Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 131-140

Chapter 131: Fourth National Festival (3)

Wu Weixue stared vaguely at the four of them. The reason why she would fall back was to think that she hadn't agreed with them when and where to meet, but did not expect to hear them talking about herself.

Miss Song's legs were frightened by her. If she was also a person with a status, she would surely fall to the ground.

Miss Shang's forced smile brought out a smile: "Wei Xue, aren't you alright? Are you going away? Why are you back?"

Wu Weixue said with a somber face, "Cousin, I came back to tell you that when I met at the gate."

Miss Shang's is the eldest daughter of Wu Weixue's mother's nine cousin. She should call her cousin.

Miss Shang's nodded: "Okay, we'll see you at the gate."

Wu Weixue stared coldly at the Miss Song family: "When I came, I already said, you don't believe I can get off the car at any time, now I'm here, and what do you mean by saying something in the back? I Wu Weixue didn't force you to follow along. "

Miss Song, Miss Shang and Zhang Zhang: "..."

Miss Yao's family looked down on them and looked down on them. Suddenly, she felt a little angry: "Wu Weixue, if your grandfather was an adult teacher, do you think we will come? Don't you think you are so great, you have to talk about it. Status, in fact, we are the same. Do not always look at us with superior eyes, it will make everyone feel particularly annoying. "

Miss Song, Miss Shang and Zhang Zhang: "..."

This is really what they say. Every time they come out with Wu Weixue, everything must turn around her and hold her high, and she always looks at them with a look of contempt. , But really want to talk about status and status, they are actually the same, everyone is a big family in the Qian Qianjin, have not been blocked by the emperor of any grade, why they have to whisper to please her in front of Wu Weixue, you know They are in a place where there is no Wu Weixue, and many people hold them and caress for them.

Wu Weixue's eyes flashed angrily, and he shouted, "Yao Yiru, are you sure that we are equal? If you are not higher than me, why do you need to follow me and please me like a dog? So, you said Will there be a contradiction in the words? "

Yao Yiru was furious: "You ..."

Miss Song's and Zhang's were also angry at her.

Seeing that they might fight at any time, Miss Shangjia said quickly: "Everyone is here to play, why are you so unhappy, Wei Xue, aren't you alright? Then you are not busy with your business."

Wu Weixue thought of Hei Xieyu, snorted coldly, and turned her away.

"This man is ..."

When Yao Yiru wanted to yell loudly, she was stopped by Miss Shang's family: "She has always been like this, why bother with her. We have a rare trip to the ghost clan, just take a good look and see what needs to be bought . "

Yao Yiru thought that even if he was swearing, he couldn't get the price, but instead lost his identity, he took a deep breath and nodded.

When they turned to pick the jewellery seriously, Ling Zisheng walked from the side of the gate to the middle of the gate, and looked at them with a lip and smiled.

After leaving the jewelry store, Wu Weixue was anxious to find the figure of Hei Xieyu.

At this time, Hei Xieyu was pulling Wu Ruo to the Dou Wu field outside the city gate.

Douwuchang was built just in front of the Beicheng entrance. The place was very spacious, but the construction was very simple and rough, just piled with various bones. Then, a black and white sign on the entrance was written.

The Douwu are very lively, some are betting and betting, and some are waiting for the battle. Everyone thinks that they must be the final winner.

Wu Ruo glanced curiously, and whispered, "What are we doing here? Want to talk to them?"

Hei Xieyu asked, "Is there any discomfort after you **** my spiritual power and thorny spiritual power?"

Wu Ruo shook his head. "No, but the body is full of spiritual energy.

Immediately, what came to mind, his eyes brightened: "Do you want me ..."

Hei Xuanyu faintly forehead: "There will be a dogfight here. I will protect you at that time. You only need to be responsible for sucking in all their spiritual power. However, you can't force yourself to stop at a certain limit. "

"Okay." Wu Ruo hugged his waist happily. "I was still in trouble before looking for someone to attract the spirits to improve myself. You immediately gave me such a good idea. You are really my good husband. "

Seeing him so happy, Hei Xun asked the corner of his mouth, covered his mouth and said, "Don't be loud, you will be heard."

Wu Ruo smiled even bigger and kissed his palm.

Hei Xuan's eyes were deep, and he really wanted to press people to kiss him on the wall.

He brought people under the shadow of no one: "You first see if there is light flowing in their bodies, and then try to see if you can see more than two people at once.

Wu Ruo nodded and looked at the ghosts fighting in the battlefield seriously. After a while, he said, "I can barely look at two people."

"You will only be able to draw some spiritual power from each ghost family. Don't **** all the spiritual power from the human body, it will easily attract the attention of others."


At three o'clock in the morning, when the melee match starts, whoever can stand on the field will win the final reward. During the match, no magic weapon can be used, only spells can be used, or they will be directly out.

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo stood relatively in the middle, so that Wu Ruo could **** on the spiritual power of others. The surrounding ghost clan was so eager to see that there were still humans in the Douwu field. They could not help but stare at them. One is about to knock them out.

As soon as the gong sounded, the surrounding ghost clan attacked Hei Xuan directly.

Wu Ruo believes that Hei Xun can deal with them, so she stares at the person shaking intently. When she can absorb the other person ’s spiritual power, she changes her position directly so that her shadow overlaps with the other person ’s shadow. The spiritual power sucked in.

At the beginning, he did n’t control very well. He drank most of the opponent ’s spiritual power in one breath, causing the opponent to lose the game in an instant. Otherwise, if the other party responded quickly, he ran out of the game field, otherwise he would absolutely die in the hands of others. in.

Gradually, he learned how to control, and draw spiritual power from the ghosts little by little, and the surrounding ghosts did not get any cheap, one by one being beaten by the black shackles.

About half an hour later, Wu Ruo seemed to have eaten two divine spirits, and his spirit was full. He excitedly said to Hei Xie, "Xi Xie, I need to find a place to punch the spirit steps."

"Um." Hei Xieyu hugged his waist and flew away from the martial arts arena, looking for a quiet place to advance.

Wu Ruo sat on the ground and meditated regardless of whether the ground was dirty or not.

Hei Xieyu sat across from him, staring at him intently, as if he could never see enough, and blinked for a long time.

After more than half an hour, Wu Ruo was finished, and when he opened his eyes, he stared at Hei Xuanyu. He blinked and joked, "You won't look at me all the time?"

"Um." Hei Xuanyuan did not deny.

Wu Ruo smiled even more, sat beside him and kissed him on the lips.

Hei Xieyu pulled the man into his arms and kissed his earlobe: "How many steps?"

"Fifth-order," Wu Ruo said happily, "fourth-order can catch up with you.

It took him seven or eight years to reach the fifth rank, but it only took a few months in this life. If you follow this development year or within two years, you can definitely reach the ninth rank. This is Things I did n’t dare to think about in the last life.

"It's not easy to rise behind."

"We will come here to attract more spiritual power in the next four ethnic festivals, and we should soon catch up with you."

Hei Xuyi raised an eyebrow: "Just want to catch up with me?"

Wu Ruo leaned on him: "You are just a person, even if you are so powerful, you ca n’t separate and take care of me. I do n’t want to be distracted to protect me when you are dealing with others, and I will be able to do it later , I can help you when you deal with your enemies, not to mention I am still a man, how can I be a useless person? "

Hei Xieyu heard this and didn't know what to think. He nodded: "It's best to rise to the ninth level when you come home with me."

Wu Ruo turned to look at him and said, "How to listen to what you mean, it would be dangerous to go home with you.

"Someone will deal with you because you are my wife."

Wu Ruo's words from Hei Xuyi found that Hei Xuyi's enemies were difficult to deal with. Otherwise, Hei Xuyi would have killed the other party.

"Well, I will work hard to improve the level in the future." He changed to a half-lying position and looked at Hei Xieyu, "Xue Ye, you are not curious why I can absorb other people's spiritual power to improve my spiritual order?"

Hei Xieyu looked down at him: "You don't know about it yourself, why ask you?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

This makes sense.

At this moment, the sun shot over them.

Wu Ruo stood up: "It's almost noon, let's go back."

Hei Xuanyu patted the dust behind him: "Would you like to go back to the arena to try your ability and go back?"

No matter how high the spiritual order is, if there is no fighting experience, it is as if the eighth-level magician can press him to fight.

"Okay." Wu Ruo has not dealt with people for a long time, and he doesn't know how he reacts.

The two returned to the fighting arena, at this time, the melee was over, and only one-on-one fighting.

Wu Ruozheng was trying to find a ghost clan who was at the same level as him, so he heard someone shouting, "Xiao, Xiao Ruo."

He looked back and Wu Weixue and her niece came along with several guards.

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows, she could meet her everywhere she went.

Hei Xiu lowered her face and looked away.

Wu Weixue, who approached them, saw that both of them were wearing the same style and suit of robes, their eyes flashed a shadow, and he whispered to the peach behind him, "Will you know how to do it?"

Zhi Tao nodded: "I know."

Chapter 132: Fourth National Festival (4)

Wu Weixue walked in front of Wu Ruo in order to see the most beautiful side of Hei Xuyi, revealing what she thought was the most beautiful smile: "Xiao Ruo, Xu Ji, do you want to compare with the ghosts?"

Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo's hand directly and said, "Let's go back to dinner."

"Um." When Wu went to Wu's house last time, Wu Ruo had already achieved his purpose, and it was no longer necessary to take care of Wu Weixue.

Ignored Wu Weixue froze in place, and the powder makeup on her face was cracked.

Zhitao called her carefully: "Miss?"

Wu Weixue gave her an angry look and entered the city with them.

People are coming and going on the street.

At this time, hundreds of ghost clan came forward aggressively.

Wu Ruo intuitively thought that this group of ghosts had come to trouble them, because their eyes kept looking at him and Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xuanyu glanced at the ghosts and held Wu Ruo in his arms.

Wu Weixue and Zhitao walking behind them looked at each other and smiled.

When they were still half a mile away from Hei Xuan, the ghosts rushed to Hei Xuan.

Hei Xiu's face did not change and held Wu Ruoyi back. When he hit Wu Weixue behind him, he jumped up and stepped on Wu Weixue's beautiful face. He jumped to the roof with a force and quickly left here.

Wu Weixue took a hard kick and fell to the ground fiercely.

The ghosts who rushed over couldn't stop for a while, and stepped on Wu Weixue several times, making Wu Weixue yelling.

Seeing this, Zhimo screamed and pushed away the ghosts who stepped on Wu Weixue: "Miss, miss, are you all right?"

The guards behind them hurriedly pushed away the ghosts and raised Wu Weixue.

At this time, Wu Weixue's body was full of dirty footprints, especially the one on her face that was the most prominent, and her hair became messy. The precious beads were hanging crookedly, and the whole person was like a crazy woman. .

"Go away, all of your rice buckets get away from me." Wu Weixue endured the pain on his face, angrily pushed away the guards around him, and looked at where he stood before: Hei Xuan: Where have Sheki and Wu Ruo gone? "

Zhitao looked around without seeing the figure: "Miss, they are gone."

Wu Weixue said indignantly, "You guys, you can't chase me fast.

"Yes." The guard turned around, but was stopped by hundreds of ghosts.

Zhitao quickly protected Wu Weixue behind him and watched the ghosts vigilantly: "What do you want to do?"

One hundred leaders of the ghost clan said, "Okay, they will give us the other half of the money when things are done. What about money?"

Zhitao Qi said badly: "I told you the other half of the money after it was done, did you do it? We asked you to separate the two of them. Where are they now? Where are they? Are they separated? I lost someone, how could we give you the other half of your money? "

The leading ghost clan said angrily, "Are you guys trying to settle accounts?"

"Where's our account? It's clear that you didn't do it."

The leading ghost clan hummed: "Anyway, we have done what you did. If you don't give the other half money, don't even want to leave here."

This is their place, and naturally it's up to them.

Other ghosts immediately surrounded Wu Yuxue.

Wu Wei's lungs exploded quickly: "Peach, give them silver."

There are hundreds of people on the other side, and they only have more than ten people. Naturally, they have no chance of winning, not to mention the fact that here is a ghost clan, and they can't take advantage of it here.

"Yes, miss." Zhitao reluctantly gave them a bag of silver.

The leading ghosts counted the money, and when the numbers were matched, they took him away.

Wu Weixue pushed away the guards in anger, and wanted to find Hei Xie, they saw Yao Yiru not far away, looking at her with a joke.

Wu Weixue never embarrassed and said, "What are you looking at?"

Yao Yiru said, "If you don't look at us, how do you know that we look at you? Besides, we are not looking at you, but at a mad woman who is as dirty as a beggar."

Wu Weixue, who has never been humiliated like this, is out of breath, and no matter whether their five families have a good relationship, he directly orders the guards: "Teach me and teach them."

"Come, I'm afraid of you." Yao Yiru also let her guards come, but she only brought four guards. Fortunately, Wu Weixue didn't even let Miss Zhang, Miss Song and Monk. It can be seen that Wu Weixue is extremely angry.

Miss Shang's family didn't expect that Wu Weixue would hit her, angered "Wu Xue, you're crazy."

Wu Weixue's recent troubles spread her anger on them: "I'm really crazy. Now that I'm crazy, I'm going to do crazy things. She unwraps the whip instrument around her waist and directly faces Yao Yiru. Waving in the past. Yao Yiru also politely pulled out the sleeve sword and fought with Wu Weixue.

