Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11: Changsheng Brand

This ... this box is ...

Wu Ruo could hardly suppress the excitement in his heart and wanted to yell in ecstasy.

He remembered that when his mother gave him the Changsheng card, he used this box.

Hei Xunyu saw that he had a strange reaction. He reached out and touched the touch box surface, but did not notice anything strange.

Wu Ruo looked back and cleared his throat. "This is the first time I have received a gift from my grandfather."

If the Changsheng card is really installed inside, it is not impossible to see it for Hei Xuyi. After all, there are many places in the future that need his help. If it is necessary to hide things, it is better to do it in front of Hei Xuyi , I believe that this will get more help from Hei Xie.

Hei Xingyu hooked the box surface with his fingertips, and raised it slightly, revealing a tiny gap, making sure there was no danger in the box, he said, "Open."

"OK." Wu Ruo couldn't wait to open the box.

Sure enough, it contained a piece of white jade Changsheng card that was one foot long and three inches wide.

It's really God's love. When he was in a hurry to find the Changsheng card, he gave him the Changsheng card.

Hei Xieyu was not interested in the Changsheng brand, but when he saw Wu Ruo's face smiling, his heart moved, his fat face was white and tender,
and his eyes became a straight line when he laughed, very thick and very happy. Make him want to reach out and squeeze his face.

Wu Ruo excitedly stroked the name on the jade card.

In the last life, he missed seven or eight years in vain, and no matter what, this life cannot be repeated.

But how could the Changsheng card be with his grandfather? Could it be that his grandfather sealed his spiritual power? But why did his grandfather do this?

Wu Ruo couldn't think of an answer, so he had to find a chance to ask his mother in private.

He closed the box and said to Hei Xieyu, "I'll go back to my room to rest." Hei Xu nodded slightly.
With the help of the corpse servant, Wu Ruo rushed to the backyard with anxiety, anxious to immediately crush the Changsheng card to gain spiritual power.

However, the low-level corpse was slow, so anxious that he couldn't help urging, "Can you hurry up?"

The corpse speeded up slightly.

Unexpectedly, anxious, when walking into the small door leading to the backyard promenade, he did not notice that the door frame was smaller than his buttocks. At the moment, Wu Ruo got stuck in the door frame.

The low-level corpse servant did not have the ability to think, and forced Wu Ruo to go inside.

Wu Ruo hurts: "Don't pull it, I'm stuck, stuck, do you know?"

He was so overjoyed that he forgot the time when the last life was just married into the black house, and he was often stuck by the door of the
house, but he ca n’t blame him. In the last life, he has lost weight for several years. After being born again, of course, there are many things that cannot be adapted.

The corpse servant obediently stopped.

Wu Ruo frowned: "Go and call Hei Xin, Hei Gan or Hei Xuan." The corpse nodded and turned towards the hall.
Wu Ruo looked at the corpse servant who was not much faster than the turtle, and rolled his eyes.

At this time, Hei Xuan, who also returned to the room to rest, walked into the backyard.

Heigan, who was behind him, saw Fu Wuruo's corpse servant who had returned to his room but turned back, wondering, "Why are you back?"

Wu Ruo heard Heigan's voice and called out quickly: "Heigan, come and help me, I'm stuck in the door frame."

Hei Qian heard the sound, and saw that Wu Ruo was like a piece of meat pancake sandwiched in the middle of the promenade, and the corner of his eye was drawn hard.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Chapter 12: Mystery

Hei Gan looked at the deformed body squeezed by the door frame, put his fist on his lips and pressed his smile, turned his head and instructed the disassembled door, and asked them to remove all the doors of the house less than seven feet wide and renovate tomorrow. Too.

Wu Ruoka learned a lesson once. After being rescued, he tried to avoid the smaller door in the yard and returned to the backyard room. Then he let the corpse guard outside the door.

He was preparing to close the door, but Hei Xieyu came in. Wu Ruo looked at him doubtfully: "Is there something?"
Hei Xuanyu glanced inwardly, indicating that he was going to sleep here tonight.

Wu Ruo: "..."

In the last life, Hei Xiu did not come to his room. Even if the two people in the back had a husband and wife, they did not really sleep in the same bed. Even after Huan love, they would immediately sleep separately, which shows that he was How much I hate black shading.

Although this life has changed, it is still unacceptable to make intimate moves with Hei Xieyu.

Wu Ruo's belly was flattering towards Hei Xieyu: "Are you sure the small bed inside can accommodate our two big buddhas? Huh?"

The bed in the inner room was also seven feet wide, which was enough for him to lie alone.
"..." Hei Xuan stared at his waist for a moment, then turned away without a word.

Wu Ruosheng was afraid that he would regret it, and quickly closed the door, leaning on the door and breathing a sigh of relief.

In the last life, when he and his wife had a couple, he has completely lost weight. In this life, he should not be able to eat even big fat people.

Wu Ruo stood up straight and looked at the big red double happiness on the front wall. His mood was very complicated. In the last life, he lived here for more than ten years. After he was born again, he returned here.

He glanced back, holding the box, dragging his body into the interior with difficulty, lying on the bed to open the box, and taking out the white jade engraved Changsheng card, his fat face surged into excitement again. With spiritual power, he could Revenge of the last life.

Wu Ruo remembered the scene of being killed in the last life, and resentment in his heart. At this time, there was only one person in the room. He didn't need to conceal the emotions in his heart anymore, he let himself show all his resentment. Like a fatal ghost, the whole fat face became terrifying.

