrangements already? Then, you deliberately showed it to the people who monitored us, and made him think that Hei Xuanyu really wanted Marriage, right? "

Wu Ruo nodded: "We want to give Wu Weixue a lesson, so that she doesn't keep thinking about Xu Xuan."

Hei Xietang smiled: "This time Wu Weixue was treated badly by you. Somehow he married a strange man and went to court to give him his innocence."

If the marriage partner looks handsome and has a family background, the other person will grow up to look like he can not even compliment. It is estimated that this matter will make Wu Weixue sick for a lifetime.

Uhi pointed to ‘Hei Xiu’ ’,“ Second Brother, where did you find this guy? ”

"Beggars found from nearby," Wu Ruo said to Hei Xie, "to avoid showing off in the future, and it will not let us know who we are. We will call you Lao Hei in the future, and you will live in Hei in the future. In the house, as long as you don't go out, no one will hurt you. "

"Okay." Lao Heiha nodded and should be fine: "Thank you, Madam, for keeping me.

Hexin took him to live in an unoccupied courtyard, and in the future he would provide this person with delicious food and good living.

Lao Hei left, Hei Xietang smiled again and again: "Brother, you are so good at it, even find a beggar and Wu Weixue to set up a house."

U Xi couldn't help covering her mouth and giggling. She didn't sympathize with U Weixue at all, only she deserved it.

Wuzhu asked: "Would you find someone to persuade Wujia and the emperor at will, and would it be wrong? Also, this person is not like a reliable person. I worry that if someone buys him or threatens him, he will do what we do. Give it out. "

Wu Ruo laughed: "Brother, don't worry, we have thought about these things."

He used contract secrets, and the other party would never betray them.

"Just use."

Guan Tong was worried: "We put together the Wu family, and they will never give up."

Wu Ruoxue was unwilling to look at her before leaving the emperor. I'm afraid there will be a later move. She now has such an expert to support her. She will have nothing to fear, so I don't know what will happen next time. Deal with them.

"Wu Chenzi and Wu Weixue have planted deep hatred with us. Even if we do nothing this time, they will not stop dealing with us."

Wu Qianqing said: "In the future, everyone should go out and be careful."

Wu Xi said: "Since the second brother is okay, let's eat first, otherwise, the eggs will be hungry."

Everyone had a meal and went back to their rooms to rest.

Wu Ruo lay on the bed and couldn't help laughing.

Hei Xuan pressed on him and kissed his lips: "What are you laughing at?"

"As long as I think of Wu Weixue and Wu Chenzi's ugliness in the Royal Study Room, I can't help laughing." Wu Ruo hugged Hei Xuanyu's waist: "Wu Weixue must have a back trick, you will have to do it later Be careful."

Hei Xunyu turned over and held people in his arms: "If it's just for me, then things will be much easier."

His spiritual order is high, and ordinary people can do nothing about him. However, what he is worried about is that the expert is to deal with Wu Ruo. What should he do if he is not around? This is something he dare not bet.

"Well, you, the scourge, tell me, in your clan, are there many girls like Wu Weixiang staring at you?" Wu Ruo lay on him, biting his lower jaw: "I go to your clan Before I got here, did I have to prepare a broom to pick flowers? Well, maybe it's not just peach blossoms, maybe there are peach leaves waiting for me. "

Hei Xu blinked a smile at the bottom of his eyes. "I'm very busy on weekdays and I don't have time to pay attention to these things.

Counting the last life, Wu Ruo had been with him for more than ten years. He knew much about his temperament, not what he cared about. He didn't even take a look at it: "Is there relatively few people in your clan? Otherwise, why should I Outside the clan, marry someone from another clan? "

"I just want to marry an outsider."

"Is it fortunate that you don't want to marry someone in the clan, so I have the chance to be with you?" Wu Ruo yawned and hugged the black-stained waist: "The heart has been hanging recently because of the imperial deeds. Now that the decree is over, I can finally settle down and sleep well, hoping that it won't happen again in the future. "

Unfortunately, things go against expectations.

The house finally calmed down for ten days, and the Wu family sent a mourning post to inform Wu Ruo ’s death of the grandfather and grandmother.

After Wu Ruo got the mourning post, he stared at it closely, never looking away.

"Is there a problem with the mourning post?" Hei Xieyu asked before leaving.

"No ..." Wu Ruo pursed his lips. "Just a bad feeling."

In the last life, his Heavenly Grandfather and Heavenly Grandmother could not survive next year's Yangchun, but how did he die before he passed this year? Was it because of his rebirth that they prematurely died, or was it artificial?

"Second Brother, not only do you have bad feelings, but even I also have bad feelings. Every time I go to Wujia, bad things happen." Wu Xi complained: "If it was not our Heavenly Grandfather and Heaven My grandmother passed away, I really don't want to go to Wujia. "

Wu Zhu said, "We should be careful when we arrive at Wu's house and try not to act alone."

Hei Xietang said helplessly: "I am not from the Wu family, so I can't accompany you to Wu family, but I can give you a good idea.

Uhis eyes brightened: "What idea?"

Hei Xietang smiled: "Bring Lao Hei over and let him hang around Wu Weixue."

Wuzhu couldn't bear it, laughed softly and said, "Your idea is really bad."

"That's a good idea," Ushi clapped.

Wu Ruo also agreed with both hands: "Lao Hei and Wu Weixue worshiped at the church, and they are already from the Wu family. Take him there, and the Wu family dare not say anything."

Hei Xieyu instructed Hei Xin to bring Lao Hei.

When Laohe came to the lobby, he returned to the room and changed a set of Wu Qianqing and Guan Wutong who came to the lobby and asked, "Can we go?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "Let's go."

