Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101: Here comes the ghost

Wu Ruo took a few words to persuade Wu Qianqing, and in the name of sending Wu Xi to the emperor to study, they cheated Guan Tong and U Xi together to move to the emperor's residence. The precious things in Qingfu were moved to the carriage.

After an hour, the people of the two residences left Gaoling City in a mighty manner.

When they walked out ten miles, it suddenly became dark.

When Ushi saw the car darken, he immediately raised the curtain and asked, "Why is it dark? Is it going to rain?"

The guard who was driving the carriage said, "Miss, it is not raining, but something is wrong. It is very likely that someone is trying to make it darker in advance.

Wu Xi was surprised. "Someone is controlling the sky? We have such a powerful character in Gaolingcheng?"

Even the Ubud side can absolutely not do this.

Wu Ruo raised the curtains and looked at the outsiders who thought that the sky was controlled by either black or black enemies.

Wu Qianqing felt that the situation was not so good, and immediately asked the guard to leave Gaoling City at a faster pace.

The sky was getting darker and darker, and the sound of whirring came from the ears, like the sound of wind and the whimper of a ghost. Everyone felt inexplicably cold and rubbed their bodies involuntarily.

Wu Xi hugged Guan Tong: "Mother, cold."

Guan Tong immediately pulled the bedding aside and covered them.

When the carriage was a wife of Wu Ruoguan, Guan Tong specially looked for the one made by him. Therefore, the car can accommodate several people, and sitting on the same car, holding the thorny spine, said suddenly, "Ghost comes Now. "

Everyone in the car: "..."

Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing, who had been staring at the situation outside, saw that He Gan who was leading them took out three umbrella-shaped instruments and threw them overhead.

The three magic instruments flew up into the air and shone on top of the team's head. At this time, there were a few transparent shadows on both sides of the car, but the shadows were not very clear, only a fuzzy feeling that something was passing by them.

Then, there were more and more shadows, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred ... one thousand, two thousand ... one thousand ... the number was scary, and the shadows became clearer and clearer. Finally, they became entities, each Such gorgeous and ugly ghosts appeared in front of the eyes of Wu Ruo. Many ghosts in various ways were not seen by Wu Ruo. Instantly, the outskirts of Gaoling City became wild ghosts.

They are like coming to a banquet, with a grinning laughter in their mouths, walking slowly towards Gao Lingcheng.

Wu Xi quickly covered her mouth and did not dare to make any sounds, fearing that she would startle the ghosts outside.

When Wu Qianqing saw this situation for the first time, he could not help but take a breath.

"Wan, Wan ghosts go at night-" Guan Tong murmured, shaking his lips, "how, how could it be here ?!"

Wu Ruo heard and looked back at her.

His mother seemed to know something.

Thorny said, "Madam knows that all ghosts travel at night.

"..." Guan Tong said nothing.

Uxi was curious, and whispered, "Mother, what is the night walk of all ghosts?"

Guan Tong shook his head.

Wu Qianqing scolded, "Don't talk."

Ushi had to close his mouth.

After that, tens of thousands of ghosts suddenly became very excited, speeding up and flying towards Gao Fucheng.

Wu Qianqing's look changed: "Gao Lingcheng is going to fall."

The people and people of Wujia are still in Gaoling City. If they fall, more than 300,000 people in the city will be dead.

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows, first worrying about the safety of Hei Xieyu and Hei Xietang, but before they left, their faces were calm and there should be no danger.

Then, he thought of the Wu family, wouldn't they just die in Gaoling City? Originally, I wanted to torture them for a good time. If they died like this, it would be too cheap for them.

Wu Xi hurriedly asked, "Aren't the people in Gaolingcheng going to suffer? Dad, is there any way to save them?"

Wu Qianqing shook her head.

He also wanted to save the people in the city, as well as the Wu family, but his ability was limited. Even if he turned back now, whether he could safely return to Gaolingcheng is still a problem. He might even leave the range of Hegan ’s magic weapon. Will die under all ghosts.

Thinking that his father, mother and brothers were still in the city, Wuqianqing's eyes showed a bit of sadness. If he had been in the past, he would run to Gaolingcheng regardless of his body, but now he has a wife and children, and he cannot leave them alone.

He lowered the curtains and stopped looking.

Wu Ruo also put down the curtains and clenched his fists in his sleeves. Even if the spiritual power of the previous life had become quite good, he could not summon all the ghosts. For the first time, he felt that he was so weak.

Curiously, she opened the curtains and looked at Li Gui outside, giggled, stretched out her hand, and slapped Li Gui's chest.

The sharp red-eyed ghost immediately looked over. The people in the car were frightened, and quickly pulled the child back to sit.

Ushi pinched her little face with anger, "You child is too daring."

Sneaky smile: "He has nothing to dare to do."

In the eyes of this child, there is no danger.

Ushi originally wanted to say something, but heard some strange voices: "Did you hear that?"

Everyone looked at her.

"I heard a call for help."

Everyone was silent. In addition to Guan Tong, people with spiritual powers heard the crying cry for help from Gaolingcheng and the screaming sounds before death. It was very screaming and scary. Look, I also know the tragic situation of Gaolingcheng at this time.

Wu Xi quickly embraced Guan Tong.

Guan Tong patted her: "Sleep."

"Um." Uxi didn't want to hear these voices anymore, and closed her eyes quickly, and the other people also withdrew their spirits and stopped listening to those voices.

Along the way, no one spoke.

It was not until nightfall and a small town that the convoy stopped and stayed at the inn.

As soon as they entered the inn, they heard some people say: "I heard that there were thousands of ghosts attacking the city of Gaoling, and hundreds of thousands of people died in the city in one afternoon."

"Many ghosts struck the city? Who did you hear about this?"

"I listened to the magician passing by Gaolingcheng. He said that at that time, the sky suddenly darkened, and after all the ghosts appeared, he was very scared when he saw it, and he hurried to leave there. Many people screamed. The specific situation was not clear to him, but he was sure that all the people in Gaolingcheng were dead.

Everyone who heard the news drew a breath of air: "Isn't there a magician in Gaolingcheng? I also heard that the people in Wujia are very powerful. Can't they deal with these ghosts?"

"The ghosts are very powerful, and the warlocks are not opponents." Those who said this sighed: "There are more than 300,000 people in Gaoling City, and this is no more. I live so big, only on July 14th I have only heard of thousands of ghosts, but I haven't heard about the ghosts attacking the city, nor have I heard that so many people have died. "

When Wu Qianqing heard this, she sighed frantically.

Guan Tong asked softly, "Would you like to go back? The person who called Wangui should have sent Wangui back, and it should be safe to go back now."

Wu Qianqing thought about it and shook his head.

He is now back to no avail. Fortunately, Wu Ruo was persuaded to go to the imperial capital together, otherwise, his wife and children would all die in Gaoling.

At this time, Heigan came over and said, "Master, my dear, ma'am, we have already made a room."

Wu Qianqing nodded, and later found that Hei Xieyu and Hei Xietang were not in their team: "What about them?"

Hei Ganguang blinked, and lied, "Master, they first go to the Imperial City to prepare for various matters."

Wu Qianqing always felt that something was wrong, but he didn't know what was wrong, so he said, "It's really hard for them."

Hei Gan smiled slightly and stopped saying anything.

Sleeping at night, Wu Ruo sleeps in the same room with Dandan and Acanthopanthus, and while no one else is in the room, Wu Ruo asks Acanthopanthus, "What is the night walk of all ghosts?"

The thorny meditation on the Zhenghui table gave him a faint glance: "To be correct, it should be called the feast of all ghosts. It is a mystery in one of your human races. After using this skill, you can summon all ghosts as soldiers. Driven to kill all living things, but I heard that this mystery was lost thousands of years ago. As for the reason, this seat is not very clear. The ghosts you saw just now are just small scenes. The real feast is even more scary. Of course, this seat I haven't seen it with my own eyes, but when we hear this from our demons, they are very scared. "

Wu Ruo asked again, "Do you know what kind of people use the secret feast of all ghosts?"

"I don't know. Thousands of years ago, everyone became more and more unspeakable, and more and more blurred. Finally, everyone also knows the existence of this mystery, and how powerful it is, only our seniors of the demons know. But you If you really want to know, you can ask your mother, it seems that your mother knows the secrets of the night walk of all ghosts. "

"My mother ..." Wu Ruo tightened her brows and said without concealment: "She won't tell me, because she once swore a poison oath, and can't say anything about her family.

While in the carriage, Uhi asked her that she didn't say anything, indicating that she couldn't.

Is it related to things in her family? But look at her expression is not very similar, but, it is quite taboo about the secret technique of Wangui night travel.

Thorny was not interested in their affairs and did not ask them more.

Wu Ruo also quickly meditated and cultivated to improve her spiritual strength. Because in the city of the imperial capital, people who have the same practice as Ubud are everywhere, and in the city of the imperial capital, the power of the Ubud can only be regarded as middle and lower, so now he has less spiritual power than Ubud. After that, it was just an ant who could pinch to death at any time, and the people there were not as foolish as the Wu family, and many things had to be done with caution.

All night, I slept the most fragrantly. Other people's minds were still in the nightmare of the Gaolingcheng people being slaughtered. Until the day was dawning, everyone would have a drowsiness. However, at dawn, everyone again Go on your way.

Now it has entered the rainy season. The heavy rain keeps on. Everyone is affected by the rain and feels upset. It is not until half a month later that everyone feels better when they come to the Imperial City.

Chapter 102: That's the feeling

After entering the Imperial City, it was noon, and it was the time when the largest number of people in the Imperial City went out. There were people coming and going on the streets. There were rich business travelers and powerful people from all countries.

Wu Xi and Qidan have never been to the Imperial City. After entering the city, he immediately lay on the side of the window to watch the scenery outside. The streets were lined with tall buildings, and the interior was elegant and clean. The desire to take a look, the people dressed by the car are also more fashionable, which is incomparable to Gao Lingcheng.

"Wow--" Wu Xi happily followed Guan Tong to discuss the girls' rouge gouache and skirts, and the other side of the egg was also happy to scream: "Daddy, I want to eat that, and that, that I also want……"

He now sees everything he wants.

Wu Ruo helplessly took out his handkerchief and wiped his mouth with saliva: "The next time I go out shopping, I will buy it again.

"I want all of them." Dou Dan misses the Yuan Festival in particular, and his father buys everything boldly.

With a smirk, "I'm back here again."

Wu Ruo glanced at him.

Wu Qianqing, who is opposite, has a lot of heart. Now that he has arrived in the Imperial City, there is no clue how to find it, not to mention that it is not necessarily in the Imperial City.

After almost half an hour, the carriage finally stopped.

"Master, ma'am, we're here," said the guard outside the car.

Wu Ruo first took the child out of the car and was stunned by the front door of Zhu Hong. I heard Hei Xuyi said that they had bought a big house in the Imperial City. The mansion of the emperor and aristocracy is no different.

"This door is really big." Uhi stared at the door with wide eyes, bigger than the door of their southern courtyard, and the yard inside was presumably more spacious than the southern courtyard.

After Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong got out of the car, they looked at the gate and followed.

Doudou came down from Wu Ruo, and rushed into the house with maggots and big monsters named Jiaojiao. Then, a large group of laymen came out and lined up at the gate. Then, Hei Xieyu and Hei Xietang came out of the hall.

Hei Xietang joked: "Dasao, you are finally here. If you don't come again, my elder brother is going to die."

If Wu Ruo hadn't heard him, when he entered the black house, he looked left and looked right, and every place he looked at made him feel familiar, and there was a feeling that he had been here before.

Hei Xuyi asked, "Do you like it?"

Wu Ruo nodded and asked blurtly, "Is there a small lake in front of the lobby of our yard?"

Hei Xuyi thought that Hexin had told him what was happening in the house, and he nodded slightly: "Well. Would you like to go in and see."

"..." Wu Ruo was surprised how he knew the layout of the house: "Arrange my father and mother first, and then they said, yes, are you not injured?"

Hei Xiatang beside him immediately called with dissatisfaction: "Dasao, you are too partial, you only know that you care about my elder brother, but you don't care about me."

Wu Ruodai gave him a glance: "If you are injured, you will cry and cry. It ’s well-known. You do n’t need to ask and I know you are hurt. But if your brother is hurt, you will be sullen and die Don't hum. "

"..." Hei Xietang said, "Dasao, you really know big brother."

Wu Ruo hesitated for a moment. Does he really understand Hei Xie?

He turned his gaze and continued: "Your elder brother is my husband, don't know who he knows, don't he favor you, don't he favor you?"

Hei Xuan's indifferent black eyes flashed an invisible smile.

