Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 141-150

Chapter 41: Don't be fooled

"It turned out to be the two of you." Jing Rong sneered dismissively, quickly raising his hand and throwing the superb **** Dan to the gate: "Gui San took the elixir back."

"Yes." A ghost clan appeared at the gate and took away the superb **** Dan quickly disappeared.

Hei Xunyan's eyes were sharp, the thumb's nails quickly swept across the index finger, the index finger overflowed with blood droplets, and then flicked his finger away, hitting in the middle behind Ghost III, a loud bang, Ghost III was blasted into shatters, and the best gods in his hand Dan flew out, and immediately afterwards, the superb **** Dan was quickly picked up by the ghosts hiding in the dark.

The guards hurried to catch up.

Jing Lun knew that he was not their opponent, so he did not intend to fight with Hei Xun. He quickly retreated to his people and used mystery to recruit hundreds of skeletons buried in the ground to deal with the guards. Then, he took out the smoke bombs and threw them at Hei Xieyu and the recording manager. They "banged" the smoke bombs and exploded, and instantly, white smoke permeated the entire auction floor.

The economics shouted, "Go."

Hei Xieyan's eyes quickly grabbed the arm of Jing Nong who was about to escape, and he slammed **** the ground. On the spot, the Jing Nian threw himself on the ground and couldn't stand up with pain, while others escaped smoothly.

Seeing that the danger was lifted, Wu Ruo quickly came to Hei Xuyi's side: "Are you all right?"

Jing Lian heard Wu Ruo's voice, opened her eyes and looked at Wu Ruo, pointing to Hei Xieyu and said, "No, want, go up, he, be.

Hei Xuan's eyes lighted down suddenly, and a flick of a finger directly blew out Jing Lian's head. Suddenly, brain plasma, blood, flesh, and bone fragments flew around, splashing on Wu Ruo's robes.

Wu Ruo stood on the spot and looked at the headless body. What did he mean by that?

As soon as Jing Lian died, the skeletons summoned by him fell to the ground instantly and shattered into a pile of rotten bones.

"Aunt, are you okay?" Hei Xietang asked tentatively: "Are you scared?"

"No." Wu Ruo turned the cap on his head, changed the dirty side to the back, and changed the clean gauze on the back to the front: "Fortunately, there is a cap blocked, otherwise, it will be splashed. Blood on his face. "

"Who is in trouble at this place?" A loud voice sounded at the door.

People around were surprised.

"It's the city owner."

"The city owner is here."

"He's the city owner? I saw him for the first time."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked out of the gate. A man wearing a black cape and a mask on his face stood at the door, and behind him was a group of guards.

Wu Ruoyu looked at the city owner in the mouth of others, and was shocked. This man was dressed exactly like the mysterious man who gave him a second life, even his voice.

He quickly lowered his voice and asked Hei Xuanyu: "Do you really not know the identity of the city owner?"

"I don't know." Hei Xuyi's tone was very certain.

Wu Ruo flashed doubts.

That's weird.

In the last life, Hei Xiu knew each other clearly, but that was 13 years later, and he probably did not know it until later.

Mr. Lu came to the city owner and reported on what had just happened.

The city owner didn't get angry after listening, and asked lightly: "So, the superb **** Dan of this seat has been snatched like this?"


The city owner swept across the corpse bones and squinted his eyes. Then, he walked in front of the body of Jing Lun, stepped on the corpse, raised his head and looked at Hei Xuan, and looked at him through the black veil and He Xuan for a long time. He turned to Hei Xietang, stared at him for a while, and finally fell on Wu Ruo.

His eyes were too sharp, as if the black gauze in front of him was just a decoration, his gaze went straight through the black gauze and looked at Wu Ruo's eyes.

Wu Ruo had a feeling of being penetrated, could not help holding his breath, secretly, this person would not find that he had absorbed all the spiritual power of the economy?

He just saw that everyone was dead. He could n’t waste his spiritual power in this way. While he could still absorb the spiritual power, he sucked all the other's spiritual power. Whoever asked him to take away his superb **** Dan, then he He can use his spiritual power to compensate. Now, he is full of spiritual power, and it is estimated that he can rush to the next level.

The city owner turned around and ordered the director of the recording: "Catch these troublemakers.?"

"Yes." The guard quickly surrounded Wu Ruo.

Hei Xuantang looked depressed: "It's not our trouble, what's the matter with us?"

The guard said: "Is it that you are in trouble? I will let you leave when things are clear."

"Daddy." The egg that Hei Xietang had dropped on the ground just now hurriedly came to hug Wu Ruo's thigh with short legs.

Wu Ruo's eyes twitched.

This silly son, how come this time.

The owner of the city directly lifted his collar and stared at him.

"You bad guy, let me go quickly." Anxiously, he kicked his feet to the city owner's face, and everyone couldn't help but pinch a cold sweat for the baby.

The city owner did not care about the baby, and turned to Wu Ruo, asking, "Your son?"

"Yes, I ask the owner to return my son to me.

The owner of the city snorted, and left with a jerk.

"Daddy, father." Yandan looked at Wu Ruo poorly.

Wu Ruo took two steps in a hurry and was blocked by Hei Xieyan: "Don't worry, that person won't hurt the child."

Wu Ruo nodded and left as the guards left.

"Second Brother ..." Uxi screamed anxiously when Uru was taken away.

Heigan said: "Miss Xi, don't worry, the masters did not kill the guards, the city owner will not treat them."

Uxi asked: "When will the city owner release the second brother and let them out.

The predecessor who talked with Wu Ruo said before: "Little girl, we all see that your second brother saw that they did not kill the guards, and they will be released at most in one or two days."

"Thank you for telling me." Uhi looked at Heigan. "What shall we do now?"

Heigan Road "Our entrance order time is before dark, we first go to the gate and senior Numu meeting and leave here, wait for tomorrow morning, and then buy an entry order to see."

Ushi hesitated for a moment and nodded.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu were taken by the guards to the place where the city lord lived, and the caps on their heads were taken off, and then taken to different places.

Wu Ruo was taken to a garden full of flowers and grass and placed in a large iron cage placed in the garden. The material of the iron cage was very special. When the fingertips touched the iron cage, he could immediately feel the bitter cold, like Falling in the ice cave, shivering uncontrollably.

The guard stopped him here and left. Next, no one passed by nearby, and no one asked what happened today, and the guard did not come in with a large food box until dinner.

The food in the food box is very rich, including chicken, duck and steamed fish, as well as ribs and stew. It is almost like entertaining VIPs. The dishes are exquisite and the flavor is strong.

Wu Ruo used chopsticks to stick the juice of each dish, and made sure that he didn't have poison before moving the chopsticks to eat.

When he was full, the guard left with the food container.

At the beginning of the lantern, lanterns hung in the garden, and the courtyard was bright red.

Since night, Wu Ruo has felt someone watching him.

He looked around, but found no one, and this feeling continued until Haishi.

The next day, the city owner appeared in front of Wu Ruo.

He stood in front of the iron cage with his hands on his back, staring at Wu Ruo in the prison until Wu Ruo was uncomfortable and asked, "Is your name Wu Ruo?"

Wu Ruo guessed that he should have obtained his name from Hei Xieyu, and nodded: "My son and my husband are they all right?"

"Your son drank five bowls of shark fin, three bowls of blood bird's nest last night, two plates of guinea fowl, three plates of golden finch, half roast lamb. Do you think he's doing well?" "Such a small one, how can it be eaten so much."

"..." Wu Ruo was a little embarrassed and said, "He wasn't like this before, and he may eat too much now."

The owner of the city gave a cold hum, opened the lock of the iron cage, and let Wu Ruo come out: "Just tell me how the person whose head was blown out yesterday brought out the skeleton, and I will let you go.

Wu Ruo frowned. "I don't know the man's mystery, how do I know how he got the skeleton out?"

He originally wanted to say that Hei Xie is a secret technique, and he can find Hei Xie to demonstrate it, but he was worried that the city owner thought that Hei Xie was a group with the economy, so he dispelled this idea.

"Just say whatever you want. I just want to know that your words are different."

"okay then.

Wu Ruo performed what happened yesterday. Everyone did not miss the details of the action, but when it came to the skeletons, the city owner asked him to repeat the action several times.

"I have never seen a wizard who can use a skeleton as a soldier. You have to do it again. I want to see it clearly."

"That's it ..." Wu Ruo performed the action again.

The city owner said: "This seat is still not clear, you do it again to show this seat."

Wu Ruo angrily glanced at him, this is the tenth time, even if you can see how the mystic movements are, the spiritual strength in everyone's body is different, and no mysticism can be achieved at all.

However, whoever lets the other party be the owner of the city has to do what the other party says.

When Wu Ruo repeated the action again, the city owner didn't take a look and said, "Again."

Wu Ruo had to do it again.

"I still can't see clearly, come again."

Wu Ruo did it again.


"I still can't see clearly ..."

This is the 57th time for him to repeat the action.

Wu Ruo gritted his teeth.

This man must have been deliberate, in revenge on his son for taking a bunch of valuable supplements.

"I did it for the last time." Wu Ruo suppressed the anger, thinking about the slow motion that Hei Xuyi did before he sucked out the spiritual power from Hei Xuyi, and it was very similar to the action made by Jing Rong. Recall the skeleton, which should reasonably be the same mystery.

The city owner gave him a glance: "It's useless to do it again and again, you don't want to leave here."

Wu Ruo had the urge to strangle him: "Why don't I want to leave here?"

"This seat allows you to repeat the action again, you only repeat the action, but do not use spiritual power, no wonder each action is different." The sneer sneered: "Do n’t tell this seat that you have no spiritual power, even if you With a bracelet to cover the spiritual power in your body, this seat can still feel your spiritual power fluctuations. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

This man was really powerful, Wu Chenzi could not detect the spiritual power in his body, but this man could feel it.

The city host Shen said: "This seat gives you one last chance. If you don't perform well, you can stay here for a lifetime."

Wu Ruo took a deep breath: "You always see clearly, I will only do it one last time, you will make no more trouble, and I don't need to be polite."

"I'll see how you are polite."

Wu Ruo was too lazy to care for him, and finally did it again, learning the techniques of Hei Xieyu and using spiritual power.

The city owner stared at him every move.

When Wu Ruo made the last move, he swung his finger sharply at the ground like a sharp sword.

Suddenly, the ground made a violent vibration.

Wu Ruo looked at him in amazement, and saw a banging sound from the ground. Numerous bones had been drilled from the ground. At a glance, there were at least 500 skeletons.

Even in the underground cell, skulls were drilled out. Hei Xietang, who was confined in the cell, saw the white bones that had been drilled from the ground, and was so frightened that he hugged Hei Xie, who was beside him: "I'm going, I'm scared, I thought it was a monster. "

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes.

"Who used Bone Surgery?" Hei Xietang looked up at Hei Xieyi: "Brother, would you fix it?"

"It's not like that." Hei Xieyu looked at Baigu and said indifferently: "There was no murderous demeanor, nor did he call us. You see that the skeleton did not know what to do, it should be recruited by others."

"Who is that?"

"do not know."

The subject being discussed by the brothers is looking at the skeleton jumping up and down in front of him: "This ... this ..."

These skeletons should not have been recruited by him?

The owner of the city said coldly: "You are actually a group of people who have taken away the best gods."

Wu Ruo: "..."

The city owner pushed him back to jail: "Squat here for a lifetime."

Wu Ruo looked at his hand in disbelief. He and Hei Xun were not of the same family. How could he recruit a skeleton? Shouldn't he be recruited?

He raised his head to the city owner who locked the iron door, and calmly said, "We are all willing to buy 30 million yuan to buy the best gods, how can we be together with those people, if it is really a group, what are we? Would you kill that guy? You think about it with your head? "

The city owner closed the door and said, "You don't return the best **** Dan, you will sell your son here."

"Do you dare." Wu Ruo grabbed the jail door and stared angrily at the city owner: "If you dare to touch my son's half-cold hair, I want you to be buried."

The city owner squinted his hands on the door of the cell: "Before letting this seat be buried, are you sure your hands will not be lost?"

Wu Ruo saw that the hand on the door was frozen, and quickly pulled his hand back.

The city lord hummed and turned away with the key.

"Mother's." Wu Ruo swears, and kicks him **** the iron prison.

The next two days, the guard delivered him food as usual, and the city owner never showed up again. When he thought about how to break out, the guard opened the iron door and said, "You can go out."

Chapter 42: Not full

Wu Ruo somehow walked out of the gate of the house where the city's owner lived, and saw Hei Xieyu holding the egg and Hei Xietang, and Heigan stood outside the door waiting for him. "Hei Xietang laughed." Dasao came out. "

"Daddy." Dandan waved at Wu Ruo excitedly.

Wu Ruo pumped the corners of the mouth, this child is not only okay, but also fat, it can be seen how little life these few days have been.

Hei Xieyu went to Wu Ruo and asked, "Is everything okay?"

"It's okay." Wu Ruo looked at the house behind him. "Why did the owner suddenly let us out?"

"We didn't rob them of their best **** Dan, nor did they kill their guards, of course we have to let us out." Hei Xietang said depressedly: Since he was born, he has been jailed for the first time, there is smelly and dirty It's a mouse and a cockroach, it's not a place to live. I won't go to this place next time, right, ma'am, where are you being held? "" I was confined in an iron cage in the garden. "

Hei Xuyi said, "This is not the place to talk, let's go back to it."

"Um." Wu Ruo held the egg and squeezed his little round face: "Are you so happy that you have forgotten the names of your father and dad these days?

Dandan proudly said, "My father's name is Wu Ruo, and my father's name is Hei Xieyu."