Seven people came to Wujia in a carriage.

Wu Ruotian ’s grandfather was an elder and a direct member of Wu ’s family. He set up a spiritual hall directly in Wu ’s family. Many juniors received mourning posts and rushed back to Wu ’s family.

Wu Qianqing and Wu Ruo found their servants who were serving Wu Ruotian's grandfather and grandmother, and quietly asked, "Have you never heard of Gao and Gao's unwell, why did they suddenly die?"

The next man answered sadly: "We don't know what happened. The first two days, Grandpa's health was fine. But this morning, it suddenly failed. We went to several doctors to see the doctor. Period, there is no power back to heaven. "

When Wu Ruo heard ‘Suddenly no more’, he narrowed his eyes, it should be artificial, and he did n’t know what the intention was to kill the grandfather and grandmother. I hope it was not aimed at them.

The Wu family has regulations that all within the five clothes must wear linen, filial piety, and guarding the spirit. Wuruo they are just outside the five clothes, so they do not have to wear linen clothes, white cloth, and kneel in the hall of worship, but Wuqian Qing He Guan Tong wants it.

Wu Xi glanced worriedly into the Lingtang: "Daddy and mother should keep the spirit, shouldn't they be separated from us?"

Wuzhu Road: "We try to stay as close to the Lingtang as possible."

Ushi nodded.

The atmosphere of the Wu family was very solemn and oppressive. In addition to the sadness of the Wu family who came to the funeral, they also had a heavy heart and an absent mind, because the princes repeatedly suppressed the Wu family, and the Yao family and the Song family stood by and watched. More and more difficult, everything went smoothly. Originally wanted to use Wu Chenzi's power in the Korean Central to recover the situation, but the other four major families were dissatisfied with Wu Chenzi because of Wu Weixue and the Lianfo Temple. On the surface, they promised to help, but they really did something. However, no effort was made, and today the Wu family has lost sight of the past.

"My lady is here," Laohe said suddenly.

Wuzhu and Wuxi looked at the gate, and Wu Weixue followed behind Wu Chenzi and Wu Rongshu monk Tong Rong. They looked pale, bowed their heads, and faced each other.

"Wu Weixue was so embarrassed to come out and meet someone." Someone whispered in a low voice.

"If she doesn't come, her reputation will be even worse." Someone sarcastically said, "She has a mental illness, so we better stay away from her."

"I also think there is something wrong with her mind. She knows that the person who wants to marry loves a man and is willing to marry each other. I thought that a person like her who had a higher vision would make her willing to marry. Poor, at least a person with status or richness, unexpectedly, even married a poor sour, not only old but also ugly. On the day of return, he came back with only two chickens. "

The old black glared at the talking man.

Everyone's voice soon reached Shang Huarong's ears, and she glanced back at Wu Weixue: "It's all you, and I've lost all my face."

In the past, she was proud that she would have a baby, and gave birth to a beautiful daughter who was unparalleled. Every time she went out, she would take her daughter out to show off. However, after getting married, she was unwilling to go out, even more unwilling. I heard others mention Wu Weixue.

Wu Weixue clenched her fist in her eyes with redness. She was the most aggrieved person in getting married. Not only did she marry the wrong person, but she also went to bed with the wrong person. Now everyone is watching her jokes, but at home People just don't care about her, they talk coldly every day. Is she their daughter?

She raised her head and stared at the back of Shang Huarong for a moment, coldly swiping around the Wu family who loved to chew the tongue, and finally focused on Wu Ruo.

Chapter 178: Messed up

Wu Xi saw Wu Weixue coming over, and immediately stood up.

Wu Weixue sneered, as Wu Rongshu and their spiritual hall worshipped incense, then they left the yard with Wu Chenzi.

Soon, Ubud party brought Yao Shuyuan Mu Xiuwan, Wu Qianli, Wu Qiantong, Ruan Lanru and his children and grandchildren to the funeral.

The moment Ruan Lanru saw Wu Ruo, he burst into tears and rushed up: "Wu Ruo, you beast, you son."

Hei Xuan Hanhan raised his hand and blocked the person.

Everyone looked at them in wonder.

"Lanru, don't make a noise." Wu Qianli hurried forward and held her.

"I'm troubled?" Ruan Lanru stared at him in anger: "Let's forget about our son's life?"

Wu Qianli calmed his face and pressed his voice, "You have to make trouble, and you have to look at the place."

The woman did not see that she was in the funeral, but was noisy and was not afraid to be kicked out.

Ruan Lanru glanced around, everyone in the compound looked at them, as if they had broken a large pot of porridge with a few rat feces, causing a lot of people to suspect.

Ubud came over with a black face and asked calmly, "Ruan Rulan, now is the funeral of my grandfather. What are you doing?"

"I ..." Ruan Lan saw everyone despise and looked at her, and couldn't help but receive the radio light: "Grandfather, Wu Ruo killed my son.

She didn't want to make trouble here either. She went to Wuruo to settle accounts on several occasions and was stopped by the Heifu guards. Wuruo rarely went out. Now she sees it so hard. statement.

"You talk nonsense." U Xi angrily stood in front of Wu Ruo: "Ruan Rulan, do you have any evidence to say this?"

Ruan Lanru stared at her fiercely: "The person who returned Xiaoyu's body said that it was Wu Ruo's person who sent Xiaoyu back."

Wu Xi sneered: "Ruan Lanru, is your brain sick? You believe what others say. If one day someone sends your elder son's body back to say that it was Erbo's murder, do you want Erbo to return? Your eldest son is here. You do n’t want to be annoying here without evidence. "

"Lanru, if you don't want to stay here, you can go back." Wuqianli had no face and then stayed with Ruan Lanru directly, and went directly to Lingtang to guard the spirit.

