Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 121-130

Chapter 121: One amazing

Wu Ruo came to the hall and saw two large boxes at the feet of the owner of the ready-to-wear shop, while the owner of the jewelry shop was holding two small boxes.

The two bosses said to Wu Ruo with a smile: "My son, these are the robes and jewellery you made three days ago. If you are dissatisfied, they open the lid of the box and box and let Wu Ruo inspect.

Wu Ruo glanced over and was very satisfied. He gave them the remaining silver, and then asked the guard to carry the box to the bedroom in the backyard.

When he entered the room, he saw Hei Xieyu sitting at the table reading a book, with a smile on his lips, and walked directly to the other's leg: "I bought you a robe and jewelry."

Hei Xuan turned the book, placed it on the table on the other side, looked at him, and watched the box raised by the eye guard: "So many?"

Since being stimulated by Wu Weixue, the person in his arms no longer feels shy like he had only a little contact. He has become particularly sticky and he is very close to him. The two are closer than before. He likes Uighur. If you rely on the feeling in his arms, sometimes even feel that the stimulus comes well.

"Not much, I will continue to buy it for you in the future." Wu Ruo hugged his neck and said the words of the last life again: "When I earn money in the future, what you want to buy, I will buy you, and later I will support you. "

A black smile flashed at the bottom of his eyes: "Can you afford me?"

"I will work hard to make money." Wu Ruo stood up and pulled him up. "Go and try to fit the robes. If they don't fit, I will ask someone to change them.

He walked to one of the boxes, opened it and said, "This box is your robe, and the other box is mine. We will wear the same in the future.

Hei Xieyu picked up the top robe and tried to go to the inner room to try it on, but Wu Ruo took his arm and said, "Try it here.

Wu Ruo closed the door and sat on the chair before Hei Xieyu: "I want to watch you change your robe."

Hei Xieyu put his robe on the chair beside him, untied his belt, took off his robe, and immediately felt two hot eyes hit him.

He looked up and saw U Ruo staring intently at his chest.

The black collar of the obscene garment is relatively low, revealing a strong and strong chest.

Wu Ruo looked so dry, and immediately turned his eyes away when Hei Xu looked at him.

Hei Xun yanked his lips and turned his back to him.

Wu Ruo was lost for a while, and felt that he was not experiencing anything. He just drooled when he saw his chest.

He bored the book on the table and turned it over, but found that the book was full of pictures of two naked men intertwined, in various poses, and he was burned.

Wu Ruo turned to the title of the book, which said "Fang, Zhong, Shu": "!!!!!!"

He always thought that Hei Xieyu was reading a serious eight hundred books, and he didn't want to read such books in broad daylight.

Wu Ruo wanted to close the book, but turned the pages one after the other without listening.

"Does it look good?" Hei Xuyi asked suddenly.

Wu Ruo said without looking up, "It looks good.‘

"Is the book good-looking? Or is it good-looking? Huh?"

As soon as Wu Ruo heard it, she quickly raised her head, and with a black eye on her face, she embarrassedly closed the book: "You look good."

It ’s really good looking black, especially when you change all black robes and put on black robes with white flowers, people look much younger, and they add a touch of indifference to the beauty of Wu Ruo Ren. Can't help but hug him, while using his wolf hand to reach into his robe, he seduced his voice in his ears and said, "In the past few days, I have taken care of my body, we will do all kinds of postures in the book today. How about it again? "

Hei Xuyi had felt some part of him push himself, his eyes darkened, and he said dumbly, "Are you sure?"

There are dozens of friendships in the book, and it is impossible to finish them in one day.

Wu Ruo said in action, tearing off his belt and kissing her **** thin lips.

Hei Xuanyu nibbled at his lips, quickly bent and hugged the person to the bed, a snap of his fingers, aura came out, the windows on both sides closed automatically, and then took off the two men's locks, and the long hair fell instantly.

Wu Ruo looked at the handsome face, suddenly a little nervous, and for the first time under the white day, he was frankly opposed to the black rendering, and every detail could be seen clearly. Instantly, the desire mentioned the highest point.

He raised his hand and took off the man's robe. When he touched the hot skin, his fingertips twitched slightly, hooked his neck, pulled him down and kissed the rolling throat, while rubbing his man's thigh gently. Sensitive area.

Hei Xieyu's breathing became heavier, while kissing the ear vortex, while fading Wu Ruo's robes, making the two hot bodies cling to each other more unhindered, Wusi intertwined, the smell merged, and the breathing of the two people was like Qinther Ming is intertwined and lingering.

The guards outside the house heard the sound of bumps and groans from the room, and they were so ashamed to leave the yard, and no one dared to disturb the two loved in the house.

At night, the moonlight rose and fell shyly. As the sun again exposed the clouds, the rough gasping in the room gradually disappeared.

Wu Ruo was lying on Heishiyu's chest panting, touching the little red dot next to his face, showing a contented smile. This was the first time I liked Heiyuyi, and it was the first time that I had done a day with this man One night, although his body was sore and painful, he was willing and wanted to be one with him.

Hei Xiu held down his restless hand: "Sleeping."

Wu Ruo looked up and nibbled at his chest: "We still have a lot of postures that are useless."

"..." Hei Xuanyu squeezed his arm lightly: "Don't die?"

Wu Ruo wasn't happy to mumble his mouth. He didn't feel sleepy. He touched Xuan Xuan's chest and touched Xuan Xuan's waist as if he didn't feel enough, so he wanted to touch this person more.

From his actions, Hei Xuanyu could feel his thoughts on himself, and could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth and caress his back.

Wu Ruo said, "When the Wu family is resolved, go home with you."

In the last life, after exchanging ideas with Hei Xieyu, I only care about sticking together every day, and forgot to ask the other person's situation at home, but sooner or later I will know, and wait patiently.

Hei Xun's motion was a slight pause, a soft hum, and continued to caress his back.

Wu Ruo turned up excitedly and kissed his lips. "Let's do it again."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

A moment later, panting sounded again in the room.

At dinner time, the two men appeared in the hall, and everyone looked at them with different looks.

Hei Xietang looked at them with a smile on his face: "If you don't do it, it's amazing."

Wu Ruo was a little embarrassed, and he was always obsessed with Hei Xie and said yes.

Wu Qianqing gave a cough, and Guan Tong, a woman, didn't like to look at them.

Wu Xi looked blank: "Second Brother, what did you do?"

Everyone crawled to Wu Ruo and asked, "Daddy, are you sick again?"

Hei Xietang hugged him: "Your dad is not only ill, he is not very ill, and he will get ill every three days."

Wu Ruo returned the child in a bad mood: "Don't talk nonsense, it will scare the child."

He rubbed his forehead hair: "Don't listen to your uncle saying that I'm in good health and it's okay. If you don't believe me, ask your father.

Hei Xuyi said with a deep expression on his face, "It's really good, so good that I was very surprised."

Hei Xingtang smiled.

Wu Ruo was so ashamed that he stretched his legs and stepped on Hei Xie.

Hei Xun blinked a smile in his eyes, held the child in his arms, and said, "Have dinner."

After eating, Hei Yang reported to Wu Ruo: "Mrs., you asked me to find out. The surname of Yao, the guard next to the National Normal University, is the sister-in-law of the third son of the Yao family owner, named Yao Jinkun. My wife's great-grandmother is an aunt-nephew. And the person who helped Wu Weixue to solve his curse was called San Lun, who had a very strange identity. Although he was dressed like us, I found that he had a silver skull bracelet on his wrist. Not like the people here. "

Wu Ruo sneered: "People here don't sacrifice or curse. Only those heads and wizards will do this, but only the heads will wear skull bracelets.

But why did this man named Sunlun deal with him?

Is it because of Pakse?

Wu Ruo thought more and more this possibility.

Sang Lun cursed Wu Weixue to make her pursue Hei Xieyu. It should be to destroy his relationship with Hei Xieyu. Secondly, Basir's life was destroyed, and Sang Lun thought that things were related to him, so he wanted to borrow Wu people deal with them.

"Keep staring at Sanlun, he should have been to more than one city."

He never talked about Qing's black shame, and said quietly, "Find his companion and kill him directly."

Black Sun's eyes flashed radon gas: "Yes."

As soon as he left, Black Letter came in with an invitation: "Master, Wu Guoshi sent someone a bunch of gifts this morning to repay his wife, and invited the master and his wife to eat dinner at Wu's house tomorrow. Said Madam's grandfather wanted to meet his wife and his in-laws. "

Wu Ruo took the invitation and sarcastically said, "Even Tian Grandfather has moved out. Wu Chenzi is worried that we will not go to the appointment. I don't know how big a conspiracy is waiting for us this time."

Hexin asked, "If you don't want to go, you can refuse."

"If you don't go, you won't be able to do some things." Wu Ruoqi whispered to Hei Xieyu's ear.

Hei Xuan frowned.

"I know this is bad, and I don't want you to do it, but who makes Wu Weixue look at you." Wu Ruo glanced at him, this is the last life, this is the same in this life, it is a disaster to face "Do you still have fake leather? You will continue to wear fake leather in the future. I won't hate you."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo stood up and rubbed his shoulders: "After I get back, I will massage you, rub, and then ..."

He lowered his head and whispered in his ear, "Then you can do whatever you want.

Hei Xin coughed uncomfortably, apparently hearing what he said.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xun nodded: "Okay."

Black letter: "..."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Chapter 122: Wu Yanli

In the early morning of the next day, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu had breakfast and left the house with a gift in a carriage. This time, Wu Xi didn't follow because he wanted to learn mystery with Wu Chenliu.

When he came to Wujia, Wuqianqing looked at Zhu Hong's door and raised his eyebrows: "I hope that bad things will not happen again."

Every time I come here, I have a very depressing feeling and I don't like it very much.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked at each other and did not speak.

The housekeeper learned that Wu Ruo had been invited by the National Teacher's University, and hurriedly welcomed them with a smile, as Wu Chenzi invited Wu Ruo to have dinner, so Wu Ruo went to see his grandfather first.

Although Wu Ruotian ’s grandfather is a sister-in-law, he is not superior in mystic skills, so the assigned yard is relatively remote, and there are relatively few guests and people who enter and leave. The atmosphere is deserted, but it has exceeded two hundred. For the elderly grandfather and grandmother, this is a very suitable place for the elderly, and no one will disturb them.

Their spiritual order is not high. It is quite difficult to live to be two hundred years old. Because of this, their looks are very old, their hair is unfair and white, their faces are full of wrinkles and dark spots, and their ears and eyes are not good. I often admit the wrong person or can't hear everyone talking. My legs tremble when I walk, which is obviously a dead person.

This is how Wu Ruo saw his heavenly grandfather and heavenly grandmother. In the memory of his last life, neither of the two old men could survive Chunyang next year.

Due to the hearing problems of the two elderly people, they could not hear what they said. Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing left the courtyard with the elderly to accompany the elderly and had a visit to Wu Xuanran.

Before the four entered the courtyard, they heard someone shouting, "Quack doctor, Quack doctor, you quack doctors, give us these common herbs, how can we heal us?"

The doctor who healed them was fed up with these people, and kicked the chair around him with angrily: "Whether the old man is a doctor, or are you a doctor? It is up to the old man to decide what medicine he should prescribe. If you don't want the old man to heal you, Then, please ask Gaoming again, maybe other doctors can heal you. "

"But we have imperial edicts. You don't see us, you just wait to be killed."

"It is written in the imperial order that the National Normal University will heal you and give you the best medicine. It is not about the husband's affairs. You ask the National Normal University to ask another doctor. The elderly husband will not be accompanied."

Then, an old man with a white beard was furious and left the yard with a medicine chest.

"Dr. Yang, Dr. Yang, they are just too worried that they will hurt their doctors to make the words unpleasant. You don't care about them, juniors." Ubu Fang hurriedly chased them out.

Dr. Yang ignored Ubud and left.

Ubud side smiled awkwardly when they saw Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing looked at each other and went into the courtyard together.

The people of Wu family in Gaoling City were sitting in the courtyard waiting for the doctor to heal them. When they saw Wu Ruo dressed in bright clothes, the noisy courtyard became very dull. Wu Qiantong couldn't control his mouth: "Come and see our joke. . "

Wu Ruo answered directly: "Yeah."


Wu Qianbin quickly held down Wu Qiantong's arm and motioned him not to quarrel with Wu Ruo. Now whether they can heal their health, it is all based on the imperial edict in Wu Ruo. Without the imperative, Wu Chenzi would ignore them and let They make trouble here unreasonably.

Wu Ruo was very happy to see everyone angered and unspeakable; "Dad, since we have seen here, let's go."

Wu Qianqing looked at his father and mother, nodded, and turned to leave.