Hei Xuantang interjected: "What's your uncle's name?"

"Hei Xutang."

Hei Xietang smiled: "It's almost the same, it doesn't hurt you.

Wu Ruodao: "I thought you had eaten well with the city owner and don't remember what your father and your father's names were."

"I won't forget Dad." Dandan held his neck and kissed his face.

Wu Ruo smiled and rubbed his forehead.

"Little Ruo." Someone suddenly called.

Wu Ruo turned his head subconsciously, and saw Basher stepped out of the house where the city owner lived.

"Xiao Ruo, it really is you." Pakse ran to Wu Ruo with joy, but was stopped by Hei Qian: "Xiao Ruo, do you know that I came to the Imperial City specifically to find you?"

"Ma'am, who is this person?" Hei Xietang was very upset to block Wu Ruo behind him.

Wu Ruomu flashed his breath, "A disciple.

If it wasn't for Sanlun, find this person directly here.

"No wonder I don't feel like a good person at first glance." Hei Xietang looked at Ba Se: "My uncle already has my elder brother, and if you don't get tangled again, I will abolish you."

He lifted his foot, kicked lightly at the top of Bassim's life, grunted coldly, and turned to Wu Ruo and said, "Oh, let's go."

If Bashir wasn't supported, he would fall down and eat shit. He looked at Wu Ruoyuan's figure with pain, and there was a shadow over his eyes.

The man who kicked him just now looks good, and the man standing next to Wu Ruo is also very good. Unfortunately, the two are taller than him, which is not his favorite form.

Suddenly, Hei Xie, who was walking next to Wu Ruo, turned his head, and his cold eyes made the people around Basher shiver.

"Young Master, those people don't seem to be provoking, we should not provoke them better." Pakse's guard said.

Naturally, Pakse is not a reckless person: "Let's find Sunlun before talking."

After they left, Wu Xia came out of the house, clenched his fists in his sleeves, and coldly burst out two words from his teeth: "Wu Ruo."

If it weren't for Wu Ruo, he wouldn't have been playing around with so many people in his face, so that he would have no face to see his father and mother.

Wu Xia's eyes sank and he lifted his feet to leave the black market.

Wu Ruo they came out of the black market, the next moment, people appeared outside the gate of Heifu.

"Come out, come out." Guan Tong and U Xi said excitedly.

Nou laughed: "I said they would be fine."

Wu Qianqing asked before leaving: "Are you all right in the black market these days?"

Hei Xietang said: "It's okay, we were just locked up for a few days."

Guan Tong said, "It's all right, all right, you quickly cross this brazier and go to the moldy body."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xuanyu looked at the gate, and a burning brazier was placed in the middle of the gate.

At this moment, Thorny came out from behind the door, not knowing what was thrown into the brazier, and suddenly, the fire rose to half a foot high: "Come and go to mold."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Hei Xietang blackened his face: "The fire has burned so high, how can you cross it?"

Hei Xieyu hugged Wu Ruo and Dandan and jumped across the brazier.

Hei Xietang also jumped over, and then, a basin of water poured over them. The four did not respond and were wet on the spot.

Echidna whispered softly, "This is rune water, it can remove mold."

Wu Ruo wiped her face and said calmly, "thorny, what are you crazy today?"

After finally getting out of the black market, but being treated like this, where will the mood get better?

Hexin whispered aside, "He has been in a bad mood for the past two days, no matter who he looks at."

Thorny glared at Black Letter, grunted coldly, and turned to leave.

Wu Ruo looked at Hexin, "What's going on with him?"

Heixin shook his head, saying he didn't know.

Numu said, "I think it should be related to Yeji."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow.

"Everything is okay?" Guan Tong hurriedly hugged him. "Hurry up and let the people prepare hot water. Also, let them prepare their lunch quickly. The eggs must be hungry. Look, the face is thin. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

His son was drinking blood swallows and eating shark fins in the black market. How could he be thin?

Wu Qianqing said to Wu Ruo: "You will also return to your room to bathe and change clothes. After half an hour, you will have dinner in the hall."

"Hm." Hei Xieyu hugged Wu Ruo and leaped to the yard where they lived.

They have prepared hot water early in the morning, and they can take off their clothes and bathe as soon as they enter the bathroom.

Wu Ruo would go into the tub and sigh comfortably: "I feel like I haven't taken a bath in years."

Hei Xieyu took the soap horn and rubbed his head.

Wu Ruo leaned into his arms: "Xun, do you think the owner is strange?"

Hei Sui paused for a moment: "After we were put in jail, we haven't seen the city owner, and we don't know how he is."

"Have you seen him? Has the guard interrogated you?"

"No. After we were put in jail, we didn't bother us any more. After three days, we were released."

Wu Ruo turned his head and said, "That's weird. How did he know my name?"

Hei Xuan frowned lightly: "He knows your name?"

"Yes, he asked me if it was Wu Ruo and it gave me delicious food every day. The strangest thing was that he first asked me to describe the situation where the superb **** Dan was robbed, and then he repeatedly asked me to do that economy Man ’s mysterious moves. "

When Wu Ruo mentioned economics, he felt that the body behind him was stiffened: "What's wrong?"

"It's okay, then?" Hei Xieyu twisted his head back and continued to scrub his hair.

"Then it ’s even stranger, I can use the mystery of your clan ..." Wu Ruo still raised his arms unbelievably and looked at his own hand: "Why is this so? I'm not you It ’s reasonable to say that it ’s impossible for others to know the secrets of others. No wonder the ghosts of the city's masters? ”

Hei Xuyi asked, "We were put in jail and saw the skeletons you recruited?"

"Did you see the skeletons I called out in jail?"

"Well, after you have eaten, you try again, and you know if you called it.

"That's right." Wu Ruo turned around. "I'll wash your hair."

"Um." Hei Xieyu drew to the side of the barrel.

Wu Ruobian rubbed his head and said, "I have one more thing to tell you, when the economy dies ..."

Mentioning economics this time, he felt black uncle again a bit uncomfortable.

Wu Ruo took a strange look at Hei Xuan and continued, "I secretly sucked all the spiritual power out of his body, and I should improve the first-order spiritual power. How about it? I'm smart? I can ascend without buying the best **** Dan. Order. "

"Clever." Hei Xieyu tickled his lips: "He is an eighth-level magician, maybe he can make you two-level, if there is such an opportunity in the future you should not miss it."

"Well, this will save you a lot of money."

Hei Xuan sighed softly.

Wu Ruo thought about it and asked, "Is the repair you mentioned a few days ago very powerful?"

"No, but this person is cruel and can do everything."


Hei Xuanyu was silent for a moment, and said, "Xiu Xi is as gentle as his name, just like a literati. He likes to hold a blue-covered book in his hand, but this book is full of powerful spells, as long as He tore off a page of paper and stuck it on you, and it will put you in endless pain or die directly. "

"You are reminding me that if you meet such a person, stay away from him, right? Are you worried that he will use me to threaten you?"

"Um." Hei Xieyu turned and pulled him into his arms: "Before you have less than nine levels of spiritual power, don't hit him hard, you can run away, you know?"

Wu Ruo nodded, he was not stupid, and when he met someone better than himself, he rushed up stupidly, wouldn't he be dying?

The two came out of the bath to change into clean clothes, and went to the hall to eat.

As soon as Wu Ruo entered the hall, she saw that Yudan's mouth was stuffed with food.

Guan Tong distressed and said, "In the black market, it must be hungry."

Wu Ruo sat strangely next to Dandan: "Is it really so hungry?"

Do n’t you eat and dress well with the city owner? How could you be so hungry?

Pitifully said, "Dad, I can't eat enough.

Wu Ruo felt that something was wrong and rushed to give him a pulse, but found nothing.

"Master, show me all things to see if something is wrong with his body."

Numu walked over and took the pulse: "Is ruddy and so edible, what's the problem?"

Wu Ruo was very worried: "Don't you think you can't eat enough no matter how you eat now?"


As soon as you heard it, you immediately noticed the seriousness of the problem.

Chapter 43: color

"How can this be? Why can't you eat enough?" Guan Tong distressedly fed another meal: "Egg, tell your grandmother, did you eat something you shouldn't eat?"

Everyone shook his head.

Wu Ruo believed that his son's condition was related to Sanqi Stone, and turned to look at Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xuanxi gently twisted his eyebrows and said quietly, "He has been studying mysticism recently and has consumed a lot of spiritual power. Perhaps he will feel hungry because of this, Black Letter."

"Old slave is here." Hei Xin walked in front of Hei Xieyu: "I don't know what the master asked.

"You let the people in the kitchen cook some food with spiritual energy."

Hexin said: "There are still some spiritual milks in the old slaves. Would you like to give the young master a small bowl to try first?"

Black renders a slight forehead.

Hei Xin quickly returned to the room to install a bowl of spirit milk.

After all the drinks, with a lot of eyes staring, he giggled with a smile and said, "I'm full."

Everyone was relieved.

Numu said: "This child's body is strange."

I used to drink a little milk, and from a few months old child to a two-year-old child, but now I need to drink milk to replenish my power because I consume too much power.

Wu Ruo did not explain, but in my heart I felt that the child may have various unforeseen situations in the future. Be sure to find a time to ask Jiyi and Yeji to ask them about Sanqishi.

"Just eat enough." Guan Dan smiled and put down the spoon in his hand, and asked Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu: "There are ten days to celebrate the festival on August 15th. How do you plan to spend the festival? Ready to give gifts to friends and family? "

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked at each other and shook their heads: "No."

"Then I won't prepare gifts for you." Guan Tong raised his eyebrows. "This is the first time we haven't had a moon festival with your elder brother, and we don't know where your elder brother is now. The experience is not smooth."

Wu Qianqing heard her mentioning Wuzhu and couldn't help looking at Wu Ruo, who happened to look at him.

Wu Xi held on to Guan Tong: "Mother, don't worry about it. The elder brother is so powerful, he will be able to successfully come back. Even if it is not successful, it does not matter. Anyway, there is no Wu family in Gaolingcheng, and there is no reward for the successful return. There is no Longevity Hall to be enshrined after the engraved longevity card, and no one will call him Wu'anzhu every day when he is crowned with an Anzi. "

Guan Tong didn't take it easy on her to give her a glance: "You child is becoming more and more improper."

Wu Xi spit out her tongue and quietly glanced at Wu Qianqing, seeing Wu Qianqing without any dissatisfaction, she was relieved.

Guan Tong cleaned his mouth for the eggs: "I have always been disturbed recently. I want to pay homage to Lianfo Temple on August 15th. I heard that the Bodhisattva is very spiritual."

Wu Ruo said: "Mother, I'll go with you, Xuan Ye.

In fact, he was worried that the man named Xiu Xi would send someone to take away his mother to threaten him and Hei Xie.

Guan Tong asked, "Are you free?"


Guan Tong laughed: "Okay, then we will go together, and there have been more recent events, and you can just go and worship.

After lunch, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu came to the yard where Jidan and Jiyi lived, and tried if they could use the secret technique of Hei Xieyu.

"Why do we come to the egg yard?" Wu Ruo asked.

Hei Xieyu explained: "This trick we use is called bone bone surgery. It requires bones buried under the ground to summon them as a force to fight against people. Before, I had summoned all the bones in our yard, so, You can only try it in the egg yard. "

"So it is, do you mystery need to use the level of spiritual power to determine the number of bones?"


Wu Ruo nodded: "I'll try your mystery now."

Using his spiritual power, he once again learned the hand and movements of the black shaman.

Hei Xieyu reminded him: "Pay attention to controlling spiritual power. Don't recruit all the bones in the house, it will scare father and mother.

Wu Ruo put away most of the spiritual power, and let the spiritual power rush towards the fingertips. Then, the ground vibrated. Suddenly, a few 'bangs' made a few bones from the ground.

He looked at Baigu with surprise and said, "I can really use the mysteries in your tribe?"

Hei Xuan looked at his bones: "Yes."

Wu Ruo raised his hands and looked at it: But I am not a member of your clan, how could it be ... "Under normal circumstances, a sorcerer can only learn one kind of mystery, unless the body is special, otherwise, Mysticism or spiritual power may collide, leading to violent death.

Wu Ruo already feels that his body is unique. He can not only learn the techniques of yin and yang, but also learn the secrets in his brain. I wonder if he can also use the secrets in other races.

But why can he use other people's tribal art?

Is it related to his sucking the other's spiritual power?

Hei Xieyu walked in front of Wu Ruo: "I think the owner wants you to repeat the use of bone bone surgery, you should know that you can use other mysteries, so, deliberately do this to hint you."

Wu Ruo slightly hesitated.

There is some truth in what he said.

Why did the city owner do this? How did the city owner know that he could use it as a secret?

By the way, didn't his grandfather ask the director to send him the Changsheng card? There should be a certain relationship between the city owner and his grandfather. In other words, the city owner may know the mystery in his brain, so the city owner is suggesting the particularity of his body or mystery.

Wu Ruo thinks that the body is ordinary, so the secret technique in the brain is special, but in addition to shadow stealing, six of them have been specified. So, shadow stealing can not only see the body of others. The flow of spiritual power can also absorb the spiritual power of others through the shadows to improve their spiritual order, and can steal the secrets of others.

If this is the case, shadow theft is too bad. No wonder in the last life, the outside world has been circulated to learn the secrets of shadow theft, and the world can be invincible. No wonder his mother told him not to say it. He will be caught and dug out from his mind.

"Well, eggs are made of Sanqi Stone. It's not surprising that you can learn the mystery of other people, but you, as a dad, can be so powerful, it makes people curious." The thorny voice sounded behind him.

Wu Ruo turned to look at him.