Zhitao hurriedly said, "Ladies and sisters, our human race and the ghost race have an agreement. We can no longer cause trouble in the ghost race, or we will be caught by the ghost soldiers."

Everyone was so angry. How could I hear what she said? Immediately, the streets were chaotic, all kinds of instruments were flying all over the sky, and each of them used their best mystery to deal with each other. In just half a column of incense time, they were smashed. Many stalls and houses, the people of the ghost clan flee, flee.

Before long, someone shouted, "Here comes the ghost soldier, here comes the ghost soldier."

"Miss, hurry up, it will be bad to be caught by the ghost soldiers." Zhitao quickly dragged Wu Weixue away from Yao Yiru's attack and turned to run. At the same time, they heard Yao Yiru screaming, "Ah! I Face! My face! "

Wu Weixue and Zhitao were worried about being arrested and couldn't care about what happened. They hurried out of the city, took the carriage to leave the ghost clan, and returned to the courtyard where the Wu family lived in the imperial city.

As soon as they were admitted to the hospital, they met Shang Yongrong, who had been waiting for them to return.

Seeing her daughter coming back dirty, Shang Rongrong was terribly distressed: "Xueer, what's the matter with you? How did you make yourself so embarrassed? Did you get hurt? Would you like to call a doctor to see?"

Wu Weixue was annoyed, she really had no mood to deal with her mother-in-law: "I'm fine."

Shang Rongrong looked at the peach: "You said, what happened to the lady?"

Zhitao didn't dare to tell the truth of Wu Weixue's embarrassment, so she said, "Miss just fought with Miss Yao Yiru."

"What? The dead girl dared to fight back." Shang Yanrong was furious: "Why don't you help Xueer deal with her?"

Wu Weixue was originally in a bad mood, and she was even more annoyed when she heard the loud noise of Shang Rongrong: "Mother, don't tell me, let me be quiet."

Shang Rongrong didn't count her plan: "I don't say you can do it? Your grandfather finally released you softly, you are good, once you come out, go and find a man named Hei, if he has the right and power But where does he deserve you besides being more handsome and a little bit of money? Besides, he also married a man and wife. Will you have a good life after marrying it? Cher, I worked hard to raise you up , To give you the best mountain and sea food and wear the best satin, just want you to have a good relationship with Eni, but it is not to let you be so cheap, Cher, you listen to your mother, you must marry someone Only by marrying a good family can you have a rich life. "

Wu Weixue identified black shame in her heart. Naturally she was not allowed to say that black shame was not good, even her mother-in-law was not allowed: "Mother, I just like him, like all of him, he is the most in my eyes. OK, anyway, I saw him at a glance, and I must marry him in this life. "

"You ..." Shang Xirong was half-dead in anger, but couldn't bear to talk to her, after all, her daughter grew up in her hands.

The most annoying person is that Wu Chenzi actually came from Wu Weixue Hu, but Wu Chenzi did hurt Wu Weixue to his heart.

In Wufu, everyone was in awe of Wu Chenzi, and no one dared to make trouble in front of Wu Chenzi. Even his own sons and daughters respected him, and Wu Weixue dared to be coquettish and small. Temperament, which was extra gracious to him, was something he had never experienced before, and it was for this reason that Wu Chenzi would particularly favor Wu Weixue, and everything came to her.

Wu Weixue grabbed her sleeve and said, "Mother, my daughter hasn't begged you since she was a child. Now my daughter begs you to let her daughter decide for herself."

"..." Shang Yuanrong has never seen her daughter lower her posture, so she was particularly distressed to see her daughter's appearance, and could not help but feel a little soft-hearted. At this time, the big housekeeper hurried in: "Not good, madam, something big Oh no."

When something happened in Wufu, Wu Ruo and his family happily ate lunch in the Guizu Grand Inn. After eating, Wu Ruo and Hei Xiu went to the drug store to select some medicinal materials that could heal the injuries of the Guizu. Go back and make it yourself. When Shen waited, they took the carriage to leave the Ghost Clan and returned to the Imperial City. At this time, in addition to the Terran Warlock, there were Demons, Ghosts, and Demons walking around. For those who have never seen such a scene, Very novel.

Wu hoped out the window and said, "It's going to become a place of demons and monsters."

There are more demons, ghosts, and demons walking on the street than humans.

Numu laughed: "I heard that after the night, people of the ghost, demon and demons will hold banquets in the suburbs. If Xiaoxi is interested, you can go and see.

Ushi wondered, "What kind of banquet will it be?"

Hei Xuyi simply said: "They will hold a bonfire dance banquet outside the city, and the people of the three races will dance their dance music around the fire. The scene will be very lively, and many people will participate."

Ushi became interested "Will you go?"

"I'm going." Hei Xutang likes hilarious most, so why not miss it.

Numu laughed: "Our witches like to dance bonfires most. If there is such a banquet, of course we have to go."

"Uncle Si, I'm going, too." Egg Dou excitedly pulled Hei Xietang's sleeve.

Hei Xietang squeezed his little face with amusement: "You are indispensable."

Wu Xi looked at Wu Qianqing: "Dad, mother, will you go?"

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong prefer to be quiet, and then shake their heads: "Go ahead, we won't make this lively."

Wu Xi looked at Wu Ruo: "Second Brother, how about you?"

"Go." Wu Ruo is not interested in dancing the hedge dance, but he can feel the lively atmosphere.

"Then let's go back to the house for dinner before going."

They returned to Heifu for dinner, and it was just getting dark. Everyone went to the outskirts of the city. This time, Numu took people from his clan together. They all wore the gorgeous costumes of the Wu clan and walked up. On his way, the whole body gave out a crisp bell, which made Wu Xi like it very much.

Before they left the city, they saw a flush of red outside the city, as if burning grassland, and they were illuminated red for a long time. Various songs came into their ears after leaving the city. When they came to the place where the banquet was held, they were stunned by the lively scenes. No matter whether it was in the corner or the sky was crowded, the people of the four ethnic groups mingled with each other and talked about the anecdotes of each ethnic group.

Numu took people from their clan to go to the campfire dance. Uhi and Hei Xuantang, Heigan, Heixin, and Eggs went to barbecue, Uhi and Hei Xuan stood on the ground and looked around the fire. The dancing demon and ghost were infected and could not help but feel happy and excited.

Wu Ruo took Hei Xieyu's hand and walked towards the river: "Let's go, we go boating."

Hei Xun asked him to pull himself away.

When he came to the river, Wu Ruo rented a small boat, and then lay with Hei Xieyu in the middle of the boat, and let the boat flow with the river.

There are many people rowing in the river, but most of them are happy people, so the atmosphere on the river is very quiet.

Suddenly, Wu Ruo laughed.

Hei Xuan turned his head and looked at him: "What are you laughing at?"

Wu Ruo sideways: "I just suddenly remembered the kick you stepped on Wu Weixue's face today, and it would make Wu Weixue half annoyed. Did you do it on purpose?"

Hei Xunyu did not deny: "Yes."

If Wu Weixue still had a little use for Wu Ruo, he would have trampled her to death on the spot.

"I didn't expect you to have such a bad side." Wu Ruo turned back to lie down, looking at the moonlight and stars in the sky: "I used to like to lie on a boat like this and look at the starry sky at night, this feeling is really very OK, that is quiet, and there is a view. "

"Isn't the boat sinking?" Hei Xuanyu suddenly came up with the words that made Wu Ruoyu take a long time to understand what he meant. He was so angry that he turned and patted Hei Xuan's chest: "Hei Xuan, you Can you not destroy the atmosphere? "

He was talking about the last life, but not when he was a fat man.

Hei Xuan bent his corner of the mouth and pulled people into his arms: "I'll watch with you later.

"It's pretty much the same." Wu Ruo was holding his waist: "Hei Xieyu, I ask you a question.


"You also know that our Wu family will go to practice when they are 20 years old. If I go to practice, what will you do?" Wu Ruo asked him this way because he suddenly remembered the last life when he went out to practice, he often encountered danger. Things will somehow be saved.

Hei Xuyi said without thinking, "He will secretly follow you."

The words had just fallen, and the floor stunned, Wu Ruo stood up and pressed on him.

Chapter 133: This guy is so cruel

Hei Xieyu hugged the person: "Do you want to go to practice?"

"No." Wu Ruo bowed his head, and stopped within half an inch of his thin lips. "I just want to kiss you."

His head was pressed down, and the lips of the two were stuck together. The starry sky in the sky was bright and the moon was beautiful. The person hugging and kissing was like a dark ink painting, which made people reluctant to disturb.

The fire dance banquet of the Fourth National Festival continued until the child hour, and then everyone returned to their respective clan one after another. By the next day, the three ethnic passages were officially closed, and the imperial city restored its tranquility.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu stayed up until the next day, got up to wash and change clothes, and then they received news from Ling Mohan.

According to the news, Wu Weixue clashed with the four families yesterday, and in anger, competing for cosmetic water destroyed Yao Yiru's beautiful face. Her actions have caused dissatisfaction and anger in the four major families. Today, the relationship between the Shang family, the Yao family, the Song family, and the Zhang family is a bit stiff with the Wu family, especially the Yao family, who is asking the Wu family to hand over Wu Weixue in Wujia, otherwise they will not give up.

Even if Wu Chenzi wants to maintain Wu Weixue, it depends on whether it is important to measure Wu Weixue or whether his great-grandson's ascension to the throne is important. Losing the support of the four major families is equivalent to losing the four big helpers. The second prince wants to follow the spirit. The opportunity for Mohan to compete for the throne will become very slim.

Even if Wu Chenzi surrenders Wu Weixue, the relationship between the five families will be aroused. The Wu family and the other four major families are no longer as close as they used to be. The Wu family also spends a lot of money on Wu Weixue and a lot of medicinal materials. The Wu family in Gaolingcheng had a whimper for Wu Chenzi, and gradually, there was suspicion among them.

No one is happier today than Ling Mohan, who has always wanted to stir up the relationship between the five families, and finally achieved his wish. Unfortunately, this matter has not completely divided the five families.

"Prince cousin, you are so cruel this time, you are willing to destroy the appearance of two beautiful girls at the same time, alas, it is impossible for them to restore their faces in the future." A woman, but she does n’t have any pity on the face, but she ’s particularly happy. “Prince cousin, you used to start with an official next to Wu Chenzi. This time, how did you change your strategy to hit the girl in Wufu? This is not like Your previous style? However, I didn't expect it to be very effective. Before, we always wanted to be apart. They didn't have a chance. Now just destroying the faces of the two girls, we have a mustache between them and deal with them in the future. It ’s much easier. Before I went to the palace to come to you, I saw that Shang Rong, who wanted to go to Yao ’s house to say good things, was kicked out by the Shang family. At that time, she looked so embarrassed. How embarrassing. "

The two girls in his mouth were Wu Yanli and Yao Yiru, so the person who destroyed their faces was not Wu Weixue but Ling Mohan.

That night, after Wu Weixue warned Wu Yanli, Ling Mohan let the people who have been working in Wufu destroy the appearance of Wu Yanli with cosmetic water, so that Song Yan, the mother of the Song family, told Wu Weixue Hate, and this matter became a fuse.

Then, I told Wu Weixue researching about water hydration and ruined the appearance of several girls, so that everyone knew that only Wu Weixue had water hydration, so that everyone would not doubt others .

After that, on the day of the Fourth Family Festival, Ling Zisheng took advantage of Ling Mohan's Huarong Shui to start Yao Yiru while Wu Weixue was in trouble with the four family members, which led to the family's suspicion against the Wu family.

Lingmo Han smiled and said nothing.

Ling Zisheng wondered: "One thing I've always been surprised, cousin Prince, how did you know that Wu Weixue refined the water content? How did you find out that the girls' looks were destroyed by Wu Weixue? How did she get away from her? Stealing water in your hand? "

The destruction of the appearance of several girls in the Imperial City attracted a lot of attention, because the doctors could not find out what the reason was, and they could not find who the killer was, then it was impossible to know about the hydration, let alone know it. What is cosmetic capacity? If you don't know what cosmetic capacity is, how can you steal it?

He did not believe that Ling Mohan had found out, because they had people investigate the matter a few days ago and did not find any eyebrows.

Ling Mohan flashed a beautiful face in his head, and could not help but lose his mind: "Huarong water was made for me by others, and it was he who made me start from Wu Weixue."

"Is this man a cousin of the prince's cousin?"

Ling Mohan shook his head: "He is just a person who has a common enemy with this palace."

Ling Zisheng asked, "Can you trust it?"

Ling Mohan raised his eyebrows: "This palace doesn't need to tell him any secrets, and he only needs to help out his ideas to deal with the Wu family. Can you be trusted?"

"Then he helps out with ideas, is there a purpose or conditions?"

Ling Mohan looked at him: "His purpose is the Nine Wu family."

When Ling Zi was born, he laughed, "This guy is so cruel."

As they laughed and discussed the Wu family, Wu Chenzi was having a headache. Sitting opposite him was Yao Jinghui, the patriarch of the Yao family, and his children and grandchildren.

"Master of the State Teacher, Wu Weixue is your most beloved granddaughter, and that Yiru is also my husband's most beloved granddaughter, but now she is dying in bed to die or live. How could the husband be uncomfortable?" Yao Jinghui said excitedly: "Master, the old man puts his words here today. One is that you immediately let Wu Weixue destroy his face with volumizing water. The other is to give Wu Weixue to us now, let We take her to our disposal. "

"No, dad, you can't let them take Cher, or Cher will be tortured to death by them alive." Shang Yanrong suddenly rushed in and begged.

