Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 151-160

Chapter 151: Fourth uncle packs

People from the Yao family saw that Wu Yanlan knew that their purpose was to kill Wu Ruo, and they were no longer polite. The attack was fierce, and he was put to death.

Wu Ruo hid behind Wu Yanlan, shaking left and right, very energetic, and angry with Yao's people, but some people were more annoyed than them. Wu Yu pushed Wu Ruo secretly twice The Yao family who wanted to kill Wu Ruo was either lucky to hide from Wu Ruo or was attacked by Wu Yanlan's help. He was so angry that he wanted to pull his sword to kill Wu Ruo.

Wu Yanlan and his companions conceded three times. After helping Wu Ruo to block several attacks, Wu Yan began a fierce counterattack, forcing the killer of Wu Ruo to the edge of the ring.

Wu Yanlan lowered his voice angrily: "It is during the test period, you ca n’t put your grievances after the test. I wo n’t care how to deal with Wu Ruo at that time, but now I should concentrate on dealing with the talents of other families. Instead of hitting yourself. "

The people of the Yao family sneered: "It is the Master of the National Normal University that let us kill Wu Ruo in a trial. You do n’t want to break the good of the Master of the National Normal University. Just stay away from him. After the ring, we can't do anything more.

Wu Yanlan and his companions stunned.

While they were distracted, the Yao family hurriedly passed by their side, and Ning Fuling with his hand attacked Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo ran to the edge of the platform, and suddenly the sound of gurgling sounded, the judge yelled, "It's time for a pillar of incense."

There were no such reminders in the previous five games, but there are fewer warlocks after the sixth level. People in the top ten families don't want to lose their talents because of the test. Just before the sixth-level warlock's test, let the judges remind you at the time of the column. Soon.

As soon as the people of the Yao family were stunned, their movements were slightly paused, and they saw Wu Ruo jump off the ring.

Other families who took the lead, while everyone was paused, rushed to step down, and within a moment, only the Song family, Zhang family, Lu family, and Yun family remained on the platform.

The Yao family who wanted to kill Wu Ruo angered, "Uncle, I can almost kill that kid.

"Yeah, that kid is too lucky."

"The people in our family have gone down, so let's go down."

The people who wanted to kill Wu Ruo saw that their family members had also stepped out of the ring, fearing that they would become the targets of other family attacks, and did not dare to have any delay, and quickly retreated to the ring.

The moment they stepped out of the ring, suddenly, the sound of a gurgling came from their ears. Then, the judge's voice sounded, "It's time for a pillar of incense.

The Yao family who killed Wu Ruo suddenly looked back. Before the Ming Dynasty, only the Song family, the Zhang family, the Lu family, and the Yun family were left, but now the sixth-order magic coins of the top ten families are still on the platform. Then, the declining family successively withdrew from the gimmicks. In the end, there were only Wujia, Yanjia, Lingjia, and Zhangjia. Wuruo was still standing in the middle of the ring.

They were shocked: "What's going on? Hasn't Wu Ruo stepped down? Why is he still on the stage?"

Everyone was shocked and looked at each other, and one of them shouted, "No, we must have hit the illusion just now. Before we saw everything was an illusion, now it is true."

"Mother, it must be Wu Yanlan's illusion."

At this moment, Wu Ruo turned to look at them, with a twitch in his mouth, a dazzling smile.

Wu Chenzi watched the battle from a distance, staring coldly, and was avoided by Wu Lao for a while.

Wu Yanlan walked to Wu Ruo's side: "You're not ready yet."

It was so difficult to escape and stay here again, really a dead end.

"Oh." Wu Ruoren was about to turn around, and Wu Shunren embraced his shoulders. "He rarely goes to the ring to play. It's boring to step down so soon."

Wu Yanlan stared at him.

Wu Yu came over and shouted, "Master Lan, be careful."

Wu Yanlan looked suddenly, and quickly turned to block the Yan family's children.

"Wu Ruo, accompany us to continue the meeting." Wu Shunren clasped Wu Ruo's wrists and rushed to the Yan and Ling families.

Wu Xi anxiously in the audience said: "It's all incense, why can't the second brother come down?"

"I'm afraid I can't get down." Wu Chenliu watched Wu Ruo's hand being grasped by Wu Shunren. "Wu Qianqing sank his face:" Isn't the person holding Wu Ruo the one who was with Wu Yu when he signed up for the test? "

Wu Xi said angrily: "That person is also a Wu family member, **** it, he clearly looked down on the second brother, suspecting that the second brother was a waste of spiritual power, but he did not let the second brother step down, shouldn't it be the second brother who died Come on, this man's mind is too vicious. Sure enough, no one with Wu Yu has a good thing. "

On the royal viewing platform, Ling Mohan held the armrest of the chair tightly and stared at the people on the platform.

On the ring, Wu Shunren was pulling Wu Ruo while fighting with the children of the other two families. When others attacked, Wu Ruoren pulled the shield.

How could Wu Ruo, as he intended, stand firm and joked: "You pull my wrist, my husband will be jealous when he sees it."

"Damn." Wu Shunren's treacherous scheme did not succeed, and he hurriedly blocked the opponent's attack. He secretly wondered why this waste was so powerful. Just now, he couldn't pull the person.

"Yes, they are really damned. You must kill them quickly." Wu Ruo quickly dragged Wu Shunren in front of him, blocking the Ling family's offensive.

Wu Shunren became one to deal with two people, and gradually couldn't support it, not to mention that he was still holding a person in his hand, it was a single fist and four opponents.

Suddenly, the opponent used the magic sword and stabbed quickly and violently.

With a porch slam, Wu Shunren had a sword in his chest, followed closely, because he could not stand the impact of the spiritual force in the stab, and the blood in his body was backflowing.

Wu Shunren's companion quickly rushed over and repelled each other: "Shunren, are you okay?"

Wu Shunren exhaled and touched the blood in the corner of his mouth: "It's okay."

He turned his head stupidly, staring fiercely at Wu Ruo: "You dead waste."

Wu Ruo sneered: "Since you know I'm waste, then you still let me stay on the stage.

"You want to step down and dream." Wu Shunren was just trying to tease Wu Ruo and watch him look weak and screaming, but now he has the heart to kill Wu Ruo.

However, he still has reason, and if he kills Wu Ruo in front of everyone, he will definitely be punished.

Wu Shunren quickly swallowed a wound healing medicine, dragged Wu Ruo to the place where the four major families had the most intense fighting methods, and hurriedly pushed people to the center of the four major families' mysterious fighting.

Offstage, Wu Xi's pupils suddenly widened, panic shouting, "Second Brother, Danger-"

Wu Qianqing also hurriedly shouted, "Xiao Ruo, quickly use the defensive weapon."

Ling Mohan on the royal spectator's platform could no longer restrain himself, stood up stupidly, and everyone around him looked at him in wonder.

Wu Chenzi sitting on the other viewing platform slightly raised his lips, and that Wu family child really helped him a lot.

The corner of Wu Yu's eyes glanced at this scene, the corner of his mouth sneered, this waste should have been dead.

Other people who watched the war also mentioned that heart for Wu Ruo. They didn't want to see the beautiful people die like this, and many people were crying with excitement.

"Hurry away."

"Hurry up with a device to save your life, even if it is punished."

The four children who are fighting on the stage, but they heard someone say: "Heavenly Yangyang, earthly Heyangyang, God's decrees, nine chapters of law, breaking-"

Suddenly, a huge spiritual force broke out, and then an invisible gravity suddenly fell down, as if the sky was falling, and the hundred children standing in the middle of the platform were all crushed to the ground, followed by a bang In the middle of the stone platform, a large pit was pressed out, and the children who fell to the ground spit out blood and passed out.

Suddenly, the audience was silent. At this time, only those who were fighting on the edge of the platform were awake, but they were so scared that they forgot that they were still fighting and looked at the huge pit in the middle.

What happened?

The people blinked, and found that there was still a person standing in the middle of the ring, and that person was Wu Ruo who was pushed to the center of the ring before.

Wu Chenzi stood up stupidly, staring at the people on the stage.

The royal spectators also stood up and watched, wondering what happened.

Ling Mohan was surprised.

Others on the viewing platform also gradually stood up.

The heads of the Wu family, Ubufang, and the Wu family in Gaolingcheng were all unbelievably watching the people on the stage.

Wu Xi, who was on the stage, was surprised: "What ... what happened?"

Wu Qianqing was shocked.

Wu Chenliu squinted his eyes, and a little admiration flashed on his face: "Under chaos, your second brother laid out a large array silently. Oh, the old man has never seen anyone who is still available on the ring It ’s a big battle, it ’s really an eye-opener today. "

This pretty guy was just hiding on the stage. When did he even form the formation, he didn't even see it. After he stepped down, ask him carefully.

Ushi wondered, "What big battle?"

"Heavenly array, can instantly overpower everyone in the array."

Uxie was even more puzzled: "Isn't using the formation method to be driven by spiritual power?"

Wu Chenliu glanced at her: "So, your second brother has spiritual power, and the spiritual order is not low.

Uhi: "!!!!!!!!!"

His second brother is spiritual?

Why did n’t she know that it was a little girl?

Wu Qianqing was also shocked: "Small, little if there is spiritual power?"

Wu Chenliu was a little strange how they didn't know: "When he comes down, you ask him yourself.

Just then, someone suddenly yelled, "OK--"

Everyone slapped their hands and applauded. The audience was cheering.

Before the people on the stage except the one who withdrew from the stage by themselves, they have been taken down one by one. They have not seen hundreds of people overwhelming the ground.

"That's my dad, it's my dad." Dandan yelled at Hei Xuantang with excitement again: "My dad is amazing, my dad is amazing."

Hei Xietang hugged the child with excitement: "Little nephew, your uncle's gift will be covered by your uncle."

Numu Haha smiled: "It is indeed my apprentice."

"..." Hei Xuan squinted at them, and then looked at Wu Ruo on the stage, a beautiful arc evoked in the corner of his mouth.

Chapter 152: The more beautiful things are the more dangerous

After cheering, the unsuspecting people discussed with those around them: "What happened just now? Why did so many people fall down at once?"

"Depending on the situation, a large array should be arranged in order to crush hundreds of people to the ground at once."

"When was that man's formation? Why didn't I see it?"

"I haven't seen him arrange the array, only to see that he has been hiding behind other people. I thought he was a fool and only had a good-looking face, but a cowardly coward. There will be such a trick later. "

The Wu family in Gaolingcheng heard the discussion from the people next to them, and some people wondered: "Isn't it spiritual to drive the formation? Isn't Wuru spiritual?"

"Impossible." Wu Qiantong immediately raised his voice and retorted. "That waste cannot have spiritual power."

Dong Jiji scorned: "He tested it when he was a kid. He has no spiritual power at all and has not attended our Wujia School. How could he arrange a matrix? He must not be Wu Ruo, who must have impersonated him."

Wu Qianjing and Wu Xuanran didn't say a word. At this time, they were still in the shock of Wu Ruohui's spiritual power, and their faces were incredible.

Wu Bo whispered, "Maybe Liu is healed and has spiritual power again?"

"Even if this is the case, it will not be possible to become so powerful in a short time." Wu Anqi stared at Wu Ruo with jealous red eyes, gritted his teeth and said, "It is impossible to defeat so many people at once."

He was originally the first junior to win the An's generation in Nanyuan, but after so many years, his spiritual power was still fourth-order, and Wu Yu rose to sixth-order after less than half a year of training. Yu is originally a spiritual person, and his qualifications are not bad. He may have reached an adventure when he reached the sixth level, but what about Wu Ruo? How could a person without spiritual power become so powerful.

He did not believe that he absolutely did not believe that Wu Ruo would possess spiritual power.

Wu Anyi looked at the elder brother with a look of excitement, and his eyes were full of jealousy. Since Wu Yu was raised to the sixth level, his father and mother always had a little jade in his mouth, and he didn't remember his eldest son.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but clenched his fists in his sleeves.

Others were also very surprised by Wu Ruo's performance.

Ubud regained his shocked expression and lowered his face. "Wouldn't it be nice to have a great surgeon in the house? Everyone will take care of it in the future."

In fact, he couldn't believe that Wu Ruo would have spiritual power.

Wu Qiantong's mouth drew a hint of fooling, "Grandfather, are you sure Wu Ruo will take care of us?"

Before, he dared not say, but since Wu Ruocheng found out that they had stolen his engagement gift, the attitude of the Wu Qianqing family had changed to them, and they could not wait to die or deal with them.

Ubud: "..."

Ruan Lanru Lengheng: "That formation method should have been arranged by others. Wu Ruo just had good luck to avoid a disaster."

She didn't believe anyone in the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng was worse than her), the waste was even more impossible.

No one else believed that Wu Ruo had spiritual power, so they all agreed with her.

On the ring, Wu Ruo looked at Wu Shunren who was fainted, and his toes ticked, kicked the sword in Wu Shunren's hand, took it in his hand, stepped on Wushunren's body without expression, and then stepped on the other The human body stepped out of the pit step by step.

Standing on the edge of Yantai, watching his dazed child forget that he was standing on the stage, seeing Wu Ruo coming up to them, he vigilantly took two steps back.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, they fell under the ring.

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow, and some accidental use of the heavy sky array will make the reaction of the test children so great.

The other children thought that if Wu Ruo could beat so many people at once, they were definitely not his opponents, and they stepped down.

Wu Ruo went to Wu Yu along the edge of the platform.

The person who fought with Wu Yu swallowed his mouth, and unconsciously moved his footsteps.

Seeing this, Wu Yu snorted and kicked the opponent off the ring.

Wu Ruo stood in front of Wu Yu, with a twitch at the corner of his mouth, opening his eye-catching smile: "Five Brothers."

