Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 111-120

Chapter 111: Check the wound

The queen apologized to Wu Chenzi: "Since Huang'er returned from the micro-clothing tour, his temperament has become more casual, and I also ask the National Teacher College to forgive me."

Wu Chenzi smiled: "The prince is a true temperament, so how can the old minister blame the prince?"

"This prince is really more and more disrespectful." The emperor looked like he was scolding, but his tone did not mean blame. The emperor and concubine blinked sneer, and they took their seats together with the empress.

Wu Weixue clenched his hands in his sleeves, and lowered his eyelids to cover the angry jealousy.

Otherwise, she would not have refused to marry, or she might have a perfect happy day.

The **** man who wants to have no identity, has no status, and no spiritual power, just has a chance to get a black shame on the face of a man with a beautiful face than Xiaoyan.

Wu Weixue grew more and more angry.

Hei Xiu was originally her, and no one else wanted it.

Zhitao came over and whispered, "Miss, will there be a dance in public later?"

Wu Weixue glanced at her coldly: "Everyone is gone, who is it for?"

Originally, I wanted to shine on the birthday feast, so that those who are obsessed with her can be drunk with bamboo baskets.

At the beginning of the birthday feast, everyone left behind the unpleasant things and congratulated Wu Chenzi.

When the birthday feast was about halfway through, the guards from the house reported that someone had died in the lake of the compound. According to investigations, the deceased was drunk because of drinking too much and accidentally fell into the lake.

Wu Weixue didn't think so, because the deceased was the same person who stoned Wu Ruo before.

When the birthday feast broke out, Wu Ruozhen was sitting in the mansion bought by the prince outside the palace, and tasted elegantly the tribute tea that only the royal family could drink.

Ling Mohan stared at Wu Ruo for a long time before asking out loudly, "Are you really Wu Ruo?"

"Not like it?" Wu Ruo looked at him meaningfully: "Would you like me to tell you, where did I save you, and how did I exchange the missing piece with you to get you back to the royal capital safely?"

Ling Mohan narrowed his eyes, "You have changed so much."

Wu Ruo put the tea cup back on the table: "The reason why I was so fat before was because I was stunned, now I'm stunned, and people naturally lose weight."

Ling Mohan swept away the robe and sat down: "Do you still suspect that my official is not a prince?"

Wu Ruo chuckled: "I started to save you and knew you were a prince."

Lingmo Han's eyes became cold.

Wu Ruodai gave him a glance: "You don't have to guard against me. I want to be really bad for you. Do you think you can still sit here and talk to me?"

"Since you know the identity of the palace, why did you have to embarrass the palace that day? Not willing to borrow guards from the palace?"

"If I believed everything you said at the time, you would doubt that I was not a credible person. On the contrary, the more I did not believe in your identity, the more you would think that I was safe. Besides, I would even use your guard, You may not be able to return to the Imperial Capital safely if you are injured. "Wu Ruo glanced at him:" It is different for you to mix into Wu Yanlan's team, because the people who want to kill you are the ones sent by the National Teacher, they I never imagined that you would be in the ranks of Xuansun of the National Normal University, and you would be able to smoothly return to the imperial palace of the imperial capital without being interrogated, would you? "

Ling Mohan: "..."

Wu Ruo asked, "Prince, do you want to cooperate again?"

Lingmo smiled coldly: "You have neither status nor spiritual power in the emperor. What benefits can this palace receive from working with you? Even in Gaolingcheng, you have not been able to turn your hands over the clouds and rain. "

Wu Ruo was not upset, and smiled, "You are right, I really don't have the ability, so dare to ask someone who has the ability like a prince, why can't you move the National Teacher Master even now?"

"You ..." This sentence was simply poking Ling Mohan's pain.

"Give you a column of incense to consider time. After a column of incense, even if you want to cooperate with me, I will refuse." Wu Ruo picked up a cup of tea for tea again.

Ling Mohan: "..."

He has never been treated this way, and he has never seen anyone who works with him pose such an indifferent attitude. It is really irritating, but looking at this incredible face in front of him, he can't get angry.

"My palace wants to ask you, did you deliberately fall in front of this palace?"

Wu Ruo smiled and did not hide him: "Some people in Wu's family want to kill me, but they want to pretend to be good, and it is inconvenient to shoot directly. They want to use your hand to kill me, and I will fall in front of you. How can we sit here and talk brightly? "

If he hadn't done it on purpose, how could anyone push him so easily.

Ling Mohan raised an eyebrow: "Who is the Wu family who wants to kill you? Haven't you and your father and mother just come from Gaolingcheng? Why did the Wu family kill someone who didn't threaten them?"

"It was Wu Weixue who wanted to kill me, first because I looked better than her, and then she saw my husband ..."

Ling Mohan thought that the man she saw in Wujia was so beautiful that she could captivate all the women in the world. "This palace remembers how your husband is ... uh ..."

"It was fake leather on his face." Wu Ruo sneered: "My husband saved Wu Chenzi's father at that time, so he decided the relationship, but when he came to the door to propose, he wore an ugly Wu Weixue thought that my husband was ugly and rejected the family relationship. Wu Chenzi pushed the family away. My great-grandfather pointed me to Wu Chenzi to please him. A few days ago Wu Weixue accidentally saw my husband's true content, and thought of robbing people back. "

When Ling Mohan heard him take a sip of Wu Chenzi, he determined that he really didn't like Huangdu Wujia: "So it is, then you and your husband ..."

Wu Ruo thought of Hei Xieyu, with a full smile in his eyes: "I am very good with him, a pillar of incense has arrived. If you are unwilling to cooperate, I will leave."

Ling Mohan said: "This palace wants to ask the last question."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow.

"Don't you want to split up? Why did you still send relatives in Gaolingcheng to the Imperial City, and asked the National Teacher to heal them? Isn't that bothering yourself?"

Wu Ruoxiao laughed: "My relatives have always been insatiable. They will be like maggots and eat the emperor's Wu family little by little. Therefore, on the day that the emperor intended the imperial edict, you must strive to give them the best benefits, and they dare to be brazen. Ask Wujia for more things. "

Ling Mohan: "..."

He shouldn't underestimate this person, because he can mess up the Wuling family of Gaolingcheng behind his back, it's definitely not what ordinary people can do.

Wu Ruo stood up: "Prince, is there anything else?"

Lingmohan said, "I can work with you, but what is your purpose?"

"My purpose is the same as one of yours, Wuwu, Jia, and the Nine." Wu Ruo said at the end, his tone was extremely cold.

Lingmo Hanyu looked at him: "You are from the Wu family."

Wu Ruoxi smiled, as if the person who said that was not him: "So, remember to exclude me and my family at that time."

Ling Mohan: "..."

Wu Ruo sat back in position: "Since we have cooperated, I will tell you something."

"what's up?"

"The emperor, your father and the emperor, may not live for five years. If the person who harms your father and emperor continues to do something secretly, it will probably return to heaven within one or two years."

Lingmo Han froze and pulled Wu Ruo's collar violently: "You're bullshit, the father's dragon body of this palace is obviously fine, and living for fifty years is not a problem, how can it ... how can ... Wu Ruo, do you know what you said can kill your family? "

Wu Ruo's face was unwavering, and he continued: "If you stop taking action, the throne you want will be the second prince."

Lingmo Han shuddered: "You ..."

Wu Ruo pulled back his collar from his hand: "If you really care about your father and emperor, you should have discovered his physical condition long ago. If you have instinct, you will not let the villain succeed.

Ling Mohan put down his hand: "The doctor in this palace will check the dragon body for the emperor every two months, it is impossible ..."

At this point, he paused, his face sinking: "Is it ..."

Wu Ruogo smiled, "Prince, please find someone to lift me out."

Lingmo froze his lips with a cold face and called for a close guard. One person held Wu Ruo's arms and the other carried Wu Ruo's feet. He lifted the man out of the gate and threw it at the black man who was waiting outside. go with.

Hei Xiu took the person and quickly hugged it into the car.

Wu Qianqing, who was waiting in the car, gathered around in a hurry: "Is Xiaoru okay?"

Wu Ruo made a shh gesture to them.

Wu Qianqing they stunned.

Hei Xun said, "Go back and talk.

As soon as their carriages left, someone rose from the opposite roof and ran to Wujia.

Back in Heifu, Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo out of the car.

After entering the house, Wu Ruocai said, "Dad, mother, I'm fine. The prince did not punish me. You and Xiaoxi should go and rest."

"You child." Wu Qianqing sighed, sure that he was really fine, and returned to the backyard with Guan Tong and Wu Xi. When he returned to the room, he told Guan Tong, "Tonger, don't you think that if more and more things are hiding from us, it's like the Wujia people didn't die ..."

Guan Tong comforted him: "If Xiao had done this, he would have his reason. Take you as an example. At that age, would you report everything to your parents? So you can't blame him. He kept us away There must be his intention, it will never be against us, right? "

Wu Qianqing thinks about it too, and no longer tangles this matter.

Hei Xiu took Wu Ruo back to the room and lay down on the bed. Without a word, he cleaned Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo hurriedly pulled the quilt over his lower body, and said angrily, "Hey, what are you doing?"

Hei Xuan said with a calm face, "Check the wound."

Wu Ruo stared at him angrily: Do I need to take off my clothes to inspect the wound? "Hei Xun said nothing, tore off the quilt on his body, and looked him up and down. At last, his eyes fell on Xiao Ruoruo.

Chapter 112: Are you dirty

Wu Ruo shamefully and angrily stretched his feet against Hei Xuyi's chest: "Hei Xuyi, where are you looking? Is there a wound there?"

Hei Xingyu looked at the red body with shame, his eyes darkened, and he said dumbly, "There is a wound."

"Where?" Wu Ruo meal, he was hurt, how could he not feel the pain?

Hei Xieyu grabbed the jade foot on his chest and lifted it up, then his eyes moved away from Ruoruo Xiao for a few minutes.

Wu Ruo blinked, and soon understood what Hei Xieyu meant: "Hey, Xie, He, you big demon."

He blushed and turned black, and turned over to try to get up, but the people behind him pressed him with his hands, and then Bai Nennen's hips were bitten.

"You ..." Wu Ruo shocked his big eyes and quickly rolled over to stare at the man who was pressing over.

Hei Xieyu sucked on his lips quickly, and said solemnly to the man who pushed his head away: "Don't make trouble."

Wu Ruo stared at him: "Who made trouble with you, you bit my fart and kissed my mouth, are you dirty?"

"Not dirty." Hei Xieyu took out the wound medicine and carefully wiped the wound on his forehead: "Don't hurt yourself next time. If you want to kill anyone, I will solve it for you.

If it hadn't been promised in the morning that Wu Ruo could not be shot, otherwise, how could those people hurt him by half?

Wu Ruo looked at him with a smile: "That's so boring, people have been solved by you, so what am I doing?"

"Just tell me to kill whoever you want, and kill him."

Wu Ruo smiled a bit: "Then I said you want to kill Wu Chenzi?"

Suddenly, Hei Xieyu stood up and walked out.

Wu Ruoyi said: "Where are you going?"

"Go and kill Wu Chenzi."

"Ah?" Wu Ruo hesitated slightly, quickly got up, and jumped to Hei Xieyu's back: "I was joking just now, are you serious? You can't go or go, I can solve them myself.

Hei Xunyu stopped and held the man behind him with his backhand.

At this moment, a doubtful voice came out of the window: "Brother, sister, what are you doing?

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo turned to look out the window, He Xietang looked at them in confusion.

Wu Ruo blinked, and suddenly, remembering that she wasn't wearing clothes, she hurriedly yelled, "Black shame, hit him."

Hei Xuyi also realized that Wu Ruo wasn't wearing clothes. He sank, raised his hand and waved his sleeves, and shot fiercely. Immediately Hei Xuantang screamed and was fanned a few feet away. 'Soon, fell into the lake.

Wu Ruo: "..."

That's his brother-in-law-fierce enough!