Yao Jinghui gave her a cold look: "Since Lingyuan dared to do such a thing that day, she should think of the consequences and be responsible for it."

He looked at Wu Chenzi: "I hope that the National Normal University will not let our four families down."

Wu Chenzi calmly said nothing.

Shang Rong begged: "President Yao, give us some time, and we will surely find a doctor to heal your granddaughter.

Yao Jinghui sarcastically said, "My husband wants to ask you, is your granddaughter's face cured?"

"..." Shang Yongrong was speechless for a moment.

Yao Jinghui snorted.

"I said many times that I did not destroy Yao Yiru's appearance with makeup water. Why don't you just believe me?" Wu Weixue, who had been eavesdropping outside, came in angrily.

Yao Yiru's father, Yao Jin, first saw Wu Weixue coming in. Suddenly, he was so angry: "At that time, many people saw your hands, and you denied it was useless.

"It was they who framed me." Wu Weixue ran to Wu Chenzi excitedly: "Grandfather, I really didn't do such a thing, please believe me.

Wu Chenzi looked at Chu Chu's pitiful face and couldn't bear it, but no matter how unbearable, he couldn't bear the slightest loss and ruin the relationship between the four families because of her.

He calmed his face, clenched his fists in his sleeves, and sternly said, "Xue Er, you really are wrong in this matter. You are responsible for what you do. If you don't want to let the deity do it yourself, you can take it yourself. Rongshui ruined his face. In the future, you will still be your granddaughter.

Wu Weixue looked at her grandfather, who was always beloved, for a moment.

Shang Rongrong suddenly lost strength and sat down on the ground, crying bitterly: "Daddy, if Xueer's face is destroyed, her life will be over."

Yao Jin glared first and yelled, "My daughter is long gone in this life."

Shang Rongrong: "..."

Wu Weixue was finally scared. She always thought that no matter what she did wrong, some grandfather would support her. Everyone took her helpless. However, she didn't want to have one day, and her grandfather who always loved her would leave her alone.

She knelt down hurriedly, grabbed Wu Chenzi's sleeves, and cried, "Grandfather, I really didn't do it. You believe me, you have to believe in Xueer, I didn't really ruin their looks. Someone framed me. , Grandfather, you have to find out this thing, I really did n’t do it. "

"..." Wu Chenzi ’s granddaughter still knows more or less. She is more arrogant, saying that if she did n’t do it, she really did n’t do it. No matter how unreasonable she was, she would n’t be so improper to use water to make up for the damage. People who have a good relationship with their family and Wu family.

And Wu Weixue said that someone had framed her. He wasn't unaware, but who would harm his granddaughter?

Wu Chenzi first thought of the prince who hated the Wu family to the extreme, but with his knowledge of the prince, this person's means should not start with the woman in the backyard.

In any case, you have to give Yao a confession, not to mention that many people saw that Wu Weixue used Huarongshui on Yao Yiru. So, Wu Weixue was destined to be punished, otherwise, the Yao family would not give up, he had for many years The planning will be ruined once.

Wu Chenzi pulled off the sleeve of her hand: "Xer, you take out the makeup water yourself, and your grandfather will find the best doctor to heal your face in the future.

Wu Weixue cried and shook her head: "No, I don't take it, and I don't have any hydration ..."

"You didn't make up the water, but you have this one." Angrily came from the door, and then Song Yan and her men came in.

Her subordinate lifted a cage into the middle of the hall, pointed at the green snake in the cage, and said, "She is the hydrating water made from the saliva of this saliva, and if it is bitten by it, it can be destroyed. To her capacity. "

Wu Weixue said angrily, "You actually searched my yard privately."

This spit snake was retrieved by her during the Fourth Clan Festival.

Shang Yongrong looked at his daughter-in-law with her eyes wide open, "Song Yan, what are you doing? Then, auntie, how can you harm her like this?"

Song Yan sneered: "Then she can regard Lier as her own niece, and you can also use Lier as your granddaughter? After my daughter disfigured, can you be a grandmother to see her? Since you can't bear Dispose of her, then I, who is a maggot, will go out and come and release the saliva.

Chapter 134: Beggar

Song Yan's guard released the saliva, and the saliva swam directly to Wu Weixue.

Since it was caught by Wu Weixue, it has suffered various kinds of torture, forcing it to spit a lot of saliva, and even often hurts it, using its blood to study various poisons, so it hated Wu Weixue and once had After a vow, if one day leaves Wu Weixue's control, this woman will be killed.

Wu Weixue was pale, hurriedly took out the implement, and shouted to Shang Xirong: "Mother, mother, come and save me."

Many people worked hard to catch the spit snake when she could catch it. At that time, except for her, all the spit snakes were dead.

Spit snake saw that she was going to rescue the soldiers, jumped up suddenly, and rushed to Wu Weixue.

Wu Weixue screamed in fear and quickly threw the weapon.

Saliva swiftly avoided her attack, and opened her mouth to bite Wu Weixue's face.

Wu Weixue hurriedly took out the defensive weapon and wanted to run. Suddenly, he was grabbed by his shoulders and pushed forward, directly facing Saliva.

Saliva bit her face fiercely, tearing it hard, and a piece of live flesh was ripped off by it, swallowing the meat.

Wu Weixue screamed screaming and turned to look at the person holding her shoulder, her eyes widened unbelievably, this person turned out to love her grandfather from an early age.

Wu Chenzi loosened her shoulder expressionlessly.

Wu Weixue fell to the ground in desperation, and then, saliva eroded every inch of her skin, and she screamed in despair: "Oh, my face, my face, mother, my face hurts."

She rolled with pain, and for a moment, her beautiful face was corroded to the rotten flesh.

"Xueer, Xueer." Shang Yanrong hurried to Wu Weixue's side: "Xueer, are you okay?"

She turned Wu Weixue over and saw the rotten face, and she let go of her hands in fright.

Seeing Wu Weixue's appearance, Song Yan felt very happy.

The people of the Yao family secretly swallowed, feeling shocked and a little scared, because Wu Chenzi changed his face too quickly. He had always maintained his granddaughter before, and the next moment he held his granddaughter ruthlessly. The snake bites, regardless of the life of the granddaughter.

Unconsciously, there was a hint of alert to Wu Chenzi. Such people must be well guarded.

Wu Chenzi looked coldly at the people of the Yao family: "Are you satisfied with this explanation?"

People from the Yao family: "..."

"Without a voice, the deity should be satisfied when you are satisfied, and you will have to talk about it again in the future." Wu Chenzi said vigorously.

Yao Jinghui nodded stiffly, and rushed away with the juniors.

Wu Chenzi's grim look turned to the snake who wanted to escape, and he said angrily, "Animals, don't want to escape."

He hurled a magic charm and slammed the blue salamander into a pile of minced meat.

Wu Chenzi looked down at the crying mother and daughter: "The deity will find a doctor to heal Xueer's face."

After saying this, he walked to the door with a flick of his sleeve. Before leaving, he glanced coldly at Song Yan. Then, he stepped away from the hall and Song Yan sat down on the ground in fear, fearing that she had been hated by Wu Chenzi. On.

That night, Wu Weixue disappeared into the Wu family mansion.

Early in the morning three days later, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu used their breakfast and received news from Ling Xuan again to send him to the largest restaurant in the Imperial City. The specific matter was not mentioned.

Wu Ruo was very curious about the purpose that Ling Mohan invited him to, and he sat in a carriage with Hei Xieyu to reach a restaurant. At this time, there were many VIPs who came in and out of the restaurant. Therefore, beggars who came here to beg were also very special. A beggar who walked and another beggar came, but one beggar was very special, and was tied to a pillar at the gate. Xiao Er and the shopkeeper didn't even drive him away.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu came down in the carriage and saw the beggar wearing dirty black robes with messy hair like weeds. Their faces were so rotten that they could not recognize their original appearance, and their limbs seemed to be picked. When the meridian is broken, the paralysis will be on the ground, and the eyes of the people who are coming and going on the road are staring at him. When he sees Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu, he suddenly makes a roaring cry, Then, without knowing what to think, he hurriedly set aside his face, not letting Wu Ruo see his face.

Hei Xuanyu frowned, and protected Wu Ruo when he entered the restaurant and came to the room designated by Ling Mohan. However, there was no one in it, and there was only one note on it. The first sentence was to come up with any snack. Point, he has paid for it.

Then I asked Wu Ruo if he saw the beggar at the gate, would he feel familiar with this beggar?

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows. When he came in just now, although he wondered why the restaurant tied a beggar, he didn't take a closer look at the other party.

The last note on the note was written with a word of snow.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes. Is that beggar ...

Hei Xieyu took the note and looked at it, "is the beggar down the door downstairs, is it Wu Weixue?"

His people used to report the disappearance of Wu Weixue. At first they thought it was Wu Chenzi who sent him for treatment, but they thought it was impossible.

Wu Weixue was known for being bitten by a serpent because the Yao family came to discuss it. People in the city already knew that Wu Chenzi didn't need to sneak away people for treatment. Therefore, it was clear that Wu Weixue was taken away. Otherwise, Shang Xirong will not rush to send people to look around.

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "So Ling Mohan sent her away?

He chuckled: "Let me see what's going on here? Is it for me?"

His eyes narrowed for a while, causing the spirit to burn the paper.

"Go, let's go down and take a good look." Wu Ruo came to the downstairs with his hand, and walked in front of the beggar. He looked carefully at the female body wrapped in the large dirty clothes.

He took out some silver and put it in the beggar's bowl, and the sound of the contact between the silver and the bowl snorted and caught the beggar's attention.

When she saw that the other party was Wu Ruo and Hei Xuanyu, she turned her head and avoided them.

Wu Ruo grinned: "It's really a strange beggar. Grandpa gives you money. You don't even have to say thank you. You turn your head away."

When a man sitting near the door heard what Wu Ruo said, he got up and walked over, kicking him hard with a beggar, and the beggar quickly bent his body in pain.

"I have an uncle who rewards you with silver, why don't you yell twice." The man looked sorry to Wu Ruo and said, "Uncle, I'm so sorry she's a dumb, she can't speak."

Wu Ruo ticked his lips: "Oh? Dumb?"

"Yes, she has no tongue and cannot speak.

At this moment, the beggar looked up and stared angrily at the man.

The man snorted: "Look what you look at, be careful I dig out your eyes."

The words scared the beggar to curl up.

Wu Ruo turned to Hei Xieyu and said, "Xi Ye, don't you think this beggar's eyes are a bit like Wu Weixue, the granddaughter of the National Normal University?"

The beggar shuddered when he heard the words Wu Weixue, his body curled up even more, and he didn't know what he thought of. He suddenly raised his head and yelled at Wu Ruo them.

Hei Xieyu followed his words and said, "Well, it's quite like that."

The beggar wants to get up without any strength, just roaring.

Wu Ruo saw that the beggar was saying that she was Wu Weixue, and her mouth smiled even more: "Why is she so excited? Wouldn't she know Miss Wu? Is Miss Wu so beautiful, is she admiring Miss Wu? Unfortunately, Miss Wu is noble and can only watch from afar. "

The beggar had red eyes, and roared in his mouth, looking very pathetic.

Wu Ruo took out some silver and put it in the bowl: "Even if you are worthy of Miss Wu, Miss Wu doesn't necessarily like you. There are people she likes in her heart and a man with a husband."

The beggar froze and looked at Wu Ruo wistfully. The irony in her eyes told her that Wu Ruo recognized who she was.

"Roar roar--" She yelled angrily, it must be Wu Ruo, and it must have been Wu Ruo sent her to choke Wu's house in the middle of the night, cut her tongue, destroy her Lingtian, and pick her off. The meridian of the foot made her a wasteful person. It must be him. It was he who made her change from Miss Ganjin to a beggar. No one knew her anymore.

The beggar wanted to get more excited and kept moving his body toward Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo, I will kill you, kill you.

Her eyes were covered with red silk and great hatred.

The man watched her roar and move, and kicked her on the leg: "What's your name, you are terrified of the uncle. It's getting late and we should be out of town."

Wu Ruo asked, "Want to leave the city?"

"Well, I'll take her everywhere to beg in the future." The man untied the rope and pulled like a dog, desperately pulling out the door: "Come on, you go.

The beggar still growled at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo smiled and pulled up the man's hand around him, "Xun, let's go."

Shideng directly stabbed the beggar's eyes with the noble two, and the tears of resentment shed in the corner of his eyes.

Hei Xuanyu pulled Wu Ruo to the carriage, and under the sad and resentful eyes of the beggar, he helped Wu Ruo to get on the carriage.

"Roar--" The beggar roared in despair. The man was originally her. It was her. "Yeah, you really think you're a dog." The man was so angry that he pulled the rope around the beggar's neck, whether she could or not Move, dragging away, many passers-by can not bear to see it.

In the carriage, Wu Ruo heard the roar outside and lay down in the arms of Hei Xieyu: "Xi Ye, do you think I'm bad?"

If Wu Weixue didn't like Hei Xieyu in his last life, Wu Chenzi would not use the Buddha's magic weapon to deal with him, he would not be separated from Hei Xieyu, and now he would not think of Hei Xie of the previous life every time Alas, my heart was terribly painful.

"Not bad." Hei Xieyu hugged him: "I wish you could be a little worse.

If it wasn't for Ling Mohan's early step, maybe she would be killed by him.

Wu Ruo looked up at him curiously, "Why?"

Hei Xieyu kissed his forehead: "If you are a little worse, you can better protect yourself.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Is he serious, or is it just comforting him?