Wu Yu could not help thinking of this smile when she saw this smile: the more beautiful the more dangerous it is.

He squinted. "You have spiritual power?"

This man was so hidden that no one noticed that he had spiritual power.

Wu Ruo meaningfully said: "Should I deal with other people at this time, as for other things, wait for the test and then say Wu Yu looks at the children of other families on the opposite side and asks:" What is your order? "Wu Ruo said lightly:" Sixth, order. "

Wu Yu couldn't help but clenched his shuriken.

Sixth-order ...

This waste turned out to be a sixth-order wizard, and it looked even worse than him.

Do not! Wu Ruo cannot be worse than him.

Wu Yu didn't know what was happening, and she quickly returned to her body: "Stop the others first."

Then, the next duel will be his final duel with Wu Ruo.

"OK." Wu Ruo jumped up and attacked the person on the upper right.

Wu Yu dealt with the children in the upper left, but he quietly watched Wu Ruo's every move. He used the authentic yin and yang technique of Wu family, and seemed to have many years of battle experience. He was responsive and his skills were quite proficient, even Know everything about your opponent.

Was this man Wu Ruo, who was tested from a young age and had no spiritual power or school?

Wu Xi and Wu Qian stared at Wu Ruo with a sting, surprised that he was so powerful.

The Yao family who was responsible for killing Wu Ruo before looked at the people on the stage, and his teeth hurt directly. It turned out that this person would be mysterious. So the person who performed the illusion just now is Wu Ruo instead of Wu Yanlan?

It was abominable, they were fooled.

Ling Mohan on the royal spectator sits back in position and ticks the corners of his lips. This Wuruo actually has spiritual power, which really surprises him again and again, I wonder if there is any more amazing behavior in the back.

Wu Chenzi's face on the opposite side of the battle platform was gloomy and angry, didn't it mean that Wu Ruo was a big fat man since he was a child. Since there is no spiritual field, can't he test that he has spiritual power?

Who is the person on the stage who can handle freely and has higher spiritual power than others? All the things Ubud had told him before were all his mother's shit.

In fact, Wu Bufang was really injustice. When he saw Wu Ruo fighting with the sixth-level wizard, he was even more shocked than Wu Chenzi.

Not to mention the people in Wuling, Gaolingcheng, their faces were agitated, no, more precisely, they were jealous, and jealous enough to get angry.

Before Wu Ruo and Guan Tong had no spiritual power, Wuqianqing Lingtian was abandoned in the back. Everyone looked down on them privately. But now Wuqianqing not only repairs Lingtian, Wuruo also has spiritual power. The days are getting better. But they are either broken hands or broken feet, blind or Lingtian abandoned, and homeless, crowded with a large group of people in the yard of other people's homes, even for the medicine, daily calculations Yes, life is very disturbing. It can no longer be like when in Gaoling City, all people are in awe of them, greet them, and nod them.

"U Ruo is obviously a waste without spiritual power, and he is unlikely to know mysticism."

"Wu Ruo must have been impersonated by someone else, and Yi Rongcheng took the appearance of him to take part in the test. He couldn't possibly be a sixth-order magician like Xiaoyu in my family."

Others looked at them like lunatics, and even some people despised their jealous mentality, disdain to stand with them, keep away, isolate them, and let them go crazy. "After about a pillar of incense, the fight on the ring stopped.

Wu Yu turned around and looked to the opposite, immediately facing Wu Ruo, who was standing in the wind.

Wu Ruo laughed: "Five brother, we are the only ones left on the platform."

Had it not been for his heavy battle, he wouldn't have solved the others so quickly.

Wu Yu raised an eyebrow: "Are you going to fight me? Then I won't show mercy.

Wu Ruo smiled even more. The sword in his hand made a quick gesture in the air, and a rune appeared in front of everyone.

He waved his sword and hit Wu Yu.

Wu Yu quickly tied his fingerprints, condensing into a defensive formation to meet Wu Ruo's attack. However, the opponent's attack was very powerful and directly broke his formation. The fierce spiritual force directly rushed him back a few steps. No intention to be polite with him.

Ruan Lanru from the audience saw this scene and scolded Wu Ruo for being insidious and cunning.

Uxi listened, and was instantly furious, and said angrily, "The Wuyu in your family is a good man, so good that he can bully my second elder brother by buying someone with silver, and then pretend to save my second elder brother. So that my second brother can help him borrow materials from my father. "

Ruan Lanru's face was green and red: "Dead girl, is there anything you talk to the elders like this?"

"I don't have an elder like you.

"Look, do you see it? Neither she nor Wu Ruo treat us as relatives."

Wu Xi sneered: "It's better not to have your loved ones. Ruan Lanru, don't force me to shake out all your scandals in Gaolingcheng. When that happens, see who is more faceless."

Ruan Lan pointed at her, her fingers trembling with anger: "You, you you ..."

The faces of the Wu family in Gaolingcheng are not very good-looking.

Ushi snorted.

On the stage, Wu Yu did not intend to show mercy, and quickly recruited the two beast spirits he captured in the demon world.

As soon as the beast spirit came out, he hurled out Wu Ruo fiercely.

While chanting, Wu Ruo quickly took out two yellow charms and threw it at the beast spirit, and put it on the forehead of the beast spirit accurately. Now he forced the beast spirit to return to Wu Yu's side. A golden-colored iron chain appeared, spinning around his body.

After a while, the yellow charms on the two beast spirits shattered, roared, and rushed towards Wu Ruo, but when they hit the iron chains, they suddenly made a popping sound and bounced them back, and the two Heads of two golden snakes seem to hit the two beast spirits.

The two beast spirits were soared into anger.

Wu Yu stared at her eyes, said a spell, and increased the power of controlling the two beast spirits.

One of the beast spirits roared, opened his mouth, and smashed the Wu Ruo iron chain enchantment with force, and the other beast spirit pounced on Wu Ruo.

The audience outside the stage looked nervous for a while.

Chapter 153: What a bullshit

The danger was near, but Wu Ruo stretched out his hand to the beast spirit and said softly, "Good, obedient ..."

At the moment when he touched the beast spirit, he seemed to have the magic of affinity. Gradually, the beast spirit became obedient and fiercely, the other beast spirit shook his head and swiveled around Wu Ruo. Wu Ruo looks like.

Wu Ruo smiled a little, and everyone looked at the smile that could make the world eclipse, and could not help but lose their sight.

The person closer to Wu Ruo looked at Wu Ruo with a look of idiot: "I really want to be the beast spirit in his hand, touched by him, let him smile at me, just look at him silently, I all Satisfied. "

"He is mine, he can only look at me and laugh, no one of you can take him away."

"I want to marry him home."

Suddenly, a loud drink sounded: "You idiots, come back to me quickly."

Suddenly, everyone was awake and looked at each other with blank faces.

"What happened to me just now?"

"Why am I here?"

"Well, where's my favorite girl?

Some people rolled their eyes: "You all have the magic of speech, the magic of speech of Wujia is quite powerful, even the gods can control it.

On the stage, Wu Ruo's hand gently stroked on the back of the beast spirit, raised his eyelids to look at the gloomy Wu Yu, and stared at Wu Yu, saying, "Go, kill me."

Suddenly, the docile beast spirit became extremely fierce, roaring, and rushed to Wuyu.

Wu Yu quickly put away the beast spirit and stared at Wu Ruo fiercely.

Damn, his beast spirit would be controlled by Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo hooked the corner of his lips and quickly waved the sword in his hand, followed closely, and there were three beasts larger and more fierce than Wu Yu's beast spirit, and flung to Wu Yu fiercely.

Wu Yu quickly took out the magic charm to expel him, but the beast spirit had no fear of his magic charm, directly biting him, making him scream. Then, three beast spirits passed through his body, and the scenery changed and appeared. A little Devil boy wearing a red Chinese robe with small petals on his head.

Wu Yu looked at each other in surprise, a guilty conscience flashed.

No, he was clearly in the test, how did this little boy from the demons appear here? Illusion?

It should be illusion.

The demonic little boy stared fiercely at him: "If you don't want to die, please return the Sanqi Stone of this seat.

Wu Yu looked elsewhere: "Wu Ruo, I know this is illusion and I won't be fooled."

The demonic little boy snorted, his hands condensed black gas, and sucked into his waist bag. A stone like a white cloud in the sky flew out of his waist bag and landed in the hands of the demonic little boy.

"My stone, this is my stone." Wu Yu no longer cares if it is an illusion or not, and rushes to the little boy of the clan with excitement: "Give it back to me soon, give it back to me soon."

"It's really a shameless tribe. Obviously it was the thirty-seven stones that you snatched from this seat. How did it become your stone?" The little demonic boy pinched his throat tightly: "Say, help this seat Where did the Terran go? "

Wu Yu panted hard, "I don't know."

"I really don't know?" The little boy of Mozu increased his strength a bit.

"Really, I don't know." Wu Yu's breathing became more and more difficult.

The demonic little boy smiled coldly: "Since you don't know, then die."

"Ah." Wu Yu felt a pain in his neck and felt a sense of fasting. He hurriedly said, "I, I only know that he was captured by the demons."

"Really?" The demons boy let go.

Wu Yu panted, "Really, really, I saw it with my own eyes."

"Then what do you know about the people who saved this place?"

"His name is Wuzhu, my third brother."

The little demonic boy smiled coldly, loosening his neck, and his voice suddenly turned into Wu Ruo's voice: "Wu Yu, you lost."

Wu Yu returned to the gods, the scenery changed back to the playing field again, and the boy of the demons became Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo struck people down with a heavy palm.

With a bang, Wu Yu spit out blood.

"Ah, Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu." Ruan Lanru and Wu Qianli crowded through the crowd excitedly, holding Wuyu on the ground to feed the healing elixir: "Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu, are you okay?"

"锵-" the judge announced: "Wujia Wu Ruosheng--"

Everyone cheered and congratulated.

Ruan Lan looked up angrily at Wu Ruo on the stage and yelled, "Wu Ruo, you can even give your relatives such a heavy hand, you are not human.

Her words immediately aroused the dissatisfaction of others. "There will be some injuries in the test. If you are afraid of injury, don't come on stage, or it will be a spit of blood. How serious is it? A few people have died in the previous tests. Besides, in which match did you hit yourself in the end? Injuries are naturally inevitable.

This is the case in every match. In the end, people from other races are killed, and their own people are left, and then they win the game. It is normal for everyone to win or lose in each game. So, just spitting blood in their eyes, it was considered very minor injuries.

Ruan Lanru angrily refuted: "It is not your child that is hurt, and of course you will not feel bad."

Her words made those who won the game very angry: "The third rule clearly states that if the test taker is injured or injured, he cannot be held responsible or retaliated. Do you want to violate these rules now?"

If everyone makes trouble with her like this, even if she wins, she will look for her.

Ruan Lan was vomiting blood with anger.

Wu Yu quietly touched her waist bag, and when she saw that everything was there, she was relieved: "Mother, it's normal to have some injuries during the game, so don't quarrel with them."

"Okay, no noise, I won't quarrel with them."

Wu Ruo looked at them coldly and came down from the stage.

Uxi rushed over in excitement: "Second Brother, you won, you actually won."

She never thought that her second brother would win.

Wu Ruo smiled.

Wu Qianqing came over and hummed.

Wu Ruo quickly explained: "Dad, I didn't mean to conceal my spiritual things."

Wu Qianqing glanced around: "This is not a place to talk. After you go back, you can explain it well."

"it is good."

Wu Chen asked before leaving: "Xiao Ruo, my husband is very curious how do you arrange a large array in the eyes of many people in the melee?"

Everyone around him heard his ears.

Wu Ruo laughed, "Go back and talk."

Wu Chenliu looked at people who wanted to know, and laughed. "Okay, I'll tell my husband when I go back."

"Will do."

The others were disappointed.

Wu Chenzi was so angry that Wu Ruo won the match and left.

Ling Mohan, who was sitting on the opposite side of the royal spectator's seat, drew a big smile, as if he had won, and was particularly happy that Hei Xietang, who was sitting in the ordinary auditorium, hugged the eggs and cheered: "We won ,we won."

Everyone was so happy that their eyes were in a line, giggling, and everyone sitting next to him was infected by his laughter.

Hei Xun flashed a smile under his eyes.

Guan Tong breathed a sigh of relief, looking at Doudou with a slight smile.

Numu laughed and said, "My apprentice is really amazing.

Hei Xietang said, "Unfortunately, we can't enter the field to congratulate Dasao."

Knowing this already, they should have entered as the relatives of Wu Ruo, but after entering, it was not convenient to place a bet, and they did not sit comfortably on the viewing platform.

Wu Ruo in the game field felt that Hei Xuyi was watching him, and turned to look at the direction in which Hei Xuyi was sitting: "The next two games are the games of the seniors. Let ’s go to the rest hall to rest Yes, so that the seniors can cultivate their spirits. "

Wu Chen's flow didn't matter. Anyway, he didn't plan to win, and he would step down as soon as Zhu Zhuxiang arrived. However, Wu Ruo just took a break and the next two matches were similar to the previous ones. Came to the branch hall.

As soon as they entered the hall, people from the Wu family in Gaolingcheng looked at them. The moment they saw Wu Ruo, they looked different and wanted to make sarcastic remarks, and felt that they were not qualified. After all, among them, Wu Ruo won In the final match, but did not want to say hi to Wu Ruo as they wished, so suffocated, looked at Wu Ruo unwillingly, and wanted to know why Wu Ruo suddenly had spiritual power, but they knew clearly, they asked, Wu Ruo I won't say.

Ub Fang looked at Wu Qianqing with an awkward look.

Wu Qianqing took Wu Ruo directly away from the Wu family of Gao Lingcheng.

Ushi whispered, "The great-grandfather seems to be missing a lot of people on their side."