Hei Xietang came out of the lake, and said indignantly, "I just came to ask you how the banquet is, and I was fanned out. Who am I offending?"

Someone replied, "Who showed you naked lady."

Then Hegan stepped out of the darkness.

"How do I know that they are so energetic as soon as they come back ..." Hei Xietang looked at Hei Gan with tears and thought, and said, "No, how do you know that I saw Dasao naked, do you also watch? ... Guru ... "

Hei Gan pressed the person directly into the water.

In the room, Wu Ruo angrily took a bite on Hei Xuan's shoulder: "It's all you, it's all my face."

Hei Xunyan put his face back on the bed, closed the window, and when he looked back, Wu Ruo had put on his obscene clothes and pants.

"I'm hungry." Wu Ruo stood up and hugged the man who came over: "I want to eat."

Hei Xieyu put on his robe for him, and then took the person to the outdoor hall, and instructed the corpse to bring up the night food.

"Today I gave such a big gift, but I didn't eat anything. It's a big loss, right." Wu Ruo kicked Hei Xun 翊 with his foot; "Hei Xun 翊, you send someone to follow Wu Yu, I suspect His brother's disappearance is related to him. "

Hearing the words, Hei Xieyu looked up outside: "Hear?"

"Subordinates know."

Wu Ruo looked at the door and saw the shadow of Heiyin flashing away: "He is always with us?"


Wu Ruo was curious: "He went to Wu's house with us before?"

"Go, but can't appear in front of people with seventh-level spiritual power, otherwise, even if invisible, they will be found."

Wu Ruo frowned: "Seventh-order spiritual power ..."

In the previous life, it took him six or seven years to rise to sixth-order spiritual power. This life may be shorter, but it will take several years. From tomorrow, he must practice well. No, wait. Practice well.

Wu Ruo had eaten and bathed, and tossed Hei Xieyu aside and meditated cross-legged.

After having breakfast the next day, the guard came to report that Wu Weixue begged for a visit, but Hei Xieyu ordered him and her not to enter.

Wu Weixue had to give the letter and the medicine box to the guard, and let the guard forward the afternoon to the dark. However, it was delivered to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo opened the letter and read it face-to-face, sneering: "Wu Weixue, while acting against us, wanted to perform well in front of you, and said that you should see her last night when she spoke for us She went into the house to see my injury. Black beauty, you are so charming. Then again, do you know she likes you? "

Black frowned, apparently not aware of it: "Don't bother her."

Wu Ruo opened the pill box and smelled it. It was top-grade sorrow cream: "Oh, to please you, she's very generous.

Hei Xietang moved the chair beside Wu Ruo: "Dar, do you smell it?"

Wu Ruo sniffed: "What do you smell? Medicine?"

Hei Xietang said, "It's vinegar, and it comes from you."

Wu Ruo hesitated for a moment before realizing that he was saying he was jealous, and gave him a nasty look.

Hei Xietang smiled, stood up, and walked out of the hall: "I'm going to see the little nephew."

Wu Ruo turned to Hei Xieyu: "Do you know the thorny priests teach eggs and eggs to learn the magic of the tribe?"

"Know, is there a problem?" Hei Xieyu brought the medicine box in his hand and told the person to throw it away.

Wu Ruo was curious: "You don't object to him learning the magic tribe?"

Hei Xuyi asked him, "Why are you opposed?"

"People in our kingdom of heaven have prejudice against demons, ghosts, or demons. If they learn the spells of other races, they will be shown as aliens and will not be accepted.

"There is no such situation in our tribe. For our tribe, as long as we do n’t learn other mysteries to deal with our own tribe, we can learn anything, not to mention that not everyone can learn the mystery of other races or two or more Different kinds of mystery.

Wu Ruo thought about it, and looked into his eyes and said, "Hey, you are not the people in our country?"

"Well." Hei Xieyu did not hide: "Our people are on the other side of the sea."

Wu Ruo's eyes lit up: "Can you tell me about your situation?"

Hei Xie frowned: "I think it's better not to tell you this until you go to our family and feel it for yourself."

"So, you don't want to tell, right?"

Hei Xun nodded.

"Okay." As long as he didn't want to tell him, Wu Ruo could accept it.

In the next few days, Wu Ruo will be in the government to “repair the wounds”, and Hei Xuyi will receive a letter and medicine from Wu Weixue every day.

Wu Ruoxue, who is very admired by Wu Ruo, and she is anxious if she ca n’t wait for a response. Otherwise, her actions will not change from a kind intention to a bold pursuit of a man with a husband. Her writing starts from Simple greetings to explicit love poems, Silky has no shame, and has left her proud self-esteem on the ground.

Even on the seventh day after the birthday feast, Wu Weixue flew into Heifu by using a magic weapon, and just finished practicing lying on the bed room to watch Wu Ruo, who practiced swords outside the courtyard, staring blankly at Wu Wei Snow fell from the sky like a fairy.

"Xu Xun." As soon as Wu Weixue landed, he ran directly to Hei Xun.

Hei Xun's look sank, and he didn't receive the sword. He directly stabbed the sword and cut off a strand of hair from Wu Weixue.

Wu Weixue didn't care. After seeing Wu Ruo in the room, she boldly darted to Hei Xieyu and gave her red lips.

Wu Ruo was shocked to stand upright.

Hei Xieyu blocked Wu Weixue's lips with one hand, and hit Wu Weixue's chest with the other hand.

With a snoring noise, Wu Weixue spit out blood, and flew out like a broken zither.

Hei Xiong said coldly, "Throw this woman who does not know shame."

"Yes." The guard guarding the gate of the courtyard rushed in, like lifting a dead pig, and moved to the gate at will, throwing it out fiercely.

Seeing that his own lady was thrown out in a hurry, Zhiyao exclaimed: "Miss, miss, are you okay? Master Lan, come out and see if the lady is dead."

Wu Yanlan, who had not been off the carriage until he heard it, hurried out of the car, saw Wu Weixue with blood in his mouth, hurriedly picked up the man, and gave him the medicine: ,Are you OK?"

Wu Weixue did not respond.

Wu Yanlan said anxiously: "Quickly return to Wufu to find a doctor.

Zhitao cried and said, "Master Lan, don't you say that if you let the lady drop down, you will win the heart of the black boy?"

Wu Yanlan said angrily: "I just talked casually, who knows the aunt is serious."

The first two days, Wu Weixue came to ask him what kind of woman a man likes, and he expressed his views, saying that not every man likes her proud look and does not put others in his eyes. Woman, marrying such a woman is going to suffer a living and go back every day.

He prefers to be a little more proactive and dare to express his love to the girl his husband knows. Who knows that Wu Weixue took it seriously after listening to it, and either wrote love poems or ran to someone's house every day. He was also injured and thrown out of the house. He almost lost the face of Wufu. How can he tell his great-grandfather?

"My aunt really likes Hei Xuanyu so much? Is there no other man in this world?"

Zhi Tao cried: "No other man is worthy of a lady."

"Would it be worthy of the black shame? Who knows who the black shame is? Maybe it's a useless waste? Doesn't the aunt like it too?"

"At least that face deserves it."

Wu Yanlan was angry: "Superficial."

Zhitao called up the courage to refute him: "Master Lan, you are not superficial? Would you be willing to marry a girl with high spiritual power but a very ugly face?"

Wu Yanlan: "..."

Chapter 113: Past Life Past Life (1)

Hei Xuan Hanhan returned to the room with a face.

Wu Ruo couldn't get back a little, pointing out the window "just, just ..."

Hei Xieyu was worried about his misunderstanding, and immediately explained: "I didn't get there."

"This Wu Weixue has changed too much, it almost looks like a different person."

Wu Ruo thinks that Wu Weixue has changed from a proud man to a lowly person to the point where he needs to kiss a man. It is a bit unacceptable. Is his man's charm so great? Need her to lay down and court like a dog.

Hei Xuanyu pulled Wu Ruo down to sit down: "I will arrange the array later, no one can fly in."

"Don't you think Wu Weixue is strange?" Wu Ruo frowned. "It's like ... like ..."

He remembered that the same was true of U Xi from the previous life. Suddenly, his personality had changed a lot. When he saw Pakse's enthusiasm, he rushed to kiss him and his father and mother.

"Did you say Wu Weixu had a spell?" Wu Ruo thought more and more about this possibility. If that is the case, who spelled her and ran to **** her husband with him?

"Perhaps." Hei Xuyi was not interested in other people's affairs.

Wu Ruola pulled his hand and opened it for a look: "You haven't been kissed yet, you have lip marks on it."

When he saw Wu Weixue just rushing up without saying a word, he was frightened, and was especially afraid to see Wu Weixue kiss Hei Xieyu's mouth or other places.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

He was kissed in order to cover his lips.

Wu Ruo took out the handkerchief and wiped off the dazzling red mark little by little. Suddenly, a sour taste came out in his heart, just like Hei Xietang said he was jealous.

He didn't like people touching his man, not even a little bit of a sleeve.

Wu Ruo rubbed harder and harder, and it wasn't until Hei Xieyu's palms turned red that he returned to his spirits. He couldn't help but stroke his hair. What happened to him? The vinegar suddenly became so big and a bit abnormal.

"Hei Xieyu, go wash your hands, don't go into the room without washing." He put down his handkerchief, thought about it, and said, "By the way, take a shower of rouge gouache off your body."

"..." Seeing that he really didn't like it, Hei Xieyu stood up and picked up the handkerchief on the table to burn it.

Wu Ruo looked outside, unconsciously remembering the picture of Wu Weixue going to the dark just now, his head was open and painful, very uncomfortable, he got up and walked to the inner room. Suddenly, many sounds and pictures flashed in his brain. It was so fast that he couldn't catch what was happening. When he came to the bed, his eyes suddenly turned black, and the person fell straight on the bed without waking up.

Wu Ruo's eyes were dark, but he heard many noisy sounds, but he couldn't hear what he was talking about, it was very noisy and annoying.

I do not know how long in the past, as soon as the light in front of my eyes was bright, I saw the black shading face full of black scales.

Wu Ruo stunned: "Why did you put on the mask again? Isn't your mask ruined by Wu Weixue? How many fake skins do you have?"

Hei Xunyu seemed to have heard his words, her eyes were red and sad, and her body was filled with the cold and anger that could freeze people, and her ugly face became especially horrible, such as the demon from the eighteenth floor of hell, There was a crunching sound in the bone joint of the hand.

"You, what's wrong with you?" Wu Ruo was taken a step back by his fright, and then he saw a scene that made it even more scary. In a pile of charred bodies, a transparent soul was drilled, and that soul Jing looks exactly like him, no, the soul is much more mature than he is now.

Hei Xieyu casts a swift cast on the soul, preventing the soul from continuing to fly.

The soul's expression changed from stagnation to more soberness. After staring at Hei Xuan, he rushed in front of the corpse lying down the wall, crying in pain: "Mother, mother--"

Wu Ruo looked at this scene in shock, wasn't this, this is not the mother who ran into the wall after being raped by Ruan Yu's people in the last life?

He quickly turned to look at the other side, and saw Wu Qianqing with his head and body separated.

"Dad!" Wu Ruo's eyes widened in disbelief, he returned to the last life? But he thought it was impossible. Is he dreaming now?

"Hei Xuanyu--" The soul stood up excitedly and ran to Hei Xuanyu, unexpectedly, he passed directly through Hei Xuanyu's body.

He hesitated for a while, finding the fact that he was dead, and crying in grief: "Why? Why don't you come earlier, if you come earlier, my father and my mother won't die.

Hei Xuanyu looked at his back, his eyes flashed with pain, raised his hand to appease him, but his fingertips passed through the transparent body, clenched his fists, retracted his hands, and lowered his head without saying a word.

Wu Ruo felt so sad when he saw such a black shame. He couldn't blame the black shame, because he mistrusted others to have such a result.

Suddenly, someone shouted, "Uncle, Hei Xuanyuan is here."

Immediately after, Wu Qianjing's angry voice came: "Kill him.