"Do you want to go back now, or do you want to continue shopping in the street?"

Wu Ruo couldn't help sighing at the thought that there were still a lot of beast grasses in the backyard: "Go back, I still have a bunch of herbs to refine."

Hei Xieyu asked, "What's the use of refining and raising animal grass?"

Wu Ruo tickled his lips: "You'll know soon."

Back in Heifu, Wu Ruo went directly to the refining pharmacy.

When Numu saw him, he cried with a face. "Apprentice, there are more and more herbs. When are we going to refine it? How about asking a few doctors to come back to help refine it? This is faster.

Wu Ruo shook his head and was about to speak. Hearing someone shouting, "Sir, sir, it's not good. Several of us suddenly passed out."

Numu's face was stunned, he quickly dropped the herbs and went out and asked, "What's going on?"

"I don't know what happened. They somehow fainted on the ground, and their bodies are very hot, hotter than hot water. Please take a look, adults.

Upon hearing this, Wu Ruo put down the herbs in his hand and went to the yard where they lived with Numu.

As soon as they entered the house, others made way for Numu and Wu Ruo.

Numu approached the unconscious person, but as soon as he touched the other person's skin, he was scalded and retracted his arms.

He was furious: "Why is it so hot, have you recently eaten something unclean and poisoned?"

"No." Everyone looked at each other. "None of us dare to eat outside. Even if we go to the orcs, we will bring our own dry food."

As soon as Wu Ruo heard it, his eyebrows moved: "Did you go to the demon tribe festival?"

"Yes, we heard that the clan has the most materials, so we went to the clan."

Wu Ruo said nothing.

Numu resisted the fiery pain and continued to give a charming pulse. Then, he frowned and said, "Strange, I can't see anything except hot, and my body is just like usual, and there is no sign of poisoning. Too strange."

He turned to look at Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, please take a quick look, I can't detect anything."

Wu Ruo touched the body of the person on the bed, it was really hot and scary, and he could cook people.

Numu hurriedly asked, "How about Xiaoruo? Have you checked any problems?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "Nothing can be found."

He looked at Numu's companion and asked, "Did you encounter any strange things when you went to the demon tribe?"

"Strange things?" Numu's companion thought for a while, "No strange things happened."

Others shook their heads.

Wu Ruo said, "Just think about it, for example, did something strange happen to the demon tribe?"

The man tried again and thought: "Uh ... it's not strange to know something."

"Hurry up and talk."

"After we got into the demon tribe, we found that the people of the demon tribe looked very weak. It was like being sick. The whole person was mentally sneezed, and we kept sneezing. Later we asked a demon, The people of the clan said that some people in their clan often had fever recently, and it would be good to take a few days off, which is normal for their demon clan.

Chapter 135: Indeed worthy of my apprentice

Wu Ruo's eyes narrowed, but it still happened.

In the last life, this kind of thing also happened. Because the people of the tribe went to the demon tribe to infect the cold of the demon tribe, they caused the heat in the capital city and the nearby towns. It's a sneeze, but it's not the same for people.

The human body is weaker than the demon body, and infection is equivalent to a plague. People will fall into a coma, and their bodies will be very hot, but they are very normal in other respects. Next, this kind of thing has not happened for a long time, so the human race has not prevented this situation.

Numu's face was calm: "So, the fainted person is likely to be infected with the cold and heat of the demon."

He had just finished saying this, and suddenly more than a dozen people fell down one after another.

The other people's faces changed one after another, and they quickly moved people to the bed. The body of the comatose one after another became very hot and scary.

Wu Ruo hurriedly said to them: "Go and get the beast grass to make medicine soup for everyone."

"Yes." It was so serious that everyone dared not hesitate.

"Animal grass?" Numu looked at Wu Ruo seriously: "Xiao Ruo, honestly, did you know that cold and heat would happen early in the morning, so prepare a pile of animal grass."

Wu Ruo no longer concealed: "Yes, but I'm not sure if this will happen, so I didn't say it."

The fever and plague of the last life was very serious. In just three days, most of the people in the Imperial City and nearby towns got fever. After seven days, they died one by one. Some people found that raising beastweed could cure the fever. Only then lifted this major plague.

Because he was a little far from the Imperial City in Gaoling City, the specific situation was not very clear. At that time, no one in Gaoling City was infected with the fever, but everyone drank the beast grass.

Numu stood up: "Then I will write to my people and tell them."

Wu Ruo said, "Master, don't worry. The Wu clan has a long way to go. It is not so easy to infect them. You will be sent back by the letter, but the heat will be brought to the clan."

This is not unreasonable, Numu dismissed his idea, not to mention the Wu clan has always been well informed, and the clan has beast-raising grass, so there is no need to worry about them becoming infected.

After half an hour, the people in Heifu drank the potion of beastweed, and the unconscious person woke up after drinking the herbal water and turned into a common cold. As long as you don't get cold and rest well, there will be no big problem.

Numu saw his companion's health improved, and he breathed a sigh of relief: "I never thought that raising beast grass could solve the heat poison from the demon clan, it was really unheard of before."

"That hasn't happened before, and naturally no one noticed the other functions of beast-grass." Wu Ruo turned the beast-grass in his hand and fell into contemplation.

Numu didn't bother him, but thought in his heart that the beast-grass grass of Tianxing Kingdom might have been received by his apprentice in Heifu, and the fate of Tianxing Kingdom would be in the hands of his apprentice. Know what his apprentice is going to do next.

Wu Ruo stopped moving and stood up and said, "Master, I still have something to do and leave for a while.

"Um." Numu shook his head after he left. "My apprentice is not easy."

Immediately, Haha smiled: "It is indeed my apprentice."

Wu Ruo returned to the alchemy room and packed the beast-grass grass into ten packs. The guards in the house gave Wu Xuanran to Wu Fu and said: "Remember, see Wu Chenzi coming down from the carriage and give the medicine to Leave it to Bao Fu's servants. "

"Yes." The guard, carrying ten packs of herbs, rode a horse and waited near the gate where Wu Chenzi often went in. When Wu Chenzi returned from the official, he got out of the carriage, and he quickly ran to Wuwu on a horse. At the gate of the government gate, he gave the medicine pack to the guard who guarded the gate: "Our master is the wife of Heifu, the child of the Wu family in Gaoling City. Recently, someone in the Imperial City got a kind of fever poison. My body became hot, and my wife heard that this herb can prevent and reconcile fever, so I asked me to send ten packets to the Wujia people in Gaolingcheng to make them a hot medicine to drink. "

The Wujia guards heard that it was for the Wuling family in Gaoling, and they did not dare to neglect. After all, the Wujia people in Gaoling City had holy aims, and they wanted the people in Wufu, the capital city, to treat them proactively.

Wu Chenzi, who had just stepped out of the carriage, raised his eyebrows when he heard that he was the guard of Heifu. After the guard of Heifu left, he came to the door and asked, "What is this?"

The Wujia **** quickly conveyed the words of the Heifu escort.

"Hot poison?" Wu Chenzi frowned. He had never heard of such a thing: "Open it and see what kind of herbs."

"Yes." The Wu family guard untied one of the packs of herbs, opened it up, and even bought a pack of beast-grass for a few bucks.

Wu Chenzi sneered at him: "Just the insatiable people in Gaolingcheng want these cheap herbs? Or give them to the monsters, and they definitely disdain.

Within a short time, he had thoroughly understood these people.

Since they came to Wujia, they have spent his countless silver and countless precious medicines, but still no effect, their physical condition remains the same. Even if this is the case, every day he tried his best to get the expensive medicinal materials from him and hid them. It was an abomination and he had the opportunity to cure the people.

The guard asked: "Master, what do you do with these herbs?"

Wu Chenzi looked at the other kits: "Open the other kits.

"Yes." The guard opened the other medicine kits, all of which were animal beasts.

When Wu Chenzi thought of the imperial edict, he sent the guard back to Wu Xuanran where they lived and left.

The guards wrapped the herbs and sent them to the courtyard where Wu Xuanran lived.

Wu Xuanran heard that it was a herbal medicine sent by Wu Ruo, and thought it was a precious medicinal material, and quickly opened it. Who knows that the monster beast grass everywhere is so angry that Wu Xuanran smashed the herb in his hand on the ground: " Wu Ruo, this **** thing humiliates us with the herbs eaten by monsters. "

Wu Qianli said angrily: "This is a dog thing. After getting married, someone has supported him. In the eyes, there are people from our uncle and uncle Peking University." If my uncle and uncle take my gift, I I don't look at these uncles and uncles. "Wu Qiantong was furious:" It's as if your Beijing University did not take Wu Ruo as a gift. Hey, don't make you so clear. "

"Enough." Ubu, who has not spoken, slaps the desktop angrily: "You know how to quarrel every day, annoying. If you have such a thought on a quarrel, you might as well think about how to heal your body. You see Look at you, broken hands, broken hands, blind and blind, what else can you do besides making a mess? If one day, you get kicked out of the Wu family, what do you do? "

These days he is tired of the noise of these people. Every morning when he gets up, he feels uncomfortable when he thinks of coming to Wu family to see them. If these people are not his children, he really wants to let them go.

"..." The crowd suddenly heard.

The man holding the pill pack asked carefully, "Patriarch, how are these pill packs?"

Ubfang looked at the eye packs, and there was a kind of meaning that Wu would humiliate them. He opened his mouth and asked him to throw away the packs, and he heard someone say, "Give me."

Ubufang turned around and looked at Wu Qiantong's youngest son, Uber. When Wangui struck, he was injured in Lingtian. When he came to Wujia, the imperial city, he actively cooperated with the treatment. What did the doctor let him eat? What kind of medicine to take, the mentality is also very good. Nowadays, it is already very good. Unlike other people, in order to make themselves better, they secretly put expensive medicinal materials in their mouths. The counterproductive.

"Give him."

Wu Bo took the medicine bag, and then discarded Wu Xuanran on the ground, picked it up, and packed it back to his room.

Wu Xiao followed in and said, "What do you want the herbs that the monsters eat?"

"Leaving it without getting in the way, maybe a useful day." Since splitting, Uber's temperament has become much more stable.

Wu Xiao pouted and said nothing at the end.

In the afternoon, many people fainted on the street one after another, immediately causing panic among the people. Less than half an hour later, all the drugstore clinics were filled with patients and their loved ones, even outside the medical store. With many patients.

The doctors could not find the cause. The patient ’s body was normal except for coma and fever, and there were no symptoms. The doctors were helpless and tried every means to make the patient not wake up or lower the patient. body temperature. Moreover, this kind of heat poison is extremely invincible. Like a plague, it spreads quickly to every corner of the imperial capital city, one by one, even the concubines and princes in the palace were infected.

In two days, more than half of the people in the Imperial City and nearby towns were poisoned by heat. The emperor was furious and immediately ordered everyone to find a way to stop the plague. This time is the opportunity for the emperors to show up. Chen Zi was very upset about this, but he did not think of a solution. If the plague could be resolved, the emperor and the adults would look at the second prince and be loved by the people, and it would be more beneficial for the second prince to ascend the throne.

Wu Chenzi hurriedly returned from the emperor to Wu's house. He was about to invite his elders and staff to discuss the matter. He saw Ubud and his wife taking his elders and their families in a hurry. Wu Xuanran rushed to the yard where they lived.

Originally he didn't want to bother, but suddenly remembered that two days ago, Wu Ruo had the guard deliver the herbal medicine. Remember that day, the guard said that raising beast grass was used to cure heat and poison.

As soon as Wu Chenzi thought of this place, he was rushing with blood, and immediately followed Ubud to the courtyard where they lived.

Ubud had been in the yard and exclaimed excitedly, "Where is Xiaobai? Is Xiaobai in?"

Uber hurried out and asked, "Great-grandfather, I'm here, what are you doing here?"

Chapter 136: Take this seriously

Ubud asked anxiously: "Where are the animal-raising grasses sent by Wu Ruo the past two days?"

"In my room, what's wrong?"

Ubud said quickly, "Go and get all the beast grasses out there, and let the people boil a few pots of medicine soup for everyone to drink.

Uber nodded and turned back to the room to get the herbs.

Wu Xuanran asked curiously, "Dad, what happened?"

Ubu Fang opened his mouth to explain, but when he thought of these people's selfishness, he decided to wait for the soup to tell them.

Before half an hour, the medicine soup is ready.

Ubud first let the people who came in with him drink a bowl, then let Wu Xuanran drink a bowl for each person, and finally let the rest of the hot medicine be distributed to the people, and then, to Wu Xuanran they Explaining the situation outside: "Now many people outside are infected with a type of fever and will faint inexplicably, fall into a coma and have fever all over the body, but the doctors have not detected anything after taking the pulse. Now even doctors I couldn't do anything about it, and I couldn't find a cure. Later, I suddenly thought of what Wu Ruo had asked the guard to bring in to raise the beast grass, so I thought about it and try it out.

In fact, they wouldn't be here unless there were no beast grasses sold outside.

"What?" Wu Xuanran they were frightened and hurried away from Ubud side.

Although Ubud knew that they would have such a reaction, they were still half annoyed by them.

At this time, Elder Rong exclaimed excitedly, "Xiao Ya woke up.

Xiaoya is his little grandson, but accidentally infected with the fever, he almost anxious his family. Now he saw his grandson woke up and was finally relieved.

Ubud said happily: "Show him the pulse."