Before coming, there were hundreds of people in Gaolingcheng, and now there are only a few dozen people.

Wu Qianqing's face remained silent.

Wu Ruo glanced: "Except for those who died and those in front of them, the others must have collected corpses."

Ushi sighed softly.

She was no longer satisfied with what the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng did, but her heart was still kind and naturally she did not want to see a loved one die.

Wu Qianqing patted her on the shoulder.

Soon, the head of the Wu family came in to check the roster again. After finishing the roster, they glanced at Wu Ruo and left.

About two hours later, it was Wuchenliu's turn to finally play.

After Wu Chenliu came to power, she only defended, and a pillar of incense immediately stepped down, angering the head of the Wu family with a beard and staring. In the end, because of the lack of Wu Chenzi, Yan Tianshi won the contest without suspense.

Everyone congratulated, Yan Tianshi smiled and stood in the ring with joy.

At the end of the competition, the winner of each stage will go to the royal viewing platform to receive the reward. Because it is a reward given by the emperor, everyone must go to Yi to receive the prize.

Wu Chenzi smiled at Wu Ruo when he saw Wu Ruo; "He behaved very well."

Wu Ruo smiled, but admired Wu Chenzi's patience, and his eyes turned red, but he still smiled and praised him.

When everyone came to the stage, everyone arranged in order.

Wu Chenzi is the winner of the first-order wizard, and naturally stands in the first position.

When the emperor saw Wu Chenzi, he laughed aloud, "Master Kuang, you showed me an interesting game today."

Wu Chenzi's mouth was drawn: "It is the honor of the old minister to make the emperor happy."

The emperor laughed aloud again: "I heard that you have been resting at home for the past two months, and you are very at ease, but do n’t forget that you can be reinstated after another three days. There is still a lot of affairs for Si Tianjian It ’s up to you to deal with it, and then you will be busy. ”

"Able to solve the problems for the emperor, the old minister will never hesitate to be too busy and tired."

Wu Ruo slipped her lips, she was really a bullshit.

Ling Mohan sneered.

In the past two months, he has been trying to find a way to participate in Wu Chenzi again. However, Wu Chenzi has never been out, and the people under his hands have been trembling to do his part. I also couldn't find a chance to frame them. After three days, I would return the position to Wu Chenzi, and it would be impossible to pull him down in the future.

Ling Mohan and Yan Tianshi glanced at each other and turned to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo stared at him, then turned his eyes.

The emperor's reward is nothing more than some materials and gold and silver jewellery. However, the rewards will be compared according to the hierarchy. The gold and silver will be more expensive than the first order, and the materials will be more expensive than the first order.

The first five accepted the reward of the emperor happily. When it was Wuru's turn, he did not accept the reward, but said to the emperor: "Emperor, Caomin has something to say."

Everyone looked at Wu Ruo.

The emperor looked at Wu Ruo, and at one glance recognized Wu Ruo as the one who interrupted the prince Jiu Gong Long Yu in the birthday of the National Teacher, because Wu Ruo was so outstanding: "What do you want to tell me?"

Wu Ruo said respectfully: "Emperor Qi Qi, Cao Min wants a reward.

The **** manager beside the emperor immediately drank: "Bold, Diaomin, it is your great honor to be rewarded by the emperor. How can you allow you to change it?"

The emperor raised his hand and motioned to the **** to stop talking.

He asked curiously, "What reward do you want to exchange?"

"Before speaking, I also asked the emperor to forgive the people for being rude."

"Okay, you say."

"If you return to the emperor, when the Caomin and his family went to Lianfo Temple for incense, they heard that there was an immortal in the pagoda of Lianfo Temple. My husband was very interested to learn about this. Unfortunately, only the elders of Lianfo Temple The abbot, the emperor, and the emperor can only enter the pagoda. Therefore, I want the emperor to go down to the imperial edict to let us go and see the fairy. Of course, if the emperor finds it difficult, he can ignore the unreasonable demands of the people.

The **** chief wanted to rebuke and was stopped by the emperor: "Just because your husband wants to see the fairy, so you are willing to abandon valuable materials and gold and silver treasures in exchange for the opportunity to see the fairy?


The emperor smiled: "You and your husband have deep feelings that make you very enviable, but I heard that for some reason you and your husband will facilitate this marriage, don't you have any complaints."

"Before getting married, I had some complaints in my heart, but after getting married, I got along very well with my husband-in-law. The two were very loving. After a moment of separation, they would miss each other. Therefore, Caomin is very grateful to those who contributed to this marriage." Wu If there is a shy expression on his face when he says this, people will know at a glance that he really loves his husband.

Wu Chenzi: "..."

Ling Mohan's eyes sank, and suddenly, he was envious and jealous.

The emperor smiled slightly, and did not say no or promised: "You accept these rewards first."

"Xie Dijun's reward." Wu Ruo accepted the reward from the eunuch.

Chapter 154: Small gambling

The monarch's reward ended, and then the family reward.

This time, only three people from the Wu family won the competition, namely the sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-level magicians.

Wu Ruo and the other two wizards walked to the front of the clan with envy and envy.

Wu Shunren, who wanted to kill Wu Ruo before, has red eyes. The waste actually hides his strength. No wonder it can be changed to sixth order after registering the first-tier roster. The registration on that day must be after they have left. Wu Ruo went to test registration again.

Anyway, this time, he remembered it.

After they received the reward, the head of the Wu family said, "Each of you can make a request to the husband. If you don't think about it, you can ask the husband later. But it can't be delayed until next year's test. ,do you know?"

The other two rewarded people nodded: "I know.

The head of the Wu family looked at Wu Ruo, "Wu Ruo, how about you?"

Wu Ruo frowned and thought: "Yes, there is one, but only Wushu family can do it."

"U Chenzi probably guessed that Wu Ruo's request had something to do with wanting the emperor for a reward.

The head of the Wu family glanced at Wu Chenzi: "You first talk about the requirements."

"I just mentioned this before the emperor. The National Normal University was also present at the time. I will not repeat it. If it is not possible, I will wait until the later to say something."

The head of the Wu family nodded: "I will discuss with the National Normal University when I go back. It is too late today, and everyone will go back to rest early."


Everyone dispersed.

The head of the Wu family asked Wu Chenzi: "What requirements did Wu Ruoti ask?"

Wu Chenzi frowned: "He said that his husband wanted to see the fairy wares in the Lotus Temple, so he didn't want to reward, but only hoped that the emperor could fulfill his request with the imperial edict."

The head of the Wu family sneered: "Whether the pagoda can be entered can be entered, the emperor cannot promise him."

Wu Chenzi thought about the emperor's attitude: "Well, no."

At least he did not agree to this in person.

"The emperor didn't agree with him, so he hit his mind on you? Will he be bad?"

"The deity feels the same way, always feeling that he is calculating something."

"Then don't promise him.

Wu Chenzi sneered: "This may not be a good thing. If he wants to count us, then we can count him back.

"how do you want to do it?"

"Think about it. By the way, how many people died in Gaolingcheng?"

"A total of thirty-one."

Wu Chenzi raised an eyebrow: "So little?"

"They're all vigilant behind, it's not so easy to get started.

Wu Chenzi said meaningfully, "It is also a good opportunity on the way back."

The head of the Wu family cried out: "Already arranged."

Out of the field, the sunset shone on everyone's faces.

Uxi exhaled: "I can still walk out of the battlefield alive.

When the third-level magician competed, she still had a problem. In that competition, she died the most, and most of them were from the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng. I'm very lucky to live.

Wu Qianqing said with a smile: "What stupid words are you talking about."

Wu Chenliu followed with a smile.

Wu Ruo also wanted to laugh, but he stopped when the corner of his mouth was raised, his eyes fell on the young man approaching them, wearing a white plain robe, with a handsome face, like a weak scholar, pale skin, and lips. Watery, staring at Wu Ruo with a deep smile, while holding a book with a blue cover in his hand.

It is repair.

Wu Ruo's heart sank, and he was very sure that this person was Xiu, because his temperament and appearance were very similar to those described by Hei Xieyu.

What is he doing here? Want to kill him?

Would he like him more than they ran first?

However, Wu Chenliu is right next to them, so don't worry that Xiu will deal with them, and, with so many wizards around, Xiu dare not start here.

Wu Qianqing, who was carrying the reward box with Wu Ruo, saw that Wu Ruo's footsteps slowed down, and then asked, "Xiao Ruo, what are you looking at?"

Wu Ruo looked at Wu Qianqing, and then looked at the place where Xiu Xiu was standing. He was nowhere to be seen. He quickly looked elsewhere, but he still could not find Xiu Xiu's whereabouts, but they saw Ubud side carrying dozens The corpse covered with white cloth came out of a small door by the main hall.

He looked back at Wu Qianqing: "I saw the great-grandfather who came out carrying other people's bodies."

Wu Qianqing looked back, shook his head with a sigh and said, "I have seen through so many things these days, so I don't need to bother them anymore.

It's not that he is cruel, but that the more he manages, the more annoying, and the more trouble he will have, why bother with such unpleasant things, not to mention Ubud, who ca n’t take care of these things for his junior.

It is just that the Wu family in Gaolingcheng is getting fewer and fewer.

"Dad, look at it, it's your mother." Uxi ran out excitedly, hugging Guan Tong who came to them.

Hei Xietang and Dandan were more excited than she, and shouted from a distance.

"Ma'am, ma'am, we're here."

"Father, father, we are here."

The guard behind them hurriedly walked to Wu Ruo and picked up the boxes in his hand.

Everyone quickly hugged Wu Ruo's calf, and said happily, "Daddy, you are amazing today.

Wu Ruo hugged him with a smile: "I'm just a sixth-order wizard. What a great place."

"I said dad was the best. That dad must be the best."

Hei Xietang exposed him and said, "Little nephew, after winning the silver, he will be sweet."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "How much did you win?"

Everyone stretched out a slap and giggled: "Five thousand and two thousand.

Afterwards, I was very upset and mumbled: "I only have 5,000 silver. Otherwise, I can win more.

Wu Xi enviously said, "Five thousand and two thousand is already a lot, I already knew that I would also bet to buy a second brother to win."

Hei Xietang proudly asked: "Xiao Xi, guess how much I won?"

"One hundred and twenty thousand?" Uhi guessed.

Hei Shaotang shook his head: "You guess again.

"Two hundred thousand two?"

Hei Xietang rolled his eyes: "I'll bet more than that."

Uxi opened his eyes wide. "How much did you buy?"

"Five hundred thousand and two." Hei Xietang said happily. Of course, he would not have taken out all his possessions nowadays, unless He Xieyi and Wu Ruo were intimidated.

Uxi's eyes widened, and his eyes were about to stare out: "500,000 dollars, wouldn't it be five million dollars if you were to accompany ten?"

"Yes." Hei Xietang smiled.

Wu Qianqing said strangely, "How can you lose so much money?"

"No one buys a cockroach, so it's natural to lose ten." Hei Xietang said mysteriously: "Guess how much money my elder brother won?"

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xie, who had not spoken, and walked over to whispering, "Dare you buy less than your fourth brother, and go to sleep on the floor at night."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Except for Guan Tong, who has no spiritual power, other spiritual people heard Wu Ruo's words, and everyone couldn't help laughing.

Hei Xietang laughed: "Brother, you are the elder brother's wife. How can the elder brother buy less than me? The bet he made is exactly as much as the silver I won. The elder brother wanted to make more silver. But I was afraid that the dealer could not afford to lose it. "

In the case of losing five million two to ten, it is fifty million two. His elder brother made a lot of money.

Wu Ruo murmured: "It's almost the same."

Hei Xuanyu whispered to him, "I won so much money, where can I sleep tonight?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xuantang passed his head between them, whispering Wu Ruo: "Brother should be able to sleep in the cave tonight, isn't it, Dao?" Wu Ruo dazed and quickly understood what he meant by the cave. As soon as he was red, he lifted his fist and passed to Hei Xietang.

Hei Xietang hurried away quickly: "Just, kidding."

Hei Xunyu nodded: "Good idea."

"Black shame." Wu Ruo stared angrily at him: "Don't learn your brother so badly."

Hei Xietang asked, "Why am I serious?"

Wu Ruo pointed at Heixuantang and said, "Jiaojiao, hit him.

Jiaojiao quickly emerged from Wu Qianqing's waist bag and rushed to Hei Xingtang.

"Don't, ma'am, I'm wrong." Hei Xietang turned and ran away.

Wu Xi was amused by Hei Xutang: "Did the master and the second brother bet?"

"Um." Guan Tong responded softly. She knew that her son had spiritual power, and she also had the mystery of her clan. If she competed with people of the same level, she would not lose.

Numu laughed aloud: "My apprentice tried, why can't I buy it? However, this time I don't bring much silver, otherwise I can win a little bit more."

Wu Chenliu smiled slightly: "Small gambling."

Hei Xieyu held up Wu Ruo's hand: "It's not early and we have something to say when we go home.

Wu Qianqing nodded: "Everyone is tired for a day, let's go home for dinner."

"it is good."

Everyone got on the carriage driven by the guard.

Wu Chenliu asked: "Xiao Ruo, can you tell the old man now, how did you make a big battle than when you tried?"

Everyone else looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo laughed: "In fact, it's very simple. Just do some hands and feet on the shoes. After I get on the platform, a trace of transparent and invisible liquid will slowly flow out from the soles of the shoes. A large array was drawn on the stage, and you have seen everything after that. "

He will have such a hand, but also used it because he was afraid that one person could not deal with multiple people.

"That's the way it is," Wu Chenliu praised. "You're quite resourceful."

He didn't just mean drawing large arrays, but also preparing Wu Qianqing and Wu Xi for monsters.

