Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1: Previous life

Wu Ruo wakes up and finds himself in the shape of a large character, who is locked with iron chains by his limbs. He also has an iron frame on his chest. He puts his body in the yard of his house, and both the iron chain and the iron frame are engraved. Intricate runes with seal spells.

He pulled the iron chain and made a ‘ Dang ? Dang ?’ sound. Remember how he was * * * *with a friend drinking in the yard before?

"Wake up?" A familiar voice sounded behind him, and then the person came to him.

Wu Ruo saw that she was her good friend Ruan Yue, shook the iron chain on her wrist, and looked helpless: "What do you want to play when you lock me this time?"

He grew up with Ruan Yu from an early age, and has a very deep affection. Like hands and feet, he can help each other to help each other.

Ruan Xun did not smile with him hippie, and asked quietly, "I only ask you once, where is the secret of shadow stealing?"

Wu Ruo frowned, and frowned, "You know, I don't have the secret of shadow stealing."

Although the mystery of shadow stealing is in his mind, there is only the word 'shadow stealing' and there is no content, but the outside world has been circulating that people who practice shadow stealing spells can be invincible all over the world, which is simply passed on. God is so mysterious, many people in the clan want to get the shadow stealing technique, even he thinks the shadow stealing technique is particularly powerful, but he just can't learn this technique.
This mystery was acquired when he was 25 years old. Before that, he was a waste that could not be cultivated. Later, he accidentally shattered his longevity card. Only then did he know that he was not incapable of cultivation, but that he was caught by others. The seal has cultivated the ability, and it can only be unlocked if the Changsheng card is broken.

After the unblocking was passed down, several spells and powers appeared in his mind. Except for shadow theft, each spell had a detailed explanation and learning method. This was how he began to cultivate.

Ruan Yue ordered to the guard who was standing at the door of Fang: "Bring people out."

"Yes," four guards pressed a pair of middle-aged couples with white cloths in their mouths and came to Wu Ruo. Then, they kicked them hard and made a sound, and the middle-aged couple fell to their knees immediately.

"Dad? Mother?" Wu Ruo saw the middle-aged couple as their parents, surprised and angry: "Well, you've played too much this time, and you can't let go of my father and mother."

Wu Ruo's father and mother saw Wu Ruo tied to the iron frame, and whine excitedly.

Ruan Yue took a big knife and cut off Wu's arm directly.

"Woo--" Wu Father's eyes widened narrowly, and a lot of fine sweat came from his forehead, and the pain almost fainted.

"Woohoo ..." Wumu cried as she watched Wufu.

Wu Ruo dumbfounded, drinking too much wine, a little confused about the true and false situation.

Ruan Yue smiled coldly, raised her foot and stepped on Wu's other hand, "Wu Ruo, this is the end of you without telling mysteries."

"Woo--" Wu Fu collapsed weakly to the ground.
Wu Ruoming murmured, "Ruan Ruan you ..."

"Still don't say it, right?" Ruan Yue waved violently on Wu's father's neck. At the moment, his head fell to the ground and blood splattered.
Wu Ruo looked at his father's body in dismay, and couldn't believe that his friend would kill his father.

P rior to this, the man affectionately called his father an uncle, but a few drops of blood on his face told him that all this was true, not that he was dreaming.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo." Wu Mu saw that Wu Fu was chopped off her head, and furiously broke away from the man who caught her, and fell on Wu Fu's body sadly.

Wu Ruo's eyes turned red, and he madly pulled the chain to sorrow and anger: "Ruan Ruan, you have killed my father, you jerk, I want to kill you."

Ruan Ye's eyes showed ruthlessness, and he raised the knife holder to Wumu's neck: "No more, the next one is your mother."

Wu Ruo's hateful eyes flashed a panic: "We haven't talked about anything all the time. Do I have any secret recipes for mystery, don't you know?"

"It seems that mystery is more important than your mother." Ruan raised the sword sharply.

Wu Ruo was startled and raised his voice, "No, you don't want to mess around. Ruan Yue, is our friendship for decades not as good as a secret book?"

"Friendship?" Ruan Yue looked at him with a smile: "Do you really think I treat you as a friend, huh, you know, I am close to you just because you are a waste that cannot be cultivated, only in front of you, I I feel like I ’m still a useful person, but I do n’t know what * * * *you ’ve taken, not only can you cultivate, but your ability is getting better and better. I ’m in front
of you, like a dog behind you. Look down, and get squeezed by bullying everywhere. "

The more he talked and the more angry he was, the sharp knife went down suddenly.

Wu Ruo said in horror: "Don't, don't kill my mother, you want mystery, I'll give it to you, can I give it to you? I just ask you to let go of my mother."

"Okay, I'll spare her life if you look so beautiful in your fifties." Ruan Yue put away her sword and said to the four guards: "This woman rewards You guys. "

"Thank you, Master." The four guards pulled up Wumu with a smirk: "This old lady is so old and still so tender, like a little girl who hasn't been out of the court."

One of the guards kissed Wumu's face, one pulled up her blouse, revealing a pale green bellyband, the other ripped Wumu's skirt, and one eagerly took off his pants, making it ugly. Soaring things.

"Woohoo, hoohoo." Wu Mu struggled to hide while crying, but made the four guards more excited. They pressed her to the table where she had eaten before.