After that, a large group of guards poured into Shu Qingyuan, followed by Wu Qianjing and Wu Qianbin, etc. They surrounded Hei Xuan and the soul in Wu Qianjing. They saw Wu Ruo who became a soul, and stunned. He laughed and said, "Isn't this our sixth-order yin-yang master? It's so downcast that it turns into a soul."

Wu Qiantong teased out: "What about the sixth-order yin and yang master? Even his father and mother can't protect it, it is not a waste."

Wu Qianbin glanced at the corpse on the ground and chuckled: "The third brother and the third brother died so terribly, but unfortunately, they didn't see how they died. They stopped crying and were so angry that their words were broken. : "You, you ..." I wonder if it was because of the same feelings with him that Wu Ruo was sucked into the soul and looked at everything happening in front of him silently, but he couldn't dominate the body.

"Your beasts one by one", the soul Wu Ruo heard what they said coldly and ruthlessly, and finally believed in what Ruan Yue said, and sadly wanted to use mystery, but because he became a new soul, there was no spiritual power. The reason can't make it out.

Wu Qianli laughed and said, "You have become a new soul. There is no spiritual power without an entity. Unless you re-cultivate, we will not give you this opportunity."

"I'm going to kill you." Wu Ruo growled in anger and rushed straight to him.

Wu Qianli quickly took out the magic charm and planned to collect Wu Ruo. Suddenly, a white shadow appeared between Wu Qianli and Wu Ruo.

"On this broken charm, I just want to accept my wife and dream." Bai Ying raised his finger and gently touched the magic charm. The magic charm instantly burned, and he was thrown away by surprise.

Wu Qianjing watched Baiying vigilantly. His face was a half-fascinating human face, and the other half was a human bone without flesh. At a glance, he knew that he was a ghost family, and his ability was above them. Otherwise they won't find out.

Wu Ruo immediately realized that he couldn't beat Wu Qian to compete with them now, and he turned around and turned to Hei Xie 翊: "Kill them, Hei Xie 翎, kill them for me. I want them to die without all corpses, I want everyone in the Wu family to be buried with me and my family. "

This remark was like a curse, and he roared in sorrow, as if he felt his grief in the heavens and the earth, the wind was blowing, and the wind was blowing.

The crowd could not help taking a step back.

Black shame looks like dead people, glanced at them coldly, and spit out a word: "OK."

"Just, just a few of you." Wu Qianli waved and motioned for the guards to come together: "Let's go together."

The guards glanced at each other, hesitated, and not to mention that Wu Ruo looked so mad, but the black horror erupted and made them afraid to come forward.

Wuqian Liqi shoved the guard around him: "Not yet."

The guard hesitated for a moment, raised his hand to prepare for the cast, and saw a few silhouettes appearing behind Hei Xieyu, more and more clear, whether it was on the ground, on the tree, or on the roof, there were many people standing The many-faced ghost clan, the people who are very dark and horrifying in the dark, cannot help taking a step back.

"Everyone heard it clearly. The wife asked the Wu family to bury him, and the others in the compound couldn't let it go. They were brought here to let each other see how their own tribe died." Heigan walked out of the darkness. Come out and say.

Most of the ghost clan disappeared in Shu Qingyuan. Immediately after, Wu Qianjing heard a scream of screams from the distance. They also fought with the ghost clan in Wu Qianjing. After a while, they were on the ground. Many people fell, and Wu Qianli was also injured.

Soon, their wives and children were caught in the Shu Qing courtyard by the ghost clan.

"Seal their spiritual power." Wu Ruo flew up, pointed at Sang Dongyi with no expression, and turned to the guards and said, "As long as you **** their wives and children now, you can Don't die. "

"Wu Ruo, dare you!" Wu Qiantong was furious, and then, with a scream, his arm was cut off.

"Can you call my wife's name?" A black shadow appeared in front of Wu Qiantong, and his face was embroidered with many black runes.

The guards looked at the corpse all over the ground, and they felt very scared. It was clear that they were not the opponents of these ghost clan, even if the clan and elders rushed over.

"Six or six boys, what you said is true." Someone asked.

"There is so much nonsense." Hei Gan's face was somber and he took a sword to kill the guard next to him. "You must die if you don't follow my wife's words."

The timid guards were about to move.

"Do you want to rebel?" Wu Qianjing angered.

"Uncle, we also want a way to live." The guards hesitated, and rushed towards Sang Dongyi.

Sang Dongyi and Ruan Lan screamed again and again, but were held down by the ghosts and couldn't resist: "Don't come, you don't come."

Wu Ruo looked at them, thinking that his mother-in-law had been deceived like this just now, full of sorrow and ruthlessness, pointing to Wu Qian and saying, "Hold them down and let them see how their wives and children were People play around.

"Yes." The ghosts immediately seized Wuqian to compete for them.

"Xiao Ruo, his mercy." Suddenly, an anxious voice came in.

Chapter 114: Past Life Past Life (2)

Wu Ruo looked at the gate of the courtyard, and Wu Bufang hurried to arrive with several elders.

When Ubud saw Wu Ruo turning into a ghost, he could not help but hesitate.

"My mercy?" Wu Ruo looked at Wu Fang sadly and ridiculously. "When they destroyed my father's Lingtian, did they have mercy? When they killed my elder brother, they thought about his mercy, and My younger sister U Xi, did they think about hand, hand, stay, love when they urged Bashir to curse her? "

He pointed at Ubu Fang with resentment, sternly: "And you Ubu Fang, you are always watching the movement of each compound, I do not believe that my father Lingtian was destroyed, as well as the elder brother and younger sister. You really do n’t know anything about it, huh, at that time, did you have pity for the people in our Shu Qingyuan? No? ”

Ubud: "..."

"Ubud, you just watch how they died in front of you one by one. The Wu family you are most proud of will be ruined tonight, even if the experienced children and married are out. Daughter, I won't let it go. "

Ubud was shaken by his words.

The elder behind him said with excitement: "Wu Ruo, whoever harms your family, go to whomever you want. You should not implicate innocent people."

"My elder brother, younger sister, father, and mother are not innocent? Who of you have helped out? If there were, today's events would not happen." Wu Ruo looked at the guards and said coldly, "I don't want to do anything yet."

The guards immediately stripped off Sang Dongyi's robes and played with them directly. The courtyard was full of filth and slaughter.

Wu Qianli said in a rage, "Wu Ruo, you beast."

Wu Qianjing yelled: "Wu Ruo, I knew this already, we should have killed you long ago."

Wu Qianbin also exclaimed angrily, "Wu Ruo, you must not die."

"Can't die?" Wu Ruofei flew in front of his body, sneering at his body: "I haven't done anything sorry for you, but I've died too? Oh, it's you guys who can't die."

Everyone: "..."

Hei Xunyu walked down before squatting down, carefully holding the burnt-out Wu Ruo body, and in everyone's eyes, he kissed the forehead of Heijiao with a careless voice and said, "Quan , Ministry, slug, kill-"

The very **** words made Wu Ruo feel sad in his heart.

He stared at Hei Xieyu holding his body out of the yard, as if the suffocation on his body was taken away by him together, while the other two ghost clan picked up Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong's bodies and left.

Wu Ruo could not help keeping up.

The ghost clan gets an order and kills the killer.

As for Wu Qian leaving them, let him watch his wife and children be raped before killing them.

Ubud was the one who watched the tragic death of the whole family, and finally died.

Wu Ruo ignored the screams of screams behind him, and silently followed behind Hei Xieyu.

Out of the Wu family's gate, Hei Xieyu held the body and sat on the flying sedan. The ghost clan carried him back to Heifu, and then stopped at the gate of Heifu.

Hei Xuanyu stopped in front of the steps and said mutely, "Xiao Ruo, we are home."

U Ruo suddenly had the urge to cry, marrying this man for many years, and for the first time so close to say such things to him.

He was very sad.

Hei Xuanyu hugged his body tightly and walked into Heifu.

Hei Xin came over and looked at Wu Ruo unbelievably: "Madam, madam you ..."

Wu Ruo smiled miserably.

Hei Xuyi ordered: "Black letters, array."

Black letter returned to God: "What array?"

"The ghost is coming."

Wu Ruo hesitated, yes, he was forcibly left in the world by Hei Xieyu before he became a ghost. If he does n’t leave, he will be arrested by ghosts. Only OK.

"Old slave knows."

Heixin and a few guards found what the formation wanted, and then quickly deployed to the compound.

Hei Xunyu put Wu Ruo's body on the bed in the room, then took out his magic weapon and said to Wu Ruo: "Advanced to hide."

"But you ..."

As a yin and yang teacher, Wu Ruo knows how difficult it is to deal with ghosts with a mortal body. The light spirit is damaged and the heavy person may lose his life. Of course, there are good luck people who can successfully avoid it. Ghost difference, but very few.

Hei Xieyan lowered his eyelids: "Do you want to go with the ghost?"

Wu Ruo quickly said: "I don't want to."

"Then come in."

Wu Ruo hesitated before hiding in the magic weapon. The inside was dark, and he couldn't feel what happened outside. He was very helpless. The thick hatred in his heart was smoothed out with great uneasiness.

I don't know how long it took before he was released out of the magic weapon, and the black cloth covering the room blocked the window to prevent the sunlight from coming in.

Wu Ruo quickly turned around and saw Hei Xiepan sitting on the bed: "What about the ghost?"

Hei Xunyu didn't answer him, just let him come over.

Wu Ruo obediently walked over and stepped into the array method that Hei Xieyu had arranged early.

Hei Xieyu passed some of her spiritual power to Wu Ruo through the formation method, allowing Wu Ruo to freeze the entity in a short time and no longer fear the sun.

Wu Ruo watched his body solidify, his eyes flashing with joy.

Suddenly, with a loud sigh, Hei Xieyu spit a blood from his mouth and sprinkled it on his body.

As soon as Wu Ruo was hesitant, he saw Hei Xuanyu lying on the bed.

"Hei Xieyu." He hurriedly raised Hei Xieyu's body to give him a pulse, but found that his body was very weak, almost like a dying man. He subconsciously wanted to draw a medicine bottle from the space, but he is now dead , There is no spiritual power, it is impossible to open the space, and other people are dead, and it is not known whether those abilities follow him.

"Hey letter, hey letter, come in fast."

Hexin quickly entered the door: "Lost, what's wrong?"

Wu Ruo was sad and said, "Hei Xie, it's almost impossible.

Hei Xie quickly took the medicine, and frowned, and sighed, "Master, why don't you take care of yourself so much? You exhausted your spiritual power last night and hurt Lingtian before you escaped from the ghost. In the morning, you gave your wife Spiritual power, even the iron body can't stand it. "

Hearing that Wu Ruo's hands holding Hei Xie's hands could not be tightened, and the person holding her arms did not speak.

The black letter reminded him, "Mrs., let the master lie down and take a good rest."

Wu Ruo thought that Hei Xie was still injured, and he quickly put the person down and laid down, and then opened a vice prescription to let Hei Xin dispense medicine to He Xie, and he determined that a little spiritual power was restored in He Xie's body, and he asked: " Where's my father and mother? "

Hexin said, "My relatives and my wife have entered the coffin and were placed in the hall.

"Thank you." Wu Ruo shook his fist, walked out of the room, and went to the hall to see his parents.

The hall has been arranged as a hall of worship. Wu Ruo's parents were placed in the same large coffin. Wu Qianqing's hands and skull have been sewn back on her body. Guan Tong has also been put on a new robe. They are like falling asleep. Very peaceful.

"Father, mother, you go all the way. If you see your elder brother and younger sister, tell them that I have avenged them. As for Ruan Ye and his master, I will not let them go." Wu Ruo said sadly while arranging robes for Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong.

"Master," the guard outside shouted suddenly.

Wu Ruo looked up and saw Hei Xieyu come in, and hurried to help him: "You are so weak, why don't you rest in the room?"

Hei Xieyu looked at the arm holding his arm: "Today is the funeral of my father and mother, how can I rest."