Thorny spined around Wu Ruo: "Like the people in that tribe.

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "What race?"

Ji Yi opened her mouth, and suddenly, feeling a cold stare, he looked up and saw Hei Xuan squinting at him, seemingly warning him not to talk.

"I only remember that people in that group can use all mysteries. As for what kind of family, I don't remember. After all, this is a thousand years ago. Only the older generation of the demons know more about the things in that group. . "

"That's it." Now that the thorns don't remember, Wu Ruo turned to the topic: "thorns, eggs have not been full recently, only food that contains spiritual energy will be full, do you know why?"

"I haven't had any children with Sanqi Shi, how can I know what's wrong with them?" After hearing about Sanqi Stone, Acanthus angrily, he wanted to eat people.

Wu Ruo tentatively asked, "Are you awkward with Ye Ji?"

Echidna gritted his teeth and said, "Why should I be awkward with him, and where is he worthy to be awkward for him?"

Wu Ruo raised his finger and pointed behind him.

Ji Yi looked back and Ye Ji stood at the gate of the courtyard.

He snorted, flew back into the room quickly, and slammed the door shut firmly.

Standing in the yard, Wu Ruo clearly felt that the house was shaking, and even saw dust falling down, showing how hard the thorns closed when closing the door.

Ye Ji's expressionless face flashed a little helplessness, and walked to Wu Ruo's face and said, "The child transformed into Sanqi Stone will not die even without eating for ten years."

Wu Ruo: "..."

He is not too poor to feed his children.

Hei Xuyi asked, "Is there anything else?"

"If you are really afraid of him being hungry, feed some spiritual power appropriately." Ye Ji finished, and went to the door of the thorn-winged room and knocked.

Wu Ruo held up Xie Xuan's hand and whispered, "Let's go, don't disturb them."

Leaving the courtyard where Eggs lived, he immediately embraced Hei Xieyu's arm and said, "Seeing the belief of Ye Ji and Ji Yi, it reminds me of ..."

Having said that, he stopped.

In fact, he wanted to say that he would think about the events of the previous life. At that time, they were always awkward because they had missed thirteen years, and they always regretted it in retrospect.

Hei Xuanyu looked down at him: "Remember what?"

"Remembering the relationship between the two of us, I hope that if we calm down after a bit of trouble, we will give each other a chance to explain."

Hei Xuanxi watched him quietly for a while and said mutely, "I hope you can remember what you said today."

"Of course I will remember." Wu Ruo pressed the weight of the entire body to Hei Xieyu's body: "Oh, I'm so tired, husband, hug your wife back."

Hei Xieyu tickled his lips and bent to hug the person and sit on his arm.

Wu Ruoju looked down at him with a smile, um, his man was really good-looking, and the pale handsome face was dazzling as if coated with white light in the sunlight.

He couldn't help but cling to the man's face, bowed his head and kissed him on the forehead: "I really want to hide you from others."

Hei Xieyu looked up at him and said, "I'll just get another fake belt."

Wu Ruo originally wanted to say yes, but it was impossible to wear it for a lifetime: "Forget it, wearing fake skin for a long time will not be good for your skin. You see your face is paler than a sick person."

Hei Xieyu turned to look at the road ahead: "The skin color of all of us is paler. You see, my fourth brother is not the same."

Wu Ruo thought about it, it really is.

However, Hei Xietang may be due to the fact that he does not wear fake skin, and his skin tone is slightly normal. As for Heigan and Heixin, the sun may have been more recently, and his face is darker than Hei Xietang From ordinary people, they are still too pale.

Chapter 44: Death Curse

In the blink of an eye, the August 15th Lunar Festival was ushered in. On the first few days of this day, everyone would prepare gifts for relatives and friends to send gifts to relatives and friends' homes. Gods and Buddhas pray for a good harvest, and their families are safe and healthy. Therefore, the day is still not bright, and even when it is ugly, the people of the Imperial City successively get up and go to the lotus temple to incense.

Wu Ruo is no exception. Just lie down for two or three hours, they are awakened to wash and change clothes for breakfast. When everyone sees the eggs with closed eyes for breakfast, they ca n’t help laughing and laugh. Instantly, everyone Become energetic.

After having breakfast, everyone took the carriage.

On this day, the gates of the imperial city will be opened early to make it easier for people to go to the lotus temple.

Lianfo Temple is located on a mountain thirty miles away from the imperial capital city, and all along the way, people are driving in horse-drawn carriages and on horseback.

At the foot of Lianfo Temple, everyone had to climb an eighty-eight-foot-long staircase before reaching the gate of Lianfo Temple.

Under the lively noise, Eggs finally woke up. Seeing the children playing together, they got down from Hei Xieyu excitedly. After half a column of incense, they became familiar with the children, mainly eggs. He looks so cute and everyone likes him.

Heigan stayed to take care of the eggs. Wu Ruo and Guan Tong went into the temple to burn incense. Before long, the lobby of Lotus Temple was covered by white smoke.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu couldn't stand the smoke inside, so they came out of the Buddhist temple first.

Wu Ruo looked back at the mountain and pointed to the golden pagoda. "I heard that there are many magical instruments in the pagoda, and there is also an immortal in it."

It was this piece of fairy ware that made him different from Hei Xuyi.

"Fairy? Really?" Hei Xieyu liked the refiner, and when he heard that there was a fairy in the tower, he immediately became interested: "Now there are no more fairy in the world. If you can see it, don't come here. A trip.

Wu Ruo laughed: "Do you want to see the fairy? Then don't think about it, except the abbot elders of the Lianfo Temple and the National Normal University and the emperor, no outsiders are allowed to enter, and the gates of the pagodas are closed on weekdays Yes, there are many Lohanes inside and out, and no one has broken into it so far. "

If it were n’t for the Luohan with the ninth-order spiritual power, I believe that with his shadow-hiding technique, he would be able to escape the eyes of the Luohan and destroy the fairy. Unfortunately, after he absorbed the spiritual power of the economy, he could only Ascended to the sixth order, it is still third order to reach the ninth order.

Hei Xuyi retracted his gaze. He only wanted to see the fairy, but he was not interested in hitting the pagoda.

Wu Ruo raised his hand: "Let's go shopping elsewhere, there should be a quiet place in the temple."

The two walked towards the backyard. In front of them was an old monk in a red coat, very charitable and smiling, and the two eyebrows on their faces were white and long. They also held a large golden staff in their hands. Behind him were six young monks.

The pilgrims next to him saw the old monk and walked to salute happily: "Have met the elders of the same week."

The same elder responded with a smile: "The donor is polite."

The pilgrims gathered around the elders of the same week and excitedly asked him about their recent fortunes.

"Same week elder, can you calculate for the old man, when will my child be married?"

"My elder sister, my daughter has been unlucky. Can you help me see what is going on?"

"Like the elder, my husband has been out for more than half a year and hasn't returned yet. Can you figure out if he is safe?"

"Same week elder ..."

Wu Ruo heard everyone questioning and walked in curiously, thinking that the elder seemed to be doing something, wondering if he could calculate his future destiny.

The elders of the same week are very kind and can answer everyone's questions one by one.

The pilgrims are not greedy. When they get the answer they want, they will thank you for leaving. After a while, Wu Ruo and Hei Xunyu are left.

The same week elder saw the two of them stunned and smiled kindly: "I don't know what the two donors want to know?"

He Ruoxiu, who was looking around, said, "We don't know what we want to ask for the time being. I wonder if the elders of the same week can tell us both?"

The same elder nodded slightly: "Yes, just ... '

"But it doesn't matter."

The same week elder looked to Hei Xieyu: "From the appearance, this donor has an extraordinary appearance and extraordinary temperament, even an extraordinary identity, but he has too many responsibilities on his body. The old man gave the donor a word and put down his responsibilities It may not be a good thing.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and sincerely thanked him, "Thank you for telling Elder Zhou."

The same week elder looked at Wu Ruo and looked into his face for a moment before he said, "The donor, your face is strange, and the old man is limited in ability to detect one or two, but the old man still has something to say to the donor, you If you are lucky enough to get a chance, you should cherish it. If you have the next chance, you may not be so lucky.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Although the monk couldn't see his future destiny, he almost saw that he had been born again.

The elders of the same week looked at Hei Xuyi again, and laughed, "Although the two Shi Zis are male, they have husbands and wives. 'Your fate is probably the same, but your fate is also very wonderful. The relationship between husband and wife is only 15 years, but it looks like you can go for a long time. No matter what, it is not easy to double. Cherish, don't miss each other again, otherwise you will not regret it. "

"Fifteen years?" Hei Xuan frowned.

Wu Ruo: "..."

In the last life, he and his husband and wife had a fate for about fifteen years.

The elders of the same week folded their hands together: "Amitabha, Lao Na can only see so much. If you don't want to hear something, please forgive the two donors."

"Thank you for seeing us for the elder Zhou." Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu turned and left.

The same week elders looked at the back of Wu Ruo and sighed.

"Elder, why do you sigh." The young monk behind the elder Zhou had not heard the same sigh from the elder, and was a little surprised.

The same week elder sighed again: "Just from the donor just now, I foresee that something bad will happen, I hope it doesn't happen.

"Since the elders feel bad things in advance, prevent them from happening early."

Same week elder: "..."

He just had a hunch that something bad was going to happen, and he knew what was going on, and whether it would happen or not.

Wu Ruo breathed a sigh of relief after leaving the sight of the elders of the same week.

The monks at Lianfo Temple really can't be underestimated, maybe they have done a lot of good deeds to be able to see something from his face, and Wu Chenzi will also look at the hexagrams, but he does n’t see one or two I really do n’t know if it is lucky or unfortunate.

Just then, an eight- or nine-year-old monk came over and said to Wu Ruo, "Donor, there is a distinguished guest in our temple who wants to see you."


The little monk spread his palms and wrote the word Prince.

Wu Ruo turned to Hei Xieyu. He had promised to stay away from Lingmo Han and try not to see this person.

Hei Xuan nodded and motioned to see him.

Now they are a cooperative relationship, and meeting cannot be avoided.

Wu Ruo let the little monk lead the way.

The little monk took them to the abbot's room, but there was only one abbot in the room.

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed with doubt.

The abbot smiled at them and knocked on the wall that was blocking the building next door: "The VIP is next door."

Then, a wall on the wall was pushed away, Ling Mohan stepped out from the next door, followed by a middle-aged monk.

"Sorry, today is the day of Shangxiang, but I disturb you at this time, but there are important things in this palace to meet you in this way." He turned to the middle-aged monk and said, "Elder Tongji, Please tell him about my father. "

He knew that Wu Ruo would come to Lianfo Temple today to wait here.

"Yes." Elder Tongji offered a ritual to Wu Ruo and Hei Xie, and briefly said the pulse: "Lao Na took five pulses for the emperor before and after. The emperor's dragon body was very good, nothing different. After using the magic weapon of the Buddhist monk, it was found that a black line at the roots of the emperor's legs stretched to the waist of the emperor, and then connected to the neck to a line, condensed into a flower and bone, Launa never saw such a phenomenon, Even the host and other elders have never heard of this disease. I wonder if the little donor knows this? "

If Ling Mohan hadn't bitten the Emperor's body in one bite, he wouldn't take out this magic weapon to take care of the Emperor's body while the Emperor was asleep.

Wu Ruo said, "This ... sounds like symptoms of poisoning."

Elder Tongji shook his head: "It is not poisoning, the emperor's pulse is peaceful, and his blood is normal."

Wu Ruozi knows that poisoning is not as simple as this. It is important to know that each generation of emperors has a purple bodyguard. It is not so easy for others to harm the emperor. Otherwise, Wu Chenzi would not wait until now, until he Great-grandsons can inherit the age of the throne.

Hei Xuan said quietly: "The symptoms that the elder said were a bit like a curse I saw in the country on the border of Heaven and Earth."

Everyone snapped: "Cursed?"

"Well, it is said that this spell requires life-for-life, curse others with their own lives, before the curse, you need to get the hair of each other's parts and blood waves to curse successfully. After that, the curse will be like illness. It ’s getting weaker and weaker, but ca n’t find out the reason. Only the instrument can reflect the cursed situation. This kind of curse usually appears when the two are in the same order, and hate each other and hate them only if they ca n’t kill each other. Out of his own sacrifice. "

Ling Mohan said calmly, "But my father emperor has a purple gas body, and it is impossible to cast spells so easily.?"

Hei Xuanyu glanced at him lightly: "If it is a spell by multiple senior priests, do you think it will hit the spell?"

Lingmo stared at him coldly: "Will the high priest be stupid enough to give his life? Also, how many high priests would it take to complete this curse?"

"It won't, but it's not done by your own will, then it's another matter."

Ling Mohan stunned: "..."

Wu Chenzi is the first national division of the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth. The spiritual order reaches level 9. As long as the priests below level 8 are controlled by the Spirit of Words, it can still be done. In this case, multiple priests are used. Curse, maybe it will succeed.

Wu Ruodao: "You should be glad he didn't curse you."

Wu Chenzi is not stupid enough to curse a prince with multiple precious senior priests. You must know that the senior priests are not so easy to catch, not to mention that the hair of each part of the prince is not so easy to get, but the emperor is different Wu Chenzi can let his granddaughter quietly take away the hair when he is in bed with the emperor.

It seems that he thought that Wu Chenzi's idea of harming the emperor by using methods such as poisonous sting was too naive.

Ling Mohan asked anxiously: "If it really hits the spell, is there any way to solve it?"

Hei Xuan said, "I'm not a priest. I don't know the spell, you still have to ask a priest to show the emperor."