The guard, who had taken off his pants, pressed directly, pushed forward hard, and then quickly twitched her.

At the moment, the whole yard was full of lascivious laughter.

"Dare you touch my mother, I will make you dead without corpses." Wu Ruo shouted madly, "Come here, come here."

"Don't call it. No one will come." Ruan Yue was unafraid: "The people of Wu family can't wait for your family to die, how can they come to save you."

Wu Ruo angrily opened his eyes: "Impossible, not."
But if it wasn't for Ruan Yue, why was there such a big fight and no one came to save them?

"Your uncle and uncle have been overwhelmed by your father since they were young. They have long been jealous and resentful to your father. Your father was only conspired by them to be destroyed and repaired, and your elder brother, bamboo, you know How did he die? "Ruan Yue mentioned the bamboo that had been dead for many years and laughed sarcastically:" The people of Wu family jealous of his talents, while he was training, they killed your brother by the hands of others. "

"I don't believe it. It must be you who provoked us." Wu Ruo didn't believe they would be so cruel.

"And your sister Uhi, who also urged your brother-in-law, Bashar, to cast a curse on her, and your sister would promise to marry Bashar, and her death later was because Basra came out when she made her into a puppet. An accident. "

"You lied, these were all made up by you," Wu Ruo shouted.

"You love to believe it or not, anyway, the people of the Wu family will not come to save you, and, maybe, hiding in the dark and peeking how I killed you."

"Ah-" Suddenly, the guard screamed.

Unbearable Defiled Wumu kicked the guard who pressed on her, then used all her strength to break away all the guards and rushed towards the wall.

Wu Ruo was afraid to shout, "No, mother, don't--! " With a bang, Wu Mu hit her head against the wall. Wu Ruo looked desperate: "Mother! Mother! "
The guard stepped forward to explore the breath: "Dead."
Wu Ruo angrily yelled at his former friend: "Ruan Ruan, you beast, you must not die, I will not let you go."

Ruan Yue smiled coldly: "Okay, you come. In fact, I know you don't have shadow stealing secrets, but I just want to use this excuse to torture you severely, and see you so painful, I will I feel so happy, call it, call it louder, only when you yell louder, I know how painful you are. "

He took the knife and severely cut off Wu Ruo's right leg.

"Ah--" Wu Ruo screamed, and almost fainted before passing out.

"Haha--" Suddenly, someone on the wall laughed wildly: "Uruo Uruo, you also have today."

Ruan Yue smiled at the people on the fence and asked, "Master, are you happy?"

The man was wearing a black cape and couldn't see each other because he was standing in the dark.

"Glad, glad, you tortured him severely to death," said the mysterious man, "I want him to die."

"Okay." Ruan Yue picked up the knife and cut off Wu Ruo's right hand. Wu Ruo passed out directly.
Nguyen Than asked someone to wake him up with cold water.

"I hate his eyes and cut out his eyes." The mysterious man's tone filled with deep hatred.

Wu Ruo Qi Ruoyou: "Who are you?"

He never knew Ruan Yue and Master, nor did he know when he provoked this person.

"You don't deserve to know who I am."
Ruan Xun took out his dagger and ruthlessly aimed at Wu Ruo's eyes. He made two beeps and * * * *eyes flew out of his eyes. There were only two
* * * *holes left in the eye sockets, and blood sprang outwards. "Ah-" Wu Ruo passed out again in pain.
Mysterious Humanity: "Don't let him die."

Ruan Yue fed Wu Ruo with elixir, and woke people up again.

Wu Ruo felt that tonight's affairs could not be separated from the mysterious people, and filled with grief and inquiries: "What have we done? Why should we do this to me and my family."

"Why?" The mysterious man sneered sneerly: "If you have the next life, I'll tell you, hey, cut off his tongue, I don't want to hear his voice again."

"Yes." Ruan Yue pinched Wu Ruo's lower Hubei and let the guard pull his tongue out.

At that moment, a scream came from a distance, and someone shouted sternly, "Help, it's Hei Xie, Hei Xie is here."

The mysterious man stunned: "Hei Xuan is here, let's go." Wu Ruo was stunned and silent.
Black shame ...

The husband, who had never looked straight at him, would come here. Unfortunately, it's too late ...
Ruan Yue was unwilling to let Wu Ruo just like this, stabbed Wu Ruo's heart directly with a dagger, and set fire to his body.

Wu Ruo held back her pain, and with the only breath left, she set a vicious curse: "I Wu Ruo sworn with the soul, never reincarnation after death, the vow will turn into a ghost, and they will never be at peace."

Chapter 2: Rebirth

In the side alley of Wujia, three teenagers around the age of fifteen laughed at the obese youth who fell to the ground.

"Dead man, congratulations on marrying a man. Was it a good day for a man to be married two nights?"

"The * * * *is so big, the person who * * * *him must be very happy, haha, I don't know if their new bed has been crushed by him."

"Well? Why don't you move? You won't die after a fall? Wu Ruo, you * * * * don't pretend to be dead."

The boy in the blue robes kicked and kicked the youth with his feet. The young man opened his eyes. The vicious eyes made the three teenagers take a step backwards.

Wu Ruo stared at them for a moment, glancing through his eyes with confusion: "Jiang Xiaoliang? Yu Tianbao? P an Feng?"