Wu Xuanran and Mu Xiuwan wanted to stop Wu Qianqing, but what happened when they thought they stopped someone, and they couldn't leave Wujia, otherwise, who would give them money to heal them?

As soon as Wu Ruo left, Wu Qiantong snorted. He wanted to say something awkward, but remembered it, and he turned his anger on Wu Xuanran: "Hey, your good son is going to leave, and you are not ready to catch up, Let him find the best medicine for you. "

Wu Xuanran jumped angrily: "You filial son."

"I can't honor the person who cut my leg."

Wu Xuanran looked at his legs, felt guilty, and stopped arguing with him.

Some people say, "No doctors now, what should I do?"

"Let the National Normal University call us for a doctor."

The yard became noisy again.

Wu Qianqing, who has not traveled far away, sighed: "Xiao Ruo, you will go to see the Master of the National Academy, your mother and I will not pass, I said to the grandfather Gao and they returned to Heifu."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo was separated from Wu Qianqing, and the servants in the house took them to see Wu Chenzi.

As soon as the person arrived in the courtyard, the girl peach of Wu Weixue greeted them and saluted them: "The master of the National Teacher's Academy will not return until Shen Shi, and my lady let the slaves bring the two sons to the courtyard first. Tea in the pavilion. "

Wu Ruo tickled his lips: "Trouble you."

Zhiyao bowed his head with shame, and said that the man's smile was even more beautiful than that of her young lady.

In the pavilion, Wu Weixue has been waiting for a long time, looking at Hei Xieyu from afar, quickly tidying his robes, and when Wu Ruo approached, personally came forward to greet them to seat him, suppressing his obsession with Hei Xieyu, maintaining Gao Leng said on weekdays, "I asked two people to come here today, one is to apologize for the loss of courtesy, and the other is to explain that the behavior of breaking into Heifu was not self-willed."

Honestly, she couldn't remember what happened the few days she was yawned.

Wu Ruo looked at her in disguise: "I don't know what the words behind Miss Wu mean? By the way, if it is based on generations, I respectfully call you aunt and grandma."

Wu Weixue heard the word grandma, and her face flashed with a twist: "We are about the same age, so don't discuss the issue of seniority, call me Miss Wu or Wei Xue.

Of course, what she hopes most is that Hei Xieyu can call her Weixue, but unfortunately, at the pavilion, Hei Xieyu never said a word, sitting down and drinking tea with her eyes open.

"Okay, I still call you Miss Wu. What do you mean by breaking into Heifu is not your intention?"

Wu Weixue explained: "In those few days, I was cast down, and I would be rude when I was under control. Please forgive me. Honestly, I did n’t know what happened to me during those days whats the matter."

Wu Ruo knew that this was true, and smiled: "So it is true that none of us know Miss Wu, and you will be hurt if you mistake Miss Wu as an assassin. I hope you don't blame me. I don't know if Miss Wu can catch you To the one who sacrifice you? "

"Not yet." Wu Weixue was also very annoyed at the people who yelled at her, causing her to lose her face in front of her favorite person. It is said that she was thrown out of the house by the guards of Heifu that day.

At this time, Hei Xieyu stood up and walked to the side of the flower garden, quietly admiring the flowers in front.

Wu Weixue wondered: "He is ..."

Wu Ruo said with a smile: Although he doesn't like talking, he likes to enjoy flowers. How can you miss the flowers in your garden? "When Wu Weixue heard this, he quickly found an excuse:" There are many types of flowers in the garden. He must not recognize all the flowers here. I will introduce them to you, peach. You are so good at serving. "


Wu Ruo held up the tea cup and blocked the smile from the corner of her mouth.

Wu Weixue walked to Hei Xieyu: "Xue Yu, can I call you Xun Yu?"

Hei Xunyu ignored her.

Wu Weixue continued: "The flower in front of you is called Hongmenxue, don't look at it looks like a peony, in fact, it is a medicinal material. The flowers in this garden can be made into elixir. If you are interested, , I can explain to you. "

Hei Xieyu raised his hand and touched the flower core, and suddenly said, "People are better than flowers."

Wu Weixue froze, and her white cheeks quickly became ruddy. The man was bragging about her. So he likes himself too?

She was very happy, but soon found something wrong.

Hei Xiu didn't look at her or flowers, but ...

Wu Weixue looked down his gaze, and saw a beautiful woman in a Chinese suit walking slowly in front of them with the help of the nieces.

The beautiful woman found that someone had been staring at him. At first, she felt very angry. When she noticed that the person staring at her was a handsome man with an unbelievable face, her face suddenly became hot, and she could no longer restrain herself. Hei Xun looked at him.

Wu Weixue sank down his face.

The beautiful woman also saw Wu Weixue, hesitated for a moment, and walked towards Wu Weixue: "Li Er met the little aunt."

"Yan Li, why do you have time to hang out in the courtyard today?" Wu Weixue almost collapsed from the gap between her teeth. This beautiful woman is not someone else. It is his elder brother Wu Yanli ’s most beloved daughter. It is Wu Yanlan's sister.

Wu Yanli found that Wu Weixue's eyes were not right to see her, and she quickly lowered her head and said, "I have nothing to do today, so I walk out and walk around. I wonder if Li Er disturbed the aunt?"

More than bothering her, she was robbing her of a man, this cheap woman. Wu Weixue clenched his fist in his sleeve tightly, still with a smile on his face: "Today Grandpa is going to entertain guests in the garden. It's better to avoid it."

Wu Yanli reluctantly glanced at Hei Xieyu, and nodded: "Li Er's departure."

Hei Xun's eyes turned as she left.

Wu Yanli couldn't help looking back before leaving the compound.

Until she couldn't see her figure, Hei Xieyu retracted her gaze and sat back in the pavilion.

Wu Weixue stared fiercely at the direction Wu Yanli left, took a deep breath, turned back to the pavilion, and asked with a smile, "I heard that Xiu has a son, is it true?"

If this thing is true, it means that Hei Xuyi didn't like men at first, then she also has a greater chance to make Hei Xuyi like her.

Wu Ruo laughed: "Ms. Wu's news is really well informed.

"That is to say, Xun really has a child? Then why not bring him to Wu's house?"

Chapter 123: He cares

Wu Ruo explained, "The child is really naughty. If he brought him here, he would be afraid to get the flowers and grass here or bump into other people, so leave him at home and let others play with him."

This is the truth.

If you really bring the eggs here, one would be inattentive and no one would know where to go.

Wu Weixue's eyes flashed with joy, which is great. This not only shows that Hei Xiu also likes women, she can also please her children and let their children's father marry her.

Before long, Wu Chenzi returned to Wufu.

He was like entertaining VIPs, and he was kind enough to invite Wu Ruo to eat in the lobby, as if there had never been a birthday feast, like an elder, caring about Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu after marriage.

The whole dinner was very calm. It seemed that asking Wu Ruo to come to Wufu was really just a meal to pay for their sins.

After dinner, Wu Chenzi sent them out of the compound, but nothing happened.

Wu Ruo was weird, was he really just asking them to eat?

Just as they said goodbye to Wu Chenzi, the housekeeper hurried over to him: "Master Guoshi ..."

Wu Chenzi lowered his face: "Did you see that there is a guest in the deity? Is there anything you can't wait for the guest to leave?"

Wu Ruo said: "Adult National Normal University has something to do and we will not disturb you."

Wu Weixue followed and said, "Grandpa, I'll send them out."

The steward quickly said: "Master Wu Ruo, this matter is related to you, you still have to listen to the old slave, and it is not too late to leave."

Wu Ruo said in his heart that if something had happened, he didn't know what was happening.

"What is it?"

The butler looked at Wu Chenzi, and after Wu Chenzi nodded in agreement, he said, "General Ren who lived in the next house was assassinated in the house. Although the assassin had been caught, General Ren was not seriously injured and the general's wife was killed. The old lady was stunned by the stimulus on the spot. Just before, General Ren ’s personal guard came to say that the assassin had dived from our house, and the slave sent someone to check and found that this person was ... ”

Having said that, he stopped and looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo's heart tightened, and he vaguely guessed who the assassin said by the housekeeper.

Wu Chenzi was furious: "What are you talking about, go ahead, who is it?"

The steward quickly said, "Master Returning to China, the assassin is Master Wu Ruoqing's father, Wu Qianqing."

Wu Ruo took a breath, and his father and his mother left Wufu early in the morning? How could he assassinate General Ren?

No, he was separated from his father in the yard, and he didn't know if his father had left Wufu.

It's him who cares.

I thought he would leave Wufu with his father and his mother after eating at Tian Grandfather, but his father was cautious and bright, and would not encounter things in such a short time, but he didn't expect to be separated Later, something still happened, and also killed the general's wife ...

Hei Xunyu took his hand and Shen said, "Let's just look at the situation before talking."

Wu Weixue glanced at their hands with ten fingers, their eyes were cold, and they turned to look at Wu Chenzi: "Grandpa, let's go and see the situation first.

Then, turning his head to comfort Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, don't worry about it, maybe things are not as the housekeeper said."

Wu Chenzi nodded: "The assassin dived from our house to the general's house. We can hardly blame it. It is better for the deity to go in person."

Wu Ruo turned back to God and quickly asked, "Where is my mother?"

The steward said, "Mrs. She is still with her ancestor, and she still does not know about her husband."

Wu Ruo did not rest assured that Guan Tong was alone in Wufu, so he went to pick them up first.

On the way, Wu Ruo hurriedly asked his mother, "Mother, didn't you leave Wufu early? Why are you still in Wufu today?"

Guan Tong whispered, "Our original intention was to say goodbye to Grandfather Gao. When they went to the grandfather's yard, they were having a lunch break. It was difficult to disturb. The servants in his yard told us to let us wait for Grandpa I said goodbye before leaving, but when your grandfather woke up, he stayed with us for dinner until now. "

Wu Ruo asked again, "Do you know where Dad went?"

Guan Tong said: "Are your father not in the carriage?"

Wu Ruo wondered: "How do you think my dad is on the carriage?"

"I saw you and Xuyi coming to pick me up, thinking that your father was on the carriage and asked you to come and pick me up." Guan Tong found something wrong: "What happened to your father?"

"You said first how dad separated from you?"

"After we had supper, he said that he wanted to go to the toilet, and then let his servant take him to the thatched house. After that, he never returned." Guan Dan anxiously said, "Your father won't really happen?"

Wu Ruo told her about the situation: "Mother, don't worry when you meet, we will find a way to save my father."

"it is good."

When he came to the General's Mansion and guarded the Taby officers and soldiers at the door, Wu Ruo knew that the assassination of General Ren had been passed on. His sons, Prince and Second Prince, were sent to investigate the matter personally.

Wu Ruo they entered the house, the prince and the second prince were already sitting in the lobby interrogating the assassins bound by the iron chains. There were 34 assassins captured, all of them were wearing night clothes, and the cloth on their faces had been Tear it off.

When Ling Mohan saw Wu Ruo, he frowned.

When Wu Ruo saw this, he knew that something was bad.

Ling Mohan sneered at Wu Ruoyu: "It's you again? You won't forget that this palace warned you that if you appear in front of this palace, this palace will cut your legs."

Wu Chenzi immediately pointed to Wu Qianqing, who was lying unconscious on the ground and explained, "His Royal Highness, this is Wu Ruo's father. He learned that his father was in trouble, and of course he must check it.

General Li's deputy general was furious: "What? He is the son of the assassin's head? Come here, take this person down, Lao Tzu has to be in the presence of his deceased wife today, and have broken their father and son to pieces.

The soldiers obeyed the order and came forward to catch people, but he was blown away with a black palm.

Lingmohan said before the Vice Admiral ordered again: "Vice General Zheng, I do n’t seem to know what happened if you do n’t know what happened, so you can make things clear so he can understand.”

"Okay." Vice Admiral Zheng pointed out at the man in black and said, "These people rushed into our general's house through the gate and back door, assassinated our general, and this person ..."

He pointed to Wu Qianqing, who was unconscious, and said with excitement, "He waited for the opportunity to sneak from Ubud to the backyard of our general's mansion and assassinate our general lady and old lady. The general's wife died in his hands. I must kill him to take revenge on his wife. "

Vice Admiral Zheng angrily drew the sword from his waist.

Guan Tong exclaimed, and quickly flew to Wu Qianqing. "My husband and the general have no injustice and revenge, and it is impossible to kill the general's wife.

Wu Ruo stared at Vice Admiral Zheng coldly.

Vice Admiral Zheng said indignantly: "These men in black said that they were ordered by your husband, is there any fake?"

Guan Tong cried, "Someone must have framed my husband. Will the lieutenant, please wait for my husband to wake up and ask for a clarification before making a conclusion?"