He quickly crushed the Changsheng card, and immediately felt that the seal in the abdomen was unsealed. Then, the huge spiritual power hidden in the Lingtian flooded into the body instantly, as if washing the bones and removing bones, eliminating all internal impurities and waste in the body and mind. After a thorough cleansing of the medullary bone marrow, the body seemed to be eroded by ants, and each pore was sore. Soon, thin sweat spilled from his forehead, and his face and lips lost his blood. I do n’t know how long it used to, and the pain decreased little by little, but there were a bunch of golden fonts in my head.

Wu Ruo gasped in a weak mouth, and when she recovered her strength, she lifted her spirits and looked at the mystery techniques in her brain. There were seven mysteries. Among them, shadow stealing and mystery still had no explanation and learning methods as in the previous life. The other six
mysterious techniques are Ghost Grip, Divine Control, Divine Deed, Shadow Realm, Hidden Shadow, and Shadow Kill.

Ghost Grip can instantly make everyone unable to move, and the stronger the spiritual power, the longer the settling time, and the number of people under control will increase. The caster can kill the opponent while the opponent cannot move.

Divine Control Mystery is similar to Yin Yang's speech and spirit techniques, which can control the minds of others, and Divine Demon Mystery is similar to Yin Yang's manipulation of gods, but Yin Yang can only use demon, demon, monster, and strange Spirits, spirits, gods, etc., but the Divine Secret Art can conclude different contracts with everything in the world, allowing the other party to surrender, surrender, and loyalty to themselves, and can also form a life contract to share life.

Shadowland Mystery can either form a shadow space for stored items, or create your own shadow realm to kill each other.

Hidden Shadow Mystery can hide your body in any place where there is a shadow, even if the shadow is only the size of the eye of a needle, it can be hidden inside without being discovered.

Shadow killing can hurt the opponent ’s body by hurting the opponent ’s shadow. Killing the opponent ’s shadow is equivalent to killing the opponent. The stronger the spiritual power of the caster, the greater the lethality, as well as other mysteries.

Wu Ruo determined that all mystery skills were the same as in the previous life, and then he closed his eyes and rested in peace.

Chapter 13: Your egg

After falling asleep, Wu Ruo had a long dream.

He dreamed that the people of the Wu family in the last life carried the dead bodies of Wuzhu back to Shuqingyuan. At that time, the whole family was distraught and no one could accept the fact that Wuzhu died. The following year, Shuqingyuan was in sorrow. However, it wasn't until Wu Xi's marriage that Shu Qingyuan had a bit of joy. Slowly, everyone came out of their grief and didn't want to. Two years later, they would receive U Xi's bad news. The parents who lost their children one after another suddenly grew older. When they arrived at Uhi's in-laws' house, Uhi's body had been cremated, and they saw only one grave.

Since then, Shu Qingyuan has no joy. Until he accidentally broke the Changsheng card to gain spiritual power, his father and mother had a smile again. As a Wu family, he worked very hard, not only to learn the mysteries in the brain every day, but also to take the time to learn the yin and yang techniques of the Wu family, summoning gods, signing contracts, and getting a lot of companions. Fame, but did not expect to end up in the hands of his friends.

Wu Ruomeng woke up to the last curse before his death, and suddenly stunned him with a pair of eyes without white eyes, but because his body was too fat, he couldn't sit up with his own strength, Back on the bed again.

"Fat, what's the matter with you calling this place?" The owner without eyes is a five- or six-year-old child, holding a large white egg in his arms, wearing a gorgeous red robe, with countless small heads on his head. The braid, exquisite and cute, but extremely proud, floated in the air, watching Wu Ruo with the eyes of the world.

"I call you?" Wu Ruo was sweating, wasn't he sleeping before? When was the child summoned? Did he accidentally call someone in his sleep?
He looked at each other carefully. From the eyes without white eyes, the child was either a ghost or a demons, and the more he looked at it, the more familiar the child was, especially when the kid was dressed up and signed a contract with him. Exactly the same.

Wu Ruo felt more and more like the more he looked, in the end, he was quite sure that the other party was the thorny Devil who had signed a contract with him in the previous life.

He was pleased in his heart and wanted to call the other person ’s name, but after thinking about it, this guy was always proud, even if he called the name, he would not necessarily buy his account, but he became suspicious of him, just like in the previous life, he also experienced After many things, he barely agreed to sign an equality contract with him.

Wu Ruo suppressed the joy and apologized: "I'm so sorry, I may have summoned you in my sleep accidentally."

"Called me in my sleep?" Quill surprised his eyes and stared at Wu Ruo, apparently disbelieving his words.

However, when he was called, the man was indeed sleeping, and no summoning array was arranged around him. Did he really accidentally call him in a dream?

Wu Ruo's attitude was sincere: "Yes."

The thorny drama whispered: "Fat, have you ever heard that it's easy to ask the devil, but difficult to send the devil?"

Now that he was called, it would be difficult to send him back.

Wu Ruomu's eyes moved slightly, what he wanted was to stay with the thorns. The magic power of this demons was very high. With his help, it was even more powerful.

"What do you want?"

Spiny eyes froze: "Aren't you afraid I will kill you?"
Wu Ruo said nothing.

He knows this demons, although cold-blooded, he is also arrogant enough to disdain humans with a lower ability than him.

After seeing Wu Ruo's calm face and feeling particularly boring, he threw the big white egg into Wu Ruo's arms: "Your egg, return you."