Others also thought that if Ruan Lan was making troubles unreasonably, they would fall apart and go to work.

Ruan Lan was half dead.

In fact, she knew very well that someone was going to frame Wu Ruo, but she could n’t see Wu Ruo's life well, and she couldn't see Wu Ruo Ling's order as high as her proud son. Everyone hates him.

"Second Brother, let's not leave this crazy woman." Wu Xi dragged Wu Ruo closer to the entrance of Lingtang.

Ruan Lanru couldn't stand alone, and stared at Wu Ruo and Wu Xi indignantly, and turned into Lingtang.

"Why did they become like this." Wuzhu and his family reunited for many days. It was the first time that they saw the Qihua people of Wujia in Gaolingcheng. They were originally a big family. The wounded, disabled disabled, no longer look like the past.

Ushi angered: "They deserve it."

Wuzhu: "..."

After he went out to practice, what happened, so that the kind-hearted little girl hated the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng extremely.

Wu Xi said to Wu Zhu: "Brother, a lot of things happened during this time, and I will tell you slowly later."

Wu Ruodan said, "Ignore them."

Wuzhu nodded.

"The second prince is coming--" The steward standing at the door saw the second prince bringing someone over, and quickly opened his voice and shouted.

Everyone in the yard knelt quickly.

The second prince, dressed in a plain suit, entered the courtyard and saw everyone kneeling, and quickly motioned to them to get up: "You don't have to be polite."

Formerly the prince, he did not have to participate in the funeral of those who were not close to him, but now he still needs the support of the Wu family. Naturally, he has to come to the Wu family to move closer to get closer.

Everyone stood up and watched the second prince walk into Lingtang.

Suddenly, Hei Xieyu felt a strong spiritual wave coming from the outside. He always felt that this wave came from the master who rescued Wu Weixue, and he could not help turning his eyes to the gate of the compound.

Wu Ruo beside him kept staring at Lingtang, worried that something would happen.

The second prince in the hall of worship took Xiang and worshiped, and Guan Tong who stood on his knees stood up and rushed towards the second prince.

Wu Xi and Wuzhu stunned.

Wu Ruo was shocked and was trying to stop. Suddenly, a dark shadow flashed across Guan Tong's neck, which had just taken two steps, and she fainted now.

Wu Qianqing exclaimed, busy catching Guan Tong who fell to the ground: "Tonger--"

"Mother One One" Wu Xi and Wu Zhu quickly ran into the Lingtang.

Wu Ruofei looked out quickly, and saw a dark shadow standing on the tall building in the distance.

The person in the hall who knew the medicine quickly gave Guan Tong the pulse: "Don't worry, she's just physically weak and passed out."

Wu Zhu said: "My mother has no spiritual power and is weak, so let her guard her spirit."

Ushi followed and said, "I also guard the spirit for my mother."

There are many spirit guards, and the people responsible for the funeral don't care that few individuals guard the spirit here, so let Wu Qianqing send them back first.

Wu Qianqing quickly hugged people to leave the yard, and Uxi and Uxi followed them closely.

After leaving Wu's house, he got into the carriage. Wu Ruo quickly gave Guan Tong a pulse and made sure that there was no problem. He pointed at Guan Tong's neck and let Hei Xieyu unlock the acupuncture points.

Guan Tong woke up, watching everyone's worried look, wondering, "What happened to me?"

Wu Qianqing hugged her tightly: "You suddenly fainted."

Wu Ruo said, "The mother is not fainted."

Except for the black shame, everyone else was stunned.

Wu Ruo looked at Wu Zhu and Wu Xi: "You saw it just now, and your mother suddenly stood up and rushed to the second prince.

"I saw my mother stand up at the time." Wu Zhu thought about the situation at the time: "Speaking, it seems that I really want to rush to the second prince."

Ushi also recalled the situation before: "It really seems like this."

Guan Tong looked blank: "I just remember someone calling out to the second prince, and behind me, I don't know anything."

"Mother, you are under control." Uhi pointed to the sackcloth on her body: "Mother, please take this sackcloth off and let me see."

Guan Tong unbuttoned his robe and handed it to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo rummaged on the sackcloth, and then found five yellow charms on the collar and sleeves: "Just now, someone must want to control the mother to kill the second prince ..."

Fortunately, no one noticed this scene at the time.

Wu Qianqing sank his face, took off the sackcloth, and searched again. There was no yellow charm.

Uxi was furious: "Who is so lacking in morality that has framed our mother?"

Wu Ruo said: "It should be to frame our family, because whether the mother has hurt the second prince or not, our family can't escape the crime of death.

The murder of the second prince is no small felon.

Wuzhu: "..."

No wonder Uxi would say that every time he comes to Wujia, there is no good.

Wu Ruo continued: "If someone hadn't ordered Niang's acupoint, the consequences would have been unimaginable."

Wu Xi asked, "Who ordered the mother's faint point?"

Wu Ruo frowned: "I just glanced at that time, it seemed that person was the owner of the city we met on the black market."

"It's him." Hei Xieyu said with certainty.

Ushi asked, "Did he save us?"

"You can say that."

Wu Xi wondered: "Why would the owner save us? Why did he appear in Wu's house? Is he a Wu's person?"

"I don't know." Wu Ruo looked to Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong: "Dad, mother, you can rest well in the house, and then we will wait for the funeral, we will come again."

Wu Qianqing hesitated for a moment and nodded.

The people were safely returned to Heifu, and they would return to Wu's house by carriage.