Wu Ruo modestly said, "I'm just a little more alert than others, not really tactful."

He knew that Wu Chenzi would take the opportunity to get rid of them during the game, and of course he had to be prepared.

Wu Chenliu had dinner in Heifu and returned to his mansion.

Numu also got up and returned to his yard, Wu Qianqing asked Wu Ruo about his spiritual power.

Wu Ruo said that his grandmother had been sealed by his grandfather: "Dad, I didn't mean to hide it from you. I just think that the fewer people who know this, the better."

Wu Qianqing understood Wu Ruo's thoughts, but was worried that she would be strangled to death in the cradle before she grew up.

He looked at Guan Tong and wondered, "Why did Dad seal Xiaoruo's spiritual power?"

Let his son be looked down upon for so many years,

Guan Tong probably guessed his dad's intentions, but shook his head and said, "I don't know, but Dad must have his reason to do so."

Wu Qianqing no longer asks about the various secrets in the Guantong clan. Now his son can support himself with spiritual power.

Uxi asked curiously, "Mother, is your grandfather the same?"

Since she was born, her mother has mentioned her grandfather once, but not much.

Referring to his own dad, Guan Tong smiled gently: "Your grandfather is a fun-loving person, like a kid who doesn't grow up. The figure, however, brings me something fun and delicious every time I come back.

Uhi asked again, "Where is your grandmother?"

She had never heard her mother mention her grandmother.

Guan Tong smiled and shook his head: "I have never met my mother-in-law. When my father said that I was born, my mother died."

Uxi asked again, "Does the mother look more like a grandfather?"

"Your grandfather said that I look more like your grandmother."

"Mother, do you have any other siblings?"


"Mother, is my grandfather really so patient to see you all my life? Are there any of us grandchildren?"

Guan Tong was silent.

Everyone rushed to Wu Ruo, looked up innocently and asked, "Daddy, who do I look like?"

Wu Ruo stared directly at him and Hei Xieyu: "As long as you look at your father, you will know what you will look like when you grow up.

Everyone muttered, "Why don't I look like my dad."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

He felt that he had been rejected by his son,

Wu Ruo thought of what he said in the last life, and hugged his kissed face, "Because I want you to look like your father.

Hei Xietang said: "Little nephew, you look like your father, and your father will love you more."

Everyone asked Wu Ruo, "Daddy, isn't it?"

Wu Ruo pinched his little nose: "You are my son, no matter what he looks like, I love it."


Guan Tong laughed: "It's not early, so go back to rest.

"it is good.

When Wu Ruoqing waited for them to leave, they asked Hei Xietang to return his eggs to his yard, and let him invite Thorny and Yeji to the hall by the way.

Before long, Thorny and Night Ji came to the lobby.

Wu Ruo said directly: "Wu Yu, who has taken away the thirty-seven stones from Thorns, has returned to the Imperial City, and I also participated in today's test with him. Then, I confirmed that he had indeed taken the thirty-seven stones. It was the Demons who took my elder brother. "

At that time, if they were not in the test, or if there were more people watching the war, he would definitely take the Sanqi Stone back.

Ye Ji soared up and said in a cold voice, "I will go to him and get the Sanqi Stone now."

"Before you go, I want to confirm one thing." Wu Ruo recalled today's events: "I quietly gave Wu Yu a pulse today, there is magic in his body, I wonder if he was because of The reason for more exposure to Sanqi Stone was infected with magic.

At that time, he would take the pulse because he wondered why Wu Yu could rise to two levels in just half a year. Unexpectedly, he saw that there was magic in his body, which was why he did not take the opportunity to kill Wu Yu at that time. Because if the human body possesses magical energy, the endless troubles will be endless, if you go into the devil or fall into the demon path, or if you die, you do n’t need him, and Wuyu will not live long.

Ye Ji said: "No."

Thoroughly teased: "You also often come into contact with Sanqi Stone, and you don't see any magic on you. I guess he must have sucked the aura of Sanqi Stone to have magic energy. After all, Sanqi Stone is one of the demons. Things, even if the aura of Sanqi Stone is pure, it will still be enchanted. "

He said that the thirty-seven stones that Wu Ruo touched were all eggs.

Wu Ruo asked: "Can you absorb the spiritual power of Sanqi Stone to improve the spiritual order in a short time?"

"Of course, Sanqi stone has strong spiritual power, otherwise, it will not be so easy to transform into a human form."

Wu Ruo sneered: "Wu Yu must know that he is in the magic, but he still insists on it. It can be seen that Sanqi Stone's ability to quickly improve the spiritual order is a great temptation for him."

Chapter 155: Funeral post

Wu Ruo guessed that Wu Yu and Ruan Lanru had returned to the courtyard of Wu's house. Ye Ji immediately set off to catch Wu Ruo, but a pillar of incense came back within a short time, while holding Sanqi stone in his hand, he did not catch it. Wuyu.

Ji Yi crossed her arms over her chest and asked angrily, "Why only come back with Sanqi Stone and steal the Sanqi Stone from this seat?"

Ye Ji explained: "They are doing funerals and there are many people, so it is not convenient to catch people in front of so many people."

Wu Ruo looked at Sanqi Stone, the same size as Cuju, and asked, "Can you look at Sanqi Stone through me?"

Thorny smile: "Don't you look at the eggs every day?"

"I've never seen the Sanqi stone that hasn't turned into an adult."

Yeyi handed him the thirty-seven stones.

Wu Ruo thought that the Sanqi stone would be very heavy, but after taking over, I found that the weight was about the same as Cuju, and the soft cotton was also very elastic, as smooth as the child's skin.

He couldn't help but poke Sanqi Stone: "Is this really a stone? Why is it so soft?"

Tiaozai rolled his eyes: "Whoever stipulates that the thirty-seven stone must be a stone, and if it is a stone, how can it be rubbed with the flesh and blood of another person and become a baby.

Hei Xunyu also poke Sanqi Stone curiously.

Wu Ruo looked at him and Sanqishi. Suddenly, he remembered a dream he had had in Gaolingcheng. The black shaman in that dream was holding a white ball, which was very close to Sanqi stone. Is it similar ...

no, I can not.

In the previous life, he was sent away before Sanqi Stone was found. It is impossible to know what happened after he left.

This thirty-seven stone is just a coincidence similar to the white ball in his dream.

Hei Xuyi noticed that he was wrong: "What's wrong?"

Wu Ruo held Hei Xieyu's hand: "It's all right."

In fact, he was very clear in his heart that the reason why he did not recognize that Sanqi Stone was the same as the white ball in the dream was that he didn't want the last life. After he left, Hei Xieyu would die and disappear.

Hei Xuan saw his eyes red, and quickly hugged people to his legs.

Seeing that they are showing affection again, they want to sneer a few words, but also feel that the atmosphere is not right, and they are inexplicably envious of the two people.

He unconsciously looked at Ye Yi, and immediately, facing the hot eyes of Shang Yeji.

The spiny cockles seemed to be scalded, and quickly opened their eyes, and the next moment, they were held in their arms.

He froze slightly, trying to struggle, Ye Ji bowed his head and whispered in his ear, "Don't disturb them.

Thorny: "..."

Ye Ji rubbed his arrogant little face with his fingers, and immediately attracted Ji Yi's stare.

Before long, the guard broke this tranquility: "Master Qilu, the Wu family sent a funeral post."

Hei Xuan shouted, "Bring in."

The guard put the funeral post on the table: "The person who posted the post said that the people of Wujia in Gaoling City were assassinated when they returned to Wujia in the afternoon. Sixty-two people died on the spot. Funeral. "

Wu Ruo heard these words without any surprises, and to the degree of greed of the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng, sooner or later he caused the killing.

"Go notify my father and mother."

This funeral is definitely going to attend, after all, they are not out of relationship.

"Yes, ma'am."

Soon, Wu Qianqing, Guan Tong and Wu Xi hurried to the hall: "Xiao Ruo, I heard that your great grandfather was killed, is it true?"

"It should be true." Wu Ruo posted the funeral to Wu Qianqing: "A lot of people died, and grandfather was one of them."

Wu Qianqing trembled, quickly picked up the post and browsed it. In addition to his father, his eldest brother Wu Qianjing, his big brother Sang Dongyi, his fourth brother Wu Qianbin, his fourth brother Liao Liuyan, and his fifth brother Dong Yanji. The nephew Wu Anqi, the seven nephews Wu Xiao, the eight nieces Wu Yun, and everyone at the Western Courtyard were all dead, while the Beijing University only left Wu Anshu and Wu Qianheng, and the Eastern University only left Wu Sheng alone. Others also died on the spot, and four elders and their families died.

At present, only Wu Xiuwan, Wuqianli, Ruan Lanru, Wuqiantong, Wuanyi, Wuyu, Wuhao, Wushi, Wubai, Wuqianheng, Wu'anshu, Wushengshi are staying in Wu family. two people.

"How can this happen?" Wu Qianqing soon thought of who did it, and said angrily, "It's too hard to start, it's like killing everything, it's really not a thing."

Guan Tong said, "Let's hurry to the shrine to attend the funeral."

"it is good."

Wu Qianqing and Wu Ruo arrived at the courtyard where Gao Lingcheng of Wu family lived, and before they entered the courtyard, they heard everyone mourning.

Suddenly, Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong Wuxi both had red eyes.

They went in, and the purpose was to fill the coffin of the compound.

Ubud Fanghong came over with eyes, "Go and see your father for the last time."

Wu Qianqing stared at Ubufang's eyes and asked, "Grandfather, do you know who did this thing?"

Ubud squared for a moment.

When the third-level surgeon competed, he thought that Wu Chenzi warned them. I originally planned to tell the people who lived in Wujia after returning from the test. I did n’t know that I had encountered an assassin before returning to Wujia, and hundreds of lives were killed in one second. Sixty-two of them belonged to their Gaoling Wujia. Yes, the other dead are guards.

Wu Qianqing sighed and walked towards his mother Mu Xiuwan.

When Mu Xiuwan saw his three sons, he burst into tears: "Qing Qing, your father ..."

Wu Qianqing comforted before leaving: "Mother, don't cry, it will hurt your body."

"Qian Qing, you must find someone who assassinated your father and them, and avenged blood and hatred for your father and brother.

Wu Qianqing looked for a moment, nodding hard.

How can they say that they are crying at the enemy's house now.

Mu Xiuwan wailed: "Qing Qing, I only have you and Qian Li and Qian Tong now ..."

When Wu Ruo heard this, he immediately had a bad feeling.

Guan Tong couldn't bear to see her mother-in-law crying so sadly, she stepped forward to appease a few words, but Mu Xiuwan avoided her hand.

When Wu Xi saw this, he dragged Guan Tong away: "Mother, I want to see Bamei."

"Um." Guan Tong nodded.

Wu Ruo looked at Mu Xiuwan and squinted his eyes, turned around and pulled Hei Xuan, followed Wu Xi and they went to see Wu Yun.

Uber saw them coming, crying with red eyes and crying, "Aunt three, brother six and sister seven.

Wu Qiantong, who was sorrowing at the body of his eldest son Wu Xiao, quickly turned his head and cried angrily, "What are you doing here? Are you happy to see my dead wife and my son and daughter? Go, don't let your hypocrisy be good. "

Everyone heard the sound and looked over in tears.

Wu Xi cried: "I just want to send Bamei to the last trip."

"Fart, you came here to laugh at me." Wu Qiantong was very emotional: "I don't need you to send it here, you get me."

Ushi was half annoyed by these words.

If it weren't for their dead relatives, she really wanted to pull Guan Tong away, she really didn't understand why they hated the people at Shu Qingyuan, obviously it was the fifth uncle, and they were doing ethical things first, but it was like They are sorry for them.

Wu Bo said loudly, "Dad, Seven Sisters, they came to see us with kindness."

Wu Qiantong glared at Uber: "Where are they kind, Xiaobai, don't be fooled by them."

"What did they lie to me? What do I deserve now? Seven sisters came here just to send their mother their last trip."

"Your mother, they are not rare. They send it."

Wu Bo couldn't stand the look of Wu Qianqing anymore, and suddenly opened his voice and yelled, "Daddy, are you busy enough?"

Wu Qiantong froze, his younger son never spoke to him so loudly.

Wu Ba's eyes were full of sorrow, but his pale face showed a deep disappointment. He lowered his face and stood up, standing high in front of Wu Qiantong, sorrowful and angry: "There were a lot of things that were originally we were wrong, it was we who did to Sanbo. If you do n’t know what you ’ve done wrong, you do n’t even have to do it. Why should we blame others instead? We have nothing now. Even if they are uneasy, what can they get from us? They just want to send them to their mothers. It ’s only the last trip. Why do you stop repeatedly, do you feel happy when you see no one coming to send them? ”

Wu Qiantong: "..."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Except for the subtle crying, all around was quiet.

Ubo turned and bowed to Guan Tong and said mutely, "Mother Aunt, my father did something wrong before. I apologize to you here and hope you can forgive them.

Guan Tong said: "The past things have passed, so don't mention them."

Uber nodded with red eyes.

Wu Xi looked at Wu Yun in the coffin and choked, "I didn't expect Xiao Yun to go like this."

Guan Tong took out silk silk and wiped the tears in the corners of his eyes. I remember that Wu Yun had spoiled her in her arms when she was a child, but now she was lying motionless in the coffin, and she couldn't believe everything in front of her was true.

Wu Ruo saw that Wu Yun had been staring at her eyes. If she died, she beat her eyes and closed her eyes. However, after closing and opening, he tried this several times.

Wu Bo whispered, "Before her sister died, she was raped in a carriage."

Wu Ruo looked at the cold eyes, can not help but think of the scene of the last life, Guan Tong's death.

Wu Xi cried and said, "Xiao Yun, go with peace of mind. If we find someone who kills you, we will avenge you.

