Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 161-170

Chapter 161: Blessing is not a curse

The pagoda was built by the first generation of emperors in the Kingdom of Heaven, and has a long history. It is a symbol of the Lotus Temple. In addition, it contains many treasures, magical instruments, and relics of abbots of all generations. The fire almost burned the pagoda, and there was only time to rescue 60% of the treasures. Most of the artifacts and relics placed on the upper floors were burned. The fire that can burn the magic weapon should be the spiritual fire of refining the magic weapon, otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to burn the magic weapon easily.

"How could this happen? Who set the fire?" Elder Tong Miao was so angry and roaring, but in the pagoda he was the master's relic.

Wu Chenzi: "..."

The young monk responsible for cleaning the pilgrim's compound pointed to the corpse on the ground and shouted, "Elder Tongmiao, they set the pagoda on fire!"

Elder Tong Miao looked at the corpses on the ground, these people burned the pagoda? And these people were brought into the temple by him, that is, the real culprit was him? It wouldn't have happened without putting people in.

He looked up at the crowd, all the monks stared at the corpse with a sad look, and then he saw Wu Chenzi standing in the monk's pile.

Elder Tong Miao looked down, lowered his face and asked angrily, "Master, should you give Laona an explanation?"

Everyone looked at Wu Chenzi.

Elder Tongji asked, "What's the matter with the Master Guo Teacher?"

Although one of the treasure hunters was Wu Chenzi's escort, everyone chose to believe Wu Chenzi and did not think that a state teacher would make a treasure hunt.

Elder Tong Miao stared at Wu Chenzi and said, "The people who live in the Pilgrim's Courtyard are the masters of the National Teacher's College who let Lao Na arrange them to live in."

At that time, he did not like the people who were arranged by the National Normal University. If it was not for the sake of the National Normal University, he would not let them live in.

With a bang, everyone looked at Wu Chenzi incredibly.

"..." Wu Chenzi was very upset. He arranged for Sanlun to live in the Lianfo Temple, and only he and the elders of Tongmiao knew that he believed that the elders of Tongmiao would not talk in a nonsense way. It's also impossible to keep talking nonsense. Even if Wu Ruo finds that Sanlun lives in Lianfo Temple, he shouldn't know that he arranged it?

"The deity also sees that they will let the elder elder sisters arrange for them to live in Lianfo Temple, but he didn't expect that ... he hammered with a sad face:" But they did not expect that they would take this opportunity to do such a shameless thing . "Even though he was particularly upset, everyone was very skeptical.

Suddenly, the same elder exclaimed.

The abbot asked quickly: "What's wrong?"

"Abbot, look at the buddha soon." The same week elder handed the immortal to the abbot, and the golden ball originally carved in Sanskrit became a smooth golden ball. After being stimulated by spiritual force, only one flower can be changed. Jin Lian, no other forms, apparently they were transferred when the treasure was captured.

"Why, how can this be?" The abbot's eyes were dark, and he was about to fall to the ground, and the elder with his eyes hugged him quickly: "Abbots are you all right?"

The abbot waved his hands and said with excitement, "This matter must be reported to the emperor and let the emperor decide for us."

Wu Chenzi frowned frantically. Everything was bad for him. He had to think of a solution.

Wu Ruo turned and buried her face in Hei Xieyu's arms. The corners of her mouth were curved, evoking a beautiful arc.

This incident quickly spread to the ears of the emperor. The emperor was suddenly angry when he learned that the pagoda had been burned. He immediately brought people to the Lianfo Temple. When he knew that the incident was closed with Wu Chenzi, he was even more angry. .

"Master, you have high hopes for your reinstatement, and how do you repay you? Such a big thing happened on the second day of your reinstatement? Personal guards to bring people to treasure? Arrange to live in the pilgrim compound People burned the pagoda? Regardless of whether you did it or not, you can hardly blame it. "

The emperor saw the burnt pagoda outside the window and slammed the desktop vigorously.

The **** chief hurriedly appeased: "Emperor, you dissipate, otherwise, you will be angry."

Wu Chenzi quickly knelt down on the ground: "The old minister deserves everything and asks the emperor to punish him."

Ling Mohan standing next to the emperor, hooked his lips, Wu Chenzi, you can't escape this time.

"Punishment?" Emperor Jun smiled coldly: "Even if you pull you to behead, you can't make up for your fault."

Wu Chenzi's eyes flashed a shadow: "Emperor, before punishing the old minister, can you first find out the matter, the old minister thinks that this matter is related to Wu Ruo."

Lingmohan's eyes flashed cold.

"Wu Ruo?" Emperor Jun's eyes flashed with doubt.

"It is the day of the test that I hope the emperor can change to a reward.

The emperor was even more confused: "What does it matter to him?"

"If it wasn't for him to watch the fairy ware, Chen would not have brought him to the Lotus Buddha Temple. Apart from the old minister, only he and his husband knew that we were going to see the Lotus Buddha Temple."

The emperor thought for a while, and asked the **** chief to call in both Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xie entered the house to meet the emperor and the prince.

The emperor looked sternly at Wu Ruo: "The Master of the National Teacher said that if you didn't ask to see the fairy, the treasure hunt would not happen, so the case of treasure hunt is related to you. What do you want to say?"

Wu Ruo quickly said: "Back to the emperor, the Caomin is really wrong. Although Caomin wants to see the fairy wares, but the National Normal University has never said that he agrees to do so, but this morning, Caomin is still there. In his sleep, the master of the National Academy suddenly came to the house of Caomin and said that he wanted Caomin to go to the Lotus Buddha Temple to see the fairy. At this time, even if the Caomin had the intention to win the treasure, he also had time to prepare. Bi Jingbao was in the Lotus Buddha Temple. Here, is it possible to send people to take the treasure at will? Then, before Caomin came, he thought that the Master of the National Teachers would bring Caomin and Caomin's husband into the pagoda to see the immortals. I do n’t want to. He was taken out of the tower to watch, so Caomin was quite surprised when he looked at the immortal in the meditation room. How could he send someone to take the treasure while taking out the pagoda while the immortal was taken out? What's more, how did Caomin not know anyone who took the treasure? Did the Caomin instruct them to take the treasure? "

These words are reasonable and cannot make people doubt Wu Ruo.

The emperor looked at Master He who was in charge of the case: "Master He, what do you think?"

Master He replied: "From the words of the emperor, except for the fact that he wanted to see the fairy wares, but how to look at the latter things has nothing to do with him. After all, one of the people who took the treasure is Yao Weiwei. This son should not have the ability to drive Yao to defend the treasure.

Wu Chenzi retorted: "He can control Yao Jinkun."

Master He looked at him: "As far as I know, how does the sixth-order spiritual power of this son control a seventh-order person?"

"He can ask others to control Yao Jinkun."

Lingmo said, "This palace sees this other person as the Supreme Master himself. The official remembers that the Supreme Master's words are very powerful. You just want to push things forward when you see things exposed. To the junior and let him bear all the blame. "

Wu Chenzi narrowed his eyes: "His Royal Highness, you can't say anything wrong, how can an old minister as a state teacher make a treasure?"

Lingmo smiled coldly: "This palace is talking nonsense? Then the official asked you that Yao Jinkun is yours? People who live in the Pilgrim's Courtyard also arranged for you to live here? These are not things that this palace can just talk about and make things happen. It ’s for you. By the way, one thing. ”Ling Mohan looked at the emperor:“ Father Emperor, children and ministers remember an important thing. ”

"You said."

"When I came to Lianfo Temple just now, I heard the elder Zhou said that the real fairy was replaced by a fake fairy, and the fake fairy could only change into a lotus form."

The emperor nodded: "It does happen."

"It is only the father emperor, the National Teacher, and the abbots and elders in the temple that the fairy can change. Others only listen to the presence of the fairy in the pagoda, but they do n’t know what it looks like. Not to mention that this palace does not know, even the mother does not know about the shape of the fairy, let alone a person who has no official position. "

When Ling Mohan said here, everyone present understood what this meant.

The emperor changed his face and stared at Wu Chenzi coldly: "Master, how can this be explained?"

Wu Chenzi: "..."

He really had no way to explain it, unless the emperor and the abbots and the elders wanted to harm him, they told Wu Ruo about the fairy ware, but it was impossible. The abbots and the elders had no reason to harm him. The emperor had to deal with him. What a breeze, why bother with fairy tales.

Who revealed that the fairy can change the lotus shape?

Wu Chenzi looked at Wu Ruo, who had always lowered his head, and once again felt that he didn't look down on this person. No, he couldn't just fold here.

"Back to the emperor, Yao Jinkun is the personal guard of the old minister. He followed the old minister almost every day. Maybe it was the old minister who spit out the truth and revealed the shape of the fairy. This is what Yao Jinkun knew."

Wu Ruo glanced at him from the corner of his eye, depending on the situation, and intended to push things to Yao Jinkun.

Lingmo smiled coldly, and probably guessed Wu Chenzi's intention: "Master, do you want to say that Wu Ruo has controlled Yao Jinkun to force him to tell the shape of the fairy?

Wu Chenzi glanced at him: "The old minister just guessed that the side of the treasure hunt was related to Wu Ruo. He didn't say that it must have been done by him. After listening to the Prince's words, Yao Jinkun is more likely to plan for treasure. Yao Jinkun knew that the old minister arranged for those people to live in the Pilgrim's Courtyard. It should also be possible to guess that the old minister took Wu Ruo to see the fairy wares. "

The emperor raised an eyebrow: "Did you just say that only you and Wu Ruofu knew that they would come to Lianfo Temple to see the fairy wares?"

"It is true. However, the old minister told Yao Jinkun yesterday that he would not go to Si Tianjian today. He might have sent someone to monitor the old minister if he guessed anything, so he took the opportunity to win the treasure."

The emperor asked Master He: "Master He, what do you think?"

"If you return to Emperor Jun, Wei Chen thinks that it is very likely that Yao Weiwei planned everything. When he was arrested, he immediately bite the poison and committed suicide, indicating that he was frightened."

The emperor nodded and looked at Wu Chenzi: "Major Master, as He said just now, even if it has nothing to do with you, you can hardly blame it. Bi Jing is that you show people to see the fairy, and you are the guard. Bringing someone to win the treasure, it is you who arranged the treasure to live in the Lianfo Temple. Now, you want to fire your job and investigate this matter, can you complain?

Such punishment is already considered light.

"The old minister has no complaints. The old minister is willing to accept the punishment of the emperor."

Wu Ruo and Ling Mohan glanced at each other, and quickly turned away.

The emperor sternly explained to Lord He: "The burning of the pagoda and the deprivation of immortals is a matter of great importance. You must find out about it, and these crimes are enough to plague their three families."

Fairy wares protect their heavenly treasures, so it is a great sin to take them away.


When the emperor stepped out of the house, he looked deeply at Wu Ruo, then stepped out of the door, and said to the abbots who were waiting outside, "He will surely find out this and give you an explanation. He will also send someone to recover Qianfoxian as soon as possible. As for the reorganization of the pagoda ... "

He looked at Wu Chenzi behind him: "Let the adult teacher alone bear it, after all, he arranged for the gangsters to stay at the Lianfo Temple."

"Xie Dijun." The abbot and many monks kneeled thankfully.

Tai Ling shouted, "Put back to the palace."

Wu Chenzi left Lianfo Temple with the emperor.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu are not good to stay here either, they also leave behind the team.

Looking at the distant person, the same elder murmured, "It really happened, alas, it ’s a blessing or a curse, but a curse cannot be avoided. The Lianfo Temple is destined to have such a calamity. We can also be regarded as paying back all the debts of sin . "

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu returned to Heifu, and Numu immediately greeted him with a smile: "Fu Jin was immediately caught by us when he escaped from the Lotus Temple."

Wu Ruo asked, "What about them?"

Numu put away a smile: "Sang Lun was very cunning. When he was in trouble, he took three people to flee the temple, and the rest were killed by us and thrown into the river. As for the people of the National Normal University, except one person, , We killed the rest. "

"who is it?"

"Just go and see. He's in my yard now.

Numu took them to his room and saw a man tied to a chair and blindfolded.

At a glance, Wu Ruoding saw that the person being **** was not Wu Yu, but the next moment, he knew how Wu Chenzi would murder him today. Wu Yu is his fifth brother and has a relationship with him. Then, he uses Wu Yu to win treasure, and then drives the accident to him. As soon as the incident is revealed, he can't escape the relationship. By then, the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng He will be implicated in him, just like the emperor said, the three races are definitely wanting.

"I didn't know this boy at first. It was he who said he had seen me staying with you in the drug store. Then, I said it was your fifth brother.

Wu Yu was excited when he heard what Numu said, "Xiao Ruo, Xiao Ruo are you here, right?"

Wu Ruo asked in a loud voice, "Did you get rid of the magic?"

"It was removed, it was removed, it was the National Teacher's Master who helped me remove it." Wu Yu hurriedly said, "Xiao Ruo, you tell your friend, I won't tell him about it, you let Let him go, I assure you, he will never say anything. "

Wu Ruo sneered.

Looking at the situation of Wu Yu, you should not know that he was used by Wu Chenzi to deal with his affairs.

Chapter 162: Then put it in again

Wu Yu didn't hear Wu Ruo's response and was very anxious: "Xiao Ruo, you say something? You won't just watch me kill by your friends, right?"

Wu Ruo said, "Five brother, can you talk about what you do at Lianfo Temple?"

Wu Yu looked at him silently.

"You don't even tell me this, how can I help you? But you don't say, I know." Wu Ruo came to him, leaned in his ear and said, "Wu Chenzi asked you to grab Fairy, right? Brother Wu, you are really bold, and because of your sixth-order spiritual power, you want to go to Lianfo Temple to grab the fairy, and you are too overwhelmed. "

Wu Yu Yiyi: "How do you know?"