Chapter 14: This is your son

Wu Ruo hurriedly caught the big white egg, wondering, "My egg?"

If the prickly pear has white eyes, he will roll his eyes and show him: "Is it taken out from the middle of your thighs, but who else is it?

"What?" Wu Ruo looked at him in shock, "taken it out of the middle of my thighs ! ?"

Uncle's! Amuse him?
Thorny explained more lazily and turned and disappeared into the room.

Wu Ruo anxiously shouted, "Hey, hey, you can explain clearly before leaving."

He is an individual, how could he lay eggs?

Wouldn't it be thorny revenge that he accidentally summoned him up, and then lied to him with a big white egg.

However, according to his understanding of thorns, the other party is not a teaser, so this egg is really his?

But how did it happen?

This matter can only wait for Thorny to come back and ask a clear question, I believe Thorny will come back to find him.

Wu Ruo tried to sense the creatures in the egg with spiritual force, but only saw a white ball of meat inside.
At this time, Hei Xieyu pushed in the door, walked quickly into the interior, and glanced at the room: "Have a demon come?"

He sensed the smell of the Devil in the backyard, and immediately rushed over.

"Well." Wu Ruo didn't hide him, and he couldn't hide: "After a while, he went away."

When Hei Xuan saw that he was all right, he didn't ask much, and then fixed his eyes on the big white egg on his chest.

Wu Ruo noticed his gaze and suddenly thought of trying to tease him, and handed the egg to him: "This is your son, which I gave birth to just now, so you are responsible for incubating it come out."

Hei Xuanyan's indifferent eyes flashed intently.

Wu Ruo found that his dull appearance was quite cute, could not bear it, and smiled, "Hahahaha, I lie to you."

It's rare to be able to see expressions other than his indifference. Hei Xieyu: "..."
Wu Ruo couldn't help but laugh when he thought of the appearance of the
* * * *like a hen hatching an egg.

After a while, when I laughed, I asked, "What time is it now?" "Last hour."
"Then you go out and ask someone to come in and wait for me to bathe and change clothes."

Hei Xieyu went out holding the egg, and handed it to Hei Gan: "You hatch it yourself."

Heigan: "..."
"my son."

"! ! ! ! ! ! " Hei Gan opened his eyes wide and held the big white egg in his arms subconsciously.

Is he right? This egg is the son of the master?

Hei Xuanyu looked at him with a stupid look, and couldn't help but tickle the corner of his mouth, and found that sometimes it was interesting to make fun of people.

Master laughed! The master laughed! Heigan was shocked and stared again. God, he was lucky enough to see the master ’s smile in his lifetime. Was he dazzled? Or is the master possessed by the demons?

Hei Xieyu quickly smiled, turned and left, but took two steps and turned back to get the eggs back, and then left the backyard.

"..." Heigan's eyes twitched, and his heart was still very excited. After a while, he told the corpse servant behind him, "Go in and serve your wife."

"Let's go." Wu Da and Wu Xiao beside them hurried into the room. Wu Ruo saw them and frowned.
In the last life, since he got married, every time he wakes up, he has to yell several times to ‘ please’ Wu Dawu Xiao to come in and serve him. Now why is he so active?

"Master." Wu Da looked at him flatteringly.

Wu Xiao was aggrieved, "Master, don't you want us?"

Wouldn't the young master blame them for coming back too late last night?

However, they can't blame them. The carriage is broken, and they have to repair it.
Wu Ruo asked quietly, "Why did you ask that?" "The black guard sent ten servants to our yard."
Wu Ruo laughed: "Isn't it good to send my servants? You can do less work later, or you can give them something to do."

Wu Dawu's eyes brightened. Yes indeed!
Why didn't they think of this, and just thought it was the young master who didn't want them.

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids to cover the cold light in his eyes: "Wu Da, Wu Xiao, how many years have you been serving me?"

Uda immediately said, "Twelve years."

"It's so fast, it will be twelve years." Wu Ruo was a little sad. For twelve years, even if he had a dog, he could make this dog loyal to him, but what was right between them? his?

"Yeah, really fast. I think when we saw the young master, the young master was only six years old. At that time ..."

Uda wanted to draw on each other's feelings through years of affection. Unexpectedly, Wu Ruo interrupted his words: "Your two brothers are also about twenty-five years old. They must be replaced by ordinary people. It's time for you to get married. "

Wu Dawu was a little surprised and overjoyed, so he didn't notice Wu Ruo also laughed, smiling very strangely.

Chapter 15: Life Jade

When Wu Ruo went out, Heigan gave him the life jade card linked to the corpse's life, and explained to him: "The word engraved on the life jade card is the corpse's name, only one The word is the name of the low-level corpse servant, and the two words belong to the middle-level corpse servant. If some of them do not listen to you, you can crush their life jade card and let them die. "

Upon hearing this, Wu Dawu Xiao's eyes looked a little more afraid. Although they did not know what the corpse servant meant, they felt that the manipulation of other people's lives was very evil.

Wu Ruo took the jade card and shoved it in his sleeve, and put it in his shadow space where others couldn't see it. Then, he thanked Hegan sincerely: "Thank you."

Hei Xieyu gave him the corpse's life jade card, which showed that he would not ask him anything, so I really appreciate Hei Xieyu not interfering with his affairs too much.