She lowered Wu Yun's eyelids, and this time, she finally closed her eyes.

Ushi covered her mouth and wept,

Guan Tong could not help crying.

Wu Ruo looked at their sadness, but he couldn't be sad. He saw a large group of relatives dying, and there was no fluctuation in his heart.

Hei Xiu took him into his arms and took people out of the compound.

Wu Ruo hugged his waist and whispered, "I'm not sad, I'm very happy."

Happily, these people have finally died more than half, and a small half will not be very good in the future.

Hei Xunyu said nothing, and patted Wu Ruo's shoulder.

Suddenly, a noise came from the flower garden not far away.

Wu Ruo quickly turned around and saw a figure lying on the flowerbed, anxiously looking for something. After looking for a while, he turned around and went to another flowerbed to continue looking.

At this time, it was clear that the person was Wu Yu.

Chapter 156: Here comes a difficult character

Wu Yu did not see Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu next to him, and anxiously carried the lantern to the flower garden one by one: "Why did you disappear when you were still there? Where did you fall?"

He was so anxious that he even started to pull the flowers from the flowerbed.

"Xiaoyu, you have been looking for something just now, what exactly are you looking for?" Ruan Lanru hurriedly came over: "You tell your mother, your mother will help you find it."

Half an hour ago, Wu Yu went crazy looking for things.

Wu Yu anxiously poked away Ruan Lanru, "You go away, don't hinder me."

Wu Qianli also hurriedly came over: "Xiaoyu, what have you lost, you can tell us, we can help you find it."

Ruan Lanru nodded: "Yeah, the opportunity for multiple people to help find it will be faster."

Wu Yu stood up and looked at them vigilantly: "Tell you? Can you take advantage of me to take my things?"

Wu Qianli and Ruan Lanru stunned: "Why do you think so? How could your mother and I grab your stuff?

Wu Yu said angrily, "If it isn't, then get away with me. '

Ruan Lanru and Wu Qianli shouted at him.

"Qian Li, what do you say about Xiaoyu?" Ruan Lanru worried. "He has never spoken to us like this before. Why is he yelling at us like crazy today?"

Wu Qian left and whispered, "Maybe it was a bad mood to lose the test."

Ruan Lanru frowned: "Since we don't want us to help, let's go back first. If we come out too long, we will be suspected."


The two couples turned around and saw Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu standing in front of the compound.

Ruan Lanru suddenly became angry: "It's you, Wu Ruo!"

Hearing Wu Ruo's name, Wu Yu stood up and ran over, trying to grab Wu Ruo's hand, but was blocked by Hei Xuanyu.

He angrily said, "Wu Ruo, it's you, are you right?"

Wu Ruo somehow: "What happened to me?"

"Don't pretend, it must be you who stole my stuff."

Wu Yu is even more strange: "When did I steal your stuff, you don't want to be wronged.

"Isn't there anyone else for you? On the field today, you still used magic to touch me and let me talk about the stone."

Wu Ruo: "..."

It turned out to be Sanqi Stone.

So, was Wu Yu looking for Sanqi Stone just now?

Unfortunately, Sanqi Stone has been stolen back by Ye Ji.

Ruan Lan, when she heard it, indignantly exclaimed, "Well, you are a Ruo, you stole my Xiaoyu's things."

Wu Ruo sneered: "If you do n’t see something, you said I stole it? Do you think it's funny? Then I see something, can you say that you stole it?"

"It must be you," Wu Yu said excitedly, "Wu Ruo, you should return the stone to me, that stone is very important to me."

"Wu Ruo, you have to return things to my little jade." Ruan Lanru and Wu Qianli rushed over.

Their noise soon caught the attention of the people in the compound. Ubud and Wu Youqing hurried out: "When is it, do you still have a fight?"

Ruan Lanru immediately sued: "Grandfather, Wu Ruo stole our Xiaoyu's things."

Ubud Fang suddenly said: "Wu Ruo stole Wuyu things?"


Wu Qianqing looked at Wu Ruo, "Xiao Ruo, what's the matter?"

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "I couldn't stand the sadness in the courtyard with Xuan Yi, so I came out to breathe, and then the fifth brother said that I stole his things. Great-grandfather, you testify for us, are I and my father, Just came to Wu family. "

"Yes." Wu Bufang frowned. "I saw that Xiaoyu was looking for something in the morning, then his things should have disappeared a long time ago. Wu Ruo had just arrived and it was impossible for him to take it."

"It's him, it's absolutely him." Wu Yu shouted frantically, "It is Wu Ruo who took my stone."

Immediately, he again begged: "Xiao Ruo, I beg you, please return the stone to me. It is very important to me. I cannot live without it. I beg you."

Wu Yu suddenly knelt down and kept hoeing to Ruo.

"..." Wu Ruo felt that Wu Yu had no sense.

Ruan Lanru saw that her son gave a **** to Wu Ruo. Incredibly, she hated Wu Ruo even more and believed that it was Wu Ruo who took his son's things: "Wu Ruo, you should give it up."

Wu Qianli threatened: "Wu Ruo, you don't want to force us to do anything, you consciously hand over things."

Hei Xuanxi gave him a cold look, and he was so frightened that Wu Qian could not help shaking his legs.

"Are you sick?" Wu Xi, who had been eavesdropping in the courtyard, ran out and said, "The great-grandfather said that it was not my second brother who took it, and you still framed my second brother.

Ruan Lanru looked coldly at Ubu Fang and teased, "Now that Wu Ruo is a sixth-level wizard, his grandfather naturally helped him to speak."

Ubud was annoyed by them: "It's unreasonable."

Wu Qianqing sighed: "It doesn't seem to welcome us here, we still go back and stay at the ancestral hall tomorrow."

He is getting farther and farther away from these loved ones.

Wu Yu became so excited when they heard that they were leaving. He suddenly stood up and yelled, "You can't go, neither of you can go."

"Wuyu, what's the matter?" The person who came out of the compound wondered.

"No one of you can go." Wu Yu suddenly pulled out his waist sword and pointed at everyone here: "Give me back your things, otherwise no one will want to go out of here."

Ruan Lanru and Wu Qian were both stupid when they left.

Someone said, "What crazy is he doing?"

Ruan Lan's face was sloppy: "You're crazy.

Wu Qianli quickly left and said, "Xiaoyu, put down your sword, don't hurt anyone."

"Return my things to me, or I will kill you." Wu Yu took the sword and slashed at Wuqian.

Wu Fangbu hurriedly said, "Leave forward, be careful.

"Ah-" Wu Qianli screamed, and his left arm was cut off immediately. He never thought that his son would actually do anything to him, so there was no defense.

Everyone exclaimed: "Oh my God, he even chopped his own dad, he must be crazy."

Ruan Lanru anxiously said, "Xiaoyu, that's your father, how can you hack him with a sword."

Someone screamed, "Look at Wu Yu's eyes, it's darkened."

Everyone saw that the place where Wu Yu's eyes were white was gradually turning black.

"Everyone move away from him. He should be enchanted. He doesn't know anyone at this time."

Ruan Lan was furious: "My son can't be infected with magic, it must be Wu Ruo who took his things and made him like this."

No one believed it at all. Who would be so angry with his eyes?

"Give me my things, give me my things." Wu Yu chopped around with a sword, and almost chopped Ruan Lanru.

Ubud returned to God: "Hurry up, tie him up."

He took out a magic weapon to restrain Wu Yu's spiritual power, and the guards took out a rope to bind Wu Yu.

Elder Xian approached Wu Yu and found that there was really magic in his body: "He does have magic in his body. Seeing that he is going to be demonized."

Someone said: "He must have taken the magic to rise to such a fast level."

"You fart," Ruan Lanru said excitedly, "My son can't **** magic, it must be Wu Ruo ..."

Wu Xi interrupted him angrily: "Ruan Lanru, don't push anything on my brother."

"Not him, who else? Xiaoyu just became a vice after seeing him.

Elder Xian shook his head: "The magical energy stored in Wuyu's body has been inhaled for several months.

Wu Xi watched Ruan Lanru sarcastically: "Have you heard? The magical energy entered Wu Brother's body a few months ago, and it has nothing to do with my second brother."

Ruan Lan was unwilling to let Wu Ruo go like this: "Why don't he care about it? Didn't people just say that my son was so advanced because he had inhaled the magic? Then Wu Ruo?"

She was jealous and stared at Wu Ruo with her eyes jealous: "He suddenly became a sixth-order person from a man without spiritual power, didn't he get enchanted?"

Everyone heard, and away from Wu Ruo.

"My second elder brother is not without spiritual power. He had not been able to detect spiritual power before he was sealed by Ling Tian."

"Even so, how did he rise so fast?"

Uhi: "..."

Ruan Lanru sarcastically said, "You have nothing to say."

Wu Ruodao: "I only went up so fast after eating the superb **** Dan."

Everyone exclaimed.

Divine Spirit Dan is the ultimate panacea that can instantly upgrade the spiritual ranks. This elixir is hard for them to see at first sight, let alone eat in the stomach.

Everyone looked at Wu Ru enviously, without any doubt that Wu Ruo's words might be false, because judging from the offer given by Hei Xuyi, he knew that he was a very rich person, so their first thought came to mind Hexiuyi gave him the elixir, and Wu Ruo glanced at everyone: "I remember when I ate the first superb **** Dan, I immediately went up from the first level to the third level. If you do n’t believe it, you can let the elder Yin give me the pulse. Know if there is magic in me. "

Everyone looked at Wu Ruo more enviously.

It took them many years to get to the third order, but Wu Ruo got one to the third order.

Elder Xian gave Wu Ruo the pulse: "He has no magic in him."

Ruan Lan stared at Wu Ruo angrily.

"No one is allowed to leave. Give me something back. There is more to come." Wu Yu's eyes became darker and suddenly, he reached out and bite at the nearest Ruan Lanru.

"Ah, one by one," Ruan Lan screamed, and then one ear was torn apart stiffly: "You beast."

"Snap", she slapped Wu Yu severely.

Wu Yu shouted wildly: "I bit you, haha, I bit you."

Ruan Lan was so frightened by his crazy appearance that he hurried away from Wu Yu.

"Deserve it," Uhi whispered.

Wu Anyi, who had been standing behind the crowd, sneered. Wasn't Xiaoyu a bite before? How is it called a beast now?

"Sin." Wu Qianli, who had taken the wounded medicine, cried and looked at Elder Xian: "Elder, can my son be saved?"

Elder Yin shook his head: "Sorry, my husband is powerless."

"What then? Xiaoyu can't do this all the time, he will die."

Elder Yin sighs.

Someone said: "You can let the National Normal University invite someone to see."

Wu Qian shook his eyes.

Ubu Fang was saying nothing but stopping. He didn't want to invite Wu Chenzi to trouble this person again, I am afraid that more people would die.

Elder Yin said, "Go back to the compound first and talk about something tomorrow.

When everyone returned to the compound, Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing stood in front of Wu Xuanran's coffin, and the sound of wailing again and again.

Wu Qianqing's eyes were red, after all, his dad was lying in the coffin.

Guan Tong comforted by touching his back lightly.

"My father-in-law is dead and I don't see you crying."

Wu Ruo and Wu Xi looked at her.

Wu Qianqing looked to Mu Wanxiu: "Mother, please we can keep a good spirit."

Mu Wanxiu knew that his son was toward his daughter-in-law, and he gritted his teeth and started.

After that, it was quiet.

At dawn, the guards in the courtyard began to lift all the coffins out of Wujia and sent them to the Wujia ancestral hall.

The ancestral hall has been arranged as a spiritual hall. Fortunately, the site is wide enough to lay down nearly a hundred coffins. Near noon, the Wu family in Gaoling City, who was trained near the imperial city, rushed to the ancestral hall to receive the news.

Even Wu Xia, who had been hiding from people, came. When she entered the ancestral hall, she saw nearly a hundred coffins immediately reddening her eyes and crying, "Daddy, mother--"

Wu Sheng heard the familiar voice, quickly stopped crying, looked up, and looked at the crying person: "Uxia?"

Wu Xia looked at Wu Sheng: "Brother, what's going on? How did father and mother die?" "We were assassinated at the Wu family in Gaolingcheng, and the other person's spiritual order was higher than ours, and they all died in their defeat. Hand. Wu Sheng sorrowfully said: "Why don't you come to see us in the Imperial City, do you know how worried we are about you." "

Wu Xia cried and walked to his father's coffin, pierced and knelt down: "Dad, mother, the child is not filial."

When I came to the Imperial City, I learned that his father and mother were not dead, and when he lived in Wu family, I wanted to learn about Pakse and then go to them. But how could I have thought that such a thing would happen, I knew I would see you again in the future. Before his father and mother, he should go to Wujia to meet them.

Wu Sheng also knelt down and cried, saying, "In the future, only our two brothers will depend on each other.

Uxia heard this and cried louder.

In the next seven days, the children who were married and the children who had been trained abroad rushed to the Wujia Ancestral Hall of the Imperial City.

"Daddy--" A scream of screams rang through the hall.

When Wu Qianqing heard them, they quickly raised their heads. A woman very similar to Mu Xiuwan cried and ran in, kneeling in front of Wu Xuanran's spirit: "Dad, my daughter came to see you.

"Qian Hong." Mu Xiuwan exclaimed excitedly.

Wu Qianhong saw Mu Xiuwan without legs and cried louder "Mother, your leg, how could your leg become like this."

"It was cut off by a ghost." Yi Xiuwan cried.

"Big sister." Wu Qianqing and Wu Qianli, Wu Qiantong cried, choking.

Ushi and Uber called together, "Auntie."

Wu Qianhong wiped her tears: "I have all heard of the assassination, are you all right?"


