The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 531-540

Chapter 531

Chapter 531: What A Coincidence

“Sigh…” Tang Wulin let out a sigh. As a matter of fact, he was extremely willing to be Mu Ye’s disciple. Putting everything aside, Mu Yue’s cooking alone had already won Tang Wulin over. He was sure that his cultivation
would improve by leaps and bounds if he continued having access to the good food made by Uncle Chef that often.

However, betraying the Tang Sect for the sake of food alone was ridiculous. If only Tang Sect had a great chef like Uncle Ye…
As he swallowed a mouthful of saliva, Tang Wulin walked out of the small canteen feeling a little helpless.

Chang Gongyan and Lin Yuhan were no longer there. Zhen Hua and Gu Yue were the only people left.

“Uncle-master.” Tang Wulin called out respectfully.

Zhen Hua smiled gently. “How was it? The talk with him.”

Tang Wulin said a little awkwardly, “I’m afraid I can’t promise Uncle Ye what he wanted so he left. I think he’s probably a little angry.”

Zhen Hua laughed out loud and replied, “Don’t worry, don’t worry. He’s hot-tempered like that. He’s already so old but he’s still behaving like a child! Ignore him, I’ll talk to him later. That being said, I’ve to thank the both of you today, Especially Gu Yue for saving my life!”

Gu Yue shook her head immediately. “No, Your Highness. I did that subconsciously.” Zhen Hua smiled lightly and replied, “If it wasn’t for your subconscious rescue, I’m afraid I’d be badly injured even if I didn’t die. The sword was too sudden but your response speed was exceedingly fast.”

Feeling shy, Gu Yue held her head down.

Zhen Hua then looked at Tang Wulin and said, “Your performance today wasn’t bad either. I didn’t expect for you to make such an improvement in your Spirit Forging within the past couple of months. You can already
complete Creation Spirit Forging and Evil Spirit Forging successfully. That’s great! Continue stabilizing your abilities and firm up your foundations. You need to intently feel the transformation in the alloy when you Spirit Forge. At the same time, you’ll also need to feel the transformation your body is going through during the forging process.
These are the things that’ll break you through to the soul-forging level in the future.”

“Yes, uncle-master.”

Tang Wulin had plateaued at his current rank since he could never become a true rank-6 blacksmith without first obtaining a four-ringed cultivation base. However, he was already able to Spirit Forge alloys better than most rank-6 blacksmiths. The only thing he had yet to achieve was Fuse Spirit Forging. This was the reason why he could not ascend to the next rank. As for soul forging, he would need an even higher level of soul power to achieve it.

Zhen Hua replied, “Alright, there are still things that I’ll need to handle.
Both of you go ahead and do your own thing. Oh yeah, Lin Yuhan asked me to pass this message to you. She wanted to say that she’ll definitely surpass your abilities. Wulin, my boy! You’ll have to work harder, alright?”

After saying goodbye to Zhen Hua, the first thing Tang Wulin did was to
sell some of the spirit alloys he forged. To his surprise, the two spirit alloys he forged on the spot today were sold at a high price.

Alloys that went though Creation Spirit Forging and Evil Spirit Forging
were very scarce. Before Tang Wulin managed to sell the two alloys to the association, they were already purchased by two blacksmiths who had just elevated to rank-5. They had hoped to elevate their Spirit Forging by researching the two alloys.

Although Tang Wulin amazed the crowd earlier, he barely gained any fame from defeating Lin Yuhan on the spot. However, he did become a popular little genius in the Blacksmith Association.

“Where would you like to go tonight?” Tang Wulin asked Gu Yue after leaving the Blacksmith Association. They would still make it to class as long as they returned by midnight tomorrow.

They temporarily left the mecha at the Blacksmith Association and would come back to get it before they left for Shrek Academy.

Gu Yue replied, “I’m not familiar with Sky Dou City. I’ll accompany you whenever you want to go.”

“Let’s take a stroll then. I like Sky Dou City very much!” Tang Wulin flashed a gentle smile.

The main attraction of Sky Dou City was that there were no skyscrapers and many of its ancient buildings were still well preserved. There were more
ancient buildings here compared to any other place in the entire Douluo Continent.

Tang Wulin brought Gu Yue everywhere. They strolled the streets,
alleyways, and the old streets. There were quaint stores on both sides of the streets and it made them feel as if they had traveled back to the past.

“Wulin, you really have to be a little more careful now. That evil soul master almost harmed you previously. Shall we return to the academy earlier?” Gu Yue spoke to Tang Wulin after walking for a while.