Wu Chenzi also said vocally, "Vice General Zheng and the deity also think that it is more appropriate to wait for someone to wake up and ask things clearly."

Wu Ruo looked at Wu Chenzi and had a bad hunch in his heart. He always felt that after his father woke up, he might really not be able to clean up his crime.

Hei Xuanyu noticed that he was nervous, and could not help pinching his hand.

Lingmo Han shouted: "I want to ask clearly. People on the ground are from Wujia, and they came from Wujia. Maybe who directed him to come."

The second prince never sneered, "Brother Prince, do you mean that the Wu family sent this person to assassinate Ren?"

"My official is a matter of fact. People from Wu's family came to assassinate people from Wu's courtyard. Shouldn't Wu's family be questionable?"

The second prince was furious and half-dead, and looked at Vice Admiral Zheng angrily: "Vice General Zheng, please check with the officer to prevent anyone from framed the Wu family."

Vice Admiral Zheng thought for a while: "Okay, for the sake of the National Normal University, Prince Edward and the Second Prince, just wait for this person to wake up and ask the matter clearly. Come, bring cold water."

The soldier came in with a bucket of water and splashed into Wuqian.

Wu Qianqing did not respond.

Vice Admiral Zheng frowned: "Why didn't you wake up?"

Wu Ruo exhaled lightly.

Guan Tong was frightened for a while, yanked his fingers and peeped into his nose, and when he breathed out, he quickly shook Wu Qianqing's body: "Qian Qing, Qian Qing, wake up soon.

While Wu Ruo stepped forward to stop her, he quietly squeezed his mother's hand: "Mother, don't worry, dad will wake up.

Guan Tong glanced at him and wiped his tears.

Vice Admiral Zheng teased, "I won't pretend to be dead."

Wu Chenzi looked at Wu Qiang and narrowed his eyes, "Let the deity see what is going on."

Wu Ruo glanced at his face, clenched his fist.

Wu Chenzi stepped forward and squatted, just to check the situation, there was a commotion outside.

The soldier outside the door said: "General Ren arrives.‘

Vice Admiral Zheng hurried out: "General, you have an injury, how did you get up?"

General Ren's face paled with sorrow and indignation: "I want to see who the murderer killed my wife is. I will personally revenge this man for my wife.

General Ren and General's wife are green plums and bamboo plums. The relationship between the husband and wife is Qi Li's affection. Now that his wife has been killed, why is his heart not hurt, he must have killed this man himself in order to sacrifice his wife in the spirit of heaven.

Vice Admiral Zheng pointed at Wu Qianqing, who fell to the ground, and said, "He killed his wife."

The young man holding General Ren's eyes turned red, immediately pulled out his sword and pointed at Wu Qianqing, crying angrily, "I will kill this man to avenge my mother."

Wu Ruo quickly grabbed his wrist: "Is it better to ask clearly before killing?"

The young man stared at Wu Ruo in pain: "What else to ask?"

Wu Ruo calmly said, "If you do n’t interrogate, what ’s the use of setting up an interrogator on that day? Also, if someone refers to whoever killed your mother, you will kill anyone. Then I mean Vice Admiral Zheng killed your mother, you Should you kill Vice Admiral Zheng without asking? "

"You fart." Vice Admiral Zheng was furious: "How could I kill my wife.

Wu Ruodan glanced at him: "I just assume."

The young man pointed at the man in black and said angrily, "They all said that this man killed my mother, and who are you, why did you stop me from killing this man?"

Vice Admiral Zheng angrily said: "He is the son of the leader in black.

"You are the son of this slut." The young man's eyes were instantly red, and he took the sword and stabbed at Wu Ruo.

Just then, the soldier outside shouted, "The old lady is here."

Chapter 124: Don't talk silly

The young man quickly put down his sword to help the old lady come in: "Grandma, why are you here?"

"My daughter-in-law died so terribly. How can I, as a mother-in-law, come to see it." The old lady wiped her tears with silk silk, and was furious: "Who is it? Who sent someone to kill my daughter-in-law? Xianger, we must check this out, otherwise, how can I have the face to meet the two in-laws after death? "

Ren Xiang took the silver sword Wu Qianqing: "Grandmother, it was he who directed the man in black to assassinate my father, and he also killed my mother-in-law."

"Is that him? I want to kill this thief." The old lady heard it, angered and walked towards Wu Qianqing with a cane, raised the cane, suddenly, stopped and looked at Wu Qianqing carefully. "No, not him."

Everyone froze.

General Ren asked: "Mother, what do you say?"

"It wasn't him who killed Haiyun." The old lady must say, "I was also present at the time. I clearly remember that the man appeared after the black man killed the soldier in the backyard and Haiyun, and then he killed the other blacks. Yi Ren, saved me. Then, somehow, he fainted, and I was fainted by the stimulation of Hai Yun's death. "

Guan Tong cried: "I said this was not done by my husband, you don't believe it. Now there is an old lady to testify. You should always believe it?"

Wu Ruo breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the old lady saw that the general's wife was not killed by his father.

Vice Admiral Zheng frowned: "Is it a misunderstanding of the subordinates? When the subordinates rushed to the backyard at that time, the sword in the man's hand was inserted into the wife and fell to the wife's side. After interrogating the men in black, they said It was the man who directed it. "

Wu Ruo took the opportunity to say, "Obviously someone saw my dad saved someone, and it was bad for that person, so he wanted to get dirty and marry my father."

Wu Chenzi also said: "The deity also thinks this way. I want to make people misunderstand that our Wu family assassinates Ren general, so that general Ren and Wu family will be the enemy."

General Ren endured the pain in his body, angrily: "Vice General Zheng, interrogate these men in black."

"The general will command."

As soon as Vice Admiral Zheng's words were heard, he heard the sound of snoring, and the men in black sprayed black blood from his mouth one after another and fell to the ground.

The guard next to Ling Mohan quickly stepped forward to check: "Prince, these people have committed poison and committed suicide."

Wu Ruolan asked in a cold voice, "Does that mean that my father is innocent? He really wants to kill and why should he save him?"

Ren Xiang said: "Your father is clearly in Ubud, why did you come to Urun?"

Wu Ruodai gave him a glance: "At that time, my father was in the grandfather's yard. Their yard and your backyard were only separated by a wall. Maybe my father heard the sound of killing, so I wanted to help Instead, you are considered assassins. "

Ren Xiang: "..."

The second prince looked at Mohan Han, sarcastically: "Prince, do you still think this is an assassin appointed by Ufu assassin general?"

Lingmo snorted coldly, but felt relieved for Wu Ruo.

If this matter was really directed at Wu Ruo's father, the father would be determined to kill their entire family.

Wu Ruo asked General Ren: "General Ren, can I take my father away?"

General Ren wrapped his sore chest and frowned: "Yes, but before the matter is investigated, I hope your father can cooperate with us to find the master."

Wu Ruo nodded: "This is fine, but only if my father wakes up.

"I will send a doctor to heal your father's body.

"There is no need to trouble Master, there is a doctor in our house. If there is nothing wrong with Master, we will go back first."

Wu Ruo said goodbye to Wu Chenzi.

Hei Xieyu took the initiative to pick up Wu Qianqing and leave the general's house, and Wu Ruo took a carriage and left.

"Qian Qing, Qian Qing, you wake up." As soon as Guan Tong got into the carriage, he called Wu Qianqing quickly.

Wu Ruo said, "Mother, wait to go back and wake up Dad."

Guan Tong looked at him and nodded.

The two Prince Lingmohan and Wu Chenzi had to stay behind to deal with the following matters, so they couldn't leave.

"Grandpa, this matter ... Wu Weixue looked down at the man in black:" What's going on? "Wu Chenzi narrowed his eyes for a while, his eyes flashed coldly:" The old man was also very puzzled, but this matter is still going back to say. "

"Then I'll go back first." Wu Weixue returned to Wu's house, just happened to meet Wu Yanli from his yard: "It's so late, where are you going?"

Wu Yanli didn't dare to look directly at Wu Weixue's gaze, and said slightly with a side to his face, "I didn't go anywhere, I just wanted to walk around the compound."

Wu Weixue snorted: "I think you want to meet the man you see today."

Wu Yanli was said to be central, and she bowed her head in shame.

When Wu Weixue saw her shameful appearance, she wanted to slap her, especially today, Hei Xieyu praised this **** in front of her face, and wished to destroy this face: "Wu Yanli, this man is my look Come on, don't think of him. When you meet him again in the future, you may have to say uncle. "

Wu Yanli's face should be white.

Wu Weixue was so happy in her heart that she hummed softly and turned away proudly.

"Lier, what are you doing here?" Wu Yanlan, who had just returned from the outside, saw her sister in a daze in the yard and stepped forward and asked with concern.

Wu Yanli was particularly wronged, and when he saw his third brother who cared for himself, he couldn't help but tears fell from his eyes.

Wu Yanlan took her distressedly into her arms: "How did you cry? Did something happen? Tell my third brother soon."

Wu Yanli kept crying, but she refused to say what was happening.

Wu Yanlan lowered Jun's face and asked the niece next to him, "You said, what happened?"

Wu Yanli's sister-in-law said angrily about what had just happened.

After Wu Yanlan listened, his face changed slightly: "Lier, you heard the third brother said that the man already had a man and wife, the last time the great-grandfather's birthday, the husband who collided with the prince ’s neighbor Wu family His name is Hei Xiu. He likes men. You still have this heart. Do n’t let yourself be lost. Also, do n’t you provoke the aunt to know? She ’s a lunatic and she can do everything. . "

The maidservant was shocked and unfortunately said, "A man so handsome looks like a man?"

Wu Yanli was also very surprised, tangled for a moment, and nodded obediently.

"Okay. Let's go back to rest." Wu Yanlan pulled Wu Yanli back to his yard.

The man they discussed was holding Wu Qianqing's carriage and walking towards the courtyard where Wu Qianqing lived. He put the person on the bed, and Hei Yin Lihai, who was responsible for protecting Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong, appeared. : "My in-laws may have hit the spell."

Wu Ruo's eyes narrowed for a moment: "Attack the spell?"

Guan Tong was shocked: "How did the spell fall?"

Hei Xunyu lowered her face: "What the **** is going on?"

Hei Yin said, "I don't know what the spell is. In short, after he came out of the hut, the person became weird. He went directly over the wall to the general's mansion. Otherwise, we secretly prevented trouble. Stunned him with ghost spirits, otherwise, he has really assassinated Mrs. General and the old lady with a knife. At the back, there was a man in black who inserted the sword in the hands of his relative's master into Mrs. Vice Admiral Zheng rushed in, and then he thought it was the in-law master who killed the general's wife. "

Wu Ruo is grateful to see the dark eyes. If he weren't there, his father would be really

Guan Tong took a sigh of cold air: "Can that spell be solved?"

"I'll try." Wu Ruoxian gave Wu Qianqing the pulse: "He's not a spell, but a puppet. He has tapeworms in him."

Guan Tong anxiously said, "Who gave Qian Qing the fate?"

Wu Ruo had already guessed who it was, but didn't say a word.

Just then, Wu Qianqing opened her eyes. Staring blankly at them.

Guan Tong wept with joy: "Qing Qing."

Wu Qianqing looked at her expressionlessly: "I killed the general lady."

Guan Tong froze.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

His hunch was surely correct. If his father woke up and said that, the whole family would be put in jail.

Wu Qianqing also said, "I sent someone to assassinate any general."

Wu Ruo quickly took out a set of silver needles from the space, and directed several points on his father's body to drive the spiritual force to lay down several needles in a very skillful manner.

Guan Tong looked at Wu Ruo in surprise. When did her son learn acupuncture and diarrhea? Seeing his familiar appearance, it should take more than a few years to be stable.

When Wu Ruo took the last shot, Wu Qiang suddenly vomited a bunch of tapeworms from his mouth. He quickly took out a piece of rune paper and threw the bugs on the ground. The tapeworms burned ash.

Wu Qianqing raised his head weakly, his eyes became clearer and clearer, he looked at Guan Tong in doubt: "What is wrong with me?"

Guan Tong immediately cared and asked, "Qian Qing, are you okay?"

Wu Qianqing was puzzled: "I clearly remember that I went to the toilet, why did I return to my room?"

Guan Tong asked, "Qing Qing, don't you remember what happened?"

Wu Qianqing thought hard and shook his head: "I don't remember."

Guan Tong hastened to say something before.

Wu Qianqing sank his face: "Fortunately, there are people who follow, or we will be miserable. No good thing happens every time I go to Wu's house. It is better to go to Wufu less."

Wu Ruo asked, "Dad, do you think this is related to the Wu family?"