Aren't these three people over thirty? How do you look younger? Is it possible to take the panacea and return to old age?


He was severely cut off his right leg and right arm by Ruan Yue, and he also lost his eyes and pierced his heart. Finally, he was burned by the fire, but why is he still alive?

"Dare, dare to call uncle's name, do you want to die?" Yu Tianbao suppressed his inner fear and kicked him angrily.

Wu Ruo's eyes sharpened, and he quickly raised his hand and grabbed his foot.
The cold eyes made Yu Tianbao shiver uncontrollably. Today's dead fat man looks so scary.

"Jiang Xiaoliang, Yu Tianbao, P an Feng, you don't pay too much attention to Wujia, and dare to bully our Wujia people at the door of Wujia." An angry reprimand came from the door.

Wu Ruoxun became famous in the past. A handsome young man in a white robe and a fox fur cape came angrily to push away the three teenagers: "Give me away, don't let me see you anymore."

"Yes, yes." Yu Tianbao did not dare to offend Wu Yu, the five young masters of the Wu family, and ran away with his tail dangling.

"Master, are you okay." The two servants behind Wu Yu hurriedly embraced Wu Ruo's arms before running, and Wu Ruo found out that his current body was ridiculously fat, bear palm hands, bath barrel waist, large Like legs, it's like going back to the fattest thirteen years ago.

Suddenly, he felt terrified. Not only did he not die, but his thin body went back to fat again.

Wu Ruo struggling to stand up, seeing the brand new carriage in front, could not help but look at it.

This carriage was specially tailored to him when he was married to Hei Xieyu, so the body was ten feet wide in order to make it easier for him to return to Wujia to see his family in the carriage, but, After he lost weight, he burned the carriage for the first time. Why does it appear here now?

"Wu Ruo, haven't they treated you?" Wu Yu asked with concern.

Wu Ruo shook his head and continued to immerse himself in his thoughts. Everything in front of him and what happened before made him feel familiar. Remember that when he married Hei Xieyu came back on the third day, such a thing happened.
Wu Yu said with a gentle smile: "Since it's okay, let's go in, but don't let your uncle wait."

Wu Ruo thought of his father and mother who were killed by Ruan Yue, and his heart was tight. With the help of his servant, Wu Ran stepped into the Wu family and walked quickly to the Shu Qingyuan where his father and mother lived.

On the way, many ridiculous and sarcastic eyes ushered in, but he had no time to take care of him, thinking in his mind whether his father and mother were wearing royal blue skirts waiting for him in the yard?

Wu Ruo walked into Shu Qingyuan and saw the middle-aged couple who was wearing a royal blue tunic. The first reaction was a sigh of relief. His father and mother were alive and well, and the second reaction was particularly shocked.

Because he was born again.

Rebirth returned thirteen years ago, the third day after he became married to Hei Xieyu.

Chapter 3: Damn body

God opened his eyes, let him be born again, and gave him a chance for revenge. All those who wanted to harm him and his family would be returned thousands of times.

Wu Ruoxin felt very depressed after being excited. Although God gave him a chance to be born again, he did not give him a choice of the period of rebirth. We must know that thirteen years ago was the darkest, most abhorrent, fattest, most fatal The lost time, not only does not have spiritual cultivation, but also cannot take care of oneself in life. Waking up in the morning can only get up and get off the ground. Then, every two steps you have to breathe. The saddest thing is that you are married as a man. He has been ridiculed by another man for a lifetime. Even if few people dare to bully him, those people will still make fun of him in private.

However, his family is all right at this time. He should be content. He will try to solve other things. Now how can he find his Changsheng card? In the last life, although the longevity card was given to him by his mother when he was 24years old, but his mother said that the longevity card was sent by someone else. As for who it is, his mother would not disclose it. The only thing I can say for sure is P rior to that, his mother didn't know about the Changsheng card, nor did he know that his spiritual power was sealed in the Changsheng card, making him unable to cultivate.

"Xiao Ruo." Wu mother Guan Tong hung Wu Ruo with red eyes before running, but because Wu Ruo was too fat, she could only hug his stomach: "Are you not wronged over there?"

Seeing her, Wu Ruo remembered the scene of the last tragic death of her last life, and her eyes were red.

"No." On the night of the marriage, Hei Xieyu left because of something, and his family did not live with him. Therefore, in the two days after the
marriage, he was not angry, and it was sent by the servants in Heifu. The meals here were not good.

"That's good." Guan Tong was relieved. Before that, she also worried that the black family would think that Wu Ruo was too fat.

Wu Fuqing, also relieved, asked Wu Yu, "Xiaoyu, why are you here with Xiaoruo?"

Wu Yu smiled slightly: "I met Xiao Ruo's servants on the way out. When they heard that Xiao Ruo was blocked by Yu Tianbao, they hurried over and blasted Yu Tian Bao away. Come together. "

"Those bastards." Wu Qianqing knew that Yu Tianbao had bullied his son again.

"Uncle San, I ..."

Wu Ruo knew what Wu Yu was going to say next, but didn't want him to say it, so he interrupted his words quickly: "Dad."

Wu Qianqing's attention was drawn to him: "Did you have breakfast? If not, I will let someone prepare."

"Have eaten it, Dad, I think you helped me in."

Wu Qianqing laughed and said, "How old are you, and still coquettish."