"Oh, my heart hurts, no one hurts, no one loves it." Hei Xietang put his head on the shoulder of Hegan who came over. "Hegan, I'm so sorry."

Heigan shoved his head ruthlessly: "Four young masters, I have to arrange for my relatives to live in them. I have no time to pity you."

Hei Xietang: "..."

Heixin and Heigan arranged for Wu Qianqing to live in the backyard.

After they left, Wu Ruo asked, "Who brought out the mystery of the night walk of all ghosts?"

Hei Xuanxi raised his eyebrows lightly: "How do you know that mystery is called Wangui Night Walk?"

"That's what Thorns said." Wu Ruo pushed things to Thorns: "He also said that Wangui Night Walk really should be called Banquet of Wangui."

"That is the secret technique used by the people who chased us. The ability is not yet mature enough to control ten thousand ghosts." Hei Xietang said with a look of sarcasm: "Finally, all the people in the city were killed by Li ghosts. That person It was really cruel, and I'm afraid he was back bitten himself. "

Wu Ruo thought that more than 300,000 people had died like this, and that man was really poisonous.

He frowned and asked, "Is the Wu family all dead?"

Hei Xuan said quietly, "I saved the Wu family."

He knew that Wu Ruo didn't want these people to die so easily, or he wouldn't hesitate to do so in Gao Lingcheng.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xietang continued: "People rescued by the elder brother are either half-dead or half-disabled. The future will definitely be difficult. Unfortunately, we did not catch the person who wanted to kill us in the end. The elder brother sent to protect your elder brother said that before he disappeared, your elder brother had contacted the imperial capital Wu family. As long as we look up from the Wu family, we will definitely gain something. "

"Huangdu Wujia ..." Wu Ruo knew his elder brother's temperament. Even if he came to Huangdu, he would not meet the people in Huangdu Wujia. How could he contact the people in Wudu Wujia?

He looked worried, and asked, "What did they do or did they say when they came in contact?"

The Wujia of Huangdu is not as good as the Wujia of Gaolingcheng. Many things need to be planned well.

"Your elder brothers are all wizards. The ghosts don't dare to be too close. They can only follow from far away. They can't hear what they are saying."

Seeing Wu Ruo's tired face, Hei Xieyu stopped the topic: "When coming here on a long journey, you need to rest and cultivate your spirit first, and then make a plan. If Wu Ruo is really tired, follow them to the courtyard.

Before entering the courtyard, he thought that the courtyard was a large garden, with small bridges and flowing water, and fake water and fish ponds. After entering the courtyard, he really did as he imagined.

Wu Ruo suppressed the shock in his heart, and kept thinking about whether he had been here in the last life, but why was he not impressed at all?

In the backyard, Hei Xietang made excuses to leave, leaving them alone.

Wu Ruo's eyes kept looking at the yard where he was going to live. After entering the yard, his hand unconsciously touched the flowers and trees planted on both sides of the path.

Seeing his cherished and cautious look, Hei Xiu could not help slowing down and followed him quietly.

Wu Ruo saw the house built next to the lake, excitedly quickened his pace, walked into the hall to take a closer look, then walked to their bedroom, ran directly to the bed and lay inside, patted the position next to it: "Quick, Come over and sleep with me.

As soon as Hei Xie's eyebrows moved, when he lay down before walking, he was hugged by the other's waist.

Wu Ruo's head rested on his shoulder, his gaze looked at the screen in front, and he murmured softly, "That's the feeling."

He also couldn't say what it was like. In short, he wanted it because it made him feel at ease and he was very reluctant to leave.

"Huh?" Hei Xuanyu's eyes flashed puzzled, but the person in his arms was already asleep, and, as soon as he slept, he slept until the next morning. This was the best time Wu Ruosheng had ever reborn, without dreaming Without turning over, I was afraid that Hei Xieyu would leave, and he hugged Hei Xuanyuan's waist tightly all night.

When he woke up, he kissed the corner of Hei Xuan's lips very naturally, and coquettishly said, "I want you to change my clothes and wash my hair today."

Wu Ruo's attitude is very intimate, as if he had coquettishly treated Hei Xieyu countless times.

Hei Xuanyu was slightly surprised, but did not refuse, and even liked him to rely on himself.

When combing his hair, Wu Ruo finally woke up completely, looking at Hei Xieyu from the bronze mirror with a ghostly look. Then, remembering his coquettishness on Hei Xieyu just now, goosebumps came out.

I go!

Isn't he a wicked man, and he will be coquettish to Hei Xieyu! !! !!

Wu Ruo saw through the bronze mirror that Hei Xieyu was clumsy. He couldn't help but smiled. He quickly grabbed the comb and combed his hair. Then, he stood up and pulled Hei Xuan to sit down: "Master, you want today What kind of hair? "

Hei Xuan said quietly: "Freedom."

"The young one combs at will. If he combs well, he will reward the younger." Wu Ruo skillfully braided three small braids for each of his two widows, and then tied his hair.

Hei Xieyu looked at the partner standing behind him from the bronze mirror, carefully combing his hair, his cold eyes gradually softened, and he couldn't help raising his fingertips to rub the peerless face in the mirror gently.

Wu Ruo glanced at it in a hurry. At first he didn't know what he was doing, but later he knew what he meant. With his cheeks hot, he pressed his head down and avoided the bronze mirror to hit himself.

Hei Xuanyu could not see anyone, and twisted his eyebrows. When Wu Ruo combed it, he quickly pulled him to his leg and sucked on her lips.

Wu Ruo felt the hard object under his body, Bai Jian's cheeks were rosy, and he pushed the person away with shame: "Hei Xuan 翊-"

Hei Xuan smirked and said with a hoarse voice, "Master rewards you."

"Is it rewarding me?" Wu Ruo deliberately moved his buttocks and rubbed him with his lower body. When he heard the exhalation of the other person's breath became thick, he quickly stood up and smiled: "Take it yourself."

Hei Xuanyu looked at Wu Ruo flying away, his eyes flashed helplessly.

Wu Ruo came to the hall and heard Wu Qianqing, Guan Tong and Wu Xi choosing the college.

He immediately objected: "Every college in the Imperial Capital receives noble children, like we are only affiliated families, and the family no longer exists. Those who enter these colleges are vulnerable to bullying, even if they die in it. And no one bothered. "

In the last life, he often heard someone with no family background die in the Royal Capital College. Guan Tong was scared by his words: "Is there such a thing?"

Wu Qianqing was surprised that Wu Ruo knew about the college: "Xiao Ruo, where do you think it would be better to send Xiao Xi to learn mystery?"

Wu Ruo recalled the situation of the last life, and suddenly his eyes flashed: "Just leave this matter to me."

Chapter 103: Fall off

After having breakfast, Wu Qianqing went to Wu Ruo to discuss the matter of finding bamboo.

Wu Ruo told Wu Qianqing the news he had received, so that his father would n’t be like a blind man inquiring about Wuzhu in the capital city.

Wu Qianqing learned that the matter of Wuzhu was related to the Wu family, and knew that it was not easy to handle. He could only calm down and wait for Hei Xieyu to send someone to investigate the matter.

Wu Ruo promised: "Dad, don't worry, I will definitely find Brother."

He has revived his life, and he must not let things happen again: "Dad, please be happy, otherwise, your mother and Xiaoxi will know about the disappearance of your elder brother.

Wu Qianqing nodded: "I promised your mother last night to accompany her and Xiaoxi to the street. Would you like to go with me?"

"Okay, I happen to have something to buy." Wu Ruo asked Hei Xie to go with them. "After half an hour, in addition to the thorns, everyone else took the carriage and left Heifu. On the lively street, Wu Qianqing, He Guantong, and Wu Xi went to the store to buy robes and rouge gouache. Hei Xuantang Hegan and Hexin took the eggs to the stalls and bought delicious food and toys.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu went to the antique shop, but as soon as they entered the shop, they strolled around randomly and left immediately.

Hei Xiuyu didn't say a word, and followed Wu Ruo, but it looked like he was looking for something.

Wu Ruoxian was so furious that several antique shops couldn't find what he wanted. He was anxious in his heart. He kept thinking about the situation of the previous life. At this time, what he was looking for should still be what he was looking for.

Just as he was about to give up, Hei Xieyu pointed to the humble shop around the corner and asked, "Is there a shop over there, want to go there?"

Wu Ruo asked, "What items are sold in that shop?"

"It is also antique, but there are not many things, and the shop is not as big as the shop you visited before."

As soon as Wu Ruo heard that it was an antique shop, he went in with hope and tried. Then, at a glance, he saw what he was looking for. It was a water-blue jade pendant with a square shape with a blue word carved on it. It was inlaid with silver, and a blue tassel was hanging below. It seemed ordinary, but another eye catching attention.

Wu Ruo suppressed his ecstasy, deliberately picked three or four of the things in the store, and finally picked up the blue jade and asked, "How much is this jade pendant?"

The shopkeeper saw that they were all dressed in fine fabrics, and immediately piled a smile on their faces and said, "Master, you really know the goods, this piece of jade is made of fine blue water emerald, which is very rare in this world ..."

Wu Ruo impatiently interrupted him: "You just need to tell me how much it is."

The shopkeeper carefully stretched out a slap: "Son, this jade pendant requires fifty thousand silver."

"Twenty-five thousand, do you really think I don't know the goods?" Wu Ruoang pointed at a crack in the corner of Yupei: "You see, a gap has cracked here, it has become incomplete, and it is not worth fifty thousand Two, if I do n’t like blue, I ’m too lazy to ask even the price. I will give you up to five thousand two. If you want to sell it, just sell it. If you do n’t sell it, let ’s go. ”

"My son, my son," the shopkeeper hurriedly said, "you wait, we have something to discuss."

Wu Ruo ignored him.

The shopkeeper saw them stepping out of the door and quickly said, "Sold, sold, I sold five thousand two."

In fact, many people have seen this jade pendant, because they suspect that the jade pendant has defects, and the price is not as high as Wu Ruo, and it has not been sold.

Wu Ruo looked to Hei Xuan.

Hei Xiu took the initiative to return to the shop to buy jade.

Just then, a gorgeous carriage passed by Wu Ruo, and the people in the car raised the curtains to see the lively scene outside, and saw Wu Ruo standing in front of the shop.

Wu Ruo also saw him, it was Wu Yanlan, Wu Chenzi's great great grandson.

Wu Yanlan's eyes flashed with astonishment, and he quickly turned to the person in the car and said, "Little aunt, young aunt, I saw a girl who is more beautiful than you. No, the other person seems to be a boy again. Come on. Take a look. "

He thought his aunt had the most beautiful woman in the world, and did not expect anyone to look better than his aunt.

Wu Weixue, who was sitting in the car, heard this, and sank her beautiful face.

Seeing this, the niece of the niece around him quickly said: "Master Lan, you must be wrong. Who in this world looks better than our lady?"

Wu Yanlan's attention was on Wu Ruo's body, but the faces of the two in the car were not found: "Really, if you look at it quickly, you will miss it."

Wu Weixue saw her little nephew staring at each other intently, and said, "Stop."

The carriage stopped immediately.

Zhitao's complexion changed, and she quickly lowered her head to not look at the expression of her own lady.

Wu Weixue sat next to Wu Yanlan and said, "I'm going to see which girl fascinated our little boy."

Wu Yanlan obsessively pointed to Wu Ruo Nian at the door of the shop: "There are beautiful women in the north, who are peerless and independent. When you look at the city, you look at the country. Rather than knowing the city and the country, you are hard to find."

Wu Weixue looked over, and sure enough, the person had a peerless look, and even she was ashamed. People who walked by that person were attracted to all eyes, as if he was alone in the street all day.

Wu Yanlan has been reluctant to look away: "Little aunt, does that person look better than you?"

Wu Weixuehan sat back to her original position, her cold eyes shot at the peach on the side.

Zhitao could not help but tremble, quietly got up, opened the curtain and walked out, then looked at where Wu Ruo was standing, then raised his hand and aimed at Wu Ruo, with a flick of his finger, the hidden weapon in his hand shot out quickly from her fingertips.

Wu Yanlan noticed something strange and hurried to Wu Ruo, "Girl, be careful."

Wu Ruo also found something wrong, and when he was about to avoid it, the black shackle in the shop rushed out and hugged him to avoid the hidden weapon.

Wu Yanlan let out a sigh of relief and turned his head to stare at the person who shot the weapon.

Zhitao hurriedly lowered his head: "Little Master is Master Wu Family, and should not be fascinated by women outside."

Wu Yanlan is not a stupid person, knowing that Tao will dare to get the order of his little aunt, so angry that he puts down the curtains and sits back in place, no longer talking to anyone.