Wu Ruo refused to answer: "Brother Wu, do you know why Wu Chenzi asked you to grab the fairy?"

"He didn't tell me. He just said that in order to understand, in addition to the magic, he would help to do one thing, and there would be another reward after it was done." Wu Yu was afraid that Wu Ruo did not believe, and added: It's all true, you have to believe me. "

Wu Ruo smiled: "Of course I believe in you, because if you know the purpose of Wu Chenzi, you dare not help him with this matter."

"What is his purpose? Isn't it just a fairy?"

Wu Ruo sneered: "He is a master, and he wants to use an immortal, as long as he opens his mouth, the Lotus Temple will take out the immortal for him at any time. However, he wants your immortal to try to frame me through you. As long as the matter is revealed, you will not be able to escape the crime. At that time, you may be imprisoned by the three clans, and you will be implicated in the up and down Wu family of Gaolingcheng, and I will not escape.

When he proposed to look at the fairy ware, he thought that Wu Chenzi would take advantage of him to harm him. He had also thought many times that Wu Chenzi would design a way to harm him, but he did not want to use his loved ones. Numerous things made Numu take people to guard around Lianfo Temple early in the morning. Unexpectedly, he really guarded the people sent by Wu Chenzi, not to mention that Wu Chenzi thought about the same strategies as he thought.

Wu Yu: "!!!!!!!!!"

This is the case. If he knew the truth, he would not do it.

"Xiaoruo, I was wrong. You let me go. I did n’t know how to do this."

"Brother, don't worry, I will let you go. After all, we are cousins. Why would I watch him killed by someone?" Wu Ruo told the guard: "Pack him in a box and give it to Wu Chenzi. "

Wu Yu's face was pale and scared and panicked, "Xiao Ruo, you can't do this, you can't give me to Wu Chenzi, he won't let me go. This is no different from killing me. Xiao Ruo, please , I am your fifth brother, why are you doing this to me? "

Wu Ruoyan satired, "When my elder brother was taken away by the demons, do you think he is your fourth brother?"

The guard picked up the white cloth next to him and stuffed it into Wu Yu's mouth.

"Well, wow ..." Wu Yu struggled in fear.

The guard threw him into the box and lifted him out of the room.

Numu asked, "Xiao Ruo, do you really want to give him to Wu Chenzi?"

Wu Ruo asked him, "Master, don't you think I'm cruel, even my fifth brother can start?"

"I only worry that you will regret it, so I ask you." Numu heard about Wu Yu from Wu Xi's mouth, knowing that Wu Yu is definitely not a good person, and he did not intend to help him talk, just worried that Wu Ruo will Regret killing a loved one.

Wu Ruo turned to the topic and asked, "Master, you've got Fujin now, what are you going to do next?"

"Bring people back to the witches and dispose of them."

"Take care of him, don't let him run away."

Numu sneered: "I have abolished his Lingtian and cut off his limbs and veins, where can he escape."

Wu Ruo asked, "Is that Master going to leave again?"

Numu looked for a moment and nodded: "Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I still say that, if you miss me, come to the Witch tribe."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu returned to their yard, walked into the sun, and took a deep breath: "It's better our yard."

Immediately, he jumped onto Hei Xieyu with excitement, and wrapped his body around Hei Xieyu with his four feet: "I'm slimy now. Let's take a bath while watching the fairy."

Wu Ruo feels that he can relax himself only in front of Hei Xieyu, and show that true self, but he must be in a bad mood in front of others, or he must disguise himself, even in front of his parents, he dare not to be cruel and indifferent. On the surface, they dare not let them know that their son is no longer a pure and kind L son.

Hei Xieyu hooked his mouth and hugged him into the bathroom. When the next person filled the water, he took off his robe and hugged the person into the water.

Wu Ruo hugged him and asked, "I take out the fairyware now, will it make people feel that there is fairy spirit here?"

Hei Sui said: "Hei Fu has arranged a large array method, which can prevent all kinds of breath from leaking."

Wu Ruo quickly took out the fairy ware and handed it to Hei Xieyu, and asked with a smile, "Is it worth one million yuan to exchange one fairy ware?"

Hei Xiu took the fairy, read a string of spells, and the fairy in the form of a golden ball immediately changed into a lotus form.

Wu Ruoxin rejoiced, "Did you remember the mantra of abduction?"

Just now I was worried that without a spell, I could not actuate the fairy.

"Um." Hei Xiuyu chanted again, and then the lotus shape fairy became a bell shape: "It is indeed a fairy and can have multiple forms.

If the ordinary magic instrument has only one form, just like the magic instrument he made, it can only change from a ball to a lantern. It is impossible to change from a lantern to a magic umbrella.

Wu Ruo thinks this fairy is very suitable for black rendering: "You keep this fairy."

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "I'm afraid the emperor guessed that the immortal is here."

Wu Ruo was a little surprised, and could not help thinking of the emperor looking at him today.

On the day of the contest, he asked the emperor for a reward before knowing that the emperor would not answer his request, but he still had his purpose to do so, because as long as the emperor did not agree to enter the pagoda to see the fairy, Wu Chen Zi didn't dare to promise something that the emperor didn't agree, so he was disguised to force Wu Chenzi to take out the fairy from the pagoda, and, after the last life, he knew that Wu Chenzi was able to convince the abbot to take out the fairy In this way, you can use the magic of mysterious control to control the people of Sanlun to take the treasure burning tower.

At that time, while he was having breakfast, he used the hidden shadow technique to sneak into the Pilgrim's compound to control Sanlun. Those people's spiritual order was naturally lower than him to control them. Then I took out the night clothes I had prepared from the shadows and put them on. Then, I followed the figure of the same week to sneak into the pagoda and put the spiritual fire in the tower. Even if the fire of Sanlun failed, the pagoda could be burned. stand up.

Later, while watching the fairy, he turned and walked to the window, hid the real fairy in the hidden space, and then took out the fake. In order not to be found, he borrowed the magic spell drawn by Wu Chenliu. They have deceived Wu Chenzi's eyes. Only the amulets drawn by the ninth-level wizard can deceive so many powerful mages.

Of course, Wu Chenliu could not give him magic spells. He also had no reason to find Wu Chenliu to draw magic spells, so that Wu Chenliu would not find out what he did. Therefore, Wu Chenliu painted the magic spells for Wu Xi to defend himself, but he asked for them to hide the sky.

It's the same as when the elder Zhou returned the fairy ware to the pagoda, he asked the people in Sanlun to grab the fairy ware. This can be said to be two birds with one stone. Then no one doubted him.

As for Yao Jinkun, he asked Ling Mohan to get people, because he felt that burning the tower and winning the treasure might not really hit Wu Chenzi, so he brought Yao's family in. As long as the Yao family is lost, the balance between the prince and the second prince will be broken, which will be more beneficial to the crown prince in the future.

Wu Ruo went back to God: "He will not live long, and he is not afraid that he will know. Besides, I will help his eldest son take the throne. How can I collect some interest money? The fairy is the interest money he gave."

Hei Xiu took the man into his arms: "Well, I'm not afraid he knows."

If the emperor embarrassed Wuruo because of the immortal thing, let the emperor end his life early, so as not to get in the way.

Wu Ruo suddenly turned red, and somewhere was difficult to read by someone with her finger, and she couldn't help glaring angrily: "Where is your hand going?"

Hei Xuanyu kissed his ear vortex and said hoarsely, "When you were in the carriage this morning, shot all over your body. If you don't get it out, you will get sick.

Wu Ruo said, "It's almost a day, and those things have flowed out.

"Then put it in again."

"Black shame ... um ..." The words behind him were all in the black shame's mouth. After a while, the corpse guards who stood outside the door heard the rough gasping and moaning sounds from the bathroom.

The pagoda is the symbol of the Lianfo Temple, and it is also at the highest point of the Lianfo Temple. Therefore, the burning of the pagoda could not be concealed from everyone. In a short period of time, the matter spread. The Yao family learned that Wu Chenzi took When everything was pushed on them, and they might be ravaged by their three families, they almost did not lift Wujia.

The other three major families were also embarrassed by Wu Chenzi's approach. In any case, the five families had been in the family for hundreds of years, and even if they were to turn their faces, they should not drive people to death. Who would dare to join hands with the Wu family in the future.

The head of the Wu family was upset by the people of the Yao family and hurriedly closed the door.

He came to the courtyard hall where Wu Chenzi lived, and as soon as he entered the door, he saw the mess in the ground, showing that Wu Chenzi was too angry before him: "Master of the State ..."

With a bang, Wu Chenzi swept all the cups on the table to the ground: "Don't call it my deity ... Don't call our teacher or teacher anymore. From now on, I will never be a teacher again."

The head of the Wu family twisted his eyebrows: "Morning son, what is going on today, aren't you counting Wu Ruo, and letting him be dead without a corpse? How did he become a Yao family to burn the tower to win treasure?"

When referring to Wu Ruo, Wu Chenzi's eyes flashed a bit of yin, and there was a line of pedigree in his eyes: "I looked down on Wu Ruo too much. Some things were not what I expected at all, like fairy I do n’t even know how Wu Ruo knew the shape of the fairy. "

The head of the Wu family already knows something from the people in the Yao family, and there is no such thing as the Dorian Buddhist Temple: "What now? Do you really see the three families of the Yao family being imprisoned? If so, then the other three People in the family will be disappointed in our Wujia and will no longer support our Wujia.

If this is the case, he can already predict what the Wu family will be like.

Wu Chenzi said, "Of course I can't leave the Yao family alone, but I'm no longer a teacher now, and I need to think of another way."

Now they still have to rely on the Yao family to support his great-grandson. After his great-grandson has taken over, he doesn't care if others are dead or alive.

"Master National Teacher ..." the guard in the hall called.

Wu Chenzi shot angrily at the table: "They all said that they would not call our teachers anymore."

The guard was frightened and shrank his head, lowering his voice: "Guo ... Master, someone sent a box and said it was for you."

Wu Chenzi stared at him coldly: "Who sent the box?"

"I don't know, didn't say."

Wu Chenzi thought about it, "Bring it in."


After a while, the four guards came in with a large box.

The head of the Wu family wondered: "So heavy? What's in it?"

Wu Chenzi whispered "I won't know if I open it."

"Hmm ..." Suddenly, a strange noise came from the box.

"There is a voice." The Wu family growled, quickly stepping back with Wu Chenzi.

Wu Chenzi used the psychic power to sense what was inside the box, and when he felt a spiritual power fluctuation, he frowned and said, "It seems that there is a person in the box.

The head of the Wu family pointed at the guard who came in to carry the box: "Come here, open the box and see.

The guard nodded hesitantly: "Yes."

He took out the sword around his waist, cut the rope on the box, and placed it on the box with one hand, and pointed the box with the other hand. When the movement in the box was much smaller, he quickly opened the box and saw that it was tied inside A man.

"Master, there is a man tied inside."

The head of the Wu family and Wu Chenzi walked over to see, it took a while before they recognized who was in the box: "It's you, Wuyu."

Wu Yu heard Wu Chenzi's voice, struggling with excitement, suddenly thinking of Wu Ruo, he dared not move.

The head of the Wu family took the towel from his mouth: "Why are you in the box?"

"I don't know." Wu Yu didn't dare admit that he was taken away by Wu Ruo's friends. If Wu Chenzi knew he was sent back by Wu Ruo, he would be dead: "When I go to Lianfo Temple, Suddenly he was stunned and was trapped in a box when he woke up. "

The head of the Wu family and Wu Chenzi have been in charge of the Wu family for many years. Are they so confused? "I really don't know?"

Wu Yu hesitated in his heart, and did not admit death: "I really don't know what's going on?"

Wu Chenzi sneered, and asked again, using speech and spirit: "Say, how did you get put in the box?"

Wu Yu is only a sixth-order wizard. How can he resist the magic of the nine-tier wizard: "It was put into a box by Wu Ruo, and then his people sent me to Jiawu's house."

Wu Chenzi narrowed his eyes, "So you already know the purpose of letting you go to Lianfo Temple?"

Chapter 163: Kiss and kiss

"Yes." Wu Yu woke up after answering this question. If the black cloth on his eyes was taken off, Wu Chenzi would be scared by the shocking look of Wu Chenzi.

Wu Chenzi smiled lowly and said in a low voice, "Is Wu Ruo demonstrating me?"

Wu family chief: "..."

Wu Yu shuddered when Wu Chenzi mentioned Wu Ruo. The master of the National Normal School knew that he was sent back by Wu Ruo, and he must know that he already knew the true purpose of the imperial conqueror.

Blindfolded, because he couldn't see it, his heart was more frightened, and maybe he would die in the hands of Wu Chenzi the next moment: "Master, I will not tell you things, you believe me, I do n’t Yes ... oh ... "

Wu Chenzi took out an elixir and stuffed it into Wu Yu's mouth: "Enjoy the last moment."

When Wu Yu encountered the elixir, she was anxious to spit out the elixir. However, the elixir turned into saliva, and it was too late to ask clearly what he was eating. Suddenly, the whole body issued a severe throbbing pain. The meridian is like a knot, and I can clearly feel that it is shortening, and I even feel the pain when the bones are crushed, making him feel uncomfortable.

The head of the Wu family standing in front of the box watched Wu Yu convulsively, screaming in pain while spitting blood in his mouth, his face twisted, his nose crooked to the left, and his mouth crooked to the right. After a pillar of incense, a living one Humans have only the last layer of flesh left and emit a disgusting stench.

Wu Chenzi laughed like crazy watching Wu Ruo die.

The head of the Wu family watched his eyebrows tighten, and the man was crazy.

The guard next to me swallowed in fear, looking at Wu Chenzi's eyes more fear.

Wu Chenzi stopped suddenly and laughed: "He took the box to his father and mother, and said it was a gift from Wu Ruo.