"I think so, but I can't think of why they do this. If they want to frame me, why do they want me to turn over from the Wu family? Wouldn't this involve Wu family?"

"Maybe this will let the Wu people get away?"

"It's also possible, but when we first arrived in the Imperial City, why did the people of Wujia frame us again and again?"

Wu Ruo looked silently at the eyes.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

When Guan Tong heard what they said, his eyes went in and out of anger, and he clenched the handkerchief and said, "If, if I still have spiritual power, how can they move you halfway?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

Why he heard that made him feel that his mother had been very powerful.

Wu Qianqing took her hand: "Don't say silly things."

Wu Ruodao: "Dad, the assassination of General Ren also requires your assistance in investigating this matter. At that time, you will say that you only risked the help when you heard the killing."

Wu Qianqing nodded: "Okay, it's not early, you go back to rest first, and we have something to say tomorrow."

Chapter 125: We return

Out of Wu Qianqing's yard, Wu Ruo stopped talking.

Today's events reminded him to be more cautious at every step in the future, and this incident that Wu Chenzi made tonight was probably trying to kill two birds with one stone. One was to get rid of General Ren and the other was to borrow it. Come and get rid of him and his family. If you can't get rid of him, you can use his family to force Hei Xieyu to marry Wu Weixue.

Of course, this is just his guess.

Hei Xuanyu looked at him silently and asked, "What are you thinking?"

Wu Ruo took his hand: "I'm so sorry today."

Hei Xuanyu squeezed his hand: "You just believe that my people will protect your father and mother secretly. You haven't thought about it so much, even the smartest person will make mistakes and encounter unexpected things."

"Rarely you will comfort people." Wu Ruo felt much more comfortable, hugged him with a smile, and kissed him on the face.

"Cough." A light cough interrupted them, and then Heiyang appeared in front of them: "Mrs. Prince, let me ask my in-laws if they are okay?"

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "Just being cast down, it's no longer a problem."

"The prince also said that his people heard Wu Weixue's warning in Wu Yanli." Hei Yang recounted the words of the prince's Wu Weixue, and then gave a narrow glance at Hei Xuyi: "Master, It ’s true that you can attract butterflies everywhere you go. Madam has to be optimistic about her master. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

Wu Weixue and Wu Yanli were the ones who caused it.

When receiving the invitation last night, he thought that the status of the people who could enter and leave the place where Wu Chenzi entertained them was definitely not low, so he asked Hei Xieyu to praise Wu Weixue in the presence of Wu Weixue. The Miss Wu Family who walked in front of them came to cause Wu Weixue's jealousy.

Of course, Hei Xuyi is his man. He won't let Hei Xuyi look at other women, so when he asks Hei Xuyi to do so, he only asks Hei Xuyi to look at the beads on the other person's head and say four words. .

Hei Xunyi gave a glance at Hei Yang: "Would you like me to put you in the magic weapon, and come out again in a year?"

Heiyang quickly confessed: "Master, I was wrong. If there is nothing wrong with my wife, I will leave first."

Wu Ruo said, "Tell the Prince, you can move."

"Yes." Heiyang disappeared from his sight.

Wu Ruo hugged Hei Xuan's waist: "Sorry, it must be difficult for you to say those four words today? I won't let you do such things in the future."

Hei Xieyu held people on his arms and walked toward their yard: "When you say those four words, all you think about is you, and it's not the person I like. I won't look at it more."

His man turned out to be in love, and Wu Ruo was particularly happy: "Do you like me?"

"I can see every inch of your place very clearly. Including the little red mole here, how much do you say I like you?" Hei Xieyu's big hand swam between the arms of Wu Ruo, and then, to the right between the double strands Pointed at the place.

Wu Ruo's face turned hot, and he couldn't help lowering his head, sucking a few times on the man's thin lips, and said hoarsely in his ears, "Let's go back to the room."

The black eyes suddenly became deep and hot, and they pressed people directly into the dark corner of the yard and kissed each other's red lips. The two were entangled with their tongues, very urgent and fierce. In a short time, the robes of the two men fell loosely across their shoulders, and the pants under them fell to the ground.

Hei Xunyu asked Wu Ruo to turn on his back and lay on the wall, clinging to it from behind, kissing sensitive ear vortexes all the way from his white shoulder.

"Um ..." Wu Ruo bit his lower lip and groaned under her voice. There were patrolling guards nearby, and sometimes I could hear the footsteps of them passing by. I wanted and feared others to see it. Unexpected excitement. Feeling makes them more excited and sensitive.

Soon, there were joyous gasps and groans in the dark corner.

When they were busy all night, the people in Wu family were not so good. Yin time was not there. Suddenly, Wu Yanli's boudoir heard a scream of screams, and suddenly awakened the people in the entire courtyard.

Then, Wu Yanli's maidservants screamed again and again.

Wu Yanlan, who lives in the small courtyard next door, rushed to Wu Yanli's room with his guards: "What happened?"

He looked in the direction of the bed and saw Wu Yanli covering his face in pain and rolling on the bed.

The maidservants pointed at Wu Yanli: "Master Three, look at Miss's face quickly.

Wu Yanlan immediately had a bad hunch, and quickly stepped forward and hugged Wu Yanli: "Li Er, it's me, third brother, what's wrong with you?"

"Ah, brother, my face hurts, it hurts, brother, please help me quickly, my face seems to be burning." Wu Yanli cried and screamed, covering her face.

"What's wrong with your face? Let me see what's going on." Wu Yanlan hurriedly grabbed her hands to cover her face tightly: "Oh, you let go and let the third brother take a look."

"Brother 3, I'm in pain, I'm going to die." Wu Yanli cried, and slowly let go of his hand.

Immediately, Wu Yanlan saw a rotting face and screamed in shock. The whole man stepped back and fell to the ground. He pointed at Wu Yanli's face in shock and said, "Lier, yours Face, your face ... "

"San brother, what's wrong with my face?" Wu Yanli, bearing the pain in his face, ran to the dressing table and picked up the bronze mirror.

Wu Yanlan wanted to stop it was too late.

Wu Yanli fainted when she saw herself in the mirror.

"Not yet calling the doctor." Wu Yanlan quickly got up and roared.

One of the maids said, "Someone has been sent to call a doctor."

Wu Yanlan slaps herself close to the maid, "Let you take care of Miss, how do you take care of her? Take care of her face like this, and say, what is going on with her face?"

The maidservants kneeled to the ground in a hurry, crying and said, "Master Three, we don't know what's going on. There are people guarding the house and the house, and the lady is sleeping well. Suddenly, the lady screams."

Wu Yanlan was so angry that she took a few feet off her feet and turned to put Wu Yanli on the bed, but she was helpless and didn't know what to do. Wu Yanli's face kept hissing, and her flesh kept being beaten. This transparent liquid has rotten enough to see the bones in the meat, and it also emits an unpleasant odor.

Wu Yanlan really didn't have the courage to go to see her again, and quickly turned her head and asked the maids, "What have you eaten or what should you touch?"

The niece hurriedly said: "Miss's eating and dressing are the same as usual, and there is nothing that should not be touched."

Wu Yanlan said angrily: "Why does her face rot so well ..."

Having said that, he said a word, and couldn't help thinking that last night, Wu Yanli's next-hand maid told him about Wu Weixue's warning.

Is it ...

No, it won't, it won't.

They are relatives and Wu Weixue would not do such a thing.

Wu Yanlan managed to suppress the suspicion in her heart, but couldn't help but think of Wu Weixue's use of cosmetic water to destroy the appearance of other women.

He looked at the transparent liquid on Wu Yanli's face and it really looked like water.

"Li Er, what's wrong with my Li Er?" At this moment, a beautiful woman and a man hurried into the room.

"Mother." Wu Yanlan quickly stepped forward to support the beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman Song Yan pushed Wu Yanlan away and rushed to the bed. When she saw Wu Yanli on the bed, she screamed and almost fainted: "This person, who is this person?"

Wu Weichu came over, took a sigh of air conditioning, and said angrily, "Is this a pear?"

This rotten man is his daughter L?

Wu Yanlan nodded hard: "Yes, she is Lier."

Song Yan's eyes darkened. If it wasn't for Wu Weichu's help, she would fall to the ground. She cried, "My pear, why does my pear face look like this? Who? Who? Ruthless and ruthless, ruining the looks of her daughter's house ... "

Don't you know that looks are more important to a woman than life?

Wu Weichu was furious.

With a "bang--" he slaps the table angrily, and the table is immediately split in half.

The people were so scared that they knelt down.

Wu Weichu angered and said, "What the **** is going on here, why does my daughter become like this? Well, the doctor? Did you ask a doctor?"

"Master, Dr. Ye is here." The guard outside shouted.

Wu Weichu suppressed the anger: "Doctor Ye, you can show my daughter what's going on?"

Dr. Ye hurriedly walked to the bed and saw that Wu Yanli's face was so rotten that only the flesh covered the skin and bones, and her pupils shrank. She hurriedly took out the silver needle to pick up the transparent liquid on her face and put it in front of the candlelight to watch: "These liquids are toxic ..."

Wu Weichu lowered his face: "Doctor Ye, I'm not letting you see what the liquid is, I'm letting you heal my daughter's face."

Dr. Ye said bitterly, "Second Master, the old man doesn't even know what these liquids are. How to detoxify, naturally he doesn't dare to mess with the medicine."

Wu Weichu pointed at Wu Yanli's face and said, "At least you must first think of a way not to let this face be corroded."

"Old man try." Ye Yiyuan didn't dare to use the medicine randomly, so he picked up the silk silk next to him and sucked the liquid on his face. Gradually, Wu Yanli's face no longer hissed and the flesh stopped. Corrosion: "Miss Four's situation is a bit like the situation in which a woman was disfigured some time ago, and her entire face was corroded by transparent liquid.

He took the silver needle and looked at it carefully: "Even these transparent liquids are very similar to the liquid on the face of a disfigured woman, but I need to compare and test it to be sure."

The reason why Dr. Ye will remember these things is because the appearance event just happened not long ago, and this matter has attracted the attention of many doctors. Everyone wants to try to heal those women to improve their medical skills.

Wu Yanlan breathed in the room, and asked hoarsely: "Doctor Ye, my little sister's situation is really similar to the situation of the disfigured woman?"

Others didn't know the situation, but he knew who the women were disfigured.

Wu Wei first glanced at him.

"Well, it's very similar. I'll go back and research with other doctors now, and then come back to find a way to cure the lady. Don't give her medicine for the time being. I worry that the medicine and the liquid will make the lady's face more rotten."

Wu Weichu replied, "I will."

Song Yan cried and begged: "Dr. Ye, you must heal my daughter's face.

"The old man did his best." Dr. Ye left the room in a hurry.

Wu Weichu let all the people in the house go out, then stared at Wu Yanlan sternly: "Yan Lan, do you know who ruined Lier's face?"

Wu Yanlan froze: "I ..."

Song Yan stopped crying and grabbed his arm: "Laner, do you really know who ruined Lier's face?"


"Hurry up." Song Yan shook him excitedly.

Wu Yanlan said angrily and eagerly: "I don't know who ruined Li'er's appearance. I only know that those women who Dr. Ye just said were actually the aunt Wu Weixue.


Wu Weichu and Song Yan looked at Wu Yanlan incredibly.

Chapter 126: Not powerful enough

Near the end of the day, Dr. Ye sent a message to confirm that the liquid on Wu Yanli's face was the same as the liquid on the faces of the disfigured women. However, they have no solution at present. The doctors have used the disfigured women. The first-generation regenerating dan, which is the elixir that can quickly grow new skin and flesh from the injured area, has no effect on the disfigured woman.

When Song Yan heard this disappeared, she passed out.

When Wu Yanli woke up, she cried and made noises, and tried to find death. If Wu Yanlan stunned someone, she would bite her tongue and kill herself.

Wu Weichu was angry and heartache. He immediately ordered Wu Weixue to come.

Wu Weixue came to Wu Yanli's courtyard. Suddenly, there was a bad feeling in her heart. Seeing the people in the courtyard trembled, the bad feeling was more intense, but she felt more attentive. Here is her niece In the courtyard, her second brother called her again. There should be no problem.

When I came to the hall outside Wu Yanli's room, I saw Wu Weichu and Wu Yanlan sitting on the chairs with a black face.

"Second Brother, I'm here." Wu Weixue flashed doubts: "Are you doing anything to bring me here?"

Is it that Wu Yanli told her elder brother what she had warned her about, so she went to her here to preach?

Wu Weichu looked cold: "Xer, I heard that some time ago, you did something about a girl being disfigured?"

Wu Weixue stared at Wu Yanlan for a moment.

In addition to her and Zhitao's knowledge, Wu Yanlan, who was often with her, knew that it wasn't what he told his second brother. Wu Yanlan clenched his fists, suppressing anger and Wu Weixue facing each other. .