"The low-level corpse servant can only be responsible for simple things, such as cleaning the yard room. They can do it. There is no difference between the middle-level corpse servant and ordinary people. They will be arranged by the lady himself." Heigan introduced him to the four middle- level corpse servants. "The four of them are intermediate corpses, corpses also, corpses, corpses, and corpses nine."

"I've seen his wife." Four middle-level corpses immediately saluted to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo said, "I want to bathe and change clothes now."

The corpse immediately asked the lower-level corpses to prepare hot water.
Wu Ruo was washed clean, and then the lower-level corpse servant was taken to the front yard hall to have breakfast with Hei Xieyu.

He looked at the full table and sat down early, saying, "Today's breakfast is really rich."

The breakfast he used to eat was either steamed buns and white porridge, or vegetables with white porridge. It was very simple. Unlike the breakfast in front of him, he had a variety of pastries, which was comparable to the Imperial P alace. He is now in the dark.

Hexin, who was waiting beside him, heard other meanings from his words, and asked, "Is the breakfast of the previous two days unsuitable to your wife's taste?"

Wu Ruo thought for a while and asked him: "Is the food in the previous two days as rich as the breakfast today?"


Wu Ruoli immediately understood that his food had been changed, and it is self-evident who changed it.

To be honest, he was really stupid in the last life. He was not aware of the food he had exchanged for so many years. He thought that the steward and his servants of the black family would reject him to get a table of coarse tea for him. And, I often do n’t eat enough.

Ha ha!

Uganda, Uganda, you are so brave.

How dare to exchange the food he used with the meal used by his young master.

Wu Ruomu sank, and picked up chopsticks to eat.

Heisin is a personal person. He guessed an approximation from a simple conversation. However, this is his wife's business. It is not easy for him to
intervene. When Wu Ruo had breakfast and returned to the backyard, he would give him a gift list. .

The paper of the gift list is very long, and the names of various gifts are recorded in it. Wu Ruo casually noticed that a small part of his gift was taken away. The reason why I never found one was because the gift was not direct. I sent them to Shu Qingyuan. The second reason was that Hei Xuan's gift was really a lot, so many people took it away. It still made people feel that He Xi's gift was too scary.

He put down the gift list with no expression, and made sure that Wu Dawu was not nearby. Then he whispered to the corpse: "Go out and find two girls for me. Be good-looking and soft. On weekdays, you must know How to serve men, and ... "

He talked more and more softly, and Jiu Jiu nodded again and again, leaving the black house with the silver ticket given by Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo once again took up the gift list and slowly folded it up little by little, just like admonishing himself not to be in a hurry, everything must be carefully planned to wipe out the enemy.

He folded the gift list and put it in the shadow space. At this moment, Hei Xin walked in and said, "Madam, please move to the yard and sit for a meeting. We will open the interior and the next room and change to a new one. bed."

Before the son became married, they knew that the future wife was very fat, so they made a seven-foot-wide bed, but they didn't expect to sleep enough.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Chapter 16: Moth

Heixin invited a large number of artisans to cooperate with each other. They not only have good skills, but also work very fast. In a day, they can open the room and create a new bed that is 12 feet wide. Long futons, and Hessin made the bottom of the bed very solid, and no matter how the people on the bed rolled, they would never make a bed.

At night, Wu Ruo stood in front of the big bed and watched the time of two columns of incense. If it was not covered with a quilt, he would have thought that it was not a bed, but a small room.

He leaned on the bedside, leaning on the bedpost, and said in his heart, Hei Xunyan really planned to sleep with him in bed?

But in the previous life, the two have never slept together. Is it because his attitude has changed and things have changed in this life?

Wu Ruo sighed.

Let ’s just share the same bed. Anyway, the bed is so big, and the two of them lie on the same bed as if they were sleeping in separate beds.
Besides, he and Hei Xuyi are both men. There is no need to be like a woman worried that Hei Xuyi will take advantage of him Moreover, now that he is so fat, how could Hei Xieyu look after him.

Wu Ruo scoffed at himself.

He took himself too seriously and slept together, but it didn't mean that Hei Xieyu would touch him.

Wu Ruo consciously lay in the bed.

Soon, Hei Xiu came into the room with her hair dry, took off her robe and lay beside Wu Ruo, a finger, the candle in the room went out instantly.
Wu Ruo was not used to having someone sleep next to him, and he turned it over and over again. The cold wind kept getting into the bed, and he couldn't sleep well no matter how he slept.

"Sleep." Hei Xu cried in a deep voice.

If I can sleep, I won't move around. Wu Ruo rolled his eyes, and then rolled his back to Hei Xuan.

Suddenly, an arm rested on his waist, and the person behind him leaned towards him.

Wu Ruo's body was stiff and she clearly felt the heat coming from the body.

He unconsciously moved his body, and wanted the person behind him to take his hand away, but he heard the other party ask, "Do you have spiritual power?"

Wu Ruo realized that his spiritual power had penetrated into him and had to confess frankly: "I already had spiritual power, but it was sealed by someone, and the longevity card sent by my grandfather could unlock the seal inside me."

He wanted to hide it for a while, but was discovered so soon.

Hei Xun's spiritual power stopped near Wu Ruo Ling Tian, ??and he narrowed his eyes, "Worm Cup?"

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Can you feel worms in me?"

For so many years, neither of them had detected the worms in his body, but Hei Xingyu discovered them at once. No wonder the mysterious man would jealous of him.