Wu Qiantong cried and said, "Sister, it's great of you to come."

Wu Ruo ripped the corners of his mouth, and came up with an intractable character.

Chapter 157: Do not send

Wu Qianhong noticed that someone was looking at her, turned her head to Wu Ruo's eyes, and a fascinating light flashed under her eyes. Seeing Wu Ruomai's eyes looked familiar, she said, "This is ..."

Wu Qianqing said, "Sister, he is Xiao Ruo, and he lost weight a while ago. It is not surprising that you don't know it."

When Wu Qianhong heard it as Wu Ruo, she didn't have much enthusiasm in her expression: "It turned out to be Xiao Ruo."

To her, only those who are beautiful and incompetent are useless.

Wu Ruo nodded, Si Ye didn't mean to call her.

When she was a child, this woman would only pretend how much he hurt him in front of his father, but behind him, he ignored him, and often ridiculed him. He was young and ignorant before, and gradually grew older to know that the aunt didn't like him.

Wu Qianhong didn't care about his attitude towards himself, and turned his eyes to stand behind Wu Ruo in a protective posture, his handsome man with a shocking face: "This is ..."

Wu Qianqing introduced her: "Sister, he is Xiaoruo's husband."

On the same day, because his son was about to marry, he did n’t write to notify Wu Qianhong, and various things happened later. He even left Wu Ruohong behind, so Wu Qianhong did n’t know that Wu Ruo was married to a man. Things.

Wu Qianghong said: "Xiao Ruo's husband? Isn't Xiao Ruo a man? How can there be a husband?"

Wu Qianqing twisted her eyebrows: "Sister, it's hard to say a word. I'll tell you this later when I have time."

Wu Qianhong also knew that it was not time to say anything else, and the people who held Mu Xiuwan started crying again.

Wu Ruo quite admired her, she cried when she cried, she cried when she cried, she did n’t know if she was really sad, or she was doing a show to others. If she was really sad, why did n’t she see Wu Qianhong Visited Wu Xuanran at the imperial city. What's the use of regret now? What did you do before?

He turned his gaze to look elsewhere, just right and right.

Wu Shi hurriedly looked away and looked at the sleeveless arm with inferiority.

After encountering the imperial city, he tried to avoid Wu Ruo. He used to laugh at Wu Ruo as a waste. He is no longer qualified to laugh at other people. Now he is even more wasteful than Wu Ruo. Even if he loses his hands, Lingjie is also in the front stage. Time didn't make it back to the third level. In the game, he escaped by pretending to be dead. But Wu Ruo, not only owns Ling Tian, but also reaches the sixth level of spiritual power, which is higher than Wu Bufang. He now has no face in front of Wu Ruo, and cannot accept that Wu Ruo might laugh at him. .

Wu Ruoke didn't know what he was thinking, and saw that he avoided himself and looked away.

Eight days have passed since the post of the mourning post. Most of the people have rushed to the city to run to the funeral. Everyone was very excited, and the anger was louder than the cry. They said that they would find the killer and avenge their loved ones. Unfortunately, thunder The heavy rain was small and his mouth was choked, but no one acted, and the matter could not be investigated.

On the tenth day, all the funerals were buried, and the funeral was not over until the night.

Everyone who came from other places lived in the Wu family compound. The next morning, Ubud found an excuse to drive them out of the imperial city. They originally lived in the U family. Ubud also took people to his house. in.

However, Wu Qianli did not want to leave. For them, after leaving the Wu family, they could no longer ask Wu Chenzi to help them suppress the magic of Wuyu, nor could they better heal their bodies.

Ubud wanted to say that the death of Gao Lingcheng was related to Wu Chenzi, but after all, he was only guessing and had no evidence to identify him. So after persuading repeatedly, he followed them.

Wu Qiantong eager to stay in Wujia not only can heal the body, but also get valuable medicinal materials, he also insists on staying in Wujia, but Wubai does not want to stay in this sad place, but he does not intend to live in Wufangbu house. After taking the baggage and leaving Wujia, no one knew his whereabouts.

Wu Hao and Wu Shi have matured a lot after the attack of assassinations and assassinations. Now that there are no fathers and mothers, they discuss going out to practice together, even if one Lingtian has not recovered and one has no arms. , Still want to go out and see the outside world.

Wu Sheng and Wu Xia left Wu's house and went to Pakse to settle accounts. Only Wu Qianheng and Wu Anshu decided to live in Ubud's house.

As for Mu Xiuwan, she has been hesitant. In her heart, she actually wants to leave the Wu family. After all, it ’s not that they live here for a long time. All the things are easy to do, and her injuries are only legs. A good doctor ca n’t let her stand up again, and she can run and jump as before, so it ’s useless to stay in Wujia, but both sons must stay in Wujia. She cannot be a mother. People leave and live with father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Wu Qianhong learned of Mu Xiuwan ’s thoughts and said, “Mother, do n’t forget that you have a son named Wu Qianqing. Today is obviously his best life. As his mother, you should follow He is blessed together. "

This time, she knew that so many things had happened to the Wu family in Gaolingcheng. In her opinion, only Wu Qianqing could be trusted. He was not only a fifth-order wizard, but also his children were sixth- and fourth-order. Sorcerer, the awesome future is immense, and there is also a particularly rich Sun Yan, not to rely on Wu Qianqing is a fool.

Mu Xiuwan's eyes brightened. In fact, she had long thought about moving to live with Wu Qianqing, but when she thought of Wu Qianqing looking at her with disappointed eyes, she could not help but wince.

When Wu Qianhong saw that she was silent, she stood up: "Mother, if you can't speak, I'll tell you."

Mu Xiuwan sneered: "He only has a daughter-in-law now. Without me, he would not let me move to live with him."

"If this is the case, then I have to talk more about him." When Guan Tong married Wu family, Wu Qianhong, like her mother, was very opposed to her brother marrying a girl with no identity background and no spiritual power, because it would affect her. One generation, so when Guan Dan gave birth to Wu Ruo, who had no spiritual power, she had a greater opinion on Guan Tong.

Wu Qianhong came to Heifu to find Wu Qianqing. Unexpectedly, people entered Heifu, but they only saw Wu Ruo.

When Wu Ruo saw Mu Xiuwan crying with his father on the night when he received the mourning post, he knew that there would be a day when he saw Wu Qianhong enter the hall and he took a sip of tea calmly.

Wu Qianhong asked directly, "Xiao Ruo, what about your father and mother?"

Wu Ruo put down the tea cup: "They] rested in the backyard."

"Call them out." Wu Qianhong took this place as her own home and sat directly on the chair where Hei Xieyu often sat.

Wu Ruo lazily glanced at her: "I have no time to see you."

Wu Qianhong stared at him sternly: "Guan Tong just taught you to treat the elders rudely?"

Wu Ruohuan said, "Grandma shouldn't have taught you to enter other people's homes. Can you sit in the master's place?"

Wu Qianhong looked for a moment, and stood up embarrassedly to sit next to him.

Wu Ruo told her to give her tea: "I don't know why the aunt came here."

"I'll just tell your parents.

"Oh, you can invite back, I won't let my father and mother see you."

"You ..." Wu Qianhong was so annoyed that he thought he would come here, and if they would entertain him nicely, they would come here to know that they were looking for Qi.

Wu Ruo didn't go in circles with her, and said directly: "If my aunt is only here to be a pure guest, I still welcome it, but if my purpose here is to convince my dad to live with my grandmother, then it is unnecessary. . "

Wu Qianhong squinted her eyes: "You mean Qian Qing doesn't want to raise her mother? Impossible, Qian Qing is a filial person and will never do such a thing.

"My dad is naturally filial." Wu Ruo turned the lid of the cup. "But when they split up, they were grandmothers. They didn't want to live with us. When they split up, they didn't want to take us with them. Watching us self-destruct, why? She is having a hard time now and wants to trust us? Oh, how can there be such a good thing in the world? "

Wu Qianhong: "..."

This Wu Ruo is obviously not the same little boy as before.

Wu Ruo looked at her with a sneer: "Auntie, please go back and tell your grandmother that my father and mother are now taken care of by me and will always live with me in the future, so it is my Wu Ruo who does not want to live with her, Heifu She can't tolerate her without the yard she lives in. "

Before Wu Qianhong became angry, he continued: "Auntie, you do n’t have to pretend to be filial piety in front of me. You must be truly filial. You wo n’t come to see the grandmother in the capital city after the onslaught of the ghosts. If you are truly filial, you will immediately take your grandmother back to your mother-in-law's house after listening to my words. Then, I advise you to leave the Imperial City early, otherwise the people who will be assassinated next time are those of you who came to mourn. Don't say that I am alarmist. When you live in Wujia, you should see your great-grandfather rushing you out of Wujia. He is anxious because he knows who is moving and the other party ’s rights are too great to avenge his revenge. Let you leave. "

Wu Qianhong was angry and recalled the situation for two days. The grandfather was really very anxious to urge them to leave the Imperial City. It stands to reason that everyone is rarely together. Even if they see them in the funeral, the grandfather should be happy, not keep driving Are they really going like Wu Ruo said?

The more she wanted to sit still.

Wu Ruodao: "No."

Wuqian Hongqi stood up, walked out of Heifu as if escaping, returned to Wujia and Mu Xiuwan to convey Wu Ruo's words, then hurriedly packed up and left Wujia. Mu Xiuwan looked at her ghostly back, and couldn't return for a long time.

Wu Ruo smiled coldly, and was frightened, so he was frightened.

"Madam." Heiyang appeared in front of Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo glanced at him: "Anything?"

"Prince makes you grieve by the way, and, he said, in two days, Wu Chenzi will go back to work."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Isn't it time to reinstate?"

"Yan Tianshi made excuses from the emperor, and only delayed for half a month."

Wu Ruo looked down and thought, "Let him be reinstated."

Chapter 158: Shadow thief

Wu Chenzi was very cautious while he was not in office. The door could not be reached, and Wu Ruo was not dealt with during the funeral. This was to prevent Prince Edward and Wu Ruo from counting him.

Heiyang said: "The Prince has found out that the emperor's problem is indeed the death curse of the priest. Moreover, the emperor can only live for about one year, unless the person who curses does not die, there is no solution.

Wu Ruo asked: "..."

Within a year, Wu Chenzi will be removed, otherwise, the Prince and the Second Prince will fight each other once the emperor dies.

Heiyang brought all the words to him, then disappeared in the hall. Then, two people came out behind the screen, one was Hei Xieyu, the other was Wu Qianqing.

Wu Qianqing sat down with a sigh.

When Wu Qianhong came, he was in the hall. At that time, he had guessed the purpose of Wu Qianhong coming here. He originally wanted to make clear to Wu Qianhong in person, but Wu Ruo did not agree with him and thought that he This will result in the crime of filial piety, and it will also cause more trouble. Therefore, the matter is left to Wu Ruo. It is not that he is not filial, but that his mother is too big for his wife and children. Opinion, if you really bring people to live with him, he dares to say that sooner or later he will be troubled by his mother, and the family will be restless, and even his wife will be scattered. He really does not want to make the home like this.


After his eldest sister went back, she should talk to his mother about what Wu Ruo said, and believe that his mother would move away from Wu's house. After that, she would go to the grandfather's house to see her mother, or take someone out to eat during the New Year Dayton, it was considered his filial piety.

Wu Ruo looked at Wu Qianqing: "Dad, wouldn't you blame me for being ruthless?"

Wu Qianqing shook her head: "If you don't do this, the elder sister will definitely not leave so easily, you ..."

He paused, and then asked, "Are you joining forces with the prince against the National Teacher?"

From what Heiyang said just now, it can be seen that the prince trusts Wu Ruo very much, otherwise he will tell Wu Ruo if he will not emperor.

Wu Ruo also did not hide: "Yes."

"Although I don't know how you made Prince Edward trust you, but you have thought about it. After entering this muddy water, it is impossible for you to get out. If the Prince Edward is defeated in the future, the National Normal University will also Will not spare us. "

Wu Ruo softly said, "Dad, Wu Chenzi is already following us."

From the time when the tested spirit level was changed, he guessed that Wu Chenzi was going to kill him, and it took so much thought to solve him later. I am afraid that Wu Chenzi had already guessed what he had done with the prince.

Wu Qianqing frowned: "Then you have to be careful, if you need my help, you must speak up."

He is not a cowardly person. After Wu Chenzi's murder of his father and brother, he can remain calm and indifferent. Therefore, he does not oppose Wu Ruo and his prince against Wu Chenzi. It would be better if Wu Chenzi was killed.

"Madam, madam." Suddenly, an anxious voice rang out of the gate. "Madam, miss."

Wu Ruo and Wu Qian stood up embarrassedly and hurried out of the hall, only to see Wu Xi being carried back by the ghosts.

Wu Qianqing saw Wu Xi's blood on his face, his face changed greatly: "Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi, are you okay?"

"Dad, don't worry, I'm okay, the blood on my body is guarded, not mine." U Xi quickly came down from the ghost clan: "I just met a few strange people who wanted to arrest me. Horns, guards, and ghosts stopped them, so I had a chance to escape. "

There was a contract between Wu Ruo and Jiao Jiao, and when he felt that Jiao Jiao was seriously injured, he pointed to the south: "They are over there, Xun, you go and see."

Hei Xieyu jumped up, flew out of the mansion, only half lived incense, and the man came back again, his arms turned into big slaps.

Wu Ruo immediately took out the wound medicine and gave it to him, and then he was sent back to the room to rest.

Hei Xunyu lowered her face: "It was done by the repairer."

Wu Qianqing wondered: "Who is Xiu?"

"It's enemies, Dad, Xiaoxi, if you ever see a young man dressed like a scholar with a blue cover book in his hand, you must stay away from him." Wu Ruo suddenly remembered that he had tried to repair Bian: "By the way, shame, when I came out of the Royal Contest on the day of the test, I saw the repair.