Now that he was discovered, Wu Weixue didn't plan to use any excuses to cover it up, and he didn't care to say, "What about it?"

Wu Weichu couldn't believe she had returned to him in such a relaxed tone.

With a snap, he slaps the table angrily: "What about it? What about it?"

Wu Weichu grabbed Wu Weixue's arm, dragged her to Wu Yanli's room, and then pushed her to the bed: "Wu Xuexue, look at it, can you show me who she is?"

Wu Weixue fell hard in front of the bed and almost kissed Wu Yanli's face.

When she could see her face, she screamed and fell to the ground.

"You know how scared you are when you see this face? But you know how painful this person on the bed was when you were hurt?" Wu Weichu looked at Wu Weixue angrily and angrily: "U Weixue, are you It ’s not human. Even your own niece can deal with her heartily. You have been spoiled by your grandfather. If you teach you less, you do n’t know that the sky is high. ”

He caught someone and slapped her slap hard.

This slap directly snored both Wu Weixue and Zhitao, and Wu Weichu, who had always regarded Wu Weixue as his daughter, beat her?

Wu Weichu pushed the person to the bed again: "Say, where is the antidote?"

Wu Weixue jumped up suddenly: "Second brother, are you crazy? Show me clearly, I am your little sister, Wu Weixue."

Wu Weichu said angrily: "If you weren't my single sister, I would have killed you long ago. You say quickly, where is the antidote?"

"What antidote?" Wu Weixue was angry and inexplicable: "You called me early in the morning, and you didn't say anything clearly, you need me to take the antidote, what antidote should I give you?"

"What antidote? Of course it is the antidote to Huarongshui." Wu Weichu pressed her and looked at Wu Yanli on the bed: "What do you think pears have been harmed by you?"

Wu Weixue froze: "Is she a pear?"

Zhitao's eyes widened in shock, and Miss Li was fine last night. Why did she suddenly become this ghost? It is exactly the same as the woman who was destroyed by the water.

Wu Weichu sarcastically said: "You can't recognize who she is? Had it not been for you, she would have been like this?"

Wu Weixue said angrily, "What does it matter to me if she looks like this?"

"Isn't you using cosmetic water on her, would she be like this?"

Wu Weixue stunned: "When did I hydrate her?"

"Not you, who else?"

"How do I know who it is, it's not me anyway."

Wu Yanlan, who has not spoken, heard this, and could not help but yell out, "Little aunt, you once told me that Huarong Shui is made by you, unique in the world, not you, Who else can make up the water? "

Wu Weixue blushed: "Yes, I made the water, which is unique in the world, but it's not difficult to guarantee that someone stole my water to trap me, and why should I use the water? Harm yourself niece? "

Wu Yanlan didn't believe her words: "But you said that no one except you, peach and me knew you had water, and since no one knew, who would steal your water to trap you? As for why you want to hurt Lier, you know it yourself. You worry that Lier will take away the black shawl, and you will harm her with cosmetic water. "

Wu Weixue was going to be mad, and it was more certain that someone was going to kill her, but she could not think of who would harm her for a while: "As you believe it, I haven't harmed Wu Yanli."

"Wu Weixue--" Wu Weichu was furious: "Whether it is you or not, do you always have a cure?"

Wu Weixue sank his face: "I have no antidote.

"You ..." Wu Weichu raised his hand, ready to fan her again.

Wu Weixue stood upright: "You hit me, you killed me, anyway, I did not harm your baby girl."

"Wu Yuxue--" A sharp, sad and angry cry sounded at the door. Then, a figure rushed to Wu Weixue's face and slapped Wu Weixue a few slaps, and his neat hair was knocked down: "U Weixue What's wrong with you and your second brother? How could you hurt my daughter this way? Wu Weixue, if you don't hand over the antidote, I will press you to the patriarch and let the patriarch treat you personally.

Wu Weixue endured pain and tears that were about to fall, grieving and yelling, "I said that Wu Yanli was not harmed. How can you believe that I am trying to force me to death? Are you happy?"

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Zhitao quietly exited the room and hurried to find his wife and Wu Chenzi.

Shang Rongrong learned that her daughter-in-law was beating her baby daughter, and immediately led someone to rush past. She always called, "Song Yan, who gave you the courage to dare to hit my baby girl."

She saw Wu Weixue's red and swollen face and messy hair, terribly distressed.

"Mother." Wu Weixue saw her mother and finally let go of her arrogance, crying awfully.

Song Yan is respectful to Shang Rongrong's mother-in-law on weekdays, but for the sake of her daughter today, she doesn't care who this woman is: "Wu Yuxue is your baby daughter? Then Wu Yanli? She is not mine Baby daughter, is n’t it your granddaughter? "

Shang Rongrong puzzled: "What's the matter with Guan Lier?"

Song Yan wept bitterly: "You look at my poor pear and you know what's going on.

Shang Rongrong came to the bed, saw the rotten face, and almost did not spit out everything that was eaten in the morning.

Wu Yanlan said what happened quickly.

Wu Weixue cried, "Mother, I really didn't do it. I really didn't harm the pear with water."

Shang Yongrong patted her shoulder: "Mother, believe you."

Wu Weichu said angrily, "Mother, are you going to favor the younger girl?"

Shang Rongrong lowered her face: "Xue Er said that she did not do it, it must not be her."

Wu Wei got angry at first.

Song Yan and Wu Yanlan were also half dead.

In this way, things remained deadlocked until Wu Chenzi arrived.

Wu Chenzi was also partial to Wu Weixue. First, a group of doctors came to heal Wu Yanli, and then let Wu Weixue go back to his own hospital to meditate, and then give Wu Weichu an explanation when things were clear.

No matter how uncomfortable Wu Weichu was, it was not good for them to let off Wu Weixue for a while before things were cleared up, but this matter was quickly passed on.

Everyone knows that Wu Weixue researched the hydration and destroyed the appearance of many girls. Even her own niece did not let go. In private, everyone called her a vicious woman.

When Wu Weixue's story spread, Wu Ruo was meditating at home, watching thorns and teaching eggs and eggs.

After hearing about Wu Weixue's incident, Xu smiled. He had already guessed that Wu Chenzi would be biased towards Wu Weixue and would not let people deal with her so easily. After all, this granddaughter grew up with him from a young age He is even closer than his daughter. How could he be willing to suffer his granddaughter? However, things are just the beginning, how can it be so easy to end.

Wu Ruo went back to God and said to Thorax, "Rockhorse, let me show you the magic of a tribe."

"Do you want to see the terrific mystery of the human race, or the magic of the demons?" Thorny looked up proudly: "I can tell you now that it must be our demons."

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "I just want to see, you just make a move."

All fluttered into Wu Ruo's arms: "I'm coming, I'm coming, Dad, I'm coming."

"You didn't learn well, what are you here?" Thorny walked aside and said to the rockery in front of him, "I'm optimistic."

Wu Ruo hurriedly stared at Thorns, for fear that he would miss any place, not even blinking his eyes.

Thorny waved a few gestures quickly.

Wu Ruo saw a surge of black light in the spiny cockroach, starting from Lingtian, and then a few quick laps, came to the spiny wrist, and more than a dozen black gas condensed on his hand. The devil came out, roaring wildly, and then waved out, the dark heads whistled away, hit the stone, and made a loud bang, and the stone was blown into pieces.

Thorny fly before Wu Ruo, proudly asking, "How is it?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

too fast.

He still saw what was going on.

Everyone murmured, "Not enough."

The words were irritated and slammed into the back of his head: "I haven't used even half of my success just now. If I use a full force, Heifu will be blown up by us.

After that, he and Wu Ruo's faces changed.

Chapter 127: Demon Man

He froze and flew away from Wu Ruo thornily, glaring at Wu Ruo: "You dare to **** the spiritual power of this seat."

Wu Ruo looked down at his body in disbelief: "I **** your spirit?"

He really felt that a spiritual force had penetrated into his body, just like that of Wu Chenzi's birthday.

Thorny falls from the air: "Who else can you not be?"

If it hadn't been for him to hide quickly, the spiritual power in his body would have probably been sucked away.

"It is true that there is a sudden spiritual power in my body, but ..." Wu Ruo looked up at him in confusion, "how did I **** your spiritual power?"

"How do you know this?" Ji Yi saw that he didn't seem to really know it, and his anger was soared: "Are you a magic weapon that **** other people's spirits?"

Wu Ruo shook her head: "If I carry such a magic weapon, I will not only **** your spiritual power, but also the spiritual power of the egg."

Unless he is holding a magic weapon and aimed at the spiny thorn, he will only **** on his spiritual power.

Thoroughly think about it, then, his face changed greatly, and he hurriedly explained, "Don't mention knowing this seat," and disappeared in front of Wu Ruohe and Dandan.

Immediately thereafter, a black figure appeared where he stood before the thorns.

The man here is a handsome man. His long hair is scattered, his eyebrows are thick and long, his eyes are black and white, and he wears a red robe with a mob motif. His long white fingers are holding a red Jade flute looks like a flamboyant boy, but the whole body exudes an evil breath.

Wu Ruo saw that the other party was a demon race, and hurriedly protected her in his arms.

The Mozu man glanced at the stones all over the ground and said coldly, "What about the thorny people?"

Wu Ruo thought of the confession when he left before he left, so he pretended to look at the clan man with a vigilant look, and secretly guessed that the reason why Jiyi had never been outside the palace when he came to the Imperial City is probably because of this. Man, and just now thorny and exerting magic, this man will be attracted.

Douya raised her cute face and blinked her pretty eyes: "Grandpa, what do you say?"

grandfather? The Mozu man looked coldly at the child in Wu Ruo's arms.

Wu Ruo sucked at the corner of his mouth, this child must have called it intentionally.

The Mozu man froze coldly, and flew to Wu Ruo, staring at the beautiful child in his arms.

Wu Ruo firmly guarded the child in her arms.

Just then, a black light came and hit the Demon Man.

The Mozu man looked stunned and jumped away from Wu Ruo.

Then, a dark blue figure fell in front of Wu Ruo, blocking it in front of Wu Ruo with a protective attitude.

Every look brightened: "Father."

Hei Xunyu turned his head slightly and glanced back: "Are you all right?"

He sensed that the formation was breached, and rushed over when the invasion of the demons came.

Wu Ruosong said, "It's all right."

The Mozu man looked behind Hei Xieyu, then looked at Hei Xieyu's face, and asked quietly, "Your child?"

Hei Xieyu responded, "Yes, I don't know why your intruder broke into Xiafu Mansion?"

The Demon man noticed that the man in front of him was not easy to mess with: "I'm looking for a companion. He just came to you just now. I wonder if you know him?"

Hei Xuanyu denied: "People who don't know Demon Clan."

"Really?" The Mozu man was obviously a little unconvinced, and looked back at Hei Xieyu, but did not mean to entangle, and left after saying a word of resignation.

Hei Xuanyu turned around, hugged the big one and the small one into her arms, walked to the yard where they lived, and then returned to the room before asking, "Come to the thorny one?"

"Um." Wu Ruo thought about it, and decided to say what had just taken away the thorny physical strength and spiritual power: "I may be able to absorb the spiritual power of others to improve my spiritual order. I do n’t know what to do. . "

Hei Xuan said, "You can try to **** the spirit from me?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "I haven't mastered the trick yet, what if you lose control and **** all your spiritual power away?"

"Now that the thorns can escape, I can also escape." Hei Xieyu said affirmatively.

Wu Ruo hesitated for a moment, nodded, put the child down, and walked out of the room with Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xuan turned and looked at Wu Ruo: "You first try to **** the spiritual power from me.

Wu Ruo twisted his eyebrows. I didn't know where to start or what secret technique to use to absorb the spiritual power. He left and touched his body, but didn't respond.

Hei Xuanyu's indifference and black eyes flashed a thought: "You say things carefully before sucking away the thorny spirit power."

Wu Ruo said from the beginning of meditation to sucking out the spiritual power of Jiyi.

After listening to Hei Xuyi, combined with what Wu Ruo met in Wu Chenzi's birthday, he guessed: "I try to use the mystery in our family first, you are optimistic."

Regardless of the previous life or this life, Wu Ruo didn't have many opportunities to see Hei Xieyu use mystery in his own family, so when he heard that he wanted to use mystery, he couldn't help but get excited and didn't dare miss any scene .

Hei Xun curled the thumb of the right arm, the other four fingers merged, put it on the chest, and when he waved again, the tail finger curved again. Three fingers drew a complicated sign circle in the air, and the right arm fell. Slanted to the ground, the movement is very elegant, as if sacrificing.