The guards seemed to be saved, and quickly left the box. Take the boxes to Wu Qianli and Ruan Lanru, tell them they were from Wu Ruo, and they left.

Wu Qianli walked around the box: "What's inside?"

Ruan Lanru sarcastically said: "It will definitely not be a good thing."

She no longer believed that Wu Ruo would send them anything good.

I heard that Wu Anyi, who came with a box, came in and smelled: "It seems bloody."

"Ah--" Ruan Lanru screamed, pointing to the bottom of the box and said, "There is blood, you see blood."

Wu Anyi directly opened the box. Suddenly, a stench emerged, and the three quickly covered their noses.

Wu Qian departed: "What's in it, so stinky?"

Wu Anyi looked at the box: "It looks like a robe soaked in blood.

Ruan Lan shouted angrily: "I said the **** would not send good things, he must curse us when he sent this thing, and you must throw away Wu Qianli and hurry up:" Wait, I seem to see a person Face, and this robe made me feel familiar, like I've seen it somewhere.

Ruan Lan heard it, glanced at it secretly, and trembled with a shock. She was excited: "It's Xiaoyu's robe, this is Xiaoyu's robe yesterday."

Wu Qian changed his face, and quickly asked the guard to take out the robes inside.

Wu Anyi tightened her brow: "It looks like a piece of human skin is wrapped in the robe."

He took a closer look, his face pale: "It's Xiaoyu."

Although the entire face had been paralyzed, it was still possible to discern who it was.

Ruan Lanru also saw the face of human skin, screamed, and fainted.

The guard quickly supported her.

Wu Qian suddenly spit out a blood and fell to the ground.

Wu Anyi hurriedly called, "Go to the doctor."

Wu Qiantong, who lives in the courtyard next door, learned the news of Wu Yu's death, and did not feel sympathy at all, but smiled sarcastically: "Without the son of the sixth-order spiritual power, how can you show off your strength?"

Of course, no one around him listened to him.

In the past, he was surrounded by his wife and children at home, and he hugged him when he went out. Today, there are only two guards and a wife who cooks and cooks in the yard. At this time, his ears are pale and his face is vicissitudes. There was an indescribable desolation in the chair looking out the window.

On the contrary, the Heifu side gave off for Numu in a lively manner. The Wu people burned the whole pig and danced around the fire.

"Master Brother, when you go back this time, when will you come to the Imperial City again?" Wu Xi was very reluctant to be a cheerful uncle.

Numu sighed: "I don't know yet, we are in trouble with the descendants, if we don't resolve this matter one day, we can't leave the witch.

Ushi nervously said, "Aren't your two people going to fight?"

Wu Ruo heard the words “combat war” and raised his head to look at Numu: “After Master returns, you can try to cooperate with the surrounding clans to attack them, and you can catch Pakse and go back to threaten the Patriarch ’s patriarch. "

Now that Pakse is useless, it is time to solve him.

Nou laughed: "Good idea."

Wu Ruo took the wine glass and touched him, and when he retracted it and put it on his mouth, he grabbed a drink and drank it.

"Why did you grab my wine?"

Hei Xieyu put the wine on the table: "If you drink again, you will be drunk.‘

Numu joked: "It's nice to have someone hurt, Xiao Xi, do you mean it?"

Some drunk Wu Xi nodded enviously: "I also want someone who likes my brother to hurt my brother."

Numudao "People in our clan will hurt my wife most, and I will introduce you to you later."

"Sister Xiaoxi is mine." Hei Xitang drunk his head on Numu's shoulders drunkly: "Don't think of her."

"Well, are you settled so fast?"

Ushi blushed, "When was I yours?"

"Now, I want to order you from my in-laws." Hei Xietang shouted at Guan Tong who was not far away. "In-laws, I want to set up Xiaoxi with you. You can't marry her.

Guan Tong smiled and didn't take his drunken words seriously.

Wu Qianqing laughed and said, "Dear friends, it's good."

He still likes Hei Xietang. He is a good guy. Although he is fun and sometimes unreliable, he does not like to spend money and drink like other wealthy sons at home. This is his most optimistic because he He didn't want his daughter to marry a man with three wives and four wives.

Wu Ruo whispered curiously in Heixie's ears, "Does the fourth brother really like Xiaoxi?"

Hei Xietang is so drunk now that he doesn't know if this is true or false.

Hei Xiu was not interested in his brother's affairs. He held his wife in his arms and took a piece of barbecue to his mouth.

Wu Ruo said, "I'm full, don't feed any more."

Hei Xuanyu pinched his waist: "You are too thin."

Wu Ruo: "..."

He was only thin and thin, in fact, he had a lot of meat.

"Daddy." Dandan rushed into Wu Ruo's arms with a small step that was crooked.

Wu Ruo picked him up, smelled it, and looked up at Thorns: "Thorns, do you feed him drink?"

Thorny sip lightly: "It's drunk with just one sip. It's so useless. You need to exercise well in the future."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Should a child under the age of one actually need to exercise?

"Dad, Uncle Yeji asked me just now. If my aunt is getting married with my uncle, will I continue to be my aunt, or will I be called my uncle, or will I be called my uncle or my uncle?" , Asking the question that confuses him: "Why does the uncle become the uncle, the little aunt becomes the uncle, what is the uncle and the uncle?"

Nightwing: "..."

He just teases the child.

Wu Xi angrily blushed: "Donkey, don't bark.

"That's a good question." Hei Xietang sipped a wine tincture. "Everything is called my uncle and Xiaoxi Siyi."

Numhaha smiled.

"Uncle, four concubines." Yandan shouted drunk.

Hei Xietang immediately responded: "I am here, little nephew, no, little nephew, what are you asking me to do ..."

Guan Tong really convinced them: "Don't make trouble, and quickly bring the eggs back to the room to sleep."

Hei Xin took the child from Wu Ruohuai with a smile: "Little Master's drinking is as bad as his wife."

"..." Wu Ruo turned his head and asked Hei Xieyu: "Is my alcohol bad?"

Hei Xuanzhen honestly said, "Well, you love to be coquettish when you are drunk."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Numu gave a laugh: "The first time I heard someone was drunk, I was coquettish.

Others followed and laughed.

Guan Tong wondered: "Don't Xiaoyun always go to sleep directly if he was drunk?"

Numu said: "Of course in front of her husband, coquettishly."

Hei Xunyu nodded in agreement.

At this moment, Heiyin appeared in front of Hei Xieyu, and whispered in his ear: "Monitoring the return of the ghost clan of Bas, said that Sang Lun had peace with Bas after escaping from Lotus Temple."

Wu Ruo, sitting in the arms of Hei Xieyu, naturally heard what Hei Yin said: "Catch them, don't let them run away."


Heiyin disappeared in the courtyard. After half an hour, they caught Pakse in Heifu, and several people's faces were covered with black skin.

Wu Ruo gestured the ghosts to take off Sanlun's cloth strips.

Sang Lun stared at Wu Ruo, "It's you."

"Do you recognize me?" Wu Ruo squinted his eyes. "That shows that Wu Weixue and my dad have really done the same thing."

Sanlun said gloomily: "Don't you already know?"

"Xiao Ruo?" Basie heard Wu Ruo's voice, and just wanted to say something, He Xieyu motioned to plug his mouth.

Wu Ruo said softly, "It's just confirmation."

Sang Lun snorted: "The winner is the king, and the loser is the pirate. If you want to kill, you have to chop.

"I don't want to kill you, but only if you answer me a few questions and do one more thing for me, I will let you go."

Sunlun looked at him with a little surprise.

Wu Ruo pointed at Pakse and said, "Does he really like to train living people into puppets?"

Pakse seemed to feel that Wu Ruo was asking him something, and he stopped struggling.

Sanlun pursed her lips and said nothing.

Chapter 164: Lick down

Wu Ruo continued to ask, "Does he like to make live or dead?"

Sang Lun's face was calm. "Why do you ask these things?"

Wu Ruo did not answer him, and then asked, "Which one is more tortured, live or dead?"

Sunron: "..."

"My question is over. If you don't answer, just die with them."

The ghost clan who was holding them wanted to kill them, and Sanlun quickly asked: "If I answer your question and do one thing for you, will you really let me go?"

Wu Ruohuan promised quietly: "Say it."

Sang Lun saw that extending his head is a knife, and shrinking his head is also a knife. He can only choose to believe him: "Basset, he likes to make living people into puppets, especially men and women who have played well and look good. It ’s the refining of the dead man, because the period during which the living person is made a dead man can make them very painful, and Pakse will be particularly excited and happy. "

Wu Ruo heard the words behind him and couldn't help but imagine the scene where U Xi from the previous life was killed by Pakse and then made into a puppet.

He stared grimly at Pakse: "The next thing I want you to do is to pakse into puppets in the way of Pakse refining.

He wanted Pakse to taste Ushi's taste of being puppet.

Basher trembled. From Wu Ruo's voice, he could hear that Wu Ruo was serious. He was struggling with fear and horror, and yelled, "唔唔 ..."

What makes him most confused is that he and Wu Ruo have no deep hatred? Even if it was because of Gaolingcheng, didn't it fail? But why did Wu Ruo take his life?

Sang Lun froze slightly.

"Do you do it or not?" The ghost behind him pushed him.

"唔唔-" Bassar turned her head towards Sanlun, shaking her head desperately.

Wu Ruo looked at Pakse, with a hint of irony in the corners of his mouth.

Are n’t you excited and happy when refining others? Now that you have been refined by someone else, you know that you are scared?

Sanlun looked at his eyes, and gritted his teeth. "Do it."

With just one word, Pakse collapsed to the ground.

This is human nature. At the juncture of life and death, we still put ourselves first.

Wu Ruo said, "Start now."

Sanlun frowned: "I don't have the tools to make **** now.

Wu Ruo asked people to give Sun Lun's waist bag back to Sun Lun: "Is that okay?"

Sanlon clenched his waist bag: "Yes."

Wu Ruo warned him: "Don't play tricks. The people here are either ghosts or corpses. Your maggots are of little use to them."

Sunron: "..."

Wu Ruo made people take off the eyes of Basil and the cloth towel on her mouth.

Bassar hurriedly called out to Wu Ruo, who walked out of the room: "Uruo, starting from our understanding, I have never done anything to hurt you, why did you kill me?"

Wu Ruo turned back slightly: "I want to kill the people, can I?"

Pakse: "..."

The Ghosts stripped Basak to the table and said to Sunlun, "Go ahead."

Sang Lun came to Bassar: "Young Master, I'm sorry."

Pakse was anxious and scared: "Sanlun, now that you know I'm a young master, you can't make me a puppet."

Sunron didn't say a word.

"Sang Lun, if you make me a puppet, my father won't let you go."

Sang Lun trembled slightly, and took out the tool for making tadpoles from her waist bag.

Pakse's face was pale and trembling, his voice begging: "Sanlun, you can't treat me like this, you can't make me into a puppet."

"Young Master, if you don't die, we will both die the same."

Pakse cried to Wu Ruo outside the door: "Uruo, let me go. I beg you, as long as you let me go, you can do whatever you want me to do. I'm telling the truth."

Wu Ruo looked indifferently at the man with tears on his face: "Hurry up."

Sang Lun quickly picked up a knife on his toes, ankles, knees, fingers, wrists, elbows, and arms, and then took out a few soft black cotton bugs and put them on the wound.

The worm smelled the blood and quickly burrowed into Pakse's body to eat.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-eahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh since I have blamed the scream in pain. Something squirmed quickly in his body, and the ghost clan closest to Basset even saw black bugs crawling through his eyes, and he instantly became a goose bump. After a while, Basset was injured more. A red circle.

Suddenly, Wu Ruo's eyes turned black.

"That's it," said Hei Xieyan, covering his eyes. He didn't like his wife to keep staring at other men naked.

"Um." Wu Ruoleng's face softened momentarily, turning around and holding the man's waist, tipping his toes and kissing his face, and then lying on the back of Hei Xieyu's arms, said, "Why is the cry so spirited? "

As soon as Sanlun heard it, he picked up the knife and drew a knife on his head.

Hei Xuanyu looked at them coldly, and left the people in his arms.

Hei Yin followed and said, "Madam, we caught two more people."

Wu Ruo asked, "Who is it?"

"The people of Wujia in Gaolingcheng are the brothers who used to test the skating car with their wives.

Wu Ruodan said, "Let them go."


Heiyin released Wu Sheng and Wu Xia.

Seeing Wu Ruo, Wu Xia angrily took out his sword and stabbed at Wu Ruo: "Wu Ruo, I don't need you to take revenge on me with false intentions. The matter of Pakse, I will solve it myself.

They were locked up in the next room just now, and they naturally heard what Wu Ruo said.

Hei Yin hit his sword directly to the ground.

"Don't be affectionate yourself." Wu Ruo sneered: "I will not help the people who calculated me revenge, dark, send them out."

Several ghosts hurriedly threw Wu Sheng and Wu Xia out of Heifu.

The screams in the room were still the same, and after some time it stopped gradually.

When the Basak was actually refined into a pupa, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieji just fell asleep, and saw the dumb Bashai with eyes, both satisfied and somewhat unhappy.

He thought that Pakse was refined and failed like Ushi of the last life, but Pakse was still useful to his master, so he could only keep it.

Sang Lun took out a hand bell and handed it to Wu Ruo: "Just shake the bell to order him, and he will do what you say."

Wu Ruo took the ringing bell and said, "Lip down and lick."

Pakse fell to the ground without hesitation, like a dog, and kept licking the dirt ground.

Sunron: "..."

For the first time, he saw the high master and made such a lowly move.

"It seems that the refining is very successful." Wu Ruo did not let Bashir stop licking the ground and looked at Sanlun. "Should I be the only one who can control him?"