Ling Mohan looked at Wu Ruo: "Isn't my father Huang really poisoned?"

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "You should know that ordinary poisons are not effective against the emperor. Your father and emperor cannot be poisoned so easily. I have never seen or heard of such symptoms. Of course, my Medicine is not very good. I haven't seen or heard it. It doesn't mean that there is no such thing. I think you should ask a few more doctors to show your father the situation. "

When Elder Tongji said that it was necessary to use the instrument to look at the emperor's body in order to see the physical condition of the other party, it had been explained that it was not as simple as poisoning.

Lingmo Han lowered his eyelids.

"If nothing happens, we leave first, my father and mother are still waiting for us in the front hall."

Wu Ruo pulled Hei Xuanyu away from the abbot's room.

Ling Mohan looked at the back of their departure and squeezed his lips tightly.

Wu Ruo's husband is not only extraordinary in temperament, noble manners, and elegant in speaking. No wonder Wu Ruo will like him, and a faint look can be daunting. This can only be done by those who are often in high positions. For generations, he once sent someone to investigate Hei Xieyu, but found nothing, this person's identity became a mystery.

Wu Ruo walked out of the host's courtyard and asked Hei Xieyu, "How did you know this curse?"

Hei Xuanyu recalled the situation at the time: "The year before last, we just came to the border of Tianxing Kingdom and met two male priests. One of the priests was dead, and the other priest sat silently and muttered, 'True 'Vicious enough', after careful questioning, I realized that the male priest had been killed by the death curse because he had failed the feelings of a female priest. The situation of the person who died was just like the emperor. "The death spell is not necessarily successful, but no matter if it is unsuccessful, the person who casts it will die."

Wu Ruo asked again, "Do you really not know how to solve the curse?"

"It's not that I don't know, but that there is no solution, unless the curse is still there.

Wu Ruo: "..."

There is no solution, because the man who casts the spell has died when he casts the spell.

Fortunately, there are not many senior priests, and the hair on each part of the body is not so easy to obtain, otherwise, one can be cursed to death casually.

"Should I shave all my hair when I go back, so as not to be taken by Wu Chenzi's curse?"

A black smile flashed under the eyes of Hei Xuan: "If he gets your hair so easily, why not kill you directly, and why bother with so much thought.


Wu Ruo smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Chapter 45: Madam is a blessed person

Leaving the abode courtyard is the courtyard of Lianfo Temple.

The courtyard is a place for pilgrims to rest and watch. Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu walked up the promenade and saw three men rushing forward in front of them. Only the half-foot-wide promenade could not allow five people to travel together. Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu flashed to the side and let the three men pass by.

"Hopefully the guardian did not find us out." One of the men said worriedly.

"It's been less than half an hour since we came out and it shouldn't have been discovered so quickly."

Wu Ruo heard their accents strange, and his temperament did not resemble those of the Imperial City, which made him couldn't help looking at it twice, and saw one of the men carrying a string of silver skull bracelets.

He squinted his pretty eyes and watched the three men walk towards the backyard where the pilgrims lived.

Hei Xuanyu followed his gaze, "What are you looking at?"

Wu Ruo said in a low voice, "I saw one of them wearing a skull bracelet."

Hei Xunyu immediately understood what he was referring to: "Do you suspect that the man is Sanlun, or that they are Sanlun's companions?"

"Yes, you are waiting for me here, I will go and see.

"Well, there's a call." Now that Wu Ruo has the sixth-order spiritual power, Hei Xieyu no longer has to worry about him being bullied, not to mention that Wu Ruo has various magic weapons to defend himself.

Wu Ruo went to a place where no one was, and used the technique of hiding shadows, hiding in the shadows, and followed all the way to the backyard where the pilgrims lived. Then he heard someone angry: "Lao Tzu said, do n’t go out today, you How did you do it? "

"We just went out for a while and looked at the excitement, it should not be discovered."

"How do you **** know that you won't be found? Do you have to wait for them to send a ghost clan to kill us? Do you know that you are afraid?"

"Sanlun, speak quietly, otherwise, even if no one finds their identity, they will be attracted by your voice."

"His uncle."

Then there was no sound.

The sweeping monk in the courtyard glanced at their room, and muttered, "Every day noisy, how can the elders who know Tongren know these people who are like hooligans, and also agreed that their long stay here would destroy the quietness of the temple.

Wu Ruo hiding behind the sweeper monk glanced quietly out of the courtyard and returned to Heixuanyu: "It is Sanlun who is hiding in the courtyard where the pilgrims live. No wonder none of us can find them . "

The sent guards are not convenient to sneak into other people's homes for viewing. Therefore, it is more convenient to send ghosts, but how far can they find it in the face of the Buddhist temple?

"Go back and talk." Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo's hand and left the backyard, and returned to the Buddhist temple to find Wu Qianqing.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong are watching Eggs and other little playmates playing. The smiles on their faces are very bright and they seem to be particularly happy.

Wu Ruo asked before, "Mother, are you smiling so happily, have you encountered any good things?"

Wu Xi rushed to Wu Ruo with a smile: "Second brother, just now the elder brother and the elder brother calculated a hexagram for the elder brother, saying that the elder brother is all right now.

Wu Ruo: "..."

The elders of the same week were really powerful. What Hexin couldn't figure out, he could.

Guan Tong laughed: "Look at how much fun you have, it is rare to have other children to play with him."

Dandan is kicking Cuju with the children. Among them, the youngest is him, with short hands and short legs. He can't run away from others. However, the happiest one is him. The parents of the children are laughing and laughing. Wu Ruo were also reluctant to let Qanda leave.

When Chen was around, everyone was gone, and Egg Dou reluctantly returned to Wu Ruo.

When descending the mountain, Wu Ruo took advantage of Guan Tong and they were walking behind, and asked Hei Xietang, who was always with Guan Tong, "How did the elders of the same week tell my mother that they are okay?"

Hei Xietang repeated the words of the elders of the same week: "Mrs. is a blessed person, so Lang will be well."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Did that just please his family?

Did the elders in the same week figure out the situation of his elder brother?

Wu Ruo returned to the city, and just happened to be holding a sacrifice event in Shangyan Tianshi, so the carriage was rolled a little longer than half the time when the street was particularly crowded.

The people outside the car were discussing the sacrifice of Yan Tianshi.

"In the past hundred years, Ukunist masters have held sacrifice activities. This is the first time that other warlocks have worshipped at the worship festival. I heard that the process of sacrifice will be different. Not only will there be various sacrifice dances for everyone to watch, but they will also send out prayers. Bronze coins, anyone who can get copper coins can have good luck for half a year. "

"Then I must grab the copper coins."

"I heard that in order to maintain order, I ca n’t grab coins. I can only extend my hands when distributing coins. Whoever has the coins in their hands will be lucky. If they are stolen or picked up, they will fall. Mucky, Master Yan did this, but also did not want everyone to step on other people because of snatching copper coins, causing chaos. "

"Master Yan is really thoughtful. To be honest, I have been tired of watching Wu Guoshi's sacrifice all these years. Each sacrifice is very old-fashioned, and I have been saying sacrifice words from beginning to end. It was Master Yan who presided over the sacrifice. "

"Hush, Hush you talk to me, surrounded by people, you say such outrageous, is not so desperate that if by listening to Uzbek teacher, you little life comes to an end."

After listening to the words of the people outside the car, Wu Ruo had counted the days. After the top ten families had a test, Wu Chenzi could return to the country again. He finally stopped his job, but he could n’t let him go back so easily. Row.

The more the carriage went to the city street square, the more people flowed. If they were not interested in the sacrifice activities, they would let the guards turn to Heifu from other roads.

When returning to Heifu, Wu Ruo told Numu what happened to see Sanlun.

Numu immediately said that he would take people to arrest Fujin, but was blocked by Wu Ruo: "Master, there is a place of Buddhism, you ca n’t catch people if you take them. The monks in the temple will definitely obstruct them, not to mention they are Those who are brought in by the elders in the temple will never watch you take him away.

Hei Xieyu said, "Xiao Ruo is right. If you take such a risk, you will not only be able to bring it out, but you will also fight against the snakes and make them prepared."

Knowing where Fu Jinzang was, he couldn't catch people out, and Numu was naturally sullen in his heart: "What to do? Don't they come out for a lifetime, and we've been consuming it like this?"

"Master, now that we know where they are, we are not afraid that there is no way to force them out of the Lotus Buddha Temple." Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "I am more curious now how the people of the descendants knew the fellow Buddha in the Lotus Buddha Temple. Elder.

He thought that Sanlun was hiding in the temple. It might be a good thing, maybe they could take advantage of them.

Hei Xuan said: "It should be that other people know the elder Tongmiao, and then the elders will look at that person's face and let them live in the temple."

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xuyi: "You mean ..."

Hei Xun nodded.

Numu looked at them and rolled his eyes: "Do n’t your husband and husband be dumb, and I, as a master, did not teach Xiaoruo to use eye contact to understand the eyes between your husband and your husband."

Wu Ruo said: "Master--"

"Well, I listen to you, don't catch Fujin first, then what are you going to do to force people out?"

"I haven't figured it out yet, but I won't let Master wait too long."

"I don't care about it. I'll wait for your good news. If I need to do something, I have to speak, you know?"

"Will do."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu returned to their yard. As soon as he entered the room, he was pulled to sit by him. He hugged his neck very easily. When he saw Hei Xieyan's face was serious, he asked curiously, "What's wrong? ? "

Hei Sui asked: "Remember what you said with the elder?"

"Remember, but, what do you mean? Do we have a husband and wife? Or do we have a husband and wife?" Wu Ruo knew that he was concerned about that sentence, but pretended not to understand, but look He looks serious and can't make a joke too much: "Well, don't tease you, do you care that our relationship is only 15 years old?"

For a long-lived surgeon, fifteen years is really short, especially for a ninth-level spiritual surgeon like Hei Xieyu who can live for more than five hundred years, the blink of an eye is over. .

Hei Shen murmured a deep sigh, and since the same elder said the same thing, he has been hanging on his heart. At that time, he wanted to ask a few more words, but the elder elder Zhou only seemed to see so much before he stopped.

However, the words of the elder Zhou reminded him that Hei Xin once said that Wu Ruo was very short-lived in his life. He could only live to be in his thirties at most, but later changed, and he was no longer an immutable short-lived aspect. Why? It will change, but it is impossible to know, but he vaguely feels that Wu Ruoding knows the reason.

"Don't worry, we will be old-fashioned and love to death. Didn't we say the same with the elders? Although our relationship is obviously only 15 years old, it still looks like we can go on for a long time.

Hei Xiu turned his eyes from Wu Ruo's face before nodding, and he was more certain that Wu Ruo knew the change of life and personality. Now with his words of assurance, it can be explained that Wu Ruo will not die early.

Wu Ruo yawned, "Let's go to the rest party, and we will see the moon to midnight at night."

Hei Xunyu stood up and hugged him into the inner room.

In the evening, everyone didn't go out to watch the lanterns. They all spent the month watching the moon in the courtyard of the house. They chatted and the atmosphere was very pleasant. They didn't return to the room until they were young.

After the Lunar New Year Festival, the atmosphere of the Imperial City became very tense. The children of the top ten families began to make various preparations because they were about to compete. They bought medicinal materials, medicinal materials, and utensils. They often even robbed each other. The materials are up, and when walking on the road at will, you can see that the children of the ten major families are fighting, which makes the people's hearts tremble.

Chapter 46: Registration test

Wu Ruo not only has medicinal materials but also magical instruments, so he doesn't need to go out. However, when there are still ten days before the test, he must personally go to the royal court to test and register.

Wu Ruo waited until the last day of registration before they came to the Royal Contest with the Wu Qianqing and Wu Xiliu ’s master Wu Chenliu to test the spiritual order.

At this time, there are not many people registering. Only more than a hundred people are queuing for the test. When the test results come out, at which stage will they register for the test. It is impossible to happen.

About half an hour later, he arrived at Wuchenliu to test the spirit steps.

The spiritual order test is very simple. As long as you enter your spiritual power into the magic light mirror, the spiritual power order of the contestants will be displayed in the spiritual light mirror.

When Wu Chenliu entered the spiritual force, the aura mirror immediately displayed a nine character.

Everyone exclaimed.

"Another ninth-level magician, who is he? Why haven't I met this person? It doesn't seem to be this person in the top ten families?"

"He is Wu Chenliu's predecessor. He is a member of the Wu family. He is a member of the National Normal University. . "

"No wonder I haven't met him, but would the Wu family be too stupid to kick the ninth-level wizard out of the Wu family."

"It was said that he was kicked out of the Wu family. See if he has not yet come back to participate in the competition and help the Wu family get a place.

"makes sense."

Wu Chenliu walked to the registration office next to him if he didn't hear the discussion next to him.

The enrolled child who is responsible for registration will be included in the list of the Ninth-level surgeon.

Wu Chenliu turned around after registering, and saw the people standing in line urging Wu Ruo: "Which one is in the front, do you want to sign up for the competition and hurry to test, there are still many people waiting."

Wu Chenliu looked at Wu Ruo's hand on the aura mirror, but there was no spiritual output.

The children responsible for testing the spiritual order showed impatience. If it were not for Wu Ruo and Wu Chenliu, they would have kicked people out of the registration hall. . "

Wu Qianqing said apologetically to the children responsible for testing Lingjie: "I'm really sorry, my son has no spiritual power, can't output his spiritual power, can he let him participate in the first-order spiritual power test?"

As soon as this word came out, someone immediately sarcastically said, "Who do you lie to? Who in the top ten families will not have the spiritual power? I think you want to mix and win the low-level competition."