"Okay." Elder Rong quickly gave the child pulse: "The body is not as hot as before, and you can feel the weakness of the pulse direction. Now Xiaoya should be about the same as a normal cold. As long as you take a good rest and nurse, there should be no too much. Big problem.

"Small businessmen also woke up," the other elders said excitedly.

Like Xiaoya, Xiaoshang was infected with fever.

Wu Xuanran hurriedly asked Ubud: "Dad, what about us? We will not be infected."

"You can't die if you want to die." Ubu Fang said badly: "Didn't Wu Ruo say that? Keeping beast grass has a preventive effect and won't make you infected."

"That's good." Everyone was relieved.

Wu Chenzi, who had been hiding outside, overheard hearing this, quickly turned to leave, and ordered the guards in the house to be optimistic about the Ubud side, so that they would not leave the house for the time being, so as not to spread the beast-grass herb to cure the heat and poison Go out. Although he doesn't know how many people know about it now, at least he hasn't heard that raising beast grass can cure fever.

By the way, Wu Ruo has to send someone to watch.

Wu Chenzi confessed that the people in his hands secretly bought the animal breeding grass, and hurriedly left Wufu, went to the palace to find the second prince, and then took the second prince to the holy face, took all the things to treat the heat, and used the official The beast-grass herb healed the concubines and the princes, and within half an hour all the people who got fever in the palace woke up.

The emperor's dragon had a great heart, and immediately ordered Wu Chenzi and the second prince to take charge of the hot poison.

Ling Mohan, who was discussing with his staff, got the news and was so angry that he drove all staff out of the palace.

"Cousin, don't be angry, this time let the old robber ..." Ling Zi said half of his words, turned his eyes sharply, turned to look behind the screen, and yelled, "Who's there?"

Then a white figure came out: "Hei Yang has seen His Royal Highness.

Seeing that it was a dark sun, Lingmo Han was angry: "I heard that you were injured a few days ago. I wonder if it was serious?"

Then, he took the medicine bottle out of his sleeve and handed it to Heiyang: "This is the healing medicine for the ghosts. You see if it has any effect on your body.

"Thank Your Royal Highness." Heiyang took the medicine bottle politely. "This time, my wife asked me to come to tell His Royal Highness that he will send you to a town that has not been infected with the heat to secretly buy herbs for treating colds.

Ling Mohan frowned and asked, "Can he say why?"

"He said it was needed to treat the fever."

Ling Zisheng sneered: "Now the National Normal University has found a cure for fever. What use do we have to prepare for this?"

Heiyang glanced at him and disappeared into the palace.

Ling Zisheng asked, "Cousin, who is this ghost? Who is his wife?"

"It's the man who hates the Wu family." Ling Mohan narrowed his eyes and narrowed his eyes: "Zi Sheng, you do as he tells you, right, this matter must not let the second emperor of the official and the teacher. know."

"Cousin, the National Normal University has a way to detoxify the heat, and it is a waste of time for us to prepare these."

Ling Mohan worked with Wu Ruo several times, and felt that if this person was not sure, he wouldn't open his mouth to let him do this: "Even if we prepare these, there is not much loss, can we?"

Ling Zisheng sighed: "Well, then I'll go back and prepare."

As soon as he left, Ling Mohan sent someone to investigate Wu Chenzi's treatment of fever poison. He heard that Wu Chenzi turned to beast grass to cure the fever poison, and had sent people to buy beast grass, even if he wanted to be a stalk. He was also one step slower than Wu Chenzi.

Lingmo Hanyuan thought that this credit would be snatched by the second prince. Unexpectedly, the people who watched Wu Chenzi's every move would return. Wu Chenzi's people could not buy the beastgrass. , Back empty-handed, the fever and poison plague became more and more serious, and even someone died.

The emperor was so furious that he called Wu Chenzi and the second prince to the Imperial Study Room and fiercely scolded him one morning. At noon, he came out of the Imperial Study Room ashamedly.

The second prince was full of anger: "Zeng grandfather, do you think Ling Mohan has made a ghost, otherwise, why can't we even receive a beast-grass?"

I thought the Prince would have the upper hand this time, but it didn't take me long to get such a thing, it was really irritating.

Wu Chenzi narrowed his stern eyes: "The deity once calculated the current situation of the kingdom of heaven. Although there is a calamity, there is no way to tell the situation more specifically, unless Ling Mohan has a more powerful divination. Otherwise, it is impossible for him to collect all the beast-grass in advance. If so, he should also worry that the deity will have the beast-grass in the morning, and he will not know if he will give out his mobile phone. After we healed the princesses and princes in the palace, we were so annoyed that his staff were driven out of the hall. "

"It wasn't him, but who took the animal-grass?" The second prince looked very ugly. "What should we do if we can't receive the animal-grass now?"

Before, they all let out the wind and boasted that Haikou said that they could heal the people with heat. But not only did they not heal, but many people died. Now they don't know how many people have complained about them.

Wu Chenzi said: "At present, we can only continue to purchase animal beers while investigating those who adopt them."

Today, the person who can only pray to adopt the beast grass is not the one standing by the Prince.

Ling Mohan didn't expect that things would turn around. The incident was unexpected and made him think of Wu Ruo. He thought that this matter had something to do with Wu Ruo, and it must have been Wu Ruo's support for the Kingdom of Heaven The beast grass was taken away.

Thinking of this, he was very fortunate to cooperate with Wu Ruo, otherwise, he really lost a good helper and wanted to bring down Wujia.

When Wu Ruo saw the development situation was almost the same, he asked Heiyang to inform Lingmo Han to take people to a more remote place to apply for a grueling consultation.

Lingmo Han brought people to Lucheng and Heiyanghui, which is the farthest from the imperial city and the most severely poisoned.

Heiyang delivered the potions that Wu Ruo extracted from the beast-grass to Ling Mohan: "My wife said that these potions were extracted from the beast-grass, and the prince can only drink the potions to the patient. Detoxify them, and the prince can rest assured that the potion has been carefully treated, and no one will find that this is a potion extracted from animal beastgrass. The person who has been detoxified will become a common cold. Physicians are needed to treat them. "

"Thank you lady for me." Ling Mohan looked calm, but was surprised that Wu Ruo thought so thoughtfully, so that he would not be afraid that Wu Chenzi would find out what happened to them after he could not raise the beast grass. Otherwise, not only will the credit not be obtained, it will also be bitten. At that time, Wu Chenzi will join him in a book saying that he has beast-grass but did not take it out, killing many innocent people.

Heiyang continued: "My wife also said that the heat poison was infected by the cold and fever of the demon tribe. His Royal Highness should know how to do it?"

Hearing that Ling Mohan looked right, he hurriedly asked, "Is this true?"

They have not been able to find the source of the heat poison, but unexpectedly it was infected from the demon clan. You must know that the festival of the four races is a festival set by Wu Chenzi. If it was really transmitted from the demon clan, then ...

Lingmo Han narrowed his eyes, thinking about how to take a good morning.

"It is time for the prince to be ready to take over the position of the National Normal University ..." Hei Yang said this and disappeared in front of him.

Ling Mohan was stunned, thinking of kicking Wu Chenzi out of the position of a master, it was inevitable that he was excited, but he still needed to plan, after all, Wu Chenzi had been sitting in the position of master for many years. Pulled down.

With Wu Ruo's help, Lingmohan's treatment of fever was going smoothly, but within five days, the fever in Lucheng and nearby towns were controlled.

The Prince ’s charity soon passed to the Imperial City. The ministers praised the Prince ’s actions on the court, and the emperor was overjoyed. He also said that he would be rewarded when the Prince came back. The second Prince and Wu Chenzi almost heard this. The lungs were blown up, but they did not dare to show dissatisfaction, to touch the emperor's mold. After all, their reputation in the capital city is not very good. If the emperor thinks of them, and criticize them in front of the civil and military officials, they will I will lose my face.

Chapter 137: Sanqi Stone

When everyone was busy treating fever poisoning, the days in Heifu were very peaceful. Everyone stayed in the government because they were worried about infection. Wu Ruo gets up every day to learn swordsmanship and practice mysticism with black shackles, or to fight with each other to increase his fighting skills experience. In the afternoon, he will either learn medicine with alchemy from Numu or accompany the child. The life is very fulfilling and quiet. There is no killing, no need to guard who lives, but not leaving the house does not mean that things will not come to your door.

On that day, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu had just eaten their lunch and were preparing to return to the hospital to rest. The guard at the gate came to report: "Madam, there is a person named at the door to see you, and a letter must be personal Leave it to you. "

Wu Ruo really couldn't figure out who would be looking for him at the meeting, and asked, "Does that person say who he is? Who asked me for a letter?"

"The man didn't say."

Hesin was worried about fraud outside, and said before he said, "Mrs., old slave, first check the identity of the man, and then come in and report to you."

Wu Ruo nodded.

A moment of blackmail left, and there was a commotion at the gate. Wu Ruo hurried out of the hall, and then someone came in with a sword and crossed his neck.

Everyone was taken aback and quickly took the first steps.

Heigan yelled, "Who are you? Why should we use a sword to drive our housekeeper?"

The man stepped out from behind Hei Xin, and Wu Ruo and Hei Xie took a closer look. It was actually a man of the Mozu who came to see the righteousness some time ago.

The Mozu man looked at Wu Ruo, and originally intended to deceive this person and then threatened him to bring him in. Unexpectedly, the person who came out was the housekeeper in the house.

Immediately, he saw the thorns standing next to Wu Ruo, his body flashed, and came to the front of Ji Yi.

Ji Yi's face changed and she wanted to escape.

However, the Devil man quickly lifted his collar.

He whispered, "Want to escape?"

If there is not a large array in the prefecture, there is no need to catch people in the prefecture to come in and find someone.

Ji Yi angered: "Ye Ji, let go of this seat."

Ye Ji half-eyed his eyes and embraced the thorns that turned into a six-year-old baby: "Why did you become like this?"

Thorny thorns put his hands on his chest. "Why does this seat tell you?"

Staying at the other side and watching their Wu Qianqing whispered to Wu Ruo: "Do they know each other?"

Wu Ruo frowned lightly: "It should be, Dad, you and your mother, they will go back to the yard to rest first, and I will stay and see what the situation is."

Wu Qianqing nodded and took Guan Tong and U Xi back to the yard where they lived.

Numu was not interested in ignoring the two demons, yawned and said, "I'm back in the yard.

Ye Ji glanced at them: "Where's Sanqi Stone?"

A guilty conscience flashed through the eyes of Jiyi: "Hidden by this seat."

"Hidden?" Ye Ji sneered: "I see you are using it for others."

"What do you mean?" Thorny's eyes flashed puzzled. When he understood what Ji Ye said, he looked anxiously: "You mean that Sanqi Stone was used?"

Ye Ji looked so cold that he was so angry that he didn't want to talk.

Tricky frowned: "Why don't you speak?"

Ye Ji is still silent.

Ji Yi thought of the sentence that Ye Jigang had said, and quickly explained: "You don't think that this seat has used Sanqi stone for others? How is it possible? This seat just accidentally lost it, correctly speaking It was stolen. "

If you didn't want this person to misunderstand him, you wouldn't say that the stone was stolen, because it was a very shameful thing for him, and it would give people a chance to steal things from him.

Ye Ji saw that he didn't seem to be lying, so he asked, "You said it was stolen. What happened to this child?"

He looked at the flesh that was held in his arms by Hei Xuan.

He looked sharply at him, wondering, "What's wrong?"

He blinked, and it took him a while to understand what he meant, and he was surprised: "You mean ..."

Thorny denied immediately: "He is not."

Ye Ji looked back at him.

Thorny explained: "Before Sanqi Stone was stolen, he already existed."

Ye Jixiu narrowed his eyes on the ground: "Impossible, unless ..."

He didn't know what he thought of, and snorted, walking towards the backyard with a thorn.

Wu Ruo looked to Hei Xie 翊: "Xie Ye, do you know what Sanqi Stone is?"

Hei Xieyu gave the egg to Heixin and brought it back to the hospital before he said, "It is a stone with three souls and seven souls, referred to as Sanqi stone. You can use it to conceive a child. Knead with Sanqi Stone, and then cultivate with spiritual power for a period of time, will automatically form a baby appearance, become a child with a blood relationship with himself. "

"He just looked at the words that Eggs said. Was the egg made of Sanqi Shi?" Wu Ruo sees Hei Xiyu so well about Sanqishi, thinking that Hei Xiu of the last life might have been stolen. It took three or seven stones to make the eggs. As for blood and flesh, Hei Xuan should use his own. Otherwise, the eggs would not look like Hei Xuan.

But why does Egg Egg have some connection with him?

Suddenly, Wu Ruo thought that his body had not been seen since he was brought back by Hei Xuyi. Later, he thought that Hei Xuyi did n’t want him to see his body and was sad and angry, so he cremated or buried it secretly. After that, he didn't ask about it. Now I want to come. Wouldn't the black shade of the last life make eggs from his meat?

"It's possible." There was a flash of puzzlement in Hei Xuan's black eyes. It wasn't possible to create this child with only a little flesh, but when did he lose a lot of blood or flesh? Also, who made this child and brought it to Wu Ruo?

Wu Ruo asked, "Is there a connection between you and the egg? I mean, except that the egg looks like you, you have a very close relationship with him?"

"Yes." Hei Xieyu nodded, which is why he left the eggs behind without asking why.

Wu Ruo excitedly pulled Hei Xun's hand, and was more certain that the egg was sent by the last generation of Hei Xun: "Egg is our child, and we can't let others hurt him."