"Yes." Sang Lun was afraid he didn't believe it, and said, "The bell in his body is a pair of bells in your hand, and no other bell in the world is paired with the bell in his body."

Wu Ruo nodded.

Sanlon asked, "Can I leave now?"

Wu Ruo looked at the sky outside. At this time, the sky was not yet lit, and there were not many people outside. It was not a big deal to let him go: "Well, let's go."

Sang Lun was surprised that he was so refreshed that he didn't dare to delay and quickly left Heifu.

Wu Ruo explained to Heigan: "Put a wind out and say that the fairy is in Sanlun's hands, and then send someone disguising Wu Chenzi to chase and kill Sanlun and let him hand over the fairy, but don't give it to anyone. killed."


Wu Ruo explained the good things, and went back to the room to dress and comb Hei Xuyi.

Hei Xieyu washed out and saw Bassar lying on the floor and licking the floor, raising an eyebrow.

Wu Ruo pointed at the people on the ground: "We give him to Master before going to the lobby for breakfast."

"Hm." Hei Xuyi looked at Wu Ruo and shook the bell, and said to Basir, "I want you to be like a dog, and follow us while barking."

"Wang Wang--" Basher called and jumped down and followed Wu Ruo and they went to Numu's yard.

Numu saw Pasi, a dog barking, and was surprised. "What's wrong with Pasi?"

Wu Ruo simply said, "I asked Sanlun to make him into a puppet."

Numu stunned and laughed, "Pakse, you have such a day."

Wu Ruo handed the bell to Numu, "Master, Bashir is here for you. When he is useless, kill him."

In this way, he can be regarded as revenge for Ushi of the last life.

Numu responded well, then rang the bell: "Come and lick my shoes."

Pakse quickly rushed to Numu and helped him lick the shoe upper.

Wu Ruo looked at Pakse on the ground: "Master, I don't really believe in Sang Lun, you still control the Pakse with maggots by yourself. You can rest assured of multiple guarantees.

"Okay." Numu took a worm like a cricket from her belt, stuffed it into Paz's mouth, and then handed the person to the person under her hand. They took care of Paz and went to the front hall with Uru to eat breakfast.

Then, the guard who guarded the door came to report: "Master, Madam, there are a few people out there who are clamoring, saying that Madam killed their son Xiaoyu, and they carried their son's body to guard outside."

Wu Ruo knew that Wu Qian had left them.

In this case, Wu Yu is dead, so he can be regarded as revenge for the last bamboo.

Brother, Xiaoxi, you can rest in peace.

Next, except for the Wu family, only Ruan Yue and his master remained.

Wu Ruo thought of Ruan Yue and his master, his eyes were cold, and it is not yet known where they are.

Hei Xuan said quietly, "Let them go."


The guard returned to the gate, ignoring Wu Qianli and Ruan Lanru.

Ruan Lanru was crying and cursing: "Wu Ruo, you are not as good as a beast, you even kill your cousin. You must not die."

The other guard couldn't hear it, so he refused: "Which one of your eyes did you see my wife killed your son?"

Wu Qianli exclaimed, "My son's body was sent back by that animal from Wu Ruo."

The guard sneered: "Obviously someone has framed our wife. Even if my wife has killed your son, she will not be stupid enough to tell you that you killed yourself after the killing. Isn't that asking for trouble? It ’s you who believe the person who sent your son ’s body back to help the murderer of his son deal with others. ”

Wu Qianli: "..."

Ruan Lanru: "..."

Wu Anyi: "..."

Chapter 165: Wuzhu back

Wuqianli again made a noise at the gate of Heifu for half an hour, but they still did n’t see Wu Ruo coming out to see them, and the people passing by kept watching them, so they continued to make trouble without a face, and took Wu Yu's body in a hurry to ride the carriage go away.

When the carriage was about to return to Wu's house, Wu Anyi said: "I think things are like what the guards of Heifu said. If Wu Ruo really kills Xiaoyu, Wu Ruo does not need to send Xiaoyu back. Let us Know who killed him. "

Wu Qianli also nodded in agreement.

Ruan Lanru was very excited: "Who isn't Wu Ruo, who else? Who will kill Xiaoyu? You say?"

Wu Anyi didn't want to quarrel with the unreasonable person. As soon as the carriage stopped, he quickly got out of the carriage and said, "If you want to make trouble again, go for it yourself, don't pull me."

Wu Qianli looked at Ruan Lanru, sighed, and got out of the carriage.

"Your father and son will come back to me." Ruan Lan, even seeing them ignoring herself, was even more emotional, feeling that they did not pay much attention to Wu Yu's death.

She got out of the carriage with anger, and suddenly someone shouted, "Aunt."

Ruan Lanru heard a familiar voice and turned to look around. A young Sven man in a white robe stood at the gate of Wujia and looked at him.

She froze slightly, and after looking at it for a while, she remembered who the other party was: "Ruan Ruan !?"

Ruan Yue smiled slightly: "Well, it's me. After hearing that Wangui attacked Gaoling City, my aunt and Wu family came to the Imperial City and lived in the Wu capital of the Imperial City. Therefore, I came to visit my aunt specially.

"Look at me?" Ruan Lanru used to pose in front of him habitually again. She didn't want this little nephew in the distant room to look down on her. Then she thought of her bitten ears, and slightly turned her body away from Ruanyu. I saw her embarrassed side: "I have something to look at, eat and sleep well in Wujia, and there are a lot of people to serve, I don't know how comfortable it is."

Ruan Yue actually saw her ears long ago, and when she saw her deliberately avoiding herself, her eyes flickered slightly, and her smile became brighter: "Really? How did I hear that Wuyu's cousin was dead? And I just saw my uncle break his arm. On such a day, my aunt really feels comfortable? "

Ruan Lanru's face changed slightly: "It doesn't matter to you no matter how I am going. You still have a lot of concern for yourself when you are free. After more than half a year, has your spiritual order grown?"

These words stepped on Ruan Yue's sore place, and stunned, narrowing his mouth to smile.

Ruan Lanru looked at his ugly face and felt very happy: "Yes, you have just arrived in the Imperial City. There is one thing you must not know is that your good brother Wu Ruo has changed a lot. He is now not only thinner but also has Spiritual power, became a sixth-order magician. As his brother, shouldn't you visit him? "

Ruan Yan's pupils shrank, "What are you talking about?"

"Hey one by one" Ruan Lanru sneered: "What did I say? Didn't you hear it clearly? If you don't know it, go to Heifu for yourself and you will know what I said is true or false.

She stopped talking to him and turned into Wu family.

Ruan Yue stood at the door incredibly for a long time before leaving.

Wu Ruo, who was sending farewell Numu at the gate of Heifu, had no idea that his friends had come to the Imperial City. Until the sight of Numu's figure could not be seen, the cool wind blew on his face before returning to God.

Wu Xi sadly said, "I don't know when I will see my brother's master again next time."

Hei Xietang smiled and said, "I will take you to the Wu tribe to see him when I have time."

Uxi glanced at him, suddenly thinking of the drunken words he said last night, flushed, and quickly turned back to the house.

Hei Xuantang could not figure out the clue.

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes and saw that he looked like he no longer remembered the drunken words he had said last night, but he did not plan to remind him to make him distressed.

Wu Ruola raised his hand: "It ’s going to get colder, and we have to prepare winter robes. What kind of color do you like to embroider on your robes? I can ask the shopkeeper to rush them out."

Hei Xietang hurriedly said, "Da'ao, I want a winter robe too."

Hei Xunyu turned her head to look at him silently.

Hei Xitang quickly changed his mouth: "I'll prepare it myself, I know better what kind of suit I like."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xuanyu pulled Wu Ruo back to their room, drew a robe on white paper, and wrote the word `` 若 '' on the robe.

Wu Ruo stunned: "Do you mean to embroider the word" If "on your robe?"

"Um." Hei Xieyu held people in his arms.

Wu Ruo burst into a smile: "Then I'm in the robe Shangxiang" 字 ", each color is made one, but this is too monotonous."

He picked up the pen and added some simple patterns to the sleeves, collar and tail of the robe: "This will look much better, we can also add a collar made of animal fur or add a few beautiful feathers, eh It will be warmer in the deep winter ... "

No matter what Wu Ruo said, Hei Xieyu said yes, and his beautiful cold eyes were full of Wu Ruo's smiling face.

Heigan, who was standing outside the door, saw that the master and his wife were so loving, both happy and worried, and couldn't help praying in secret, hoping that the two would continue this way.

In October, the weather became colder and yellow leaves fluttered in the sky.

The fire burning of the pagoda and the stealing of the immortal have come to fruition under Ling Mohan's personal supervision. Everything points to Wu Chenzi. However, Wu Chenzi pushed things to Yao Jinkun early on, so things had to be resolved. The Yao family bears it, but the people of the Yao family do not plead guilty. Even if Wu Chenzi assured them in private that he would only find the fairy, and then the people of the Wu family asked the emperor to forgive the Yao family, the people of the Yao family still insisted on being Wu. Chen Zi instructed Yao Jinkun and pointed out that there was evidence that Wu Chenzi took the fairy.

When Wu Chenzi saw Sang Lun came forward and identified him as letting Sang Lun's people to win the treasure, he almost did not explode his lungs: "Sang Lun, old husband Hofu asked your people to do the treasure hunt? Don't you Blood spurts. "

Sang Lun said angrily: "I'm **** and angry? Wu Chenzi, don't I and I don't grab the immortal weapon, but you don't plant the loot and marry me?"

He also sent someone to hunt him down. If it was not for nothing, he would not go to the Yao family for asylum and help the Yao family identify Wu Chenzi.

"..." Wu Chenzi regretted pushing things to Yao Jinkun, otherwise things would not get to this point.

The two families were in trouble, and in the end the emperor came forward to resolve the matter, and neither the Wu family nor the Yao family took half the blame. Wu Chenzi has been removed from office, and will never be hired again, and will be responsible for rebuilding the pagoda. Therefore, Wu Chenzi will no longer be punished. As for the treatment of Yao Jinkun, the emperor decided to kill his wife and children, grandchildren and other descendants. His wife's clan was also implicated. In the end, the Wu and Yao families were responsible for recovering the fairy.

The Yao family accepted this treatment gladly, at least they kept the entire Yao family, which was a blessing.

Ling Mohan had already guessed that there would be such a result. After all, the Wu family and the Yao family were millennials. It can not be said that annihilation can be annihilated. The imperial court and their two families are inseparable, and they can now make trouble. The Yao family and the Wu family were at odds with each other. The Shang family, the Zhang family, and the Song family had dissatisfaction with the Wu family, and he was already satisfied. In the future, as long as there was a little wind and grass, the relationship between the five families could be broken.

He told Hei Yang the result of the case, and Hei Yang then told Wu Ruo.

After listening, Wu Ruo asked, "Where's Sun Lun?"

Heiyang said: "He has been executed on the spot."

Wu Ruo sneered.

Even if he was not executed, Wu Chenzi would not let him go.

"Now Wu Chenzi is no longer a teacher. The prince should be able to deal with Wu family easily, right?"

He has pulled Wu Chenzi down from his position as a master, and has achieved his purpose, but Wu Chenzi will not let him off so easily, maybe he will announce to the outside that the fairy will be in his hands.

Heiyang said: "The prince is ready to start dealing with the Wu family.

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids. "

He could not get involved in the court affairs, and could only be solved by Ling Mohan. If he couldn't solve these things, don't try to grab the throne.

"What are you thinking?" Hei Xuanyu sitting next to him pulled his hand.

Wu Ruo looked to Hei Xieyu and laughed: "I was thinking that time is passing so fast that we have been married for almost a year.

For him, he has been married to Hei Xuyi for 16 years, and after about half a year, he will go home with Hei Xuyi, but now he has not found the whereabouts of his elder brother, nor do he know Ruan Hehe Where is his master now? He won't show up for more than ten years, right? I really hope that everything will be resolved before leaving the kingdom of heaven.

"Madam, madam ..." The gatekeeper hurried in: "A man dressed in a groom's suit is looking for you outside, and he said it was your elder brother Wu Ruoqi stood up:" My elder brother? "As soon as he thought of his elder brother, his elder brother came back, but wasn't his elder brother captured by the demons? How could he appear outside the door.

Hei Xieyu also stood up.

Hei Gan stopped Wu Ruo's footsteps: "Mrs., subordinates go and see first to avoid fraud."

Wu Ruo nodded.

Heigan left quickly, and after a moment, hugged a man in a red robe and quickly walked in: "Mrs., it is indeed a bamboo man" Brother ... "Wu Ruofei rushed forward and saw Wu Zhu's face weak: "What happened to my elder brother? "Heigan put the person on the chair:" His subordinates didn't know. When he went out, he was already on the ground. "

"Xiao Ruo !?" Wu Zhu looked at the beautiful man in front of him, and some did not dare to recognize him. If he didn't sound like Wu Ruo, he really didn't believe that this man would be his fat brother.

"Brother, it's me." Wu Ruo quickly lifted the sleeves of Wuzhu to give him a pulse, and saw a lot of whip marks on Wuzhu's arm.

Wuzhu comforted him: "Don't worry, I just didn't eat for many days."

Hexin said, "The old man made his servants prepare to eat."

Wu Ruo inspected it carefully and determined that it was only slightly relieved except for the skin trauma. He took out the ointment and applied it to Wuzhu, and commanded: "Hey, you go and tell my mother, my elder brother is back, right , Call them thorny. "


Wuzhu drank the water delivered by Hei Xieyu and recovered a little strength: "Xiao Ruo, why are you so thin?"

Wu Ruo smiled and asked, "Is it not good to lose weight?"

"Okay, of course. You look like our mother now." Wu Zhu turned to look at Hei Xuan: "This is ..."

Hei Xun said: "Brother, it's me, Xun."