Because I was too excited before, I forgot that his little aunt did not like anyone to say that he was more beautiful than her. Just now, a girl was almost ruined.

Zhitao was relieved, thinking of not hitting Wu Ruo, and wanted to shoot again, but unexpectedly saw a person: "Miss, you come out to see that person."

Wu Weixue said quietly: "Who?"

"It's the ugly man who wants to ask for a kiss from an adult, and wants to marry a lady."

Wu Weixue frowned: "What's so nice about this person.

Even the extremely ugly man who wanted to marry her was simply wishful thinking.

Wu Yanlan said strangely, "Isn't that man in Gaolingcheng? Why is he here?"

"Little Master, you must not know, there is news that Gaoling City has been slaughtered by all ghosts. This person should be lucky, escaped a disaster, ah, madam, come out and see, hurry." Tao anxiously exclaimed: "The ugly man's face is wearing fake leather."

Wu Weixue poked up the cold eyes and looked out of the car with Wu Yanlan. The extremely ugly man focused all on Wu Ruo, and checked Wu Ruo for any injuries. He didn't know his face at all. The fake skin on it had cracked, but Wu Ruo found it.

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xuan's face in surprise: "Hei Xuan, your face ..."

Hei Xieyu raised his hand and touched his face. The fake skin was cracking little by little. He couldn't paste it if he wanted to paste it, and it had all fallen off.

He remembered that the hidden weapon had slipped over his face. It was about that time that the fake skin was broken.

Now that he can't stick back, don't need it, and he doesn't want to keep hiding Wu Ruo anymore, and at this time, let Wu Ruo see his true face.

Hei Xiuyan directly tore off the fake skin on his face, revealing the true face. Because he had been wearing fake skin for a long time, his face was slightly pale, but he could not hide the handsome and beautiful face, as if the emperor himself carved this face. , Perfect contours, extreme facial features, like a knife-shaped, eyebrow-like painting, dark eyes with a deep glance, a light glance, just like the light shining on the cold star, and the lips are thin and sexy, as if all the beautiful features in the world are Kneading on this face, so beautiful that people could not help holding their breath.

At this time, passers-by, male, female, young and old, focused on Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu, enviable and enviable.

"Oh my God ... it turned out that he looks so good." Zhitao has lost sight of her. She used to look at people with low eyes, but she thought the person was ugly, but she didn't want the person to look so good. Let people confess him without showing anything.

Wu Weixue's cold eyes stared at the two people who were on the right track, gritted his teeth and said, "Damn, he lied to me, he dared to lie to me."

If on the day of the marriage proposal, Hei Xieyu came to see her with a real face, she would promise him without saying a word. In the world, only a man with such a peerless appearance is worthy of her.

Wu Yanlan glanced at her. If it wasn't for the ugliness of someone else, she is now her husband.

Zhitao thought that this person would be a lady's person, so he didn't dare to look at it anymore, and quickly drew his gaze. He asked smartly, "Miss, what shall we do now?"

In the nature of her young lady, this man will surely grab this man.

Wu Yanlan hurriedly said, "Little aunt, that man is married to someone else, and he is already the husband of someone else. If you marry him again, you are equal to his uncle, and he likes men, does n’t he? With you. "

Wu Weixue didn't care at all: "That's because he doesn't have such a beautiful woman as me, otherwise, he must only like women but not men."

Zhi Tao said, "People who have married with Hei Gongzi may have died in Gaoling City."

Wu Yanlan couldn't help but think of the big fat man he saw at the Wu family in Gaoling City, and couldn't help feeling a little sympathy.

Chapter 104: I don't want to lie to you

Hei Xuanyu determined that Wu Ruo was OK, and then checked the fake skin in his hand.

This face is specially made. It will not fall off and melt when exposed to water or fire, and it won't fall off because of ordinary hidden weapon. Therefore, there must be a problem with the hidden weapon just now.

Hei Xuanyu soon saw the scratched place, with a trace of transparent liquid, the skin on both sides of the scratched opening was lifted, and even the phenomenon of corrosion appeared.

"Don't move." Wu Ruo quickly grabbed the hand that wanted to touch the liquid: "It should be water-storing. Touching with your hand will wipe away the flesh on your fingers. Fortunately, you have fake skin on your face. Otherwise, the entire face will be destroyed. "

In the last life, he had seen hydrating water on the face of a disfigured girl. As long as she touched a little bit of star, he could destroy the entire face, make the face rotten, and there was no possibility of recovery.

Later, he heard that Wu Chenxiu's young granddaughter Wu Weixue refined the water, which was used to destroy the appearance of the beautiful girl. It was not true, but once there was a kind person in Huangduwu's family. Remind him that he must not meet Wu Weixue with his present appearance, or he will end miserably.

At that time, he rarely came to the Imperial City, so he didn't take these things and these words to heart, and even when he saw Wu Weixue, he just looked away, but had to say that Wu Weixue did look beautiful , Deservedly deserved as the first beauty in the kingdom of heaven.

Wu Ruo thought that the hidden weapon was originally aimed at him, and he could not help looking at Wu Yanlan's carriage. Before that, he seemed to see a woman leaning out of the car and looking at him, but was blocked by Wu Yanlan. Most of her face did not see who the woman was, but she heard Wu Yanlan call her aunt, so he guessed that the woman should be Wu Weixue.

So to say, Huarong Xue is really made by Wu Weixue?

Black eyes narrowed his eyes and turned to look at the carriage where Wu Yanlan was sitting. However, the carriage was gone.

Wu Ruo took the fake leather in his hand and followed his gaze: "In addition to Wu Yanlan on the carriage, Wu Weixue should still be sitting ..."

Wu family? Black shame flickered under his eyes.

When Wu Ruo couldn't see the carriage, he asked, "Hey, you should explain this to me?"

Hei Xuanyu looked back at his eyes and said, "At that time, I didn't want to marry Wu Weixue, so I took this face."

"Then why don't you peel off your face after you marry me?"

Hei Sui hesitated for a moment before saying, "I don't want you to like me because of my face."

Wu Ruo laughed: "You are too self-righteous."

In the last life, even if I saw his true face, it was just a shock, he didn't change his face because of the face in front of him.

However, if it were him, he didn't want others to just like his face, but ignored his other strengths. He had this experience in the last life. When others saw him, they often paid attention to his appearance first, but didn't care much about his ability.

Hei Xun lip silent, just staring at him.

Wu Ruo coughed uncomfortably, sorry: "Well, I can understand that you have such thoughts, but on your terms, you can marry a person who is better than me in all aspects, even if you do not marry Wu Weixue. People, why were you willing to marry me as a fat man? "

This word finally found a chance to ask.

Hei Xuanxi frowned slightly: "I don't want to lie to you, but I need to wait for you to come home with me before I can tell you about it."

He may not believe something if he reveals the truth, and he is even less likely to believe it if he tells the truth.

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids.

Sure enough, marrying him was purposeful.

But didn't you guess the result early? Why is it so uncomfortable to hear him say this?

Seeing him disappointed, Hei Xunyu rarely showed a touch of anxiety in his expressionless face: "Although I cannot tell you for the time being, I can assure you that I will never do anything to hurt you and your family."

"..." Wu Ruo raised his eyelids and looked at him.

This person can completely deceive him, but he hasn't done so. Would you like to believe him?

"Brother, sister, what are you standing in the middle of the road?" Hei Xietang, who came back after a stroll, saw the two of them standing in the middle of the road, blocking the carriage lane. The fake skin has been removed, and a snorting sound said, "Brother, are you finally willing to tear off this ugly face?"

No wonder just now there were so many people around here. It turned out that he was watching his brother and sister-in-law, not that he boasted. His brother is definitely the most handsome man in the world. Standing with his sister-in-law is a natural match.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked like each other without seeing Hei Xietang, staring at each other silently.

Hei Xutang noticed that the atmosphere was not right, so he guessed that Wu Ruoding was angry because his elder brother didn't tell fake leather, and quickly explained for his elder brother: "Daddy, don't blame your elder brother to lie to you, my elder brother never I like people to keep staring at his face, he will bring fake skin to face you, and he definitely doesn't want you to like his face, not people. "

Wu Ruo put the fake skin into space, and then looked away at Hei Xuantang: "Eggs, what about them?"

Hei Xietang said quickly: "They bought food at the stall in front."

He came here to see the excitement. Unexpectedly, everyone was watching his elder brother and aunt.

Wu Ruo turned and left.

Hei Xietang Li Mala lived with Hei Xie, who wanted to keep up: "Dar, are you angry?"

"Well." Hei Xuanxi tightened his brow. "He just asked me why I should marry him.

Hei Xietang's eyes widened: "Did you say that?"


"Just say nothing, just say nothing." Hei Xietang breathed a sigh of relief. "If you say, Dasao is definitely not willing to go back with us. Brother, you are running for nothing."

Hei Xuanyu gave him a cold glance.

"Sorry, I said something wrong, brother, I'm just worried. But you don't even have to say it, Dasao doubts it, right? Who will be Bi Jing who will marry a big fat man."

"I would."

"Hei Xingtang is a little verbal:" Brother, you are different, you ... "

Hei Xieyu ignored him and went to Wu Ruo.

When Wu Ruo found the egg, he took the black letter to their jewellery store to find them. By the way, he bought some small jewelry for the egg, because he saw that the children of the imperial capital wore many accessories, and their children could not Lagging behind others.

When he came to the jewellery store, he first bought some accessories worn by adults, and then bought a silver set with bells on the eggs, whether it is wrists, ankles, necks, waists, and buns. As long as you move, it will make a crisp ringtone.

Hei Qian is very satisfied with this set of accessories, and he will not have to work so hard to find someone in the future.

Wu Xi and Guan Tong particularly liked the bell ringing from the children. They hugged the children and kissed them directly on the little face.

Wu Qianqing saw his wife and children so happy and asked with a smile, "Where is he? Where did he go?"

Wu Ruo glanced silently at the black man who stood beside him.

"Dad, I'm here." Hei Xieyu took the initiative.

Wu Qianqing looked up and saw the man who looked similar to the egg. He could not help but look at this handsome man.

Wu Xi and Guan Tong also froze, their gazes constantly moving between Yudan and Hei Xun.

Wu Ruo helplessly said, "Dad, go back to this matter."

Wu Qianqing nodded back to God: "We've bought everything, how about you?"


Everyone came back to the carriage with the big bag and small bag, and then sat on both sides. Wu Qianqing, Guan Tong Wu Xi and Wu Ruo sat on the right side, all staring at each other with the same black eyes.

Hei Xietang quickly made a clearance for his elder brother to explain the reason for wearing fake leather.

Wu Xi sat on her lap and ate a candy egg, thinking about it, and stuffed the child into the arms of Hei Xieyu, admiring: "Eggs look like my brother."

Wu Qianqing directly asked Hei Xieyu: "Your son?"

Hei Xun nodded.

Wu Ruo said, "Also my son."

Wu Qianqing looked at Wu Ruo, sighed in his heart, thinking that his son wasn't angry because Hei Xieyu was hiding his true face, and he didn't say much as a husband. "Guan Tong saw that the atmosphere was a little dull, so he took out the hair crown that he had bought before and said," Xuan, you and Xiao Ruo have been married for half a year. We haven't given you a gift. This is the hair crown we just selected together. Know if you like it. "

The hair crown is just a silver orange flower with a black gem in the heart, which is divided into black and black robes.

Hei Xiu took the hair crown: "Thank you father and mother, I like it very much."

Guan Tong laughed: "Just like it.

Hei Xuantang looked at the hair crown, and then looked at Guan Tong. They also looked like a gift.

Guan Tong thought he was like a child, pouting and chuckling, took out a more fancy hair crown and handed it to Hei Xuantang: "Xitang, we don't know what you like, so we picked a hair The crown is for you. "

Hei Xietang quickly took it over and grinned; "I like it, I like it very much."

Uhi found that he was very interesting, and he smirked and laughed.

Wu Ruo also took out the accessories he had bought before and handed them to his father, mother, and younger sister. Even Hei Xietang had a share, and he also bought Heixin, Heigan and Jiyi, except that he did not have Heiyu.

Hei Xuan looked at him intently.

Hei Xietang asked Hei Xieyi: "My sister, what about my brother?"


Hei Xieyu: "..."

When Hei Xuantang got out of the car, he quietly whispered in his ear: "Brother, Dasao is still angry with you, what should I do?"

Hei Xieyu: "..."

He didn't know what to do? He is not as happy as Hei Xietang.

During the meal, Wu Ruo didn't answer Hei Xieyu, didn't even look at him, and after eating dinner, he left the hall to go to work and did not return to the room until late at night to rest.