Hei Xuan frowned, "Did he do anything to you?"

"No, he should be worried about the seniors who were close to me. But since he didn't do anything to us, why did he show up outside the contest and let me see him? Does he want to catch Xiaoxi now? To threaten us? "

Hei Xuyi thinks this is possible: "Xiao Xi, you don't want to learn mystics in Liufu's house recently."

Uxi nodded: "Then send someone to speak to Master.

Hei Xieyu told the guard next to Wu Chenliu.

"What are you doing in the compound?" Hei Xingtang, who came back from the outside, looked at them strangely. When he saw U Xi's face covered with blood, he ran over nervously: "Little girl, are you injured?"

Ushi quickly explained: "It's not my blood."

"Who's that? How could it bleed so much? Did something happen?"

Ushi said it just now.

Hei Xietang was angry: "It's them again, brother, after we go back, we must resolve this matter."

Hei Xieyu didn't answer him, looking at Yeyi who came back with him: "Where have you been?"

Hei Xutang's angry face flashed a guilty conscience.

Ye Ji honestly said, "He went with this seat to deal with the people who stole the stones."

Hei Xitang smiled awkwardly.

He was bored, so he went with Yeji.

Wu Ruo asked them, "Broad day to deal with these people, has anyone seen you?"

Hei Xietang quickly said, "No, it's all dead."

Wu Qianqing and Wu Xi are weird, and some in their hearts are not suitable for this giggling person to kill.

Ye Ji glanced at Hei Xitang: "Escaped a man named Shunren."

Hei Xietang rolled his eyes darkly, Xiongtai, how can you say that they are also demons, shouldn't they be evil? Who is as honest about everything as you are?

Wu Ruo frowned, wouldn't it be Wu Shunren?

"So this person hasn't seen your faces?"

Hei Xutang touched his face: "I look so handsome, he should remember."

"Wu Ruo is speechless:" Can you cover your face when you do bad things? "That's the Wu family. Sooner or later, they will come to you.

Ye Ji whispered, "Devil never kills his face."

"..." Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xuantang.

Hei Xietang smiled: "He is no longer covered, how strange I am to be covered."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Just a few small things, wouldn't it be good if Ye Ji sent someone to solve it? Why go there by yourself? However, regarding the thorny matter, he should want to do it himself.

Hei Xietang didn't want to be blamed by his elder brother, and quickly turned to the topic: "Brother, I heard something when I came back."

Hei Sui asked: "What is it?"

"Let's go back to the lobby and talk." Hei Xietang walked into the lobby first, and then said when the others also entered the lobby, "When I came back just now, I heard that many surgeons were telling one thing, saying that it was lost thousands of years ago. A mystery reappears on earth. "

Wu Ruo's heart jumped, and he felt vaguely what the secret technique he was referring to.

Ushi asked curiously, "What is the secret technique?"

Hei Xuantang looked at everyone mysteriously: "A secret technique called Shadow Thief."

Hei Xunyu gave him a cold glance.

Sure enough, it was shadow theft. Wu Ruo clenched his lips tightly. In the previous life, this rumor spread only two years before his death. How come it is so many years earlier? Does it mean that something is going to happen?

Ushi wondered, "What mystery is this?"

Hei Xietang shook his head: "I don't know, but people outside are preaching that as long as they practice the mystery of shadow stealing, the world can be invincible. As for what kind of mystery is really unclear, now the magicians are eager to move, thinking To get this mystery. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

He noticed that when Hei Xietang said this, he stared at him for a moment.

Wu Qianqing said loudly, "I heard this mystery."

Wu Ruo: "!!!!!!"

Does his father know the secret? Is it his mother-in-law?

Wu Xi busyly said, "Dad, what is the secret technique?"

"I also listened to my great-grandfather saying that it has been rumored thousands of years ago that acquiring shadow stealing is equivalent to acquiring all the mysteries of the world, including the magic of the demons, ghosts, and demons, but for hundreds of years In the past, no one inquired about who had mystery or where it was hidden. Gradually, the rumor disappeared, and no one thought that it would be mentioned again hundreds of years later. "

"Learned the mystery of the world?" U Xi stared in surprise, "Isn't it possible? After we learned the art of yin and yang, we can no longer learn the mystery of other schools. How can we learn the mystery of the world?" Wu Qianqing twisted her eyebrows: "Maybe after learning the film stealing, I can learn other mysteries. "

"What's so interesting?" U Xi wasn't interested in shadow theft: "Now I think that the yin and yang technique has taken me a lot of time to learn it, and then to learn other mysteries, isn't it to learn to die? No, learn Death may not be able to finish all mystics. Also, what is the use of learning all mystics for people who are not high in spirit level? Is n’t it that the high-level people are lying on the palm with one hand? "

Hei Xuantang rubbed her forehead and laughed, "Sister Xiaoxi, you are so cute."

Wu Qianqing laughed: "Xiao Xi's words are not unreasonable."

Ye Ji said, "If you learn shadow theft, will you be able to learn all mysteries in just one day or even less?"

Ushi said, "Did I just say that the spiritual order is not high and it is useless to learn as much mystery as it is better to improve the spiritual order."

"Yes, yes, yes, Xiaoxi is right." Hei Xietang immediately applauded.

Ushi was a little embarrassed.

Wu Ruo looked at them: "What if shadow stealing can allow you to learn all mysteries and quickly improve your spiritual order?"

Chapter 159: Fairy

Everyone: "..."

Wu Xi groaned: "If this is the case, it will definitely make people lose their blood. However, after all, rumors are rumors, and they do n’t know if they are true or false. I'm not worth it. I don't have the idea of being the best in the world, and I don't know what to do after becoming the first in the world, so I still can't be interested in the secret of stealing the shadows. "

Wu Qianqing thought the same way, so she was very pleased that her daughter had the same idea.

Hei Xietang laughed: "Since you are not interested, hurry up and bathe and change clothes in the backyard, clean up the blood on your body, and come to the lobby for lunch."

"Okay, then I'm back in the backyard." Uhi turned and left the hall.

Wu Ruo asked, "What's your take on mystery?"

Hei Xuan froze with cold eyes: "Someone is using this to plan something."

"I think so too." Wu Ruo thinks that in the future, it is still necessary to rely on shadow stealing to attract more spiritual power to improve the level. Become the target of all wizards.

Two days later, Wu Chenzi was reinstated and found that although Yan Tianshi and the prince had not identified their mistakes, many officials had been reassigned before he was reinstated. Few of the officers in the department now are his. Some important official positions have also been replaced, and after the emperor's approval, if he wants to exchange people back, it is difficult to get his people back without months or good reasons.

On the first day of Wu Chenzi's return, he was half-dead by the popularity of Yan Tianshi. They apparently listened to his words, but they did another thing in private. In short, what they did was not smooth. Two hours after the prison, he was so angry that he returned to Wujia with his sleeves. After drinking half a pot of tea, he couldn't hold his breath. He wanted to find someone to give out this breath.

Immediately, he thought of Wu Ruo's request on the day of the test.

Wu Chenzi squinted his eyes for half an hour and sneered at the corner of his mouth. This time, Wu Ruo would be removed. If it were not for him, he would not be suspended from his post and returned home for reflection.

In order not to allow Wu Ruo to have any preparations, Ji Riyin was not available from time to time, he personally came to Heifu in a carriage and asked the people in Heifu to inform Wu Ruo to go to Lianfo Temple to see the fairy.

After receiving the news, Wu Ruo, who was still sleeping, finally said that Wu Chenzi had finally taken action.

It took two moments for Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu to wear their robes, wash their clothes and go out to see Wu Chenzi.

After seeing them, Wu Chenzi briefly explained their intentions and asked them to ride in their carriages and follow him to the Lotus Temple.

Out of the imperial city, Wu Ruo in the carriage hugged Heihuan and asked, "Will you be able to see the fairy, will you be happy?" "" Hmm. Hei Xun flashed a smile under his eyes and froze his ears.

Wu Ruochi smiled: "This is my request to the National Normal University. How do you reward me?"

Hei Xuanyu bowed his head and kissed his lips, and gently sucked his lips.

"This reward is good." Wu Ruohu quickly hooked his neck and stuck the tip of his pink tongue into his thin lips.

After a while, the two breathed more and more heavily, and even couldn't help groaning.

Wu Chenzi, who was walking in the carriage in front of them, heard this, quickly withdrew his spiritual power, and smiled coldly. Your husband and wife should hurry up. There will be no chance of intimacy in the future.

At the foot of the Lianfo Temple, Wu Chenzi came down from the carriage and looked at Wu Ruo's carriage, but they did not see Wu Ruo coming out of the carriage to take charge of driving the carriage's black trunk, and uncomfortably gave a cough: "Master Master, Please wait a moment. "

Wu Chenzi naturally knew what Wu Ruo was doing in the carriage and hummed darkly.

After about two columns of incense, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu stepped out of the carriage.

Wu Ruo stepped forward and said, "Sir, I am sorry, I have kept you waiting."

Wu Chenzi looked at Wu Ruo, who was full of spring, and said quietly, "Fufu's love is good, but it also depends on whether it is suitable."

If it weren't for keeping an eye on them all the time, he would have been in the Lotus Buddha Temple long ago.

Wu Ruo wasn't embarrassed: "Everywhere you go, you will become self-conscious, and the National Normal University is young, so you must be able to feel this feeling."

Wu Chenzi snorted coldly and stopped talking to them, turning to the stairs.

Wu Ruo looked at the angry back, turned his head and stared at the black shame.

Originally it was said that he was pretending to be affectionate and avoiding Wu Chenzi overhearing them, but the man made a comedy and asked him twice in a row. Now he is still sticky under his body.

Hei Xieyu tickled his lips and took his hand up the stairs.

Wu Ruo pretended not to know and asked, "I haven't seen the fairy ware yet. I don't know what the fairy ware looks like. Will it exude an immortal breath?"

Hei Xieyu said, "Since it's a fairy, it's naturally immortal."

"I heard that fairy wares were made by immortals. Are we really immortals?"

"There must be no immortals, but there are descendants of immortals."

Wu Chenzi walking in front of him looked back at Hei Xuyi. "Listening to you so surely, have you seen the descendants of the fairy?"

He has also heard his father say these things before, but he does n’t believe in such things. If there are true descendants of the gods, would n’t the whole world change into the world of the descendants of the gods, similar to their little fairy power, Can subdue them Nine Tier Wizards.

"No." Hei Xuanxi said lightly: "I just heard the elders mentioned that they have seen the descendants of the fairy.

Wu Chenzi became interested in this topic, so he slowed down and walked with them: "Oh, how did your elders tell you? What about the descendants of the fairy? Is it very famous? Xianli also Great enough? "

In the past, his father traveled around because he wanted to see the legendary fairy, and it was because of this that he was blackened and they had a chance to save their lives.

Hei Xieyu simply said: "My elders said that the descendants of the immortals generally look better than the human race, and naturally have better abilities than the human warriors. The nine-level warriors of the human race are nothing in their eyes, but, As generations multiply, the immortal power is getting lower and lower, but the mana is still not comparable to the Ninth-order magic coin of the human race. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

Listening to this is not as if Hei Xieyu was talking nonsense, is there really a descendant of the fairy?

Wu Chenzi's thought is also similar to Wu Ruo: "Where did your elders ever see the descendants of the fairy?"


Wu Chenzi was a little lost, but soon he renewed his energy.

He remembered that his father had written all his travels in a booklet, and when he went back and looked at the booklet, he would know if his father had seen an immortal.

If there are really immortals in this world, they must be sent to find them to learn their immortality.

Wu Ruo said: "The descendants of the fairy are so powerful that they should have their own country. Perhaps the strongest and most powerful country is the descendants of the fairy."

Wu Chenzi nodded in agreement with this statement: "It is possible.

Hei Xuan said: "If so, the fairy can be seen everywhere."

Wu Ruo thought about it too: "The descendants of the immortals look the same as the human race, with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. It wouldn't be strange if this is the case. At most, the immortality is stronger than the human race.

Hei Xie's hooked lips: "Of course they look the same. Fairies also start to cultivate from fairy."

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Can people really cultivate into immortals?"

Wu Chenzi walking slightly in front of them] also raised his ears.

"Well, I heard that in our human world, there is an entrance to a world called Xiuzhen, where there are many monks who can cultivate into immortals."

Wu Ruo also heard such things in the last life. It is said that some people accidentally entered the entrance of the cultivation world, but it was rumored that he had never been there and did not know whether it was true or false.

"The deity has also heard of these things." Wu Chenzi heard his father and several seniors talk about such things. Is there really a world of cultivation?

The three talked about the fairy, and unknowingly came to the gate of Lianfo Temple.

The little monk at the gate recognized Wu Chenzi, one was responsible for greeting and the other was responsible for abiding them.

Soon, the abbot rushed to the door with four elders and elders to greet him: "I don't know if the Master of the National Teachers Academy will come to the Lotus Temple today.

The elders in the same boat behind the abbot saw that they were Wu Ruo again, and there was a vague feeling in their hearts.

Wu Chenzi and the abbot walked in and said to the abbot: "This deity is not a big deal this time at Lianfo Temple, so I didn't notify you in advance, but there is a small thing that needs to trouble you."

"Master, please."

Wu Chenzi looked at Wu Ruo them: "Please also ask the abbot master to take them to breakfast first."

"Okay." The abbot asked the young monk to take Wu Ruo to eat in the guest room, and then Wu Chenzi went to the Zen room to discuss things.

Before Wu Chenzi left, he whispered to the people under his hands that they were optimistic about Wu Ruo.

When Wu Ruo entered the guest room, he asked, "Xu Xun, did you just say that the descendants of the fairy are true?"

