The Strongest Gene Chapter 641-650

Chapter 641: Resonance

Ancient race’s palace.

Chen Feng was silently looking at the information shown on the screen. That’s right, this was the palace of the ancient race. With the assistance of humans, the ancients had installed the most advanced technological equipment here as well. Naturally, as they were still rather unfamiliar with operating this equipment, half the staffers here were humans.

After this equipment had been installed, the study on the topography of the ancient race’s territory, environment, and species had begun. With this, the exploration of the planet had increased rapidly. After one month of study, the results had finally come out. At present, 58% of the planet had been explored. This was a rather astonishing amount. One ought to know that back then, when Chen Feng had first become a Genetic Warrior, only 18% of this planet had been explored. Now, the figure had increased by more than two times. At present, 58% of this planet had been explored, with the remaining 42% still unknown. However, from the map, they deduced that the remaining 42% could very well be comprised of oceans, a domain humans did not need to reach for the time being.

“If the remaining 42% is truly all ocean, we can use blue to indicate it in the map. With that, the map of the entire planet will be clear. Look, this used to be the devil race’s territory.” The technician pointed at a huge blank zone. “Although this territory is now abandoned, when we were hunting the devils in the past, this area was reconnoitered as well. There are no dangers there. As for these…”  The technician pointed at the red  signs  on  the  map.  “Some  areas  have  powerful  beasts, whereas some are hard to enter due to environmental factors. Due to our limited manpower, we have yet to investigate these areas thoroughly. However, these areas only comprise 1% of the planet and will not affect our overall development. We can just mark them as danger zones on the map for now and leave it alone.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” These special danger zones were not only available in the devil race’s territory. In the human territory, there were many such locations as well. An example was the Frozen Sea they had been to previously. Toward the end, they only needed to focus on confirming such locations before marking them with a warning sign. As for the remaining areas, most of them were the territory of the ancient race. After talking it out with the ancient race, they had cheerfully accepted the convenience offered by the Genetic Union. Communicators were introduced to the ancients, chips were installed, and monitors and numerous detection radars and even numerous other facilities, such as Ironclouds, were directly installed in the depths of the ancient race’s territory.
The ancients were extremely happy with the convenience brought by technology. As for the Research Agency, they were incredibly busy these days. As the major figure in the technological industry, Stormtech Company had also set out to become a role model and had gifted the ancients numerous pieces of equipment. With this, the speed at which humans gained understanding of the ancients increased even faster than they had imagined.

It wasn’t that the ancients were too stupid. Rather, the facilities the humans offered were truly too convenient. Moreover, at the same time the humans were penetrating deep into the lives of the ancients, the ancients were doing the same to the humans. This was essentially a double-edged sword of sorts. With the present harmonious relationship between humans and ancients, nobody dared to act recklessly. The appearance of Ironcloud had also increased the speed of their integration. If no mishaps happened, after several decades, the humans and ancients would slowly fully integrate into a single entity.

However, this was on the premise that none of those formidable powers of the Primordial Era were lurking around. Based on what Duma had said, the powers of the Primordial Era would appear occasionally. This was precisely the reason for his seemingly random occasional disappearances all this while, even if these powers might appear rather feeble.

Duma solemnly advised Chen Feng, “The moment one of these powers appears, it must be destroyed. Nobody knows what terrifying thing will be awakened by the appearance of these powers. For example, these powers might awaken something in a similar fashion to the way the devils awoke themselves. Or perhaps… some formidable existence might be awakened.”
These years, he had destroyed numerous powers of the Primordial Era that had appeared abruptly. This had continued until that stone had appeared. He hadn’t even been able to touch that stone. For him, the pink origin wasn’t an issue. What he was worried about the most was that stone.

“As  of  now,  each  power  that  has  appeared  has  been  a remnant of that era, a fragment of that era. However, that stone gives me an extremely bizarre feeling, as if it is a complete entity.” Duma was extremely anxious.

Mysterious stone…
Duma spoke a lot, yet Chen Feng merely listened on silently.

“What is a primordial power? Primordial power is comprised of all the powers that existed during the Primordial Era. Any power that existed in that era will bear a trace of the aura from that era. They were extremely powerful and dreadful. What’s important isn’t the might of these powers. Rather, it is the fact that all the aura leftover from that aura will have some sort of resonance with those existences that have slumbered or been dead for several millennia. How dreadful the resonance of that era  is  is  something  you  can’t  even  begin  to  comprehend,” Duma said with a heavy tone. Resonance…
Chen Feng frowned. For the primordial powers, the most important thing was resonance? What exactly was this so- called resonance? Chen Feng had way too many questions about all this.

Duma shook his head. “It is impossible to describe. If you encounter it in the future, you will know. Naturally, I hope that the day will never come… Although the powers of the Primordial Era are mighty, there are still differing levels, with some being weak as well. An example is the awakened ones. During the Primordial Era, awakened ones existed. If the power of resonance is not taken into consideration, their strength is in fact similar to ours. There was nothing special about them.”
Chen Feng was astonished. “Oh?” The awakened of the Primordial Era was actually similar to present awakened ones? It seemed like the Primordial Era was not a big deal, then…
Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. “Oh, right. What exactly does awakened mean?” “Awaken?” Duma contemplated. “I recall that, at that time, it was said that an ordinary person that had awakened the power of resonance would be called an awakened. As for their increased combat power, it was merely a supplementary effect of being awakened.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Increase in combat power was merely a supplementary effect? In short, what he had achieved so far was nothing but a mere side effect of others when they awakened? So he was in fact a fake?

Hey, hold on.

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled that the first time he had heard the term awakened had been on the Twin Horns World. Why would they be using the same term? Chen Feng was able to guess something. The Twin Horns World, the so-called alien world, the arena that was the so-called savior of space travelers, had probably been built by some refugees of that era? If so, this would be acceptable. Chen Feng’s thoughts moved rapidly, numerous thoughts swirling around in his brain. With Duma’s explanation, he was getting more curious about the so- called resonance power. However, even with this, Duma couldn’t explain it to him.

“Resonance…”  Duma shook his head. “I can’t say it, I can’t use it. It’s too mysterious. If I provide an excessive explanation, I might truly attract the resonance of some existences.”
“???” Chen Feng’s eyes widened. Holy shit, a mere explanation would give rise to resonance as well?

Duma smiled bitterly. “Why else? This is also why those existences were akin to the sun, the moon, and the stars of the Primordial Era, why the world revolved around them. I hope that I will never see the power of resonance ever again.”
Chen Feng raised a brow. Is that so? Resonance… was something one couldn’t even speak about? This was the first time he had realized how scary this power could be. This was akin to a censoring software that would censor someone whenever they said something… An example would be “water **, Duma’s **,” and so on. One would never be able to see the full word, just a bunch of asterisks.

Resonance was evidently such an existence.

Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. “Can you use such a power, then?” One ought to know that Duma was also an awakened of that era.

Duma nodded his head. “Yes. The inheritance of our race is a bloodline inheritance. Everything will appear as we age. I still remember all of them. However, even now, I have never used them once, as I dare not. Even at the risk of becoming as weak as the present me, I still didn’t dare use them.” Duma gazed at the remaining pink on his body. “Although I don’t know what will happen, the power of resonance… is something I will never use, if possible,” Duma stated firmly, causing Chen Feng to exclaim in admiration at the prowess of resonance. Even if he had to be controlled by his disciple, even when near death, he still dared not use the power of resonance.

What exactly was this thing? Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something, and his eyes shone brightly. “Do I have such power?”

Chapter 642: Green, the World’s Rescuer

“I have such a power as well?” Chen Feng was happy to hear this.

“Yes. However, without anyone guiding you, you will forever unable  to  achieve  resonance,”   Duma  stated  without  any hesitation.

So that’s the case. Chen Feng contemplated. Since Duma didn’t dare to mention it, he would stop asking.

Chen Feng laughed bitterly. “It seems like I have been busy for nothing again.” He had initially believed that he would be able to learn a lot of things here. However, after gaining some understanding, with great helplessness, he found that without using the power of resonance, nobody was any better than anyone else. After all, all the awakened powers were merely supplementary effects of the awakening.

Mhm… This applied to even Duma. As such, he could stop dreaming about learning anything too powerful here.

“If  so…  I  have  one  final  question.”  Chen  Feng  looked  at Duma.  “Since  you  have  such  strength,  are  not  part  of  the ancient race, and have also witnessed the birth and fall of numerous races and even lived through countless eras, why would you partake in the Holy War?”

Duma raised his head abruptly. Holy War…
Compared to the distant Primordial Era, the Holy War was akin to something that had happened a short while ago, to the point that everything that had happened at that time was still vivid in his mind. So vivid was his memory that he could still remember that the Chen Feng and Qin Hai before him had also been there during the Holy War back then.

Duma  shook  his  head.  “Have  you  forgotten  my  duty? Ancients, devils, and humans, I don’t really care who wins in the end. Otherwise, do you think I would have allowed the humans and ancients to integrate?”
Instantly, Chen Feng blushed with shame. That was true. If Duma had truly wanted to get involved in the affairs of the ancient race, those minor schemes Chen Feng had used on the ancients would have been pointless. All of humanity might have been destroyed instead.