He ignored Hei Xuan, who was sitting on the bed reading a book, stepped on the side of the bed, and stepped over from Hei Xuan.

Black eyes narrowed his eyes and quickly grabbed his wrist.

Wu Ruo glanced at him: "Thousands?"

Hei Xuanyan tightened his eyebrows, "still angry?"

"What do you say?" Wu Ruo pulled back his hand, pulled out a small bag from the space and tossed it to him, then lay down with his back to sleep.

He had known for a long time the true meaning of Hei Xieyu, and how could he be angry with him. He had previously ignored him, and wanted to make Hei Xieyu nervous.

Hei Xuyi opened it and looked at it. It was full of Wanxuedan and Yiqidan. In this case, Wu Ruo went to give him medicine after dinner.

He couldn't help twitching, lying down, hugging Wu Ruo from behind, and whispering in his ear, "Thank you."

Wu Ruo bent her lips and closed her eyes to sleep.

Chapter 105: Receive invitation

After having breakfast the next day, Wu Ruo gave the blue jade waistband to Wu Xi yesterday, and asked her to tie it to her waist: "You have walked outside for a few days, it is best to remember this nearby place Just take a break and wait until you take the two guards out, you know? "

U Xi thought about staying in the imperial city for a long time, remembering that the nearby terrain should also be, so he left the guard with a guard.

Wu Qianqing felt that Wu Ruo had something to do with this and asked, "What are you asking Xiaoxi to do?"

Wu Ruo smiled deeply. "I'm here to find a master to learn mystery for Xiaoxi."

In the last life, Wuyu bought a piece of blue jade for five thousand two thousand, so he got to know one of the most promising children of the Wu family and worshiped him as a teacher.

This son was named Wu Chenliu, the same person as Wu Chenzi. He was expelled from Wu family because he destroyed a marriage and married a girl without a doorkeeper. Otherwise, the owner of Wu family today is not this person. Nothing. Yu Pei was Wu Chenliu's wife's relic, so she was very precious, but one day she accidentally lost the relic, and after several years of hard work, she recovered it from Wu Yu.

However, in this life, the close disciples of Wu Chenliu are not black jade.

Guan Tong was curious: "Go out and find a master?"

Wu Ruodao: "The fate of master and apprentice has arrived, you can't stop it if you want."

Guan Tong: "..."

Wu Qianqing asked: "Aren't you casting a spell on Waist Perry?"

Otherwise, how could anyone accept Uhi as an apprentice for no reason.

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "Dad, what do you want? If this Master is so easy to cast a spell, don't bother."

Wu Qianqing thinks about it, as long as Wu Ruo does not use any magic to harm people.

Worried that Wu Qianqing would follow up, Wu Ruo found an excuse to leave and went to the egg yard to find the big monster.

As soon as he entered the yard, he heard a thorny voice: "Today I will teach you the magic of magic ..."

Wu Ruo twisted his eyebrows and walked in quickly. Seeing that Doudou was really listening to the Thorny Lecture, he quickly interrupted them: "Thornge, you just said you want to teach the Dodo Devil? Tribal spells? "

The spines fly into the air and stop until they are as high as Wu Ruo: "I found that the veins of the eggs are different from ordinary people. They can learn magic spells, and they can also learn the demons and ghosts. Gao, as soon as he learns, it is his honor to accept him as an apprentice. "

"..." Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows: "Did you know that he can't use it in human world after learning your demons? Otherwise, he will be shown by demons as demons or aliens, or Deportation.

"Well, you have a lot of rules." Tiao Ling turned unhappy and turned his back to him.

Wu Ruo rubbed his head with a headache: "If you demons learn the mystery of the human race, you will also be despised?"

Thorny: "..."

Huduo hugged Wu Ruo's thighs: "Dad, you are not happy that I am learning the demons magic, then I will not learn it.

Wu Ruo hugged him: "No unhappiness, I just worry that you will be disgusted when you use the demon spell in front of others.

Doudou innocently asked, "Can I learn if I don't use Demon Spells in front of others?"

Wu Ruo asked, "Do you want to learn?"

Everyone nodded excitedly: "After learning, you can do bad things."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Thorny smiled: "He is almost like our tribe."

Wu Ruo put the eggs down and didn't stop them anymore, because even with his knowledge of Acanthus, even if he stopped, he would still teach the eggs secretly: "I'm going to find the horns, you continue."

"Wu Ruo." Qi Yi shouted at him.

Wu Ruo looked back: "Anything else?"

"Here you are." Thorny Throws a white pill bottle to him.

Wu Ruo was curious: "What is it?

"Dedicated **** Dan, you can quickly improve your spiritual power." Thorny hummed gently: "Don't thank this seat, this seat is only given to you in the face of your daddy, you go back Immediately after taking it in the room, otherwise, with your little spiritual power, any wizard in the Imperial City can pinch you at any time. "

In fact, because he eats black homes every day, he uses black homes, so he doesn't want to owe them too much, so he gives this elixir to Wu Ruo. Moreover, Wu Ruo was very kind to him. When he went out to buy things, he learned to buy a gift for him.

Wu Ruo hesitated and thanked him with a smile: "Thank you."

The thorns of the last life have also given him the superb **** Dan, which can instantly improve his spiritual strength. In the last life, the spiritual power has reached the fifth level. He ate the superb **** Dan directly and entered the sixth level. There are nine levels of spiritual power. There are very few people in the world who can reach the ninth level, and it is very good that he can reach the sixth level, so he was surprised that he would give him this elixir so soon. You know that this elixir is very expensive, and it can be said that it may not be available if you have money.

Wu Ruo came to the room where Xun Hejiao lived. As soon as he entered the house, he saw that He kept fanning the angle with his wings.

When the two monsters saw him come in, they stopped and stared at him blankly.

Wu Ruo pointed his fingers and said, "I'm looking for something."

After a period of recuperation, Jiaojiao had already grown short hair on his body, so when he heard that Wu Ruo had something to do with it, his hair erected and looked up at Wu Ruo with a look of alertness.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to take your life." Wu Ruo kept a distance from him and made him feel safe: "I'm here just to discuss one thing with you.‘ Jiaojiao looked at him in doubt.

Wu Ruo said directly: "I want to contract you and become my contracted beast. As long as you are responsible for protecting my family, other times you are very free and you can go anywhere. What do you think?"

Originally, he did not intend to contract it again, even if it was brought before him. He did not have the idea because he wanted to do his best to change the fate of the previous life and try not to do the same thing as the previous life. Afterwards, he thought that he now needed more external power to protect his family, so he had to contract again.

Cry is the real name of Jiao Jiao, but the Jiao Jiao name is also good. Had it not been for his lack of spiritual power, he would not have been able to contract such a big monster, nor would he discuss it with Jiaojiao.

When Jiaojiao heard that he was about to become a contracted beast and to be manipulated in his hands, he was reluctant to turn around and turned his **** to Wu Ruo. At the moment, he was slapped.

"啾啾 啾啾 啾啾 ... 啾啾 has been reprimanding Jiaojiao in the tone of the lesson. Unfortunately, Wu Ruo cannot understand what it is saying.

Jiaojiao: "..."

Wu Ruo held back a smile, and he found that Jiaojiao was so pitiful that he had been oppressed by crickets.

Do not know what He said, Jiaojiao turned around, nodded to Wu Ruo, an obedient look.

"I'm going to make a contract ..." Wu Ruo bit his finger and pressed it on the forehead of the corner, a golden light flashed into the corner of the body, and a circle in its body to restore peace: "From now on, Later, if my family goes out, just follow them. "

Jiao nodded.

Wu Ruo stood up, his eyes suddenly darkened, and then he was hugged.

He looked up and saw that it was black, and he lay down in his arms in peace.

Hei Shen sighed, "With your current ability, you can't contract a senior monster at all."

Wu Ruo certainly knew this: "How come you are here.

"I'm here for you." Hei Xieyu hugged him back to their room and took out the elixir to eat.

After Wu Ruo swallowed the medicine, she recovered a lot: "Are you looking for anything?"

"The people of the Wu family found that your father and mother, you, and Xiaoxi were not dead, so they sent out invitations to invite our family to the Wu family to participate in Wu Chenzi's birthday party.

Hei Xuanyu passed the golden invitation to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo glanced at the contents of the invitation, and saw the birthday party just five days later: "I don't know if I came to the birthday party because of the bad intentions."

In their capacity, they are not yet eligible to be invited to the Wu family to attend Wu Chenzi's birthday party.

Wu Ruo suddenly thought of yesterday's events, and faintly felt that this matter was related to Wu Weixue. Could it be impossible to disguise yesterday, and still want to come a second time?

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes, and for the time being, he couldn't guess the meaning of the family: "There are two possibilities, one is related to your brother, and the other is related to yesterday's incident."

"If it really has something to do with my brother, then it is necessary to go." Wu Ruo thought that the birthday party was definitely not peaceful, so he took out the medicine bottle given by the spine and opened the lid, and immediately aura appeared from the bottle: "It's worthy of being the best god."

If it had been before, he would definitely leave the elixir in the seventh or eighth level of spiritual power, but now he is only in the first level of spiritual power. He does not improve as soon as possible, and is really pinched to death at any time.

Hei Xieyu asked, "Who gave you the elixir?"

"Thorny." Wu Ruo saw his eyebrows frown, and said, "I know the pharmacology. This elixir is definitely the best spiritual elixir, and there is absolutely no poison in it.

Besides, he had taken this elixir in the last life.

Hei Xieyu listened to his tone for affirmation, and did not stop him from swallowing.

After Wu Ruo served, he felt a lot of energy in his body instantly, and he hurriedly meditated with cross-legs: "I'm going to advance."

Hei Xuan sat silently guarding him.

Progression is very simple, as long as you use the spiritual power in your body to break through the Lingtian class, you can rise to the next level and store more spiritual power. As long as no one is disturbing, there will be no danger in punching, as long as the spiritual power is sufficient.

After about half an hour, Wu Ruo opened his eyes and rejoiced, "I'm in third order."

He was so surprised that he didn't expect a single elixir to advance him to the second level. It may be because of the low level that he could be promoted to the second level.

"It's only the third order." Hei Xuanyu twisted his eyebrows. The third order spiritual power couldn't let Wu Ruo protect himself, if only there were a few superb gods. Of course, he also knows that this thing is very rare, and he must let his people pay more attention to elixir in the future.

Wu Ruo smiled and glared at him angrily, "How many steps are you?"

Hei Xuanyu said, "Nine steps."

"!!!!!!" Wu Ruo was severely hit, and he suddenly fell down. Moreover, with such a powerful backer, he never knew it.

Chapter 106: Wu Chenliu

Seeing his head hanging like a wounded puppy, Hei Xun realized that his words had hit Wu Ruo, and he put people into his arms to comfort him: "I am different from you. Most of my spiritual power is My great-grandfather gave it to me before he was dying, so that he could reach level nine in a short time. "

Wu Ruo heard him mention himself and looked at him in surprise: "Your great-grandfather has given you all the spiritual power? Wouldn't he have died violently?"

It ’s like eating awesome divine spirit. If you eat several awesome divine spirits at once, you will be swollen by huge spiritual power, so even if there are multiple gods, you ca n’t eat them randomly, at least every other year. Eat one more at half load. During the period, you must work hard to meditate, because the rapid rise of the spiritual order does not mean that the foundation is solid. It is easy to have a phenomenon that the spiritual power is much worse than the human being in the same spiritual order.

"My body is special."

Wu Ruo frowned and thought: "How tall is your spiritual order when your great-grandfather passed you on to you?"

"Nine steps.

"His ninth-order spiritual power plus your own spiritual power should be more than ninth-order right? Is it possible to rise to tenth order? However, I have never heard of anyone who has more than nineth-level spiritual power."

In the last life, Wu Ruo had never contacted a ninth-level wizard, and he didn't know much about the ninth-level situation.

Hei Xieyu explained: "There is no tenth order. After the spiritual order reaches the ninth order, you need to cultivate and expand the spiritual field to store more spiritual power in order to bring the top-level mystery in the clan to the extreme at an important moment. , Just like the night walks of all ghosts. You have seen this mystery when you left Gaoling City, because the lack of spiritual power did not achieve the real effect. The true feast of all ghosts is very horrible and requires great spiritual power. Please show the top ghosts. "

"..." Wu Ruo suddenly silent, watching him in a daze.

Hexiu's eyes flashed with doubt: "What?"



Wu Ruo looked at him with a complex look: "You said so much to me for the first time."

If this person could have said so much in the last life, there would not have been so many misunderstandings between them.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

He usually has relatively few words, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't like talking, but in the past, few people were able to talk and chat with him. Over time, he was used to being silent.