Wuzhu was surprised and opened his eyes again: "I haven't seen you for six months, your husband has changed a lot."

However, now the two are standing together so well that they are no longer ugly and fat.

Wu Ruo explained, "He used to have a fake skin on his face."

"So it is."

Soon, Wu Qianqing, Wu Xi, Guan Tong Jiyi, and Ye Ji all rushed over.

"Xiaozhu, Xiaozhu, are you okay?" Guan Tong heard Heigan said that Wuzhu had been hungry for a long time. Now he is very weak, so he is particularly anxious.

Wu Xi ran over and took the hand of Wuzhu: "Brother, are you okay?"

Wuzhu said weakly, "I'm fine, but I'm just too hungry. I don't have the energy now."

Wu Qianqing hurriedly said, "Let the people ready to eat.

Wu Ruo said, "Xinbo has already prepared."

Ye Ji, who stood behind them, whispered, "Is he the one who saved you?"

Thorny affirmed: "It's him."

He remembers it very well, because this Terran knows he is a Demon, and he is willing to sacrifice himself to save him, so that he knows that not every race will discriminate against them.

Ye Ji nodded, and he remembered this favor.

Wu Qianqing asked curiously, "Xiaozhu, how do you know we are in the Imperial City?"

Wuzhu said, "Someone told me."

Wu Qianqing frowned and looked at the groom's suit on his body: "Then you are dressed ..."

Everyone looked at his clothes.

Black bamboo hangs its eyelids without making a noise.

Tricky: "This is the Groom's suit of the Demon Race."

The human costume is a red wedding robe with gold threads embroidered. The ghost family wears a pure black wedding robe, and the female wears a pure white. Unlike the usual dress, the style will be very grand. The demon's wedding gown is very fancy, and various messy colors will be put on the body, and the demon's wedding dress is naturally different from other races. They like to embroider black gold threads on the red wedding dress or black wedding dress. Red thread was embroidered on the robe. Everyone looks at the thorns.

Wuzhu recognized the thorns: "You are the child that night?"

Thorny nodded to him: "This seat is called Thorny, thank you for saving this seat that day. Whatever happens in the future, despite the order, this seat does not owe the favors of others."

Wu Zhudao: "You're welcome, no matter who it is that day, I won't help."

Wu Xi is more curious why her elder brother wears a wedding gown: "brother, do you want to marry someone?"

Everyone turned their eyes back to ebony.

Wuzhu: "..."

At this time, Hei Xin came in with food: "The porridge is here, the porridge is here, Zhu Gongzi, you have not eaten for many days, it is better to drink porridge."

Wu Ruo saw that Wuzhu didn't want to mention the wedding robe, and said, "What's the matter, wait until the big brother is full."

Now that the elder brother is back, he can rest assured.

Wu Xi saw that Wuzhu didn't even have the strength to lift a spoon, and quickly took the bowl and spoon: "Brother, I'll feed you."

Wuzhu also knew his current situation, so he did not refuse: "Okay, trouble you."

Chapter 166: Ma'am is here

After drinking most of the bowl of porridge in Wuzhu, everyone asked a few more questions, and found that although he was captured by the demons, he was still very clear about every move of the Imperial City, and also knew that Wu Ruo had spiritual power And even won the family test.

After the bamboo was full, he was taken to the room in the courtyard where Wu Qianqing lived. If Wu knew that there was an injury on his body, he stayed to give him medicine and saw that the whole body was covered with dense lashes. Asked, "Brother, who hurt you?"

Black bamboo is like sleeping, lying on the pillow with eyes closed and not talking.

Wu Ruo glanced at him and sighed silently: "Brother, I heard Thorny say you were arrested by the princess."

The ebony trembled suddenly.

Wu Ruo quickly put away her hand, "Brother, did I hurt you?"

Wuzhu opened his eyes: "I'll do it myself."

Most of his injuries had been treated with medicine, and the rest was private, so I was embarrassed to let Wu Ruo see.

Wu Ruo passed the medicine to him: "Brother, after taking the medicine, take a good rest, and I will call you up again at dinner time."

"Um." Wu Zhu watched Wu Ruo got up and walked to the door of the room, without knowing what happened, he suddenly called his footsteps: "Xiao Ruo."

Wu Ruo turned around, "Brother, is there anything else?"

"If ..." Wuzhu hesitated for a moment: "If anyone comes to me, don't say you've met me."

Before Wu Ruo had nodded his head, Wu Zhu said, "Forget it, he wants to come in, and no one can stop him.

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed with doubt. Who is she (he) in the mouth of Brother?

He left the room and walked to the yard. Guan Tong quickly surrounded them: "Did Xiaozhu say who hurt him? How has he been doing recently? Why did he wear the devil's groom?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "He is unwilling to say anything.

Wu Qianqing sighed: "He doesn't want to say, let's stop asking him, it's time for lunch and we'll return to the hall."


When they returned to the hall, they just sat down, and the guard hurried to report again: "Master, Madam, there is a woman dressed in a bride's suit, clamoring to see his acquaintance ebony, the wife of his wife.

Everyone: "!!!!!!!!!"

Guan Tong was surprised: "A woman in a wedding dress?"

Wu Xi's eyes widened: "Mother, are you going to be your mother-in-law? Are my brother and I going to have a grandmother?"

Wu Qianqing whispered, "You can't bark until things are clear."

Uhis tongue stuck out.

Heixin asked the guard: "Did you tell her that Zhugong is here?"

"No, we all said that we didn't know her husband, or the person named Wuzhu, and then she asked to see her.

Wu Ruo asked, "Does she say who she is?"

"She said she was the princess of the demons."

Echidna, Wu Ruo, and Hei Xieyu quickly looked at Yeji.

Nightwing: "..."

See what he does He didn't come to him.

Uxi's eyes widened even more: "The princess of the demons? The future grandmother is the princess of the demons? Mother, do you accept the demons as your daughter-in-law?"

Guan Tong smiled slightly: "As long as the other party is a good girl, no matter what race she belongs to, as long as your elder brother likes her, I like it.

I just don't know if the injury on Wuzhu was caused by her.

"Mother is such a good mother-in-law."

Hei Xieyu agreed with this statement very much. He was so ugly at the time, his father-in-law and mother-in-law had never suspected him of being ugly, and did not make him special trouble because he married their son.

Ji Yi flew to Ye Ji's body, and the yin and yang strangely said, "The Princess of the Demons is here. Would you like to go out to meet her?"

Ye Ji whispered, "She didn't come to this seat."

Thorny: "..."

Wu Ruo looked at Wu Qianqing: "Dad, do you want to see?"

Wu Qianqing nodded: "Since she said she was looking for a fragrant black bamboo, we will see each other naturally, otherwise, she will know that we already know her and Xiaozhu is here."

Wu Ruowang stabbed them, "Do you want to avoid it?"

Thorny didn't mean to leave: "I want to see what the Princess of the Demons looks like."

Wu Ruo was curious: "Have you never seen her?"


Ye Ji hugged the spiny cockles directly and hid behind the screen.

Wu Ruo explained: "Mother, Xiaoxi, try not to say anything when you wait. I'm afraid you will say the wrong thing and let her know that the elder brother is here with us."

Guan Tong and Uxi nodded.

Hei Xieyu said to the guard, "Please come in."

"Yes." The gatekeeper left the hall.

After a while, the guards led the girl in a gorgeous suit.

Wu Ruo were first attracted by the glamourous face of the Princess of the Demons, with bright makeup on their faces, thick eyebrows and eyes, and a high nose. Her face moved to her feet, and then from her to her face.

Everyone: "!!!!!!!!!"

This Devil's body is too tall. From the visual observation, it is almost the same as Hei Xieyu and Ye Ji, that is, he is taller than his black bamboo. No wonder the black bamboo is about to flee.

Wu Ruo frowned, this man is really a woman?

The demon princess first looked behind the screen, then, as if she had already seen Wu Ruo, came to Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong to salute, and greeted them softly: "Daughter Yuer has seen her in-laws, Uncle, brother-in-law, and auntie, because you are in a hurry and are not ready to meet, please forgive me. "

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong and Wu Xizhen nodded.

Younger brother! ? Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes.

Wu Ruo coughed, "The Princess of the Demons ..."

Youer corrected him: "Uncle, you should call me a big bang ..."

Everyone: "..."

Wu Ruo said something like: "That ... you said my elder brother is your husband, but my elder brother has been going out for more than half a year, but we have never received a letter from him saying that we want to get married, and then there is, you should know that our family is always related It ’s all set by parents. Although my father and mother are enlightened, they wo n’t prevent their children from looking for someone they like, but should n’t parents be present when it comes to getting married? My elder brother does n’t understand this etiquette. ? "

Youer lowered his eyelids: "He said that, but I was too anxious, so I planned to marry the demon first, and wait for the people to see the father and mother again."

"That being the case, what about my elder brother? You told the guard just now that he was looking for my elder brother, did he disappear?" Wu Ruo anxiously stood up and walked in front of her, only to find that he was looking up at the princess.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong also stood up pretending to be anxious: "Xiaozhu is gone?"

Youer didn't seem to be cheating when he saw them, and his face was anxious: "Did he not come to you?"

In order to hide from her, maybe he did not come to Heifu.

Ushi said: "It won't be that Big Brother is unwilling to marry you, so run away?"

Youer's eyes darkened.

Guan Tong couldn't bear to hurt the girl, and quickly said, "Xiao Xi, if you don't know the situation, don't make random guesses.

Wu Xi apologized and said, "Sorry."

Youer didn't care what she said, and hurriedly greeted them to Guantong, saying, "Daughter-in-law has to go to Xianggong, so he won't bother here anymore. When he finds Xianggong, he will come to see his father-in-law with her.

Wu Ruo hurriedly asked, "Princess, where is my elder brother? We can send someone to look for it."

"No, I'll send someone to find him." Youer quickly walked out of the hall and left Heifu.

There was silence.

"Hei Xin, have you eaten? I'm starving." Hei Xietang called from a distance before he entered the hall.

The egg he was holding over to eat and yelled at the baby's belly and said, "I'm starving, too."

Hei Xin smiled slightly: "The old slaves went to tell them to pass the meal."

Hei Xietang came in holding the eggs, watching the people sitting in a daze, confused: "What's wrong with you?"

Uxi turned back to God and was surprised: "My future aunt is so tall that even my second brother must look up at her.

Guan Tong nodded: "Look at her height."

"Her height makes her brother inferior. No wonder he has to run."

"Don't guess blindly."

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows and turned to look at Ye Ji who came out of the screen: "Is she really a Princess of the Demons?"

Ye Ji shook his head: "I have never seen a princess in this seat."

"You lied." Thorny glared at him: "You've got to marry her before, why haven't you met her?"

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong Wuxi stared at Yeji "Yeji is going to marry the Princess of the Demons before Yeji? Then what happened to her and me?"

Ye Ji explained briefly: "Because I wanted to get the Sanqi Stone, I promised the emperor to marry him. On the day of my marriage, after I got the Sanqi Stone, I left, and I didn't see anyone at all.

He was thorny, hummed coldly, turned his head away from him.

Wu Xiting sympathized with the Demon Princess's encounter: "Did you do too much?"

Ye Ji: "..."

He did not do this because the thorny mother had strongly opposed the two men together, because they could not have offspring, and the thorny piety was very filial. Therefore, he did not want to make the thorny embarrassment, only to think of cheating Sanqishi Get the consent of Jiyi's parents.

What I didn't expect was that the marriage with the princess would be tricky to know, resulting in a very bad relationship between the two. If I had known this before, I might as well risk stealing the emperor and steal the thirty-seven stones.

Wu Ruo thought and asked again: "Is the princess of the Mozu called Youer?"

Ye Ji explained: "The imperial clan is surnamed You."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xietang heard a lot of sweat and sweat: "What princess of the tribe? Where is the princess of the tribe? Where is it? Are you gone?"

"Can the princess of the Mozuke eat?" Egg Dan asked curiously, and a grunt sounded in his stomach, indicating that he was really hungry.

Everyone couldn't help laughing.

Wu Xi smiled and pinched her small face: "How have you been so hungry recently?"

Everyone shook his head: "I don't know."

Guan Tong said: "Sit down and eat first, and then talk about other things after dinner.

Chapter 167: Who hurt you

Wuzhu woke up to sleep, and they told him what the princess of the clan wore in a suit and came to him, and after listening, they calmed their faces and did not speak.

Guan Tong said: "No matter what girl you are looking for, your mother will like it, because your mother believes your vision, but you ca n’t be so unimportant. If you really do n’t like the princess of Mozu or you do n’t want to be married For reasons, just tell her clearly, don't let the girl's house wait for you in vain or ask her to look for you everywhere in a suit.

Wuzhu moved his mouth and seemed to want to explain something, but in the end, he just nodded: "Mother, I want to calm down for a few days."

"Well, you get up to wash and change clothes, we are waiting for you to eat in the lobby.

"it is good."

Wu Zhu put on her new robe and came to the lobby. At a glance, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu whispered in their ears intimately, looking particularly loving.

Wu Ruo saw Wuzhu and patted himself beside him: "Brother, sit here with me.

The ebony sat down.

Doudou ran to his side: "Uncle, do you remember Doudou?"

"Of course I remember." Wuzhu hugged the child with a smile and raised an eyebrow. "I haven't seen it for more than half a year, why the egg hasn't grown tall, and the weight is still about the same as before.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu glanced at each other.

Wuzhu doesn't say that they haven't noticed it yet, maybe because the child's actual age is less than one year old, so he hasn't grown tall.

Guan Tong said: "This is normal, some children grow slowly."

Wu Xi laughed: "Brother, anyway, the weight is still the same as before, but you are all thin."