Wu Ruo was touched for a while, holding his arm firmly and not speaking.

Hei Xiu hesitated, raised his hand and patted his shoulder, comforted: "Don't be sad.

Wu Ruofei hugged his man quickly: "Hei Xuanyu, thankfully you are here."

If it were not for this man, he would not have revenge.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

This person took the initiative to hug him for the first time.

His hand on Wu Ruo's shoulder slowly slid down, holding the person in his arms.

"Hei Xuanyu, help me find Ruan Yu and his master. They killed me and my father and mother."

Hei Xuanyu thought of the person who killed Wu Ruo, and his eyes flashed ruthlessly: "Yes"

Wu Ruo hugged him tightly and didn't speak. Now he was the only man left, and the only man left.

Five days later, Wu Ruo did not buy the ancestral land of Wu family, but repurchased a new land, buried his father and mother, and moved his brother's grave together. After that, he dragged everyone in Wu family to him Burned in the grave of his father and mother to sacrifice his father and mother.

After the funeral, he burned the Wujia mansion with a fire.

The fire burned for three days and nights. No one in Gaolingcheng dared to approach there. They only knew that the people of Wujia had died all night, and no one knew the reason.

When Hei Sui's injuries were almost the same, they set out to find Ruan Hui and his master.

Along the way, they killed all the children who had gone through the Wu family, as well as the daughters who had been married as wives, and even their husband's family had been spared.

In just two months, more than a dozen families were destroyed.

Later, it was said that Ruan Hui was hiding in the imperial city. Wu Ruo and Hei Xuanyu decided to settle in the imperial city.

On the day of check-in, Hei Yin took the ashes of Uhi, who had been dug out from Cambodia, to the palace of the imperial capital and brought them to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo was delighted and moved. After his father and mother were buried, he had wanted to go to Cambodia many times to bring out U Xi's ashes and reunite her with his father and mother. Because during this time, Hei Xieyu helped him a lot. He gave him whatever he wanted, and whoever he wanted to kill, he had to die. Therefore, he didn't want to trouble Hei Xieyu any more, so let Wu He stayed in Cambodia to rest.

But he didn't expect that he had never talked about this matter with Hei Xuyi. He actually knew his mind and sent Heiyin to bring out U Xi's ashes.

Wu Ruo was rubbing his ashes with excitement, while watching the man who had been silently by his side during this period of time, he could not help asking: "Hei Xuan, why are you so good to me?"

Chapter 115: Past Life Past Life (3)

Hei Xuanyu flashed a slight tenderness in his cold eyes, and looked at Wu Ruo without saying a word.

Wu Ruo stared at him for a moment, and embarrassedly continued to rub the ashes to hide his shame.

Heiyin couldn't see, with a stunned voice: "Of course, this is because you are the wife of the master, and the master likes you, so who is not good to you? Who knows? The master asked us to take Miss Wu Xi's At the same time that the ashes were retrieved, it also allowed us to kill all the people in Shupu Village and take revenge on his wife's younger sister. "

Wu Ruo acted for a while, and Hei Xuanyu liked him?

Then why can't he see at all, but Hei Xieyu collapses a face every day, and, with few words, how can he see what he is thinking.

But the relationship between the two was so terrible before, did Hei Xuan really like him?

Wu Ruo secretly glanced at Hei Xuan, seeing that he was still looking at himself, and did not deny Hei Yin, he could not help but clenched the cloth in his hand.

In order not to disturb them, Hei Yin disappeared directly into the hall.

Wu Ruo wiped the ashes out and put it away, and then asked, "Is Heiyin saying true?"

"Um." Hei Xuanyu pulled him to sit on his lap,

Wu Ruo was particularly pleased when he heard him confessing, unknowingly weak, holding his waist and resting his head on his shoulders.

What about yourself?

Like it or not?

He couldn't think of the answer, only that after the death of his father and mother, this man was all he had.

It wasn't until a month later that a man came from Heifu and he couldn't see his mind clearly.

On that day, Wu Ruo came out of the backyard and saw a handsome man pounced on Hei Xieyu's body. Suddenly, he was jealous, and he rushed forward to tear the man apart.

Hei Xuanyu noticed something strange, turned his head to look at him, and saw his eyes turned red, his expression changed, and immediately pushed away the handsome man in his arms, walked quickly to him, took his hand, and drank in a deep voice Through: "Little Ruo."

Wu Ruo heard his voice and quickly recovered his mind. He was a little bit unclear, so he looked at Hei Xuyi: "What happened to me?"

The handsome man came over and said, "You're almost going to be a ghost."

Wu Ruo glanced at him, if not for him, he would lose his mind?

"Brother, sister-in-law doesn't seem to like me." The handsome man flew into Hei Xieyu's arms: "My brother is so wronged."

"Don't make trouble." Hei Xuanyu pushed him away.

Wu Ruo asked, "He is your brother?"


The handsome man hurriedly introduced himself, "Ma'am, my name is Hei Xietang, and I'm the fourth senior. You can call me fourth brother."

Wu Ruo breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that he was a younger brother.

Hei Xieyu lowered her face and asked Wu Ruo in a serious tone, "What happened to you just now?"

"I ..." Wu Ruo bowed his head in guilty conscience.

Hei Xietang smiled grinningly: "I guess Dasao must be jealous."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"I'm going back to the room first." Wu Ruo turned embarrassedly and quickly flew back to the backyard.

It was really a shame just now. He didn't lose his mind when he killed, but he almost turned into jealous because he was jealous ...

He, does he also like black shame?

Wu Ruo returned to the room and hid directly in the bed.

When Hei Xuan returned to the room, he saw Wu Ruo rolled around the quilt like a child.

Wu Ruo heard the sound of footsteps, stopped her movements, poked her head out of the quilt, and saw that she was black, and retracted her head.

Hei Xuanxi raised an eyebrow: "I'm gone."

"Don't go." Wu Ruo quickly lifted the quilt and held Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xieyu sat down and hugged the person into her arms and said, "I can't be like today."

Wu Ruo obediently said: "Then you have to tell me anything in the future, don't hide from me, otherwise, I will easily misunderstand like we have been in a relationship for more than a decade, otherwise you do n’t I speak, Ruan Ning will not have the opportunity to stir up the relationship between us. When you are angry, you ca n’t turn your head and leave, let me know that you are angry, give me an opportunity to explain or coax you If you turn away without saying a word, I will feel that you disregard me. This is why we go further and further. If you want to care about me, you should speak directly from your mouth, although you care about me secretly. Good thing, but if I do n’t know, I just think you do n’t listen to me. ”

These things he said are all a little bit of what happened to them in the past ten years or so, and the days they spent intimately with each other for a few months. They are the reason why this man said too little, which led to their relationship for more than ten years. It ’s all so bad: "And there are, you have to spend more time with me talking."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Having said so much, he would have thought he hadn't said much.

"I will talk to you more in the future."

Wu Ruo hugged him with satisfaction and leaned on his shoulder: "If we could talk to each other so quietly and quietly before, we would not waste more than ten years and miss each other in vain."

The most sad thing is that when they exchanged their minds, he was just a ghost, a new ghost who could do nothing.

Wu Ruo feels sad when he thinks about it, and it is not easy to maintain the entity now, let alone enjoy with Hei Xieyu in bed. Even on weekdays, he can't accompany Hei Xie to eat or sleep together.

However, he just imagined that one person would spend more time with Hei Xieyu, not to mention that he could not leave the house now, in case he was taken away by a powerful sorcerer or beaten to death, so the people who killed Wujia and sought Ruan Yan He is handed over to Hei Xun. He stays in the house or in the house every day.

Wu Ruobian, who has nothing to do, finds Heiyang: "Do you ghosts need to eat?"

He had been with Heiyang for a while, but he hadn't seen them eating food, so he wanted to know the situation, and could eat with Hei Xieyu in the future.

Heiyang smiled and said, "You stole a woman's bellyband, and I'll tell you."

"..." Wu Ruo asked curiously, "What do you want a woman's bellyband?"

Heiyang proudly said, "I have no interest whatsoever, and I like to steal women's bellybands. Don't you think women's bellybands look good?"

Wu Ruo's eyes drew: "You like bellybands, you can buy them yourself, there are all colors of embroidery in the store, you must steal it?"

Heiyang looked at him with an idiot: "How can it be so interesting to buy something?"

Suddenly, a dark shadow appeared beside them: "If the master knows that you are teaching your wife to steal the bellyband, you have to peel off the other half of your face."

Heiyang saw that the person was Heiyin, and immediately yelled, "Heiyin, you overheard us talking."

Black and white gave him a glance: "It was the Lord who asked me to come to you."

"What's the matter with my Lord?"

"I don't know. Ask yourself."

Heiyang disappeared into the room.

The dark eyes were dark.

Wu Ruo felt his emotional loss and tentatively asked, "Do you like Heiyang?"

Hei Yin looked at Wu Ruo.

"If you really like him, tell him. Maybe he likes you too. Even if you don't like you, the two can still be friends. In short, don't miss them for so many years like me and Hei Xie."

Hei Yin: "..."

Wu Ruo patted his shoulder and left the room.

He didn't want his words to work. Two months later, Heiyin and Heiyang came together. The two will stick together as long as they relax, and they behave intimately, which makes Wu Ruo particularly envious, and also wants them to follow Hei Xiu's feelings became warmer.

Every day after that, Wu Ruo would sleep with Hei Xieyu at night. When Hei Xieyu woke up, he would kiss the corners of his mouth, and sometimes he would be coquettish and let Hei Xieyu dress and comb his hair. After leaving the room, the two would go to the lobby for breakfast, holding hands, and then he would be responsible for the food for Hei Xie, and He Xie would be responsible for eating. Anyone who has eyes can see that they are very loving.

After having breakfast one day, Hei Xieyu brought out a black magic weapon to Wu Ruo: "This robe was made by my own hands, and it can hide the ghostly spirit on your body from being discovered by other wizards.

Wu Ruo's eyes brightened: "Will I be able to leave the house?"

Hei Xuan shouted, "I can only go out with me."

"It's better than not being able to go out." Wu Ruo took his hand happily. "Am I able to go out to play today? I have been in the Imperial City for almost a year, and I have never been there."

"Um." Hei Xiuyan tore off the fake skin on his face, not wanting to sweep the shopping interest because of this face scaring people outside.

Wu Ruo thought it was a good day to play. Who knew that when he came to the lively street, he saw Ruan Yue from the restaurant.

"Yan Xuan, I saw Ruan Yu, and I was there." Wu Ruo angrily pointed at the direction of the restaurant.

Hei Xuan patted his back comfortably: "I send someone to follow him."

Wu Ruo did not dare to be too excited, fearing that she would lose her mind and become a evil spirit. She forced her hatred and black shame to anger and walked through the clothes shop and jewelry store. After eating in the restaurant, she returned with black shame.

"This is the waistband I bought for you." Wu Ruo took out the white jade he had secretly bought and put it on him: "Do you like it?"

"Well." Hei Xuyi stroked Yu Pei very preciously: "This is the first time you bought me something."

Wu Ruohuan was stunned. It is indeed the first time that they have bought something for Hei Xieyu, and they still bought it with the silver given by Hei Xieyu, which is not sincere.

He kissed the corner of his mouth: "When I make money in the future, I will buy you whatever you want."

"it is good."

At this time, the guard outside the carriage said, "Master, someone is following us."

Hei Xun said, "Who is it?"

"I don't know, but the carriage is very gorgeous. It looks like a woman's carriage. The subordinates will get rid of them and check their identity.

The guards speeded up the horse. After half an hour, they successfully threw away the carriage and returned to Heifu.

Before too much time, go to investigate the owner's guard and follow the ghosts of Ruan Pi to return at the same time.

The guard said: "Master Qilu, our follower is Wu Weixue, the granddaughter of the National Normal University."

The ghost clan then said, "Master Qi Qi, Ruan Hui finally entered Wu's house, but he hasn't come out yet, and his subordinates have let him guard him at the gate of Wu's house."