"I will talk to you more in the future."

This sentence is plain and common, but Wu Ruo's heart was inexplicably stubborn, and he felt so painful that he wanted to hold Hei Xuan tightly. In fact, he did it, and buried his head in it. In the neck of Hei Xun, smelling the fragrance from the other person's body.

Hei Xiu felt the neck cool, as if the person in his arms was crying?

He hesitated for a moment, a little overwhelmed, and thinking about what to do, so he listened to Wu Ruoyan, "don't move, don't look at me, let alone ask me."

He was somehow why he was so sad.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

I don't know how long in the past, I feel that the breath sprayed on his neck is getting more and more uniform.

He lifted the person from his arms lightly and lightly, and saw the dense drops of water on Wu Ruo's thick eyelashes. He lowered his head distressedly, kissed the tears on the kisses gently, and then maintained this position. Holding Wu Ruo to sleep.

Three days later, U Xi walked outside the house every day, and finally came to fruition. When she returned to the house, she immediately told Wu Ruo what happened when she met a strange man.

"The man looks a few years older than his father. He looks very handsome, but he doesn't want to be a lunatic. When he saw me, he rushed over and grabbed my arm, saying that the jade on my waist was His, asked me to return him, and said that I was a thief and stole his jade. "

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo asked, "What did you tell him?"

"I said that Jade was bought by my second brother for five dollars and two dollars. If you don't believe it, let him go to the second brother's shop where you bought Jade, and you will know if I stole his jade."

Wu Ruo nodded with satisfaction, no accident, Wu Chenliu will soon come to the door.

Sure enough, two hours later, Wu Chenliu, who had inquired about the situation, brought gifts to pay for his crimes.

Wu Ruo asked the others to return to his yard, leaving only Hei Xieyu and Hei Xin in the hall.

When Wu Chenliu was invited to the hall, he heard that a subordinate of the Heifu was reporting to the owner of the Heifu: "Master, wife, old slaves have found out that Xuanhai College is the best college in the Imperial City, but only the capital of Xuanhai College. He is a noble child. If a person who has no status in the family studies at Xuanhai College, it is easy to be bullied. However, if he studies at another college, the old slave is worried that Miss Xi will not learn anything ... "

The servant who led Wu Chenliu interrupted Hei Xin's words, "Master, madam, the guest is here."

Wu Ruo, who was listening to Heisin, looked up to see Wu Chenliu, and immediately stood up to greet, "Seniors please come in."

Before Wu Chenliu came here, he had already explored the situation of Heifu. Therefore, he was not surprised that there was a man and wife in Heifu, but he was surprised by the appearance of the two masters of Heifu.

Before I came here, I heard that the two masters of Heifu looked like gods and immortals, and were beautiful. At that time, they thought that everyone exaggerated and looked at them. They really looked like immortals.

Wu Ruo invited Wu Chen to flow into the seat and pour him a cup of fine herbal tea before asking: "I don't know why the seniors came here?"

Wu Chenliu knew that his wife's relic was in Heifu, so he was not anxious to explain his intentions. He took a sip of tea and sighed, "It's really good tea. The old man has never drank such a good tea. I don't know it. What kind of tea is made? "

Wu Ruo said with a smile: "It was just brewed with five kinds of herbs and ordinary tea. It is not a precious tea. I also hope that the seniors will not let it go."

"Herbs? That should be good for the body?"

"Well, it has the effect of refreshing and keeping fit. If the seniors don't dislike it, I will go back and ask the next person to pack a pack of tea for you."

Wu Chenliu was not polite with him, "Thank you in advance."

Then he sighed and said, "My husband came here for one thing. Just this morning, when my husband went out to visit an old friend, I saw a young girl wearing a blue around her waist. After looking closely, I found that Yu Pei was actually the jade left by the old woman ’s deceased wife. So, excited, I caught the little girl and said something rude to the girl ... "

Wu Ruo pretends to be ignorant of this: "The little girl the senior said was ..."

"It's Lingmei Wuxi. The old man knew that you bought the jade pendant for five thousand two hundred dollars. The old man can return you five thousand two hundred yuan. No, how about buying jade penny back for ten thousand yuan?"

Wu Ruo thought for a moment, "If it is the relic of the elder wife, I can return it to you, I don't know how to prove that it is your wife's jade?"

"Yu Pei is engraved with a blue letter, and there is a crack in the upper right corner of Jade Pei. At that time, my wife was seriously ill, and she accidentally broke when she passed out. She also asked my wife to sell me back."

Gently kissed the tears on the eyes, and then kept holding this posture to hold Wu Ruo to sleep.

Three days later, U Xi walked outside the house every day, and finally came to fruition. When she returned to the house, she immediately told Wu Ruo what happened when she met a strange man.

"The man looks a few years older than his father. He looks very handsome, but he doesn't want to be a lunatic. When he saw me, he rushed over and grabbed my arm, saying that the jade on my waist was His, asked me to return him, and said that I was a thief and stole his jade. "

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo asked, "What did you tell him?"

"I said that Jade was bought by my second brother for five dollars and two dollars. If you don't believe it, let him go to the second brother's shop where you bought Jade, and you will know if I stole his jade."

Wu Ruo nodded with satisfaction, no accident, Wu Chenliu will soon come to the door.

Sure enough, two hours later, Wu Chenliu, who had inquired about the situation, brought gifts to pay for his crimes.

Wu Ruo asked the others to return to his yard, leaving only Hei Xieyu and Hei Xin in the hall.

When Wu Chenliu was invited to the hall, he heard that a subordinate of the Heifu was reporting to the owner of the Heifu: "Master, wife, old slaves have found out that Xuanhai College is the best college in the Imperial City, but only the capital of Xuanhai College. He is a noble child. If a person who has no status in the family studies at Xuanhai College, it is easy to be bullied. However, if he studies at another college, the old slave is worried that Miss Xi will not learn anything ... "

The servant who led Wu Chenliu interrupted Hei Xin's words, "Master, madam, the guest is here."

Wu Ruo, who was listening to Heisin, looked up to see Wu Chenliu, and immediately stood up to greet, "Seniors please come in."

Before Wu Chenliu came here, he had already explored the situation of Heifu. Therefore, he was not surprised that there was a man and wife in Heifu, but he was surprised by the appearance of the two masters of Heifu.

Before I came here, I heard that the two masters of Heifu looked like gods and immortals, and were beautiful. At that time, they thought that everyone exaggerated and looked at them. They really looked like immortals.

Wu Ruo invited Wu Chen to flow into the seat and pour him a cup of fine herbal tea before asking: "I don't know why the seniors came here?"

Wu Chenliu knew that his wife's relic was in Heifu, so he was not anxious to explain his intentions. He took a sip of tea and sighed, "It's really good tea. The old man has never drank such a good tea. I don't know it. What kind of tea is made? "

Wu Ruo said with a smile: "It was just brewed with five kinds of herbs and ordinary tea. It is not a precious tea. I also hope that the seniors will not let it go."

"Herbs? That should be good for the body?"

"Well, it has the effect of refreshing and keeping fit. If the seniors don't dislike it, I will go back and ask the next person to pack a pack of tea for you."

Wu Chenliu was not polite with him, "Thank you in advance."

Then he sighed and said, "My husband came here for one thing. Just this morning, when my husband went out to visit an old friend, I saw a young girl wearing a blue around her waist. After looking closely, I found that Yu Pei was actually the jade left by the old woman ’s deceased wife. So, excited, I caught the little girl and said something rude to the girl ... "

Wu Ruo pretends to be ignorant of this: "The little girl the senior said was ..."

"It's Lingmei Wuxi. The old man knew that you bought the jade pendant for five thousand two hundred dollars. The old man can return you five thousand two hundred yuan. No, how about buying jade penny back for ten thousand?

Wu Ruo thought for a moment, "If it is the relic of the elder wife, I can return it to you, I don't know how to prove that it is your wife's jade?"

"Yu Pei is engraved with a blue letter, and there is a crack in the upper right corner of Jade Pei. At that time, my wife was seriously ill, and she accidentally broke when she passed out. She also asked my wife to sell me back."

Wu Ruohe asked Hexin to invite Wu Xi to the hall.

Wu Xi came to Dachen to see Wu Chenliu, stunned, and widened his eyes, "It's you, second brother, that is, he said that I stole his jade."

"Xiao Xi, be rude." Wu Ruo told her about Wu Chenliu.

Wu Xili immediately changed his opinion on Wu Chenliu, and quickly took down Yu Pei and returned it to Wu Chenliu: "It was your relic's leave to you. I'll give it back to you. You can take good care and not lose it."

Wu Chenliu took out the silver ticket from her arms, but was rejected by Wu Ruo.

"How about that, Jade, but you bought it for 5,000 yuan. The old man has now taken Jade, so how can I return you 5,000?"

Wu Chenliu had already planned before he came. If the other party did not return his jade, he moved out of his former identity as Wu family, so that Wu Ruo could look at this face and sell him back jade. Unexpectedly, Wu Ruo Good at talking, not only did he admire his jade, but he did not accept his money.

Wu Ruo said, "Five thousand and two are just a small amount of money for us. Seniors don't need to be attentive. You should be a meeting gift for us when we first come here."

"..." Wu Chenliu saw that they really didn't lack silver, but it was not good to take Yu Pei directly, and said, "When the old man came in just now, I heard you say you want to go to college."

Wu Ruo's eyes brightened: "Yes, I don't know any good suggestions from seniors?"

"There is no good suggestion. However, the old man used to be a mentor and taught countless students. Although the old man did not set up a school, it is not worse than the college teaching. If you do not dislike it, the old man can accept the girl Wu Xi as a disciple. Moreover, the old man's house is nearby and it is very convenient to go to school. "

Wu Ruo of course knows that Wu Chenliu lives nearby. Otherwise, Wu Xi will not be allowed to stroll around: "We are not disgusted, but my little girl is learning the art of yin and yang, and it is not convenient to learn other mysteries. ... "

"The old man teaches the art of yin and yang.

Wu Ruo looked at him with a surprised look: "Really? I don't know what the senior was ..."

"The old man's name is Wu Chenliu."

Wu Xi stared wryly: "Last name? Have the same name as us? Then you are from the Wu family?"

Wu Chenliu shook his head: "The old man was expelled from the family because of some private affairs, and he is no longer a member of the Wu family."

"The predecessor is also the blood of the Wu family, and it is the morning character generation, isn't it our brother of our high grandfather?" Wu Xi exclaimed, "Senior, we are also the Wu family, but we are from the Wu family Yes, from Gaoling. "

Wu Chenliu said, "The old man knows that the old man has checked your affairs before coming."

Uxi asked carefully: "Are you really going to take the junior as a disciple?"

Wu Chenliu nodded.

"Great." U Xi ran out of the hall ecstatically: "I want to tell my father and mother about this.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong learned that it was impossible to stay in the same place. They did not expect that the master Wu Xi was about to worship was the brother of their great-grandfather. It was such an honor. Moreover, Wu Qianqing had heard Wu Chenliu's name when he was practicing, and he would definitely be a good mentor, so he would let Wu Xi worship the teacher without saying a word.

Chapter 107: Chinese Teacher's Birthday Banquet (1)

Wu Chenliu knew that the day after tomorrow would be Wu Chenzi's birthday, so he asked Wu Xi to wait for the second day after his birthday feast before going to her house to find him.

After Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong sent Wu Chenliu away, they still felt like they were in a dream. They didn't return to their hearts until dinner: "Xiao Ruo, did you know that Xiao Xi would worship his senior as a teacher?"

Wu Ruo smiled mysteriously: "The secret cannot be leaked."

In this life, Wu Yu was robbed of Master by Wu Xi. He wanted to see if Wu Yu could be distinguished and distinguished from the previous one and let everyone praise him.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong stunned. This made them think that the worship of the teacher was a hexagram of divination by the black letter, and they looked at the black letter very gratefully.

The black letter being clothed was smeared with sweat by their grateful look.

Wu Ruo didn't explain, so he let his father and mother misunderstand.

Two days later, Wu Chenzi's birthday party ushered in, and there is a custom in the Wu family. As long as it is an elder birthday with high prestige, all people in the clan must go to the main temple of Wu family to pray for Shou Xing. For the Wu family, naturally, it is no exception. Therefore, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu got up early in the morning to wash and change clothes.

The main temple is built on a small hillside on the outskirts of the imperial capital. There is a large mountain leaning on the back, a panlong-like river on the left, and a lush green forest on the right. The place is the best place for Feng Shui. Blessing, Lu, Shou, Xi, Cai, the five blessings gather together, people and Ding Wangwang, long-term luck.