Tang Wulin smiled as he replied, “Nah, don’t worry. Evil soul masters are very scarce out here, how much of a coincidence would it have to be for them to bump into us?”

“You sure about that?” They heard a cold voice. Tang Wulin panicked and shifted his body in front of Gu Yue to shield her subconsciously. However, by the tie they realized, the scenery around them had already changed.

The old streets around them suddenly turned into a world of darkness while a dense blood essence washed over his face. In the very next moment, he felt fuzzy in his head and lost consciousness as his head spun.

Then, the dark red glow suddenly weakened and the old streets returned to normal. Even the passing pedestrians did not notice two people disappearing from the street. It was like time had stopped when they disappeared a moment ago.

Tang Wulin shuddered as he woke up from being unconsciousness from the cold and piercing chill.

He subconsciously opened his eyes and to his surprise, there were clouds floating beneath him. He was high in the sky.

Then, he saw Gu Yue just across him with her body lying horizontally. To be more precise, they were both held between someone’s armpits.

Gu Yue’s face was pale and her eyes were still closed. The blood essence was actually from this person while the chilling cold was from the sky
above them.

‘Is it an evil soul master?’ Tang Wulin felt helpless as he immediately guessed. It seemed like he had been too careless. Furthermore, he did not expect that this person would target him.

He guessed that this person who flew them into the sky was possibly the evil soul master who attempted to assassinate Zhen Hua earlier. If he was right, the possibility of him and Gu Yue surviving would be minimal.

‘This person’s a Hyper Douluo!’

“You’re quick to wake up!” A cold genderless voice was heard in Tang Wulin’s ear. The sound of that voice alone was enough to make him feel like he was going insane.

Tang Wulin closed his eyes without saying a word. It was useless for him to say anything at this point so he would rather not speak at all.

Right at that moment, an intense weightlessness suddenly hit him, and he could not help but scream. As he opened his eyes, he was shocked to find out that they were already free-falling toward the ground.

They fell quickly and passed through a number of clouds. The intense feeling of weightlessness naturally made people feel a subconscious fear.

Just as they were approximately a hundred meters away from the ground, an intense force lifted and stabilized them in the air. Tang Wulin almost spat out a mouthful of blood from that but before he could do so, both of them fell to the ground.

It was barren land and looking at the color of the sky, it was almost evening. It was then that Tang Wulin got around to take a good look at the evil soul master.

The evil soul master was covered in a tight gray garment. With his head
covered, his eyes were the only things visible. They were gray as well but his pupils seemed strange as they were tinged red.

Waving both hands, he tossed Tang Wulin and Gu Yue on the ground. “Did Spectre die in your hand?” the cold voice questioned Tang Wulin.
“Spectre?” Tang Wulin was stunned momentarily. “I don’t know who that is.”

“You don’t know? Spectre has been missing ever since he boarded the soul train and you’re one of the survivors in the incident,” the evil soul master replied coldly.

Tang Wulin came to a sudden realization. “Are you talking about the person who can soul forge I don’t even know where he went. Do you really think that I could kill him with my cultivation base?” The evil soul master was stunned. It made sense, this kid was only a three- ringed soul master while Spectre was a six-ringed Soul Emperor. Besides, evil soul masters were slyer compared to ordinary soul masters. This alone would give them enough of an advantage when they go against an ordinary soul master at the same level.

Tang Wulin sat up and realized that he was free. It was not because their captor was being nice but instead, it was because the gap between their cultivation bases was so big that their captor thought it unnecessary to restrict the both of them.

The first thing Tang Wulin did was rush to Gu Yue. He touched her and her breathing was stable. However, she was still unconscious.

He stood upright as he tried to think of a way out. Since this evil soul master kept them alive, it was an indication that they might still be of some use to him. This meant that they might still have a chance of getting out of this alive.

“Senior, why did you capture kids like us?” Tang Wulin asked curiously with unbridled purity and confusion in his eyes.

“Kids? Tang Wulin, Shrek Academy’s outer court class president, first grade class one. Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi’s granddisciple who led you and your companions to defeat second grade class one. You even defeated the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy during the final exam. Am I right?” the cold voice spoke calmly.

Tang Wulin was secretly shocked, he did not expect his captor to investigate him so thoroughly. “Senior, Your Highness. Why’re you investigating an insignificant person like me?”

“Just because you’re insignificant now doesn’t mean that you’ll remain insignificant forever. Isn’t it Shrek’s expertise to train talents like you?
What future does Shrek hold if they smother you little kids in a cradle?” the evil soul master said calmly.