Hei Xunyu took Wu Ruohua into her arms and said, "Before the mother was controlled, someone deliberately used my spiritual power to deliberately draw my attention. It should be to make me too late to stop the mother from assassinating the second prince."

Wu Ruo narrowed his eyes, "Who is it?"

"The spiritual power was very volatile at that time, and it should be the expert we were looking for."

"He's in Wu's house?"

"I don't know. It may have left Wujia."

"I said that going to Wujiazhun is not good." Uxi grumbled unhappyly, "From today on, we will keep the spirit for five days, and we don't know if more bad things will happen.

Wuzhu patted Wuxi's shoulder calmly: "When we can wear sackcloth, we have to check it carefully to avoid being fooled again.


The next five days were very calm, so calm that Wu Xi's eyelids could not be opened. During this period, Wu Weixue and Wu Chenzi would come to the column incense every morning, as if Wu Weixue had given up the black shaman, even They didn't even look at Wu Ruo, they left quickly after finishing incense.

In the early morning of the sixth day, everyone in the Wu family gathered in the courtyard of the Lingtang.

Wu Ruo also received Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong in the compound for the last pillar of incense.

After the incense, the people of Wu family left the compound one after another. But this time, Wu Chenzi and Wu Weixue did not leave immediately.

Wu Chenzi pulled the head of the Wu family to discuss things at the gate of the Lingtang.

Wu Weixue deliberately went to the middle of the road and blocked their way when they came out.

"Mother!" Laohe came to her with a wry smile, "I want to die for you."

The crowd heard the sound and looked at them in surprise.

With a smile, Lao Hei broke through the thick sores on his face, and a bunch of white thicks flowed out. The people around him seemed to be afraid of causing plague, and they kept away from Wu Ruo.

"Oh my god, that person is Wu Weixue's husband? Okay ... so disgusting, Wu Weixue's vision is so bad that he would like such a man."

Wu Chenzi and the head of the Wu family stood opposite Wu Ruo while whispering and looking at Wu Ruo.

Wu Weixue said with a dark face, "You get out of me.

"Mother-in-law, where do you want to roll for your husband? Would you roll for your husband on your bed?" The old black snatched her hand.

Wu Weixue's eyes flashed cold, while throwing away his hand, he threw a golden light at the black shaman standing on him.

Hei Xuyi was about to stop, and he was always alert to Wu Xi's every move, and quickly pushed Hei Xuyi to Wu Ruo's side: "My brother, be careful."

Right now, Jin Guang hits U Xi.

Wuzhu was frightened: "Little Greek--"

Immediately, in the eyes of everyone, Jin Guang bounced back from Wu Xi. He was about to run to Hei Xieyu, and Wu Weixue couldn't help but be stunned. He hurried away, and Jin Guang flew past her and drilled into it. Wu Chenzi's body.

The crowd looked at him dumbly.

Wu Chenzi also choked.

Because the incident happened too suddenly, the speed of golden light was too fast, and Wu Weixue blocked his sight again. He and Wu Ruo were only six feet away. Besides, he was dual-purpose, so he didn't react for a moment. Anxious, was hit by Jin Guang.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xuan looked at U Xi and narrowed their eyes.

Wu Chenzi looked down at himself without any discomfort.

"Grandfather, didn't you get hit?" Wu Weixue asked cautiously.

Wu Chenzi looked up at Wu Weixue, raised his majesty, and hummed coldly: "Just your little skill, still want to hurt the old man?"

Wu Weixue was relieved, thankfully.

Immediately, he looked at Uxi, wondering, how could he be bounced back?

Wu Xi pushed her: "Wu Xue, what were you trying to do?"

Wu Weixue sneered: "In front of so many people, what can I do? Just now I just gave you some spiritual power to refresh you."

"My aunt, you are so kind to blame."

"I believe it or not." Wu Weixue turned around and planned to leave here.

"Xue Er." Wu Chenzi called out suddenly.

Wu Weixue turned around: "Grandfather, what am I calling?

Wu Chenzi walked to Wu Weixue, holding her hand with a smile, and said gently, "Xue Er, you are so beautiful!"

Wu Weixue froze.

Wu Chenzi took her hand and put it to her mouth to kiss her.

Wu Weixue: "..."

Everyone: "..."

Wu Chenzi looked at Wu Weixue passionately: "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."

Wu Weixue couldn't help hitting an excitement. How could a grandfather who had always shown majesty become this look?

Is it one by one

She was shocked. The blow just now would not be effective.

Wu Xi rubbed the goosebumps on his arm and whispered to Wuzhu: "Isn't he getting water in his head?"

"..." Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu glanced at each other.

Wu Chenzi pulled Wu Weixue into her arms and lowered her head and kissed her face: "Xueer, I like you, you marry me, I swear I will never let you down."

"Uh ---" The man who came out holding the brazier heard this, and the whole person was scared and stupid.

Everyone else stayed.

The courtyard, which was full of weeping, was quiet for an instant.

Ushi was so shocked that his chin almost fell to the ground.

Old He widened his eyes: "I'm going, incest?"

Wu Weixue was also frightened, stuttering: "Zu, Zu ..."

"Shh, don't hurry to reject me." Wu Chenzi raised his finger and held her mouth. "Wait until you really think about it, then answer me."

Wu Weixue quickly pulled down his hand: "Grandfather, wake up and see who I am."

"You are Cher, my favorite girl."

Wu Weixue: "..."

Wu Chenzi lowered her head and kissed her red lips.

"..." Wu Weixue was shocked to hurry up to his next Hubei: "Grandfather, I am a granddaughter, you wake up soon."