“The rise and fall of a race is as the natural order should be and is unrelated to me. Back then, the only reason I got involved in the affair pertaining to the barbarians was because of their chief…” Duma frowned and continued, “He employed a primordial power! From somewhere unknown, he obtained some fragments of primordial items and nearly caused a resonance. I was forced to act.”
Resonance… Instantly, Chen Feng understood everything clearly. So it was because of that. If so, the barbarians hadn’t been destroyed for nothing back then after all.

“How about the devils…” Chen Feng asked.

“They surprised me as well.” Duma’s head ached. “I was only forced to act on the barbarians. Next, it should have been the time for the devils and ancients to grow and further develop with the absence of the barbarians. Unexpectedly, scenes of me participating in the war were spread. Perhaps I had defeated the barbarians way too easily back then, scaring the devils to the extent that they all started slumbering.”
Chen Feng was speechless when he heard this. So it turned out that the devils entering their slumber had been unexpected. This… If those devils were to find out the truth, they would probably be so angry that they started turning in their graves, right?

“You must pay more attention to that stone,” Duma said with a  solemn  tone.  “The  moment  the  power  of  resonance  is activated, it will be unstoppable. The Primordial Era might descend upon this world once again. Therefore… regardless of which primordial power it is, the moment it appears, you must destroy it. There’s also that pink power…” Duma pondered and spoke solemnly. “I will teach you some techniques to search for and capture primordial powers. You will have to finish the
New technique acquired!

Chen Feng walked out of the palace and sighed deeply. He had initially come to increase his strength, yet ultimately, he had instead learned some scanning and scouting techniques that could be used on primordial powers. As for his personal combat power, there hadn’t been many changes.

He pointed at the empty air three times.


He could feel the empty air disintegrating. This was a power far surpassing the comprehension level of an ordinary person, so powerful that one couldn’t even begin to imagine its prowess. However, even something so powerful was merely a supplementary effect of the power of resonance?

Resonance… how powerful was it?

Chen Feng’s heart chilled. Despite how powerful and attractive such powers were, if possible, Chen Feng did not wish to witness the appearance of such a power, since nobody knew what would happen afterward. Well, for now, he should first focus on dealing with the escaped pink power. Chen Feng shook his head and discarded his extra thoughts.


With Spirit’s assistance, Chen Feng was able to master the techniques quickly. 
A faint light wave swept out. From a certain distant location, a faint aura traveled back to him. It was precisely the pink origin that Chen Feng had encountered previously.

“Found you.” Chen Feng was happy at the discovery. This technique to search for primordial powers was much more powerful than he had imagined.

Surprisingly, the pink origin was actually located within a human city in a certain flourishing metropolis.

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. “Not good.” He had once experienced himself how scary this thing was. If the pink decided to attack without prejudice, something might happen to an entire city with a population of several million residents. As he thought of this, Chen Feng rushed over.

Shortly after, Chen Feng arrived in the city. Even without using the searching technique, he was already able to feel the able to locate it soon after.

However, when Chen Feng saw the pink, he froze. He had guessed that the pink would probably latch upon another person. However, he had never expected that the pink would actually select her! Xie Zhongtong!

At present, the scantily dressed Xie Zhongtong was having “fun” with a group of people. Numerous hands roamed her body, and numerous peculiar voices resounded amid this alley.

This fellow…
Chen Feng sighed. Xie Zhongtong and Han Yula had gone through numerous hardships before they had been able to put this wild side of hers under control and finally been able to be together. Unexpectedly, something had still happened to her. Initially, he had believed that due to their experiences together, at most, Han Yula would suffer a little amount of green. But now, it seemed like the green on Han Yula’s head was as wide as a grassland, to the point that horses could run on it. 
Chen Feng flashed over and was about to act when he suddenly saw the dazed expression in Xie Zhongtong’s eyes. Instantly, he was alarmed. This appearance… Could it be…
Chen Feng stopped moving and observed carefully for a short while. Finally, he confirmed one astonishing fact. That powerful and mysterious primordial power was in fact enjoying this! That’s right, the pink power was enjoying being caressed by this group of people here.

Chen Feng was truly startled. “This…” This was a primordial power! These people should be akin to bugs and tools for this primordial power! Yet this power was actually enjoying this…
“Could it be…”  Chen Feng took in a deep breath. “Such a dreadful power has actually been influenced by Xie Zhongtong’s nature?”
If that was the case, how “passionate” was Xie Zhongtong as a person for her to even influence a primordial power? “It’s  possible,”  Spirit  agreed  without  hesitation.  “In  fact, after that senior apprentice sister was possessed, the pink was influenced by her to a certain extent as well. That is why the pink hated you so much. However, that senior apprentice sister’s willpower seemed rather ordinary, as toward the end, she was fully under the pink’s control. As for this Xie Zhongtong… and if this is truly the pink origin… based on the strength of that senior apprentice sister after fusing with this pink origin, the moment this pink fused with Xie Zhongtong, the power was sufficient to cover this entire city,” Spirit deduced seriously. “That senior apprentice sister’s ability is merely charming, controlling one’s mind. As for Xie Zhongtong, she can induce a mass breeding season! Her only weakness thus far is that her strength is too weak. But after fusing with the pink power, this weakness no longer exists. This is what’s scary about this situation. The moment Xie Zhongtong unleashes her full power, this entire city, the several million inhabitants, nobody will be able to escape.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Chen Feng started to imagine the scene where, after this incident, numerous new videos were uploaded onto those amateur porno websites. As he thought of that, his head ached. Perhaps that was the reason the pink power chose Xie Zhongtong? The only mishap was that, after latching on to Xie Zhongtong, the pink power had surprisingly been influenced by Xie Zhongtong’s nature instead and had started enjoying all this…
Chen Feng sighed. “Scary.” Our dear friend Han Yula is truly pitiful.

Spirit continued deducing seriously. “It doesn’t matter. In any case, he is already so green that his heart is hopeless. Why would he bother with increasing the intensity of his green? He is already so green that he’s a forest now.”
Chen Feng sighed endlessly. From the alley, bizarre panting sounds resounded without stop. Spirit was still making deductions. “From her expression, tone, and her bodily reaction, she will be fully engrossed in this state of utter bliss soon… The moment you act, she will be jolted awake from this state of utter bliss in an extremely miserable manner. At that time, there is a 96% probability that she will then unleash a wide area attack. The possibility of this entire city falling victim is incredibly high. Therefore, I suggest that you don’t do anything for now and continue observing the development.” This was Spirit’s proposal.

Chapter 643: Epicenter

“How long will it take to free itself from Xie Zhongtong’s influence?”    Chen   Feng   asked.   Based   on   the   previous circumstances of the senior apprentice sister, this pink power was capable of invading one’s mind, from the initial slight influence to the final complete control. Chen Feng did not know how long Xie Zhongtong could last before she was fully under the pink’s control.

“Mhm…” Spirit paused, doubt on her face, and lowered her head to ponder seriously for a while before saying, “I don’t know.”
Chen Feng looked at Spirit in astonishment. “You don’t know?” Weren’t deductions extremely easy for Spirit?

“Mhm…” Spirit scratched her head. “I am indeed able to deduce when it comes to regular people. However, Xie Zhongtong is rather unique. From my observations, I noticed that the fusion of that pink origin and Xie Zhongtong has gotten deeper and deeper. To be more accurate, the pink power has submitted to Xie Zhongtong’s nature… It seems to have fallen.” Huh?

Chen Feng was dumbstruck. Fallen? A magnificent primordial power had fallen to Xie Zhongtong?

Chen Feng took in a deep breath in shock. In short, this nature of Xie Zhongtong’s was incredibly astonishing? Her previous act of “destroying” an entire family all by herself had already been an act of incredible restraint?

Holy shit.

Chen Feng was shocked speechless. In this wide world, everything was indeed possible.

“Based   on   the   circumstances   of   a   human   body,   the primordial power poses no threat in this state. Rather, for the forever-alone single males, this is a special benefit. There is no need to worry about this primordial power for now. You can also say that Xie Zhongtong’s nature has temporarily semi- sealed the primordial power.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Understood.”
It seemed like this pink power had been temporarily rendered ineffective. In any case, before he found a way to prevent the growth of this pink power, he should not wake it up from this state. It would be the best if it could forever sink into depravity…
“Take your time enjoying the beauty of mankind.” Chen Feng retired himself noiselessly. There, in the alley, the most natural of voices a human could make resounded without stop.

“It’s a pity for Han Yula.” Chen Feng’s heart ached somewhat. After all, Han Yula had put in great effort in order to be with Xie Zhongtong. He had learned a lot of new abilities, such as cloning abilities, multitasking abilities, and so on. Telling Han Yula about this? Forget it. Chen Feng did not wish to see Xie Zhongtong awoken from her present state. For humanity, Han Yula would have to suffer. Chen Feng pondered and turned his screen on noiselessly. Next, he entered a certain music website and gifted Han Yula 10 years worth of green diamond VIP access to the music streaming website. Hopefully, this would serve as some sort of consolation for him…
When Han Yula felt lonely, he could listen to some songs here. Perhaps it would help improve his mood. For example, Miss Dong, A Little Happiness, Youth Justice Bao, and so on. Chen Feng had no idea if this world had these songs or not, though.