Before he left, holding Wu Ruo, he whispered, "Why didn't that person come back with you?"

Wu Ruo knew that he was asking Hei Xieyu: "He's fine, come back later" In the last life, Hei Xieyu came to Wu's house in the afternoon.
Wu Qianqing nodded: "That's good."

As he walked into the room, Wu Ruo looked at Wu Yu with the light of his eyes. At the moment, he caught the taunt of Wu Yu's eyes. My heart could
not help but think of what Ruan Yue had told him before the last death, and clenched his fists.

However, the gentle and graceful Wu Yu always treats others with humility, and he is even more considerate to him. As long as he encounters something, Wu Yu will help without saying a word. Like Ruan Yue said, people in Wu family have long been dissatisfied with their families?

Wu Qianqing felt the change in Wu Ruo and asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's all right," Wu Ruo released his fist and grabbed his wrist, taking the opportunity to take his pulse.

After he got married in the last life, he wanted to learn medicine because his body became fatter and later. He also worshipped the master to realize that his fatness was not a physical problem, but he was cast off before he was born. No wonder He is not as fat as others. The fat on his body does not sink because he grows too much, but the whole body is bloated by air, bulging like a big ball.

At that time, although his medical skills had little success, Wu Qianqing was destroyed for more than ten years, and it was impossible to recover.

At present, Wuqian Qingxiu has been destroyed for only the past six months, and there is great hope that the original strength can be restored.

When Wu Yu saw no room for him to intervene, he left and left.

Seeing his back, Wu Ruo slightly moved his eyes. First, let his servants go to the kitchen for breakfast, and then said to Wu Qianqing, "Dad, I have something to tell my brother, I'll come and go."

Wuqianqing said: "I have people call him back."

"No." Wu Yu rejected him because he didn't really have something to say to Wu Yu.

"Then I help you find him,"
"I'll go alone."

Wu Qianqing was worried, but this is the Wu family. No one will bully his son, so he can rest assured.

Wu Ruo was sent out of Shu Qingyuan by Wu Qianqing. Wu Yu walked to the alley and turned in the direction they came from.

He leaned on the wall and quickly followed, but he gasped without taking two steps. Moreover, his body was extremely poorly balanced and would fall to the ground at any time.

If he falls, it will be difficult for him to get up alone.

"Huh, * * * * body." Wu Ruo wiped his forehead with a whisper, and began to think tomorrow to make his body thin again.

Wu Yu came to the side door that came in before, and Wu Ruo, who was behind him, saw someone outside the door waiting for Wu Yu from a distance.

Chapter 4: He is unlucky

Wu Ruo sank in his heart.

He would follow up, guessing that Wu Yu had a certain connection with Yu Tianbao before, because every time before Yu Tianbao they bullied him, Wu Yu always happened to meet and help.

In the last life, he was particularly grateful that Wu Yu could appear in time every time he was bullied, and he didn't think about why there were so many coincidences. Now he doesn't want to think more.

Wu Yu didn't know that Wu Ruo was following, and following Tianbao, they went to the right alley.

Wu Ruo's gaze turned, dragging his heavy body, holding his breathless breath to the yard, which is only a wall away from the alley. Because this is a courtyard, very few people walk through it, and no one notices it. To Wu Ruo's weird behavior carefully walking under the wall.

Outside the wall, Yu Tianbao lowered his voice and asked, "Shao Yu, did you borrow the * * * *ice seal?"

Wu Yu's face was black. "No."

"How is that possible?" Yu Tianbao's voice raised slightly: "Isn't Yu Shao able to borrow a magic weapon from Wu Qianqing as long as he helps the dead fat man?"

Wu Yu calmly said, "Today is the day when the waste returns to the door. Wu Qianqing is particularly happy. I don't care about me. When I opened my ice stamp from Wu Qianqing, I was interrupted by the dead waste. Not borrowed. "

"Dead fat is actually bad for Yu Shao, what are you going to do next?"
"I can only think of it later to borrow the ice seal of God."

"This fat man is married, and there will be fewer opportunities to bully him in the future. Huh, he is also very unlucky. It is such a laughing matter that he decided to marry a man with such a family relationship."

Wu Yu sneered: "He's quite unlucky, but it's not the waste that settled with the Hei family."

"Ah?" Yu Tianbao, Jiang Xiaoliang, and P an Feng said: "Who isn't he?"

Wu Yu did not disclose the meaning of the Wu family, and quickly changed the topic: "Don't say this, let's find a place to have fun."


Inside the wall, Wu Ruo shivered with anger, clenched his fist fiercely, and thrust his fingertips into the meat.

It turned out that what Ruan Yue said was true. The Wu family had long regarded their family as thorns in their eyes. Look at Wu Yu's mouthful of Wuqianqing and waste, and once he heard it, he often called him and His father didn't even take their family seriously.

He used to be blind to the dog's eyes, treating the people who harmed them as good people, and borrowed all the magic in the house silly.

It ’s borrowed. In fact, the people of Wujia did n’t pay back at all. Later, his elder brother and little girl died, and no one could use the magic weapon borrowed. His father did n’t let the Wujia people use magic weapon. He returned, and his whole family died later, not to mention Wu family's return.

However, in this life, he will not let them wish. Wu Ruo sneered.
Those borrowed magic weapons were bought by his father for life, and some were his mother's dowry. He must take them back one by one, but
how to get them back up and use them has to be discussed in the long run.