Tang Wulin forced a smile. “Are you bullying the weak now?” “Call Zhen Hua on his soul communicator.” The evil soul master completely ignored what he said.

Chapter 532

Chapter 532: Vicious

Tang Wulin was stunned. His captor only captured them to lure his uncle- master here.

He took out his soul communicator and peeped at the evil soul master.
However, Tang Wulin clutched his right hand immediately and crushed his soul communicator.

“Slap!” A slap came toward him like lightning. Tang Wulin did not even
stand a chance at avoiding it as he flew from the impact of the slap. The left side of his face was badly swollen and it felt as if he was hit by a soul train moving at full speed. He could only feel a numbness ringing in his head as his ears buzzed.

However, he did not regret it at all. He could not call Zhen Hua’s soul
communicator. He would put his uncle-master at risk the moment he did that. On the other hand, if his uncle-master was lured here, he and Gu Yue would lose all their value and die much sooner than they expected.

Tang Wulin’s mind was always exceptionally clear when the odds were against him. This time was no different.

As he hit the ground hard, his head was an utter fuzz and everything around him was a blur. He attempted to stand up but his limbs were not exactly responding to his command. After trying several times, he still ended up face-first on the ground.

The evil soul master shifted his mask and her gray eyes suddenly turned scarlet. Almost immediately, she was already at Tang Wulin’s side.

Squatting down, she extended a finger to wipe off some of the blood at the corner of Tang Wulin’s lips. Then, she removed the lower half of her mask to reveal her delicate chin. Her lips were oddly bright, so bright that it
seemed a little strange. Then, she put her finger into her mouth and sucked that single drop of Tang Wulin’s blood into her mouth.

At the very next moment, her body trembled and her pupils shrunk to a size of a needle’s point. She stood up and as she staggered a few steps backward, the look on her face when she looked at Tang Wulin completely changed.

“How is this possible? You’re just an insignificant Soul Elder! How is it possible that you have blood so pure, and a blood essence that’s so rich? That’s great. This is just too great! It’s pure Yang energy from the blood of a boy. Haha, hahaha! That’s great. What’s so great about Zhen Hua? As long as I ingest your blood, I’ll become normal once again. I won’t have to bear the torture of soul forging at the blood sea anymore. Hahahaha! I’ve
changed my mind, I’ll suck you dry, of blood!”

She laughed at the top of her lungs. Her voice was no longer that cold. It was now a lady’s voice.

She stepped forward and as she arrived before Tang Wulin once more, she grabbed him from the ground. “Kid, I bet you didn’t see this coming. Your attempt at protecting Zhen Hua revealed the secret of your blood. Don’t
worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll make you my blood servant. Judging by how powerful your bloodline is, you’ll still have a great body for a blood servant even if I sucked out all your blood. Great! This is great! I never expected my luck to be this good.”

She removed an even larger portion of the bottom half from her mask as she spoke, and two extraordinarily ferocious fangs grew out at an alarming rate when her red lips parted.

Tang Wulin attempted to fight back but his body was covered in an unknown chill. No matter how rich his blood essence was, he could not stop the restricting cold.

Then, she licked her fangs with her pink tongue. She was just like a predator that was holding itself back from eating the most delicious food in the world. As she inched closer toward Tang Wulin, a faintly sweet fragrance emanated from her body.

Tang Wulin forced a smile. “Wait.” His voice was a little unclear now due to the slap.

“Sure. Since your blood is so important, I’ll let you speak one sentence.
However, don’t you dare irritate me by begging.” There was a kind of
charm in the evil soul master’s voice. It was the kind of charm that could make a person anxious.

Tang Wulin replied, “I’m not begging for me since I know I have no way to escape. However, since my blood will benefit you greatly, I’m sure you’ll need to find a place to cultivate after ingesting my blood, right? You
shouldn’t waste your time! If that’s the case, could you let my companion go free? She’s of no use to you and won’t even pose a threat since she’s so weak. Please, bring me with you and you can suck my blood somewhere
else. Please? You’ll just have to get rid of her here. I don’t want her to see me getting my blood sucked by you.”

The evil soul master was stunned, to the point where her hands became
stiff. “You’re dying and you’re thinking about her? Do you like her? You’re just a kid, do you even understand love?

Tang Wulin tried smiling. “I don’t know what love is, but nothing makes
sense now since I’m dying. Can you at least promise me this? Consider this my last wish before I die.”