Chapter 116: Past Life Past Life (4)

Hei Xieyu instructed the guards to investigate the situation of Ruan Ye, and sent someone to monitor Ruan Ye's every move. When investigating Ruan Ye's security guards, Ruan Ye fainted at the door of Wujia a year ago. The family members accepted and made a subordinate in the Wu family. After hard work, they slowly climbed to the position of the young master's closet. Therefore, I was fortunate to learn the Wu family mystery with the young master. But for almost a year, no powerful or suspicious mysterious characters appeared around Ruan.

Wu Ruo thought that Ruan Ye was pretending to have amnesia. Hei Xieyu sent someone to grab Ruan Ye and conduct a brutal verification, and found that Ruan Ye had been washed away by all people, which meant that Nor can you find Master Ruan.

Wu Ruo speculated that the person who killed him and his family was probably the Wu family in the imperial capital city. Otherwise, why did Ruan Yue pass out at the entrance of Wu family? However, Wu Ruolai's number of visits to the imperial capital city is very few, and he hasn't touched a few people in Wu's family, let alone offend them, and let them hate him to kill his family. If it ’s really the Wu family ’s work, there is no need to erase Ruan ’s memory and leave Ruan ’s stay in the Wu family to be suspicious. Therefore, Wu Ruo thinks that Master Ruan ’s master will deliberately marry Wu family, so it's easy to get away.

No matter what, Master Ruan was unable to find him, and Hei Xuanyu tortured him to death in various cruel ways, even his soul.

Shortly after Ruan's death, the Wu family invited Hei Xuan to visit Wu's house in various names, but all were rejected by Hei Xuan. But the Wu family still did not die, and later learned that Wu Weixue liked not to bring Black shading of fake skin.

In order to marry Hei Xuyi, Wu Weixue, through Wu Ruo ’s death, wanted to rename Hei Xuyi as a relative, and let Hei Xuyi and Wu Weixue become married. Bottom line, directly kill those who say pro. After that, the people of Wujia never appeared in Heifu.

Just when Wu Ruo thought that Wu Weixue had given up on Hei Xun, suddenly one night, the gate of Heifu was broken and he entered Heifu.

At that time, Wu Ruo and Hei Ruyi were resting in the room and heard the sound of a blast. Hei Xuye and Wu Ruo quickly opened their eyes and sat up.

"You're waiting for me here, I'll go and see what's going on." Hei Xieyu invited Hei Yin and Hei Yang to protect Wu Ruo, and then went to the front yard to check the situation.

Wu Ruo anxiously walked around in the backyard, but it was not good enough for the front yard to drag Hei Xuyi, so Heiyang went to see who came to Heifu.

Soon, Heiyang came back and said, "It's the enemies of the Lord's clan who came to seek revenge."

Heiyin narrowed his eyes: "I think it's better that we leave here with my wife first."

Heiyang nodded in agreement: "Yes, they are fighting. It is not as simple as making a fool. It may even involve us."

Wu Ruo was very worried: "Is it just to deal with those people?"

"Ma'am, don't worry, Master Four, Heigan and Hexin are helping the master."

Wu Ruo nodded hesitantly, "Where shall we go after we leave here?"

"Unfortunately, you can't go anywhere." Suddenly, a arrogant voice came from the roof.

Wu Ruo looked up, and eight people in night clothes stood on the roof, and then threw two top-level artifacts and attacked Heiyin and Heiyang directly.

"Be careful, their spiritual order is at least seven or more." Heiyin and Heiyang immediately took out the black magic weapon to deal with eight people, and recruited a large group of ghosts to protect Wu Ruo. And eight people brought a lot of people, and a moment later, the backyard fell into a scuffle. Although there were more ghosts than humans, they soon gained the upper hand, but the purpose of the eight people was not to the ghosts of the government at all.

After some fighting, the eight men used the ghosts' most feared exorcist array. After the ghosts retreated, they quickly took out the magical magic weapon and threw it at Wu Ruo.

When Heiyang saw this, he quickly shouted, "Get your wife out of here.

The leader in night clothes said, "It's not so easy to leave."

The magic weapon of soul-sucking becomes a golden lotus directly on Wu Ruo, and the golden light rune pattern of the ghosts around them is popped out two feet away.

"Ah-" Wu Ruo screamed uncomfortably, his body seemed to be split, and his eyes were distorted.

Heiyin's face changed: "It is a Buddhist ritual."

The ghosts are most afraid of meeting the Buddhists. They are simply the natural enemies of the ghosts.

Heiyin didn't dare to approach, so he could only use magic weapon to play magic weapon, but it didn't work.

The leader sneered: "This is the most powerful artifact that our master has borrowed from Lianfo Temple. Your magic weapon cannot deal with it."

"Madam!" Heiyang saw that Wu Ruo's soul was about to be sucked into the magic weapon, and was so anxious that he wanted to rush through. At this moment, a figure suddenly emerged, and the magic was easily destroyed by the magic moment. Wu Ruo's soul returned to his body.

The leader's face changed: "Who are you?"

The man was wearing a black cape, with an ugly face on his face. After landing, he directly blocked in front of Wu Ruo, and protected Wu Ruo's soul with the Nether Soul Curse. Then, he did not know what weird technique was used. The leader and him The person who caused it fell to the ground and rolled.

Hei Yin took advantage of it and stepped forward to tear off the leader's face towel.

Wu Ruo, bearing the pain in his body, glanced hard at the leader. The other party was actually Wu Chenzi's guard, and he only knew the other party's surname Yao.

The leader took out the charm and threw it at the mysterious man.

Mysterious people have no intention of killing, so let them go.

The leader and their men quickly retreated with their magic weapon.

Heiyang stepped forward and raised Wu Ruo, thanking the mysterious man, "Thank you for your help."

The mysterious man's eyes fell on Wu Ruo, and there was a touch of complexity in his eyes.

Soon, the front yard stopped fighting.

Hei Xieyu quickly ran into the backyard with Hei Xietang, Wu Xin, Hei Gan, and five people dressed like mysterious people.

"Xiao Ruo, are you okay?" Hei Xieyu quickly raised Wu Ruo's hand and gave him a touch of spiritual power.

Wu Ruo said weakly, "Fortunately, my predecessors rescued me, otherwise I would be sucked into the magic weapon."

Hei Xiu thanked the mysterious man.

The mysterious man said quietly to Hei Xieyu, "I have something to tell you, you come with me.

Hei Xieyu handed Wu Ruo to Hei Yang's hand: "You help Xiao Ruo to return to the room to rest, I will come and go."


Heiyang held Wu Ruo slowly back to the room: "Madam, are you okay?"

Wu Ruo shook her head.

Seeing that he didn't seem to be okay, Hei Xuantang cared and said, "Ma'am, if you are uncomfortable, say it, otherwise, my brother will worry."

Wu Ruo said, "I just feel like I have no energy."

After that, his body suddenly became transparent, like a newborn soul, very weak.

Hei Xutang was startled: "Ah, ma'am, your body ..."

Wu Ruo bowed her head and saw that her body seemed to disappear and became transparent.

He nervously said, "This ... what's going on?"

Heiyin hurriedly said, "Ma'am, don't worry, it may be because of the instability of the soul that has been sucked by the fairy before, and I will go to the master to see it.

He disappeared into the room, and soon returned to the room: "Master, come back."

After a moment, Hei Xun and the mysterious man hurried into the room.

The mysterious man gave Wu Ruodu his spiritual power one step faster than Hei Xuyi. When Wu Ruo's body recovered, he said to Hei Xuyi: "Consider what I just said."

He finished and turned and left the room.

Wu Ruo immediately felt a lot more comfortable with his body: "Xun, who is that senior?"

Hei Xiu took him into his arms and whispered, "It's a very powerful senior.

"Is this someone you know?"

"Um." Hei Xuyi let him lie down. "You are unstable now and you need to meditate."

Wu Ruo grabbed his hand: "The person who wanted to kill me just now is Yao guard beside Wu Chenzi."

"I know it's from the Wu family." Hei Xuyi flashed his eyes violently: "They don't know where to learn that you have become a ghost after death, and they want to use you to help me and Wu Weixue become married.

Wu Ruo wondered, "How do you know?"

"It was said by the seniors just now." Hei Xieyu kissed his forehead: "I still have something to do now, you just have a good rest here, I will come back later."


In the early morning of the second day, Hei Xieyu came back from the outside. He held various soul-fixing magic weapons to Wu Ruo to strengthen his soul.

In order not to worry him, Wu Ruo obeyed his words. However, he still felt hesitant. Although he was as expressionless as usual, but after a period of getting along, he was able to recover from it His face discerned whether his mood was good or bad.

Wu Ruo held Heishu's face: "Are you having trouble?"

Hei Xiu held his hand on his face and asked calmly, "Why do you ask?"

"I think you have something in mind, aren't your enemies in your tribe not resolved?"


"How do I think you're perfunctory me." Wu Ruo kissed his thin lips: "We said yes, you can't hide anything from me.

"I won't hide it from you." Hei Xieyu held people in his arms.

Wu Ruo leaned on his chest with a smile.

Hei Xuan closed his arms and squeezed people tighter.

In the next few days, Wu Ruo found that Hei Xuanyu particularly likes to hug him recently. Whether he sleeps, eats or walks, he hugs him and buys him what he likes. In short, he has whatever he wants. He was spoiled.

Wu Ruo likes the active Hei Xie 翊, let him clearly feel that Hei Xie 翊 really cares about him, and really likes him, so he is very happy, so happy that even when he asked Wu Chenzi to settle their accounts, To the back of my head.

The other people in Heifu also became particularly good to him. Every day, they thought of various ways to make him happy or take him out to play, and the mysterious man followed him silently.

However, Wu Ruo was happy to return, but found that everyone was very wrong, but he couldn't tell what was wrong, until his body became transparent again.

Chapter 117: Past Life Past Life (5)

At that time, Wu Ruo and Hei Yang were sitting in front of a small lake outside the bedroom and fishing, while Hei Xuan and Hei Yin sat in the pavilion and looked at them.

When the fish was hooked, Wu Ruo excitedly lifted up the fishing rod: "A fish is hooked, a fish is hooked."

Suddenly, with a snap, the fishing rod fell from Wu Ruo's hand to the ground.

The four of them froze, and then saw Wu Ruo's body gradually becoming transparent.

Heiyang hurriedly said, "Ma'am, come back to your room, don't let the sun shine on you.

"Oh." Wu Ruo quickly flew back to the room.

Hei Xieyu also quickly returned to the room, giving Wu Ruodu some spiritual power.

Wu Ruo recovered the entity and immediately hugged Hei Xie 翊: "Xie Ye, why is my body so transparent and so fast?"

"Don't worry, I'll think about it." Hei Xieyu pulled up the hair in his ears instead. "Your hair is messed up, I will comb it for you."

"Are you messed up?" Wu Ruo touched her hair.

Hei Xuanyu pressed him to sit down in front of the dressing table, took out the bun, and the dark and beautiful hair fell away instantly, picked up the comb and slowly combed his hair.

Wu Ruo picked up the bronze mirror, but he could only see Hei Xieyu, but he couldn't figure him out. He was unhappy and said, "None can see me."

Hei Xu paused for a moment.

Immediately, Wu Ruo was happy again: "Although I can't take photos of me, I can take photos of you. Well, my man looks so handsome and is the best looking man in the world.

Hei Xuan said hoarsely: "In my eyes, you are the most beautiful person."

Wu Ruo smiled and asked, "Would it be nice if I were a fat man?"

"good looking."

Wu Ruo looked at the people in the copper and asked, "Really?"

Hei Xuan dangled his eyelids and said lowly, "Yeah.

"I believe in you, I really never saw you look disgusting at that time." Wu Ruo turned around and grabbed his sleeves, looked up and smiled happily: "Xu Xun, it was good to marry you at that time, also Thank you for marrying me. "

He looked back a little embarrassedly: "We will always be together."