Wu Ruo didn't know how he returned to Shu Qingyuan. He heard the joyful laughter in the room before he returned to God.

"Xiao Ruo, come back." Wu Zhu saw Wu Ruo and immediately ran out to help him.

"Second Brother." Wu Xi's eyes brightened, and he hurried to the other side of Wu Ruo, and smiled to help Wu Ruo enter the house together with Wu Zhu.

Wu Ruo could once again see his relatives who had been dead for many years, and there was a tear in his eyes, and he vowed once again that he must pay the blood and debt of those who killed them.

Chapter 5: Wuj ia

The Wujia generation is a family of Yinyang divisions. The family is very large. After thousands of years, it has been divided into countless side branches. Wuruo's family is one of the branches of Wujia. Even so, in Gaoling City, it is still a behemoth. The first-class big family of China cannot compare with Wujia.

Now is the era when monsters and monsters are rampant, and it is also an era when various wizards compete with the strength of various ethnic groups. Therefore, when the children of the Wu family reach the age of three, they will be sent to a family-run school to learn the techniques of yin and yang. , Face to face, orientation, knowledge of disasters, learn hexagrams, sacrifice, self-study, funerals, runes, spell formation enchantments, manipulative deities, perform illusions, verbal spirits.

Because the learned skills are extremely extensive, everyone can't specialize in all the skills at all. Therefore, some people tend to be proficient in divination, some are proficient in drawing charms and enchanting matrix formations, and others are only proficient in speaking and casting. Except for the Wu family ancestors, there is no one who can master all the arts of magic and manipulating the gods. Even in the line of the imperial capital, Wu Chenzi, who has been enshrined as emperor by the emperor, has some aspects that he is not good at.

After eating lunch, Wuzhu and Wuxi took a break for half an hour, and they were urged by Wu Ruo to leave the Shuqing Academy to study at Wujia School, because they would not learn a lot for a long time, and they would leave a lot of others behind. It's not too late to pass people back.

Soon after they left, Wu Ruo ’s uncle Wu Qianjing sent someone to inform them that they would be exempted from toasting tea to other loved ones and introduce their loved ones to Hei Xieyu. This is to avoid Wu Ruo. awkward.
Wu Ruo sneered, but it was a sounding word.

In the last life, when Wuqian Jing sent a message, he and his father and mother were particularly grateful to the uncle to be considerate of him and not to embarrass him. Later, he learned that Wuqian Jing was because they did not know the identity of Hei Xieyu. A young master who couldn't get on the stage, Wu Chenzi transferred this marriage to the Wu family branch, so he didn't feel the need to waste time on such a small person.

At the time, he didn't care about these, so he didn't take the snobbishness of Wu Qianjing to their heart.

Wu Ruo thought of Wu Chenzi, his eyes flashed cold.

This relationship was settled by Wu Chenzi ’s father in order to save his life, but as a state teacher, Wu Chenzi could not marry the Hei family who practiced magic, because it would not only be lost. After his face, his reputation would be ruined. Moreover, Wu Chenzi's granddaughter did not like Hei Xieyu, and Wu Chenzi threw the marriage to the Wu branch to resolve it.

In order to get Wu Chenzi's attention, the patriarch of the Wu family ’s side branch, that is, Wu Ruo ’s grandfather, took care of him and asked an unknown junior in the clan to replace Wu Chenzi ’s granddaughter and Mo Xunyu to become married However, who knows that Hei Xuyi said that he only likes men and doesn't like women.

Ubud side wanted this family thing to Uro if he didn't want to.

Wu Qianqing learned that his son was going to marry a man, and of course he strongly opposed it. However, Ubud side oppressed Wu Qianqing with Wu Zhu and U Xi's future, forcing Wu Ruo to agree to the family affairs.

Wu Ruo thought of this, and the guard of the Wu family's gate came to report: "The third master, the third master, and the second master's husband came."

Chapter 6: Black render

Wu Qianqing immediately asked his subordinates to ask Hei Xieyu to come in. After that, he ordered the other subordinates to call Wuzhu and Uxi back to Shu Qingyuan.

When Guan Tong thought about it, he could see the boyfriend, and he was particularly nervous to stand up and arrange the skirt for himself and her husband.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes, calculated the time in his heart, and when Hei Xieyu almost came to Shu Qingyuan, he got up and greeted him at the gate of the courtyard.

Soon, Shu Qingyuan's servants reported: "Master, master's husband is here."

Then, a tall black figure steadily stepped into the courtyard with the cold, followed by a large group of strong personal guards, as if the emperor was in person, the atmosphere became extremely solemn, and the people in the courtyard were afraid to pant, even the eyelids. Don't dare to mess up.

The black shawl walking in front was wearing a black mink cloak, and the long black hair was hung up in a ponytail style, and then fixed by a blood jade hair crown. He had firm facial features, sharp eyes, and cold lips.
However, the skin is full of fish-scale black scales, which are particularly appalling like ghosts.

Wu Ruo looked at a powerful and noble black man, and his thoughts floated to the last life. At that time, he didn't want to see black man at all. Therefore, on the day he came back, he was afraid that he would not want to see this person, and he would not let his father Mother asked this person to come in, but Hei Xieyu insisted on coming in to pay respect to his father and mother before leaving.
Now I see this person again in the rebirth, but the feeling of disgust in my heart is much lessened. P erhaps it was because the last life had arrived at the Wu family before He died. Whether he came to save him or not, at least the moment he had a view on this person. A touch of change.