For now, this pink power affair could be momentarily put aside. Chen Feng intended to go pay that mysterious stone mentioned by Duma a visit. Based on what Duma had said, that mysterious stone was floating above a lake. It was terrifying and powerful. However, if one did not approach the stone, one wouldn’t suffer from anything.

Alas, when Chen Feng arrived, nothing could be found there. The stone had gone missing. Not only the stone, the entire lake had gone missing as well. On the ground, only a huge hole was left behind. Seemingly, the stone and every single drop of water in the lake had been moved away. Chen  Feng  was  alarmed.  “Taken  away  by  someone  else?” That stone was so terrifying. If it fused with someone… it would be a disaster!


He tried searching for the stone using the technique taught by Duma. Unfortunately, nothing was found. That stone had seemingly vanished from the face of the world. It was unable to be found at all.
Chen Feng frowned. “Has it been taken away?” The present him was extremely strong, the apex of humanity. However, the stronger he was, the more intense the fear he felt. The enigmatic primordial powers that kept appearing without stop, the unknown existences hidden within the undeveloped regions, and the astonishing news that came without stop from that mysterious town…
Perhaps an ordinary human would instead be the one to live a happy life, as ignorance is bliss? Chen Feng sighed. “Looks like things are getting somewhat troublesome.”
The disappearance of that stone hadn’t allowed Chen Feng to feel relieved. Rather, it caused his entire body to chill due to the fear of the unknown he was presently feeling.

“This place…” Chen Feng stepped into the hole. He wanted to see if any traces were left here. Suddenly, his entire body shivered, as his Luck Aura, which had been silent for so long in his body, started blooming intensely.

A terrifying aura erupted.


Chen Feng was alarmed. And then, before he could even react to it, his Luck Aura once again deactivated and went silent, as if what happened earlier had been but an illusion. What was going on?

Chen Feng was stupefied. Why had Luck Aura raged suddenly before vanishing? Chen Feng pondered as he looked at the leftover traces in the hole. Perhaps the feeble leftover aura here had influenced his Luck Aura? If so, if he truly found that mysterious stone, Luck Aura could very well wake up from its slumber and might even undergo a transformation.

This thing… Chen Feng vowed that he had to find this thing. With the present understanding humanity had of this world, so long as that stone hadn’t entered the boundless ocean, which remained unexplored, he would most certainly be able to find it.

“I will get the deputy president to help me…”  Chen Feng turned his communicator on and was about to give an order to the Genetic Union.

Suddenly, a loud boom resounded.

Bang! The earth trembled. From a certain location so far that the naked eye couldn’t see it, a huge shaking could be felt. Even with his present strength, he was still unable to sense the precise location it originated from.

Chen Feng was horrified. “How far away is it?” It was confirmed that something had happened. For even him to be unable to sense the exact location, that signified that the location was extremely far away. However, this distance wasn’t the scariest thing about this. What was scary was that, despite how far it was, Chen Feng could still feel the tremors.


He turned his screen on quickly. The internet, which had been peaceful for a while, was presently bustling.

“What happened?”
“No idea. That scared the shit out of me. I nearly got into an accident.” “My factory suffered a disastrous loss as well. Fortunately, there were no casualties. The tremors are so intense. Where did it happen?”
“No idea. I was on the verge of winning a public match.
Because of the tremors, I missed my ultimate.”
“You should be happy with that. Do you know that I was getting it on with my lovely wife earlier? With the sudden shaking, I inserted my ‘tool’ in the wrong hole.”
“…Take care, bro.”
“I’m fainting. Where exactly did this happen?”
“No idea. Here in the East, we only felt the tremors.”
“Same for the West.” “It should be the same for the South.”
“The tremors in the North aren’t that bad.”
Countless people started indicating that they were safe and sound online. Alarmingly, almost everyone had only sensed the intense tremors. Not a single location had been reported to have suffered a huge disaster.

Chen Feng frowned. “How can this…” He got Spirit to gather the information online and noted that almost all cities in existence had reported that they were fine, even including the cities of the ancient race. In short, the location where the disaster had happened…
Chen Feng gazed in the direction of the boundless ocean, the unexplored and undeveloped 48% of this planet! Had something happened there? That was Chen Feng’s guess.

Right at this instant, his communicator buzzed. He glanced at it and noted that it was the deputy president. “Chen Feng, I’m afraid you will have to come over. We were able to detect the origin of the tremors. But the location… is in the depths of this planet’s core.”

Chapter 644: Great Changes at the Core

At the planet’s core, a purple-black aura rolled about, akin to a huge hand. A mysterious and powerful aura was spreading around the planet’s core. At present, this core was completely unlike humanity’s understanding of what a planet’s core was like. The entire core currently resembled a trembling life-form. Suddenly, the purple-black aura converged together and assumed the shape of a sinister door. Next, a familiar yet unfamiliar aura was guided in…
Bang! Bang!

Numerous mysterious and powerful existences appeared.

They cheered in an insane manner.

They cried tears of joy.

Trembling, they sensed the aura of the world. “We… have returned!”

A terrifying aura spread out.

Genetic Union.

Chen Feng was looking at the information regarding the undulation that had suddenly appeared.

“A few hours ago, we detected large-scale activity at the core. Based on our investigation, this is not a natural disaster.” With a solemn expression, the technician continued, “After getting the assistance of the Genetic Union, we were able to confirm that these detected signs of activity are related to the tremors.” In short, this was what had caused the tremors? Chen Feng looked at the traces indicated on the screen. As this was information they had obtained through some unique scouting ability, they had only been able to obtain a rough outline of the cause. However, from the looks of the outline…
Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with a petrifying radiance. “Human?”
“We are still not sure yet. The outline is too crude. We were unable to obtain a clearer image and can only judge that these signs  of  activity  were  the  result  of  certain  life-forms,”  the technician explained.

“Life-forms…”  Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. He fixed his gaze on the outline for a short while before saying, “I am not good at science. However, isn’t the planet’s core a place an ordinary person can’t even hope to reach?”
“That’s right.” The technician nodded. “That place has a vile environment. It is simply impossible for an ordinary person to survive there. Since the start of the Genetic Era, humanity’s strength has increased greatly. We were once worried that someone would go destroy the core with their newfound strength, causing a disaster for the entire planet. As such, we indeed deployed some people to the core back then to reconnoiter the area. Then, we found that… that place is probably the firmest part of this entire planet. It is impossible to destroy.”
Chen Feng frowned. “Oh?” The firmest part of the planet?

The  technician  nodded.  “Yes.  This  unique  era  didn’t  just affect the life-forms of this planet. Even the core was affected and transformed. How should I put this… That is a place that can no longer be described using science. Regardless of who it is, entering the core is an act of suicide.”
“Why is that?” Chen Feng was astonished. A technician that did not possess much understanding of genetic abilities would actually be so sure of this fact.

“Because…”  The technician inhaled before continuing, “… that is a place where all abilities are rendered ineffective.” Chen Feng’s eyes widened. “What?”
“All  abilities  will  be  rendered  ineffective,”  the  technician repeated. “Regardless of what one uses, either unique abilities or unique methods, upon reaching the core, all abilities will be instantly deactivated. Regardless of what ability or method you have, it will be useless there.”
Chen Feng frowned. Genetic abilities were the only things genetic warriors could rely on. The moment they were deactivated, a genetic warrior would be as good as a cripple even in the outside world, let alone in the core. Chen Feng recalled the frozen sea. Back then, the scariest aspect of that place had been its effect of rendering one’s abilities ineffective before killing one instantly. This resembled the core greatly. The only difference was the location, as at the core, one would have no place to escape.

Hold on… Chen Feng looked at the outlines drawn on the screen. How about these guys?

The technician smiled bitterly. “Right, that’s what we are most worried about. Numerous experts were deployed there previously, yet all of them were instantly killed upon arrival. That is a place nobody can survive. Yet these life-forms…”
So that’s why. Chen Feng’s expression became solemn as he finally realized how grave this was. The main point wasn’t the effectiveness of genetic abilities down there at the core. Rather, those unknown existences were the main point here.

A place that humanity still couldn’t enter even after the joint effort of Research Agency and Genetic Union but where, in an unfathomable manner, some bizarre life-forms had appeared, moving around down there like they were on the surface instead. They had even caused a tremor that had shaken the entire world. This could be considered a light tremor. If they were to truly do something crazy down there, such as creating a larger tremor, thus creating numerous disaster-level earthquakes worldwide, humanity wouldn’t be that far off from extinction. The core was indeed extremely solid, seemingly incapable of being destroyed, yet this fact was only proven for humans.

The technician was anxious. “We must deal with this. We must figure out what exactly those fellows are. Are they life- forms that came into existence naturally at the core? Or perhaps…” He paused and then continued, “They are humans.”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Humans… Although they only had a rough outline of the shapes and couldn’t see clearly, what they could see greatly resembled humans. If these were truly humans…
“Is there any other news?” Chen Feng asked.

The technician shook his head. “No. Since their appearance, they have been staying there all this while.”
“What are you guys planning to do?” Chen Feng asked. There were countless geniuses of multiple disciplines in both the Research Agency and Genetic Union. Although these people’s strength was rather ordinary, they would still be able to help think of some solutions.