The Wu family leader quickly returned to God and yelled, "Wu Chenzi, Wu Weixue, what are you two doing?"

Chapter 179: Peach Blossom Mantra

Wu Chenzi was awakened by the wrath, and looked at Wu Weixue against him, his eyes flashed with confusion: "Xer, what are you doing?"

Wu Weixue shouted anxiously: "Grandfather, I'm your granddaughter, you can't kiss me, otherwise it will be abnormal."

Wu Chenzi's face changed, and he said angrily, "What are you talking about?"

Immediately, he found himself holding Wu Weixue tightly.

His face became more ugly, and he quickly let go of Wu Weixue: "What the **** is going on? Isn't the old man discussing something with the clan leader just now?"

There was a guilty conscience in Wu Weixue's eyes, and he was afraid to look at him.

The Wu family growled angrily: "Wu Chenzi, Wu Weixue, come out to me."

Wu Chenzi was full of doubts and walked out of the yard with the head of the Wu family.

The Wu family grew trembling with anger: "You ... you two have done such rude and unethical things in front of so many people and the elders who passed away. Are you shameful?"

Wu Weixue: "..."

She didn't want to do that either.

The peach blossom curse given by the master is to be cast face-to-face. The first person that the spell-speller sees after the spell will be the one he likes all his life.

Therefore, she has been looking for opportunities to confront her opponents. However, Wu Ruo was too alert to her and did not have the opportunity to start. Today is the last day of funeral. I barely went out, and it was hard for her to see him again, but I didn't want things to happen this way.

Wu Chenzi lowered his face: "what do you mean? When did the old man do something rude and unruly?"

The Wu family chief said suspiciously: "You don't remember what you did just now?"

"The old man just remembered to stand with you at the door to discuss the burial. Then, Jin Guang hit the old man's body, and then he didn't know it. He woke up and held Xueer.

The Wu family looked angrily at Wu Weixue: "U Weixue, did you cast any spells just now?"

Wu Weixue shrank his shoulders in fear, afraid to speak.

Wu Chenzi glared at her: "You can't say it yet."

"Yes, it's the peach blossom curse."

Wu Chenzi froze: "Peach Blossom Curse?"

Wu Weixue whispered, "It is the peach blossom curse that others have given me. It is said that as long as the curse is on the person who likes it, and the person who sees the spell first sees himself, he can make the other person like him ..."

Wu family chief: "!!!!!!"

Wu Chenzi certainly knows what a peach blossom curse is: "So, my husband hit your peach blossom curse?"

Wu Weixue nodded.

Wu Chenzi's face turned black: "ridiculous! Absurd! Too ridiculous!"

He was hit by the granddaughter's peach blossom curse, which is simply a great absurdity in the world. If he said it, he would laugh at other people's teeth and be drowned by others.

Wu Weixue hurriedly said, "Grandfather, I didn't know that this would be the case. At that time, I just wanted to cast a curse on Hei Xie, but I didn't expect it to bounce back to you."

"You ..." Wu Chenzi was so angry that she was about to kill her.

Wu Weixue took out the magic weapon and wanted to stop his attack. The next moment, Wu Chenzi's expression changed again, and he put down his hand and looked at her softly: "Xue Er, what are you holding the magic weapon for? Isn't someone trying to bully you? "

He glared at the Wu family leader: "You said, are you going to bully Xueer?"

Wu family chief: "!!!!!!"

What matters to him! ?

Wu Weixue: "..."

"Xue Er, don't be afraid, he will dare to hurt you with half a cold hair, and I will ask him to bury you."

The clan of the Wu family slammed hard.

Wu Weixue didn't know if Wu Chenzi was a curse again or if she pretended to let her down. She hurriedly said, "You, don't come here, you go back to your yard first."

Wu Chenzi responded: "Okay, do whatever you ask me to do, but don't be angry, you will be angry."

Wu Weixue was really worried that he came by surprise: "Hurry up."

"I'll go now, this will go." Wu Chenzi took two steps, then turned around and said fiercely to the head of the Wu family: "If you dare to hurt her by one point, I will never let you go."

The head of the Wu family was so distressed that when he left, he quickly sank his face and asked, "Can you solve the curse?"

Wu Weixue relaxed when she saw Wu Chenzi go away: "No, you can't lift it for a lifetime."

In fact, as long as one party dies, it can be lifted, but if she said that, the patriarch would surely kill her.

"You ..." The Wu family grew up and became furious: "Will it last like this forever? Let your grandfather like your granddaughter forever?

It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. If things go out, I don't know how many people look at you with different eyes, and how many people will look down on our Wu family. If they were replaced by ordinary people, the two of you would have been picked up and taken out of the pig cage. Wu Weixue, since you have used the Peach Blossom Curse, you will be responsible for lifting the spell for me, otherwise, you do n’t have to go back to the Wu family to lose sight. "This man is really inadequate and more than defeated. It is also a scourge to stay in Wujia. It is better to get out of the house as soon as possible.

Wu Weixue didn't want Wu Chenzi to die for her all his life, and felt chills when thinking about it: "I try my best, and I'll go and find someone who spells me now."

She turned and left Wu's house.

In the courtyard of the Lingtang, everyone was still in the same place and could not accept the picture that Wu Chenzi wanted to kiss Wu Weixue.

"What happened just now?" Wu Zhu asked, asking, "Is it because Jin Guang penetrated into Wu Guoshi's body? Does it make him so abnormal?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "If I didn't guess wrong, Wu Weixue used the Peach Blossom Mantra. After the mantra, the mantra will like the first person he sees, and he will like this person for life. In this case, unless one party dies, it cannot be lifted. "

Wu Xi exclaimed: "Oh my God, there is such a thing. Fortunately, I pushed my brother away. Otherwise, the consequences are unthinkable. The woman's mind is really poisonous. In order to get my brother, everything is done."