Immediately afterwards, someone said, "As someone who is tall and big, would you like to take part in the first-level spiritual order contest? Do you know who participated in the first-level spiritual order contest? There are all three or four-year-old boys He signed up for the first-level Lingjie test venue and was not afraid of dying. "

Others thought that Wu Ruo could not help but smile when standing in a group of three or four-year-old children.

Wu Qianqing and Wu Xi were blushing. If there were no rules for the test, who would be willing to let their loved ones come out and be laughed at.

Wu Ruo looked at the aura of light and pondered, and ignored the ridicule of others.

Wu Chenliu wanted to say a few words for Wu Ruo, and then listened to the test-respondent saying, "If he really has no spiritual power, ask the head of your family to prove it.

"The old man is their patriarch." A voice turned.

Wu Chenliu, Wu Qianqing, and U Xi quickly turned around.

The head of the Wu family walked to Wu Ruo and said to the children who tested their spiritual power: "He is a child of our Wu family. He has no spiritual power since he was born. You can let him sign up for the first-level test."

The children who tested the spiritual power and the children responsible for registration saw that they were the patriarch of the Wu family. They nodded immediately and registered Wu Ruo on the list of the first-level spiritual power test.

Other people's eyes looked at Wu Ruo in addition to sarcasm, but they did not dare to speak in front of the Wu family head.

Wu Ruomu moved slightly and thanked the Wu family head.

He had been hesitating just now to expose his spiritual situation. Unexpectedly, the Wu family leader helped him solve this problem.

Wu Qianqing and Wu Xi also thanked the head of the Wu family.

The head of the Wu family said to Wu Chenliu, "Come with me."

He brought people to the corner,

Wu Chenliu watched the head of the Wu family and moved his mouth: "Brother."

The head of the Wu family snorted coldly: "Do you still remember my elder brother? I thought you had forgotten that you were from the Wu family."

Wu Chenliu: "..."

When the Wu family leader saw him silent, he was even more annoyed: "Is it time for you to return to Wu family after things have been so long?"

"Since I have kicked me out of the Wu family, what name did you use to get me back now?" Wu Chenliu didn't want to return to the Wu family at all, and he worked **** the Wu family's affairs. Now he just wants to guard his wife well He lived in the house for nearly a century.

"You ..." Leng Hu, the head of the Wu family, "forget it, you can't go back, just hope that when the Wu family needs your help, you will come back."

Wu Chenliu neither nodded nor promised.

The Wu family chief hated his appearance the most and waved his hand: "Roll up, don't stay in front of me."

Wu Chenliu turned around to leave, but suddenly turned back and pointed to U Xi and said, "Brother, that's my close disciple, U Xi, a child of the Wu family."

When he said this, he wanted the head of the Wu family to take care of them.

The Wu family long frowned, opened their mouths, wanted to say something, and finally sighed, "I see, you go."

"Um." Wu Chenliu returned to U Xi and them.

Wu Xi hugged Wu Chenliu's arm happily, and said coquettishly, "Master, I just tested that my spiritual power has risen to the fourth level. Did you reward me?"

Wu Qianqing behind him knocked on his head: "No big, no small, don't be rude to your master."

In fact, he was very glad that his daughter's spiritual power could rise to the fourth level so quickly, of course, thanks to Wu Chenliu's good teaching.

Wu Chenliu thought about it seriously: "I went back to the warehouse to find if there was a weapon suitable for you.

"Thank you, Master."

Wu Chenliu smiled slightly: "Let's go back."

"Xiao Ruo, let's go back." Wu Qianqing turned to Wu Ruo and saw Wu Ruo watching the door motionlessly.

He followed his gaze and saw Wu Yu and a few young people from Wu family walking into the hall.

Wu Yu saw Wu Ruo them with a wider smile: "Uncle San, Xiao Ruo, Xiao Xi, it's been a long time, have you come here to take the registration test?"

Uxi stared at him angrily.

Wu Qianqing heard Wu Ruo early in the morning saying that the matter of ebony was related to wuyu, but before the matter was found out, he couldn't look well, and nodded.

Wu Ruokou's lips smiled: "Yes."

Great, this man finally came out of the demon tribe.

Wu Yu wanted to say more, and then someone heard him shout, "Wu Yu, come here quickly. I have already lined up for you. You just have to test your spiritual power and sign up."

Wu Yu apologized to Wu Qianqing: "Uncle San, let's test the spiritual power first.

"Well, hurry up."

Wu Yu came to his companion, and his companion said immediately, "Wu Yu, who are yours?"

Wu Yu explained: "One is my uncle, and the other two are my uncle's children."

Wu Yu's companion yelled, "That person who has no mental power is your cousin. I suggest that you be in a crowded place in the future. Do n’t admit that you know him. It ’s a shame. It ’s best not to talk to him Stand together so you don't lose face as well. "

Uxi, who was standing not far away, heard this, and was so anxious to rush over to the Tatars.

Wu Qianqing said calmly, "You don't need to care about that kind of person.

Wu Chenliu faintly looked at the speaker: "Xiao Xi, your father is right, this kind of person is not worth your attention."

"I'm just sad for the second brother." U Xihong said with an eye on.

"..." Wu Ruoyan glanced deeply at Wu Yu's companion, as if to write down this person, and then comforted U Xi: "I'm fine, you don't need to be sad for me, is there a spirit? Force is destined. "

Wu Yu's companions glanced at them dismissively: "Wu Yu, here you are, you quickly test your spiritual power.

Wu Yu looked at the half-dead Uxi with the corner of her eyes, sneered at the bottom of her eyes, took a step forward, put her hand on the aura mirror, and then displayed a six character on the aura mirror.

Wuyu's companion rejoiced, "Wuyu, you have risen to the next level again, oh my god, you are too bad. I remember that you were only in the fifth level before the Fourth Family Festival. How long is it now that you have risen again? First order. "

The eyes of Wu Qianqing and Wu Xi flashed with surprise. When Wu Yu came out to practice, she was only in the fourth order of spiritual power, and now it has been more than half a year later, she has actually gone up two orders. Wu Qianqing ’s spiritual order is higher than Wu Qianqing ’s. Because of his previous injuries, Wu Qianqing ’s spiritual power has remained at the fifth level, and it may take several years before he can be promoted. It is also possible that there are only five orders in his lifetime.

Wu Ruo looked at the 'six' character of the Lingguang Mirror, his eyes moved.

Wu Yu smiled happily: "Yeah, I didn't expect that I would rise so fast myself."

He turned to look at Wu Ruo them: "Uncle, Xiao Xi, Xiao Ruo, I have the sixth-order spiritual power."

Ushi snorted.

Wu Qianqing nodded.

Wu Ruo smiled and congratulated him: "Congratulations to the fifth brother, I hope that the fifth brother can continue to work hard and rise to the seventh level as soon as possible."

"Will do."

Wu Ruo turned to Wu Qianqing and said, "Dad, let's go."

As soon as Wu Xi could leave, she pulled Wu Chenliu away, because she really didn't like to stay with Wu Yu.

After they left, Wu Yu smiled and asked her companion: "Shunren, how many spiritual steps is my uncle?"

Wu Shunren said: "I just saw that his test was only level five, which is lower than you. You also said that your uncle is the most talented surgeon in your clan. I do n’t think so, Wu Yu , You just need to work hard, maybe after more than ten years, you will be able to be promoted to ninth level magician. "

Wu Yu heard the two words of level nine, and his eyes lighted up.

Wu Shunren patted his shoulder: "Sign up now."


Wu Yu and Wu Shunren reported their names and left with other companions.

The head of the Wu family who had been standing in the corner before seeing them leave, walked to the place where they registered, and took the children who registered to go to the place where no one was talking and whispered a few words.

After listening to the words of the head of the Wu family, the children responsible for registration said: "This ... isn't it good? If someone finds out, I will be dealt with."

The head of the Wu family assured him: "You don't need to worry about this. If the matter is revealed, the National Normal University will carry it for you, and you will never be punished."

The child responsible for registration asked: "Really?"

The head of the Wu family took out a stack of silver tickets from his sleeve and secretly shoved them into the hands of the children in charge of registration: "It is true that you only need to do it with peace of mind."

The children in charge of the registration quickly packed the silver tickets into their sleeves, and then quietly touched the thickness and realized that there were a lot of silver tickets. They immediately agreed: "Okay, I'll do this once the registration is finished."

The head of the Wu family smiled with satisfaction and explained that he must remember this before leaving the registration hall.

The child in charge of enrollment sneered, "I said it was a child of my own family. Is there anyone who harmed my family like this? Fortunately, I am not from the Wu family.

He returned to the registration office and waited for everyone to finish the registration. Then he quietly looked at anyone next to him. Then, he quickly turned to the page where Wu Ruo had previously registered and used special paint to move Wu Ruo's name from the first-order spirit Erase the Libi test venue, fill in the name on the page of the eighth-level Lingbi test venue, and then hand the registration register to the supervisor.

Wu Ruo, who had been converted to a spiritual order, knew nothing about it. When he returned to Heifu and returned Uxi and Wu Qianqing to the yard, he walked out of Heifu and got into the carriage still parked at the door.

He didn't let the driver leave the carriage, but just stayed inside. The guard at the gate was particularly strange in Wu Ruo's behavior. He really couldn't guess what Tu Ruo was doing in the carriage.

An hour and a half later, Wu Ruo came out of the carriage, with anger on his face, and strode into Heifu to the hall.

Hei Xietang, who was discussing the matter with Hei Xie, was startled by his angry face: "Da'er, what's wrong with you? Who provokes you?"

Wu Ruo was so annoyed that he took the black drinking water and drank it. He slammed it back on the table, and suddenly the cup broke in half: "It's all right."

Black shame: "..."

It's mad, is it okay?

Hei Xietang said quietly in Hei Xie's ears, "Brother, didn't you wait for me last night?"

Hei Xunyu glanced at him, pushed his head away, and asked, "Is it all right?"

"It's all right." Wu Ruo smiled coldly. "I'm particularly happy."

"Ma'am, are you talking about something? Where do you look happy?"

Wu Ruo stared at him: "I said that happiness is happiness. In five days, it will be a test of the top ten families. At that time, you must watch my game well, and you must buy me to win."

"That's for sure."

"Press all your net worth on me."

Hei Xietang: "..."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Chapter 47: Wrong list

Early in the morning on the first day of September, the sky was not fully lit yet, and the children of the ten major families waited outside the Royal Court early in the morning. At this moment, the gates of the Royal Tournament were still tightly closed, and everyone chatted in a pile.

Wu Xi stomped and looked at the door: "Don't you let the contestant come over in a hurry? It's been two hours now, why can't you open the door?"

Wu Chenliu, who came with them, said: "The patriarchs of the top ten families should still be discussing the rules of the game."

Ushi curiously said, "Isn't the rules of the game set early in the morning? How can the rules be discussed on the day of the game?"

Wu Chenliu explained: "This is also to prevent the children of the top ten families from drilling for loopholes in the rules and finding opportunities to win the game, so the rules will be different every year."


Wu Qianqing beside him patted Wu Ruo's shoulder, and he said uneasily: "Xiao Ruo, after you play, you can abstain from voting. Don't let yourself die to the end and hurt yourself, you know?"

"Dad, rest assured, your son is so useless than you think." Wu Ruo looked at Wu Qianqing's eyes earnestly and said with a hint of tone.

Wu Qianqing nodded.

Wu Chenliu looked at Wu Ruo, and there was always a feeling in this heart that this beautiful boy should not be a waste.

At this time, a **** came up to the gate of the gate and shouted to the children of the top ten families below: "Children of the top ten families, please be quiet."

Everyone stopped talking.

The **** waited until he was completely quiet before he said: "This test is the same as in previous years. The test children are divided into the martial arts mixed competitions. Only the one who stands at the end is the winner. This time there are three rules. One point, you can't announce your abstention until after a game of incense ... "

Upon hearing this, Wu Qianqing and U Xi frowned quickly.

"The second point is that during the competition, you must not use any instruments, otherwise the contestant will abstain from the competition."

Suddenly, there was a noise, and these days, everyone was preparing so many instruments in vain.

Wu Qianqing and U Xi frowned even more.

The **** faintly scanned the audience: "The third point ..."

The people quickly calmed down.

"Third point, during the competition, if the test taker is injured or killed, the opponent must not be held responsible or avenged."

Then the whole scene boiled.

Wu Chenliu frowned: "How the rules of the competition this time are so similar to the rules of life and death."

Wu Qianqing's brows were almost knotted, and the three rules were all bad for Wu Ruo. However, if the people who participated in the first-order spiritual test were three-to-five-year-old children, they should not fight too hard.

Suddenly, with a creak, the gate of the Royal Tournament opened, and the **** upstairs shouted, "Enter--"

The children of the top ten families enter the main hall of the competition. There are ten branches in the main hall. Each family hall is marked with the surname of each tribe. The children of the top ten families only need to find the patriarch according to the surname on the door.

After Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing entered the Wu family's branch hall, they saw that the immediate line and the next line were standing on two sides, and they walked into the next line. Wu Chenliu naturally followed U Xi, Anyway, he has been kicked out of Wu's house, standing everywhere is the same, no one will say him.

When people in Wuling, Gaolingcheng saw Wuruo's eyes flashed with irony, they deliberately distanced themselves from them. Most of them were confident and seemed to be pretty sure they could compete in the same class. win the game.

"Xiaoyu, you can be promoted to the sixth-level wizard in a short time, and you will definitely win the sixth-level spiritual power than the trial competition." Ruan Lanru looked proudly at the people of Wujia, Gaoling City: "You are Gaoling The highest-ranking person in Chengwujia, Niang believes that you can win glory for our Wujia. "

This words immediately attracted the beauty and jealousy of the Wu family in Gaolingcheng. Now Wuyu is higher than Ubufang's spiritual order, and they are still in the third or fourth order spiritual power.