“We  have  already  proposed  and  started  a  plan.  The  blue- diamond senior from the ancient race seems to be able to send people directly to the depths of the core. As such, we at the Research Agency created suits that were supposed to grant immunity to the damage dealt by the core, with some extra survival functions integrated into the suits as well. With this, we thought we might be able to encounter those life-forms,” the technician reported honestly.

“What’s the result of that?” Chen Feng had a rough guess.

The technician’s expression darkened. “All dead. They are extremely powerful. All our people were instantly killed before we were able to gather any data.”
The cameras they had installed had been destroyed before the cameras had even been able to capture the appearance of those life-forms. “What  is  the  assessment  of  their  strength?”   Chen  Feng asked.

“Unknown.” The technicians shook his head. “However, the people we sent were all pure beyond-A-class warriors with formidable physical prowess even without any genetic abilities.”
If the Genetic Union were sending people there, they would definitely send the elites.

Beyond A classes…
Instantly killed…
Could those people be awakened ones? How was that possible? Chen Feng shook his head. It seemed like these newcomers were definitely not simple. However, Chen Feng was still feeling doubtful, as all this seemed too weird. The Research Agency had monitored the core for so many years, yet not a single life-form had been found. That was the core, not some unknown region. If so, where had those fellows come from? After the integration of the humans and ancients, at present, only the ocean remained unexplored on this planet. Could it be that these fellows had come from the depths of the ocean?

“Beyond A class… Instantly killed… Awakened…” Chen Feng frowned. Suddenly, his eyes widened as he seemingly recalled something. Abruptly, he charged toward the screen, fixed his gaze on the outlines, and said, “Enlarge their heads.”

“Yes, this part, their temples. Enlarge it. More!”
The crude looking outlines were enlarged. Immediately, Chen Feng’s expression changed. Even if the outlines appeared incredibly crude and had a lot of details missing, Chen Feng was still able to see something familiar there… On two sides of their heads, two things could be seen protruding out. Those seemed to be… twin horns!

Chapter 645: This World Is Too Dangerous

At the depths of the core, a faint radiance was swirling about. A brand-new camp had been built here at this place where a mysterious aura pervaded. Several life-forms with twin horns on their heads were seemingly observing the environment here.

“The camp has been built.”
“The coordinates have been confirmed. We are building a teleportation tunnel.”
“How long will it take?”
“Ten days.”
“Very good,” the leader said. Ten days…
After only ten more days, everyone in their world could descend. They had been trapped at the Twin Horns World for way too long… so long that they had already forgotten their origin, to the point that they had forgotten that this was in fact the planet they had originated from. However, despite the fact that the time for the mass arrival had already been set, the captain leading this team was still somewhat doubtful, a blank expression on his face.

The rest were curious as they saw this. “What’s up?”
“There are still some things I am worried about.”
Anxiousness surfaced on his face. “For example, who is the one who suddenly sent the coordinates of this place to us?” After Chen Feng’s departure, he had believed that he would forever be unable to reach this planet. However, just as they had been about to give up, they had received some coordinates. At that time, they who had given up input the coordinates and sent their strongest vanguard team to enter. That had led to everything that had happened next on this planet. They had returned and had been extremely excited to be back. However… who had delivered the coordinates to them?

The person beside him frowned and pondered for a bit before saying, “Perhaps it was merely a coincidence? People who have fallen into spatial currents will send distress signals out. Although most of the time, the signals won’t work, they still try sending signals anyway. Maybe the coordinates we received was a distress signal sent by a human trapped amid the spatial currents? Perhaps this was a coordinate he sent when he had just fallen into the spatial currents, before the currents could sweep him away?

“At the same time, we, who were looking for signals, received it and rushed over immediately. Although we didn’t arrive in time to rescue that person, we still arrived on his world. This would precisely be the place that was near where that person was  swept  into  the  spatial  currents,”  that  person  analyzed calmly. As the scout of the vanguard, he was normally good at logical deductions. The captain gave it some thought and agreed that such a possibility could be true. “That is possible.” These years, they had received coordinates numbering in the tens of thousands, yet only a very few of them had been useful, let alone them being the coordinates of a planet with life on it. After so many
trash coordinates, it was about time they had received useful coordinates for once.
The captain nodded. “That would be for the best.” He truly wanted to believe this completely. However, as the captain of the vanguard, he had to keep watch on the general situation and consider all possibilities. Based on his judgment, the possibility of this being true was around 10%. There was another possibility…
“What is the other possibility?” the other person asked.

“Chen Feng!” the captain said without hesitation.

“Ah?” The others were somewhat stupefied. Chen Feng? The little guy who had just entered the awakened realm? How could this relate to him?

“Think about it. Is it possible that these coordinates were sent by Chen Feng?” The captain paused.

Everyone’s expression changed greatly. Initially, they hadn’t thought of this. Now that the captain had reminded them, everyone was sweating profusely. If it was truly Chen Feng…
“Luring us here to kill us?”
They were instantly horrified. The last person that had transmigrated to their world was Chen Feng. And yet, this time, they had been able to appear here. Was this purely coincidence? If Chen Feng had told his clan or the other experts of this world about the Twin Horns World after returning to this world, if those formidable existences found out about the Twin Horns World… As they considered this, they took in a deep breath in shock.

Their expressions became solemn. “How cruel!” At this time, they could no longer believe in a so-called coincidence.

The moment they considered this possibility, they were certain that this was most definitely the work of that Chen Feng! Naturally, the only thing they could rejoice about was the fact that they had actually appeared at the core.

“I suppose that, at present, the human world is already laden with traps waiting for us. The moment we leave, we will be discovered by the humans,” the captain said in a gloomy voice. Planetary transportation was already a process that used vague coordinates in the first place, since they would only have the coordinates of the planet and would arrive at a random location within. The humans had to have already prepared for their arrival. Fortunately, their place of arrival was the core. Otherwise… “What should we do, then?”
They were all anxious. As they thought about the traps and humans waiting at the surface to kill them, they couldn’t help being anxious. They were rather fearful of the so-called Genetic Era Chen Feng had mentioned before.

“Why don’t we go out and scout the strength of this world first?”  someone suggested. They hadn’t been back for long. The only contact they’d had with anything of this world was Chen Feng’s arrival to their world. As such, they urgently needed to understand this world.

The captain rejected the proposal. “No, it’s too dangerous. We can roughly guess the strength of this world. The words of Chen Feng can’t be believed. However, his identity is something worth considering. Have you forgotten his strength back then? A young man of 20 years old was actually able to enter the awakened realm. This is rather astonishing. If this world is filled with such awakened ones…” He was filled with anxiousness  as  he  continued,  “…This  might  very  well  be  a world where awakened ones walk everywhere.” As the rest heard this, their mood became heavy. True, if the strength system of this world was so scary, if Chen Feng had merely been a youngster sent out on a trip to temper himself, so what if they were finally able to return to this world? So what if this was a big world?

If they were to leave and were discovered, they would most probably die. They were here as the vanguard to reconnoiter this planet, not to feed Chen Feng.

Their expressions became solemn. “So that’s the case.”
“Remember. Before the main team arrives, do not leave. We can’t attract their attention. Regardless of whether this world is presently strong or weak, we must remain low profile and observe this world silently. We must calmly await the arrival of our lord.” That person spoke of the lord with a respectful expression. “Only when our lord descends upon this world will we be able to kill our way out and carve out a piece of territory for our race. That will be our sole superiority.”
“Yes!” They all accepted their orders. They were aware that only when that lord arrived would they be able to strike back against the people of this planet. Once again, the core sunk into silence. Each of them reduced their breath to the bare minimum, afraid of attracting the attention of outsiders. Only the teleportation node near them was flickering without stop.

Their gaze swept over. They knew that after 10 days, the teleportation tunnel would be completed. They were merely the vanguard. Only when the true experts of the Twin Horns World arrived would it be time for them to make their debut on this world.

The ambushes of the humans…
Luring them over to be killed… We will not fail like this!

Chapter 646: Attack into the Core

Genetic Union.

Chen Feng was looking at the scanned image anxiously. Looking at the vague outline of twin horns, he wondered how those terrifying fellows had arrived at this world. He hadn’t stayed at the Twin Horns World for long, yet from his short time at the arena, he had been able to gain a rough understanding of the strength of that world.

On that world, those below the awakened realm were only qualified to work at the arena to provide entertainment for the masses. Only an awakened one could stand out among his peers. Beyond this realm, there was an existence even more terrifying, an existence he had once overheard Ruo Shui mention as the lord, or something like that.

As such, the first thing Chen Feng had done after returning was get Kong Bai to erase all traces of their transmigration. Unexpectedly, those fellows had still arrived here, and during such a crucial moment for this planet too. Chen Feng let out a long breath. “Hu—”
The primordial power that had latched onto Xie Zhongtong’s body…
The Mysterious Town under the control of Research Agency…
The twin-horns race that had appeared suddenly at the core…
This seemingly peaceful world had, at an unknown time, suffered significant damage. Chen Feng had an ominous premonition.