Ozawa wonders: "Is this spell ineffective for women?"


"So what happened to Jin Guang who was reflected from Xiaoxi's body just now?"

Wu Ruo pointed to the waistband of Wuxi's Buddha: "The waistband I gave to Xiaoxi is a magic weapon that can rebound others' spells."

At that time, he was worried that Basak would curse Ushi like the last generation before Hei Xieyu would use such a magic weapon. He did not expect that it would come in handy at this time.

When U Xi heard it, he quickly untied his waistband and handed it to Hei Xie 翊: "Brother, let me wear this waistband."

Hei Hei hesitated.

Wu Ruo took it directly and put on Hei Xieyu: "It is very likely that Wu Weixue will hit you again, you still wear it first."

If Hei Xieyi had hit the spell just now, the consequences would be terrible. At that time, He Xieyi would always protect Wu Weixue, and it would be difficult to kill Wu Weixue.

Hei Xuanyu looked at his eyes and waistband, and was worried that Wu Ruo would hit the spell one day. After he decided to go back, everyone would make an anti-curse waistband or a mule.

At this time, Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong returned to God: "Wu Weixue was really spoiled."

Suddenly someone shouted, "Just when it's time, go out."

The person who sent the cricket quickly returned to God, kneeling to the side of the gate of the Lingtang, and the crying man burst into tears.

There are people who have an open road in the front of the exit team, and put "road flags" along the way to guide the dead souls; throw away paper money to guide the way to buy ghosts along the road. The next is ceremonies, various paper ties, thick, fine bands, soul-catchers carried by nephews or grandchildren, and benches, and then the filial piety who holds the mourner, followed by the coffin, followed by the coffin Relatives and friends of the female volume.

After leaving the Imperial City, the funeral relatives and friends stopped, and the others continued on, all the way to the Wujia cemetery.

Encountered by someone on the way, they will make way for the concubine team and bow their heads to see the dead. However, when they were about to go to the cemetery, they encountered a horse-riding procession, all with embroidered patterns on their faces, all of them looked very evil. When they saw the procession, they didn't mean to dismount or give way. .

Until three feet away, the woman with black tattoos all over her face ordered: "Everyone let go."

The others quickly dismounted and walked aside, but did not bow their heads to see the deceased off.

Seeing them with tattoos on their faces, Wu Ruo couldn't help but glance at it. The lead woman had dark skin and eyes like a torch. Although she was dressed like them with two small braids, her neck and wrists were either wearing garlic or strange. The brand looks very strange.

The leading woman noticed that someone was looking at her, and quickly looked in the direction where Wu Ruo was. She frowned, and felt that Wu Ruo was somewhat similar.

"It's her." Guan Tong whispered.

Everyone looks at her.

Wu Ruo looked back: "Mother, who do you say?"

Guan Tong looked at the people around him and lowered his voice, "I will talk later."


The delivery team was more than a mile long. After waiting for two quarters, the team slowly walked over.

The strong man next to the lead woman said, "Patriarch, why should we make way for them.

The woman gave him a cold look. "The funeral procession has just dropped so much weight, which means that it is not ordinary family members. If we offend them now, we will not know how to die after entering the city. You must remember that this is the capital city, not You can run rampant in our tribe. "


"Get on the horse and continue on your way." The leading woman, Li Luo, rolled over onto the horse's back, and led her people to the Imperial City.

After they walked away, the parade team also came to the cemetery.

Wu Ruo and Guan Tong stood in the corner: "Mother, who did you mean by 'is she'?"

Guan Tong frowned, "In fact, I don't know who she is ..."

"Then why did you say‘ it ’s her, do n’t you know her? ”

"I saw her several times when I was pregnant with you 20 years ago. At that time, this woman, the leading woman, was very inexplicable, and said that I seduce her husband to kill me, but I do n’t even know who her husband is I know, but before that, there was a man who always hanged on me and often sent me letters. Maybe that man is his husband, but I do n’t remember how the man looks like. Because of the embroidery on her face, she was more impressed, and she has not changed from 20 years ago. Qian Qing, you should remember this thing? "

Wu Qianqing thought for a moment: "There is such a thing."

Chapter 180: Onishi (1)

"I remember that the night I saw her the last time, my stomach was inexplicably painful. At that time, my pain was worse than death. I asked a lot of doctors before seeing any problems and thought I was moving. Fetal gas, I didn't see a full night of pain after taking the medicine, and I was able to do it the next day. "Guan Tong recalled the situation that day and was still worried:" I thought I was dead. "

Wu Qianqing thought for a while: "Strange, I remember everything else, except the night when your stomach hurts, I only remember to ask you for a doctor. I won't remember what happened next."

Guan Tong twisted his eyebrows: "I don't remember what happened later. The next day after waking up, you lie on the bedside, and my stomach doesn't hurt anymore."

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "Mother, will you be cast down by that woman?"

The tapeworm in his body was most likely brought at that time.

"Xiayi?" Guan Tong shook his head: "I don't know about Jiushu, and it doesn't matter if I have a jade."

Wu Qianqing embraced her shoulder: "It's been so long, so why bother to worry so much about yourself?"

Guan Tong nodded.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked at each other and stopped talking.

Sending off was over, and the sky fell heavy snow.

Wu Ruo returned to the city of the imperial capital, and the carriage waited for them at the gate of the city. The seven of them got on the carriage and let the driving guard return to Heifu.