Wu Yu enjoyed such a look in her heart, but with a modest look on her face: "Mother, this is the Imperial City. There are definitely more people than me, whether you can win or not."

"Mother, say you can do it, you must do it." Ruan Lanru sarcastically looked at Wu Qianqing: "Your current spiritual power is higher than those of your great-grandfather who is optimistic about you, so don't be arrogant and do your best It's good to try hard to play the test well. "


Wu Bu was embarrassed, and was a bit unhappy with Ruan Lanru's words. However, Wu Yu is now a sixth-order magician, and it is not good for Wu Yu to say that she is not.

Wu Qianqing always does not like to compare and compare, but he also does not like to be a bachelor. No matter who surpasses him in Wu family, it is not his business.

Wu Qianli looked at his son proudly: "Xiaoyu, I also believe that you can win the test, big brother, fourth brother, fifth brother, do you think?"

Just look at his son's anger, and after he came out to practice for six months, he rose to two levels, and the future is promising.


"Yes Yes Yes."

Wu Qianjing, Wu Qianbin and Wu Qiantong and their husbands laughed with their mouths, but they were already jealous.

Wu Xishang pulled the corners of his mouth, not just rising to the sixth-ranked wizard, and her tail was raised to the sky. Does n’t her master, a ninth-ranked wizard, want to fly to the sky?

Wu Ruo looked at these people who didn't have the right heart, and made a fuss in his heart.

When everyone in the Wu family stood up, the Wu family leader and Wu Chenzi came in and stood in front of the crowd and said, "This time is still the same as in previous years. As long as you win the final test, the Wu family will promise you a condition, but the premise is It is within Wujiali's ability to make excessive demands. In addition, we will reward you with some precious materials and money. Should you be confident of winning the game? "

"Yes." Everyone answered with anger.

The head of the Wu family nodded with satisfaction. He looked at Wu Chenzi: "Is there something for the National Normal University to say?"

Wu Chenzi glanced at the crowd: "Everyone must put safety first."

This made everyone think of the third rule of the test, and his face immediately showed seriousness.

At that moment, a **** came in holding the booklet: "Head of the Wu family, this is the test book of your Wu family. You check to see if there is any problem with the book."

This booklet is exactly the name book that was registered on that day. It contains a list of participants for each level of spiritual power, and a seal on it indicates that no one has ever opened it.

"Thank you Father-in-law." The head of the Wu family checked the booklet, determined that the seal was intact, and nodded: "No problem.

"The old slave resigned."

The head of the Wu family quickly took out a money bag from his sleeve and shoved it into the hands of the district father-in-law.

The district father turned around with a smile and left.

The head of the Wu family opened the roster and said, "Participants participating in the first-level spiritual test stand first."

As soon as everyone heard about it, they hurried their children to the front. Most of the children who came out of the team were under five.

Wu Qianqing patted Ruo Ruo's shoulder: "Go.

Wu Ruo nodded, walked to the front row with everyone's smirk eyes, and stood calmly with a group of children.

"Oh my God, that young man also participated in the first-order spiritual test?" Someone whispered.

"Huh, he doesn't have any spiritual power, and having him participate in a first-order spiritual power contest has lifted him up."

"No spiritual power? After you came to power, didn't you try to die?"

"It's not you who died anyway, you care so much."

"Quiet." The head of the Wu family opened the roster and said to the children, "The old man remembered your name, so you should just say it, understand?"

The children seemed to understand, "I understand."

Wu family chief thought: "Wushun Zhong."

A three-year-old child exclaimed excitedly: "I'm here, I'm here."

The Wu family chief nodded: "Wushun Yi."

Another three-year-old baby girl answered, "I'm here too."

"Ubaoxing ..."

The head of the Wu family even said hundreds of names, all of them answered, and finally said, "Wu Chenzi ..."

Everyone froze.

Wu Chenzi looked strangely at the head of the Wu family: "What's your name?"

"..." The head of the Wu family looked at Wu Chenzi with a shocked expression, and silently put his eyes back on the booklet, almost staring through the hole in the booklet's name, and couldn't believe the first-order spiritual test list. There will be Wu Chenzi's name.

"What the **** is wrong?" Wu Chenzi saw the head of the Wu family staring at the booklet, glanced at the book with a puzzled look, and found that his name appeared on the first-level spiritual test list.

His face was furious: "How could this be? How could there be a deity's name?"

"I don't know." The head of the Wu family said bitterly, because he was just reading the word just now, and because he hadn't called Wu Chenzi's name for many years, he read it out without checking.

"Fantastic." Wu Chenzi angrily threw the booklet back to the head of the Wu family: "How can a respectable ninth-level magician take part in the first-level spiritual wizard's test, and you quickly go to find out what happened? And whether the booklet in the judge's hand also has the name of the deity. "

The judges he refers to are the officials who check the names of the various ethnic groups before the competition. There are ten people in total, and each person is responsible for a family.


The head of the Wu family left the branch hall for half a column, and came back again: "The booklet in the judge's handbook also contains the name of the National Normal University.

Wu Chenzi said angrily, "Someone must have changed the name secretly. If you want to see the devil's joke, go and get them back."

The Wu family chief whispered, "It can't be changed."

Wu Chenzi stared angrily: "Why can't I change it."

"Because ..." The Wu family's long story didn't finish. The patriarchs of the Ling family, Wen family, Yun family, Lu family and Yan family came in: "Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to the National Normal University. We heard that the National Normal University Participate in the first-level spiritual master's test. With the Ninth-level ability of the National Normal University, we will definitely win. We are here first to congratulate the National Normal University. "

Wu Chenzi sternly said, "This deity is enrolled in a 9th-level magician contest. The child who is responsible for registration must be wrong. The deity should be changed back.

Chapter 48: Really a good plan

The head of the Yan family laughed and said, "The top ten families have always stipulated that after registration, they cannot be changed back. Besides, the people in our five families do not oppose the National Normal University to participate in the first-order spiritual competition. Therefore, the National Normal University People, you can safely participate in the competition. "

The head of the Ling family said with a smile: "Master, everyone is watching, you ca n’t run away. After the competition, you need a pillar of incense to abstain. I believe that with the ability of the master, you will not abstain. ,Right?"

The head of the Lu family looked at Wu Chenzi's changing face, and said with a smile: "Well, the game is about to start, let's not disturb the National Normal University to participate in the test."

The Yun and Wen families smiled and nodded, and left the Wujia branch hall with the other three patriarchs.

The head of the Wu family whispered, "Master, what are you going to do?"

Wu Chenzi's juniors glaring coldly and giggling coldly, humming, "Don't they just want to watch the deity's joke, and want the deity to play? Then the deity will show him."

Wu family's eyes widened: "Really?"

"Of course, is it impossible to evade the race? How can a respectable ninth-ranked sorcerer escape the race.

"Then the National Normal University is invited to play." The head of the Wu family looked at the children: "You are coming soon."

The children were young and didn't know much about the real meaning and nature of the game. Everyone happily walked out of the hall, and only Wu Chenzi followed his back with a dark face.

The head of the Wu family said to others: "You can go to watch the race now, and in the next contest, the second-order spiritual power contestant remembers to return to the division to the roster.


Everyone dispersed.

Wu Ruo asked, "Patriarch, what about me? I'm in the first-level spiritual power arena, don't you have my name?"

The head of the Wu family pretended to look at the booklet and glanced at it: "No, the second and third tier games are not your name. The children who may be responsible for registration have missed your name. This is fine, so you do n’t have to play. For Tier 4 competitions, it's better to go back to the division hall. "

"Okay, I hope I don't have my name in the back. I can't survive it for a while."

The head of the Wu family said: "It shouldn't be there. It's going to be a game. Go to the game."

"it is good.

Wu Ruo returned to Wu Qianqing.

Wu Qianqing immediately asked, "Why don't you have your name?"

Wu Ruo shook her head: "I don't know."

Wu Chenliu said, "It's not better, let's go and watch the game. I'd like to see how Wu Chenzi deal with those little babies."

Talking, he couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Uhila held Uro's hand excitedly: "Second brother, let's go and watch the game.

They walked out of the hall and came to the battlefield. Under the large platform, they were crowded with family children who came to watch the battle. On the two sides of the stadium, there were people who bought places with silver. And officials at all levels.

The judge on the stage announced: "The game has begun, please ask the first-level wizard to come on stage."

A large group of children rushed to the stage. Some children could only climb up the stairs with both hands because of their young age. After all the children came on stage, Wu Chenzi walked up with a calm face.

People who knew the information tried to cover their mouths and laughed, especially the Yan family, Wen family, Lu family, Yun family, and Ling family. They were even more rude, watching Wu Chenzi standing among the children and laughing.

Unsuspecting people are sweating.

"Master Guoshi, why are you on the stage? Do you have something to say?"

"It should be. It can never be compared with children, right?"

On the royal viewing platform, the emperor looked at Wu Chenzi on the platform and raised an eyebrow: "Master, will you not have to read a long list of blessings before you want to start the game?"

Lingmo said, "I hope the blessing is short, but don't let this palace fall asleep."

The second prince and imperial concubine gave him a silent glance.

Unexpectedly, with a loud sigh, the judge on the stage slammed the gong and announced, "The test begins."

Unsuspecting people are holding back.

Immediately afterwards, the children fought like they were playing. They couldn't tell who was in which family. They only knew that they couldn't hit people they knew. However, Wen Jia, Yan Jia, Lu Jia, Yun Jia, Ling The children of the family were accounted for before they came to power. They only hit adults who stood on the stage. Therefore, a large group of people attacked Wu Chenzi.

The other children saw Wu Chenzi playing, and they also learned everything and attacked Wu Chenzi.

At this point, Wu Chenzi's face was darker than the iron pot, and neither was it nor was it no fight. He could only use a matrix to block the child's attack.

The spectators watched for a moment.

The emperor wondered, "What's going on?"

The eunuchs who were waiting beside him hurried to ask the situation, only to know that Wu Chenzi had signed up for the first-order spiritual competition. Although everyone knew it was wrong, everyone couldn't help laughing.

Seeing that Xuan Shu couldn't move Wu Chenzi, some children crawled onto Wu Chenzi and opened his mouth to bite.

"Ah, you little beast." Although the child's strength is not strong, Wu Chenzi was bitten a lot, and quickly choked the child. Other children saw that the bite worked, and they followed suit. Chen Zi's body was either biting her thigh or biting her arm, causing Wu Chenzi to hiss.

Today is the most embarrassing day since he became a teacher.

The child was woke up suddenly by Wu Chenzi, crying, "Daddy, mother, I'm afraid."

Immediately, the child was scared to urinate, and his pants became wet instantly, and the urine dropped on Wu Chenzi's robe.

"You ..." Wu Chenzi's face was so dark that he couldn't get any darker. He really wanted to pump this child out. Of course, with so many people watching, it was impossible for him to bully the child.

Everyone saw here and laughed.

"Haha, it looks funny that the Master of National Normal University wants to fight but can't fight." Wu Xi smiled and lay on Wu Ruo. "He must be very angry now, but he can't lose his temper with the child."

Wu Ruo looked at Wu Chenzi with a smile and tickled his lips.

On the day of the test registration, after returning with his dad, he left Heifu and took the carriage. Then, he used the technique of hiding shadows to hide the figure and dived back to the registration test hall. The children who were in charge of registration actually erased his name and wrote him in the game field of the eighth-order wizard.

At that time, I was really angry. I do n’t need to think about and know that someone wants to harm him, and the person who harms him does n’t need to guess. He also knows the Wu family leader. Otherwise, when the Wu family leader does n’t appear, it appears when he signs up, but He didn't have much grudges with the Wu family, and the person who wanted to target him should be Wu Chenzi. It was Wu Chenzi who asked the Wu family head to do so.

Before he returned the seal, he secretly changed the ranking, and put Wu Chenzi in the first-stage trial, so that this old immortal could play with the baby, so now he just let Wu Chenzi get ugly. It's so cheap for him.

Wu Chenzi suppressed the anger, put the child down, and then tore off the other children who kept crawling on him, quickly retreated to an uninhabited place to use spiritual power, pushed all the children to the ground, and then smiled at him. The non-stop judges yelled, "The children have fallen to the ground, which means that the deity has won. Don't you hurry?"

"Oh." The judge slammed the gong with a smile: "Master Guosheng, win."

"Haha--" The audience laughed loudly: "This game is so interesting today."

Wu Chenzi came down from the platform with a black face.

The children got up and pointed at Wu Chenzi: "You are the big bad guy."

The other children followed, "You big badass."

Wu Chenzi twitched at the corner of his mouth, grunted coldly, and left his sleeve.

The judge hurriedly coaxed the children out of office.

Wu Chenzi returned to the Wujia branch hall.

The Wu family leader quickly asked before leaving, "Master Gu, are you okay?"

"What do you say?" Wu Chenzi glanced at him angrily, raised the back of his hands, all of which were marked with children's teeth: "I'm going to the medicine, you arrange the following things. Damn, his thighs must be all Children's tooth marks. Who on earth is it?

Wu Chenzi thought of Wu Ruo directly, but thought it was impossible. Wu Ruo has no power or power here. Who would listen to him and change the list. Even the Prince, it is quite difficult to change the list. After all, it is responsible. The children on the registration list are from the Wu family, Shang family, Zhang family, Song family, and Yao family. They will not listen to the prince's order, and it will be even more difficult to seal the seal.