Wu Ruo hesitated and explained, "I was wormed when I was still in my mother's belly, so it was so fat."
As soon as the words fell, his stomach was pinched by Hei Xieyu, and he frowned with pain, wondering if the reason why he had been with Hei Xieyu for more than ten years in the previous life, but he understood that He is accusing him of "when he knows that he is being prosecuted, why don't he solve it as soon as possible".

Wu Ruo lied and said, "I only found out that someone was laid down some time ago."

This worm is very vicious and will absorb the spiritual power of the Zhongli people. That is to say, no matter how he cultivates in the future, he will be futile, because all the spiritual power will be absorbed by the worm, which is why he is not in a hurry to cultivate. But if there is no spiritual power, Zhongli people will become fatter and fatter until their bodies are broken.

In the previous life, he untied before unsealing the seal, so no spiritual absorption occurred. However, when I heard Master ’s commentary, I still sweated a lot, because if he released his sleep a few months later, his body would burst.

The one who yelled at him obviously didn't want him to improve his spiritual power, nor did he want him to live.

Hei Xuanyu's eyes flashed cold, and he gently rubbed his stomach, and then injected a trace of spiritual power into his body. Then, the spiritual power was completely absorbed by the moth.

Wu Ruo suddenly felt familiar.

I remember during the period of studying medicine in the last life, I often felt that someone rubbed his belly at night when I slept, but I did n’t see anyone when I woke up, and during that time, he was no longer fat, was it

Wu Ruo turned around quickly.

Hei Xieyu retracted his hand and turned back.
Wu Ruo looked at his back and felt inexplicably lost.

Chapter 17: like it so much

In the early morning of the next day, just as Wu Ruo had breakfast, Zujiu showed him two pictures. The paintings are all young girls who are not out of the court, a beautiful and slender figure, a charming look, a slender figure, and a wonderful figure. The only thing that is common is that the eyes of the two are as if they are catching souls. Dawuxiao is crispy.

Wu Ruo was very satisfied with the efficiency of Shi Jiu's work, and handed the painting to Wu Da and Wu Da: "Which girl do your brothers like?"

Wu Dawu Xiaoyiyi: "Master, you are ..."

"This is the daughter-in-law I asked Zujiu to find for you, don't you like it?"

Wu Da and Wu Xiao were overjoyed. Yesterday they were still worried whether the young master would find out that they would change their meals and punish them. Today the young master found them a beautiful daughter-in-law, and it seems that they haven't found any food changes, so why not? Happy: "I like it, I like it so much, Master, do you really let them be our daughter-in-law?"

"Isn't it your daughter-in-law, can't you be my daughter-in-law?" Wu Ruo pointed at the portrait: "Hurry up and pick one, so choose a date soon to get married."

Wu Zixin asked intently: "Master, the two girls are so handsome, would they agree to marry our brothers?"

He still knows himself. He doesn't look good with his brother. How can the two girls look at them?
"How do you say that they are also the personal servants of Master Wu's family, and their status is higher than that of civilians. And they are just the daughters of small doors and small households. To be honest, they have climbed up on you."

Wu Da was right to think about it. He picked up the portrait in excitement and took a closer look. The looks of the two girls were so beautiful that it was difficult for him to make a choice. It would be nice if both could marry him.

Wu Xiao is also uncertain.

Wu Ruo looked at their brother and didn't know which one to choose. He took the tea cup and blocked the sneer in the corner of his mouth with the action of drinking tea.

In the end, the two brothers decided to go to see the two girls secretly with Shijiu. After all, the portrait is still very different from the real person.

After an hour, the two brothers came back with joyful faces, and had determined which girl to marry, in case the two girls regretted it, they went to Wu Ruo and hurried back to discuss the date of marriage with their family.

After they left, Wu Ruo asked Shi Jiu: "How did they choose which girl to marry?"

Shi Jiu said: "The two brothers loved the two girls very much. Later they used guessing to decide which girl to marry."

"Both girls make them like it? Well, good." Wu Ruofen added: "Zhu Jiu, you quietly brought me two girls here, don't let others find out, you know?"


Shijiu was very quick. Before half an hour, he brought the two girls in disguise to Wu Ruo: "Madam, the one on the left is Liu Xiaoru, and the
one on the right is Chen Xi'er."

Wu Ruo stared at the girl who could not see the original look for a long time, and then they said, "Before coming here, my people should tell you clearly. To do things for me, you must follow me. The conclusion of the master-servant contract will require me to obey everything in the future, and you must not betray me, even if you have the idea of ??betrayal, otherwise, you will lose your soul. "

He took out two money bags and placed them on the table: "If you agree, the 1,000 or two silver tickets in this bag are yours. If you do well in the future, there will be other rewards."

Twelve thousand have already made them comfortable and have a good life, so the two girls were very moved, but after hesitating, they agreed to the Yanwuruo contract.

Wu Ruo bit her finger and dripped blood on their foreheads. Then, the blood shot white light and dipped into their skin.

The master-servant contract was quickly completed, and the two girls happily left the black house with Shi Jiu with a silver ticket.

That night, Wu Dawu returned home to announce the good news and decided to marry in ten days.

Wu Ruo each gave them a hundred or two silver. The two happily left with the silver two.
Wu Ruo looked at their back and twitched his lips. In the next few days, he could focus on solving his father's and his body's affairs for the time being.

Chapter 18:

By the time Hei Xiu returned to the room to rest, Wu Ruo had fallen asleep.

He went to bed and stretched out his hands, rubbing Wu Ruo's belly, and then passed a little aura into his belly.