Hei Xunyu held the comb in his hand tightly, combed his hair, and suddenly stopped and said, "I'll go out for a while."

Wu Ruo twisted his eyebrows, and he seemed to hear a dark choke in his voice.

He quickly got up and walked to the door, and saw Hei Xieyu standing alone on the edge of the lake. He felt inexplicably uncomfortable and wanted to accompany him, but was blocked by Hei Yang and Hei Yin.

Wu Ruo's brow frowned even more: "What's wrong?"

Black vagina: "Master is thinking."

Heiyang said, "The master is thinking of combing his hair."

Wu Ruo: "..."

He didn't feel like they said.

Heiyang pushed Wu Ruo back into the room: "Ma'am, you just go back to the room and wait, the master will soon think about it."

Wu Ruo asked, "Do you really have nothing to hide from me?"

Heiyang asked, "What do you think we need to hide from our wife?"

Wu Ruo thought about it, but he couldn't think of anything they needed to hide from him, so he had to sit back and wait for Hei Xuan to come back.

Heiyang behind pointed at Wu Ruo's hair, opened his mouth and asked Heiyin silently, "Did you see that?"

Wu Ruo's hair ends are becoming transparent little by little.

Hei Yin nodded, and said silently, "I just saw that the master's eyes were red."

Heiyang: "..."

When not too much, Hei Xieyu came back with a comb.

Wu Ruo looked at him and asked curiously, "What were you doing by the lake just now?"

Hei Xuyi said, "I'm thinking of combing your hair."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Really thinking about hair style! ?

After Hei Xunyu combed for him, he bent around his neck and said, "Is there any place I want to go today, or is there anything I want, Wu Ruo turned around and hugged him:" Yes. "" What is it? "

Wu Ruo shrugged in his ear and said, "I want to make love with you."

Hei Xiong breathed heavily and kissed the corner of his lips: "There will be a chance."

"You have a way?" Wu Ruo glanced up.

"Hm." Hei Xieyu picked him up and let him sit on his arm: "Apart from this, what else?"

Wu Ruo thought about it and shook his head: "Just be with you."

"Then I won't go anywhere today, I will accompany you." Hei Xieyu hugged him out of the house: "I haven't been with you to visit the entire Heifu House for so long.

"Then let's go shopping now." Wu Ruo pointed to the courtyard next to him. "We started from the courtyard next to us. I've all been here to see how the courtyard looks like, or if anyone lives there."

"There is no one to live there." Hei Xieyu hugged him next door. Although no one lived, he was cleaned by the corpse servant.

Wu Ruo said, "Our future children will live here."

Hei Xuyi raised an eyebrow. "Where's the child?"

Wu Ruo touched his belly: "I can't give birth, but, in the future, to see who has a baby, we will pick it up or buy it, or ask your brother to give us one."

"I only want you and mine."

"I can't give birth.

Hei Xunyu thought for a while: "There will be.

Wu Ruo hugged his head: "Do you have a way?"


"Great." Wu Ruo happily lowered his head and kissed the top of his head. "Then I want a child who looks as good as you."

"But I want a child like you.

"I'm the biggest now, you want to listen to me.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"Rest assured, even if you have a child, you still rank first in my heart." Wu Ruo pointed at the big tree in the middle: "There is a swing there for the children to play, and a lawn for the children to kick Cuju, also Have……"

Hei Xieyu kept his words silently in his heart, and then they strolled from noon to dinner at night.

After dinner, Hei Xieyu bathed and changed Wu Ruo personally, and then manicured his shoes and shoes carefully. When he was young, he led Wu Ruo out of the room: "I'll take you to a place."

"Where?" Wu Ruo wondered.

"I'll know when I get there."

Wu Ruo excited: "Are there any surprises for me?"

Hei Xuan drooped his eyelids: "Yes."

"Walk faster then." Wu Ruo pulled Hei Xuanyu out.

Hei Xuanxi held his hand tightly, not intending to go fast.

Urora couldn't move him and had to walk with him.

"Xiaoruo." Hei Xieyu walked with him for a while, ready to reach the front yard, he held people in his arms: "What if you want to leave you?"

"Leave?" Wu Ruo's eyes flashed confused. "Why should I leave?"

"Will you leave?"

Wu Ruo sank his face: "Not willing."

Hei Xunyu gave him a firm hold, then let go and pulled the man to the front yard.

Wu Ruo saw that the candlelight was bright in front of her, and suddenly she had a bad feeling in her heart, and she could not help slowing down.

Hei Xuanyu, if not aware of his strangeness, has been pulling people to the front yard.

Wu Ruo saw the mysterious man, and under his body was a large and complex array of formations. Under the candlelight, a golden light shone. At first sight, it was not an ordinary formation. I couldn't help but take a few steps back and said, "You, you don't really want to send me away."

"Xiao Ruo." Hei Xuanyu wanted to step forward and hold him.

"Don't come over," Wu Ruoan said, "Why? Why send me away? Where do you want to send me? Land government? Or somewhere else? Or do you think I'm dragging you down? Don't you?"

"None." Hei Xieyu stepped forward and hugged him: "Little if you listen to me ..."

"I don't listen." Wu Ruo sad and hold him tightly: "Xuan Yun, I don't want to go, you don't want to leave me, okay, I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to stay with you. You forget, I haven't Earn money to buy gifts for you, and I have n’t cooked for you once. Also, are n’t we talking about raising children today? I have n’t seen our children yet, I do n’t want to go. ”

Hei Xuan said in a dumb voice, "I don't want you to go.

"Then why are you sending me away?

"Because you have to go." The mysterious man said coldly before he left. "If you don't go, you will lose your spirits soon, but you can't stay with him."

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xuanyu in shock, "Is he true?"

Hei Xunyu nodded hard.

"Then where are you going to send me?"

The mysterious man said: "We intend to send you back to the past, that is, to change your destiny before you die.

Wu Ruo looked at him in disbelief: "You are going to change your life against the sky, and you will be condemned. No, I can't hurt you, I won't go back."

Hei Xuanyu relented and threw him directly into the formation, using the formation to trap him.

Wu Ruo would be bounced back as soon as he was close to the edge. He tried several times, but he could n’t rush out of the array. He squatted down and wept helplessly: "Hei Xun, do you know that changing your life against the sky may not be successful .Even if I can successfully go back to the past, I may forget all the hatred, including forgetting you, our relationship will be the same as before, no, I do n’t want to be a stranger with you, I have already Get used to being nice to me. "

Hei Xieyu touched his head across the air: "If you don't want to forget us bit by bit, keep our things in mind when you go back in time. Sooner or later, you will remember everything. "

Wu Ruo stood up and rushed to him: "Even if you think of you, you don't like me and you won't treat me like you.

"No." Hei Xiong's eyes warmed: "He will like you, he will treat you better, believe me."

"But you, what do you do?" Wu Ruo cried. "What do you do without me? Will you let me go?"

"What if you don't want to, it's better than you disappear into this world." Hei Xuan turned to me: "Seniors start."

"No, I won't go." Wu Ruo tried to hold him, but was bounced back by the formation.

Mysterious Humanity: "Wu Ruo, if you keep thinking about not leaving, then you will really forget him if you go back in time."

Wu Ruo stopped crying, "But I really don't want to leave, I don't want to leave you, Hei Xuan, I don't want to leave you."

Hei Xieyu shook his fist, left his sleeve without leaving his front yard.

Chapter 118: Can't ask for it

"Hei Xieyu, don't leave, I don't leave you." Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xieyu's resolute departure, especially sad.

"Wu Ruo, don't disappoint our heart. After you go back, protect your family well, and you will walk well with Hei Xieyu." The mysterious man quickly uttered the spell, and the rotation method under his feet spun quickly, Wu Ruo fell into darkness.

"Little Ruo! Little Ruo!"

Wu Ruo vaguely heard the anxious cry, there were father, mother, and ... Hei Xieyu, he heard Hei Xieyu's voice, his heart was very anxious, he wanted to open his eyes: "Black shame, black shame ..."

"Xun, Xiao Ruo is calling you, you should answer him soon." This is Guan Tong's voice.

"It must be that Wu Weixue's bad guy has stimulated the second brother. Look, the second brother is crying." This is U Xi's voice.

Wu Ruo felt that someone was holding his hand tightly, as if he was afraid of losing him. He wiped the tears of his eyes for him, and exclaimed with an anxious hoarse voice: "Little Ruo, I'm here, wake up soon . "

Wu Ruo didn't want Hei Xieyu to be worried and sad for him, and he opened his eyes desperately, aiming at everyone's weeping expression, and black eyes with red eyes.

"Xiao Ruo, you finally woke up." Guan Tong covered his mouth and wept.

Wu Qianqing choked and said, "Wake up just fine, just wake up, the doctor said, as long as people wake up, nothing will happen."

Uhi wiped the tears in his eyes, and breathed a sigh of relief: "Second Brother, we are almost scared to death."

Husband holding the egg and crying, "Daddy, hug, I want to hug."

"Mrs. just woke up and let him hug when he's better," Hexin comforted him.

Prickly eyes the person on the bed, humming softly: "This seat says he's okay, you believe it."

Ushi said: "It's been two days in a coma, can you not worry?"

Hegan rushed the invited physician to the bed "to give my wife a pulse."

The doctor quickly took the pulse: "Mrs. is in very good health,‘

"Then why did he pass out."

The doctor said bitterly, "Isn't the old man saying that? It was most likely that he was fainted because of a stimulus."

Ushi angered: "It's all that bad woman."

Wu Qianqing scolded: "Just after your brother was awake, don't mention that thing to stimulate your brother again."

Hei Xunyu clenched Wu Ruo's hand: "Xiao Ruo, are you really okay?"

Wu Ruo stared at them for a long time before calming down, his eyes moved, he squeezed his hand, and said weakly, "It's all right."

He was like he hadn't spoken in ten years, and his voice was extremely hoarse.

Hei Xin said, "Mrs. just woke up, let's let the wife take a good rest."

Guan Tong nodded: "We will not disturb Xiao Ruo."

"Okay, Xiaoruo, we'll see you tomorrow." Everyone left the room one after another.

Wu Ruo stared intently at Hei Xuyi, tears unknowingly. It turned out that he was sent back to Hei Xuyi and Hei Xuyi because he and his mysterious man changed their lives against him. I once fell in love with each other, but I love him so much, but I forgot.

Hei Xieyu quickly wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes: "Isn't it uncomfortable there?"

"No." Wu Ruo raised his hand and touched his face, rubbing his thumb with his long eyebrows, tall nose, and thin lips, and couldn't help but think of the last black shame.

His shame, his shame ...

His shame for a lonely stay in the last life must be sadder than him.

Hei Xieyu watched him shed tears and raised his eyebrows, "Why cry?"

Wu Ruo shook her head with tears in her arms and hugged him tightly: "Xuan 翊 ..."

"Huh?" Hei Xiexi bowed her head and kissed her forehead.

Wu Ruo looked up at him, his heart was very complicated. He knows that this black shame is the same person as the black shame of the previous life, but he is still wondering if he loves the person in front of him, will he be very sorry for the people of the last life.

No, he can't think like that, it's not right to think like that, they are the same person and they don't distinguish each other.

Hei Xieyu kissed the tear-stained eyelashes: "Should you eat something?"

Wu Ruo said mutely, "I want to take a bath."

"While eating and washing." Hei Xie cuddled him into the bathroom, took off his obscene clothes and put them in Yutong, then brought the porridge into the bath barrel.

Wu Ruo patted the water: "Come in and wash together.

Hei Xuan raised his eyebrows, took off his robe and stepped into the tub.

Wu Ruo came to him and kissed his thin lips.

Hei Xiu touched the smooth skin, her eyes darkened.

Wu Ruo's hand reached under him.

"..." Hei Xiyan took a deep breath, and almost couldn't help but eat people here: "No, you are very weak now, wait a few days to raise your body before going to the house."

Wu Ruo looked at him innocently, "But you're tough."