Within a few hours, countless carriages were parked under the hillside.

People from the Wu family walked to the temple on the top of the mountain with lanterns. At this time, the gate in the temple was not open, and everyone was waiting outside the gate. Everyone present was wearing exquisite Chinese clothes, as if they were richer than anyone else, all kinds of expensive jewelry were worn on them.

Like the Wu family in Gaolingcheng, they will stand up because of the different branches of the various courtyards they are in. They are not directly connected to the Wu family and will stand in the far corner to make room for the immediate family.

Wu Ruo came to the temple and consciously walked into the corner, trying not to attract the attention of others, and trying not to speak, so as not to be caught by one's words in a casual sentence.

Wu Qianqing glanced at everyone, feeling a little disturbed. Because this birthday banquet made him feel that the Wu family was not close to them, but made him feel uneasy, as if there was a huge conspiracy trap waiting for them to jump in.

Guan Tong and Wu Xi were silent together.

Hei Xieyu held Wu Ruo's hand, and Wu Ruo quietly reached out to write in his hand to let Hei Xieyu guess, how boring this birthday feast was for them.

Hei Xunyu quickly guessed the word he wrote, and whispered in his ear, "It's a word."

The hot breath sprayed on Wu Ruo's ears, and immediately, Bai Zhe's cheeks became rosy.

Hei Xuan raised a slight smile at the corner of his mouth, raised his hand to pull the hair on his cheek behind his ear, and didn't care about the eyes of those around him.

Guan Tong and U Xi both laughed when they saw their relationship was so good.

"Qing Qing," someone suddenly called.

Wu Ruo they heard the sound and turned around, Wu Bufang came over with Yao Shuyuan.

Wu Qianqing immediately saluted them: "Qian Qing met his grandfather and grandmother. Wu Ruo they also saluted to Ubud.

Wu Fang was pleasantly surprised: "It's really you, it's great. Before I heard that you also came to the Imperial City and were invited to attend the birthday party of the National Normal University, I couldn't believe it."

Later, he remembered what happened in Gaolingcheng, immediately lifted a smile, frowned and asked, "Is it true that Wangui attacked Gaolingcheng?"

Wu Qianqing's eyes filled with sadness: "Grandfather, this is true."

Ubud's face showed sadness: "It is indeed a sign of great ferocity, and even the people of Gaolingcheng cannot be spared."

Yao Shuyuan was also sad. Her children and grandchildren died in one day. How could she not be sad. At that time, when she received the news, she passed out on the spot.

Wu Fang thought that today is Wu Chenzi's birthday. It is not appropriate to be sad at this time, and quickly put away his emotions, and looked at Wu Qianqing curiously: "How did you escape?"

Wu Qianqing didn't dare to say the true meaning: "Before the onslaught of the ghosts, our family discussed with Xiaoxi to the Royal Capital College to study for a period of time, but I didn't expect that we were not too far away from Gao Lingcheng It got dark, and then all the ghosts appeared, and behind ... 唉 ... "

Yao Shuyuan choked, "Fortunately, you guys left early."

Ubud squared his eyebrows tightly: "I have sent someone back to Gao Lingcheng to check. I hope some people will survive."

At present, in addition to the Wu Qianqing family, only the children who have experienced it have survived, and the Wu family in Gaolingcheng has been almost destroyed.

Yao Shuyuan quickly took the silk from his sleeve, wiped the tears that were about to fall, and asked mutely, "Qian Qing, where do you live now?"

Wu Qianqing looked to Hei Xuanyan. "We are living in the mansion that Xuan Yan bought."

Wu Bufang and Yao Shuyuan noticed the handsome man beside Wu Ruo. Then, their stunning eyes moved from their faces to their hands with fingers crossed, and they were surprised: "He is shame? Xiao Ruo's husband ? "

Seeing Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu standing together, the other scenery seemed to fade, and could no longer attract their sight.

Wu Qianqing quickly explained that he had worn fake skin before Hei Xieyu.

"That's it." Wu Fangbu and Yao Xuanyuan didn't care about the fact that Hei Xuyi wore fake leather. Instead, he was glad that Hei Xuyi had a house in Huangdu. They did not live under the fence like they did in Huangdu. They live in Yao. In Jiabeiyuan, they were not only constrained, but also looked down on, so they planned to buy a house outside and move in.

At this moment, the first ray of light rose from the edge of the sky. At the same time, the door of the temple creaked, and the two door panels slowly opened to both sides. All the scenes of the temple slowly appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

"The door is open," the crowd rejoiced.

The layout of the temple is almost the same as that of an ordinary temple. Inside it is a towering cloud of evergreen pine trees. In the backyard of the temple, a nine-story tower is built. Everyone stops in front of the tower. At the beginning, the others found their positions and lined up.

Soon, the door of the tower opened, and Wu Chenzi, who had lived in the tower for a night, walked out of the tower. Today is his 150th birthday, but his appearance still seems to be still at 40 years old. Right and left, he was holding a golden staff in his hand, wearing a dark blue Chinese suit, his face was handsome and solemn, his lips were tight, his eyes were like a torch, and as if the emperor was coming, he stepped solemnly to the steps in front of everyone and stopped.

When everyone saw him, they immediately closed their eyes and looked at him in awe.

Wu Ruo was slightly disoriented, this is the first time he has looked at this person so close, but there is no respect for this person in his eyes, and some are just ironic. For him, there is more A hypocrite hypocrite, and the skill of disguise is much deeper than that of Ubud.

Wu Chenzi slowly swept through thousands of Wujia children, and his stern face finally showed a hint of smile: "I see that Wujia is becoming more and more prosperous and prosperous. My deity is very pleased. I hope that Wujia can continue in the future."

Everyone said immediately: "All the leaders of the National Normal University are good."

The head of the Wu family took a step forward: "Master, the good times are here."

Wu Chenzi nodded, stood on the array that had been set up in the morning, closed his eyes, raised the golden staff in his hand, and raised his hands above his head, with a long spell in his mouth.

Wu Ruo's eyes stared at him tightly, and he didn't know if it was too focused. He even saw the golden light flowing in Wu Chenzi's body, like a golden water snake, slowly walking through the veins in his body. At present, it is not clear.

He couldn't help but stare in surprise. He had never seen this phenomenon before. Was it Wu Chenzi's new secret technique?

Wu Ruo looked at the people around him, everyone looked calm.

However, he still didn't feel right.

If only the people of Huangduwu's family were calm and calm, but his father and mother, Xiaoxi, and Hei Xiuyu had never seen such a scene like him, then it was strange that they were so calm.

Shouldn't he be wrong?

Wu Ruo rubbed his eyes helplessly, the golden light in Wu Chenzi's body was gone, it seemed that everything was just his illusion just now.

He could not help but breathe, and continued to look at Wu Chenzi, and then Jin Guang appeared in Wu Chenzi's body again.

Wu Ruo could not help pulling the sleeves of a black shawl.

Hei Xuan turned to look at him.

Wu Ruo opened his mouth and saw that there were people around him, so he kept the confusion in his heart and asked them what was going on after the blessing was over.

Seeing that he seemed a little nervous, Hei Xun couldn't help holding his hand.

Wu Ruo glanced at him and turned his eyes to Wu Chenzi's body. The golden light penetrated into Wu Chenzi's spiritual field. Immediately, Wu Chenzi emitted golden light, as if he had invited the **** and Buddha to the heavens. He saw There is a golden shadow behind Wu Chenzi.

The Wu family grows incense immediately, worships the crowd, and then reads a long prayer. The others in the Wu family also follow it together, like a monk in a temple is chanting, and a buzzing sound is heard around.

I do n’t know how long it has been in the past, the blessing has finally ended, and the formation at the foot of Wu Chenzi shoots thousands of golden lights, just like the rising sun, which makes everyone feel warm.

The people of the Huangdu Wu family showed a smile of joy.

"Pray for success."

Others who haven't seen this scene, still looked at Wu Chenzi's station in doubt, after Jin Guang disappeared, everyone found that Wu Chenzi seemed a few years younger than before.

Wu Xi stared curiously, seeing everyone whispering and discussing with no worries, she quickly said to Guan Tong, "Mother, have you noticed that the Master Teacher seems to be young?"

Guan Tong nodded.

Someone sneered and said, "This is the first time you come to pray?"

Chapter 108: Chinese Teacher's Birthday Banquet (2)

Wu Qianqing said politely to the speaker: "Yes, for the first time we have come to attend the birthday party of the National Normal University. There are many things that you don't understand. Please don't be surprised."

"I knew you were here for the first time." The man raised his head proudly: "The one I have been to many times can tell you about blessings. Master Kuang standing in the array and chanting It ’s after asking God of Blessing that after he invites God of Blessing, everyone sincerely prays for him. If God is touched, God of Blessing will bless Shou Xing, and each time the blessing is different, you can increase the life of Shou Xing, Shou Xing's increase of spiritual power, as well as the recovery of his youth for a few years as before, cannot be successful every time.

The speaker looked around and said in a low voice, "One of the ten prayers was a great success, otherwise, everyone would not be so happy."

Wu Qianqing held his fist and said, "Thank you for explaining the situation to us."

The man was so pleased that he heard him call him a senior.

At this time, a woman in a pink Chinese suit walked up the stairs and walked towards Wu Chenzi. The golden step on her head shook left and right as she walked, very pretty.

Wu Chenzi put her hand on the woman's hand and turned to face the crowd. Everyone looked at them. The woman looked beautiful, with a snowy skin like jade fat, a slender willow eyebrow, and a pair of phoenixes. , Xiuting's Yao nose, slightly reddish jade cheeks, flamboyant lips, and her body exuded confidence and pride. Everyone was as small as a ant in her eyes. No one could enter her eyes. If the color of the eyes sinks slightly.

Wu Chenzi's woman is Wu Weixue, his youngest granddaughter.

In front of everyone, Wu Weixue boldly cast his eyes on Hei Xieyu's body, and even glanced at Wu Ruo.

A few days ago, after she knew that Wu Ruo hadn't died, even the woman who was more beautiful than her, she could not wait for a thousand swords, but she put up with it. Then, they will come up with a way to send a request to Wu Qianqing and invite their family to attend the birthday party. Otherwise, with Wu Qianqing's status, how can they be here.

Wu Weixue thought, his eyes flashed violently, the man who robbed her man must be removed.

She turned her eyes back to Hei Xieyu, looking at the beautiful face, a glimmer of obsession flashed under her eyes. Today, she was dressed up for Hei Xieyi, and she wore a suit that was only worn when she entered the palace. She wanted to see Hei Xieyi see her most beautiful side. Unfortunately, Hei Xieyi did not look at her at all. His attention was on the man beside him. She was so angry that she wanted to kill Wu Ruo, and could not wait for her grandfather to order someone to solve Wu Ruo on the spot.

Wu Ruo sneered, and from her few eyes, she could see that she liked black shabby.

He stared at the man next to him, and hummed softly, "Lan Yan misfortune."

"..." Hei Xu was puzzled, and where did he annoy his wife?

Wu Chenzi signaled that everyone could walk around the temple. Some people went directly to the tower. Some people went to the front yard to burn incense and worship the Buddha. Some people strolled around the temple.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu went to the front yard to smell incense, staying in a crowded place and not going anywhere.

After Guan Tong burned the incense, he pointed at a group of young men in the distance and said, "Qian Qing, see if that is a black jade."

Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing watched it. Wu Yu was talking and laughing with the people around her, and they got along very well.

Wu Qianqing frowned: "Just leaving Gaolingcheng for a few months, I am so familiar with the host's young people ..."

He didn't think it was a good thing.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes, directly thinking that his brother's disappearance was the same as that of the last generation, which was related to Wu Yu. When he would leave here, he would have to find someone to keep an eye on him.

Wu Xi Lengheng: "They don't know the true face of Wu Yu yet, if they know the character of his person, they dare not walk with Wu Yu."

Wu Ruo sneered.

The children of the Wu family in the imperial capital are more ruthless than the children of the Wu family in Gaolingcheng, and they have more ingenuity than the children of Gaolingcheng. Would they be so close to Wuyu if they used Wuyu or had similar interests with Wuyu?

Wu Yu seemed to find someone looking at him and looked at them. The moment he saw Wu Ruo, they were slightly surprised, but didn't come over to say hello, turned around, and continued to talk and laugh with the Wu family children.

Uxi pouted his lips: "My loved ones are dead and they laugh so happily."

Wu Qianqing whispered: "Little Greek."

Uhis tongue stuck out.

When Hei Xiu saw someone walking down the mountain, he said, "Let's go down."

Wu Ruo nodded and agreed to leave the temple first with Hei Xieyu.