This time, Wu Ruotu was very clear. He saw a huge black light coming out of Lingtian in the belly of Lingtian. After three turns in Lingtian, he rushed out of Renmai Intermediate Court and came to Yutang. In a circle, the brightness of black light suddenly became smaller.

Wu Ruo felt that black shading was depressing spiritual power. Then, black and smooth took the vein cover, came to the right arm Yunmen Meridian, and finally rushed to the Meridian Meridian. Suddenly, black light appeared at the fingertips, and the ground emitted The earthquake seemed as if something was going to come out of the ground, and the lake became muddy.

Suddenly, five gray and white bone arms protruded out of the lake, propped up on the shore of the lake, and with a bang, the lake exploded, and five white shadows jumped out of the water and fell lightly in front of Wu Ruo.

He fixed his eyes for five bones.

Everyone ran over in excitement, poking at one of the human bones with a short, tender little finger.

The human bone grabbed him sharply and threw it high.

Wu Ruo exclaimed.

The egg flying in the air giggled, without any fear of falling to the ground. When he fell, the human bones caught the child accurately.

"It's fun, it's fun." Egg Dou came down from the human bones, and hugged Hei Xuan's thigh before running. "Father, teach me, I want to learn, I want to learn."

Hei Xunyu glanced down gently: "I will teach again later."

Everyone mumbled his mouth, and then ran to play with the bones again.

Hei Xieyu walked in front of Wu Ruo, but did not feel that the spiritual power was being sucked away.

There was a hint of doubt in his eyes, and he made a circle around Wu Ruo, and when his shadow and Wu Ruo's shadow were together, suddenly, the spiritual power in his body was flowing outward.

Wu Ruo felt that spiritual power had entered her body, and hurried away from Hei Xuyi, and looked at Hei Xuyi in shock and said, "I sucked your spiritual power."

Hei Suiwei slightly forehead: "I found that you are absorbing the spiritual power of others through the shadow."

shadow? Is it related to shadows? Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow, the secret technique in his brain was almost related to the shadow.

Hei Xuyi continued, "Because you don't know what's going on, you will inadvertently take the spiritual power of others. Now that you know your situation, you won't **** the spiritual power of others at will."

"What kind of mystery is this? Why is it so weird?" A red shadow appeared in front of Wu Ruo.

Seeing that it was thorny, Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows frantically: "Who was that demons?"

Thorny hummed: "A bad guy who wants to grab this seat.

I was so proud that I didn't remember that I was hiding, so I used magic to expose my whereabouts to the other party.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "You just left us like this just now, and you don't worry about him killing us."

"His purpose is something in my hand, and it will not kill anyone, not to mention the presence of your man. He is even more afraid to come." Ji Yi looked at Hei Xie 翊: "The array you arranged before is not good, at most only For those who can block the seventh order, you must quickly get an array that can block the ninth order. That guy can't get in. "

Hei Xuan stared at him coldly.

Seeing him not moving, I had to move out of Wu Ruo and Dandan: "You don't want your wife and children to have anything to do, do you? It's good for everyone, isn't it?"

Hei Xuan stunned his eyes for a moment, then turned and set up.

"You too send someone." Wu Ruo quickly walked under the thorny shadow, and wanted to try if he could **** his spiritual power, but when he stepped on the thorny shadow, he did not react at all. .

"Do you want to absorb this spiritual power again?" Thorny found his move and quickly avoided it.

Wu Ruo looked at him innocently. "I just want to know how long I can absorb other people's spiritual power."

Fortunately, there is a time limit, otherwise, before he can't control the freedom, wouldn't he not be able to get close to the black rendering? However, why do you have to watch other people's spells when you are absorbing other people's spiritual power?

Wu Ruo really wanted to ask his mother for a clear question, but was discouraged at the thought of his mother's heavy oath.

Thorny spined around Wu Ruofei a few times, curiously, "What is your secret technique? Why does it not affect your body after absorbing the spiritual power of this seat?"

After all, one is a human race, the other is a demonic race, one is spiritually upright, and the other is spiritually evil. It is impossible for the two to merge together, but Wu Ruo did it.

"I want to know what's going on more than you." Wu Ruo also wondered about her body, but now she can only fumble slowly by herself.

Thorny pinch him to move around Wu Ruo around Hubei.

Wu Ruofu's head: "Don't turn around, my head is dizzy by you."

Ji Yi stopped in front of him: "After you have absorbed the spiritual power of this seat, there is nothing at all, does that mean you can also learn the magic of the demon race?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

I feel this is possible.

Chapter 128: Meet Nou again

Suddenly, Wu Ruo felt that he was really stupid in the last life. He had a secret technique that can improve his spiritual order by absorbing the spiritual power of others, but he never discovered it. It took him seven or eight years of hard work to slowly climb to fifth order Spiritual power, it is still necessary to eat the thorny **** Shen Dan to rise to the sixth level.

In this life, if he absorbs the spiritual power of others, will he be able to rise faster? No wonder his mother said he had to see more of what others did to make him progress faster.

However, he has been staying in the house and has not been able to absorb the spiritual power of other people.

At this moment, golden light flashed on the sky.

Thorny said with his head raised, "You are such a terrific man. In a short time, you have set up a large array.

Wu Ruo glanced at him proudly: "Are you afraid of that Demon Man?"

A smirk smiled: "I will be afraid of him? This is just ..."

"Just what?"

"This seat has lost an important thing." Ji asked angrily: "It is not easy to explain to him."

Wu Ruo: "..."

"Ah-" cried annoyingly, playing around.

Wu Ruo looked at it quickly and saw five bones broken down into pieces.

Dandan was not happy to run over: "Dad, no one plays with me."

Wu Ruo held him up: "I'll take you out to play."

"it is good."

After hearing that they were going to leave the house, they took the initiative to return to the room to meditate.

Wu Ruo took the child to the front yard, and just happened to meet Wu Qianqing who came back from Ren General's house, and asked, "Dad, how is the investigation of General Ren?"

Wu Qianqing sighed: "Since there has been no progress, those people have appeared suddenly and died suddenly. The current general is doing a funeral for his wife, and I do n’t want to wait much to come back." There is no need to cooperate with them to investigate the matter in the future, they should know that this matter is difficult to find out. "If it was the person Wu Chenzi sent, how could it be so easy to find out.

Wu Ruo said, "If you don't want to go to the General House again, you will either distrust you or doubt that you are in Shangwu House."

Wu Qianqing felt the same way. When they saw that they were going to go out, they asked, "Are you going out?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "Bring the eggs out and stroll around."

"Send more people to follow you."

"Will do."

Wu Ruo asked the gate guard to say a word to Hei Xuan, and left the house with six guards.

On the street, he first bought a few small toys for Eggs, then took the child to the drug store to sell the elixir refined in recent days, and then bought some herbs to go back.

"Little Ruo."

Wu Ruo, who was waiting for the dispenser to give him herbs, heard that someone called him. Looking back, he saw Wu Yu walking towards him with a smile: "Xiao Ruo really is you."

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed coldly, but with a smile on his face: "Five brother, what a coincidence, would you also buy medicine?"

Before he had trouble finding Wu Yu, Wu Yu came to his door.

Wu Yu smiled mildly: "Yes, the Fourth National Festival is coming. I need to prepare more herbs.

"Four-Festival Festival?" Wu Ruo had heard of this festival when he first came to the Imperial City in the last life, but each time the Four-Festival Festival was held when he left the Imperial City, so he never participated in the Fourth-Festival Festival. Family festival.

Wu Yu looked at him in surprise: "Have you not heard of this festival? As long as everyone who comes to the Imperial City knows that every three months, the Four Clan Festival will be held in the Imperial City."

"I have heard of this festival, but it is not clear what kind of festival it is."

Wu Yu explained to him: "The four national festivals are personally set by the National Normal University, which day will only be known when the National Normal University is considered a good day, but every three months, the National Normal University The adults must work with the magician to open the three channels of demon, demon, and ghost. We can go to the demon, demon, and ghost to buy the required items. The other three ethnic groups can also come to the human race to play. Day is regarded as a festival for all wizards, and ordinary people in the Imperial City will avoid it and hide in their homes. "

Wu Ruo said strangely: "Since the festival of the four ethnic groups is to go to the other three ethnic groups to buy the items they need, why should the fifth brother buy herbs?"

"I'm just in case of an accident, because I heard a lot of coins said that people often encounter various troubles in the three groups, so first prepare elixir."

When Wu Yu mentioned the accident, Wu Ruo suddenly remembered something.

"Xiao Ruo, what are you thinking?" Wu Yu asked him without asking.

Wu Ruo perfunctory him at will. "I was wondering if I would also prepare some elixir, because I also wanted to see in other races.

"I also thought of going to other races to prepare so much elixir, but unfortunately I have made appointments, or I will go with you."

Wu Ruo smiled at himself: "I am just an ordinary person. Brother Wu is with me and will be dragged down by me."

Wu Yu looked at him with a look of embarrassment on his face: "Xiao Ruo, I'm sorry, the things I did to you before were really too much. I hope you can forgive me for the wrong things I did before.

"Don't mention the past, we will look at it later."

Wu Ruo smiled very gently, so gentle that Wu Yu shook his head, so he didn't notice that Wu Ruo's words contained other profound meanings: "Xiao Ruo, you have really changed a lot, the day of the birthday of the National Normal University I do n’t dare to see you if I have n’t heard your great-grandfather say you are Wu Ruo. ”

"Really." Wu Ruo saw that the shopkeeper had packed his medicine, and said, "Five brother, I still have something to do, and I won't talk to you. By the way, my elder brother has also come to the Imperial City to practice, you see Have you ever? "

Wu Yu's eyes flashed slightly, and he was surprised: "The fourth brother has also come to the Imperial City. I don't know about this. If I meet him, I will convince him and practice with him.

"Then if you see him, tell him that we are also coming to the Imperial City." Wu Ruo took the medicine packaged by the shopkeeper and held the egg: "Five brother, we are gone."

As soon as he left, Wu Yu put away a smile, walked toward the shopkeeper with a cold face, and took out two ingots of silver and placed it in front of the shopkeeper: "What did the boy come here just now?"

The shopkeeper took Yinzi with a smile and said: "The son is here to sell the tonic, and then use the money to sell the medicine to buy the tonic.

Wu Yu frowned, "That's it?"


After Wu Ruo went downstairs, she smiled. Through the temptation just now, he was very sure that his elder brother had contact with Wu Yu, and that the disappearance of his elder brother was related to Wu Yu. If his spiritual order is not as high as that of Wu Yu's spiritual order, it will definitely make God control mystery and let Wu Jade tells where his elder brother is.

Out of the drug store, the guard immediately stepped forward to take the medicine bag in Wu Ruo's hand.

Wu Ruo asked Dandan: "Do you want to go home, or do you want to play again?"

Dandan shouted happily, "I want to play."

Wu Ruo smiled.

Immediately after, a laugh came from behind him: "Little bad guy, still so playful."

Wu Ruo heard the familiar voice and turned around violently. He saw the middle-aged man standing at the door looking at them with a smile, his eyes brightened, and a wide smile opened his mouth: "Master !?"

He hurried forward: "Master, is it really you?"

Numu Langlang smiled: "It's me, and I didn't expect to meet you here. When I saw you in the drug store just now, I thought I knew the wrong person. If it weren't for you holding the bad guy in your arms, I would I dare not recognize you. "

He grabbed Wu Ruo's arm and carefully looked at it again. "I said that my apprentice was a peerless beauty. You see how beautiful you are when you lose weight, and everyone around you is mesmerized by you."

The following words were indeed true. Before, Wu Ruo came downstairs, and the guests on the first floor of the drugstore all looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo was very happy and surprised: "Master, how are you here?"

Numu narrowed his smile slightly; "It's a long story, wait until you find a place to sit down, and talk to you slowly."

Wu Ruo asked, "Master, did you just come to the Imperial City? Have you found a place to live? If not, just live in our house."

Numu was also not polite to him: "We have just arrived in the Imperial City and haven't found a place to stay, but this time there are a lot of people, so I don't know if you have any extra rooms there."

Had it not been for the guesthouse to attract the attention of others, he did not want to trouble his apprentices with a group of people.

"Master, how many of you?"

"There are 112 people."

"There are two empty yards in our house. They should be enough for you. If not, you can squeeze in other yards."

"Enough is enough." Numu laughed. "I have forgotten that Black is a rich man. The place to live must be spacious. My people are not far away. I used to call them and go to you together. House. "

He scooped the eggs from Wu Ruo: "Master takes you on horseback."

Dandan applauds and applauds.

Soon, Numu came back with a group of horse riders, and then returned to Heifu with Wu Ruo.