"Regardless of it." Hei Xuanyu calmly lifted a spoonful of porridge to Wu Ruo's mouth.

Wu Ruo whispered a smile, helped him solve it, ate the porridge into his mouth, lay to his ear, and said with a seductive voice: "You have to look at the room surgery for a few days, don't hurt me then . "

In the last life, they were very unhappy for the first time, because the two had never been in love with others and were very novices. Therefore, Hei Xieyu hurt him, and he bleed in the back, if there is no painkiller. I'm afraid he can't get out of bed for several days.

Hei Xun held his thick breath and squinted his eyes, "Do you believe me I want you now?"

"Okay, you can't ask for it." Wu Ruo speeded up the operation in his hand.

This little fairy! Hei Xuanyu hugged his waist, hummed, and let it out in Wu Ruo's hand, he kissed the corner of his lips.

Wu Ruo lay on his shoulders and asked, "When I woke up just now, I heard Xiaoxi said that she was lethargic for two days?"

Hei Xuanyu tightened his arm, um.

Two days ago, Wu Ruo suddenly fainted on the bed, which really scared him. In the future, he didn't want to happen again. As for Wu Weixue, he would definitely calculate this account.

"I slept for such a long time, wouldn't my uncle go to town tomorrow?"

"Maybe in the afternoon."

Wu Ruo said: "Then you have to send more people to meet them, I worry that Wu Chenzi will send someone to intercept them halfway."

"Yes." Hei Xieyu had this intention.

The next morning, after having breakfast, Ling Mohan came to Heifu with the imperial edict. When he saw Wu Ruo, he threw the imperial edict to Wu bitter: "You want the imperial edict."

Wu Ruo laughed: "I haven't received it yet, so help me get the decree so soon."

Ling Mohan snorted softly: "This palace is worried that things will change. On the second day of the National Teacher's Birthday Banquet, he asked the Father for the imperial edict."

Immediately, his face changed: "This palace also checked the doctor who consulted his father, and he turned out to be the brother of the second emperor.

Lingmo's coldness slammed the table angrily: "Abominable, this thing that eats and crawls outside."

Wu Ruo had expected this result: "So how do you plan to solve this doctor?"

"Hold your soldiers first to avoid hitting the grass and scaring the snake." Ling Mohan looked at Wu Ruo: "How did you know that the doctor in this palace had a problem?"

"I don't have such a magical power and I don't know who your doctor is. The reason why I know that your father and emperor is not in good health is because I know medicine."

Ling Mohan was surprised: "Do you know medicine? Also, you can see at a glance that my father and emperor's body are different, which means that your medicine is good."

"Not very good."

Ling Mohan hurriedly asked, "Can you heal my father?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "I'm inconvenient to enter and leave the palace. You'd better ask another doctor and tell me what the doctor saw. I will use his diagnosis to judge your father's condition."

"What if the doctor invited by this palace is the second emperor?"

Wu Ruobai gave him a glance: "Then your prince is too useless, but you can rest assured that the doctor is not lying, I can still see."

Ling Mohan has become accustomed to the way he speaks to him, and he doesn't care that he is rude to him: "Well, this palace will find another doctor. By the way, this palace heard about Wu Weixue's troubles in your house. What the **** happened? Why is Wu Weixue seriously injured, and why are you unconscious? "

Wu Ruo said what happened on that day: "I guess Wu Weixue hit a spell or a puppet and was controlled by someone."

Ling Mohan nodded: "I also think that may be the case, otherwise, with Wu Weixue's proud personality, it is impossible to write love poems and run to the palace to insult others husbands. This is really not like her style, but, Who would spell her? "

"I don't know yet, but one thing is certain, that person must have come for us."

"Then you have to be careful, if you need help from this house, you should come to this house."

"Okay." Wu Ruo looked at him. "By the way, you ran to Heifu in such a clear way, don't worry that the people in Wujia will doubt our relationship? Let them know that I am on your side."

Lingmo said, "Who does n’t know that the people in this palace hate the Wu family the most, even the surname Wu people, who cannot reach the Wu family, is extremely disgusted, so when the palace comes here, they only You will think that this palace is to see how embarrassed you were after you were beaten. You never think we have joined forces. "

"Then you're here today, shouldn't it just be simple to bring your holy fingers?"

"Of course, this palace comes by the way and asks how you want to deal with Wu people."

Wu Ruo narrowed his eyes and sneered: "I started from Wu Weixue and saw if she dare to steal my man.

"Two days ago, if it wasn't for your wit and coma, the people of Wu's family would definitely come to you to settle accounts."

Wu Ruo: "..."

He didn't pretend to be in a coma, but actually passed out, but he didn't plan to explain to Ling Mohan.

After consulting with Wu Ruo, Ling Mohan left Heifu.

Wu Ruo then took a look at the imperial edict, determined that the content of the imperial edict was on their side, and then put the imperial edict into the space with confidence.

Chapter 119: True

From time to time, Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing took a few carriages to the gate outside the city gate. Wu Bufang, Yao Yuanyuan, and Wu Yu and five elders had stood outside the gate for a long time.

They saw Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing with uncomfortable faces.

Wu Qianqing has always been filial piety. When he saw the elders, he wanted to come forward and ask for peace, but he was no longer close to them as before. After asking for peace, he took Wu Ruo to the other side and waited.

Wu Bufang and Yao Yanyuan kept gazing at them. They had something to explain about the banquet of the National Teacher's birthday, but in the end they couldn't pull their cheeks and left them alone.

About a quarter of an hour later, hundreds of horse-drawn carriages rushed to the gate of the Imperial City.

Yao Shuyuan saw that some of the coachmen were the guards of the Wu family, and rejoiced, "Here, come, they come."

Ubud Fang and Wu Yu were also particularly excited and greeted quickly.

The guard in front ignored the Ubud side directly, and drove the carriage to the front of Wu Ruo: "My wife has been seen by his subordinates."

Wu Ruo asked, "Along the way, OK?"

"We encountered some little hair thieves along the way. But they were all settled by us." When the guard said of the hair thieves, his tone was scornful.

Wu Ruo naturally knew who he was referring to: "Everyone is fine."

After the Ubud side stopped, they quickly opened the curtains of one of the cars. The people lying inside were his eldest son and daughter-in-law. He exclaimed: "Xuan Yun.

Wu Xuanyun, lying in the car, heard someone calling his name, slowly opened his eyes, and saw his father and mother, his eyes burst into happy tears: "Dad, mother."

He seemed to have found the support, and threw away the quilt excitedly out of the car.

When others heard Ubud's voice, they protruded from the carriage window and saw his eyes brightly when they saw Ubud.




"great grandmother."

"Patriarch ..."

Ubud saw that everyone was still alive, his eyes were red: "Everyone is fine, just fine.

Wu Ruo came over and said, "Great-grandfather, if you have something to say, let's wait for everyone to settle down. After all, this is the gate of the city. Our row of carriages is just blocking other people's aisles, and it will easily cause anger."

Wu Qiantong, who was sitting in a carriage in the back, saw Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing standing there intact, and suddenly became angry: "Wu Ruo, where do we stand and what does it matter to you?"

"It's none of our business?" Wu Ruo looked at him with a sneer: "If it weren't for my people who saved you, do you think you can live to this day? If it weren't for my people who sent you here, you can safely come Arriving at the Imperial City? Oh, uncle, please talk and take your mind later. "

"You fart." Wu Qiantong didn't believe what he said: "What can you do to save us."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "If it wasn't me, who saved you and who sent you here?"

"Of course grandfather."

Ubud was embarrassed.

Wu Ruoyan tickled his lips sarcastically: "Oh, then you have to ask your great grandfather if he sent someone to save you?"

Elder Rong, who came with Ubud, stood up and said, "Five grandfathers of the Southern Hospital, don't make any noise. If it wasn't for the young master who sent you to save you, you would have been dead. This way, it is also the young master Send someone to **** you to the Imperial City, and, if it weren't for the young master, you wouldn't have found the corner so quickly. "

Wuqian Tongxi blushed: "Can't the grandfather's house drop off?"

Elder Rong frowned: "Five grandpas, the capital of the imperial city, and the gold, and the silver may not be able to buy a house, let alone a big house. The patriarch came here for many days, and it was only two days before the trustee bought the house at a high price. , But it is less than half the size of the Nanyuan. Now we can barely stay with us and the patriarchs. There is no way to squeeze more people. "

"Then, that grandfather can't build a house as big as Gao Lingcheng outside the city."

Ubud Fang slumped his face: "Do you think the land of the Imperial City is so good to buy? Or do you think the house is particularly easy to build? Said that the building can be built right away? Wuqiantong, this is not Gaoling City, and pay attention to it later. In the capital city, anyone can trample you to death. "

Wu Qiantong: "..."

Wu Ruoqiu Wu Qiantong glanced: "If my uncle doesn't want to go with us, you just get off the bus and find someone to take you back to Gaoling City. Anyway, I have done my best."

Wu Qiantong was furious: "You ..."

Wu Yu, who has never said anything, interrupted his words: "Uncle, Xiao Ruo has asked the imperial edict to the emperor. After entering the city, you can stay in the Wu family of the imperial capital city. In addition, the master of the National Teacher ’s College is in front of the emperor I promise you will heal you. "

"Really." Everyone was excited.

Since they were injured, almost all the medicinal materials have been exhausted, but the injuries have not seen any improvement. I thought this was the end of my life, but I didn't want the adults of the National Normal University to be willing to heal their injuries.

Wu Ruodan said: "It is true that the emperor gave me the decree."

Wu Yu: "..."

Really have a decree?

Everyone cheered.

Wu Ruo looked at their happy faces and taunted under his eyes.

"Hey, are you going? If you don't, just go away and don't stand in the way." Someone behind the team yelled angrily.

"Let's go." Wu Ruo turned and sat with Wu Qianqing back on the carriage.

Wu Qianqing sighed, "They think too simple."

I thought I had a good life in Wujia, the capital city.

Wu Ruo laughed and said nothing.

The convoy came to the compound on the south side of Wujia. The guard of the Hejia family explained the intention to the guard of the Wujia gate, but the guard of the Wujia gate sent them out like a croaker, "Go, go, go, our patriarch does not have He told us that people from the Wu family will live in our Wu house. "

Wu Ruo had expected Wu Chenzi that they would embarrass him before he received the imperial edict. He took out the imperial edict and walked to the guard: "So you want to resist the imperial edict?"

The Wujia guard changed his face and quickly knelt on the ground. The housekeeper in the house learned the situation outside the meeting and immediately notified the patriarch.

The patriarch learned that Wu Ruo had a decree, and hurried out in a hurry, and said with a smile, "Bu Fang, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I have a lot of things lately, so I forgot to tell the people what you want to live in.

Ubud is also a patriarch. Would he not know his thoughts: "As a patriarch, there are more things on him."

The patriarch instructed the steward: "Go and arrange the room."


Ubud looked at the carriage: "You all come down."

Wuqiantong they got off the carriage happily.

Ubfang and Elder Rong's faces suddenly changed. Just now everyone was sitting on the carriage, so I do n’t know their physical condition. Now I find that the people of Wu family in Gaolingcheng are either missing arms or legs, or they are dug out and cut their eyes. After losing both ears, in short, few people are sound.

Yao Yanyuan looked at their torn bodies unbelievably: "You ... you ...

Although I have heard that they were seriously injured, I did not expect them to be so seriously injured.

Everyone showed a painful expression. They no longer wanted to recall the situation of the day. It was too horrible. In their lifetime, they did not want to encounter such a thing again. Wu Ruo kindly comforted: "Don't worry, the emperor has the purpose to let the state teacher Your adult will heal you in a short period of time. If you are short of medicinal materials, please remember to mention to the line patriarch, the line patriarch will definitely meet your requirements. "

When the patriarch heard it, his face suddenly became stiff. How much medicine did they need to heal them.