He thought about it, and couldn't think of who rectified him, so he could only eat this dumb loss.

The first-level spiritual power competition and the second-level spiritual power competition are very simple, less than half an hour, the two games are over, and the third-level magician's test is soon welcomed.

Many people in the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng are third-order people. After hearing that they can play in the game, they are very happy and very confident to win the game.

Their group of people with short arms and broken legs quickly caught everyone's attention, and everyone was discussing what would happen to them in the end.

It felt very good to be noticed, and the people of Wujia in Gaolingcheng were more excited. However, after the game, they found that it was not as simple as they thought.

The offensive in the third-tier arena is much more fierce than in the first two stages. Moreover, the children of the Imperial City have many years of experience in the test. When they enter the field, they join hands with their own people, and then attack the hostile family with good friends family.

The people of Wujia, Gaolingcheng know that only cooperation can win, but they are not united. They want to use their best ability to show their best. In the end, you hit you, I hit mine.

People in other families saw them and killed those who were alone. Moreover, the third rule of the rule says that if the test taker is injured, they will not be held accountable, so their attack power is particularly fierce. , Kill one counts one.

Less than a column of incense, there were twenty more corpses on the stage, most of them were from the Wu family in Gaolingcheng.

The Wu family in Gaolingcheng, who has not yet entered the stage, saw their loved ones fall to the ground one by one, and their faces changed in fright. The happy look before them disappeared without any trace, showing their fear.

Ubud screamed anxiously: "A pillar of incense has arrived, step down, and you will come down."

Of course, all kinds of shouts covered his scream. Only a few people near Ubud hurried out of the stage. Some people knew that it was time for Zhuzhuxiang to run off the stage, but they had n’t yet run off stage. He was killed with a single palm, and it was still very fierce on the competition table.

The other families knew that they could not win, so they consciously left the ring together to let other families compete.

It took about two moments for the third-tier wizard competition to end. The winner was the Yun family, and everyone cheered. However, Ubud and the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng were sad and miserable. There are only eight people.

"Grandfather, we don't want to play anymore," someone said with a cry.

"Yes, it's almost death."

"We're not going up."

Ubud lost his face: "I don't want you to go up either, but the rules of the game say you can't run away, you have to go up."

"But we went up to death, grandfather, you also saw that so many people died in the game just now."

Ubud: "..."

With so many children dead in just one game, how could he not feel heartache.

Wu Qianqing, who is far away from Ubud, is also very worried, because Uxi will also be playing after a while: "Xiaoxi, you must be careful when you wait, you must not fail, you know?"

Uhi nodded: "OK."

Wu Chenliu said in a low voice: "Someone wants to deal with your Wuling family in Gaoling City."

Wu Qianqing said for a moment: "You mean ..."

His attention was focused on the dead children, and no other problems were found.

Wu Ruo, who naturally found this situation, said: "Some people want to take a test and get rid of us in Gaolingcheng.

In the test just now, the members of the Song family, Zhang family, Yao family, and monk family should clearly join the Wu family to deal with the Ling family, Yan family, Yun family, Wen family, and Lu family, but when they are in trouble, they use Xuan The Wu family children who attacked Gaolingzi would be fine if they were injured by accident only once or twice. However, most of the attacks were directed at the people in Gaolingcheng. It can be seen that they have heard orders from people who want to remove Gaolingcheng. .

Wu Qianqing probably guessed what happened.

The people in Gaolingcheng did not offend other families, and I am afraid that only Wu Chenzi would want to get rid of them. In this way, they will no longer need to provide a large number of herbs to heal Gaolingcheng people.

It's a good plan to kill people by playing games.

Wu Qianqing thought of this, and shuddered. Of course, she was not frightened, but was mad.

Wu Chenliu held U Xi's shoulder: "Xiao Xi, listen well, wait for the stage, don't care about the people in Gaolingcheng, they are too selfish, eager to express themselves, they are not united against the enemy, so after taking office We will move closer to the Wu family in the imperial city, and stand by a pillar of incense and step down. "

He liked the closed disciple very much, and brought a lot of joy to his boring life. He already regarded her as a half-daughter, so he didn't want this disciple to make any mistakes.

Ushi nodded strongly.

Wu Ruo patted Wu Xi's shoulder: "Be careful.

Wu Chenliu said, "Go back to the division hall and go to the roster."

"it is good."

Uhi and Uro returned to the branch hall.

The head of the Wu family is calling, just to Wu Xi's name.

Ushi answered quickly.

The head of the Wu family looked at Wu Ruo and said, "Wu Ruo, there are no games in the fourth and fifth games. You have to wait for six games to come and see."

Wu Ruo nodded: "Okay."

Chapter 49: there is always a solution to a problem

The fourth-level surgeon competition officially started, and all the children of the competition went to the ring. As in the previous third-level surge competition, everyone found people in their clan to stand in line.

The people in Wujia of Gaoling City had the lesson from the previous game. This game was a lot of peace, united a lot, and more resourceful. They cooperated with each other and mingled in the team of Wujia in the imperial city. Family, Zhang family, Yao family and Shang family want to kill them, first of all they must consider the Wu family who can't hurt the Imperial City. Finally, they can only concentrate on dealing with the other five families.

Although the Wu family in Gaolingcheng still died after three pillars of incense, most of them exited the scene intact, left this place where they felt scared and sad, and returned to the branch hall to rest.

Wu Ruo felt relieved at the sight of U Xi's end.

Wu Xi whispered with a bit of anxiety: "After taking a test, I don't want to take a second time. This is not like a test at all. Instead, it's like killing. It's all about fighting."

She almost hit her several times just now, but fortunately she was shunned by her.

Wu Chenliu patted her shoulder: "It's all right."

Wu Xi looked at Wu Qianqing: "Dad, wait for the fifth-level wizard to compete, you must be careful."

Wu Qianqing nodded.

Wu Chenliu said, "The Wuling family in Gaolingcheng doesn't have many fifth-level magicians. It shouldn't take too much effort to target you, but you have to be careful about everything.

He was quite reasonable in saying this, but Wu Ruo thought that Wu Chenzi had targeted him and would definitely find someone to deal with his family.

After half an hour, the fourth-tier wizard competed with the Wu family to end, and immediately followed by the fifth-tier wizard.

Wu Qianqing stood on the stage with Ubud and 17 elders.

"As soon as a pillar of incense arrives, hurriedly step down." Wu Bufang whispered, and then led them to the people of the Wu capital of the imperial city.

At the start of the gong, the elders of Gaolingcheng laid out five defensive formations in a row, but they were easily destroyed by two warlocks and attacked.

Ubfang's face changed slightly, and he clearly felt that the other person's spirit steps were above them, and their gods were also quite powerful. Fortunately, the two warlocks only attacked Wu Qianqing and did not hit them.

He and the elders helped to block a few hands, and when he couldn't help, he retreated to a safe place: "Qian Qing, be careful."

Wu Xi saw that Wu Qianqing was forced to retreat, but Ubud side did not help. She was anxious and worried: "Dad, you need to be careful."

Wu Ruoqi stared coldly: "The spiritual order of the attacker should be more than five."

Wu Chenzi tried his best to kill his father.

"Well, there are six steps." Wu Chenliu said.

Uhis exclaimed: "Sixth order? How can people from sixth order be mixed into the fifth order?"

Wu Chenliu explained: "When they tested and registered for the competition, they were really only the fifth-level magician. After the registration, they were upgraded to the spiritual level. This has also happened before. Your own spiritual power allows this to happen in the competition rules, and also allows people who have just been promoted to stay in the spiritual stage when they register. "

"How could this be?" Uhis stomped angrily.

Wu Chenliu looked at Wu Ruo and twisted his eyebrows. "Your family should be watched. The first five games do not appear in your ranking. The next four games are not necessarily."

Uxi was so anxious that he cried out, "Will the second brother die?"

How can an ordinary person pass the sixth-level offensive?

Wu Ruo opened his mouth and wanted to say something. The person next to him screamed, "That man is dead."

Wu Xi quickly looked at the stage, and saw Wu Qianqing fell to the ground fiercely.

"Dad, dad, are you okay," Uxi exclaimed excitedly.

The magician who attacked Wu Qianqing did not give him a chance to breathe, and controlled the deities to attack Wu Qianqing. The momentum was fierce and fierce. He simply wanted to recruit Wu Qianqing to death.

Wu Xi was pale and screamed in panic: "Daddy--"

Wu Chenliu didn't want to see his apprentice's father die on the playing field. He quickly lifted up and condensed spiritual power. Just when he wanted to help a bunch of Wu Qianqing, suddenly, a white shadow flew from Wu Qianqing's waist bag Spilled out, sweeping past the people and deities attacking Wu Qianqing.

"Ah-" The two foreign surgeons who attacked Wu Qianqing screamed, flew out of the ring, and died on the spot.

Wu Chenzi, who was sitting elsewhere watching, stood up, staring at everything that happened on the stage.

Everyone was surprised and talked in surprise.

"what is that?"

"Is it a magic weapon? But does it mean that a magic weapon cannot be used?"

"To save your life, it's not surprising to take out a magic weapon."

"You will be punished for breaking the rules.

"Look at it, it's not a magic weapon."

Bai Ying returned to Wu Qianqing's side and stopped on his shoulders. Everyone fixed his eyes on it and found that it was a puppy with a big slap.

"Is it a dog? It doesn't look very similar."

"It should be a pet."

"Can you bring a beast pet?‘

"In the previous competition rules, it was possible to take beast pets to compete. Some people have brought beast pets to the stage before. Besides, this time the rules did not say no.

Wu Xi was so happy that Wu Qianqing was okay, "It's great, Dad is fine."

The two sorcerers died, and no one should deal with her father.

"Second Brother, what monster is standing on Dad's shoulder? When did Dad have such a pet?"

Wu Ruodao: "That's a horn."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Jiaojiao can be made so small?"

Wu Chenliu said: "The monsters can be large or small. Fortunately, your father has a monster in his body."

Wu Xi shook his head: "No, it's not my dad's possession. My dad can't move the corners. Brother, are you right? You kept the corners in Dad's waist bag, right?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "You also have one."

He was just worried that an accident would happen, so that Jiao Jiao would hide them in his father's waist bag.

"I also have one?" Uxi looked down in surprise at the bag on the waist, only to see the waist bag moved, and a small black head was drilled out of it: "啾啾-"

She rejoiced: "It's 啾啾, second elder brother, it's great. No matter how many times you participate in the test, as long as you bring the corner and 啾啾 into the field, you can avoid the attacks of other wizards.

Wu Ruo meaningfully said: "Next time, you may not be able to take the monsters up."

On the ring platform, Wu Qianqing looked at the monster on his shoulders with a look of surprise, and it took a while before he recognized it as a horn.

The Ubud side saw the Wu Qianqing crisis resolved and hurried forward to pull him.

Wuqianqing said a thank you, but did not let Ubudfang pull him, and he got up from the ground.

Ubud quickly said: "Qian Qing, just now ..."

Wu Qianqing interrupted him: "Grandfather doesn't have to say anything, Qian Qing understands."

He could understand Ubud's fear of death, but Ubud's approach made him chilling, so I really didn't want to answer these people anymore, and soon came out of office.

Wu Xi hurriedly asked, "Dad, are you okay?"

"It's okay." Wu Qianqing smiled comfortably, then his face sank: "Those people obviously want to kill me, who is going to kill me?"

Wu Chenliu said: "It should be the same people who want to kill the Wu family in Gaolingcheng."

Wu Qianqing: "..."

If it is really Wu Chenzi who is going to kill them, then it is really difficult to deal with them. They have no power in the imperial city, and their spiritual strength is not as high as Wu Chenzi. They are very unfavorable.

Wu Ruo probably guessed that Wu Qianqing was thinking: "The soldiers come to block, the water comes to cover."

Wu Qianqing nodded.

Wu Chenzi wants to kill them. Wherever he goes, Wu Chenzi will send someone to kill them. Why not face them face-to-face and find ways to deal with Wu Chenzi.

"Second Brother, here you are." U Xi lowered the waist bag to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo looked at her strangely: "Why me?"

"Hey, here you can use it to deal with other wizards if you play."

Wu Ruo did not want to refute her kindness, so he took over.

Wu Qianqing took down the yawning horns lying on his shoulders: "You let it follow me."

Fortunately it was there, otherwise he would be dead.


Wu Qianqing handed Jiao Jiao to him: "Then you bring it too, I'm afraid there will be you in the next game."

Before, when he knew that Wu Ruo's name was not included in the first-order wizard's roster, he was quite lucky. Now thinking about it, Wu Ruo could be changed like Wu Chenzi. Moreover, it is possible that Wu Chenzi swapped his game with Wu Ruo. If this is the case, things will be bad. How can a person with no spiritual power deal with the ninth-order person?

Half an hour later, the fifth-order surgery test ended, and the Ling family won.

After the victors stepped down, the judge stepped onto the stage and said, "Just after discussions between the patriarchs of the top ten families, the appearance of monsters in the test field is similar to the use of magical instruments, so the next test cannot let the monsters fight."

Wu Ruoyan tickled her lips, and knew that would be the case.

"How could this be?" Uhis eyes glared at the judge.

Wu Qianqing tightened her brow.

Wu Ruo returned them to Jiu Jiao and Jiao Jiao: "Since you can't bring monsters into battle, I won't take them."

There are not many people who raise monsters, and everyone didn't want monsters to fight at the beginning, so there was no opinion when the judge announced this.

"I'll see if there is a match for me." Wu Ruo turned back to the branch hall.

"Second Brother, I'll go with you."

Ushi quickly followed.