Back in Heifu, Wu Ruo first asked Heixin to arrange their residence, and then introduced Nu Mu to Wu Qianqing to know them.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong learned that Numu was a master who had been involved in Wuruo medicine, and hurriedly welcomed him to his seat. During the meal, they also gave Numu a special enthusiasm and thanked Numu for teaching Wuruo to learn medicine.

After having dinner, Numu, Wu Ruo, and Hei Xieyu had the opportunity to sit down and talk about recent events.

"When I heard that Gao Lingcheng was slaughtered by all ghosts, I didn't know how worried I was. I felt a little relieved when I thought of a black boy next to you." Numu grinned: "The black boy is so powerful, he can certainly protect him. Good to you. Afterwards, I sent someone to look for you in Gaoling City, but the returning people said that everyone in the city was dead. "

Wu Ruo nodded: "All are dead."

"Fortunately, you are all safe and sound. Are you planning to settle in the Imperial City in the future?"

Wu Ruo turned to Hei Xieyu: "Look at the arrangement of Xie Yan, if he goes home, he will go home with him.

Numu looked at him and looked at Hei Xieyu, and said happily, "I'm relieved to see that the two of you are so good."

Wu Ruo held Hei Xieyu's hand and asked with a smile, "Master, is it okay for you to come to the Imperial City?"

Numu put a smile on her face, and it was rare to say: "This matter starts with the Miao people in the south of China and the descendants of Cambodia in the southeast of Cambodia. Our two people have always been well-water-free and never invaded each other's territory. In the previous year, our two peoples had a dispute over a treasure land full of precious medicinal materials. Unfortunately, this treasure land was right in the middle of the border between our two ethnic groups. After giving in, everyone has been deadlocked, and no one has moved the land, but a few months ago, there were traitors in our clan, helping the people in Shupuzhai to kill many of the clan, taking up most of the Wu clan's place, Today, all the people in the tribe hate to kill this traitor. Later, I heard that this traitor left the village with the people in Shupu Village, and I followed him all the way to the Imperial City ... "

When Wu Ruo heard him mentioning the descendants of Cambodia, he remembered the descendants who had given to Wu Weixue and his father, and he could not help but look at Hei Xuanyu: "Master, what is the name of the traitors in your clan?"


"Then you know who this Fujin and Cambodia came to the Imperial City?"

"I only know that the leader is Sanlun. The other people's names are not known. According to my inquiry, they wanted to take revenge for the patriarch's son before leaving Cambodia." Nomu laughed. "I heard that their patriarch's son was made by someone. I have broken my life and I don't know if it is true or false. "

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows. They even had a common enemy with Numu: "Is the son of the Patriarch of Cambodia a Pakse?"

Yes, it is him. Do you know him? By the way, I received a letter from the clan on the way, saying that Pakse also left Cambodia and should also come to the capital city.

"Why don't we know Pakse." Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xieyu: "Bazer's life is still broken.

Numu froze, Haha laughed: "Pakse was really cut off? How did this thing that didn't know how to live and get black kid?"

He quickly thought of the reason: "Is Pakse looking after Xiao Ruo, and the black boy is eating?"

People of both races know that Pakistan is beautiful. As long as the other person looks good, he does n’t take all the food. If someone does n’t, he uses curse to make the other person pass him. It ’s just despicable and shameless. Now it ’s just broken. He's so cheap for him.

Hei Xuan said quietly: "I also crushed his Lingtian, but he didn't know it was me."

Wu Ruo looked at him in surprise: "Did you still do this? Why didn't I listen to you before?"

"Good job." Numu yelled at the table: "If I were, I would have killed him long ago, yes, so that Sang Lun and Fu Jin came to avenge you?"

Wu Ruo said: "It should be. Sunlun has already shot us twice before. We have planned to find their companions and kill them all."

"Fujin must be left to me, and I will take him back to the tribe to vent their anger."

"Okay, but I don't understand one thing. They don't know that they have vilified their patriarch's son. Why did they seek revenge on us?" Numu sneered: "I know nothing about their descendants In the real enemy, they will count the account to other people, regardless of whether the other party is innocent or not, Xiaoruo, they are good at controlling people, you have to be careful in the future. "

Wu Ruo nodded.

Chapter 129: Fourth National Festival (1)

The three of them got up when they talked to their neighbors, ready to return to the room to rest. Suddenly, Heiyang appeared in front of them and fell to the ground. "Heiyang, what's wrong with you?" Wu Ruo was about to step forward to help him, and Heiyin appeared in the room, hurrying to pick up the people on the ground.

Hei Xiu took a small medicine from his sleeve and put it on Heiyang. He poured out the medicine and let him take it. The remaining medicine in the bottle was left to Heiyang.

After Hei Yang served Dan, his body pain eased a lot, and he finally lifted his head to Wu Ruo and said weakly, "Sang Lun has a total of fifty-three people who live in several houses in the city. Earlier, I took a dozen ghosts to assassinate them. I was surprised that they had taken precautions and took out Buddhist instruments against us. "

Based on his ability, the seventh-level spiritual wizard may not be able to deal with him, but if the other party has advanced magic charms and magical instruments that can understand the Buddhist gate, it may kill him.

Since ancient times, the ghosts have been more afraid of Buddhists, and the light of their Buddhas will make the ghosts fear.

This remark made Wu Ruo tremble slightly when he was injured by the Buddha's magical apparatus in the last life.

Hei Xuanyu noticed that he was shaking and grabbed his cold hand: "Why is your hand so cold?"

Wu Ruo clenched his hands and shook his head.

Numu said angrily, "I take people over to deal with them."

Wu Ruo stopped to say: "The last incident of sending people to kill the stubborn life-savers should alert them, otherwise they would not have prepared Buddha's ordinances in advance, and after the assassination of the black sun, After that, they may have guessed that we are doing things in Pakse. Now we will send someone to deal with them. They either have already been on alert or they have already left there. Now you may just throw yourself into the net.

As soon as he said it, a ghost clan reported: "Master, Sanlun, they have fled from the tunnel they dug early on. They have no idea where they are going now."

Numu was angry at the table.

Hei Xieyu asked Hei Yin to take Hei Yang to rest, and then sent someone to find Sanlun's trail.

Noum said: "Sanlun is very cunning, and now it is not easy to find them again.

Hei Xunyu glanced at him and said quietly, "Pakse is coming."

Numu froze, and soon understood the meaning of his words, haha smiled: "Yeah, why didn't I think of this, as long as I stare at Pakse, I won't be afraid that Sanlun will not show up."

"Master, it's not early ..."

Wu Ruo said nothing, and Numu smiled and said, "Let's go back and rest. I won't disturb your husband and wife."

After he left, Wu Ruo asked, "Xi Yan, will you be as afraid of the Buddha's light and Buddha's magical instruments as the ghosts?"

Hei Xuan frowned: "Why do you ask?"

"I see that you are not controlling the clan or the ghost corpses, and I wonder if the Buddha's gate will be your natural enemy."


Although Hei Xuyi answered affirmatively, Wu Ruo was still reluctant to do things of the last life, and believed that the possession of the fairy ware by the Buddhist gate was a hidden danger to them, and it must be destroyed.

Early the next morning, Wu Ruo told the guards and the ghosts to buy beast-grass, and the more the better, it is better to buy all the beast-grass all over the country, and then, without being found , And transported the beast-raising grass to the Imperial City.

The beast-grass is actually a kind of herbal medicine, but its effect is not great. Generally, only the magicians with little monsters around will buy the beast-grass for feeding to the beasts, and the beast-grass grows as fast as ordinary wild grass So, very cheap, one or two dollars can buy a big cart.

In just half a day, the beast-grass was full of more than half of the backyard. After that, Wu Ruo became very busy. He came to the pharmacy every day to refine the beast-grass, and also refined other elixir. Numu doing nothing but alchemy.

The two were so busy as a spinning top that everyone could only see them during dinner.

"Xiao Ruo, if you let me refine the elixir every day, why do you need to refine the beast grass? What's the use of this? Is it possible to feed the little monster that just made a noise?" "Numu thought for a moment:" Yes Isn't it a **** monster? Want to feed her child? "" He is public and will not have children. Wu Ruo stopped moving: "Master, I don't know how to explain it to you for the time being. When the time comes, you will know what the use of beastweed is. "

"Okay, I won't ask."

Numu glanced out, and it was so difficult to finish refining the beast-raising grass for most of the yard, and now it is full of the whole yard.

At this moment, the cymbal sound of 'Dang Dang' sounded outside Heifu, and it continued to inform the people about something.

"What's wrong with the gong knocking outside?"

Numu put down the herb in his hand and stepped out of the room to ask the guards.

The guard did not know the situation, so he went to the gate to inquire, only to know that the sound of the gong was to inform the people of the Royal City. After the three days, the four ethnic groups will be held. .

When Numu heard it, the festival of the four ethnic groups suddenly became interested: "When I was in the south, I heard that the city of the four cities is held every three months, but I have never encountered it. See how lively the four ethnic festivals are. "

Wu Ruo picked the herb in his hand and said without raising his head: "There is more fun and more trouble."

"To put it the same way, people of different races will be troublesome if they are together. If you can buy other materials from other races, the Master of National Normal University would not take such a big risk to open the three-ethnic channel. By the way, I I heard that the Four Clan Festival only has one day, so there should be a lot of people who ca n’t visit the three clan in one day, unless they buy what they need and leave immediately. Xiaoruo, do you want to go to which clan? , I am with you. "

"Either the Devil or the Ghost."

Numu asked curiously, "Why not go to the demon clan? I heard that the demon clan has the most natural treasures, and most wizards choose the demon clan.

Wu Ruo laughed and said nothing.

At this time, the voice of the guard came from the outside: "Madam, we bring another fifteen cars to raise animal grass."

When Numu heard it, he yelled, "Laozi hates raising beast grass most in this life."

So many years of breeding beast grass.

Wu Ruo meaningfully said: "After some time, you will fall in love with it."

"I hope that one day." Numu continued to work hard.

At a glance, three days passed, the beast-grass in the backyard was still full, and more than the previous few days, Numu saw that the grass in the mansion was the first two large, and thanked Wu Ruoya He had a chance to catch his breath when he participated in the four ethnic festivals.

"Let's go to the ghost clan today." After having breakfast in the morning, Wu Ruo announced to everyone that he had only decided on it last night. Once they were surrounded by the ghost clan, the second was black She can control the ghost clan, so it is safer to go to the ghost clan and protect his family.

Wu Qianqing did not have any opinions. They didn't particularly want to buy anything. The purpose of participating in the four ethnic festivals was to just relax and take a look at the scenery of other ethnic groups.

Wu Xi and Dandan are the most excited. They have not been to other ethnic groups to play. They can go to play when they listen to the Four Ethnic Festivals. They are so happy that they haven't closed their eyes all night.

As soon as the three ethnic passages were opened, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu took them to the carriage to the west gate of the Imperial City. As long as you go out of the west gate, you can lead to the ghost clan, and the east and south gates are the gates to the demon and demon clan, and the north gate is the entrance to the other three clan.

When they arrived at the West Gate, there were already ten-foot-long teams waiting in front, and the number was not a lot. Compared with the crowds of people at the East Gate, it can be said to be very deserted.

The carriage stayed in place for a while, and some eggs couldn't sit and raised the curtains to get out of the car: "Daddy, when can I go to the ghost clan?"

"It's about to come." Wu Ruo saw that he couldn't wait for it, and couldn't help but feel funny, was trying to bring people back to him, and he heard the man on the opposite carriage cry: "Master Wu Ruo."

Wu Ruo looked up and saw Wu Weixue's maidservant peach beckoning to him.

Zhitao asked with a smile, "Master Wu Ruo, are you and the son of Xun Yi going to the ghost clan? It ’s a coincidence that our lady is also going to the ghost clan.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Is it really coincidence?

He looked at Wu Weixue and learned that they would only be here if they went to the Ghost Clan, but he was surprised that Wu Weixue was released so soon, that Wu Chenzi was really reluctant to punish her.

"Master Wu Ruo, is the little baby in your hand the son of Xun Ye? Miss, come out and see, the little boy looks exactly like Xun Ye." Zhitao turned to the car Wu Weixue said.

Wu Weixue leaned out her head, and asked in a curious tone: "Xi Yan took the children to the Fourth National Festival?"

When she saw the child, she froze. The child looked exactly like his father.

Wu Weixue was a joy first, and finally she could see the child. Then she was jealous of the woman who gave birth to the child, and she looked like Hei Xun.

"Second Brother, who are you talking to?" Wu Xi glanced out secretly, and saw Wu Weixue, sitting back in his face with a look of angrily.

Upon seeing this, Guan Tong asked, "Who are the people outside?"