He didn't know the reason why the demon man named Yeji looked for Sanqishi, but now the egg is already his child and it is impossible to return it to Yeji, let alone the egg was sent from the last life, Ye I am looking for and should find the Sanqi Stone of this world.

"Um." Hei Xieyu took him into his arms, and frowned, "I heard that Sanqi Stone is the spirit of the Emperor."

Wu Ruo looked at him in surprise: "You mean the man just now is a demon emperor?"

Hei Xuyi shook his head slightly: "I don't know. I haven't seen the Demon Emperor, but don't worry, if he only came to Sanqi Stone, he would not leave so easily the last time.

That night, Ye Ji stayed in Heifu for dinner and decided to stay in Heifu for a while.

Ushi heard this, swallowed the rice in his mouth and said, "I found that we can host a Fourth National Festival banquet in our house."

There are only hundreds of people in the government, but there are people, demons, ghosts, and demons. Which government has so many people living in the government?

Everyone: "..."

Nomhaha smiled: "That's a good word."

After having dinner, Wu Ruocai said to Ye Ji, "You can stay, but you can't make my child think."

Ye Ji said, "As long as this seat is only three or seven stones, it has no interest in children.

With a thorny noise, he didn't speak, but he was thinking that it was no wonder that he could learn the magic of the Demon Clan, and he likes the Devil child to wreak havoc everywhere. It turned out that he was a child raised by Sanqi Stone.

Wu Ruo asked Thorny: "How did you lose your Sanqi Stone?"

"Several people have stolen Sanqi Stone while this seat was injured, and they haven't found it yet.

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "You stay in the house every day, how can you find it?"

Thorny: "..."

He didn't hide because he didn't know how to explain to Ye Ji.

Hei Xuan asked softly, "Do you know who the man who stole the Sanqi Stone?"

"This seat was seriously injured at that time. When I felt that someone had taken the thirty-seven stones and opened my eyes, I had no time to see the side face of one of the young people. At that time, the man was wearing a white robe and long hair. The appearance of Svenwen, if I can see him again, this seat will recognize him. "When Tiao Ling said here, his tone was particularly cold:" These things I do not know about life and death, want to kill the things of this seat If this seat was destroyed, it would have been saved in their hands if it had not been killed and killed. "

Ye Ji asked, "Who saved you?"

"A person of a human race." Tattoo mentioned that person, his face eased a lot: "The man stopped the actions of those people, those people ran away because of guilty conscience, and then the person who saved this seat held the seat After leaving, he encountered the demons who injured this seat. He knew that the demons came to find this seat, so he covered the atmosphere of this seat with a device, put this seat in the grass, and he led the demons to leave. . "

He took out a magic instrument shaped like a small lantern from his sleeve and put it on the table: "That person used this instrument to make this seat escape the chase of the demons."

His eyes narrowed darkly.

Wu Ruo picked up the instrument and looked at it, "This instrument looks familiar."

After that, he saw the three words "black shading" engraved on the bottom of the instrument. If he didn't take a closer look, he wouldn't know there was a word there.

He raised his head stupidly, and looked at Hei Xunyu in disbelief: "This ... Xunou, is this a refined weapon? Is it my brother who saves the righteous?"

Hei Xieyu took it to confirm: "It's my magic weapon."

Wu Ruo hurriedly asked, "Is the person who saves you awkwardly handsome, looks like ... uh ... yes, someone similar to my father."

Thorny thought carefully about the person who saved him: "It's true that the person looks like your father."

"That must be my elder brother, so he was taken away by the demons?" Wu Ruo stood up excitedly: "Or is my elder brother already killed?"

"It shouldn't have been killed," said Ji Ling, "those people should use your elder brother to lead this seat.

Wu Ruo looked at him: "Why did those people kill you?"

Echidna stared at Yeji angrily: "You ask him."

Ye Ji did not say the reason: "This seat will save your elder brother."

Wu Ruo asked again, "Where did they arrest my elder brother? Devil?"

Thornyshake shook his head: "This one has sent someone to investigate. Your elder brother has not been brought back to the Demon Race. If it has not been brought to the Demon Race, things will be much easier.

Hei Xuanyu heard from his words that the identity of the person who killed him was very ordinary. He put down the magic weapon and asked, "Is the person who wants to kill you have a high status in the demons?"

"Well, the other party is the princess of the demons."

Wu Ruo had an impulse to choke to death: "How did you provoke her?"

Isn't the princess who provokes the demons equals the entire demons? If his elder brother is taken to the Demon Clan, it is really difficult to rescue him.

Thorny stared at Yeji again: "You ask him."

Wu Ruo, looking at the beautiful Yeji, probably guessed some reasons.

Hei Xieyu took his hand: "As long as you know where your brother is, everything else will be easier."

Wu Ruo shook his hand, and felt relieved. What surprised him was that Wu Bamboo ’s disappearance was also related to thorns. Then he thought of one thing: "I think I know who stole three Seven stones. "

Ye Ji flashed his eyes fiercely: "Who is it?"

"Wu Yu." Since Wu Ruo met Wu Yu when he came to the capital, he felt that his brother's disappearance was related to Wu Yu. Combined with what Wu Yu said, he was sure that he took the Yu Zhi San Qi Shi People cannot get in touch with Wu Yu.

"Who is this person?"

"My Wu family is my fifth brother."

Ji Yi is a little speechless: "The person who wants to kill this seat is your fifth brother, but the person who rescues this seat is your eldest brother?"

"If we have a bad relationship with Wu Yu, we should say that we have a bad relationship with the entire Wu family."

Ji Yi lived with them for a while, and naturally knew their affairs.

Ye Ji asked, "Where is Wu Yu now?"

Hei Xieyu said, "Since the Fourth Clan Festival has gone to the Yao Clan, I haven't returned. Because someone helped him, my people have been dumped by him. I don't know where he is now.

Thorny lowered his face: "That said, he can't find the account until he returns from the demon tribe."

Wu Ruodao: "It seems that this can only be the case. A few people who are better with Wu Yu are also with Wu Yu. They should also have stolen your Sanqi Stone."

"There is no way to wait like this, I don't know when they will return."

"They're not demons. They will come back sooner or later. Maybe the next four ethnic festivals will come out of the demons. I just want to know the whereabouts of my elder brother."

Ye Ji assured Wu Ruo: "This seat will definitely find the elder brother for you."

"If there is my brother's whereabouts, I hope you can inform us immediately."

"Yes." Ye Ji thought for a while and then said, "Protect your children. The princess of the Demon Clan may start to your children."

Wu Ruo's heart tightened: "Is it because of Sanqi Stone?"

Ye Ji nodded.

"You have stolen Sanqi Stone from the Demon Princess?"

Ye Ji: "..."

Sickly laughed: "It was he who cheated out his marriage.

Ye Ji: "..."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Chapter 138: Discover the truth

Half a month after Ye Ji stayed in Heifu, Ling Mohan finally lifted the heat and poison plague. When everyone's typhoid fever improved, Ling Mo Han took people back to the Imperial City.

The emperor's dragon was in great joy and immediately rewarded Ling Mohan and his party. However, Ling Mohan refused the reward on the grounds that he should be a prince who should solve the problems for the people. fall.

Later, Ling Mohan handed in a memorial and participated in a book of Wu Chenzi fiercely.

The emperor was very angry when he learned that the heat was caused by the festival of the four ethnic groups. However, he only punished Wu Chenzi for one year. He let Wu Chenzi think for two months when he returned home. Disadvantageous and was temporarily disqualified from the dynasty, and in the months to come can only be a prince doing nothing.

Ling Mohan had already guessed such a result in the morning, so after hearing the emperor's punishment for Wu Chenzi, he was very calm. Then he glanced at the adults next to him.

The adult knew and came out and said, "Is it appropriate to find someone to take care of the affairs of the National Normal University while the National Normal University is under review at home?

The emperor thought for a while: "It is Yan Tianshi who temporarily assumes the position of the National Normal University."

Wu Chenzi looked fierce, bowed his head, and clenched his lips tightly.

Ling Mohan slightly hooked his lips.

In Si Tianjian, besides Wu Chenzi, the biggest one is Yan Tianshi. Unfortunately, Wu Chenzi is under the pressure of everything, and now he finally has the opportunity to stand up.

After going down, Ling Mohan walked out of the hall with a smile.

Ling Zisheng, who had been waiting outside, quickly greeted him and asked, "Is the emperor rewarded?"

Ling Mohan said the upwards again.

Ling Zisheng said excitedly: "Finally, that old man was driven out of the rank of master."

Ling Mohan narrowed his eyes narrowly: "This is only temporary. If you want to completely remove him from the rank of master, you need to plan well.

He looked at Ling Zisheng "I haven't got a reward for you, don't you blame this palace?"

Ling Zisheng rolled his eyes: "Everything the Emperor rewards is nothing more than gold and silver jewellery. I don't lack these. Besides, I just send someone to find herbs for treating colds. I haven't helped your cousin. What you really want to thank It was the husband who was right. If it weren't for her, how could we face Wu Chenzi directly. "

Ling Mohan nodded, returned to the official palace, and took out a waist card to yell at it: "Heiyang."

Then Heiyang appeared in front of them: "I don't know what His Royal Highness has commanded?"

"It's really thanks to your wife that you can solve the fever this time. If you can, this palace wants to invite him out for a meal."

Hei Yang raised an eyebrow: "My master doesn't like that he has too much contact with other men.

This was explained by Hei Xieyu in the morning. If the prince invited Wu Ruo to eat, or to see things alone, he refused on the spot.

Lingmo Han froze. In his heart, Wu Ruo was a man and man, so he didn't respond to what Heyang meant.

Ling Zisheng smiled: "Is your master jealous?"

"Yes," Heiyang said very honestly.

Ling Mohan: "..."

"Cousin, since that lady's husband has tasted, I'll pay another way to be grateful to their wife, such as rewarding her with some gold and silver treasures. You think she must have spent a lot of effort to make so many potions Is it too stingy to just go out for dinner? "

Lingmohan nodded reluctantly, and ordered someone to carry a box of gold and silver jewellery and let Heiyang take it back. In fact, he really wanted to meet up with Wu Ruo. He wanted the two to sit down and talk and share their joys. Now he can't see anyone, and he feels a bit lost.

After Hei Yang left, Ling Zisheng saw Ling Yanghan sitting in a chair without a word, and asked strangely, "Cousin, what's wrong with you?"

Wasn't your mood good? Why did you suddenly become listless?

Ling Mohan shook his head: "It's all right."

Ling Zisheng turned his eyes and asked, "Cousin, wouldn't you like that lady?"

After being refused to eat, his cousin became unhappy.

Ling Mohan froze, his face slumped, "What are you talking about?"

The other person is a man, how could he like men.

"It's just fine." Ling Zisheng breathed a sigh of relief: "You are a prince, but the other party is a married woman, who is not worthy of you, and the aunt and empress won't let you be with such a woman.

Ling Mohan glared at him: "Say blindly and guess what's wrong, you hurried out of the palace, and they haven't seen you for a month, they must be anxious to wait for you to go back."

"I'll go now, cousin, you remember owing me a meal." Ling Zisheng smiled and turned away from the Prince's Palace.

Lingmo smiled coldly: "It is ridiculous to say that this palace likes Wu Ruo. How could this palace like men?"

After saying this, he had a beautiful face in his head again, and he couldn't even shake it.

Ling Zisheng came out of the Prince's Palace, and happened to meet Wu Chenzi coming out of the second emperor's official palace.

Wu Chenzi's face was dark and stinky, and he glanced at Ling Zisheng lightly. He left the emperor with the **** who led the way, returned to Wufu by carriage, and didn't eat any meal. He closed himself in the room and reflected on all recent events .

He found that after the birthday feast, no matter what he did, it was very unsuccessful, and it was really annoying that he wanted to use divination to take advantage of it, and it was really annoying, and this time the fever and plague was almost like someone was Counting him like that, otherwise why can't I receive a beast weed?

Who is going to harm him?

Wu Chenzi repeated the matter from beginning to end. On that day, if he did not know that beast-grass can cure fever, he would not be in a hurry to bring the second prince to the emperor to take care of the fever. And suppose he hadn't heard that Wu Ruo sent guards to talk about hot and poisonous things, and he wouldn't be curious to see if the Ubuds had any effect after drinking the soup.

He looked stunned, and everything seemed to start with Wu Ruo sent people to raise animal beasts.

Wu Chenzi seriously thought about the whole thing again, and then found a doubt. He thought that he was well informed. As long as what happened in the Imperial City could not hide his eyes, he hadn't learned the heat yet. Why did Wu Ruo know about the fever before the poison? And know that raising beast grass is used to cure fever poison?

After the heat spread, the person who knew that raising beast grass could cure the heat poison, or else he would take the opportunity to earn a lot of money, or he would kindly tell the matter about raising the beast grass to cure the heat poison, but there was no one. Lifting beast grass can cure fever poison.

Wu Chenzi thinks more and more that Wu Ruo is suspicious, and even suspects that Wu Yang's acquisition of the animal husbandry is a certain number of Wu. Although he does not know how Wu Ruo knew about the heat and poison in advance, he could never get rid of him.

Thinking of Wu Ruo, he also thought of the greedy and selfish people in the Wu family of Gao Lingcheng. If it were not Wu Ruo, he would not have spread this large group of people, causing a large loss of silver and herbs.