Wu Qianqing was very pleased to see the eldest son return. The heart hanging in his heart finally relaxed. He put a piece of chicken in Wuzhu and put it in the bowl: "Little bamboo, eat a piece of chicken."

Wuzhu smiled slightly: "Thank you, Dad."

Wu Ruo sighed: "Brother is back, my dad doesn't care about me anymore."

Uxi teased him: "You have my uncle hurting you, right, my uncle."

"Um." Hei Xieyu put a piece of meat in Wu Ruo and put it in a bowl.

Wu Ruo put the meat in his mouth: "It is still more fragrant.

He also took a piece of meat and put it in a black bowl. "Eat it fast, don't just care for me."

Every time he almost ate and drank, Hei Xieyu started using chopsticks to eat.

Wuzhu saw that the relationship between them was better than before, and there was a touch of envy in his eyes.

"The poorest person in the entire table is me." Hei Xietang aggrieved, "No one gave money for the dishes.

The mouthful of food was full of food. Look at "Xiang Uxi:" Siyi, picking vegetables for the uncle. "He was preparing to deliver the dish to Hei Xietang in his mouth. The chopsticks trembled, and the dish fell off the chopsticks. He looked at the egg with a dim look:" Egg, what did you just say? "

"Everything." Uxi stared at him with a blushing face.

Wuzhu looked at them in surprise: "Xiao Xi, you and him ..."

"No, brother, don't listen to bullshit."

Everyone was upset and said, "I didn't talk nonsense, it was my uncle who called me that."

"I made you call it that way?" Hei Xietang Jun's face was hot, and he looked at Uxi with his head down and eating with embarrassment. He had thought about pursuing Uxi, but he hadn't had time to do anything Everyone knows this.

"Four uncles?" Wu Zhu looked at Hei Xitang: "Is this Xi Xi's brother?"

Wu Ruo said with a smile: "Yes, brother, just after eating, I forgot to introduce you. He is the fourth brother of Xie, called Hei Xietang, Xie Tang. He is my elder brother, Wuzhu."

Hei Xietang smiled hesitantly, "Brother, just call me Xitang later."

Wuzhu smiled and nodded, "OK."

Guan Tong said: "Don't patronize your chat, eat quickly, or the food will be cold, you see, they are almost full."

Hei Xietang nodded: "Eat, eat."

Wuzhu rested quietly for three days in Heifu, his face finally recovered a little rosy, and his smile was much more than the day when the net came back. On the fourth day, the princess of the clan came to look for Wuzhu again, and was very sure Wuzhu is in Heifu, because when Wuzhu came to Heifu, many people saw a man in a groom's suit fall at the gate of Heifu, and were then carried into the house.

Wu Ruo is not good at concealing them any more, they can't always give each other an explanation, which will delay the girl's life-long happiness.

Guan Tong felt guilty when he saw You Er walking into the hall, wearing a red suit, and he felt very guilty: "Princess, I'm so sorry. I just wanted Xiaozhu to take a good rest before I could treat you. Concealed. "

Youer hurriedly asked, "What happened to Xiaozhu?"

Wu Ruo said: "He has a lot of lashes, and seems to be hungry for a long time, so weak that he cannot walk.

You'er's beautiful Phoenix eyes flashed a cold chill: "Who hurt him?"

"This ... I'm afraid you have to ask him yourself, because we have tentatively asked him a few times, and he would not say it." Hei Ruorang told Wuzhu to say that the princess of the demons had arrived, so that Wuzhu could do his best. Ready, Wu Ruo took the person to the courtyard where Wu Zhu lived.

When Wuzhu saw Youer, his expression was calm, but the emotions in his eyes were very complicated. He didn't want to see this person. However, his mother was right. Some things must be made clear. Otherwise, the two will always be involved. Unclear.

"Xiangong." Youer picked up the ebony with excitement and held it in her arms, her feet hanging.

Wu Ruo: "!!!!!!"

He couldn't look straight at the picture of a woman holding a man up.

Wuzhu looked at Wu Ruo awkwardly: "You put me down first.

"Don't let it go." Youer clutched Wuzhu tightly: "Don't let go."

Wu Ruojing coughed, "You talk, I won't disturb you."

He took the initiative to leave the room, took the door for them, and then quickly hid in the flowerbed not far from the room to overhear.

Suddenly, a dark shadow stood on him: "What are you doing?"

Wu Ruo was startled, glanced back, and saw that it was Hei Xieyu, and patted his chest: "I'm going to scare you to death.

Hei Xuanyu followed him to squat and looked at the room where Wuzhu lived: "What are you looking at?"

Wu Ruo whispered, "I'm curious what happened to the eldest brother in the Demon Clan. Unfortunately, I can't see or hear anything. You said why I was so mean, just closed the door for them]. "

"..." Hei Xuanyu let go of his spiritual power, preparing to eavesdrop for his wife, but was stopped by a spiritual power. He twisted his eyebrows: "This princess is not easy."

Wu Ruo nervously said, "Is there anything wrong with her?"

"I just wanted to eavesdrop on them, but was blocked by a spiritual power, but there was no one else in the room except the elder brother and her, indicating that she had nine levels of spiritual power."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "I am so good?"

Hei Xunyu rubbed his forehead: "Is it your turn to accept her so soon?"

"Although she is much taller than other girls, even taller than my elder brother, the two are standing together, they are not very good, but I think she is so nervous about my elder brother, just aiming at this, I admit her , Of course, only if my elder brother likes her. "

Wu Ruo smiled: "In fact, it is also good to have a great sister-in-law at home. I will go home with you in the future, and someone will take care of my father and mother for us. You are right."


Wu Ruo turned to look at the room: "I don't know how they are talking."

In the room, Wuzhu reluctantly said, "Can you change your position and hug me? It is uncomfortable for you to hold me like this, and I will soon be out of breath."

The next moment, the man was taken to the bed, and his robe was quickly taken off.

Wuzhu's face changed, and he quickly grabbed his robe: "What are you doing?"

"I heard your brother say you were injured, just want to see how you were hurt." Youer pulled down his robe with a calm face, and saw that there were dense scars on the white body, because of the reason for applying the medicine, Only pale scars remained.

Her eyes flashed with distress, she lowered her head, and dropped a kiss gently on his shoulder, asking dumbly, "Who hurt you."

Wu Zhujun's face became hot, and she pushed her away quickly: "Do you know if men and women are inferior?"

There was anger in You'er eyes: "We have kissed so many times, why don't you see that men and women don't accept or accept each other? Besides, we are married now.

Wuzhu: "..."

Youer said angrily, "Who hurt you?"

Wuzhu sank his face: "It doesn't matter who hurts me. I just want to tell you now that we break the marriage contract, and we will have nothing to do with each other afterwards."

Youer's eyes flashed incredible and angry: "Don't we always be fine until we got married? Why did we break the engagement? What happened on the day when we got married? Or else, why do you run away from marriage Me? Have you heard anyone talking nonsense? "

"Just don't like you, okay?"

Youer stood up and stared at him, "I don't believe it."

Wuzhu twisted his face to the other side: "You believe it or not, the words have been made clear to you, please don't come to me again, or you will make my family embarrassed.

"I just don't believe it. I don't believe that people who are full of joy and want to be married will change their attitudes overnight." Youer stunned people with anger. "Wuzhu, if you don't make it clear, I will Don't go. "

Wuzhu was also very angry, and ashamed of being a man, he was so embarrassed that he was carried around.

He looked at her angrily: "Yu, you are enough, you are the least qualified to be angry between us. From the beginning, you were playing with me and I was blinded by the drum. Is it fun? Does it make me feel happy? "

You stunned: "When did I play you?"

"You still want to admit it now?" Wuzhu's eyes turned red: "You are obviously not a princess, but you have to be a princess, and I sympathize, you are a man, but you are pretending to be a woman to deceive me. Then I can tell you , I don't like men, don't like men, do you hear me clearly? Magic, emperor, big, human-- "

You looked at him in shock: "You, you know?"

"Yes, I know everything. Are you very upset? Can't you play with me anymore?" Wu Zhu pointed at Fangkou and said, "The door is over there, don't give it away."

You hurriedly said, "Sangong, listen to me and explain.

"Go rolling one by one" Wuzhu shouted with almost his whole life, Jun's face was red, and his neck had blue muscles, showing that he was really angry.

You have never seen him look like this, staying still.

Wuzhu jumped out of bed and pushed people out, then closed the door.

Youyou quickly patted the door: "Xiaozhu ..."

Before he could say anything, he heard that the window inside was opened, and then someone jumped out of the window, indicating that the people inside didn't want to listen to him at all, and just jumped out of the window and left.

Secretly clenching the knocking hand, Youyou said, "I will come to you again when your breath is gone."

He looked at the place where Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu were hiding and turned to leave the yard.

Wu Ruo watched him go out of the yard, staring at Hei Xuanyan with his eyes wide open: "I saw my brother so angry for the first time."

He didn't hear what they were talking about, but the roar behind was clear.

"What did the princess of the clan do to my elder brother? It actually made my elder brother so angry?"

Hei Xuan looked at the courtyard gate and squinted his eyes.

Wu Ruo quickly pulled up Hei Xieyu and ran into Wu Zhu's room, but did not see Wu Zhu in the room: "Brother, brother, are you there?"

Someone outside said, "I'm here.

Wu Ruo quickly walked to the window and looked out. Wu Zhu was sitting under the window with a mess of clothes on his body: "Brother, how are you?"

Wuzhu smiled bitterly: "Of course, what can a woman do to me."

Wu Ruo: "..."

A woman can make you angry, and seems to cry.

"Brother, the weather is colder now, and you will get sick easily if you wear this. You don't want to worry your father and mother, just come in quickly."

Wuzhu stood up and turned inside.

Wu Ruo quickly closed the window.

Wuzhu smiled bitterly: "Let you see the joke.

"We didn't see anything." Wu Ruo pushed him on the bed and covered him with a quilt. "The main thing you have now is to take a good rest and raise your body. If you don't want to see the Demon Princess, I won't let her in. "

"Well, don't let him in again in the future. I don't want to see him again. Besides, I haven't married him and I'm not a husband and wife, and I made it clear to him that he should never come to me again."

Wu Ruodian rank: "Then you take a good rest."

Black bamboo closed her red eyes tiredly.

Wu Ruo pulled Hei Xuanyu away, brought him the door, and returned to the hall.

Guan Tong quickly stood up and asked, "Did they not talk well? I just saw the Princess of the Demons left with a cold face."

Wu Ruo said: "Big brother said he didn't marry the Princess of the Demons."

Uxi said with some regret: "I think the Demon Princess is pretty good, except that she is taller.

Guan Tong shook his head: "This is fate."

Wu Qian said: "Let's not worry about Xiaozhu's affairs, let him solve it by himself."

"Brother said, Princess Mozu will never come to him again."

Chapter 168: I am with you

For the next five days, Youyou did not appear in Heifu again. However, the gifts and supplements he sent daily were piled as high as a hill, but Wuzhu did not accept his gifts. All gifts could only be piled outside the gate. Guarded by guards, people passing by Heifu were attracted by all the gifts.

Wu Ruo, they thought that you wouldn't come to Wuzhu, Wuzhu would return to its former appearance, but things are just the opposite. Although everyone laughed when he laughed, he did n’t know how far-reaching his smile was, but Everyone didn't expose him. When no one talked to him, he would be in a daze for a whole day. As long as people come here, he knows that he likes secluded people, but he does n’t know what happened between them. Everyone is anxious, and it ’s not easy to get involved in them. They worry that things will get worse.

Unconsciously, it has been half a month since Wuzhu came to Heifu. During this time, many things happened. Ling Mohan was dismissed while Wu Chenzi was dismissed. As soon as Yan Tianshi was sealed as a state teacher, he spoke to Wujia, The Shang family, the Song family, the Zhang family, and the Yao family carried out a series of crackdowns. Although the five major families continued to go abroad as before, they no longer obeyed Wu Chenzi as before and did not have the trust in the Wu family.

Now they are doing something quietly, so as not to be dragged down by the Wu family. The Yao family, in particular, almost turned their faces with the Wu family, and was sure that the immortal was in the hands of Wu Chenzi, but Wu Chenzi was unwilling to take it out, so in private, he targeted the Wu family everywhere, and because of this, let the spirit Mo Han grabbed the handle, and fiercely participated in a copy of the five family members. Two of the Wu family members had their black hats removed from North Korean officials and they could never be hired again.

In addition, it is rumored that the fairy wares of the Lianfo Temple are in the hands of the Wujia junior Wu Ruo. Many people who want to get the fairy wares are eager to move and want to steal the fairy wares from Wu Ruo. They were protected by law, they could not sneak in at all, and even Heifu arrested a number of people and sent them to the government for treatment.

Wu Ruo had expected such rumors, but did not expect that the incident of the fairy wares would lead Ruan Yue to it.

When he heard Ruan Ye ’s visit, he waited for a while before returning to God. He was so excited that he did not know whether Ruan Ye had found the master of the previous life.

Wu Ruohe asked Hei Xuan to return to the yard first, and he would receive Ruan Rong by himself, because according to his understanding of Ruan Rong, Ruan Rong would wantonly ask him to do something when they were alone. thing.

Ruan Rong was invited into the hall, and was amazed by the sight in front of him. The sea in front of him was full of water and sky, and he stood in the gazebo on the top of the mountain, feeling the warm wind brushing his face, feeling very comfortable.

Immediately, the scenery changed, and the original hall was restored. Then, seeing Wu Ruo sitting beside him.

Nguyen Xuan could not help stinging.

Wu Ruo stood up and greeted, "Well, long time no see.

Ruan Yu asked: "The scenery just now ..."

"I transfigured it. How is it? Is it good-looking?" Wu Ruo deliberately aroused his jealousy.