The carriage had just crossed the street. Suddenly, the two guards sitting on the driver's seat fell into the car.

Lao Hei, who has not seen this scene, was startled: "Dead man, dead man."

Wu Qianqing quickly protected Guan Tong in her arms.

The ebony rushed out of the car and held the reins to appease the frightened horse.

Hei Xieyu came out, stood on the driver's seat, and glanced around. There were many people standing on the roof: "Brother, just go back in the carriage."

"Okay." Wuzhu took the whip and drove straight to Heifu.

Everyone on the roof attacked in unison.

Hei Xun's complexion looked cool, and he gathered numerous intangible spiritual needles with his spiritual power and shot them around like a rainstorm. Everyone was cut by the needles and exposed the skin outside his clothes. Instantly, blood poured out.

The ebony responsible for driving the carriage didn't know what happened. After hearing Hei Xunyu chanting a strange spell, the people who attacked them suddenly turned into humans. It was as rainy as possible, one after another. One fell to the ground.

He can't help but open his mouth in surprise, and then he hears Hexuan chanting a spell again, and the person falling to the ground is like a zombie, leaping up suddenly and attacking the attacker, virtually, They have a bunch of helpers to deal with the enemy.

Black bamboo was deeply subdued by the black mysterious mystery, and it was easy to resolve most people.

Hei Xieyu took out a magic weapon and threw it at one of the houses in front. The house was blasted open, and there was a man with a handsome appearance and a blue book in his hand.

Repair! Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes, jumped directly to the roof, ready to kill this man.

At this moment, a white shadow rushed out from a certain place, condensing a huge spiritual power and attacking the carriage.

Hei Xun's hole shrank, trying to go back to save people, but was blocked by repair.

"Hey, you're dealing with me."

The moment the white man's spiritual power hit the carriage, all of a sudden, golden light shot out, rebounding his spiritual power back.

The man in white was startled, and hurriedly flew away. Spiritual power hit the surrounding houses with a bang. All the nearby houses collapsed.

A sound of repair: "Waste!"

I missed such a good time.

The man in white looked up and looked at Xiu Xi coldly. Seeing that he was in a weak position, he jumped up, blocked the attack of Hei Xieyan, and took Xiu away from the place.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes, worrying that it was a trick to get away from the mountain, and didn't chase after him, flying back to the carriage.

The man in white took the repair to a place where nobody was there before he stopped.

Xiu Xi was furious: "Don't you say that you can succeed? What happened just now? Why didn't you kill each other and hurt me so much?"

This person found him somehow, and said that they had common enemies. He would believe this person only once in order to kill Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo, not to mention that this person's ability is really strong.

The man in white said coldly: "The other party has a fairy, otherwise, the people in the car would have died.

"Immortal?" After repairing for a while, then, remembering the loss of the immortal in the Lotus Buddha Temple, is the immortal really in the hands of Wu Ruo?

"What to do? Hei Xieyu is so powerful, Wu Ruo has fairy, **** them?"

Xiu Xi thinks that the people of the Wu Ruo family are very lucky. They once blocked the ghosts protecting Wuzhu and took the opportunity to kill them. After reunion, I want to use Wu Yu's hand to kill Wu Ruo. I wonder if this waste actually has spiritual power, and now has fairy protection, it is really bad for every teacher.

The man in white gave him a glance: "I can let Hei Xieyu temporarily reduce his spiritual power and even destroy the fairy, but other things require you to think of another way. Whether you can kill them depends on your ability."

He fixed his eyes: "You can really reduce the power of black shading temporarily? But why do you help me?"

"I'm helping myself, killing them is my purpose in coming to the kingdom of heaven, and I must kill them before they return to your necropolis." The white-clad man turned his sleeves and said, "Things are done, I will send someone to inform you. "

"it is good."

Xiu Xi looked at the figure he left, and pursed his lips. Who is this man and why did he know the state of the dead?


Wu Ruo they returned to the house and immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Wu Ruo asked Wu Qianqing to go back to rest first, and then asked Hei Xieyu: Is the white man who attacked us just now the superior? "It was scary just now. When the other party was gathering huge spiritual power, the carriage was shaking, and the steed followed uneasily, making a loud roar, and seemed to know that something bad would happen.

Fortunately, Hei Xieyu gave him the fairyware early in the morning, otherwise, he and his father and mother would both die on the street.

"From the perspective of spiritual fluctuations, it should be him." Hei Xieyu held him in his arms: "This person wants to kill you or to kill you and your family. Think about whether you have offended you before. He? Or with whom?

From the tremendous spiritual power of the people in white clothes, he can feel that the people in white clothes have a strong hatred for the people in the carriages. Unfortunately, the other person is blindfolded and cannot see his true face.

"Except for the Gao Lingcheng Wu family and Wu Chenzi and Wu Weixue targeting me, I am sure that I did not offend anyone." Wu Ruo tightened his brow: "You also know that I used to be fat and had no spiritual power. I Who can offend? It may not be against my father and mother, my father and mystery are not high, and my mother has no spiritual power. If this person wants revenge, my father and mother would have been killed, Xiaoxi would not be possible, as for me Brother ... "

He looked at Hei Xuyi: "Is it someone sent by Princess Devil to assassinate my elder brother?"

Hei Xieyu was very sure: "His spiritual power is pure, not a demonic person. The emperor's concubine should not have the ability to drive such a powerful person, otherwise he will directly grab the throne, so why bother to kill the big brother, and at the time you The elder brother was sitting in the driver's seat, why would he hit the carriage if he wanted to kill your elder brother?

"Did he not come with Xiu? He should be your enemy, right?"