After waiting for some distance from everyone, he whispered, "Hei Xieyu, when you prayed just now, did you see the golden light in the body of the National Normal University?"

"I didn't see it." Hei Xieyu held his hand and did not let him fall.

Wu Ruo was weird. How did he see it? Or is it only seen by Wujia people? Will find a chance to ask Xiaoxi later.

Seeing him silent, he asked, "Did you see that?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "I may be wrong.

Hei Xiu frowned and stopped talking.

After everyone went down the mountain, they took the carriage directly to Wufu and got off the carriage. Everyone did not directly go to the house, but waited for Wu Chenzi to come back outside. Then, they were divided into two rows to welcome him back to the house. Monarch.

Wu Chenzi got help from Wu Weixue, got out of the carriage, and walked into the lane.

At this point, Riyang had been hanging obliquely in the sky, and the shadow of the two of them was slender and long, even thrown on the person standing on the right.

When Wu Ruo came into contact with Wu Chenzi's shadow, suddenly there was a spiritual power in his body, like the spiritual power sucked from some place directly into his body, turning him into his use.

He didn't know what was going on. He was anxious and surprised, and thought that it was someone who wanted to be bad for him. However, he didn't have any abnormalities in his body. On the contrary, he felt particularly comfortable.

At the same time, Wu Chenzi who walked in front of him suddenly had a soft foot and his body crooked a bit. If it was not for Wu Weixue holding his left hand and holding a staff in his right hand, he would almost have to throw a dog in front of everyone .

The others looked at Wu Chenzi with a sleepy face.

Wu Weixue whispered, "Grandfather, what's wrong with you?"

Wu Chenzi's face was a bit ugly, and he swept his head sharply, shook his head, and quickly walked into Wufu with his granddaughter to invite the Wu family heads and five elders to the hall to discuss.

The patriarchs and elders walked into the hall and looked at Wu Chenzi, who was deeply concerned: "Master, today is your birthday. You should be happy to spend your birthday. How can you invite us to come here for discussion? What happened? "

Wu Chenzi said, "Isn't the deity's body crooked a little while in Wufu just now?"

Everyone nodded.

Wu Chenzi lowered his face: "Someone sucked the spiritual power of the deity."

He said what happened just now, the faces of the patriarchs and elders changed.

"How much spiritual power is sucked?"

"Has it affected your body?"

"Will it be done by the demons?"

Wu Chenzi frowned. "The deity currently only feels that the other side has absorbed the spiritual power, not much, not very little. It is very likely that the demons did it. It would be too terrible to be in this deity Suddenly absorbing spiritual power, the power may be above the deity.

The patriarch was a little anxious: "You are already a ninth-order spiritual power, and the demon clan is even stronger than you? Then, don't we have no power to fight back?"

"The deity is only speculation. It may also be that someone else uses the magic weapon to **** the deity's spiritual power. In short, we must send staff today, and we must not be surprised."

The elders responded immediately: "Tonight the emperor and the queen will come here, naturally they must send more staff."

Wu Chenzi waved his hand, motioned them to retreat, but still felt a little uneasy in his heart, and could not help but think of the ominous sign that Ubud had mentioned.

Today, the Wujia of Gaolingcheng is as predicted, most people have encountered this difficulty. This time, is it their turn to Wujia?

Wu Chenzi thought of this, and quickly took out his gossip and diacritics, but even after several calculations, he couldn't count the results, and he was anxious.

Wu Ruo was also in a hurry. He had an inexplicable spiritual power in his body, and did not know whether it was good or bad.

When everyone was spreading out, he was busy pulling Hei Xieyu to the corner of no one, and told Hei Xieyu the strange thing he had just encountered.

Hei Xunyu inspected his body and did not notice the strangeness: "Does your body reject that spiritual power?"

Wu Ruo shook his head. "No rejection, but also blended with the spiritual power in me."

Hei Xuan frowned.

At this time, Wu Qianqing came over and lowered his voice and whispered, "Xiao Ruo, Xuan Ye, I see that you have been hiding from us after talking down the hill from the Wujia main temple. Did you find out about Xiaozhu but were unwilling? tell me?"

He did n’t want to ask, but they kept avoiding him and had to ask because he was worried about the situation of Wuzhu now. “Dad, there is no such thing. If we really find anything, we ’ll Will tell you. "

As he spoke, he walked out of the corner and saw Wu Xi and Guan Tong talking in the distance. With a movement of his eyes, he quickly walked towards them: "Xiao Xi."

"Second Brother." Uhi smiled at her.

Wu Ruo asked again about the golden light in Wu Chenzi's body, and Wu Xi shook his head: "No.

"is it?"

Wu Ruo was even more strange in his heart. I wondered if the sun was refracting Wu Chenzi and he saw it as golden light?

Suddenly, his arm was twisted.

Wu Ruo was in pain, turned to look at Guan Tong aside.

Guan Tong glared at him.

Wu Ruo's face was inexplicable, and he was about to ask his mother why he screwed him, but before he could say anything, the meat on his arm was pinched again.

Later, he understood that his mother told him not to ask her why he screwed him.

Wu Ruo did not understand what was going on at that moment?

Chapter 109: Chinese Teacher's Birthday Banquet (3)

Guan Tong saw Wu Ruo still bewildered and had to speak out, "Maybe this is the secret technique that the National Normal University has cultivated on its own, and it can only be seen by those who have fate."

Speaking of mystery, she slightly increased her tone. Then she looked up at the sky and turned to the topic: "It's almost noon, and I don't know where the Wu family will arrange us to eat."

"I'm hungry now, hoping to have lunch earlier." Uhi put her hand on her belly. "I knew I would have eaten all the snacks in the car."

When Guan Tong saw Wu Ruo in deep thought, he pulled Wu Xi into the garden to enjoy the flowers.

Wu Ruo stood in a daze. At this moment, he kept thinking about the meaning of his mother's esoteric technique. Is it more related to the esoteric technique in his brain?

The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was possible. Otherwise, why was he alone able to see it, but not others?

However, he can see which mystery belongs to Wu Chenzi's body. Why didn't this happen to him in the last life?

Wu Ruo took a closer look at the six mysteries in his brain. No one mentioned that he could see the golden light flowing in others. In the end, his attention stayed on the shadow thief.

Is it stealing?

Wu Ruo remembers that his mother once said that when watching other people cast spells, they must pay more attention to seeing how others do it, so that he can make rapid progress.

Before, when Wu Chenzi asked for blessing, he kept staring at Wu Chenzi closely. Is that why he saw the golden light?

Wu Ruo thinks this is very possible, and the reason he didn't see it in the last life is that he has never stared at others like this because he thinks it is very impolite to do so.

However, he is only guessing now. Only when he goes back to find someone to try it will he know if it is what he thinks. If so, this shadow thief will help a little. What is the use of seeing the golden light swimming in others?

Suddenly, hesitated.

Wu Ruo looked back and looked up. A niece quickly knelt down in front of Wu Xi and Guan Tong, and she cried aloud as she scratched her head: "Miss, the slaves didn't hit you on purpose, but the slaves damned, please forgive me."

Her voice immediately caused people around to look over.

Ushi was taken aback by her actions: "Hurry up, I don't blame you."

The servant girl still scratched her head and cried: "Then please change clothes with the slave, otherwise the chief will know that the slave will be punished.

"This ..." Wu Xi looked at Guan Tong.

Guan Tong frowned.

"Please change the clothes with the slaves, otherwise, the chief will know that the slaves will be punished." The maidservant kept hoeing, and soon she was smashed with blood on her forehead. This made other people think that Ushi was cold. The heart-hearted person did not even agree to the good-natured request of the niece.

Wu Ruo came over and said quietly: "If you are really worried about the chief executive punishing you, why bother shouting at the beginning, for fear that others do not know you hit the guest?"

The maidservant's **** acted slightly.

Wu Ruo continued: "What's more, my little girl doesn't blame you and asks you to stand up, but you don't give up, and you have been accused of my little girl. Are you sure you really apologize to her sincerely? Other minds? "

The eyes of those around him turned to the niece.

The servant girl hurriedly explained, "Slave, Slain just wanted the lady to change clothes ..."

"Changing clothes? Do you need to keep yelling and shouting when changing clothes? Besides, do you have a girl who has clothes for my little sister?"

The girl's complexion was green and red.

Wu Ruo sternly said, "I'm not going back."

The maid bit her lower lip and knelt there unwillingly.

Wu Ruo ignored her and let Wu Xi and Guan Tong leave together.

Uxi whispered, "Second brother, she is still kneeling there."

"Don't worry about her, she just acted for us and let her kneel on her own."

Wu Qianqing and Hei Xuyi came over: "What happened just now?"

Guan Tong told Wu Qianqing what happened just now.

When Wu Qianqing heard it, she knew that the niece was uneasy and kind. She must have heard someone's order to take Wu Xi and Guan Tong away: "Fortunately, Xiaoruo did not let you leave with her, otherwise, something bad may happen . "

Ushi nervously said, "This, so serious?"

Guan Tong patted her shoulder and sighed.

Wu Ruo said, "Let's go back to the carriage and change our clothes."

After receiving the invitation, he thought about all possible accidents, so he prepared his robes in the morning.

As soon as they left, the chief executive came to the maidservant: "Everyone is gone. Who else do you pretend to show?"

The maidservant worried, "But Miss Snow ..."

The chief executive gave her a cold glance: "It's really useless, just explain it to Miss Snow yourself."

The maid trembled and did not dare to speak again.

Wu Ruo waited for Wu Xi to change her robes, and then filled the stomach with the snacks brought from Heifu. When it was time for lunch, they pretended to be full with a few mouthfuls.

In the afternoon, other guests came to Wujia Heshou one after another. Wu Ruo also took out the gifts to the housekeeper who received the gifts, and then went to Wu Chenzi's yard to wish Wu Chenzi a birthday.

Wu Qianqing, they were just side by side and were not qualified to congratulate in the hall, so they talked with Wu Ruo and found a place in the yard.

Soon, the men in Wujiafu found them and said that it was Wu Qianqing's grandfather and grandmother who wanted to see them.

Wu Qianqing refused this time, neither, nor did he refuse. His high-grandfather is indeed still alive. If he doesn't meet people in Wujia, he really can't justify it, but he is worried that this is a trap.

He asked his subordinates, "Is my grandfather there?"

The next man nodded quickly: "The Chief Wu and his wife are both here. Wait for you to pass by.

Wu Qianqing lowered his eyelids: "Is that so? But before Banzhuxiang, my grandfather was still talking to us here, why did he go to Grandpa Gao so soon?"

In fact, these words are fraudulent.

The next man smiled bitterly: "You, young man, don't make a joke. The U tribe has been sitting with Grandpa Zu for half an hour. Why would he sit here and chat with you?"

Wu Qianqing frowned, is this man really his high grandfather looking for them?

Hei Xuanxi asked the subordinate quietly, "Are you the subordinate in the grandfather's courtyard?"

The next person immediately nodded: "Yes."

Wu Ruo knows the meaning of Hei Xun's words, and said, "We have never met the grandfathers. The grandfather's people should not know us, but you can recognize us at a glance. You really have to say that The people are amazing. "

If the subordinates did not understand the meaning of his words, he smiled and said, "Before coming, the Uzbek chief talked to the younger. The two most handsome people must be the young master and the aunt, so the small talents Recognize you at a glance. "

Wu Ruobei smiled, this subordinate is much more powerful than the previous niece.

"It seems that you really are from Heaven Grandfather. They sent you here, but I have to ask you to go back and say that today is the birthday of the National Taiwan Normal University. It is really difficult to leave here to see Heaven Grandfather. After a few days, we settle down and we will visit our whole family. "

The smile of the servant was a little stiff, and it was not good to say more, so he quit the yard and went back to life.

Wu Qianqing's face sank, and she lowered her voice and said, "It is obviously not from Gao Grandfather."

If Ubud is also with Grandfather Gao, he will certainly let his own people come to find them, and he will not find someone who does not know them.

Wu Qianqing looked at Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu: "You said, who is looking for opportunities to harm us three times or twice? Is it ..."

Seeing that Guan Tong and U Xi were both there, he quickly put away the words to be said later.

Wu Ruo guessed who it was, but didn't want to worry Wu Qianqing, and said, "As long as we don't separate and leave a crowded place, they will hardly hurt us."

Hei Xieyu nodded in agreement.

The next time, no one was looking for them.

When he was approaching, Wu Chenzi received the news that the emperor, queen and concubine led the princes and princesses to congratulate him on his birthday. He quickly took everyone to meet him outside the gate, even Wuruo was no exception. .

They had just fallen on their knees. Thousands of palace guards wearing light armor protected the royal carriage coming to the gate of Wujia.