Hei Xuanyu stopped in front of Wu Ruo, staring indifferently at his fat face, and seeing the complex colors revealed under his eyes, his eyebrows moved slightly.

Wu Ruo looked back, his eyes fell on this terrible face in front of him.

In the last life, he was frightened by this face several times. Later, he realized that the scaly skin was nothing but a fake skin applied to the face. Only after it was uncovered, the world's talents would know this. He is so beautiful that he can't find words to describe it. He thinks that no one can look better in this world than Hei Xuyi.

Therefore, when he died, he did not understand why such a superior person was willing to marry him. Moreover, this person did not dislike him for half a point from beginning to end.

Wu Ruo stretched his bear's paw in front of Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xuanyu was a bit unclear. So hesitated for a moment before trying to hold his hand. In an instant, all the attention was attracted by the palm of Bai Nen's soft cotton. After a glance, put away playfulness.

The personal guard behind him took the servants around Wu Ruo with great interest to a place where they could not hear them.

Wu Ruo glanced around at their servants, lowering his voice and saying, "Thank you for the time to pretend to help my father get the pulse."

He still doesn't know who the mysterious person who let Ruan Yue kill him, let alone the strength of the other person, so he must not disclose to anyone about the rebirth, or let his family know that he suddenly knew medicine Thing.
As for Hei Xie, he doesn't need to worry at all, because the mysterious person seems to be very afraid of Hei Xie, and he will definitely not approach Hei Xie, and he believes Hei Xie will not tell his story.

Regardless of the reason, Hei Xun pinched his palms and pulled people to the room.

Wu Ruo pumped the corners of his mouth, and quickly told Hei Xieyu that he had previously pulsed Wu Qianqing.

Chapter 7: My husband

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong were frightened when they saw Hei Xieyu, but they quickly calmed down and saw Hei Xieyu help Wu Ruo enter the door without disappointment. Finally, there was a touch of consolation in his heart. Marrying a son to a man has made them uncomfortable. If the son is aggrieved at his in-law's house, they will blame themselves for a lifetime.

Wu Ruo introduced them: "Dad, mother, he's Hei Xieyu." Thinking of seeking black shame, he added: "My husband." Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong suddenly nodded.
They did not expect that Wu Ruo would bluntly say that Hei Xieyu was his husband. Before he became married, Wu Ruo specifically rejected this family thing, let alone mentioning Hei Xieyu, even the dowry He mentioned that, the closer the time when he got married was, the more the people became depressed. They used to worry about whether their son would seek out short-sightedness, but now only three days have passed, how has it changed so much?

Hei Xieyu took the tea from the housekeeper Wu Xu to admire tea to Wu Qingqian. He simply called his father-in-law and stopped talking.

Wu Qianqing saw that he was not a talkative person, so he wanted to talk to him about the topic, but his aura was so strong that he felt more stressed than when he went to see Wu Chenzi, he could hardly sit still.
Immediately, the atmosphere cooled down. Wu Ruo's eyes were black.
Wuxu knew, and left the hall with the other attendants, and brought the hall door, and the black-eyed person was outside the door.
Wu Ruo said, "Dad, black ... cough, Xun's medicine is good, let him give you a pulse, maybe he can restore your body."

Although his father does not seem to care about the destruction, he knows that his father always sighs secretly when no one is there. Being the head of the family cannot protect his family, he must be sad.

Wu Qianqing's eyes brightened: "Thank you for your help."

The Wu family once asked one of the top doctors in Tianxing Kingdom to show him that all his spiritual fields were destroyed and there was no possibility of recovery, but he didn't want to just give up treatment.

Guan Tong was also very happy, and quickly got up to sit down.

Hei Xieyu did not understand medicine, but he did it according to Wu Ruo, and injected his own spirit into the circle of Wu Qianqing's body. Then, he stopped on the Lingtian and waited for a while before pressing Wu. If you explain, "The Lingtian was damaged, causing the repair to be lost, unable to condense the spirit ..."

Wu Ruo sits and listens quietly. In fact, the doctors also said these words. The final conclusion is that they can no longer practice, but the pulse can be passed by him. It is not really impossible to recover. Just use a lot of elixir There is still a great opportunity for Lingtian to return to his original appearance. Then why did the famous doctors invited by the Wu family say no?

He narrowed his eyes and thought of the answer quickly.

The famous doctors invited by the Wu family either took the money of others and didn't tell the truth, or they were all fake. He and his father have only heard the names of a few famous doctors, but they haven't seen the famous doctors themselves. The Wu family casually invited individuals to impersonate famous doctors, and they did not know.

He believes that the second possibility is relatively high. Doctors always pay attention to their reputation and fame, especially the more powerful
doctors pay more attention to them. They can earn a lot of money by treating a wealthy patient at will. It is impossible to make money by telling lies and ruining your reputation.

Wu Ruo thought that the Wu family had treated them so badly.

Wu Qianqing sighed: "The same goes for the doctor who diagnosed my pulse."

Hei Xuyi glanced briefly at Wu Ruo and continued: "Although it is serious, it is not impossible to recover ..."