Wu Chenzi frowned, and found that many things are related to Wu Ruo, just like his granddaughter Wu Weixue. If Wu Weixue liked Wu Ruo's husband, Hei Xuan, his granddaughter would not be destroyed with water. The appearance of his great-granddaughter will not make everyone aware of the situation, and more will not happen later.

The more he thought, the more wrong he was, because he also thought that someone was harming Wu Weixue, so he quickly rushed to bring him the peach who took care of Wu Weixue.

When Zhitao was brought in front of him, he almost did not recognize that the girl in front of him who was covered with scars was his granddaughter's personal niece.

Wu Chenzi asked the steward, "How could she be beaten like this?"

The housekeeper explained: "Because she didn't take care of Miss Wei Xue, Madam Er Xiao put her in jail and was beaten by the guards every morning before she let her go."

Wu Chenzi frowned: "Feed her a wound medicine, I have something to ask."


Zhitao took the elixir, and the pain in his body was relieved a lot in a moment, and finally he was able to speak, "Slave met the Master."

Wu Chenzi asked: "The deity wants to ask you something, and you have to answer it truthfully."

Zhi Tao answered weakly, "Yes."

"Thanks to my dear understanding of Li'er, Li'er is a shy little girl who can't do anything to rob a man from someone. What is the reason for Wei Xue that Li'er robs her from her?"

Zhitao honestly said, "It's because Heihe praised Miss Yanli in front of her, and said that Miss Yanli was better than Huajiao. The lady was so angry that she thought that Miss Yanli robbed her of a man.

Wu Chenzi squinted his eyes narrowly: "Are you sure that Hei Xun really said that Ren Xue was better than Hua Jiao?"

Although he didn't understand this person, it was impossible for a non-talking person to praise another girl in front of one girl, let alone Wu Ruo was also present.

"Very sure."

When Wu Chenzi heard this, he felt strange. He seemed to intentionally tell Wu Weixue to make Wu Weixue jealous, and then a large number of things happened.

"My dean asks you again, how many people know about hydration?"

"Just Miss, Slave and Master Yan Lan."

"No fourth person knows it? For example, Wei Xue likes Hei Xieyu, and then, telling Hei Xieyu about hydration when she is in a hurry?"

Zhitao shook his head: "No, the lady has never had the opportunity to contact the black boy alone, and the black boy has not stated that he likes the miss and how can he tell the black boy.

Wu Chenzi frowned, and asked impassively: "Have you been accidentally discovered by Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo, or have you accidentally seen hydration?"

"No." Then Tao thought of something, and said, "Maybe I have seen it."

Wu Chenzi hurriedly asked, "What's going on?"

Zhitao talked about hitting Wu Ruo with hydration water, but accidentally hit the fake skin on Hei Xieyu's face: "This is how the fake skin on Heizi's face came off, and the lady also liked Heizi at that time. "

Wu Chenzi slumped his face, perhaps at that time, if they found the existence of the water-enhancing water, and then used Wu Weixue's love for black shame to hurt Wu Weixue's reputation, and finally, Wu family and the other four There was a suspicion at home.

Hello you a Wu Ruo, you a black shame.

Wu Chenzi slaps the desktop in anger, and the scared peach shrinks away, afraid to look at Wu Chenzi's face.

No wonder after Wu Ruo destroyed Ling Mohan's Jiugong Longyu, Ling Mohan simply let him go. It turned out that the two had colluded together to deal with Wu family.

very good.

Wu Chenzi closed her angry eyes, took a deep breath, and then opened her eyes again, her eyes calmed down.

Wu Ruo, Hei Xieyu, deity, you wait for the deity, the deity will make you pay for it.

When Wu Chenzi discovered that Wu Ruo had designed everything, Wu Ruo was sharing silver with Numu in the hall of Heifu: "Master, you worked hard a while ago. This is the gold and silver treasure that the prince gave me. We are half of us. "

Numu was also not polite to him. After receiving a pile of gold and silver jewellery, Haha laughed: "Even if there is more silver in the future, I will no longer do the work of refining and raising animal beasts. This is really not done by people."

Wu Ruo laughed: "In the future, there will be fever and poison plagues, and you can just drink herbs and boil it."

He pushed his other half of the gold and silver treasures in front of Hei Xieyu: "These silvers are all for you. Buy whatever you want?"

Numu joked: "Are you handing over your private house money? Xiaoruo, I really can't see it, you are afraid of your husband."

Hei Xuan's mouth twitched slightly. Before, she still minded the gold and silver jewelry sent by Wu Ruo Ling Mo Han, but now she saw Wu Ruo penniless, and she felt relieved instantly.

Wu Ruo grabbed Hei Xuan's neck: "I'm not afraid of my husband, but it hurts my husband. I will work hard to earn money for my husband, can't I?"

"Okay, okay." Numu looked at Hei Xuanxi with admiration: "You see your husband, Jundule, blossoming."

In fact, he did not exaggerate, and Hei Xuan's indifferent handsome face only showed a slight smile.

Wu Ruo was very happy to see him happy.

"Well, I won't disturb your husband." Nou stood up with a smile, and left the hall with her silver and gold robes.

Wu Ruo asked: "Don't you just want me to take Ling Mohan's money?"

When he opened the box that Hei Yang brought back, he felt that Hei Xuan was not happy.

"Um." Hei Xieyu did not deny.

The reason he didn't like it was because he noticed that Ling Mohan might like Wu Ruo from the incident that Wu Weixue became a beggar, and felt that such a move was clearly to please Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo explained: "Master and I worked so hard to refine the beast grass, but in the end the reputation was taken up by the prince, but I did n’t get anything from the master, and it ’s not too much to take him, is n’t it? You promise, he won't be asked to pay any more money in the future. "

Although he didn't know the real reason for Hei Xie's unhappiness, it was his main purpose to make the husband happy.

Hei Xuanyu said softly, "Far away from Ling Mohan in the future."

Wu Ruoxi smiled, was his husband jealous?

Chapter 139: black market

The autumn day in August was still extremely hot, and the fiery red sun was shining on the ground. People's sweat fell like rain and fell from all parts of the face and neck. Now the fever is over, everyone's health has improved, and many people have come from afar and poured into the city, and the imperial city has restored the lively scene of the past.

"Pakse has entered the city." After seeing Pakse, the Wu clan responsible for monitoring the gates of the imperial city immediately returned to Heifu to report to Numuyu.

Numu said: "Then the ghosts will monitor them."

Ghosts can be invisible, not so easy to find.

Wu Ruo said strangely: "It stands to reason that they should have been to the Imperial City early in the morning.

Numu sneered "Israel's lascivious temperament must have met a beautiful girl or a young man on the way, and then stopped to play with enough people to go, before another fever occurred. What happened to them before the plague passed Will enter the city.

Wu Ruo: "..."

At this time, Wu Xi, who had learned from Wu Chenliu Mansion, ran in, took the cup at Wu Ruo's table, and muttered the water into his stomach.

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "The tea I've had."

"I don't mind drinking second brother's saliva." Uxi wiped the tea from the corner of her mouth with her hand.

Wu Ruo: "..."

When did his little girl become so rude?

Must have been with Numu and Numu's companions for a long time, their temperament has become cheerful, and their manners have become less beautiful. However, this seems to be good, and it is much better than the shy temper in the last life. .

Wu Xi put down the tea cup and said, "Second Brother, before I came back, I heard my Master say that one month later, it will be the annual test of the top ten families. He made me ready for the competition. I did not want to go, but he said People in the top ten families are in the capital city, whether directly or by line, whether you have high or low abilities, and whether you have been kicked out of the top ten families, as long as those who were once the top ten families must participate. "

As soon as Wu Ruo's eyebrows were twisted, he forgot to have such a test. He had only participated in the previous life once, but it was only after that test that he gradually gained popularity.

Wu Xi anxiously grabbed Wu Ruo's arm: "Second Brother, you have no spiritual power. If you go to the contest, you will be beaten. I heard that the means of the top ten families are very cruel. After coming to power, They will use all their means to torture the coins against their family. I think you still leave the Imperial City for a while and come back after the game is over. "

Numu looked at Wu Ruo and took a sip of water calmly.

With his apprentice's current ability, even with no spiritual power, he can control the magician of the second and third spirit level by using the magic technique.

Wu Ruo opened Ushi's hand: "You hurt me."

"Sorry, brother." Uhi quickly withdrew his hand.

Wu Ruo poured a glass of water for her: "Did your Master not tell you that one month before the game, people in the top ten families cannot leave the Imperial City to avoid the test? Otherwise, they will be dealt with by the family. "

"Yes." Uxi spit to calm himself. "I just want my second brother to try and see if he can leave."

Numuha laughed: "Xiao Xi, don't worry about your second brother, even if he has no spiritual power, he can cope with low-level magicians with his medical skills. Besides, the test of the top ten families is not a battle of life and death. Just fine. "

"Yeah." Uxi smiled happily: "Look at me in such an anxiety that I forgot to admit it on the stage."

She put down her tea cup: "Second Brother, I'll go back to the backyard to take a rest first, and I'll interrupt you to talk about things."

Ushi jumped out of the hall happily.

Numu said with a smile: "Xiao Xi's temper is very lively."

Wu Ruo smiled.

Pick up the tea that Uxi just drank and put it on the lips to block the corner of the mouth.

This time, he will not give Bashir any chance to escape.

Numu looked at Wu Ruo: "You don't plan to let your family know about spiritual things?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

At that time, his mother reminded him that before he was not strong, he couldn't tell anyone about mystery in his brain, but he didn't say that he couldn't talk about spiritual things. Now there is a test of the top ten families. Could n’t I take this opportunity to tell my father that they have spiritual power?

Now both the husband and the master know that he has spiritual power. There is no reason not to tell his relatives and sisters, but in the Imperial City, fifth-order spiritual powers are everywhere, so the fifth-level spiritual power is still very low. Unfortunately, because of the heat and poison, the emperor has ordered the suspension of the Four Clan Festival and banned the opening of other three ethnic passages, and he has lost an opportunity to absorb the spirit power of the ghost clan.

And is this time to try not to expose his spiritual power?

Wu Ruo thought about it and thought it was better to let it go. When it was time to expose it, he couldn't hide it even if he wanted to hide it.

"Hey boy is back." Numu picked up the snack on the table and squeezed it into his mouth. "He seems to be very busy lately, and he has come out early and late every day. Is there any trouble?"

Wu Ruo looked at the black man who walked in from the gate, and stood up and said, "He killed several ghost clan under his hand. He guessed it was the enemy of his clan, so he investigated it."

He stepped out of the hall, greeted him, and asked Hei Xuyi, "Did you find out who killed you?"

Hei Xutang beside him said: "No, but it is definitely done by people in our clan. It seems that this time, there are many people who have sneaked out of the clan."

Wu Ruo asked, "Is it tricky?"

Hei Xietang was depressed: "It's mainly because we are in the light, they are in the dark, and they are more disadvantaged."

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "They should be watching us nearby."

Hei Xietang said, "Ma'am, you must leave your elder brother with you when you go out."

Wu Ruo frowned. "They will deal with me?"

"Well, they ..."

Before Hei Xie often finished speaking, Hei Xieyu interrupted with a voice: "When I came back, I bought a black market entry order. Are you interested in going to the black market?

Hei Xietang excitedly said, "I'm interested."

Hei Xu glanced at him: "I didn't ask you."

"Brother, you're partial."

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xietang and Hei Xieyu, and saw that they had something to hide from him. However, he did n’t want him to worry, so he nodded and said, "I haven't been out for a long time. I can just go out and stroll around. I Ask my father and mother if they can go. "

"I'll go too." Numu stepped out of the hall and said, "There are many things on the black market that you can't buy in the Imperial City. I need to bring in more silver and sell things by the way.

He turned back to the yard to pack his bags.

Wu Ruo also went to the back yard to find Wu Qianqing, but only Wu Xi and Dandan were willing to go to the black market.

When they came to the front yard, Hessin and Heigan had arranged the formation, and then put the black market entry order on the formation. Everyone went to the formation, started the formation, and the next moment, people disappeared into the formation. .

The black market is being built in the ghetto, in the middle of the four ethnic channels. Only by purchasing the black market entry order to start the formation, can the black market be transmitted to the black market. The black market is divided into four areas, namely, the human race, the demon race, the ghost race, and the demon race. However, the people who come from the human race can only stay in the human race area. They cannot cross the border to buy and sell things in other areas. The four-ethnic passage will be opened to traffic, but such opportunities are rare, maybe only once a year, or only once every two years.

Wu Ruo they came to the black market. Heigan first bought several hats at the stall selling black hats at the gate of the black market and put them on everyone's faces. Even their eggs had a small hat. After entering the black market, they You will see people wearing draperies all over the street.

Ushi curiously asked, "Why should everyone wear a cap?"

Hei Xietang explained: "This is a rule set by the owner of the black market, which can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, such as two enemies walking face to face, but because they wear a cap, they cannot recognize each other, so they will not fight Now. "

"So that's the case."

Numu said, "I'm walking around myself to see if anyone wants my goods."

Hei Xuan 翊 slightly forehead: "See you at the gate from time to time."

"Father, I'm going to eat that flat cake ..." Egg Yan pointed at the stall beside him excitedly.

Hei Xutang squeezed his little nose with amusement: "Everywhere I go, I want to eat."

Wu Xi saw that the flatbread was very delicious, and she was particularly envious: "I want to eat it too."

Wu Ruo said, "Buy it."

Hexin took out the silver to the hawker and bought two big cakes.