The carriage is mainly yellow, with the dragon or phoenix engraved on it, which is very expensive. The people of Wujiao bow their heads and hold their breath, so they do not dare to disturb the emperor in the carriage.

The **** outside the carriage raised the carriage curtain and shouted, "The emperor is here, the queen mother is here.

Everyone scratched their heads to welcome the holy drive.

The emperor came down from the carriage, smiled loudly, and did not put the emperor on the shelf, immediately let everyone flat, while the prince and other princes and princesses came down from the carriage behind.

Wu Chenzi hurriedly walked in front of the emperor to welcome him into Wufu.

When Wu Ruo met the emperor for the first time, he couldn't help but look a few more times, but found that the emperor, who was only in his early thirties, was still full of spirits, but his blood-stained eyes were full of old-school, With his many years of medical and medical experience, the emperor's body has identified the problem, and the exact reason for it still needs him to check the pulse.

I remember in the last life, the emperor died when he was 28 years old, but the current situation is not a problem for five years. This change should be because he saved Ling Mohan, causing some people to worry. So, hasten the death of the emperor.

Wu Ruo thought of Ling Mohan, and turned to the prince behind the emperor. Ling Mohan wore an apricot-colored four-striped dragon robe and wore a Jiugong Longyu on his belt. Noble and majestic, but less indifferent, his handsome face is full of smiles, smiling to everyone, seemingly easy to get close to, but can't guess what kind of thoughts hide under his smile.

Suddenly, Wu Ruo felt someone was squeezing him.

He turned around and turned around to see that he had been squeezed a large distance from Hei Xieyu. Then someone pushed him hard and fell to Ling Mohan.

Chapter 110: Chinese Teacher's Birthday Banquet (4)

When Wu Ruo fell to the ground, he subconsciously wanted to grab the surrounding objects and wanted to stabilize his body. Unexpectedly, he just grabbed something and hadn't stabilized his body. He grabbed the item and broke sharply. He fell heavily. Fall to the ground.

Suddenly, there was no sound around.

Wu Ruo stood up with pain and looked at his peeled hands. Then he saw a jade in his hand. This jade was exactly the Nine Palace dragon jade he saw on Ling Mohan before. It was a delicate carving. Yellow jade dragon, and on the dragon scale of this jade dragon, in addition carved eight little yellow dragons driving in the clouds, very delicate, however, the yellow rope on his waist was torn by him.

He looked up and looked at the cold eyes of Lingmo Han.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong went out anxiously to Wu Ruo, but they were blocked by the people in front. They were not allowed to go out. They were not good at shouting so as not to make the emperor them even more unhappy.

Hei Xuan narrowed his black eyes, raised his hands and patted Wu Qianqing's shoulders, signaled that he was safe and impatient, and watched for changes.

"His Royal Highness, Cao Min accidentally tore off your jade pendant's rope. Please forgive me. I hope you can give Caomin a few days to restore the jade pendant to its original state." Wu Ruobu said happily. At the same time, she looked at Wu Weixue, who was supporting the imperial concubine. Wu Weixue's eyes contained a bit of disdain. Her two previous attempts to count Wu Ruo's family were revealed by Wu Ruo. This time, she came to see How did he escape this disaster.

In the imperial city, everyone knows that the Prince ’s faction is at odds with their Wu family, and they ca n’t wait to catch the Wu family ’s handles, and wipe out the Wu family. Even if it ’s not possible, they want to kill one and count one. Now with this opportunity, the Prince does Will miss it.

As long as Wu Ruo is dead, she will be more sure to let Hei Xieyu surrender to her.

Ling Mohan heard Wu Ruo's voice, and his eyes flashed carelessly. This voice was similar to the one who saved him, but felt it was impossible. The person who saved him was so fat that it would not be possible in just a few months. Slimming down, even after losing weight, it should not be possible to have a state of pride.

He took Yupei back and said coldly, "Do you know that Jiuguan Longyu is a gift from the grandfather of the emperor? Even if you have nine heads, it ’s not worth a rope on Yupei. Come and bring him. Catch it.

The two guards quickly stepped forward and squeezed Wu Ruo's arms.

The black light flashed from the bottom of Hexuan's eyes, staring coldly at the guard who grabbed him.

Wu Bufang and Yao Yuanyuan in the crowd looked at Wu Ruo anxiously, but they were not worried about Wu Ruo's safety, but they were worried that other people in Wu family in Gao Lingcheng would be implicated in Wu Ruo.

The emperor twisted his eyebrows and was a little unhappy. However, thinking that today is Wu Chenzi ’s birthday, it is not good to see blood, so he wanted to give Wu Chenzi a face, and forgive the person once, anyway, Yupei was not bad, Just broken the rope, I can still get it back.

Wu Chenzi has been with the emperor for many years. Naturally, he felt the emperor's mind and thought of his granddaughter's explanation, he said, "His Royal Highness, the junior is not sensible, please forgive me."

Based on his understanding of Ling Mohan, the more he interceded, the less Ling Mohan would let him go.

Lingmo greeted him with a glance: "So this person is from your Wu family."


Ling Mohan asked again, "Why hasn't this palace ever seen this person?"

This man is so beautiful, he will never forget it at a glance, so he is sure that this man is not from Huangdu Wujia. "Wu Chenzi said:" The old minister hasn't seen this person. He should be a child of the next line. "

Lingmo Han narrowed his eyes, "Oh? By the side?"

Wu Weixue swiftly winked at one of the stewards in the crowd, and the steward quickly walked forward and said, "Returning to His Royal Highness, this man is a child of the Wu family in Gaoling City, named Wu Ruo, and today is with his family. Get up to celebrate his birthday. "

"Children of the Wu family in Gaoling, Wu, Ruo?" Ling Mohan's eyes flashed incredibly quickly.

Wu Ruo answered, "The grassroots are here."

Ling Mohan: "..."

He was more sure that this person was the one who saved him that day.

At this time, the imperial concubine said, "Did not all the people of Gaolingcheng be slaughtered by all ghosts?"

The manager said on his knees, "If you return to the imperial consort, Gao Lingcheng was indeed slaughtered by all ghosts."

The imperial concubine asked, "So how did they escape?"

The supervisor said, "When it comes to this, the behavior of the Wu Ruo family is really shameless. When Wangui lived in the city that day, their family left Gaolingcheng and escaped from the disaster. In this case, flying all the way to the imperial city without caring about the life or death of the people, and not caring about whether any of their loved ones survived, is really chilling. "

Wu Qianqing's breathing was stagnant, and he did something wrong that day, but they left Gaoling on the day of the ghost attack city. He only told them about Ubud. How did they know that?

He couldn't help looking at Ubud, just as Ubud also came over, and when looking up at Wu Qianqing, he avoided the sight uncomfortably.

Wu Qianqing immediately came to understand that this was what Ubu Fang told the steward, and his heart sank.

"It's too much." The Wu family's people were all angry. "Their family are all femmes and corpses, and they can do nothing to save their lives. Thanks to this person, he looks so beautiful, but he was so vicious in his heart. "

Some people even hurled stones at Wu Ruo with excitement. At the moment, Wu Ruo was hit with bleeding marks on his forehead.

Wu Ruo's face was calm, regardless of the blood flowing down his head.

Hei Xun's eyes shot coldly at the man.

If Wu Qianqing hadn't been pressed by Hei Xie, she would have rushed out.

Wu Xi and Guan Tong were red-eyed.

Wu Chenzi was surprised: "Is there such a thing?"

"If you return to the National Normal University, we have only just learned about it. Otherwise, they will not let their family come to your birthday party. I originally wanted to report the incident to the National People's Congress after the birthday party was over. This happened before.

At this moment, Wu Weixue stepped out and said a simple kindness: "Maybe there is something wrong with this matter?"

The imperial concubine pulled Wu Weixue back to her: "Xue Er, you are too kind and you will be easily bullied."

Wu Ruo was almost laughed at when she heard what she said.


Wu Weixue still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by the imperial concubine: "Well, you don't care about it, the National Normal University will handle them. Then someone immediately said:" Can't let go of their family, There are no such cruel people in our Wu family. You must deal with them properly, Lord Teacher. "Wu Chenzi was a little bit embarrassed. He turned to look at the emperor:" Emperor, how do you deal with this? "

The emperor is also very displeased with such ruthless and innocent people: "This is a matter of your Wu family. It is really inconvenient for you to intervene. However, after hearing what you said, your heart was filled with indignation and indignity. It is difficult to deal with them with anger. "

Ling Mohan tightened his brow. Once convicted by his father, it would be difficult to change the situation.

When he was thinking about how to say something for Wu Ruo without being doubted by the Wu family, Wu Ruo said out loud: "Emperor, Caomin has something to say."

The emperor stared at him coldly, "What else do you have to say?"

"The Caomin only wants to say. If convictions are to be made, do you want to show evidence? Then who asked to see our family leave Gaolingcheng when they were attacking the city? Who is to see our family die? Or did anyone see that our family did not go back to find someone? "

Wu Ruo glanced at everyone present: "Did you see it? If you don't see it, please don't make false statements, knowing that your words will kill innocent people, and such people are not only chilling, but also people Feels terrible. "

Emperor: "..."

Everyone: "..."

Ling Mohan froze slightly, his eyes flashed a smile.

The manager said, "What evidence do you have that your family has been back?"

"Do you want evidence?" Wu Ruo ticked his lips. "Okay, I can tell you now. About ten days later, our people will send people from the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng to the imperial city. Believe it. With the compassion of the National Normal University, they will definitely keep them in Wujia, will not keep them hungry and frozen, and will serve them well, right? "

When he received the invitation, he was asked to send those people to the Imperial City.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong, Wu Xi, Wu Bufang, Yao Yiyuan, and Wu Yu hiding in the crowd all looked at Wu Ruo with surprise.

Are the people of Wujia in Gaolingcheng still alive?

Wu Chenzi's eyes narrowed slightly: "This is of course."

Damn, even a junior led his nose away.

Wu Ruo turned to the emperor: "The emperor, limited ability to forgive the name, can't save the people in Gaoling City, and can only bring the injured relatives to the imperial city. Therefore, for the sake of Caomin's efforts to save people, Rao Caomin's life. "

The emperor's face eased a lot: "If things really go like you said, it's because the Wu family people have wronged your family, so why are you guilty?"

"Xie Dijun does not kill." Wu Ruo continued: "However, please ask the emperor to return to the grassroots fair.

The emperor looked at the injury on his forehead: "You want me to punish the people who wronged your family?"

Some people in the Wu family hurriedly said, "Wu Ruo, don't overdo it. We are also wronged against your family, but your family has not been punished. Why should we be dealt with?"

Wu Ruo ignored the man: "If you return to the emperor, the grass name is just uncle Uncle. They are seriously injured, but they are unable to heal them. Although they will be sent to the imperial capital Wujiaye Healing, the people present today have a prejudice against the grassroots. Therefore, it is very possible to neglect our uncle's injuries. Therefore, Caomin dare to ask the emperor for a decree, hoping that the National Teacher Master will cure him.

Suddenly, Wu's popularity blushed.

The emperor hesitated for a moment before he said, "If it is true that you have saved your loved ones, you can make this decree."

Wu Ruo knelt quickly: "Thank Lord Ron."

He glanced at Wu Weixue and Wu Chenzi who were gritting their teeth and smiled coldly. If it were not for your design to harm our family, I would not make it. You just wait, as long as the Wuling family in Gaolingcheng It's bound to make you emperor wujia chicken jump.

Ling Mohan said, "Wu Ruo, it's all about one thing. It doesn't matter if you save someone or not, you broke my Nine Palace Dragon Jade, so you must accept the punishment of this palace."

When Wu Weixue heard it, he tickled his lips.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong rushed out: "Please let the prince take care of my son's carelessness, forgive him once? He is fragile and can't bear the punishment. You can punish the grassroots if you want.

Hei Xieyu also came out: "The Caomin is the husband of Xiao Ruo, and the punishment should be the Caomin's punishment.

Everyone heard and exclaimed.

"A man marrying a man?"

The emperor also stunned.

Wu Weixue stared at them irritably, but couldn't stop them.

Lingmo smiled coldly: "Whoever broke his official Jiugong Longyu should punish anyone, and none of you can replace him. Come, take Wu Ruo away."

The guard dragged Wu Ruo directly.

Ling Mohan said to Wu Chenzi: "Master, I am so sorry, this palace has no mood to eat your birthday feast, and here I wish you happiness like the East China Sea and Shou Nanshan.

After that, he turned and left. "

Wu Chenzi: "..."

Hei Xieyu and Wu Qianqing hurried to leave.
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