They came to the branch hall. All the sixth-order skills of the Wu family had been waiting for the Wu family leader to register. However, this test was obviously more than half of the fifth-order people. It can be seen that it is not easy to rise to the sixth level.

As soon as Wu Ruo came in, it attracted everyone's attention.

"Xiao Ruo, why did you return to the division hall?" Wu Yu came over and asked Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "I'm here to see if there is a match for me in the next game."

Wu Shunren came over and sneered. "Next, but the sixth-level wizards will be able to play with your waste, don't laugh at you."

"What do you mean?" Wu Xi slammed Wu Xi behind him, staring angrily at Wu Shunren.

"literal meaning."

Wu Yu looked at Wu Shunren helplessly: "Shun Ren ..."

Wu smoothly snorted.

At this moment, the head of the Wu family came in.

Chapter 50: We split

"Began on the roster." Wu family chief said.

Wu Yu and Wu Shunren returned to their team.

The head of the Wu family looked down at the roster: "Wushun Ren ..."

Wu Shunren responded quickly: "Yes."

The Wu family chief said, "Wu Yanlan ..."

Wu Yanlan responded: "Yes."

The Wu family leader came to Wuyu after saying the names of more than 20 people: "..."

Wu Yu answered, "Yes."

Ruan Lanru, who was resting aside, said excitedly: "It's Xiaoyu in our house."

Wu Qianli was happy and worried, still worried about the previous game, fearing that his son would be in danger.

The head of the Wu family said at the end: "Wu Ruo--"

With a bang, everyone who knew Wu Ruo looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Shunren sneered: "As long as he has no spiritual power to participate in the sixth-level competition, he will undoubtedly die."

Wu Xi was excited: "When we first registered for the test, we clearly wrote that it was a first-level spiritual competition. How could it become a sixth-level magician competition? My second brother has no spiritual power and will die on the platform. The patriarch, You help me intercede, don't let my second brother appear. "

"The old man didn't know how to write Wu Ruo into the competition list of the sixth-ranked wizard." The head of the Wu family was confused, and he clearly called the children in charge of registration to change Wu Ruo to the eight-ranked wizard. Sixth-order?

At first, the reason that people would change the eighth level was because they were worried that Wu Ruo ’s magic weapon could block the attacks of other level wizards, but they had to be placed in the ninth level team. As a country, Wu Chenzi was not good enough to be ignored by the public This junior chose the eighth order. Fortunately, it was impossible to use the rules of the instrument to pass the consent of everyone. Even if it was changed to the sixth order, it was a so-called waste.

The head of the Wu family said in a dilemma: "You have also seen that the National Normal University does not want to change the game, let alone other people, so it is not that I do not want to change, but the patriarchs of other families do not agree. I can escape punishment, but I want to tell you that the punishment for escape is very severe. People without spiritual power will never survive it. "

Uhis face was ugly: "Is there no other way to not participate?"

Wu Ruo patted Wu Xi's shoulder: "I still participate in the competition, I believe my fifth brother will protect me, fifth brother, right?"

He looked at Wu Yu.

Wu Yu froze and clicked under everyone's attention.

Wu Shunren glared at him angrily, just wanting to say a few words, then heard someone say sharply, "Wu Ruo, my little jade is going to win the game, why should I sacrifice this opportunity to protect you.

Everyone looked along with their voices. Ruan Lanru stood up excitedly and said to Wu Ruonu: "If you don't have the ability, accept the family punishment obediently, don't step on the stage and drag my family's hind legs."

Wu Ruo looked at her sadly: "Auntie Er, what you said is really chilling, as long as the fifth brother protects me a pillar of incense time, I will be able to step down safely, and then he will not hinder him from playing again. Can't this be done? The second aunt just watched me punished to death? Would your heart be tough? After I die, I may not be of any benefit to you. "

With a few reminders in the following words, if he is gone and the imperial edict is not there, then don't even think about staying in Wujia to heal.

Wu Qianli was not stupid, and immediately heard what he said: "You sit down for me, isn't it to protect Xiao Ruo Yi Zhu Xiang? It's not a big deal."

Ruan Lanru said, "Aren't you unaware of the danger on the ring, what if Xiaoyu gets hurt to protect him?"

Wu Qianli "..."

He had just experienced when he stepped onto the stage just now. Those people simply wanted to take their lives. Now they have managed to rise to the sixth level with Xiaoyu, but they can't ruin their future because of Wu Ruo.

"My son has the ability and wants to leave us." Someone said quietly.

Upon hearing from the others in Gaolingcheng, they immediately complained to Wuqianli and Husband. If something happened to Wuqianli, Wuqianli and Ruan Lanru could still rely on the more and more prosperous Wuyu, but who can these people rely on?

Ruan Lanru faced: "I hope my son is safe and sound, is there anything wrong?"

Wu Yu saw everyone's opinions on Ruan Lanru growing, and hurriedly stopped: "Mother, don't say it, I will try to protect myself."

Then he turned to Wu Ruo and said, "Xiao Ruo, during the test, the scene will be very chaotic. I can't guarantee that I can protect you, do you understand?"


"Then let's go out."

Wu Yu walked to the door.

Wu Shunren quickly followed, and asked in a low voice, "Do you really want to protect him?"

Wu Yu didn't say anything. Just when Wu Shunren thought he really wanted to protect Wu Ruo, Wu Yu suddenly said, "How is that possible?"

Wu Shunren grinned, "I know what to do when I wait."

Wu Yu tickled his lips.

Behind him, Wu Xi looked at Wu Ruo anxiously: "Second Brother, do you really believe that Brother Wu will protect you?"

After knowing Wu Yu as a person, she no longer believed that Wu Yu would really help Wu Ruo.

"Xiao Xi, you have to believe that I'm definitely not so useless as you think." Wu Ruo smiled and rubbed her forehead with a flash of light in her eyes: "Wait, I won't let you and Dad down . "

The two walked out of the hall, and Wu Qianqing and Wu Chenliu came over, "How's it? Do you have Wu Ruo this time?"

Ushi said with red eyes, "Yes."

Wu Qianqing opened her mouth, opened her mouth, and asked Wu Ruo not to come to power, but thought it was impossible, and asked, "Xiao Ruo, how did you plan?"

Wu Ruo simply and forcefully said, "Come on stage."

Wu Chenliu said, "After you choose to take office, you should protect yourself. Regardless of the rules set by those people, if you are in danger of your life, use a magic weapon to protect yourself. Don't let others attack you silly.

"it is good."

Wu Qianqing was very worried, and sighed: "Be careful, when you are right, bring out what your master has given you."


Wu Ruo left the hall, the head of the Wu family came out of the branch hall, and went to the position where Wu Chenzi watched the battle: "Master, Wu Ruo is at the test floor of Xiebi."

Wu Chenzi glanced at him: "Are all arranged?"


Wu Chenzi froze and stared at him: "I hope I don't make any mistakes as before."

In the fifth match, Wu Qianqing could be killed clearly, but suddenly a powerful monster appeared, causing him to lose two talents.

"No, as soon as the match starts, Wu Ruo will be killed directly."


Wu Chenzi watched Wu Ruo follow the team to the ring.

Wu Ruoju's beauty soon caught everyone's attention, and everyone talked about who this beautiful person is.

Sitting on the royal seat, Ling Mohan saw Wu Ruo and almost jumped out of his chair in shock. On the day of Wu Ruo's registration, he clearly heard that Wu Ruo was registered by the first-level surgeon, and he had not seen it before. Wu Ruo came into the game, thinking that because of his lack of spiritual power, he had canceled the test, and later sent someone to inquire, and he appeared in the sixth-level test field.

He thought that Wu Ruo was clever and would not be stupid enough to die on the stage, but he did not expect that he would run boldly to the ring.

Because there are less than half of the people in the sixth-level competition than before the fifth-level competition, the black shading on the watching platform saw them see Wu Ruo on the stage in a short time. In order to see the comparison, they spent a lot of money. Bought a good location.

"It's dad, it's dad." Egg Dou stood on Heishangtang excitedly.

Hei Xietang quickly pressed him to sit down: "See, see, little ancestor, don't jump anymore, my leg will be broken by you."

Everyone murmured.

Numu was worried and asked, "How could Xiaoruo be in the Tier 6 trial?"

A few years ago, he had just solved Wu Ruo's death. How long has it passed? Has Wu Ruo been so powerful? Still, what kind of panacea Heiwu ate for Wu Ruo, he rose to the sixth level.

Hei Xuyi said, "I don't know."

He really didn't know the specific situation. On the day of enrollment, Wu Ruoqi came back and did not say that he was in the first stage.

Guan Tong also has some concerns.

The third, fourth, and fifth-level tests are so dangerous, not to mention the sixth-level wizards. Although she knows that Wu Ruo has spiritual power, there is no practical experience or the spiritual level is not high enough. She wouldn't be so nervous if she couldn't talk more about tribe and mystery.

"Brother, sister-in-law will win, right?" Hei Xietang cried and said, "I'm gambling on sister-in-law. If he doesn't win, I'll drink the northwest wind. I'll rely on the brother for the money to marry my wife Now. "

Dandan turned around in excitement and said to her uncle, "I also bought Dad to win.

Hei Xietang raised an eyebrow: "Where's your silver?"

Although the eldest brother and the grandmother both hurt the child, but the child is still small after all, they never take the child's money to spend, and what the child needs is what they buy.

"I bought it with a sloppy red envelope. When we win the silver, we will share it equally."

Hei Xutang wondered, "Where's the red envelope?"

"Give it from my father."

Hei Xietang was surprised: "Brother, you gave a red envelope to the big bird monster."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Numu patted Hei Xuantang on the shoulder: "Don't make noise, it's time to start."

On the ring, Wu Ruo went directly to Wu Yanlan.

Wu Yanlan turned to look at him, and stood up slightly proudly, but did not intend to avoid Wu Ruo, nor did he intend to drive him away.

The angle of Wu Ruo ’s lips slightly swayed, showing a beautiful arc. Obsidian-like eyes have a brilliant light, like a white lotus that blooms only after sleeping and drying, so beautiful that Wu Yanlan is lost in disappointment. Wu Ruo ’s Wu Yu beckoned: "Five brother, come here, let's go together."

Wu Yu: "..."

Wu Shunren: "..."

Wu Yanlan: "..."

He used to see Wu Ruo when he was the fattest. At that time, I was surprised how someone would be so fat. He sympathized with him in the back and became so fat. He married him to a man. I was even mistaken for thinking that he was a girl. I was deeply attracted by him. When I learned that he was the fat man of Wu Family in Gaolingcheng, he was particularly shocked. Until now, I still do n’t believe that it would be so amazing to lose weight, so , He has no way to hate this spiritual waste.

Wu Yanlan's companions saw Wu Yanlan silently rush to catch people, they are not good at talking hard.

Wu Yu and Wu Shunren glanced at each other: "Are they there?"

Wu Shunren thought about it, "Past."

The previous few games have revealed their intention to kill, so this test is not a joke. It is better to have as many people as possible. As for Wu Ruo, it doesn't matter whether he is alive or dead.

Wu Yu walked to Wu Ruo, and looked strangely at Wu Yanlan. This man has always been proud, how could he let Wu Ruo follow him.

Wu Shunren and some of his companions also came over, and suddenly there was a sizzling sound, a gong and drum sounded, and the judge yelled, "The game is starting--"

As soon as the words fell, everyone on the ring immediately launched a fierce flame attack.

The people bought by Wu Chenzi directly gathered the greatest spiritual power and attacked Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo quickly hid behind Wu Yanlan.

Wu Yanlan's companions immediately took the blow, a loud bang, and aura exploded, and the surrounding people were washed back by the waves for several steps.

"Mother, it's so fierce when you come up." Wu Yanlan's companion angered.

Wu Yanlan said: "It's just a fight to the death."

Wu Chenzi, who was watching all this on the battle table, frowned tightly. The Wu Ruo was so clever that he knew he was hiding behind his great-grandson. However, Wu Weichu, Song Yan, and Wu Yanlan complained about him because they did not deal with Wu Weixue's affairs a few days ago, and have recently avoided seeing him.

Wu Yanlan's companion wondered: "Aren't they Yao people? How could they attack us? Shouldn't they first attack the Lu family, Yan family, Yun family, Ling family and Wen family?"

"Maybe it's because of my aunt's affairs that Yao Jiaji hates us." Wu Yanlan narrowed his eyes. "Anyway, if they attack us again, we shouldn't be too polite with them."


The person who was bought to kill Wu Ruo was particularly depressed. The person who bought him was Wu Guoshi, but the great grandson of Wu Guoshi has always protected Wu Ruo, what is this? How to kill? What if the great-grandson of Wu Guoshi is hurt?

"What to do?" The person who wanted to kill Wu Ruo asked his companion: "A pillar of incense will soon pass, and when Wu Ruo steps down, we will have no chance to take another shot.

The companion was also tangled.

Other companions said: "We will only attack Wu Ruo in a while. I believe that the Wu people will not be stupid enough to see us, and when they discover this, they may not protect him again."

"it is good."

They attacked Wu Ruo again, but the attack was very gentle. The purpose was to let Wu Yanlan see that they were going to fight Wu Ruo Wu Yanlan. They were not stupid, and soon knew their purpose.

Wu Yanlan's companion said, "They seem to want to kill Wu Ruo."

Wu Yanlan looked back at Wu Ruo, "You offended them?"

Wu Ruo looked at him innocently: "You know, I haven't been in the capital for a long time. How could I offend the people in the top ten families?"

"Then why are they killing you?"

"I also want to know, why don't you wait for me to help me?"

Wu Yanlan: "..."

Wu Yu heard their conversation, his eyes flashed.
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