“I will have to deal with them one at a time, then.”  Chen Feng pondered. The first two issues were related to primordial power, and he couldn’t do anything about them. At present, he could only try to deal with the twin-horns race. Those terrifying fellows had appeared at the core for unknown reasons. Chen Feng wasn’t worried that they would destroy this planet. This planet was huge and incredibly sturdy. Destroying this planet would be even harder than wiping out the humans on it.

The only thing he was worried about was the tremors they had caused before. If those fellows tried using the core to cause a huge disaster on the surface world, things would be very troublesome.

Chen Feng frowned. He was still somewhat doubtful. To a certain extent, he understood the people of the Twin Horns World. Those people did not have particularly powerful physiques. If the core was capable of rendering all abilities ineffective, how were those people surviving down there?

Chen Feng raised a brow. “Their abilities can still be used down there.” The technician shook his head. “That’s impossible. We tested it previously. That place…”
Chen Feng shook his head. “No, the abilities I am referring to are awakened abilities.”
The technician scratched his head. “Oh.” They truly hadn’t conducted any tests on awakened abilities. After all, that was something they had never touched upon before. Huh? Hold on. His eyes widened and he looked at Chen Feng. “Are you saying that all of them are awakened ones?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Yes.”
“How is that possible…”  the technician cried out in alarm. Those fellows at the core were all awakened ones? One ought to know that among humans, Chen Feng was the only awakened one. As for those fellows…
He looked at Chen Feng. “How do you know that?” Chen Feng gave a rough explanation of what he knew.

Alien world…
Twin horns…
The technician took all this in quickly and recorded everything down before entering a contemplation, seemingly rearranging the new information he had gained.

“If they are truly awakened ones… Let me think about it… A lot of things can now be explained.” The technician rearranged all  the  data  quickly  and  explained,  “The  core  prevents  the usage of abilities. However, they are all awakened ones and are not under such restrictions. That is also why all the beyond-A- class warriors we sent were killed instantly. Since we had no understanding of the enemy, we weren’t able to evaluate them properly, but now…”
He compared the data they had gathered with what Chen Feng  had  given  him.  “Based  on  the  damage  the  genetic warriors received when they were killed, we can judge that the strength they demonstrated was around 20% of the awakened strength you registered back then. If so, I judge that they must have been influenced somewhat by the core as well. The awakened strength they can muster has been weakened by at least  80%.”   The  technician  reached  a  conclusion  quickly. “There are five of them, with each being an awakened with only 20% of their strength.”
Chen Feng gasped at the analytical capability of this technician. Impressive.

The technician had only said this out loud to explain to Chen Feng. On the screen, lots of data flashed past without stop. Evidently, this conclusion had been reached and verified after countless calculations. Worthy of being a specialist indeed. However, even if they only had 20% of their awakened strength, they were still not something beyond A classes could contend against. The Genetic Union simply had no means of eliminating them. At present, humans were still too weak.

“We will have to rely on you for this,”  the technician said with a bitter smile. “I know.” Chen Feng looked at the data analyzed by the technician silently. Five awakened ones, huh…
It might seem very tempting to make a move on them with their 20% strength. However, even if Chen Feng and Duma both went there, they would similarly be restricted by the core as well and would only be able to muster 20% of their strength. Moreover, the present Duma was no different than a cripple.

Chen  Feng’s  head  ached.  “Let  me  think  about  it…”  The position and strength of the enemy had been ascertained. However, they just couldn’t defeat the enemy. What else could they do? Ordinary abilities were completely restricted, and awakened abilities were weakened by 80% down there.

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Perhaps… there is still a way. “Prepare the best equipment immediately.”
“Yes.” “Bring along all the detection equipment as well. These fellows might very well be the vanguard of the Twin Horns World. We must capture a few of them for research.”
Chen Feng sneered. “Let us meet them with force for once, then.”
Time passed silently.

At the depths of the core, the twin-horns members were silently awaiting the completion of their teleporter.

Hum— The teleporter glowed with a faint radiance, yet no connection had been established yet. It was already the third day. The teleporter had already progressed to a certain degree. Everyone waited there and erased the undulations of the teleporter with their mighty prowess, preventing this from being leaked out.

“How much longer?”
“Five days. Things are progressing much smoother than we imagined.”
“Excellent.” The captain nodded before looking at a different person. “How’s the energy test?”
“The activity level of the energy is rather low. Our abilities are somewhat weakened,” that person stated.

“Mhm.” The captain nodded, not too bothered about that. Since they were on a different planet, the activity level of the energy here would be different. Naturally, the might displayed by the same abilities would be different as a result. However, something like this would affect everyone, Chen Feng included. If everyone was similarly weakened, nothing would change during battle.

The  captain  looked  at  the  communication  crew.  “Has  the connection been established with them?”
“Nope.”  That person shook his head. “The barrier around this world is too powerful. Before the teleporter is completed, no connection will be possible. However, we can send a one way pre-recorded message back.”
The captain nodded. “That’s better than nothing.” The faster they could send a message back, the faster they could start preparing. Soon, the preparations to send the message were completed.

The captain coughed before starting to report their gains during this trip. “Presently, we have just arrived on the human world. This world is much larger than we imagined. From the energy intensity at the core, this planet is much larger than the Twin Horns World. The activity level of the energy here is rather low. Perhaps that is a result of the suppression of some powerful force. We have yet to encounter the inhabitants of this world…”
Suddenly, a booming explosion resounded.


Above them, a hole had been blasted open. From it, a bright and resplendent blue flashed, and numerous figures landed loudly on the ground.

“Who is it?” The expressions of the twin-horns members changed greatly. From the hole, numerous figures descended. The one leading them all was an extremely familiar person.

“Chen Feng!” The captain was alarmed as he saw Chen Feng. “Hehe.” Chen Feng merely sneered before waving his hand. “Go!”

All the figures charged forth.

The vanguard members were all furious. “Courting death.” What they feared were the awakened ones of this world. This did not mean that they feared Chen Feng. This was especially true since all these people brought by Chen Feng were unawakened. The captain glanced around and noted that all of them were unawakened ones. All of them were trash!


The powerful power belonging to awakened ones bloomed.

They bombarded those figures immediately. Alas, they were all alarmed to find that all their attacks were ineffective when landing on those figures. Those figures had taken on all the attacks with their bodies and weren’t even slowed down in their charge.

“Kill!”  With numerous shouts, those figures charged at the twin-horns members.

The expressions of the twin-horns members changed greatly. “What should we do?”
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Once again, numerous powerful awakened powers bloomed as numerous energy balls exploded midair, sweeping toward those charging figures. Alas, alarmingly, those figures… continued to ignore all attacks. They were immune to all attacks and moved quickly and violently, like ferocious beasts, petrifying the twin-horns members.

Chapter 647: Too Scary

The captain looked at these people in fear. “You guys are…”

A punch came flying. The captain felt a surging force land on his body before blasting his internal organs into a mess.


Just like that, his awakened body was smashed apart.

Energy flashed about as light swirled around the captain’s body, restoring his body once again. On the face of this newly built body, fear was plastered. Before he could even do anything, another punch landed, and once again, his body was smashed apart. One time, two times, three times…


The continuous sounds of meat being pummeled were petrifying. The body of an awakened was so powerful that it should be unequaled, yet here, this awakened fellow was being ravaged like a punching bag to the point that he couldn’t even fight back. They were actually suffering a one-sided beatdown.

The   captain   was   thoroughly   dumbstruck.   “This   is impossible.” They were awakened ones. They were the elites of the Twin Horns World! They were the experts of the vanguard. Why had they failed to even beat a few humans here on this planet? This wasn’t possible! He looked at the black uniform those figures were wearing…
Oh… Right, it had to be the suits they were wearing! Due to the suits, their enemies were immune to their attacks. The captain guessed that the development of the awakened ones on this planet was probably much higher than their Twin Horns World. That was why they had suits and other methods capable of countering the awakened ones.

In that case… The captain’s eyes flashed. All will be fine if their suits are torn apart!


He gave the order decisively. All the twin-horns members that were being ravaged erupted with their respective trump cards at the same time. A terrifying force swept out. Their sole objective was tearing apart these people’s suits.

Bang! Bang!

The core became as bright as day from all the powerful attacks being unleashed. Indeed, under the joint attacks of the twin-horns members, the suits were finally torn apart. Finally, the true appearance of these figures was revealed. However, the twin-horns members were instead stupefied by what they saw.

What were they seeing? Children?

Those figures dressed in black suits were actually all young kids! All of them looked around 15 or 16 years old, even younger than Chen Feng!

“All 15- and 16-year-old kids…”
“How is this possible…”
They were all rendered speechless. Wait, they had to have been so strong because of the suits…
Shua! One of the twin-horns members unleashed his awakened power. Next, with his very own eyes, he watched as his attack exploded on the body of one of those kids yet no damage whatsoever was dealt.

At this, all the twin-horns members sank into silence.

Fifteen, sixteen years old…
Immune to awakened attacks…
Holy shit, the human world had developed to such an extent?
Their hearts chilled.

“Take them down,” Chen Feng commanded coldly. Shua!

The kids swarmed the twin-horns members. With great sorrow, the twin-horns members discovered that they were completely helpless before these kids.

“Remember,” the captain howled toward the message he had been recording earlier, “never… ever… come…”

His eyes darkened as he was punched into unconsciousness.