The evil soul master sighed all of a sudden. “I never knew there were people still willing to sacrifice their lives for others. You’re a good person, no wonder your blood is so pure. I’ve always thought that all men in this world were cheaters. So… It actually is possible to remain pure without being affected by worldly matters when one is young. I desire your blood even more now!”

Initially, Tang Wulin was still hopeful when he heard what she was saying in the beginning. However, that last sentence crushed all his hopes. “Alright then. I’ll grant you your wish. I’ll release her.”

“But who’s going to let you go then?” An absurd-sounding voice appeared out of nowhere.

The voice was heard from every direction and its source could not be identified. However, as soon as the voice appeared, the space around them began to tremble as a suppressive aura was felt in every inch around them. Then, an insanely terrifying pressure sealed the space around them instantly.

The evil soul master immediately turned around to the sight of a huge silhouette inching step after step toward her.

‘How’s this possible? With my powerful perception, how was it that I didn’t sense his presence before this? Why didn’t I sense anything when there’s
someone so close!?’

She could sense danger from this person’s spirit and soul as it slowly crept up her spine and spread through her head. It had been a long time since the evil soul master felt that.

The vicious force emanating from the huge silhouette was from the fusion of countless blood particles. He towered over 2.4 meters high and had
extremely broad shoulders. Also, he looked much stronger than an ordinary person.

Upon closer inspection, the evil soul master saw the face of a middle-aged man. His face was manly and cold, while his skin was tanned. It felt like his body was covered in an alloy, and his eyes seemed like emotionless yellow crystals. This was the first time the evil soul master saw such this kind of
color in an eye.

“Who are you?” The evil soul master’s voice regained its chilly quality as she tossed Tang Wulin to the ground and lifted her hands. She did this because she could clearly sense the threat emanating from the opponent
standing before her. All Tang Wulin could feel was a chill that spread through his entire body. He passed out, feeling unsatisfied.

“You’ve got no right to know who I am.” The majestic body proceeded to walk closer to her as the suppressive aura from his body grew more intense.

The evil soul master scoffed and the scarlet glow in her eyes suddenly grew more intense. An intense bloody glow shot out of her body and as she
waved her right hand, a thin bloody sword appeared. After a slight tremor, countless red specks appeared in the sky, surrounding the evil soul master’s body that was in the center of it all. Initially, they were tiny specks but as they grew, they began to look like cold, ruthless, and bloody eyes.

An intense wave of blood energy ran rampant as tens of thousands of bloody orbs shot out from the bloody eyes that targetted the huge man.

The huge man finally stopped his advance. As soon as he stopped walking, he stomped his right leg hard onto the ground, creating an intense bang that seemed to distort the space around them.

The bloody orbs shot out at an alarming rate but just as they were ten meters from the huge man, a dark golden layer unexpectedly appeared.

Chapter 533

Chapter 533: Limit Douluo?

The air erupted with countless explosions. It was as though every one of the glowing collisions caused a tiny crack in space itself. However, the dark gold barrier remained unaffected.

At that moment, the huge man waved his right hand. His right arm had
suddenly become muscular while his hand was growing at an astounding rate. Five shining dark gold orbs seemed like they were going to tear heaven and earth apart.

As soon as he attacked, the imposing manner that he was gathering dissipated while the distance between them was covered instantly.

With the cultivation base of an evil soul master, she was shocked to find that she could not get out of range straight away.

‘What kind of skill does this person have?’

In a flash, a bright red glow lit up on her forehead; the countless bloody eyes in the sky were recalled and swiftly swarmed into her body.

Her entire being was covered in blood-red armor. This armor bore no fancy patterns, only vicious bloody eyes dazzled upon it.

Immediately, the evil soul master’s imposing manner skyrocketed. A pair of flaps opened on her back, resembling gigantic bat wings, blood red like her armor. As she flapped her wings, a crimson glimmer emanated; the red
sword in her hand slashed a thin blood-like trail across the sky. “Bang!” A massive blast could be heard all around. From the center of the collision, the terrifying explosion shot up into the clouds. The very sky was torn apart by the overwhelming force of the two soul power waves.

A scarlet silhouette catapulted out from the within the deep. The figure flew hundreds of meters straight out before landing on the ground. Five wounds neatly striped across the breastplate she wore. Had it not been for her armor, she might have been completely torn apart.

“You… you’re a Limit Douluo?”

The evil soul master’s voice could not remain calm anymore.