Hei Xieyu shook his head: "I don't have this character in my enemy, and they will be with Xiu. The two should probably work together. Forget it, if you can't figure out who it is, don't think about it. Sooner or later you will know him. who is it."

He pulled Wu Ruo back to his yard and called out Heiyin and said, "Bring in everyone just now."

"Yes." Heiyin disappeared in place, and after a while, he brought in a group of skinny people.

Wu Ruo was surprised: "This, isn't this a corpse that you used to cast a spell and drained human blood?"

"Yes." Hei Xieyu controlled them to use mystery: "I can only drain their blood, but I can't drain their spiritual power, you can **** all their spiritual power."

Wu Ruo Yixi: "Can you do that?"

"Um." Hei Xuanyu looked at him so happy, the corners of his lips could not help but evoke: "Draining their spiritual power should allow you to rush to the spiritual level.

He controlled the dead corpses to use some small mysteries, and Wu Ruo took the opportunity to **** all their spiritual power, and the dead corpses were useless, so Heiyin burned all the dead corpses: "Can you upgrade?"

Wu Ruo frowned. "It's almost a bit."

After all, he is going to rise to the seventh level, and needs a lot of spiritual power.

"Don't worry, there will be a chance to absorb more spiritual power in the future." Hei Xieyu took a bath in his backyard to rest. The two had not slept for five consecutive days. As soon as they lay down, they fell asleep.

In just one day, Wu Weixue used the peach blossom curse, but accidentally used Wu Chenzi's body quickly spread throughout the entire city of the capital, and became a joke after dinner.

When Ling Mohan heard the news, he immediately invited Hei Yang to tell Hei Yang about the situation at that time. After listening, his stomach almost laughed.

Ling Zisheng, who came to Ling Mohan, finally suppressed his smile and asked, "Can the peach blossom curse be solved?"

Heiyang said, "Yes, just kill the man who casts the spell."

Ling Mohan asked, "Wu Chenzi should know how to solve the curse?"

"This is the question for the Prince." Heiyang refers to the people who Ling Mohan sent to monitor the Wu family's every move.

Ling Mohan quickly rushed people to ask about the matter.

The watcher said: "He knows how to solve the curse, but every time he sees Wu Weixue, he can't resist the control of the Taohua curse. He immediately becomes loved by Wu Weixue. Where can he go? Hand, even if he sent someone to kill Wu Weixue, it would be useless. Because he knew this, he ran to block the person he sent when the peach blossom curse hit. Wu Chenzi was particularly depressed when he was awake. The mysterious power of the person is too high. After only a short period of time, he will run to find Wu Weixue to court. Now he is discussing with the Wu family head how to get rid of Wu Weixue. "

After listening to Ling Mohan and Ling Zisheng, they laughed wildly regardless of their status.

"This should be a stain in Wu Chenzi's life."

Heiyang asked, "Where is Wu Weixue?"

"She doesn't know where to hide." Heiyang returned to Heifu and reported to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo sneered: "Now the Wu family cannot tolerate her."

He looked at the black render who was looking at the sky all the time: "What are you thinking?"

"The stars are changing, the moonlight is much dimmer than before, and the flavor has changed." Hei Xuan frowned frantically at the sky: "There is something going on."

When the words just came, a gust of wind blew through, and the cold breath blew into Wu Ruo's neck, shaking. I also noticed that the gust was strange. Although the weather in winter was cold, it did not bring a gloomy atmosphere.

Hei Xiong's face changed: "No, the ghost is coming, Hei Yang, you must evacuate here."

"Ghost Cha?" Heiyang wondered, "Ghost Cha often comes to lock souls on earth, and it is not surprising that they will appear on earth."

"It was invited, depending on the situation, to deal with us." Hei Xieyu turned to explain to Heigan to arrange the array, and told that no one here could come out.

On hearing this, Guiyang disappeared without hesitation.

Wu Ruo had been a ghost in the last life, and he was a bit jealous of ghosts. After all, the other party was a fairy, not their mortals. "Ghosts are here? Who invited them to us? Is that the master? "

"It's possible."

Wu Ruo asked, "What do I need to do?"

In the last life, Hei Xieyu dealt with the ghosts alone. In this life, he wanted to help.

"You can't get the seventh-order spiritual power, and it's easy to be injured by ghosts. It's better not to come out in the house. When necessary, take out a fairy to protect yourself." The compound arranges the formation to go.

Wu Ruo hesitated, and the last generation of Hei Xie can deal with the ghost difference. After less than ten years of cultivation in this life, I do n’t know if I can handle it. In the end, he still decided not to drag Hei Xie ’s hind legs. Get others together to take care.

Wu Xi They came to Wu Ruo's room and quickly asked, "Second Brother, what happened? Why all of us are suddenly brought to you?"

"Xi Yan said, someone asked a ghost to deal with us." Wu Ruo explained while laying out a defensive formation. Although it could not work, it should be able to resist some attack power.

After hearing the words "Gui Cha", Tiao Ling changed his face: "People who have the ability to invite the ghost fairy must have a good spiritual order."

Wu Qianqing, Guan Tong, and Wu Zhu heard that the ghosts of the local government were coming, and their faces were not good-looking.

Wu Xi asked, "Second Brother, wouldn't it be the Wu Guoshi who brought in ghosts?"

"I don't know who brought it in."

Wu Qianqing was worried and asked, "They are ghosts of Guiyang. Will the ghosts deal with them?"

"Xi Yan has just let Heiyang evacuate here, and they may escape the ghosts for a night."

"That's good."

At this moment, a strong wind blew outside, causing the doors and windows of the room to bang, scaring them into hiding in the arms of Thorns.

Spinach rubbed his head: "Coward."
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