Ruan Yue pulled out a big smile, but his eyes were full of jealousy. This waste not only looked good, but also possessed spiritual power. Why his luck was so good, it really made him jealous: "Good-looking, It ’s very beautiful. I heard that you have spiritual power before, but I still do n’t believe it. Now that I know it is true, I would like to congratulate you here. ”

Wu Ruo invited him to his seat: "When did you come to the Imperial City?"

Ruan Yue sat down: "Mid last month."

"Then why did you come to me this time?"

Ruan Yue laughed: "I only heard about you living here yesterday. I came here to see you immediately this morning."

In fact, when he first came to the imperial city, he inquired where Wu Ruo lived, but after listening to Ruan Lanru's words, he was jealous and scared. After seeing Wu Ruo, he realized that Wu Ruo really had spiritual power. Afraid that Wu Ruo would look down on him, so he has been dragging on until now. He wouldn't have come unless he heard that Wu Ruo had a fairy in his hand.

Wu Ruo hesitated for a moment before asking: "Hey, your father ..."

When the ghost was slaughtered by the city, Ruan's family should not have escaped.

"None escaped." Ruan Yue smiled bitterly: "We don't say this."

"Okay, then we don't say this. By the way, have you found Master after leaving this half a year?"

"found one."

Wu Ruo jumped in his heart, suppressed his excitement, and congratulated him with a smile: "Congratulations, what kind of master is this?"

"It's a big liar." Ruan Yun was angry. "He only wants to lie to my silver.

Wu Ruoyi said: "Ah, no."

"Well, luckily I wasn't fooled." Ruan Yue took a sip of water and let out the sulking in her heart.

"Fortunately, you weren't fooled, and that person is really abominable." Wu Ruo pretended to be injustice for him, and then used the spirit to ask: "Did you really find a master?"

Nguyen Chan answered dullly, "No.

Wu Ruo: "..."

He was so anxious. After all, the time now is too different from the time of the previous life. It may take a few more years for Master Ruan to show up.

Ruan Zheng didn't know that he had the magic of words, and asked "I listen to rumors outside, do you have a fairy?"

He thinks that this waste should have magical power only if he has a fairy, so he came here specially to use it.

As soon as Wu Ruo heard it, he knew his purpose here: "Don't listen to the **** outside, how could I have a fairy."

Nguyen Xuan is not convinced: "Really?"

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "We are good friends who grew up together. Have I ever lied to you or concealed you?"

Nguyen Xuan thought about it, but really didn't: "But the people outside ..."

"It's all nonsense." Wu Ruo smiled bitterly: "I guess someone deliberately planted mischief for me in order to divert the attention of others. You think I am a magician who just has spiritual power. The elders here **** the fairy wares of Lianfo Temple? Anyone who is smarter knows that it is impossible. "

Ruan Yue think about it too.

Wu Ruo turned to the topic: "Where are Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying?"

"The two of them guard the carriage outside."

Wu Ruo and Ruan Yue talked about the recent situation again. When they saw noon, they asked, "It's almost noon. You can ask them to come in for lunch before leaving."

Wu Ruo kindly invited him to lunch if he knew he would not stay. This was the case in the last life. Since he had spiritual power, he rarely stayed to eat with him. He thought he was really busy at the time. I think that Ruan Hui could not control herself to show her jealousy, and she didn't want to stay and be laughed at before she wouldn't eat with him. Sure enough, Ruan Xun shook his head: "No, I have other things to do, and I will accompany you to have a good meal later when I have time."

"All right, I'll send you out."

Ruan Yue refused: "No, it's so close to the gate, I can go out by myself."

Wu Ruo still ordered the guard to take him out.

Ruan Yue got into a carriage and left Heifu. Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying didn't dare to say anything when they looked bad.

Suddenly, there was a bang in the car.

Ruan Sheng quickly opened the curtain: "Master, are you okay?"

Ruan Ye's eyes were covered with bloodshots, and the sorrow and sorrow roared: "That waste, that waste is really spiritual, **** it, **** it, why God loves him so much, and me? I tried so hard to learn mystery, I am always hindered, either because I do n’t want to teach me, or when I am a liar, why is God so unfair ... ”

"Master ..." Ruan Sheng wanted to comfort himself, and suddenly, the carriage stopped abruptly.

Ruan Sheng nearly fell under the carriage: "Ruan win, what are you doing to stop suddenly?"

Ruan Ying stared blankly at the front, and said in shock: "It's beautiful."

Ruan Sheng turned his head and saw two people, one tall and one short, wearing white robes and white caps standing in front of the carriage, blocking their way.

He angered, "Don't you watch the road? If we were injured, we wouldn't be responsible. Go, go, go, roll away for Lao Tzu."

Ruan Yan, who was jealous of the fire, came out angrily and asked, "What happened and why didn't you stop."

"Master, they are blocking our way.

No matter how angry Ruan Ye is angry, he still has some sense. Knowing that this is the Imperial City, there are so many magicians and powerful people. He is a daredevil who dare not offend people at will, and asks: "Did you hurt them? Just give some silver for them to see a doctor. "

The taller man saw Ruan Yue coming out and said quietly, "Did the boy always want to find Master to learn mysticism?"

Nguyen Xu froze.

The tall man continued: "I have a fate with you, and I can take you as a disciple."

Ruan Sheng warned: "Master, don't believe him, maybe a liar."

Out of the way to recognize the apprentice, there must be fraud.

The tall man raised his hand and threw it at Ruan Rong. Ruan Rong quickly raised his hand to catch it.

"Although you have a spiritual field, the spiritual power is chaotic and you will not be able to upgrade for many years. The elixir I gave you can cleanse your spiritual power and help you to upgrade. If you are willing to worship me as a teacher, come to Dongfu The inn came to me.

The two in draped hats left the street and disappeared before their eyes.

Ruan Yu looked at the elixir in his hand.

Ruan Sheng advised: "Master, don't eat indiscriminately, I'm worried they want to hurt you."

Ruan Yu asked him, "Which position do you think I deserve to hurt me?"

They are going to kill and rob, shouldn't they find someone who has neither powerful magic nor precious treasures?

Ruan Sheng: "..."

Ruan Yan said so, but he did not dare to eat casually.

Ruan Sheng knew that he could not persuade Master, and he patted Ruan Ying's shoulders, "Hurry up, go back to the inn."

Ruan won back to God and said excitedly: "Master, the two people just looked so beautiful just like the heavens."

Ruan Sheng raised an eyebrow: "What do you see them look like?"

Chapter 169: Wu Ruo, here I am

"Just a glance." Ruan Ying scratched his head and said, "It was just a gust of wind blowing, blowing the white veil under their caps, and then I saw them. They were beautiful, and if they were thin, if Master did n’t Up and down. "

Ruan Yue heard him mention Wu Ruo, hummed coldly, lowered the curtain and sat back.

Ruan Shengbai Ruan won a glance, knowing that Wu Ruo could not be mentioned before the young master, but he still had to be mentioned.

Ruan Ying swaggered and drove back to the inn where they lived.

After returning to the room, Ruan Yun was very entangled in his heart. He was very worried that he would die if he took the elixir, but he was afraid that he would miss the opportunity to advance to the teacher without the elixir.

He thought about it for a long time, and finally, he asked Xiao Er to go to a doctor and let the doctor check if there was any problem with the elixir.

The doctor carefully studied the elixir and said, "This elixir is made by mixing a variety of valuable medicinal materials. As for the medicinal materials in it, I also ask my husband to forgive me. I do n’t know much about them. Five precious herbs were smelled in the scent.

Ruan Rong asked in a hurry, "If people take this elixir, will there be any worries about their lives?"

The medical city murmured: "My son, the old man can't smell the medicinal herbs mixed in the medicine, so I can't answer your question. However, the old man's smell of medicinal materials is good for the human body."

Nguyen Xuan took out a piece of silver and stuffed it into the doctor's hand, and then asked Ruan Sheng to send the doctor out. Then, after looking at the elixir, he decided to die as a live horse doctor. Then, there was a severe pain in his body, as if the bones in his body were to be cut off, and he couldn't stop yelling.

Ruan Ying heard the shout and quickly pushed in. When Ruan Yue was yelling and rolled on the bed, she quickly asked, "Master, what's wrong with you?"

Ruan Yan's face was green and white, as if he was about to die, and he said in a difficult way: "I am in pain, please go quickly and please. Get me the doctor you just got.

"Yes, yes." Ruan Ying hurriedly retrieved the doctor who had just been sent out to Ruan Hui to see a doctor.

Ruan Sheng asked the doctor angrily, "Did you do something to our young master just now?"

The doctor said wrongly: "I'll show him what medicines are made of yam and nothing else."

"Then why does it hurt like this?"

"No, it's not his business." Ruan Yue put out his hand to the doctor with pain. "Show me soon."

The doctor took his pulse for him and was surprised: "Your spiritual power is strange."

Ruan Xu asked in a hurry: "How strange?"

"Originally, the spiritual power in your body is very turbid, and now it is getting more pure and more and more abundant, son, did you just do that because you took that elixir?"

Ruan Xun nodded.

"That elixir must be very expensive, otherwise it won't clean your spiritual field." The doctor put down his hand: "The old man can only see so much for the time being, the others will only be known after you have pain."

Ruan Ying asked: "Can't he give him pain?"

The doctor shook his head: "It's similar to washing bone marrow and cutting bones. There is no medicine to stop the pain. It can only be held back by the son."

Ruan Yue thought that this kind of pain could raise the spiritual class, so how could he bear it.

About an hour later, the pain slowly dissipated. At this moment, Ruan's body was soaked with sweat.

The doctor gave him the pulse again: "The son's body is stronger than before, and his spiritual strength is very pure."

Ruan Yue was overjoyed, and then, feeling that she seemed to be able to break through the ranks, he quickly asked Ruan Sheng to send the doctor back and let Ruan win stay outside.

About half an hour later, Ruan Ran rushed from the first order to the second order. He couldn't hold back the joy, ran out and shouted excitedly at Ruan Ying and Ruan Sheng: "I'm upgraded, I'm upgraded , I finally reached the second level. "

Ruan Ying and Ruan Sheng are happy for him: "Congratulations, Master, Master He Xi, Master has finally risen to the second order."

After Ruan Xuan's ecstasy, "That person didn't lie to me, let's go. We're going to find him now. I want to worship him as a teacher."

Ruan Sheng said: "I hope this person can make the master's spiritual level higher and higher, and make the master more and more powerful."

The young master is so good that they can also enjoy the blessing.

Ruan Yue laughed wildly, came to Dongfu Inn in a carriage, and quickly asked the shopkeeper about the two previous news.

The shopkeeper knew who Ruan Ye was looking for: "Son, the two guests live in the last two rooms on the third floor of the backyard."

Ruan Rong quickly took people to the backyard, and soon found the previous two. Although they took off the veil, they still wore white gauze masks. However, from their hair style, they looked more The taller is a man and the shorter is a girl.

The tall man who gave Ruan Dandan medicine had expected that they would come to him, and asked indifferently, "Decided to worship me as a teacher?"

Ruan Sheng was smart and poured a cup of tea for Ruan Yue.

Ruan Yue took the tea and knelt before the man: Master is on, please worship the apprentice Ruan Yue.

He doesn't care who the other person is, or where he is a teacher. As long as he can upgrade him and teach him mystics, he considers the other person a master.

The man took the tea, took off the veil, and exposed his fairy-like appearance. He was so beautiful that his eyes were invisible. His skin was white and his eyes were long and slender, but his eyes were very clear. God is sacred and dare not be violated.

He took a sip of tea and said, "Well, you will be my apprentice in the future. Now I need to buy a house in the Imperial City and live there. Then you move to live with me. I will teach you mystery.

Ruan Yue, Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying all looked stupid.

Master Ruan Yue saw them and saw God, and gave them a cold glance.

Ruan Sheng quickly returned to God and asked: "Does the senior mean that he is willing to teach us mystics?"


Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying were overjoyed: "Thank you seniors."

This time, Ruan Ye was not jealous, because he also wanted Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying to improve the spiritual order, and there are many things that they need to help in the future.

Ruan Yue asked, "I wonder if the disciple knows Master's name?"

"My name is Son."

Ruan Yue read his name in black several times, and then turned to the mysterious woman next to him: "Master, I don't know if this girl is ..."

Is it his sister-in-law?

However, no one deserves his Master. Although his temperament is equally outstanding, his eyes that are exposed outside the white gauze are bloodshot and flashing with a dim light.

Shengzi looked at the woman next to her eyes: "She is your master sister, called ..."

He paused and continued: "Wu, Wei, Xue."

Ruan Yue was shocked and surprised: "Wu Weixue! Isn't Wu Weixue the granddaughter of Wu Guoxue?"


Wu Weixue heard his mention of Wu Guoshi, his eyes flashed cold.

"I didn't expect that my grandmother would be the granddaughter of Wu Guoshi, disrespectful and disrespectful." Ruan Yue quickly poured a glass of water on the woman: "Sister, please drink tea, and I would like to ask you more care in the future."

He once heard about Wu Weixue. Some people said that she was missing, and some people said that she went to the doctor to treat her face because of disfigurement. No matter what, everyone was very bad about her. Anyone who looks better than her will destroy the face with water.

Wu Weixue lifted her veil, revealing her beautiful face, and could not find any signs of decay before.

She took the tea and took a small sip.

Ruan Yue, Ruan Ying, and Ruan Sheng watched again. In their opinion, the rumors were disfigured. She left Wujia because she was a teacher and learned.

The Son said, "You can go back."

Nguyen Thu returned to God: "The disciple will come to see the master tomorrow.

"No, wait until we find a house to stay."

"Okay." Ruan Yue didn't dare to offend him, and quickly took Ruan Sheng away.

The Son looked at Wu Weixue: "Are you going back to Wu's house?"