She herself was a three-word battle armor master and as well as a Hyper Douluo! With the armor, her cultivation base was near to that of a Limit Douluo. On the other hand, her opponent managed to defeat her without having to put on any battle armor at all. That had proven one thing – the person was a Limit Douluo. A true Limit Douluo.

Although battle armor could elevate an evil soul master to the same level as a Limit Douluo, there were differences when compared to a true Limit
Douluo. It was a world that operated on a divine level.

Even with battle armor, it was never really possible to reach such a level.
Only people who had achieved a significant amount in their cultivation base would be able to open the door into that world.

At that point, the bloody-eyed evil soul master no longer cared about the power Tang Wulin could grant her and she rolled herself onto the floor. In an instant, her body completely transformed into glowing red stripes and shot out everywhere.

Rather than escaping toward one specific direction, the glowing bands scattered every which way. Just like that, the evil soul master had disappeared and was nowhere to be seen.

Surprisingly, the enormous man did not chase after her. Instead, he walked slowly toward Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. His right arm slowly shrank back to its initial size, while the five blades that had extended from his fingers retracted.

He only stopped walking when he arrived before Gu Yue.

At that moment, Gu Yue sat up from the ground. Yes, she sat up right away. “Miss,” the man said respectfully with one knee on the ground.
“Hmm.” Gu Yue gave a short response and stood up. She walked to Tang Wulin and squatted down slowly. Gently, she caressed his face.

A gentle spark of light emanated from her and entered Tang Wulin’s cheek, causing the swelling to heal.

The massive warrior stood straight as an arrow, but he did not ask anything. His eyes, like yellow crystals, showed no sign of emotion at all.

“Are you curious as to why I didn’t let you kill that evil soul master?” Although Gu Yue faced Tang Wulin, she asked the man.
“Yes,” he replied simply.

“‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’. We should use whatever we have at our disposal. You can leave now.” Gu Yue waved her hand.

“Yes,” the hulking figure responded once more before turning around and walking slowly into the darkness.

Shadow fell upon them. Night had come.

Gu Yue sat by Tang Wulin, gazing at him dreamily. Only sometime later did she walk to Tang Wulin and lay down. She leaned her body into his

“Woah! This is too much!” Zhen Hua’s face was ghastly pale. Mu Ye peered at him. “They’re fine, I’ve checked their bodies thoroughly. But it seems like Heaven Dou City might be dangerous now. Have you reported this incident to the federation? It’s best that you inform Shrek
Academy as well.”

“Yes,” Zhen Hua nodded and calmed himself down.

“Fortunately, they’re alright, but looking at the condition of the scene, it appears as though there was a fight between masters. Furthermore, the
elemental wave in the air was incredibly powerful. This was most certainly a fight between Hyper Douluo level experts. That evil soul master must have escaped. Could it have been people from Shrek Academy who were there?” Mu Ye asked Zhen Hua.

Zhen Hua shook his head. “It couldn’t be. I’ve asked Shrek. I’ll send them back myself after Wulin wakes up. It seems like this boy has been targeted by the evil soul master as well. Don’t let him leave the academy arbitrarily in the future. Evil soul masters won’t dare to create trouble within Shrek. Shrek has that ‘certain someone’ protecting the place after all.”

Tang Wulin felt a sense of warmth inside himself when he woke up from unconsciousness. It was an indescribable, comforting sensation.

As soon as he sat up, he subconsciously touched his cheeks and chest. He then looked at the decorations around the room.

‘I’m still alive?’

That was his first response. He then quickly checked his body. His blood was still there, no longer being drained.

A sense of excitement and joy spread all over him.

There was no pain or discomfort in his body at all. Swiftly, he got off the bed and went to the window, pulling back the curtain to take a look outside. ‘Isn’t this the Blacksmith Association?’ It was only then that he realized he was now in safe hands.

The last thing he could remember was the moment when the evil soul master tossed him out. He faintly recalled the deep voice of a man speaking at that point. It must have been that person who threatened the evil soul master.

‘But who was that? Was he the one that saved us?’

With many questions on his mind, Tang Wulin pushed open the door and bumped into Zhen Hua just as he was about to enter the room.

“You’re awake?” Zhen Hua lifted his hand and pressed it against Tang Wulin’s chest to check his physical condition. The boy was in high spirits now.

Tang Wulin said in excitement, “Uncle-master!”

He managed to survive! How could his heart not be filled with excitement and joy when he saw Zhen Hua again?