Wu Ruo said to Ubu Fang: "Great-grandfather, someone has been sent to Wufu, my responsibility has been completed, I will not stay here, and I have something to do, I will go back first."

Ubud nodded.

"Wait." A voice of anger came out, and then a lady in a Chinese suit walked out of the gate to Wu Ruo with the help of a maidservant and yelled, "Come, take him down."

After waiting for the lady's **** action, Wu Qianqing and the hundreds of Heifu escorts escorting the Wu family in Gaolingcheng quickly squeezed between the lady and Wu Ruo, and even pushed the lady back two feet away. The woman shivered.

"You ... you ..."

The patriarch lowered his face: "Zong Rong, what are you doing?"

Ubud took a look at Shang Xirong, looked at Wu Ruo, and finally, chose silence.

"The patriarch, my daughter Wei Xue was injured by them, and she hasn't woken up yet. I want to be fair to my daughter now."

It turned out to be Wu Weixue's mother. Wu Ruo sneered: "Mrs. Wu, it was your daughter who ran into the black house privately. Our talents would mistake her as an assassin and hurt her. Besides, she was not the only one injured at the time, but I was unconscious. After two days, who should I call for this account? "

"Aren't you standing here right now? And my daughter is still unconscious in bed."

"Then you mean that I ca n’t afford serious injuries, are you satisfied?" Wu Ruoyan said satirically, "Did you just treat the benefactor's wife like this?"

"What kind of benefactor are you?"

"My husband, they saved the father of the National Teacher's College, wouldn't you intend not to admit it? Don't you Wu family want to be a vengeful one?" Wu Ruo deliberately made his voice louder so that everyone passing by could listen. Here.

When the patriarch saw passers-by around, he pointed and slumped his face and scolded, "Shang Xirong, the National Normal University will handle the matter of Wei Xue, and you will immediately return to me.

Shang Yanrong tolerated, stared angrily at Wu Ruo, and resigned to Wufu unwillingly.

Wu Ruo turned to Wu Qianqing and said, "Dad, go back first. I want to buy something on the street."

Wu Qianqing was not assured: "I'll stay with you."

Wu Ruo nodded.

After getting on the carriage, Wu Qianqing said: "In this situation, you and the Master of the National Teachers are regarded as having a grudge. When you go out later, you must bring more people. I am afraid they are not good for you.

"I will." Even if Wu didn't do this, Hei Xieyu would not rest assured that he would go out alone.

Wu Qianqing asked, "Where are you going now?"


Chapter 120: You are public

Tianyuanzhai is the largest drug store in Tianxing Kingdom. In addition to the extremely rare medicinal materials, there are all kinds of medicinal materials in the store. Moreover, the pharmacy also sells and purchases elixir made by doctors. Therefore, there is a continuous flow of people in and out of the drug store.

As soon as Wu Qianqing entered the drugstore, he asked, "Xiao Ruo, what medicine would you buy?"

Wu Ruo said, "Dad, I want to walk around by myself."

"..." Wu Qianqing felt sore, his son had grown up, and everything was hidden from him: "Well, I'll just wander around on the first floor."

Wu Ruo went directly to the second floor and found the shopkeeper in charge of the medicinal materials on the second floor: "Treasurer, do you take Lingtan?"

Tonic spirit was made when he refined Yiqi Dan to Heishiyu, using extra medicinal materials. The main function is to use the magic medicine to supplement the spiritual medicine after the overuse of spiritual power. The effect is better than Yiqi Dan. Much worse, of course, good elixir naturally left to his husband.

"Receive, my son wants to sell tonic?" When the shopkeeper saw a business coming, he said with a smile: "We have twelve silvers here to receive one tonic. Is the son willing to sell it?"

Wu Ruogu pretended to think: "Can't the price be higher?"

"The price we give in our shop is already the highest. If you go to other stores, you can't sell this price." The shopkeeper looked at him with doubts and continued, "My son, we] There is another rule here. In the future, you Every time we come] we sell elixir here, you can buy other herbs at lower prices than others.

"Well, I sold it." Wu Ruo nodded, pretending to take the medicine bottle from his sleeve, but actually took the elixir from the space to the shopkeeper: "I have a total of five bottles of tonic, here are 50 Elixir, you count.

After the shopkeeper counted, he gave him the silver ticket.

Wu Ruo got a silver ticket, and her mouth opened with a beautiful smile.

The shopkeeper and the guests around him can't help but think.

Wu Ruo bought the medicinal materials for refining Wanxuedan and Yiqidan with a thousand and two silver tickets, and then went to the clothing shop and jewelry shop with Wu Qianqing to customize his clothes, and spent the earned silver almost as much as Wu The former youth returned to Heifu.

As soon as they entered the house, Guan Tong quickly walked out of the hall and asked, "Why did you come back so late, did you encounter any trouble?"

Wu Qianqing explained, "After sending my dad to Wu's house, I and Xiao Ruo bought some things on the street again, so they would be late."

Guan Tong breathed a little sigh of relief: "It's all right, right, are your father and mother healthy?"

Wu Qianqing sighed: "Dad he was blinded by Li Gui, and his mother had her legs cut off by Li Gui. Now she is very inconvenient to move.

Guan Tong was silent.

If it was before, Wu Qianqing would surely take over.

Wu Ruo asked, "Mother, where's the shame?"

"I heard Black Letter saying that he was reading in the study.

Wu Ruo walked to the backyard and encountered the eggs, spines and crickets, horns, and horns that came out to eat from the backyard.

"Dad, dad." Dou Dan rushed onto his leg with excitement and opened his two small arms to hug.

Wu Ruo held up the egg and looked at the small face that was similar to Hei Xieyu. He could not help but hug the child. In the last life, he said that he wanted a child who looked like Hei Xie. At the time, Hei Xie It is said that there will be, is this child sent by the last generation of black shame? He thinks more and more that this is possible.

Everyone muttered his mouth, "Daddy, you hold me in pain."

"Sorry." Wu Ruo loosened him distressedly, but this is the treasure that the black shawl of the last life gave him, and he must hurt him well.

Everyone hugs his neck and cares: "Daddy, are you okay?"

"Well, I'm fine." Wu Ruo was very happy to see him caring for himself so much. Although the child was naughty, he would worry about him when he had something.

A thorny cry: "Any stimulus will cause you to pass out. Your body is really weak."

Wu Ruo did not explain, put the egg on the ground, took out the fake skin that had fallen from the face of Hei Xuanyu last time, and asked, "thorny, do you know what this transparent liquid is?"

Ji Yi carefully looked at the condition of the fake skin: "Will it corrode?"


The spiny bird sniffed the smell: "It's a little bit smelly, like the drool of a monster.

Wu Ruo heard what he said, and found that it really looked like drool of monsters, just like the drool of the horns would erode.

Echinopus pointed to the crickets and horns at the back: "You can ask them, they should know what the monster's saliva is."

Wu Ruo asked them to come and see.

I smelled: "Hey."

Kok Kok sniffed: "Oh."

Wu Ruo's eyes narrowed: "Don't think I don't know you can talk."

Anyway, in the last life, he contracted the corners. Will the corners talk to people, and he doesn't know? And Bi Bijiao is powerful, and he will definitely speak.

Bian: "..."

Jiaojiao: "..."

Pinching his lips: "You don't seem stupid."

翅膀 A wing fan angled to the corner: "You can talk to people, what are you talking about?"

Jiaojiao is particularly wronged. Isn't it just to cooperate with it?

Wu Ruo heard the voice of a man and opened his eyes wide, "Are you public?"

啾啾 Speechless: "Where do I look like a mother?"

"Eggs were born by you, so I always thought you were a mother."

Bian: "..."

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Since you can talk, why not?"

"got used to."

"……"Ok. "Wu Ruo pointed at the transparent liquid on the fake skin again." Do you know what this is? Is it the saliva of the monster? "Yi said," It's the saliva of the monster, but there are so many monsters in the world, you need to check to find out what the monster's saliva is. "

"Okay, it's up to you. It would be better if we could get back a little bit."

He hesitated in his eyes: "If you want to check, you must go to the demon to check. I need the consent of the master."

"What do you agree with?" Hei Xieyu from the study just heard what they said.

Wu Ruo said, "I want to ask the uncle to check the saliva on the fake skin, but he said that it needs your consent.

Hei Xieyu nodded: "Go and go back."

"啾-" 啾啾 flapped her wings excitedly.

Dandan quickly pulled Wu Ruo's robe: "Daddy, I'm going too."

"No," Wu Ruo refused. If this child also goes to the demon tribe, the world will definitely be in chaos.

"Daddy." Eggman looked at him pitifully.

Wu Ruo couldn't bear looking at the small face that looked similar to Hei Xieyu, and he ruthlessly said, "Ask your father.

Hei Xun said directly, "No."

Dandan is more afraid of black shame, and dare not ask again.

Wu Ruo picked up the child: "Let's go to dinner."

I flew into the sky and left Heifu directly, and went to the demon tribe. Three days later, I returned to Heifu with a bucket of saliva.

"It's the venom of the saliva."

Wu Ruo asked, "Are there many spit snakes of the Yao tribe?"

"Not many. There are only 32 spit snakes in the entire spit snake family. One year ago, one was taken away by the human race. Today, only 31 are left."

Wu Ruoguang moved with a smile, and said, "Thank you."

He took the saliva of the saliva to the alchemy room, researched it inside, and when he came out, he handed what he researched into the hands of Heiyang: "Troublesome, please give me this to Lingmohan, and say ... "

Wu Ruo whispered something in his ear.

Hei Yang nodded and disappeared in front of him. Before long, Hei Yang appeared in front of him again: "Ling Mohan said that he had revealed the curse in Wu Weixue to the one who had eaten it out, as you ordered. Physician, this morning, the Wu family invited a person who knows the art to relieve Wu Weixue. Now she is awake, and her wounds have been cured ... "

Speaking of which, he was puzzled.

"Ma'am, I don't understand. Wu Weixue stunned you. Why did you disclose her curse and let the Wu family find someone to heal her?"

Wu Ruo was speechless. Now everyone thinks he was fainted because of Wu Weixue's stimulation. He really wanted to explain it without knowing how to explain it.

"Some people obviously want to use Wu Weixue to deal with us. Although Wu family is not compatible with us now, but it is too cheap for him to take advantage of the fisherman. Shy people, besides, if Wu Weixue doesn't wake up, some things can't go on.

Heiyang groaned: "Mrs. means that the person who sacrifice is the one who relieved Wu Weixue?"

"Yes, this scumbag, seeing that the previous method did not work, I will definitely find another way to approach the Wu family to deal with us, and you will check this person later. Ling Mohan said what else, ? "

"Ling Mohan also said that Wu Chenzi had lost a lot of money in the past two days. In order to heal the people of the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng, he really took careless energy. Unfortunately, the Wujia people in Gaolingcheng were too greedy and some precious The medicinal materials are not available at all, so Wu Chenzi must find them for them. Moreover, if the body is not as good as yesterday, the people in Wujia of Gaolingcheng will make a lot of noise. It is because they dare to be so bold. The wife has the decree. Lingmohan also sent someone to supervise Wuchenzi. If Wuchenzi slightly neglects the people of Wujia in Gaolingcheng, Lingmohan will sue the emperor. Wuchenzi now spends a lot of money in Wujiazi. People in Wujia, the capital city, have begun to complain about Wu Chenzi. "

Wu Ruo ticked his lips: "Ling Mohan must be very motivated?"

"Well, he kept smirking when I went to see him.

Wu Ruo chuckled: "It's just this thing that he deserves to be happy? It's too easy to be content, okay, you first check who is the next person, and by the way, investigate Wu Chenzi's surname Yao Security guard. "

In the last life, it was the man with the surname Yao who took the Buddhist ritual instrument to collect him, only to force him to be separated from Hei Xieyu.

"Yes." Heiyang disappeared.

At this moment, the guard guarding the gate came in and said, "Madam, there are two shopkeepers who claim to be ready-to-wear shops and jewelry shops at the door, and they say you have everything you want."
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