Wu Weixue's eyes were filled with a venomous color: "Of course I have to go back, I will get back one by one for their shame on me."

She got up and walked to the door of the room. She said, "Master, I will kill Wu Ruo, not only for myself but for you.

The Son looked at the sky outside, a cold smile twitched the corner of his mouth: "Wu Ruo, I'm here."

Wu Ruo, who was chatting with his elder brother in Heifu, suddenly sneezed, "Did anyone miss me?"

Wuzhu laughed, "Yeah, your husband misses you, so don't hurry to find him."

I really envy Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu. The two are so good that they stick together every hour and every day. As long as they are separated for half an hour, they will start thinking about each other, and then they will start to sip one by one.

Wu Ruo sighed: "He has something to do, I still don't want to disturb him, right, brother, I will go back to his house in April next year.

Wuzhu stunned: "Are you back?"

This made him truly realize that his brother was married to someone else and needed to go home to meet his parents.

"I will definitely come back to see you, but I don't know when I will be back to see you.

Wu Ruo started to be reluctant to leave without leaving. He really wanted to take his family with him, but felt it was impossible. However, before leaving, he must arrange his father, mother, and big brother and sister. He can rest assured who to give it to.

"Ma'am, your uncle is here again." The guard at the door came in and reported.

Wuzhu: "..."

Wu Ruo glanced at Wuzhu secretly, and saw his face look ugly, then quickly lowered his face and said, "She won't need to report any more if she comes again next time, and tell her directly that she is gone.

In the past few days, the Princess of the Demons came to Heijia to report daily, but Wu Ruo did not let her in.

The guard responded bitterly: "Yes, but she didn't say anything, just let Xiao bring a few words to Zhu Gongzi."

Wu Ruo secretly looked at the bamboo again, and when he saw that his eyes were curious, he asked, "What does she want to ask?"

The gate guard gave an awkward cough.

Wu Ruo stared at him strangely: "Is it difficult to open your teeth?"

"No. No." The gate guard quickly shook his head, and then coughed again, pinching his voice: "Sangong, You're wrong, You shouldn't lie to you, You're really like Xianggong, Xianggong, You're good I miss you, come out and meet you. "

Immediately after the guard spoke, he stood up.

They couldn't let the demons princess come in, and the demons princess tried their best to torture them and force them to learn how to talk. If they didn't like it, they forced them to learn the image over and over again.

The ebony froze all over.

As if you heard Youyou speak in your ear.

"Wu Ruo looked at the guard silently:" Why don't I know you can learn from others? "Guardian:" ... "

He was forced out, okay?

Not only him, the guards guarding the gate would imitate the voice of the princess of the Demon Race, and the voice would be the same as her.

When Wu Ruo saw that Wuzhu was silent, she said, "You can't say goodbye to her."

Wuzhu Shen said: "No more talking for him."

"This ..." The **** guard looked embarrassed: "Bamboo, in fact, we don't want to preach for her, but the body will go to the house involuntarily, and she will stop controlling us until she tells her . "

"..." Wu Zhu thought of Youyu's ability and stopped talking.

Wu Ruo motioned for the gate guard to go out. Soon, another gate guard came in, holding a bowl of five-colored porridge in his hand. Get porridge.

Wuzhu: "..."

Wu Ruo saw that the color of the porridge was pretty, so she let the guard guard put it down: "Brother, this bowl of porridge is aura. After you drink it, you will be able to recover your body better."

Black bamboo is indifferent.

"If you don't want to drink, I'll drink it." Wu Ruo just wanted to stimulate him and see if he was nervous, who knew Wu Zhu nodded: "You drink.

"..." Wu Ruo took up the spoon: "Did I really drink?"

‘Well, drink it. "

Wu Ruo sighed, it seems that his elder brother is not going to forgive the princess of the clan.

He took a spoonful of porridge and put it under his nose. He smelled it, and it smelled good. Then he sent the porridge to his mouth.

"Ye--" Wu Ruo just sipped the porridge and spit it out, "I'm going. What's this smell? It's bitter, salty, sweet and spicy, and it's sour ..."

He thought that his future sister-in-law was a virtuous princess, but he didn't expect that the cooking skills were really ... comfortable. He shouldn't have any hope just now. How could a princess who was served from a young age to a big princess cook a delicious porridge.

"Hahaha--" Wuzhu could not help but laugh, this is how he smiled so happily after returning to Heifu.

Wu Ruo quickly picked up a teacup, rinsed his mouth, and drank several cups of tea before he halved the taste in his mouth: "Brother, when did your taste become so weird, you can drink such a difficult porridge , You and the princess really love each other, otherwise, how can you drink such a weird porridge.

The wuzhu put away laughter.

At that time, because he was reluctant to watch Youyou sad, he said that he liked to drink this porridge, and he got used to it after drinking.

Seeing that his face was not right, Wu Ruo quickly turned to the topic: "You must be intentional? You know the taste of the porridge, and let me drink it. Am I your brother?"

"It's what you want to drink."

Chapter 170: I will avenge you

Wu Ruo drank a large cup of tea again: "Even if I want to drink porridge, my brother can stop me from drinking it. You obviously want to see me ugly."

This remark reminded Wuzhu of Youzhu. When you asked him to make porridge to drink, he also wanted to watch him ugly, and deliberately rectified him.

Wu Ruo looked at him again in a daze, and his face was extremely ugly, and he could not help but sigh: "Brother, in order to not want you to be unhappy during this time, I and my mother have never mentioned you and the princess, but After my observation, I found that the elder brother likes the Demon Princess, and the Demon Princess also cares about the Big Brother. Since they like each other, why can't they be together? Of course, I don't know what happened between you and the Demon Clan. But I can see that the problems between you have not been really solved. Brother, I said these just don't want to see you miss someone you like and regret for life. "

He didn't want to see his elder brother, like he did in the previous life, because he missed more than ten years because of some small mistakes. After he was together with Hei Xieyu, he regretted it and wanted to make up for more than ten years.

Black bamboo hangs its eyelids without making a noise.

When Wu Ruo thought he wanted to escape again, he suddenly said, "You are not a woman, but a man. He is not a demon princess, but a demon emperor of the devil ..."

He just said that he didn't want to worry his family any more, and he didn't want to keep trapping himself in the dead. He needed someone to pull him. Wu Ruo is the best candidate because his partner is also a man. He should Will know more about him.

Wu Ruo was so startled that he almost squirted the water out of his mouth. It turned out that Dasao was a man.

"Wait, you said he was a demon emperor?" He frowned frantically. "Wasn't he the father of the demon princess? So he is a family man?"

If that's the case, it's too much. No wonder his elder brother is so angry. If it were him, he would have cut him off.

Wuzhu's eyes darkened and said faintly: "Yes, but I did n’t know his identity at first, and you also saw his face, it was easy to make people misunderstand that he was a woman, so I mistakenly thought that he was The princess of the Demon Sympathy sympathized with him being deceived and married, and he did not clarify the matter. Later, the two often stayed together and gradually fell in love with him. At the time, I also felt that he liked me. The two talked about getting married, but just when they were about to get married, someone told me that he was the demon of the demon, the dear of the princess of the clan, and the person who told me about it was his concubine. "

His eyes flashed with resentment. He hated others to deceive him, especially the other person was the one he liked, so he could not forgive this person.

Wu Ruo angrily said: "Will it not be his concubine who whipped you, shall I not give you food?"

Wuzhu squinted angrily. "It was she who whipped me. However, she did not eat because someone told me the rules of the marriage of the demons. She could not eat for the first seven days of the marriage. Now I want someone to deliberately lie to me and make my body change Weak, so easy to catch me, if it wasn't for the guards who took care of me secretly letting me go, I'm afraid I can't see you now. "

"Slap--" Wu Ruo angrily slaps the table: "It's so abominable."

After he was born again, he has been trying to protect people, but was deceived and bullied by others like this, he couldn't bear this tone.

Wu Ruo walked to the door.

Wuzhu hurriedly stood up, "Xiao Ruo, where are you going?"

Wu Ruoleng whispered, "I will take revenge on you."

Wuzhu quickly stopped him: "He is a demon, you can't beat him."

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "Who is going to fight him?"

He has such a stupid race to fight with the 9th-tier people, isn't this trying to die?

Wuzhu: "..."

If you do n’t fight with the Emperor, how can you get revenge?

Wu Ruo sneered: "Some things, just move your mouth."

"..." Wu Zhu was very curious about what Wu Ruo would do, but was afraid that he would meet the Demon Emperor and had to wait in the hall.

He was teaching the guards outside the door how to please him. You saw that the door was open, rejoiced, and saw Wu Ruo coming out of it.

He quickly walked over and asked, "Second uncle, have my relatives forgiven me?"

Wu Ruolong said with a cold face, "Da'er, take a step to speak."

Youyu heard him shout at her, and his smile was even brighter, indicating that Wuzhu's family accepted him.

Wu Ruo took him to an unmanned corner, and said coldly, "I just called your sister-in-law, it means that my family and I accept you, and I hope you will be with my elder brother. However, I was forced to ask you just now. I know it ’s your mother, no, I do n’t know if she ’s your mother, anyway, my elder brother said that the emperor ’s concubine hurt him, and used vicious words to humiliate him, and tortured him by various means, It was so angry that she almost died in her hands. If she did n’t agree with the marriage, she could say why you should treat my elder brother in a cruel way. You are her baby daughter. Is my elder brother Is n’t that the baby son of my father and mother? When you see my elder brother covered with injuries, you do n’t feel bad, we feel bad. ”

"If she's not your loved one, I will definitely pump her skin and strip her muscles, so that she might kneel on the ground and ask my elder brother for mercy." He glared angrily and the smile gradually dispersed and became A grim face: "Princess, through this matter, you can see that your family does not agree with this marriage. In this case, the princess still don't come to entangle my elder brother again. I don't want my father and mother to send white hair to the brunette Also, I heard that women of the Demon Race can have multiple wives, so I don't allow my elder brother to marry such a person to go home, so please go back and bring your gifts with you. "

Wu Ruo finished, turned and left.

He deliberately did not reveal the identity of the demon emperor, in order to make better use of this to let the demon learn lessons from hurting his elder brother. If the debunking identity is still outspoken, he may make the emperor unhappy.

Now, he has made his words clear, and believes that the magic of Emperor Emperor should know that his brother is most angry not because he is dressed as a woman, but because he has a family.

"I will find out the matter and give Xiaozhu a confession." You You's voice returned to the coldness and lowness that a man should have.

Wu Ruo looked back at him, and Youyou had disappeared.

If this person is really a wife and daughter, he will not let his elder brother be with him.

He returned to Heifu, Wuzhu rushed over and said, "Xiao Ruo, are you all right?"

Wu Ruo laughed, "Just say a few words to him. What can happen?"

"What did you tell him?"

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow. "Just said something that would make the Emperor dispose of his concubine."

Wuzhu smiled bitterly: "That man is his concubine, how could he hurt his concubine."

Wu Ruo sneered: "How do you know if you don't say it? As long as he cares about you, he will punish his concubine for you."

He won't let the wicked get away with patience like his elder brother, so he not only said just now, but also deliberately added jealousy.

Wuzhu sighed: "Well, you can't tell your parents about this, lest they worry."


Suddenly, Heiyang appeared in front of Wu Ruo: "Mrs. Prince, let me tell you, Wu Weixue is back."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Come back? What do you mean?"

"She returned to the Imperial City and also returned to Wujia. Moreover, her face had returned to her original condition, her body had recovered as before, and even her cut tongue had grown back.

Wu Ruo looked at him in surprise: "The tongue has grown back?"

"Yes, I do n’t know if she will encounter an adventure. In short, His Royal Highness sent someone to watch the Wu family to see her come back, and to hear her speak with her own eyes.‘ “Do you know who saved her? "

"I haven't found it yet. The prince asked me to tell you to be careful."

Wu Ruo nodded.

Wu Zhu said, "She will definitely deal with us when she returns to the Imperial City."

During his time in the Demon Clan, Youyu heard a lot about Wu Ruo and Wu Family.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "So what, we didn't just stand still and let her deal with us.

Just don't know what Wu Weixue will do next.

Wu Weixue's return to Wu's house caused a careful sensation. Everyone was very curious how she restored her appearance.

Song Yan got the news and immediately rushed to her mother-in-law Shang Xirong's courtyard, seeing Wu Weixue with a smile on her face, her lungs exploded.

Seeing that her daughter had recovered her face, she was so glad that she had to ask Wu Weixue about her recent whereabouts and her appearance. Wu Weixue lowered her eyes, covered the cold light at the bottom of her eyes, and said with a smile, "Thanks to my grandfather It was his old man who took me away from healing his looks.

Shang Rongrong was surprised: "Dad asked you to go to the doctor? But when you disappeared, why didn't he tell me that he sent me to look for you everywhere.

"I don't know about it, maybe my grandfather didn't want too many people to know about it. After all, he didn't know if he could heal my face."

Shang Rong still complained to her father: "Even so, he has to tell me, you don't know when I disappear, I can't sleep every night, and I worry if you have an accident."

Wu Weixue glanced around her radiant face, and smiled ironically in her heart.

If you can't sleep well, you can still be so energetic.

However, among so many relatives, only her mother cares more about her.

Lying in the dark, Song Yan overhearing their words, heard what they said, and hurried to Wu Chenzi's yard to ask Wu Chenzi how to heal his looks.

After listening, Wu Chenzi had an inexplicable look: "If the old man knew how to heal, would he still make you lie in bed painfully? Who told you that the old man knew how to heal his looks?"

"It was learned by Sun Ye overheard the words of her mother-in-law and her aunt.

"It's nonsense." Wu Chenzi instructed the guard to bring Wu Weixue here.

Wu Weixue came to Wu Chenzi's compound and saw Song Yan standing aside, his eyes flashed slightly.
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