“What was he saying?”  Chen Feng frowned as he looked at the unconscious twin-horns members. Next, he got someone to destroy the teleportation formation before getting brother blue diamond of the ancient race to send them back. Chen Feng was extremely satisfied with this mission. The planet’s core… was truly a wonderful place! Due to the terrain, awakened power was weakened by 80% there. He had specifically selected the most elite of the children among the barbarians and gathered a bunch of barbarian kids with energy immunity reaching 95% or above. When the natural weakened state combined with the barbarian kids’ immunity, the awakened ones were reduced to nothing.

With the powerful bloodline of the barbarians, they had taught these twin horns fellows what true strength was. Next, he would have to consider how to study these fellows. After all, these were twin-horns members… If Chen Feng’s guess was correct, their ancestors were once from this planet as well. For some unknown reason, they had moved away.

A race with twin horns? Chen Feng wondered if they were related to Teletubbies or not.


Chen Feng and the rest vanished from the core gradually. After they left, a transparent undulation vanished amid the space. This was the imprint left behind by the twin-horns members.

This clump of energy traveled through space and finally returned to the Twin Horns World. There, the Twin Horns World had already assembled their troops. They were ready for the expedition. Everyone was filled with joy and was looking forward to leaving this crude and small planet, returning to the legendary huge planet. Everyone waited longingly for the completion of their teleporter.


With a loud boom, the teleporter exploded. Everyone was dumbfounded. Exploded? “What happened?”
They were all alarmed. Just as they were in the midst of bewilderment, that clump of energy returned noiselessly and landed on a microphone. Next, the message sent by the vanguard captain was played.

“Cough, cough.”
“At present, we have just arrived at the human world. This world is much larger…”
A familiar voice could be heard speaking. Everyone looked over instinctively. Alas, not long after, they heard alarming news from the speaker.

Chen Feng…
Kids 15 to 16 years old… A one-sided beatdown…
All this caused their hearts to palpitate in fear. This was especially true for the final words of the captain. The entirety of the Twin Horns World sunk into silence. Tens of thousands of awakened ones paled as they heard all this. They were awakened ones in their 30s and were considered elites to have been able to awaken at such an age. Unexpectedly, on that world, the humans were actually that powerful even at 15 or 16 years old?

Humans… were truly scary…
This was clearly a higher-level planet! In other words, the Twin Horns World was a low-tier martial world, whereas the human world was evidently a high-tier martial world.

“Perhaps… these are the only experts they have?” one person meekly said. The rest looked at him like they were looking at an idiot. “Our Twin Horns World is too small and is incapable of containing a great population, but the human world is different. Based on what we heard from those who accidentally arrived at this world back then, the human world has a population surpassing a hundred million. Our only hope was
for that world to possess ordinary combat power, or perhaps we could settle at some part of the planet they had yet to discover. But now, it seems like…”
Everyone sunk into silence. Countless years had been spent looking for a way back to their home planet.

Now, they had indeed found the way back. Unfortunately, the human world was already so terrifying. The vanguard had only arrived three days ago and had been hiding at the core all along, yet they had already been discovered? How scary were the humans? None of them knew!

The humans had a population surpassing a hundred million. Among the sea of awakened ones they had, how strong would the elites be? Even if their lord was with them… could he be victorious? They had no idea, and they did not dare take this gamble. “Our only superiority is the fact that the humans have yet to discover our coordinates. However, if we keep sending people over, it is very possible that we might be the ones being invaded instead…”
Everyone agreed with this. They still remembered clearly how easily Chen Feng had transmigrated around. The humans’ study of transmigration and spatial teleportation could very well be much more advanced than their own.

“Therefore…  we  must  never  act  rashly.  We  must  prepare fully. When we enter that world next time, we must ensure that we can at least survive on that planet. We do not even need to try to defeat the humans. We only need to survive… to keep living on the humans’ world! Presently, we are still too weak. Let’s… postpone this plan to enter the human world for now.”

Chapter 648: The Care from a High-Tier Martial World

Research Agency.

The research of the twin-horns race had officially started. After finding out about the strength of the Twin Horns World from Chen Feng, they did not dare to slack and vowed to figure out the truth behind the appearance of these twin-horns members in this world. Why had they come? How had they come? All of these were things they had to find out. The captured twin horns were telling everything they knew.

“Our ancestors were once inhabitants of this planet as well. They accidentally fell into that piece of space. As the amount of the fallen ones increased, the new generation started a new life there, creating the present Twin Horns World.

“It’s real. Everything I have said is the truth. Why did we come? Well, the Twin Horns World is too small. After all, that is simply a piece of space. Although we call it a world, in fact, it is the remains of a space created by a lord. Therefore, as the energy of that space started drying out, the living space there started shrinking as well. Everyone has no choice but to think of a way to leave there.

“How’s the strength? Our strength there is very weak. Only the most outstanding of our soldiers are able to awaken. The ordinary people can only reach the peak of the unawakened realm, unlike your world…”
The captain sighed deeply, evidently ashamed by how weak the Twin Horns World was despite all these years of development. “There’s really no helping it. The resources on the Twin Horns World are too low in amount and can only support so many people. If we had too many awakened ones, the speed at which our world dried up would probably increase.”

At a different location, the Genetic Union president, Research Agency, and the higher-ups of the Gene Production Association were listening in to the questioning. As they heard this, they all sunk into silence, feeling as if they had just been slapped in the face. Limited resources, my ass! Even with limited resources, you fellows are already so amazing. If you guys weren’t limited by resources, perhaps you guys would even be able to reach the heavens?

“Around how many awakened ones do you guys have?” Chen Feng asked.

The twin-horns captain sighed shamefully. “Only around a hundred thousand.”
Chen Feng: “…”
A hundred thousand…
The twin-horns captain had looked at the screen as he’d answered. Instantly, the president and the rest trembled. The threat of this twin-horns race was much larger than they had imagined. Such a terrifying race… Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “How did you guys arrive here?”
“How? We have no idea. Our research into space was stuck for a long time. The other day, we accidentally received a distress signal. Surprisingly, after inputting the coordinates, we truly arrived on this planet. I am only the vanguard. These are the only things I know.” The captain put forth his guess: “I suspect that this distress signal was sent by some awakened human that encountered some misfortune.”
Human awakened…
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. The twin-horns members’ guess was rather logical. However, they were wrong, as in fact, there were no other awakened humans. Beyond the newbie awakened Chen Feng, there was no second awakened one. Had it been Duma? Not possible. Based on what Qin Hai had said, Duma had been spending his time recovering these days. He claimed that turtle meat was nutritious and had been cooking and resurrecting the little turtle without stop these days. If so, he shouldn’t have the extra time to do something like this. Who had it been, then? Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Chen Feng pondered. Perhaps this was the work of that damnable pink power? Apart from him and Duma, the pink power was probably the only one capable of
this. At present, Xie Zhongtong was the pink power.

Chen Feng contemplated. “Looks like I have to start paying more attention to her.”
“You seem to be answering everything we ask?”  Li Lei said with a smile.

“That  is  natural,”  the  captain  answered.  “As  long  as  it  is something I know, I will cooperate earnestly. In actual fact, we are merely looking for a place we can live peacefully. We never intended to wage war on humans.”
“Is that so?”  Chen Feng asked with a faint smile. Peace my ass. If we hadn’t discovered this fast enough, we would have been eliminated by the twin-horns race before even realizing what was happening. The captain laughed dryly. “Of course! Your world is a high- tier martial world, while we, the insignificant twin-horns race, are merely from a minor world with a low-tier martial level. We would not dare to even dream such ridiculous dreams!”

Chen Feng and the rest sunk into silence.

High-tier martial…
Low-tier martial…
Chen Feng’s eyes shone as he felt like he was on to something here.

“Have the twin-horns race truly built a connection with this planet?” Chen Feng asked with a serious expression. Suddenly, the captain paled. “No! Absolutely not!”
“Oh?” Chen Feng’s gaze became sharp.

“Really, there’s no connection!” the captain swore. “We only had a unidirectional connection. That is why we were sent to first reconnoiter this planet. After your surprise attack, I transmitted a message back before destroying the connection.”
Chen Feng was stunned. “You destroyed the connection?”
The captain smiled bitterly. “Yes.”
Chen Feng was now sure that he had guessed correctly, and he pushed on. “In that case, how should one enter the Twin Horns World?” The captain shook his head. “…That is not possible. All possible routes have been sealed off.”
“I have one more question.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. “What if we were to send some coordinates to them to lure them over, just like how you guys arrived in the first place.”

The captain’s body chilled. However, as he thought of what he had done earlier, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, “No, that’s not possible. Even if you guys were to send coordinates over, they would not come. Before I was taken away by you guys, I already sent a message to them. They are already clear on the strength of humans. At the very least, they will absolutely not come before they have surpassed humans in strength.” The captain looked at Chen Feng. “You should just give up on this.”
He felt like this fellow called Chen Feng was the most terrifying of all. He was strong, and his schemes were deep as well. He was actually thinking of using such a method to lure the people of the Twin Horns World? This was too excessive! His “How did you guys arrive” question earlier had totally been a trap! That had simply been a test to see if the captain had been speaking the truth. The captain was absolutely certain that the coordinates they had received had been sent by Chen Feng. That had to be the case.