Wu Ruo felt dark in her sleep, so she didn't bother to open her eyes, so as not to wake up and fall asleep like last night.

But when he woke up, there was no one around him, even the quilt was cold, and two black and silver bracelets were placed on the pillow.

Wu Ruo took it up and looked at it. The surface of the bracelet was engraved with a pattern. After careful research, it was found that the effect of the rune on the bracelet was used to cover the body's spiritual power.

If he didn't guess wrong, it should have been used for him, as long as he brought it, his grandfather Ubu Fang could not sense the spiritual fluctuations in him.

Wu Ruo hesitated and didn't put it on immediately, and waited until Hei Xieyu asked for a clear one, otherwise he would be embarrassed.

He asked the corpse to wait for him to wash and change clothes, to have breakfast in the lobby of the front yard, but Hei Xiu was not there.

Wu Ruo asked Heixin, "Where's Heishu? Where have you been?"

Hexin said, "Last night, the master went out of town. He asked the old slave to tell his wife, and he would not return until about five days later."

Wu Ruo frowned: "Out of town? Do you know where he went?"

In the last life, he woke up from an injury. Hei Xiu was in the house. Although he didn't want to see him, he still ran to see him in the middle of
the night every three to five. His face was scared to death. But in this life, why did you suddenly leave the city? "The master didn't say."
Wu Ruo felt that his rebirth made the changes in this life quite big, so he no longer wanted to be black-stained. After eating breakfast and putting on his bracelet, he said to Hexin: "I have had advance If you live in Wujia, if Hei Xuyi returns, you will send someone to Wujia to inform me. "


Black letter sent Wu Ruo out.

Wu Ruo was worried that the low-level corpse servant would cause him trouble, so he only took the corpse nine to visit his father and mother in Wu's house.

When arriving at Wujia, the carriage stopped directly at the main entrance south of Wujia.

The guards at the door saw Wu Ruo coming down from the car, and they all showed surprise.

In the past, Wu Ruo walked from the side door when entering and leaving the Wu family. Even on the day of returning to the door, he also entered from the side door, because he often encountered many people who looked down on him and laughed at him. Over time, he had an escape Thoughts, however, he is no longer the one he was in the previous life.

Under various eyes, Wu Ruo calmly let the corpse and the corpse help him to enter the threshold of the South Gate, ignoring everyone's discussion and ridicule, and walked towards Shu Qingyuan.

There are more than 1,500 courtyards in Wujia, which are located in east, south, west, and beijing courtyards.
After the patriarch Wu Bufang followed his father Wu Chenzhan from the immediate family of the imperial capital Wu family, he settled in Gaoling City. The father and son were quite capable and capable, and soon became famous and established a line of the Wu family. The Wu family mansion grew larger and larger, and one courtyard after another was built. Only today will it be so big Scale. Later, Ubud and his second daughter-in-law Yao Yaoyuan, the second son of the owner of the Yao family, gave birth to four children and two daughters, named Wu Xuanyun, Wu Xuanran, Wu Xuanjun, Wu Xuanyu, and Wu Xuanmeng. , Wu Xuanyin, of which Wu Xuanran is Wu Ruo's grandpa.

After Wu Xuanran married Mu Xiuwan, the niece of the Mu family in Yin Luocheng, and gave birth to five children and one daughter, Ubufang let them move to the Nanyuan compound. Then, when his sons got married, Wu Xuanran divided the Nanyuan courtyard into six courtyards, namely Xuanwanyuan, Shujingyuan, Shuliyuan, Shuqingyuan, Shubinyuan, and Shutongyuan. Wuxuanran He lived with his wife in Xuanwanyuan, and the remaining five courtyards were distributed to five sons.

Therefore, the Wu family has a large population and a very cruel existence. Just like Wu Ruoqing ’s father, Wu Qianqing, belongs to the “former” generation, but not all people who are the same as Wu Qianqing ’s peers can do it. For the name, they may not be written into the genealogical tree. They need to pass rigorous assessment and experience before they can be crowned with the word "front" and written into the genealogical tree. The tablet was sent to Wu Zai Temple.

If someone is not written into the genealogical tree, they will not be recognized by the Wu family as Wu family members. Moreover, they will be kicked out of the Wu family and will never step into the Wu family.

Wu Ruo's generation is the word 'An'. At present, there are not many people who can be crowned with the word 'An' in the younger generation. Because most people are not yet 20 years old, they cannot go out to practice. Twenty people who have gone out to practice have not yet returned to Wujia. Therefore, only the eldest son of Wu Ruoqi, Wu Ruoqi, and the elder son of Erbowu, Wu Anyi, were crowned with words. generation.
"Xiao Ruo, why are you back?" Guan Tong heard the next person say that Wu Ruo was back, and quickly came out of the house to support his son.

Wu Ruo saw her mother-in-law, and her expressionless face appeared a touch of mildness.

He lowered his voice and said, "This morning, Hei ... heh, Xun Ye gave me a recipe for my father's body. I rushed over after breakfast."

In fact, this recipe was written by him yesterday, because it requires a lot of valuable medicinal materials, so bring the prescription first, and then let the father and them find the medicinal materials together with him.

Guan Tongsong said, "That's good, I'm afraid you will be wronged at the Heijia."

Wu Ruo asked, "Where is Dad?" "He's in the study."
"We went to him." "it is good."
Guan Tong helped him into the backyard.

In the study, Wu Qianqing, who was practicing calligraphy, was particularly happy to see the younger son return, and also vaguely guessed the purpose of the younger son's return, so that everyone in the room exited the gate outside the yard and guarded.