Zhen Hua sighed, “It’s your uncle-master’s fault that you’ve had to bear such a great risk. I didn’t expect the evil soul master to really linger

Tang Wulin said, “Uncle-master, was it you who saved us? Where’s Gu Yue? How’s she now?”

“She’s fine. She’s resting in the other room. It wasn’t I that saved the two of you. By the time we arrived there, both of you were lying on the ground and the evil soul master was gone. Do you remember what happened?”

Tang Wulin described what had befallen him earlier.

“Suck your blood? It seems like that’s an evil soul master who uses blood as her cultivation source,” Mu Ye walked toward them from the other direction. “Uncle Ye.” Tang Wulin was even more relieved when he saw him.

Zhen Hua said, “You guys should be going to class today, am I right? You’ve missed your morning class. If you’re up to it, let me take the both of you back to the academy.”

Zhen Hua had his own private high-altitude flying car which could reach extremely high speeds. It was much faster than the average mecha.

Tang Wulin looked at Gu Yue while sitting at the back of the car.

“I’m sorry for getting you into trouble,” Tang Wulin said softly to her. Gu Yue shook her head.
“Are you alright? Are there any hidden injuries on your body?” Tang Wulin asked her gently.

“I’m fine.” Gu Yue shook her head again.

Tang Wulin attempted to ask more, but Gu Yue placed her palm to his and held onto his hand.

Without knowing why, Tang Wulin felt at peace as soon as her rather cold little hand held onto his.

The two of them did not say anything, while Zhen Hua who was in front was clearly gloomy. Although he did not speak much about the incident, Tang Wulin could clearly feel the anger he was suppressing.

The high-altitude flying car’s speed was fast, much faster than that of Tang Wulin’s mecha. What surprised Tang Wulin was that Zhen Hua’s flying car did not only fly directly into Shrek City but straight toward Shrek Academy. It landed slowly as they arrived outside of the academy entrance.

“Wulin, this is for you. Go to class now.” Zhen Hua turned around and gave Tang Wulin a ring. It was different from his first spatial ring. This ring had a magical jade green color, and it bore a silver stone. It had the appearance of a rich life source that was ready to blossom and looked oddly beautiful. Tang Wulin tried it on and found that it fit nicely on the little finger of his left hand.

“Uncle-master, this is…”

Chapter 534

Chapter 534: Back to the Academy

Zhen Hua said, “It’s me, your uncle-master who dragged you guys into this. Let’s consider this to be a little compensation for you. Your mecha’s in there.”

Tang Wulin was immediately shocked by this. He knew exactly what Zhen Hua meant when he said his mecha was “in there”. It meant that the ring’s storage was enough to contain his yellow mecha! It was such a precious treasure. A spatial ring of that level was extremely rare across the entire

“Uncle-master, this is priceless. I can’t take it.” Tang Wulin attempted to reject the gift.

Tang Wulin looked distraught at first. “Alright then, you guys can leave now.”

Tang Wulin chuckled. “I’ll take it then!”

Zhen Hua could not hold back any longer and laughed out loud. “You little miser, get lost now!”

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue got out of the car and ran toward the academy immediately. They still had to attend class.

Zhen Hua’s expression became serious again as he watched them leave. He then said to the driver, “Go to the inner court.”

The vehicle ascended once more. Although they were already in the Shrek Academy area, nobody could stop them from doing that. The flying car
sped up and arrived at the Shrek Academy’s inner court within a few blinks, stopping outside of the entrance. Zhen Hua got out of the car, taking long strides as he walked toward the inner court.

His high-altitude flying car could access almost anywhere on the continent, but not here. It was the Shrek Academy’s inner court, so he would have to get out of the car as a show of respect to Shrek.

Zhen Hua began to walk instead of fly when he arrived at the side of Sea God’s Lake.

Floating on the water’s surface, he reached the shore of the Sea God’s Island in a matter of moments.

There, he stopped walking and waited in silence.

It did not take long for someone to walk out of the Sea God’s Island. Surprisingly, it was Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi.

“Let’s go. The Pavilion Master is waiting for you,” Zhuo Shi said to Zhen Hua with a nod.

Zhen Hua nodded slightly in reply. With Zhuo Shi leading the way, they walked into the Sea God’s Island.

At the center of the Sea God’s Island stood a huge wooden house built leaning against an enormous tree. It could be said that this building was not only the core of the island, but also of the Shrek Academy, and in fact the nucleus of Shrek City.

For this golden house leaning against the large tree was the seat of the island’s highest authority, the Sea God Pavilion!