“Anything else you ask, I will answer to the best of my ability. As for entering the Twin Horns World…” The captain shook his head resolutely. “That is not possible. I reckon they severed all connections the moment they received the message I sent. You have no way of locating them anymore.”
Chen Feng smiled. “Is that so?”
His wristband buzzed.

The investigation result was being transmitted to him by the Research  Agency.  “We  have  indeed  discovered  traces  of  the transmittance of something there. However, everything seems to have been destroyed already…” “Got it.”
Finally, this burden was lifted from Chen Feng’s heart.

The captain was overjoyed as well. “You all have no chance of finding our world.” Excellent, those guys had indeed received his message.

“I know.” There were no changes in Chen Feng’s expression.

“Ours is but a small world where life is hard. It is nothing but a crippled world. Why must you guys insist on destroying our world?” The captain smiled bitterly and spoke cautiously. “As the ruler of this huge world, I believe you guys do not even care about the tiny bit of resources we have. So long as you do not do anything that will compromise our world, I will cooperate in whatever way you want me to.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Is that so?” The captain nodded solemnly. “Yes.”  For the future of the Twin Horns World, he was willing to sacrifice everything. Moreover, he had once studied the cultures of numerous alien worlds. He was sure that as someone from a low-tier martial world, he was nothing in a high-tier martial world like this, let alone when he was but a mere prisoner.

As such, he absolutely had to express his willingness to submit, then wait for a chance…
He believed that a day would come when the twin-horns race would descend upon this world! When that lord woke up, he would come with his comrades. At that time, the Twin Horns World would be able to dominate this world!

“Good.” Chen Feng was pleased with this captain’s performance thus far. “Well then, eat this thing first.”  Chen Feng gave him several bottles of gene reagents. “You are still too weak, not even worth studying. Eat these and increase your strength so you can be qualified to be our test subject.”
The captain smiled bitterly. “All right.” Even with his strength, he was still too weak to even serve as a test subject? Well, that was understandable. After all, this was a high-tier martial world.


He poured the gene reagents down his throat. He had no idea what they were. However, amazingly, he could feel his strength rising after consuming them. It was a tiny improvement, however…
He  was  endlessly  amazed.  “One  can  actually  improve  in strength this way?”
Even back on the Twin Horns World, his strength had been stuck for a very long time. Yet here on the human world, with a mere gene reagent, his strength had increased. This was truly too terrifying!

“Not bad.” Chen Feng was very satisfied with his performance.  “We  can  supply  you  this  thing  without  limit. Increase your strength until you can no longer increase it first. Afterward, we will give you even higher-tier things to use.” “All right.” The captain was happy. In any case, increasing one’s strength was something joyous. And thus, in this lowest floor of the Research Agency, the place where the security was the strictest, in the laboratory jointly constructed by Chen Feng and Duma, the twin-horns captain started increasing his strength rapidly.



Numerous gene reagents were poured down his throat. His strength increased without stop. Each bottle of gene reagent only granted a minute increase. However, with the huge amount of gene reagents supplied, his progress was still great. Around him was nothing but an area of white. This so-called laboratory was in fact something constructed with the twin- horns arena as a reference. As such, he wasn’t unfamiliar with this environment.

This was evidently the work of Chen Feng. Even as a prisoner, the captain wasn’t mistreated. Rather, he was given good food and drinks, and lots of mysterious entertainment was provided without limit. TV shows, movies, games, everything was provided. He only needed to contribute some of this blood essence or contribute his body for them to study occasionally.

The generosity of humans indeed surprised him. Worthy of being inhabitants of a high-tier world! The captain was melancholic. Perhaps, in the eyes of these humans, their tiny world was nothing. This was the bearing of a high-tier world! Humans were truly amazing! This was all the captain thought. His good life continued until one day when he realized that his breasts were getting more and more plump. Only at this point did he start noticing that something did not seem right.

Chapter 649: Research Result

Research Agency.

Chen Feng was looking at the latest recordings. Feminization. This had been Chen Feng’s initial goal. After what had happened to the ancients, he was now certain that after the target was feminized, their state of mind would change slowly as well. After the transformation, the target would be much easier to interact with. At the very least, if they maintained their rationality, it would be too easy for them to see through the humans’ true strength.

Therefore, transforming them into females and then locking them in the laboratory forever to serve as test subjects, squeezing information about the twin-horns race from them, was the most apt course of action. From the latest recordings, it seemed like this was a feasible plan. At the very least, the feminization gene reagent was effective even on the awakened twin-horns race members.

“How’s the status of the target?” Chen Feng asked. “At first, the target was very shocked and couldn’t accept it. However, after a period of time, the target was able to calm down and is now handling it better,” the staffer replied.

“Has he ever doubted the gene reagent?” Chen Feng asked.

The staffer shook his head. “No. We have been feigning innocence and have even asked him if the changes are due to his body being not acclimatized to this planet. We asked if the target was feeling any unusual emotions…”  At this, an odd expression appeared on the staffer’s face. “Initially, we only wanted to mislead the target and erase their doubt. Unexpectedly, the counterparty is truly feeling an unusual set of emotions. As such, we played along and led him along…”
“Huh?” Chen Feng was astonished. There was a surprise harvest?

“This was what happened.”  The staffer explained in detail. “When we asked if he was feeling an unusual set of emotions, he said frankly that he had been crying frequently recently. Since he was rather interested in the entertainment of humans, he had been watching a lot of TV shows recently as well. A short while ago, he had even been completely hooked on some soap opera.”
Chen Feng was dumbstruck. “Soa… soap opera?”
“Yes. In one shot, he watched 72 episodes of a soap opera where the male lead suffered from an accident and the female lead suffered from cancer, 38 episodes of soap operas where the male lead and female lead find out they are actually biological siblings, and around 30 episodes of soap operas with storylines featuring tragic memory loss. He cried rivers of tears while watching. He said that it seemed like his emotions started losing control from that point onward,” the staffer finished with a cold expression.

Chen Feng: “…”
Holy shit, soap operas could be used in such a manner?

“Next, we told him that this might be a normal side effect of an alien life-form arriving on an alien world. Since we have never encountered an alien life-form, we requested his cooperation and told him that such soap operas are something generally only watched by human females. If one watched too many of them, one might suffer from some side effects…” the staffer said with a serious expression.

“Next?” Chen Feng asked.

The staffer had a flat expression. “He believed everything we said.”
Chen Feng: …This works?

“Therefore, recently, when we are working on him, he has been cooperating fully. Moreover, he has also requested some male TV shows filled with masculinity, or perhaps some such movies,”  the staffer stated honestly. “Next, we recommended to him some of the hottest male movies of this year: War Dogs 2, Fast and Furious 8, and so on.”
Chen Feng: “…” 
The staffer continued, “In short, the target has stabilized. These days, he is completely hooked up with these soap operas and movies. Occasionally, he will tell us something about the Twin Horns World. Although he only mentions them briefly, we can gather and rearrange everything into a proper data set.”
“How about that world’s strength system?” Chen Feng asked. For him, the most important thing was the system the Twin Horns World used to classify different strength levels. At present, apart from mentioning that they had several tens of thousands of awakened ones, there wasn’t anything else.

The staffer shook his head. “We are still unclear about that. Every time we touched on this topic, he didn’t say much. However, we believe that as time passes, he will tell us about it. A few days ago, we even got Miss Tianyu Liming to placate him. After all, they are all ex-males… As such, they should have common topics to talk about.” The staffer coughed before continuing, “At present, the two are already as close as sisters and talk about everything. I think it won’t be long before he spills everything.” 
“Oh, I think so,” the staffer said after thinking about it.

Chen Feng: “…”
Being so magnanimous, he was truly worthy of being the president. However, as Chen Feng pondered the matter, it was rather understandable that the president was fine with this. After all, both Tianyu Liming and the target had had their gender changed, and under the full monitoring here, they couldn’t do anything they were not supposed to anyway.

Chen Feng pondered the matter and said, “I suppose it’s fine that way. I will let you guys handle the matters here, then. Get him to spill everything in the shortest time possible, especially the strength system of the Twin Horns World.”
The staffer nodded. “Understood.” “How’s  the  progress  on  the  research  of  the  twin-horns body?” Chen Feng asked. The physical body of a twin-horns member was also a rather rich harvest for them.

“We  are  almost  done  with  that,”  the  staffer  replied.  The study of their bodies, blood, energy, everything had been finished. The only thing that posed a problem so far was those horns.

“The twin-horns race seems completely the same as humans apart from their horns. At present, we have yet to discover the usage of those horns. Every time we ask this question, that fellow is unwilling to talk. I think we need more time.”
Chen Feng frowned. “Nothing has been discovered?”
The staffer reported things thoroughly. “Nope. The target’s strength does not seem to correlate to the horns, yet he still regards them with utmost importance. As such, even now, we still don’t know the reason for that… After our tests, we found that the horns occasionally release an undulation at a certain frequency.” This was everything they had on the horns.

Hold on, could this be a signal? Chen Feng’s expression darkened. Wasn’t this totally Teletubbies, then?