Guan Tong also withdrew from the study to prepare tea and cakes for them.

Wu Ruo explained his intentions, and then handed the prescription to Wu Qianqing: "Dad, we need to find the herbs on Qi Fang as soon as possible, and then soak your body with these aura herbs, soak for seven or seventy forty After nine days, you should be able to repair your Lingtian. If it doesn't work, we will find another way. "
He didn't want to be too full, and was afraid to make Dabai happy in the end. However, in the last life, he studied with Master how to treat his dad ’s body. Therefore, he still had 70% certainty that he could heal his dad: "Just Some medicinal materials are really hard to find, and even if we can find them, we may not be able to get them. "

"Let me see." Wu Qianqing took the prescription and browsed it again: "We all have the herbs written on the prescription."

"Both?" Wu Ruo looked at him in surprise: "Does our family have such valuable medicine? Why don't I know?"

"You forgot, the day before yesterday I sent a bunch of precious medicinal herbs." Wu Qianqing smiled slightly: "He was kind enough, knowing that I repaired was destroyed, so he sent so many expensive medicinal herbs, even some medicinal herbs at all You can't buy it with silver. "

"..." Wu Ruo was in a very complicated mood, and he really didn't understand why Hei Xieyu would be so good to him, was it just because he was his boyfriend?

He quickly denied the answer.

It is not that he wants to measure the gentleman's abdomen with the villain's heart. After being reborn once, he can no longer think that others are just being good to him and his family. He always feels that the other person has good intentions for them. Just as he would be calm with Hei Xuyi and wanted some help from Hei Xuyi.

Wu Qianqing accepted the recipe, and he said exactly: "Xiao Ruo, in the past few days when you were married to the Hei family, you can know who Hei Xuyi is? You can see why he can take out so many precious medicinal materials at once. And all kinds of rare materials? "

Even the big family of the imperial capital can't come up with so many precious gifts like this, so the identity of the boy-in-law must not be simple.
Wu Ruo frowned.

He had spent more than ten years with Hei Xieyu in the last life. He only knew that Hei Xieyu was a Necroman. It is said that Nehru is not a member of their country. As for who he is, he really doesn't know.

Now thinking of it, he didn't know anything about Hei Xuan.

Also, in the previous life, he avoided Hei Xieyu. As long as someone talked about Hei Xieyu, he refused to listen. For him at the time, it was irrelevant where he was and who he was.

Wu Qianqing saw that he couldn't answer, and sighed, "Well, you have married him, that is, a couple tied to a line. No matter what he is, you have to stand by his side, and say, this It ’s a family relationship given to you by the patriarch, and others dare not turn their backs on their faces. ”

Hei Xuyi ’s origin is unknown, and even his grandfather Ubu Fang does not know the identity of the other party. Therefore, he is worried that Hei Xuyi will one day stand in opposition to their Wu family, leaving his son in a dilemma.

Wu Ruo sneered, even if the Wu family killed them, would they care if they confessed?

He turned to the topic: "Dad, there are three months left, and my eldest brother will be twenty years old, and he will go out to practice at that time. You must prepare more instruments for the eldest brother. It ’s so dangerous outside, do n’t bring more tricks. To protect ourselves, how can we rest assured. "

Wu Qianqing nodded: "I will be ready."

Wu Ruo looked at him, squinting: "Uncle they have borrowed the magical instruments for months ..."

Wu Qianqing looked for a moment, thoughtfully.

At this time, Guan Tong personally came in with the tea.
When Ruo sees her, she thinks about the Changsheng brand, and then she says, "Dad, before it's too early, you can find out the herbs first."

"OK." Wu Qianqing left the study.

Guan Tong asked, "Did you finish talking?"

Wu Ruo felt that no one was overheard nearby, so she pulled her down and sat down: "Mother, I have received a gift from my grandfather."

Guan Tong froze for a while, and it took a while to understand who his grandfather was, and he stood up with excitement: "He's coming for you?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "No, he sent it."

Guan Tong quickly grabbed his hand and asked, "What did he give you?" Wu Ruo said as she watched her expression change: "a longevity card."
"Changsheng Card?" Guan Tong yelled again: "How to give Changsheng Card?"

"Because the Changsheng card seals my spiritual power." "what?"
Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Mother, don't you know about this?"

Chapter 19: Don' t say

"I don't know about this." Guan Tong looked blankly: "You said that the Changsheng card seals your spiritual power? So, you originally had spiritual power?"

She hurriedly asked, "Can that unlock the seal of the Changsheng Card?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "Yes, just crush the Changsheng card. I have now unblocked Lingtian."

"Then you can practice?" Guan Tong Xinxi clenched his hands and choked, "It's great, it's great, you finally practice with your brother."

Since the younger son was found to have no spiritual power, she has been very sad, especially as the younger son grows fatter. When more and more people look at the younger son with contempt eyes, she feels that she is useless. The son gave birth to a good body.

Until now, she often dreamed of her younger son crying as a child and asking why she had no spiritual practice. After waking up, her heart was uncomfortable.

Wu Ruo knew that his mother often could n’t sleep at night for the sake of his body, and wiped the tears from her eyes distressed: "Well, I can practice with the elder brother and them in the future, you will never have to worry about my body again. In addition to my spiritual power, I now have seven more mystic skills in my head. "

"What?" Guan Tong froze and asked anxiously: "What did you just say?"