The Sea God Pavilion Master was the real grandmaster of the Shrek Academy.

He was among the most powerful and influential in the land, one of the few possessing such a position. Even the federation would ask for the Sea God Pavilion Master’s opinion when there were important decisions to be made. The reason was simple: power.

The interior of the wooden house was austere. If an outsider were to visit, they would never expect the Sea God Pavilion — home of one reputed to be the most powerful — to be so simple.

There were already eight people sitting on both sides of the long wooden table. Once the master seat was filled, there were nine altogether.

Zhuo Shi gestured to Zhen Hua to sit. It was clear that it was not Zhen
Hua’s first time here as he walked to the last seat on the table and took his place. Zhuo Shi entered and sat on the fourth seat on the left.

If Tang Wulin had been there, he would have been surprised to find the young man who was sitting on the master seat. It was the young man that he had seen before, the one who had accompanied Holy Spirit Douluo on the
swing. He looked like he was just 27 or 28 years old but he was handsome and wore a gentle smile on his face.

However, every single person of importance from the Shrek Academy in attendance looked at him with absolute respect.

Yali sat on the first seat to his right while there was a tall old man with a big, round face and a massive body sitting on the other side.

Feng Wuyu was there as well, seated across from Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi. Meanwhile, Elder Cai sat next to Feng Wuyu.

Yes, those who presented themselves before him were the true leaders of Shrek Academy, the Sea God Pavilion Elders.

The person who was sitting on the master seat was the highest leader of the Sea God Pavilion, the Sea God Pavilion Master of the generation.

“Your Highness.” Zhen Hua bowed at the Sea God Pavilion Master respectfully. The Sea God Pavilion Master smiled slightly and gestured at him. Zhen
Hua then sat down. Although he was the only Divine Craftsman present, he dared not show his pride before the Sea God Pavilion Master.

He had yet to be born when the Sea God Pavilion Master conquered the
continent in the past. This Master was known as the first among experts in today’s Douluo Continent. He was considered to be the apex of humanity. It was said that if the Douluo Continent had been able to sense the presence of the Divine Realm, he would have been elevated to the position much

Under his leadership, the Shrek Academy was as stable as Mount Tai. The powerful federation government did not dare to treat them with disdain. The independence of Shrek City came from the power of the Sea God Pavilion.

“Zhen Hua, please tell us more about the situation,” the Sea God Pavilion Master said with a smile on his face. There would never be a Sea God Pavilion meeting for minor matters. It would only be held when something major happened.

Zhen Hua nodded and told the complete story of his encounter with the
assassin, Tang Wulin being captured by the evil soul master later on, and his bringing them back to the association.

“Do you have any recording of the battle?” The Sea God Pavilion Master asked.

“Yes.” Zhen Hua stood up and took out a metal staff. He pressed it lightly and a stream of light projected from the staff onto the wall. The light was a video showing what he managed to capture at that time.

Every one of the Sea God Pavilion Elders were deep in thought as they watched it.

“Yes, there was an intense fight there. According to what Tang Wulin said, the evil soul master’s expertise is sucking blood to the point where her
cultivation base might be near or already at Hyper Douluo level. The person who saved Tang Wulin must possess extraordinary power to have managed to chase the evil soul master away,” Elder Cai said while frowning.

The Sea God Pavilion Master said two simple words as he squinted. “Duskgold Dreadclaw.”

The faces of all the elders in attendance were aghast when they heard those words.

Holy Spirit Douluo Yali looked at him in a gentle manner. “But a Duskgold Dreadclaw is rare! Moreover, I’ve never heard about any soul masters who managed to cultivate Duskgold Dreadclaw to such a level.”

The Sea God Pavilion Master looked like he was deep in thought as well. “Yes, as far as I know, there is no such person but it has to be Duskgold
Dreadclaw, and the cultivation base has to be above Hyper Douluo. Look at that. The marks that they left from the fight were not just scratches. Even the soil and the rocks around them were turned into powder. That’s the sign of peak cultivation of the Duskgold Dreadclaw. Zhuo Shi, if I am not mistaken, Tang Wulin has the Duskgold Dreadclaw ability as well. Is that

Zhuo Shi nodded. “It’s a little different from the Duskgold Dreadclaw. He combined the force of his own bloodline and calls it Golden Dragon
Dreadclaw. But his ability comes from the spirit ascension platform. Do you suspect that the soul master who saved them might be someone from the Spirit Pagoda?”