Chen  Feng  kneaded  his  head.  “Continue  the  tests.”   He refused to believe that those horns were merely there for decoration.  “We  must  figure  out  everything  about  them. Although they will temporarily stop coming to this world, it is still only a matter of time before they eventually come,” Chen Feng  stated.  “The  mysterious  person  who  transmitted  the coordinates to them, figuring out whether what this captain told us the truth or not… All of these are things we must consider thoroughly.”
“Understood,”     the   staffer   answered   with   a   solemn expression. He was clear just how important his task was. Chen Feng nodded. “Good.” The people of the Research Agency were rather unscrupulous when doing their job. With this, it wouldn’t be long before the target fully integrated with humans.

“Unfortunately, we did not get the coordinates of the Twin Horns World.” Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful. “If we had their coordinate, we could airdrop countless feminization gene reagents there. I suppose that after several decades, we would be victorious over them without fighting a single battle.”
The staffer: “…”
This Chen Feng seemed so very well practiced with such acts of genocide. After leaving the Research Agency, Chen Feng went over to the Genetic Union to get some updates. With astonishment, he found that the coordinates sent to the twin- horns race were unrelated to Xie Zhongtong at all.

“Miss Xie has been under our monitoring. At present, she is completely infatuated with the mass ‘assembly’ she’s in and hasn’t done anything else. Everything she has done has already been recorded. If you are interested, you can take a look any time you want. We have ensured that she never leaves our monitoring.”
This was the report received by Chen Feng. They were extremely loyal. But then, for an unknown reason, they seemed rather pale and weakened nowadays…
As for the recordings, Chen Feng had no interest. He reckoned they only needed to slap a code on those videos and they would be good to go to be sold as porno. He had no intention of suffering Han Yula’s wrath in the future. Mhm…
“Continue the monitoring,” Chen Feng ordered.

The two beyond A classes happily agreed to this task. “Yes!”
“Looks like it’s not Xie Zhongtong.”  Chen Feng sank into contemplation. It wasn’t Duma, nor was it Xie Zhongtong. Who could it be? Had some mysterious primordial power appeared recently? Or perhaps… Chen Feng shut his eyes. “I will know after taking a look.” Hum—
A faint undulation spread out.

In Chen Feng’s eyes, the entire world seemed to have changed color. He had activated the ability used to search for primordial powers. However, he found that after searching the entire world, only that astonishing pink could be found.

Nothing else?

He shook his head. Just as he was about to exit this state, suddenly, numerous formidable auras surged out from this illusory world. Next, the primordial auras erupted.

“This…” Chen Feng’s eyes widened. The pink seemed to have dimmed, and the formidable auras that had appeared flickered with seven colors before engulfing the entire world. This wasn’t any singular aura. Rather, it was a combination of a number of powerful primordial auras. “That place…” Chen Feng gazed in that direction. Ultimately, something had still happened there!

Chapter 650: Primordial Items

In a certain desolate frontier, a group of people in white uniforms were solemnly waiting for something. Soon, a fully armed armored car slowly hovered over.

They went forth to welcome the arrival of the armored car. “You guys have worked hard.” Within the car, an item contained in a transparent glass case was taken out. This item shone with a faint gold glimmer, was very small and seemed like a broken part of a much larger item.

“Has it been recorded?”
“Be more careful.”
“Understood.” They put the item on a floating piece of equipment, trying to maintain its balance so the item would not fall.

“Unknown energy.”
“Unknown type.”
“Unable to analyze.”
“With our present technology level, it is not recommended to study this thing. I propose we seal it away.”
The newcomer passed on the report.

The person in a white uniform nodded. “Understood.”  He turned on the screen and scanned the data to input it into the storage before carefully pushing the floating piece of equipment behind him. Hum—
The floating piece of equipment gently floated on. Carrying that item, it left unhurriedly, floating toward a distant town. Along the way, all the staffers looked around as that floating piece of equipment safely entered the depths of the town. There, countless similar items were stored.

“Item  number  2014,”   the  ice-cold  voice  of  the  system resounded, “registration complete, input complete.”
They heaved a sigh of relief. “Done.”  Finally, yet another item had been safely sealed away. Not long ago, the appearance of that pink thing had horrified them greatly. Through that, they had gained a clear understanding of how scary the sealed items here could be, even if they were mere fragments and none of them were in their complete form.

Their job involved delivering these items here to be sealed away, awaiting the day when humans reached a high enough level to study these things to come and revisit them. However, unknown to them, that fragment they had just delivered into the town did not stop after reaching the depths of the town. Rather, it continued on, seemingly being attracted by some power.

The floating piece of equipment that should have stopped moving continued on in a certain direction. Distantly, a faint radiance glimmered, shining upon the Mysterious Town.

In the depths of the town, something seemed to be trembling.

Shua! Shua!

The floating piece of equipment stopped gradually as it reached where the light was shining. There, an even larger item was flickering with light. It could be seen that on a certain corner of this item, a small chip had been broken off, causing it to appear rather incomplete. This missing part seemed completely in harmony with the newly entered fragment.

Slowly, the two items approached each other.


With a crisp sound, the two faint golden items combined together, not leaving even a crack behind, as if they had always been a single entity.


The item shone with gold. As the two combined, an astonishing aura erupted.

Bang! Bang! The terrifying gold engulfed the entire town.

Countless people there were alarmed. “What’s up?”  With a gaze of disbelief, they looked toward the town that had been silent for so many years, not knowing what was happening inside.

What’s happening?


Instantly, a primordial power erupted. The mighty power engulfed and shook the entire town. With the appearance of this aura, the numerous astonishing powers that had been slumbering within the town all appeared together at the same time. These powers were all… primordial powers!


One! Bang!



The heavens and earth seemed to be changing colors at the appearance of these primordial powers.

In a short instant, the lights of Mysterious Town flooded the sky, erupting with numerous colors, shining upon the entire world.

Something had happened at Mysterious Town!

… At this time, the Genetic Union, the Research Agency… everyone that had sensed this set off immediately. Alas, when they arrived, it was already too late. Mysterious Town could no longer be seen. Where Mysterious Town used to be, only a boundless radiance could be seen. Radiances of a multitude of
colors filled their entire vision.

“Let me.” Someone tried entering. However, before he could even approach, his body trembled and he collapsed to the ground.

“Bombard it!”
The Research Agency deployed their bombers.

Alas… it was ineffective as well.

The dense multicolored radiance seemed capable of resisting all attacks, causing everyone that wanted to attack or enter the town to be helpless. This place had completely fallen to the unknown enemy. Helpless, the Genetic Union could only surround this place, unable to do anything else. “Damn it!”
“What happened?”
“No idea. I think it is related to the fragment we sent in today.”
“Did we not confirm that the fragment posed no threat and was the broken part of some item? How could it cause this?”
The staffer smiled bitterly. “It was indeed a broken part. However… From the final recorded data of the now-destroyed recorder, we saw that the fragment combined with a certain item within the town.”
“You mean…”
“That’s right. The item we just sent inside was the broken part of a certain item that we discovered a long time ago. After combining together, the primordial item seemed to awaken…” “Hiss—”
As they heard this, they inhaled deeply in shock. Primordial item… awaken…
Suddenly, they recalled the pink-power incident. Would the Land of Legacy incident replay itself here?

“Retreat!   Leave   this   place   immediately!   Lock   down everything 50 kilometers around this place. Do not allow anyone to enter.”

The Research Agency acted quickly. With the ancients’ Land of Legacy serving as an example, the staffers here made the smart choice and withdrew their forces immediately, then observed from a distance. When Chen Feng arrived, this was what he saw.

“Everyone has already withdrawn.”
“Within a distance of 50 kilometers, there is only this single town. Nobody else had been affected. In Mysterious Town, there is only a single complete primordial item. All other items are purely fragments. After the withdrawal of the main group, we  tried  numerous  methods  yet  were  unable  to  enter,”  the staffer reported with fear still lingering in his heart.

Chen Feng gazed at the town. Is that so?

Around the town, a faint radiance shimmered. Everyone that tried to enter was repelled. Shua!

Chen Feng waved his hand. An illusory shadow flashed forth and swirled around before easily entering Mysterious Town.

“Huh?” The staffers were somewhat dumbstruck as they saw this.

Just like that?

It seems like the repelling force of the town is ineffective against awakened ones, Chen Feng realized. As such, this would be much easier to deal with. He had long wanted to enter this town and have a look at the primordial items within. The pink power had only become so powerful because its growth had gone unchecked for too long. As for this primordial item, it had only recently awoken. Perhaps this would be a good chance for him.

Shua! Chen Feng’s figure flashed forth as he entered Mysterious Town. Within the town, numerous colors swirled around. Each of the colors seemed to contain a primordial item blossoming with a charm unique to itself.

Each color occupied its respective region. Although all these primordial items had awoken, it seemed like they repelled each other as well, causing this Mysterious Town to be split into numerous portions. Chen Feng had arrived at the region that used to be the town’s entrance, a region of blue.

“The first primordial item at the entrance?”
Chen Feng braced himself for what was to come. However, when he entered, his expression changed greatly as the blue radiance suddenly shone intensely, then erupted with a dreadful force.


The intense blue radiance surged forth like a tidal wave, instantly submerging Chen Feng.
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