The hawkers got the silver and fry them hot cakes.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu waited beside them, by the way, to see if there was anything they wanted to buy. Suddenly, Wu Ruo was slammed into a bump. If it wasn't for Hei Xunyi's help, he would have fallen to the ground.

The person who hit Wu Ruo was a man, and he quickly apologized: "Sorry, I didn't notice anyone nearby, are you all right?"

Wu Ruo heard the sound familiar, so he didn't say anything, just waved his hand to show that it was all right.

The man seemed to be in a hurry. Look at Wu Ruo, and then look at the others: "Sorry, I have something to do."

He turned and left in a hurry, and at that moment, the black veil of the bonnet floated, and Wu Ruo saw the other's face from the gap.


Wu Ruo slightly hesitated.

This person has not been seen since what happened to Pakse.

Why is he here, and who is he here for?

"Second Brother, where did the man's voice seem to have been heard just now." U Xi said while eating the hot cake.

"Well, it sounds familiar." Wu Ruo didn't want U Xi to think of the filthy scene, so he didn't say that the person was U Xia.

"Second Brother, this flatbread is delicious. Would you like a bite?"

Wu Ruo refused: "It is inconvenient to wear a veil, please eat it yourself."

Immediately, there was a commotion in the house not far away. It seemed that someone was fighting. The noise was very intense. Everyone was afraid of being hit by the fish pond and ran away.

When Wu Ruo saw the noise coming from the direction Wu Xia left, he could not help pulling Hei Xieyu to walk over and take a look.

Chapter 140: Shy

The place where the accident happened was a pharmacy. The patients in the clinic were frightened and ran out. There was a roar of anger in the pharmacy: "Pakse. You bastard, I want to kill you."

This is Uxia's voice. Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked at each other, Pakse? Is Pakse here? Didn't he just enter the city? Why did you come to the black market?

I saw three men with hoods running out of a man who wasn't wearing pants and opened his front robes. The surrounding girls saw the naked men and screamed.

Wu Ruo hadn't had time to see the situation clearly, and his eyes suddenly turned black, and his eyes were covered by Hei Xuanyu.


"Uncle Si, that person also has a small egg." The egg that was approached by Hei Xietang saw the man's lower body and giggled.

"You egg, you can't look at this, it will have a pin-eye." U Xi quickly covered her egg's eyes.

"You, a girl who hasn't been out of the cabinet, can't look at this." Hei Xietang quickly covered Wu Xi's eyes.

Uhi: "..."

Pakse hurriedly put on his pants, put on his robes, and said angrily, "Uxia, you are enough. You have been hunting from the south to the black market. Is it necessary to be so serious? Or do you want me to be responsible to you? Tell you, it's impossible, I won't ask you. "

"You **** fart, I just want to kill you to vent your anger now." Wu Xia recruited the two beast spirits of his contract and attacked Basil's men.

"Uxia?" Uhi said in surprise: "That person is Uxia? Ah, I remember, the one who just hit the second brother is Uxia, no wonder the sound is so familiar, why is he here?"

Wu Ruo couldn't see what was happening, so he asked Hei Xuyi: "What's the situation now?"

"The guard of the black market is here." Hei Xieyu let go.

Wu Ruo saw more than a dozen patrol guards rushing over, "What is going on here?"

Pakse hurriedly pointed at Usha and said, "Master Guard, this man violated the rules of the black market and he will be arrested soon."

"Pakse, you bastard." Uxia raised her sword angrily.

The lead guards looked at Pakse and Uxia: "Bring them all back.

"Yes." The patrol guard's spiritual order was higher than Uxia, and he cured his beast spirits, and then arrested Uxia.

Pakse they were also captured by the guards: "It's not us who are in trouble, why do we even catch us?"

The patrol guard said: "After you go back and find out what happened, if you don't violate the black market rules, you will naturally be released.

In this way, Pakse and Usha were forced out of the drug store. Suddenly, the lead guard stood up straight and saluted a young man passing by: "I have seen the director."

The young man glanced at him lightly, and kept walking forward.

Wu Ruoding glanced at his eyes, his eyes flashed with surprise, and he kept his voice down and asked Hei Xieyu, "Isn't that the person who gave gifts to my grandfather?"

Hei Xieyu also noticed the other person's appearance: "Um."

Wu Ruo wondered: "Why is he here? And also the general manager here, is my grandfather here?"

Hei Xuanxi frowned and said, "When he gave a gift, he only said that he was sent by your grandfather, but he didn't say it was your grandfather. Maybe he just entrusted us with gifts."

"So too."

"Of course, it doesn't preclude your grandfather being here, too."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Even if his grandfather is here, they should not recognize each other.

Hei Xieyu held up his hand: "We can only stay here until night, we must hurry and see what to buy"

"Um." Wu Ruo looked at the drugstore in front of his eyes and said with a smile, "Did you say that Basher came here to find a doctor to check his life?"

Seeing just now, eight or nine are inseparable from ten.

"It should be. I heard that the doctors in the black market are very skilled in treating incurable diseases."

"It looks like he was really hurt there."

Hei Xuanyu squeezed his hand, indicating that he did not like to mention the other men's privacy outside.

Wu Ruo smiled even greater.

Hei Xin and Hei Gan had goods to sell and went to the auction house.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu went around the street, and when they saw the fun, delicious, or unseen items, they all bought them one by one. Heigan came over and said to Hei Xieyu : "Birth child, my subordinate heard that the black market will auction two superb gods.

Under normal circumstances, the auction market on the black market will not disclose the items to be auctioned on the day, the purpose is to give other ordinary wizards more opportunities to obtain rare items.

Hei Sui asked: "Is the message accurate?"

"Everyone is spreading this story. We secretly asked the director of the black market. He smiled and did not deny it. I think it should be true.

"When does the auction start?"

"After half an hour."

"Well, let's wait until the meeting is over, and you can inquire about what else is worth buying at the auction."


Wu Ruo asked after Hegan left: "Do you want to buy the best **** Dan?"

"Well, it will give you a higher level."

Wu Ruo was very pleased that Hei Xieyu thought about him: "But this thing should be expensive."

Hei Xietang who followed him laughed and said, "Da'er, don't worry, we brought a lot of silver tickets, and the goods that my elder brother let Heixin sell will definitely make my elder brother make a lot of money.

"We still don't buy so many things first, so as not to spend too much money.

Hei Xieyu nodded in agreement.

At the meeting, many people will surely grab the best divine spirit, and keep silver for future use.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu walked around before they went to the auction market on the black market.

The auction field is very simple. In the open area, use a white cloth to surround a large circle, and then set up an auction table in the middle. Those who want to enter the venue only need to pay five or two silvers. There are no boxes and no seats. In order not to block People from the back watched, placing only a few rows of chairs in front of the desk. They were very casual. Whoever arrived first could grab the chairs and sit down.

Wu Ruo came late and could only stand close to the auction stand to watch. The first auction item came out was a pet that resembled a rabbit and a cat. But after hearing that the starting price was fifty-two thousand silver, the whole man was stunned.

Wu Ruoda wanted to buy a pet for her, but at the end of the auction, there may be a superb **** spirit, and silver must be left in reserve. Moreover, opportunities are rare, not always encountered, so you can only wait for future opportunities Buy her another or grab a pet for her.

The items at the auction were strange and weird, selling monsters, slaves of demons, and rare materials.

Wu Ruo fancy two precious and precious medicinal materials, can only let others take away.

An hour later, the auctioneer finally came up with the superb **** of magic. Suddenly, the entire auction became lively and exciting. Everyone looked like they were moving, and those with silver in their pockets had shiny eyes and a pair of Imperative look.

"Everyone should know that Need for Spirit Dan is an elixir to improve the spirit level, then I will not explain the magical effect of Shen Ling Dan, and there are two rare Need for Shen Ling in this auction. Do n’t miss it once, but ... ”The auctioneer ’s tone changed, and everyone ’s minds followed:“ This time, the superb Spirit Dan is not going to be auctioned separately. If you want to buy, you can only buy two together. Therefore, the reserve price is one million two silver, and the price cannot be lower than ten thousand each time. "

Everyone heard it, and those without money could only stare at it. The rich people quickly took out the silver tickets in the money bag and counted, to see if they could take the best **** Dan.

"One million ... two ..." U Xi was surprised to see this scene for the first time, and opened his mouth wide. "It's just an elixir. Why is it so expensive? How much spiritual order can this elixir improve?"

Wu Ruo, who has eaten the superb **** Dan, said: "If a first-order wizard eats the **** Dan, he can directly rise to the third order, and if a fifth-order wizard eats the **** Dan, he can directly rise to the sixth order."

"Young man, listening to you, it seems that I have eaten several **** spirits." The people next to him heard Wu Ruo's words and laughed and joked: "I heard that these two **** spirits were specially taken by the master of the black market. It came out for auction. Since there was a black market, it is the first time that the master of the black market has taken out the item for auction. Moreover, this shot is two superb spiritual gods. It seems that the owner of the black market has many treasures we have never seen. "

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Does the senior know the identity of the owner of the black market?"

The man shook his head: "I don't know. No one knows his origins or his name. People who come to the black market generally call him the owner of the city. The others know nothing. Here, he may not be able to see him once a year. It is calculated that he is also wearing a mask in front of us. He can't see his face at all. On weekdays, he is all in charge.

"Director of Recording? Isn't that ordinary looking young man?"

"Yes, that's him. Don't look at him young. He is a ninth-level wizard. Few people can afford it."

Wu Ruo: "..."

so smart.

Wu Ruo secretly asked Hei Xuyi: "Do you know the identity of the owner of the black market?"

Hei Shao shook his head.

"One and a half million." Someone began to bargain, and mentioned 500,000 two at the mention. This huge number made many people retreat.

The outcry smiled proudly, and it seemed that few people had the ability to rob him of the best **** Dan.

Then someone shouted, "Two million two."

The face of those who bargained before changed.

Uxi's eyes widened, and it cost two million for less than half a column of incense.

"Three million two."

"Two for four million."


"Ten ten million."

As soon as this outcry came out, several people immediately thought of canceling the bidding. Few people dared to make outcry again. If they couldn't afford it after the outcry, the consequences were very serious, and maybe they could not enter the black market in the future.

Wu Ruo looked silently at Hei Xuanyu: "Is silver enough?"

Hei Xieyu simply said forcefully: "Enough."

Wu Ruo: "..."

He also said that he would raise this man, but two elixir would cost more than ten million yuan. When will he be able to earn ten million yuan, it seems that he will work hard to refining elixir in the future, because his husband will spend too much money. Money.

Hei Xuyi thought he was worried that he couldn't buy the elixir, and he comforted: "Rest assured, I will buy it."

Wu Ruo said: "I just want to work hard to make money in the future, otherwise, I really can't afford you."

Hei Xuanyu was so glad to hear this, he couldn't help but laughed softly.

Wu Ruo quickly put his head in front of him, trying to see his smile clearly.

Hei Xiu held the man directly in his arms, and kissed him on the lips across the black veil.

Hei Xietang coughed, "Big brother, big sister, pay attention to the occasion."

Dandan smiled at them both: "Father, father, shy."

Wu Xi shook her cheeks with a red smile, seeing that her brother and his husband were so loving, she was both happy and envious, hoping that she could find a husband who could hurt her in the future.

Wu Ruo's cheeks were a little hot, and it wouldn't have been nice to see anyone without black gauze across them.

Hei Xuan looked at the black stem behind him.

Heigan understood and raised his hand and called, "30 million."

Everyone exclaimed.

The price tripled at a glance. If it weren't for someone with a strong family base, it wouldn't be worth the price.

The seniors who talked to Wu Ruo enviously watched them.

Uhi stared at Hegan with wide eyes.

The auctioneer said excitedly: "The price of the two elixir drugs has already been mentioned at 20 million. Has anyone exceeded this price?"

There was a buzzing on the field, but no one bid, and the people who had previously bid were glared at Wu Ruo where they stood.

"Thirty million, for the first time."

The auctioneer looked at all the people present, and when no one raised his hand, he shouted again: "Thirty million, for the second time, there will be no one asking again. If there is no one, then ..."

He hadn't finished talking, and suddenly, a figure rushed from the seat to the auction table, and the speed was quite fast. If a gust of wind passed, the auction officer and the surrounding guards could not respond.

The figure snatched away the superb **** Dan from the auctioneer and ran away.

The crowd screamed, "Someone is robbing the auction."

The guards quickly besieged, and the others hurriedly aside.

The auctioneer shouted to the backstage: "Secretary General, someone grabbed the superb god."

The director's divine appearance flashed, blocking the way for the robbers, and quietly said, "Put down the miracles, and spare your life."

The robber hummed, and then five men jumped to the robber: "Economics, you go first."

The economy nodded and turned away.

Hei Xuantang looked for a moment: "Brother, it seems they are."

Hei Xie waved a hand, and his fingertips flew out to hit the economy.

Jing Lian's face changed, and he avoided the attack.

Hei Xutang rushed over and stopped Jing Rong's way.

Wu Ruo asked quickly: "Those people are the ones who escaped from your tribe?"

Hei Xunyu nodded and instructed Heigan: "Protect Xiaoruo if they are."

Then, he jumped up and fell in front of the economy.

Jing Lian looked at Hei Xietang and Hei Xieyu, and looked at them warily: "Who are you?"

Hei Xietang sarcastically said: "A grand right-handed adult, who has fallen to the point of grabbing elixir, presumably the night ghosts of Gaolingcheng have caused Xiu to lose a lot of spiritual power?"
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