Wu Xi was about to speak, and heard some people sneer: "Miss Wu, after you ruined your niece's appearance, you still have the heart to participate in the Four Ethnic Festivals, which is really impressive."

Zhi Tao immediately retorted: "You have to talk nonsense, my lady did not do such a thing."

"The whole city of the capital knows this, and you still don't admit it, the little boy in front, you look so good, but be careful not to get too close to Miss Wujia, she will destroy your appearance with cosmetic water." After the man had spoken to Wu Ruo, he noticed that Wu Weixue was still sitting in the car and yelled, "The people who came with Miss Wu should also be careful. She was unhappy and very happy. It might spill you water. "

Together with Wu Weixue are Miss Qian Jin of other big families. Wu Chenzi invited them to reluctantly agree to follow. After hearing what the man said, everyone's face changed.

Chapter 130: Fourth National Festival (2)

There are ten families in the Imperial City, namely the Yao family, the Shang family, the Song family, the Ling family, the Wen family, the Yan family, the Lu family, the Zhang family, and the Yun family of the Wu family. Among them, the Wu family has the strongest strength, and the other families are similar. The Yao family, Shang family, Song family, and Zhang family are united with the Wu family, so the people sitting in Wu Weixue's car are the Miss Yao, Shang family, Song family, and Zhang family.

The other five are headed by the Ling family, who is the prince ’s mother family. They always support the second prince Wu family and the other four families. They have always been tit-for-tat. No one will let anyone. To ridicule the other person, just as Wu Weixue satirized the Ling family, Ling Zisheng, the cousin of the prince Ling Mohan.

Wu Weixue, even if there is an adult teacher supporting her, is better than Ling Zisheng, who is the backing of the queen, so she has been so angry that she wants to sit back to her original position without thinking about such people. on.

Zhitao quickly said to Wu Ruo, "Master Wu Ruo, don't listen to him, our lady has never done such a thing."

She quickly put down the curtains and sat down.

Wu Weixue looked coldly at the other four Qianjin ladies: "If you don't believe me, it's too late to get out of the car."

The four Miss Qianjin looked at each other and thought of the family members' instructions and the invitation of the Master of the National Academy. They could only accompany Wu Weixue to continue to the demon tribe. Anyway, there is only one day. As long as you are careful, you should No accident will happen.

Outside the car, Wu Ruo looked back at Ling Zisheng.

Ling Zisheng smiled at him and got into the carriage.

Just then, someone on the west side shouted, "The door is open."

The crowd rejoiced and shouted; "The door is open, and finally it is about to open."

Then, with a creak, the door opened. If it was in the past, after the door was opened, it was a road leading to other places. Now when the west gate is opened, only a layer of water curtain flashes in the middle of the door. What scenery is outside.

Wu Ruo was worried that in the course of driving, the eggs would be hit by other carriages, so he took the people in and sat down, and then saw the crowd staring at Hei Xuan with a serious face.

"What's wrong?" He looked puzzled.

"..." Hei Xieyu was also baffled by everyone.

Numu rolled his eyes. He who had just arrived in the Imperial City for a few days knew what was going on. Why was this black boy so slow in this respect?

Hei Xietang hurriedly said, "My in-laws, in-laws, I assure you of my elder brother. My elder brother has only one eldest son in his life, and he will never marry one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Nine, ten, ten. Even if he thought, my father and mother would not agree that our people would marry only one person in their lifetime, unless the other half died, and would never consider remarrying. "

Hei Xieyu, Wu Ruo: "..."

What is this singing? Why did you suddenly mention marrying Xiaoyu?

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong turned their attention to the children in Wu Ruohuai's arms.

"My little nephew is definitely an accident, but isn't it okay? Anyway, my elder brother and auntie have no children in this life. Now there is a child around, and later they will be old and someone will take care of them." Looking at Wu Qianqing them, he said, "In-laws, in-laws, won't you even have a child?"

"We didn't mean that," Guan Tong said embarrassed, "the rendering is very good in all aspects, it is normal to attract other girls. We just don't want to see Xiao Ruo unconscious because of stimulation."

When Wu Ruo was in a coma last time, they really scared them to death for a while. The doctors couldn't find out what caused them. They just slept in bed for two days and two nights. If they didn't breathe, they all thought they were dead So, they do n’t want to happen again. What if they can't wake up after stimulating them?

Numu raised an eyebrow: "Is Xiaoruo so bad? Will he faint when he gets stimulated?"

Wu Xi said, "Some time ago, my second brother passed out because he was stimulated by Miss Wu's family."

Wu Ruofu, he felt that fainting by stimulus would be a stain that he could not wash away in his life.

"Brother, you say something." Hei Xietang patted Hei Xuan.

Seeing everyone looking at him, Hei Xieyan promised very seriously: "I won't marry You."

Wu Ruo's mouth immediately opened a big smile and couldn't wait to pounce on it hard, but everyone was watching them, and I was really embarrassed to do intimate things in front of so many people in front of them, and they looked similar to Hei Xuyi He kissed hard.

Hei Xun suddenly turned his face down and carried the child into Hei Xidang's arms.

"Little nephew, your father has eaten your vinegar, but it doesn't matter, and the fourth uncle hurts you." Hei Xietang said and kissed him.

Doudou quickly covered her face: "Don't kiss you."

Everyone was amused by his little moves.

At this time, the car was dark.

Wu Ruo hadn't responded yet, he was pulled into his arms by the people nearby, kissed his lips, smelled familiar, he could not help but hug each other, sucking each other's lips hard, in a tense atmosphere, for a while Excited, even the lips of each other feel more delicious than before, reluctant to let go.

Guan Tong and Wu Xi quickly asked, "What's going on?"

Wu Qianqing, who had participated in a four-ethnic festival, hurriedly comforted everyone: "Don't worry, the passage from the human race to the gate of the ghost race will turn black, and about half of the column incense will recover."

"It's scary." U Xi hugged Guan Tong beside him.

"Hmm ..." A moan sounded in the darkness.

Everyone heard the sound, there was a strange feeling, but because they couldn't see each other, they didn't take it to heart.

When not too much, the compartment lights up again.

Wu Xisong sighed and saw Wu Ruo flushed and blushed, strangely: "Second brother, what's wrong with you? Are you sick?"

Everyone looks at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo calmly said, "I just feel a bit hot.

Numu and Hei Xietang cast a meaningful look at him. Don't think that Hei can't see the black in the car just now, but they clearly feel that Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu are kissing.

Wu Ruo shyly squeezed Hei Xuanyu's arm. It was the man who made him scream when he kissed. Fortunately, his father and mother didn't know what was going on, otherwise he was ashamed.

Hei Xuanyu pulled down his hands and shook hands together.

The carriage drove for about a column of incense, and finally stopped. The guard outside the carriage said, "Master, the carriage is not allowed to pass in front, you can only walk into the city."

Wu Qianqing said, "Let's get off.

"Um." Numu, who was sitting in front of the car door, got out of the car first. Then, Hei Xietang came out of the car holding the egg, and the egg saw the ghost people flying in the sky, wow , Excitedly shouted, "Four uncles, I want to fly too."

"Tell Heiyin to hug you to fly." Heiyin appeared next to them as soon as Hei Xietang had finished speaking.

Hei Xitang handed the child to Hei Yin: "Take care of him."

Heiyin hugged the child and asked, "Little master, how do you want to fly?"

Pointing at them from the top of their heads, Qinyu flew over the ghosts: "Just fly."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo came out of the car and saw Heiyin flying into the air holding her eggs, asking curiously: "The people of the ghost family all fly in the air?

Hei Xietang turned back and asked, "Dasao, haven't been to the Ghost Clan?"


Hei Xietang explained: "If you don't get to the ghost clan on the street to buy things, the ghost clan will usually fly in the air to hurry.

Ushi, who came out of the carriage, said: "Then they are so convenient to go out, they don't need to ride horses, or ride in a carriage."

"It's quite convenient."

Uxi stared curiously: "Except for the people flying in the sky, the scenery and objects here are similar to the Imperial City."

There are mountains, water, and trees all around, the sky is blue, and the ground is dirt. The people of the ghost clan are dressed like them. However, most of the clothing on the ghost clan is black and white, and the appearance is ugly. It is easy You can distinguish which one is a ghost and which is a human.

"In terms of scenery, the ghost clan is most similar to the human race, but other aspects are not necessarily." Hei Xietang pointed to the gate: "We will enter the city and talk."

They came to the gate of the city and got the registration token before being put into the city by ghost soldiers.

The layout of the city is similar to that of the houses. However, the people of the ghost clan like to paint the pillars, doors, windows, and signboards of the house with black hair, and the rest are mainly white. The decorations in the house are for humans. The bones suddenly felt to the people as if they were coming to a funeral, not to play.

Hei Yin in the air noticed that Hei Xieyu had entered the city, so he held the egg and led the token to enter the city, and followed Hei Xie to their steps.

"Uncle Heiyin, what's that?" Eggy asked curiously at foods similar to the human candied cantaloupe, but the candied fruits were red, but the food was black.

"That's a ghost string."

Upon hearing that, Wu Ruo also looked at it curiously: "What kind of food is Ghost Skewers?"

Hei Yin explained: "The outer layer is formed by ghosts, and the inside is of various animal corpses ...

Wu Xi and Guan Tong almost didn't spit out breakfast.

"For our ghost clan, ghost skewers are tonic, but the human clan can't eat it, it will damage the body."

Everyone couldn't eat it when they heard it. The small mouth immediately flattened, pointing to the large scented buns next to them, and his eyes brightly asked: "Uncle Heiyin, can you eat this?"

Black vagina: "It's human blood soup ..."

Everyone: "..."

Eggs don't understand what human blood soup is: "I want to eat."

"Can't eat," Wu Ruo calmly said, "you can't buy anything here."

He looked at the aggrieved face, and he couldn't bear it. "Can't buy food, but you can buy it."

Every little face lit up again.

Hei Yin said: "The gadgets sold in the ghost clan are made of human bones.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Can I have fun here?

Hei Xieyu looked at the big inn in front of Wu Ruo and said to everyone, "I and Xiao will go to other places and go to the big inn in the middle of noon for dinner."

Hei Xietang thief smiled; "Big brother thinks we are annoying and wants to be alone with Dasao."

Numu laughed: "I walked around and bought what I needed."

Wu Qianqing nodded: "Wait at the front hotel at noon."

Hei Xuanyu pulled Wu Ruo to the side road.

Wu Weixue behind him saw the two of them holding hands and left, jealous of red eyes, and quickly lowered his head and whispered to Tao: "Find an opportunity to separate them."

"Miss Wu, what's wrong with your niece?" A male voice came from behind him.

Wu Weixue turned around and saw Ling Zisheng again, and slumped his face: "Ling Zisheng, I do n’t need to explain to you what I do, and please do n’t follow us all the time, otherwise, it will make me think you want to be wrong , By the time you accidentally hurt you, don't blame me for not warning you. "

"It's so funny. When you walk behind you, you are called to follow you. So many people behind you, does that mean everyone is following you? Besides, on this road, I won't go here, where should I go? Fly in the air like a ghost clan? "Ling Zisheng sneered, walked past them with his subordinates, and then turned back:" Don't follow this path with me, otherwise, I will think you look at me of."

Wu Weixue looked at him indifferently, but she was already half anxious in her heart. After Ling Zisheng went away, she said to the four Miss Qianjin who followed: "Let's go separately."

Wu Weixue hurried away with her people.

The four men were suddenly relieved, fearing Wu Weixue's remorse, and quickly hid in one of the jewelry stores.

Yao Jiaqian patted his chest and said, "I was so scared when I was sitting on the carriage with her just now, I was really worried that she would destroy our looks with cosmetic water.

Miss Zhang Jia said: "I was also very scared at the time. When she asked us to get off the bus, I really wanted to get off the bus immediately, but when I thought that her grandfather was a teacher, my grandfather was under her hand Officials, then resisted the urge to get out of the carriage. "

Shang Jiaqian frowned: "You said, she really ruined the appearance of other women with cosmetic water?"

"It's true," Song Jiaqian affirmed.

The other three Qianjin looked at her: "Come on, what's going on?"

"I do n’t know exactly what happened. You know that my aunt is Song Yan, the second wife of Wu Weixue. My aunt said that my cousin had seen Wu Weixue destroyed with water. The appearance of a beautiful woman, so far that woman has not improved, and my cousin is the same. When I went to see her a few days ago, I was scared by that face, the beautiful one My face was rotten, only some flesh was left, and it also exuded a strong odor. I didn't dare to stay in her room at all ... "

Having said that, Zhang Qianjin pulled her sleeves and motioned her to look back.

Song Qianjin turned his head and saw Wu Weixue standing at the door watching them coldly.
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