Chapter 8: gift

Wu Qianqing stood for a moment, stood up suddenly, and asked excitedly, "Do you say that is true? I really have hope to resume Lingtian and continue to cultivate?"

Wu Ruo said in a low voice: "Daddy, keep your voice down. The best way to restore Lingtian is to know as little as possible. Even the elder brother and younger sister don't say it for the time being."

If the Wu family knows this, I'm afraid that he hasn't started to nurse his father's body. The Wu family will do everything possible to prevent his father from recovering, and may even kill his father.

The most encouraging thing is that the people of Wujia have been so good at disguising themselves. They performed well in front of him and his father. As long as Wujia bought a new batch of fabrics, they would bring the best fabrics as soon as possible. I sent them to Shu Qingyuan. They had something delicious. I thought of Shu Qingyuan for the first time. Now I want to tear off their masks and have to find out the evidence. Otherwise, it will be difficult to convince his father, mother and brother. Wujia is such a hypocritical person.

If he couldn't make it, he thought he would spread his grievances on the Wujia people because he was dissatisfied with the family affairs.

Wu Qianqing looked puzzled, "Why?" This is a good thing, why not say it?
Wu Ruo lied: "I still don't want to let people know that he understands medicine, so please trouble my father and mother first to keep it secret, and when Dad's body can really recover, he can't hide it, no later."

Wu Qianqing nodded.
Whether it can be restored to repair now is still unknown. If things are said out, in case Lingtian can't be repaired, wouldn't it ruin the reputation of the boy-in-law.

"Big brother and younger sister are coming back soon to heal your body. I'll ask Shaw to clear me when I go back."

Wu Qianqing gratefully looked at Hei Xuyi: "Trouble you."

Guan Tong thought of her husband's resumption of cultivation, and tears of happiness filled his eyes. He felt that although Wu Ruo was a little ugly, he was still very nice. As long as he was good to Xiao Ruo, his appearance status was not important.

Before long, Wuzhu and Wuxi returned.

They had discussed it early. Wuzhu was the eldest brother, and later he called Mo Xunyu as a shame, and Wu Xi was a young girl named Wu Ruo, and he called Hei Xunhe as a brother.

Hei Xuyi had no opinion, and ordered his men to send in all the gifts he bought. Then, they saw the car after car being transported into Shu Qingyuan, filling the entire yard.

Wuxu got the gift list, and when he saw the name on the list, he couldn't help shaking his hands. It was full of expensive instruments and medicines.

P eople in the Wu family learned of this, and regretted that they hadn't got enough feet to breasts. Why were they so stupid, they refused to go to Shu Qingyuan to have tea, and they missed such a great thing for nothing.

Wu Ruo was stunned to see that there were only a few more gifts than the gift.

In the last life, Hei Xieyu didn't give so many gifts. After worshiping tea, he left his family with only one gift.

Wu Ruo couldn't help but look at the black man next to him.
It seems that the day he returned to the door in the last life, he annoyed the man, otherwise he would not give so few gifts.


I thought this person had no temper. It turned out that he just didn't show it.

Hei Xuanyu noticed his gaze and turned his head to ask.

Wu Ruo thoughtfully looked at the gift after gift, and said, "After returning, give me the gift list for my gift."

He believes that the people of Wu family must have hidden some of their gifts, otherwise, the gifts will definitely not be less than the present gifts.

Chapter 9: will lose weight

It ’s darker in winter, and the sky is getting darker before the hour arrives. The weather gets colder as it gets closer to the night. The people in Shu Qingyuan ca n’t help but close their robes. Try not to blow cold wind into the clothes. .

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo had dinner and took their men away from the main entrance of Wu family.

Wu Ruo's carriage was ordered to wait at the gate early in the morning. Wu Ruo saw his carriage and stopped quietly, without any intention to go up.

He remembered that he left Wujia at this time in the last life, and when he came halfway, the bottom of the carriage suddenly collapsed, and the whole man fell to the ground fiercely, and hit his back and passed out.
When he woke up, it was three days later. Fortunately, he had a lot of clothes and thick meat, so he didn't hurt his bones, but he still lay on the bed for a month before going out. This incident spread throughout Gaolingcheng, and everyone laughed at him. Stupid pig, even a sturdy car can collapse.

Now thinking about it, the carriage was custom made by his mother, and must be used by him with confidence after her strict inspection. It is impossible to break so easily, so he has to suspect that someone has secretly manipulated it.

Wu Ruo looked at the coachman, just looking at the driver. The driver's eyes dodged, and he turned back guilty.
Wu Ruo squinted.

"Master, please get in the car," the attendant Wu Da said.
Wu Ruo looked at Wu Da, and seemed to be able to see through all the cold eyes, making Wu Da shake his body, and quickly lowered his eyes to avoid sight.

Wu Ruo turned to look at the attendant Wu Xiao on the left. Wu Xiao bowed her head and did not dare to look at Wu Ruo.
Wu Ruo snorted in heart, the two brothers of Wu Dawu knew that there was a problem with the carriage. Moreover, if they were not mistaken, the two would have been bought out by others, otherwise, he would not ask Wu Yu for help every time he was bullied.

Thanks to his last life, he also spent a lot of money on marrying two wives with flowers for their brothers, but they did so in return.