"I said that I have seven more mystic skills in my head, except for shadows ..."
"Don't say it." Guan Tong hurriedly covered his mouth, looked around, saw the door open, hurried out to see if there was anyone outside, and then closed the door with a look of caution to Wu Ruo: "I have other secrets in my brain It must never be told to anyone. "

Wu Ruo asked, "Daddy, can't they?"

In the previous life, his mother used the same expression to say the same thing, but he thought that Ruan Yue was trustworthy, and he told Ruan Yue stupidly.

"No." Guan Tong shook his head: "No matter who you are, you can't say, at least until you are not strong, you can't say, can you hear me clearly?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "Listen clearly, that mother knows the shadow ..."

Guan Tong immediately interrupted him: "I can't say anything, don't ask." Wu Ruo did not give up: "Can't say at all?"
In the last life, because he did n’t know that the Changsheng card was sent by his grandfather, he thought Guan Tong really did n’t know anything, so he did n’t ask much. In this life, he knew who gave the long card. Of course, he wanted to figure out everything. Wondering what's going on with Shadow Thief.

Guan Tong smiled bitterly: "Before I left the clan, I had sworn a poisonous oath and could not disclose anything in the clan."

Wu Ruo hesitated and sighed, "I see."

Guan Tong shook his hand and said intently: "Xiao Ruo, you start now so many years later than others, and when you see others casting spells, you must pay more attention to what others are doing, so that you can make rapid progress. ,do you know?"

Wu Ruo engraved her in his heart, because he thought his mother wanted to tell him something, but he couldn't tell him directly.
"Mother, I'll ask you something. If you can't say it, it's fine." Guan Tong thought about it and said, "OK, you ask."
Wu Ruo asked, "Did you have spiritual power before, and you also know mystics like others?"

For a long time, his grandfather and grandmother looked down on his mother, thinking that his mother was an ordinary person, not worthy of his father.

Guan Tong hesitated and nodded.

"..." Wu Ruo didn't know what to say. His mother sacrificed so much. In order to be with his father, he was willing to give up cultivation, family and family. No wonder his father always said that he owed him.

"Mother, let's go out."

Guan Tong helped Wu Ruo out of the backyard, and someone came to report: "Master Er, Master Ruan is here. He is waiting for you in the hall now."

Chapter 20: Ruan Yu

Master Ruan? Ruan Yu! ?

Wu Ruo's eyes turned red instantly, bloodshots in his eyes emerged one after another, and the great resentment deep in his heart could no longer be restrained. He suddenly burst and frantically ran wildly in his body, as if to find The vent will stop.

"Small, young master." The subordinate was as scared as his own red eyes when he saw Li Gui.

Guan Tong, who was holding Wu Ruo, found Wu Ruo's body stiff and asked, "What's wrong with you, Xiao Ruo?"

Wu Ruo was afraid to scare his mother and quickly closed her eyes.

He thought that after so many days of rebirth, he was ready to face the person Ruan Yue, but now he just can't control the killing just when he hears the mention of "Master Ruan".

No, you can't just kill Ruan Ye.

He still has to rely on Ruan Yue to find the mysterious man, and it is not too cheap to kill Ruan Yue so easily.

Wu Ruo took a deep breath and opened her eyes and said, "Mother, I'm fine. Go and see if Dad needs help. I'm worried Dad can't do it alone."

Guan Tong was somewhat uneasy: "What about you?"

"Of course I went to see you." The word "? ?" was almost squeezed from the gap between Wu Ruoya.

Guan Tong laughed: "You haven't seen each other for a long time, just get together."

After Guan Tong left, Wu Ruo asked the corpse and they helped him to the hall. From a distance, he saw Ruan Yue's four personal guards standing outside the hall door. At that moment, the scene where the four close guards of the last life played with his mother again came to mind, and it seemed to hear those obscene laughter again.

Wu Ruo squeezed her lips tightly, staring at the four guards at the entrance of the hall like a dead man.

Ruan Yue can't die for the time being, but the four guards are different.

Wu Ruo turned to the corpse and they asked, "Do any of you four know the Qimen armour?"

He thinks that these corpses sent by Hei Xuyi can't do nothing, even if they don't have spiritual power, they are good at other skills.

The four shook their heads.

Wu Ruo asked again, "Have you ever learned to arrange arrays?"

The corpse also hesitated, and said, "I have learned a little bit of fur with a heavenly master."

"Yes." Wu Ruo asked them to help him to the nearest room. They found paper and strokes and drew a picture for the corpse: "Just arrange as I painted above."


"Now prepare the things I write on the paper now, and wait until the night to do it. Don't let people discover."


Wu Ruo returned to the front yard.
Ruan Yue's four guards saw him and summoned immediately: "Master Ruo."

Wu Ruo clenched his fist in his sleeve, suppressed his intention of killing, and said with a smile, "It's cold today, so go to the kitchen and have some wine to warm your body."

"Master Xie Ruo." The four thanked them happily, and then walked back to the backyard.

There was a light laugh in the hall: "Xiao Ruo, my servants are going to be spoilt by you. Now they just have to relax and find a place to drink immediately."

Then, a man in a dark blue cape walked out of the hall, with a weak crown and a gentle face, like those talents who can only read dead books.
However, the corners of his eyes were faintly stunned. Wu Ruoding looked at him silently.
Ruan Ye was embarrassed when he looked at his heart, and smiled uncomfortably: "I haven't seen you for more than half a month, why don't you seem to know me?"
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