"Um." Hei Xieyu pulled him to sit down: "Want to see the fairy?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "Just wondering if they really exist in the human world."

Hei Xieyu poured him a glass of water and did not continue the fairy talk.

Wu Ruo looked out of the door, and stood by Wu Chenzi's people, who from time to time looked into the room.

However, from where they stood, they could only see Hei Xuan's back, and Wu Ruo was sitting in a dead corner, and they could only see his hands when they put their hands on the table.

Before too long, the young monk came in with breakfast: "Two donors, the breakfast in the temple is relatively simple and clear, and the two are asked not to be dismissed.

He put two bowls of white porridge, two buns, a plate of greens and a plate of sauerkraut on the table.

Wu Ruo thanked him, and then put a piece of pickled radish into Hei Xuan's bowl and put it in his bowl: "I don't know if you are used to eating."

Hei Xieyu had not tasted sauerkraut, and curiously picked up a piece and put it in his mouth to bite. At the same time, he was frowned by the acid, and his beautiful black eyes narrowed.

"Haha." Wu Ruo was particularly interesting when he saw that he was sour for the first time. He couldn't help but hug him and kissed his lips and asked, "Is it so sour?"

The guards outside the door heard laughter and turned to look inside. Seeing the affection of the two men was really difficult for them to understand. There was no difference between ordinary men and women, and it was not because they both had one. Zhang Xianren looked like a face, and seeing the two of them hugging them did not make them feel sick.

Hei Xiuyu was sour that he couldn't speak, and put the pickled cabbage directly into Wu Ruo's mouth.

Wu Ruo chewed "Well, it's okay, it's not very sour. So, if you eat greens, I will take the sauerkraut."

"Um." Hei Xieyu drank the porridge and removed the sour taste in his mouth.

After that, there was only a slight sound of eating in the room.

About half an hour later, another little monk came in: "The master of the National Teacher invited the two donors to move to the abbot's Zen room."

"Okay." Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu left the guest room with the young monk, and Wu Chenzi's people followed behind them.

They came to the abbot's room, and Wu Chenzi quickly looked at his people. His people shook their heads at him, indicating that Wu Ruo and Hei Xuanyu had stayed in the guest room and never went out.

Wu Chenzi laughed: "Xiao Ruo, you also know that the pagoda is not accessible by anyone. Therefore, it took a moment for the deity to persuade the abbot master to bring the fairy out of the pagoda, let you take a look and wait. You have to look carefully, and you may never have the opportunity again. "

In the last sentence, he took a bit of meaning.

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "Thank you National Teacher, Master, and elders."

Wu Chenzi moved his body and let them see the golden fairy on the tabletop, which was spherical in shape. On the outside was carved Sanskrit that many ordinary children could not understand, and there were thin cracks on the fairy, indicating it. The appearance is not just a golden ball.

Hei Xieyu stepped forward, and observed carefully: "How many shapes can this fairy change?"

The abbot said with a smile: "It seems that this donor knows the magic instrument very well. There are ten forms of this fairy ware, which are the lotus form, the bell form, the rosary form, the gold body form, the woodfish form, the law umbrella form, the Brahma form, The shape of the staff, the form of the golden drum, and the form of the maggot are different, so the old ones will not be introduced one by one. "

As soon as Wu Ruo leaned forward, she felt the breath from the fairy: "Is the powerful breath from this fairy is fairy?"

The abbot master smiled and nodded: "Yes.

Hei Xieyu praised: "It is indeed an immortal, and before it has been driven, it can already feel its power. Can the abbot master let me see other forms of it?"

"Of course." The abbot chanted a few spells.

The tableware immediately changed, as if it were cut into leaves, and a golden lotus bloomed.

Wu Ruo's pupils shrank suddenly, and the memories of the last life came to mind like waves.

That's it, Wu Chenzi's people use this fairy to **** his soul, causing him to have to be separated from Hei Xieyu.

Wu Ruo clenched his hands in his sleeves and resisted the urge to not destroy the fairy.

Wu Chenzi, who has been watching Wu Ruo, finds him strange, and pretends to care and asks: "Xiao Ruo, what's wrong with you? Isn't it uncomfortable?"

Chapter 160: So lovely

Everyone looks at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo burst into a big smile: "I'm just too excited. I didn't expect to be able to see the fairy close up in my life. I could even feel the fairy radiance emitted by the fairy. Other wizards would live a lifetime. It may not be able to see the eye fairy. "

The abbot smiled slightly: "It is true. There are not many immortals in the world today. Lao Na has lived for 300 years and has only heard of three immortals so far. One of them is the immortal named" dry Buddha "in front of you. , The other two are in other countries, and Older has never seen it before. "

Wu Ruo curiously said, "There won't be only three fairy wares left in the world?"

"There should be more than three, but we don't know where they are."

Wu Ruo asked: "Master abbot, can I touch the fairy?"

The abbot nodded, "Of course."

Fairyware is not fragile, it can naturally be touched.

Wu Ruo carefully lifted the fairy: "Master, can I get it in front of the window and look it over in the sun?"

The abbot nodded.

Wu Ruo turned and walked to the window, and placed the fairy in the sunlight to look at it. The sunlight hit the golden lotus leaves of the fairy, just as the fairy just fell from the fairy realm, refracting countless golden light, so beautiful that people couldn't bear to blink. However, the reflected light shot was very dazzling, and the people in the room squinted.

"It looks so good." Wu Ruo took a closer look and put the fairy back to her original position, thanking the abbots with her hands folded: "Thank you Masters for letting us see the fairy.

He took out a stack of silver tickets from his sleeve: "Here is a million silver tickets, the incense money that our husband added to the temple, and the incense in Wangneng Temple is even more prosperous.

"Thank you very much, the Lord Buddha will bless your husband and his wife with old heads." The abbot received the silver ticket.

Wu Chenzi raised an eyebrow, and said in his heart that the boy with a surname of Hei still had real money. Any incense money was one million or two silver tickets.

Wu Ruo said, "We've seen the fairy wares, and now think of incense in the Buddhist temple."

The abbot master first asked the elders of the same week to send the fairy to the pagoda, and then the young monk outside the door took them to the Great Buddha Hall.

Wu Chenzi stayed in the Zen room because he still had something to discuss with the abbot.

Wu Ruo came to the Buddhist temple, and sincerely worshiped the Buddha with a three-pillar incense, and said in his heart: Buddha, what I have done today, please not blame me.

He stood up and stuck it on the incense burner.

Immediately afterwards, someone outside shouted, "It's on fire, it's on fire, and the pagoda is on fire.

Upon hearing the pilgrims fragrant in the Buddha, they panicked out of the temple.

Wu Ruo didn't move, and saw that the three-pillar incense he had inserted was still alive. He breathed a sigh of relief, turned around and Hei Xieyu stepped out of the Buddhist temple and went out to the backyard. He heard the monk anxiously shouting, "Someone wants to steal magic Let's catch the thieves. "

Many monks rushed towards the pagoda. Emergency bells followed, and the temple was on alert. All pilgrims must not leave the temple for the time being.

After about three pillars of incense, gradually, the pagoda calmed down.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu hurried outside the pagoda courtyard and were stopped by the monk.

Wu Ruo explained, "We came with the National Normal University."

When Wu Chenzi saw Wu Ruo, he asked the monk to let them in.

Wu Ruo asked, "National Teacher, what happened?"

Wu Chenzi took a deep look at him and said angrily: "Someone took the opportunity to win the treasure while taking the elders back to the pagoda with the elders, and burned the pagoda that has been 1,000 years old. Sin is unforgivable. "

The monks around were also very angry and excited when they heard Wu Chenzi's words, and they said that these sinners should be punished severely.

Wu Ruo was surprised: "There is still such a thing, who is so bold to commit such a heinous crime?"

"Master abbot, they are still investigating the matter."

Soon, the monks moved the bodies of all the people who wanted to win the treasure to the courtyard in front of the pagoda. There were 37 corpses, and the treasurers were wearing night clothes and their faces were strong. True.

Wu Chenzi walked to the abbot and said, "Master abbot, this time the treasure hunter must know that we have to come to Lianfo Temple to see the immortal, and then we will seize the immortal when the immortal takes out the pagoda.

The abbot also agreed with him. If the immortal was placed in the pagoda, it would be almost impossible to steal the treasure. Only when the immortal left the pagoda would he have the opportunity to take the immortal.

Wu Chenzi thought about it, "But the deity's trip has suddenly risen, and no arrangements have been made. Who will want to take the fairy?"

As he said, he looked at Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu on the other side.

The abbot followed his gaze and frowned.

The same elder pointed at the corpse on the ground and said, "Look first at who these people are on the ground."

The abbot nodded.

Wu Chenzi looked at Wu Ruo, and slightly tickled his lips, thinking to himself, Wu Ruo, you were just waiting to be convicted.

Wu Ruo realized that Wu Chenzi was looking at him, raised his gaze, and twisted his eyebrows at the eyes of the plan.

The monks crouched down and uncovered the black cloth towel on the body's face.

Wu Chenzi glanced at all the corpses, and his eyes were proud of himself. Who were these people? Why is there no one from him?

Suddenly, there was a bad feeling in my heart.

The abbot walked to the corpse and glanced, but none of them knew him, and frowned and asked, "Is there no one who has caught the treasure?"

The monk beside him replied, "There is one."

Next, two monks tied in with another person in a black night clothes and pulled apart each other's face towels, pushing the person in front of the abbot.

The man gnawed his teeth directly to take poison, and then committed suicide, and then fell to the ground.

The abbot was startled, and squatted down to feed the elixir, but he was still one step behind.

He sniffed and had no breath. He sighed, "Dead."

One monk was shocked: "This man, this man is ..."

"Who is it?" The abbot looked up and looked sternly at the talking monk.

Wu Chenzi walked over curiously, opened his pupils with a deep consternation, and quickly looked at Wu Ruo. His eyes were cold and cold, and the timid person would be scared by his eyes.

The monk looked at Wu Chenzi with a cold face: "It is the guard around the master of the National Normal University. The disciples have seen it several times."

"What?" Everyone looked at Wu Chenzi in astonishment.

Wu Chenzi suppressed the anger and suspicion in his heart and calmly said: "It is indeed the guard of the deity called Yao Jinkun. It is his turn to be in the palace today, so he did not bring anyone."

Wu Ruo is so talented that even Yao Jinkun can get here.

However, it was clearly his plan, how could he change people halfway?

Where did the people he arranged go?

"Who is that man? Why are you standing peeking at the gate sneakily?" Elder Tongji yelled suddenly.

The monk guarding the door immediately caught in. The peeping man was a young monk in a light blue robe.

The young monk quickly said, "The disciples have seen the abbot and the elders.

Elder Tongji asked angrily: "Why did you just hide behind the door sneakily?"

The young monk hurriedly answered, "The younger monk is responsible for cleaning the pilgrim's yard, because he thinks that the Indiana ’s thief looks familiar, so he comes here to take a look."

Elder Tongji stunned: "Do you recognize them?"

The little monk shook his head in a hurry: "I don't know, how could a disciple know them?"

"You don't panic. Older means you haven't seen them?"

"The disciples need to take a closer look to know if they have seen them."

"Then you take a look."

The little monk stood up quickly, looked a few times before leaving, his face changed, and he hurriedly pointed at them and said, "The disciples recognize them."

Everyone looked at him.

The abbot asked quickly: "Who are they?"

"A guest living in a pilgrim compound."

"Guests living in the Pilgrim's Courtyard?" Elder Tongji frowned. "You mean they are pilgrims brought in by Elder Tong Mi?"

Wu Chenzi heard the words Tongmiao, and he was a little bit puzzled. He had probably guessed what kind of people were on the ground.

"Yes." The little monk nodded: "It's them. The disciples are responsible for cleaning the pilgrim's yard, and they can often be seen. Therefore, they will never admit it. Also, they are not only these people, and half should still be in the pilgrim's yard in.

Elder Tongji hurriedly ordered the monks in the temple to surround the courtyard, and then sent someone to invite the elder Tongmiao here.

Wu Chenzi walked to Wu Ruo's side and lowered his voice somberly: "Wu Ruo, it's a good plan, it's my deference to look down on you."

He counted and counted the people who lived in the pilgrim compound as missing, but apparently they were quietly sent to the temple. How did Wu Ruo find Sanlun and they live in the pilgrim compound? ?

Wu Ruo looked at Wu Chenzi blankly: "Master, what do you mean by this?

Wu Chenzi snorted.

Hei Xiu took Wu Ruo in her arms and gave Wu Chenzi a cold look.

Before long, monks returned: "Abbot, all those living in the Pilgrim's compound have fled."

The abbot sank, "Then you are not going to chase it yet."


Then, Elder Tong Miao came in hastily: "Host, I wonder what's wrong with you looking for Lao Na?"

The abbot had a calm face: "Older heard that you brought in the pilgrims of the Pilgrim's Courtyard?"

"Yes," Elder Tong Miao said strangely, "are they having problems?"

"Look at it for yourself." The abbot pointed to the corpse on the ground. "Are these people you brought in?"

Elder Tong Miao looked at the people in the night clothes and was shocked. There were a few familiar faces: "Here, this is indeed a person brought in by Lao Na, why are they all dead?"

As soon as he closed the retreat, a young monk approached him to the pagoda. He didn't know what happened before or after.

Tongji elder exclaimed angrily: "They burned the pagoda of this temple and wanted to take away the fairy, and they were killed by us. Tongmiao, you know who these people are and why you brought such people Come to the temple? "

It was said that the elder Tong Miao couldn't believe that he looked up at the pagoda inside the courtyard. The pagoda, which would be golden under the sunlight, was burned beyond recognition at this time, and thick white smoke was emitted.
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