Wu Ruo clenched her lips and seemed to replace them. "Master, please get in the car." Wu Da reminded again.
Wu Ruo looked at the carriage with dark eyes and said quietly, "I want to ride a carriage with my husband."

"But, Black's carriage is too small ..."

Wu Ruo walked directly to the carriage of Hei Xieyu, and with the doubtful eyes of the guard Heigan, squeezed into the compartment just to accommodate his body. The six-foot-wide carriage originally filled the space with his huge body, and even the black shackles were squeezed into the corners.

"..." Hei Xu stared at Wu Ruo with cold eyes.

Wu Ruo twisted her six-foot wide butt, found a comfortable position, and exclaimed, "Thank you for your help today."

"Come on." Hei Xuanyu's neck was closely connected to Wu Ruo's body, and it could even be said that his body had been trapped in Wu Ruo's body, and his chest was squeezed out of breath.
Wu Ruo ignored the cold air from his body: "My carriage is broken."

"..." Hei Xuanyu stared at him for a moment, and Shen said, "Back to the house."

Of course, after a while, the carriage didn't move.

Hei Xieyu was about to ask a question, and Hei Gan's voice came in: "Master, horses can't move the car."

The atmosphere in the carriage became extremely embarrassing. Hei Xieyu: "..."
Wu Ruo kept his head down and didn't speak, but his weight was more than 6 00 kilograms, plus the weight of the black shaman, the driver and the carriage were all more than one thousand kilograms. Moreover, it was snowing now, and the ground was special. It's slippery, it's just a horse- drawn cart, and of course it won't move.

Hei Xunyu looked at Wu Ruo: "Just one more horse." "Yes."
Wu several smiled: "I will lose weight."

"No." Hei Xuyi pushed away with his hand, but it would spring back automatically. "That's good."

"..." Wu Ruo looked at the man who was enjoying himself in his stomach, and drew a corner of his eyes, this guy actually regarded his stomach as a toy.

Chapter 10: Y oung man

When the car was about to return to Heifu, the sound of ‘ ?’ suddenly came from outside the car. Heigan outside the car said immediately, “Master, my wife ’s carriage is out of order.”

Hei Xingyu said nothing.

Heigan continued to drive his car back to Heifu.

Wu Ruomu's light flashed coldly: "Hei Xuan, can you transfer two corpses to my yard?"

In the last life, Hei Xieyu asked Heigan to tune four corpses into his courtyard, but he scolded and ran away with disgusted expression. At that time, Hegan took the corpse and turned away.

The so-called corpse servants are servants made of people who have just died. They are equal to what they call the living dead. The corpse servants are very loyal to those who control him. The corpse servants are divided into low-level corpses, intermediate corpses, and seniors. The low-level corpse servants only have one soul and one soul, and speak and move slowly. The master can do whatever they want. If it is too complicated, they cannot do it. Other people can let them help to do things with the consent of the master. . The intermediate corpse servant has a complete soul, except that his face is pale and bloodless, just like ordinary people. Senior corpses are the same as intermediate corpses, but they have more skills than intermediate corpses, they are also more arrogant. They are not the people who control him. Others can't drive them to work.

Black eyes narrowed his eyes.

How did he know that there were corpses in the house?
Wu Ruo was staring at his hair and suddenly remembered that he knew about the corpse servants half a year after he became married, and now even when he sees slow-moving servants in the house, he doesn't know that they are corpses. .

Hei Xuanyu looked away, and continued to poke his belly with his fingertips, indicating that he had agreed to what he said.

Wu Ruo breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that he didn't investigate why he knew about the corpse servant.

At this point, the carriage stopped.

Heigan outside said, "Master, we are here."

Wu Ruo stepped out of the carriage with the help of the corpse servant.

Butler Heixin stepped forward and said, "Madam, a young boy is looking for you. He has been waiting in the house for a long time."

"Young boy?" Wu Ruo wanted to break his head and couldn't figure out who it was. In the last life, no one came to him. No, he passed out and didn't know if anyone was looking for him.

Wu Ruo entered the hall of Heifu with doubt, and saw a young man sitting expressionlessly in a chair.

The young man looked ordinary. When Wu Ruo came back, he immediately got up and asked, "Wu Ruo?"

"Yes, are you ...?" Wu Ruo was pretty sure he had never seen this person. "I sent your wedding gift to your grandfather."
"Maternal grandfather?"

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows. He heard her mother say it once. Because her mother ignored the opposition of her grandfather, her talents for marrying
a foreigner were removed from the clan forever and never returned to the clan.

Then, his dowry, which was given to his mother by dozens of cars, was never contacted again. Therefore, he had never seen his grandfather and did not know who his grandfather was. However, his mother wrote to the Hui family every month, but never I have never received a reply.

"Yes." After the young man looked at Wu Ruo carefully, and then looked at the black shackles behind him, he took off the red bag on his back and handed it to Wu Ruo: "On behalf of your grandfather, I wish you and your husband your old head. ,To tie the knot."

Wu Ruo hesitated before taking the burden: "Thank you." "Farewell." The young man turned and left the hall.
Wu Ruo asked quickly: "It's getting late now, don't you stay and stay for one night before leaving?"

The young man ignored him and walked out of the house. "Really strange."
Wu Ruo opened the bag and revealed a red box. When she saw a familiar 'sacrifice' engraved on the box, she slumped and almost dropped the box on the ground.
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