The Sea God Pavilion Master nodded slightly. “We can’t exclude that possibility. A powerful soul master that we are completely unaware of most likely came from the Spirit Pagoda. They’ve been more and more secretive in recent years.”

Due to the spirit soul requirements of the soul masters, the Spirit Pagoda had accumulated a massive fortune and their power was expanding at great speed. In addition, during recent years, artificial spirit souls had been developed to such an extent that it granted more soul masters a chance to possess powerful spirit souls. It had skyrocketed the Spirit Pagoda’s position. All this had proved the saying — you can do anything when you’re rich.

“That’s possible. Gu Yue is the core disciple of the Spirit Pagoda while
Heavenly Phoenix Douluo is her teacher.” Elder Cai subconsciously looked at Holy Spirit Douluo Yali when he said that.

Yali was a little stunned when she heard the name of Heavenly Phoenix Douluo.

An unnatural emotion flashed across the Sea God Pavilion Master’s eyes. Although he managed to suppress it immediately, the entire room of the generation’s finest, including Zhen Hua, noticed it. They could not help but secretly laugh inside. Rumor had it that the Sea God Pavilion Master had a history with the Spirit Pagoda’s vice chairman, Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu; perhaps there was some truth to these rumors?

The Pavilion Master coughed. “I’ll confirm about that with the Spirit Pagoda. Now let’s talk about the evil soul master,” the Sea God Pavilion Master said in all seriousness.

Chapter 535

Chapter 535: Sea God Pavilion Meeting

“The operations of evil soul masters have been increasingly rampant lately. It has reached the point that they need to be taught a lesson. The federation has sent us a request, hoping that we could collaborate with them to combat this growing threat. The only way to counter the mysterious appearance of these evil soul masters is by strengthening each city’s safety measures, as well as gathering more military forces to guard them at all times.”

The Sea God Pavilion Master continued, “We’ll approve of the federation’s application while the academy’s inner court disciples will aid in the siege on the evil soul masters. At the same time, contact the Tang Sect. Mobilize all our contacts and search for the evil masters’ whereabouts. Report to us as soon as there’s news.”

“Yes,” all the elders responded in unison.

“Pavilion Master, there is another matter. The Star Luo Continent representative expressed hope that we would send an exchange team to their academy, you see…” Elder Cai spoke.

The Pavilion Master gave a slight smile. “Accept their request. Send the outer court’s outstanding first and second grade students. Limit the number to ten people for now and assign Wu Zhangkong to lead the team. The new students of both years aren’t bad, especially the first grade. This Tang Wulin is stirring things up. We must have him on the list so that the evil soul master won’t come for him.”

Zhen Hua raised his brows slightly but said nothing.

Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi spoke, “Pavilion Master, those striplings have yet to form their abilities. Wouldn’t it be…” The Sea God Pavilion Master waved his hand. “The representative of the Star Luo Continent just arrived not long ago. They won’t be leaving so
soon. The academy should adjust the resources for the youngsters
accordingly so that they can elevate as soon as possible. We are going for an exchange, not to show off our own prowess. There is no need to send
students of higher grades from the inner court. Outstanding students of the same age are the really exceptional ones.”

Elder Cai nodded and said, “Yes, they’ll only return to Star Luo Continent around half a year later. That’s why they’ve just sent us their application.”

The Sea God Pavilion Master said, “Then it’s set. Yue’er, you’ll be selecting the candidates.”

“Yes,” Cai Yue’er responded respectfully.

The discussion proceeded with some countermeasures and overall planning as to how to handle the evil soul masters.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue had no idea that this discussion took place. They had just arrived in class.

Fortunately, it was Shen Yi’s class that day instead of Wu Zhangkong’s.
Although he was surprised that they were late, Shen Yi allowed them both to attend class without pressing any further.

“Our class president is late? Are you so happy that you didn’t want to come back?” Xie Xie bumped into Tang Wulin and asked softly with a smirk.

Tang Wulin glared at him. “Yes! I was so happy that I didn’t want to come back. You should try it too next time. Then you’ll know exactly what that’s like.”

“Why would he be so happy that he didn’t want to return? He should feel lucky that he survived.”

Xie Xie proceeded to wink at him. Even Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi, Ye Xinglan and the rest looked at Tang Wulin and Gu Yue in an odd way. Wu Siduo looked on from a short distance. He frowned as he watched Tang Wulin and then Gu Yue.

“Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, come here,” Shen Yi called the both of them to the office as soon as the class ended.

“What’s wrong with you two? What kind of example are you setting for your classmates when the class president and vice-president are both late at the same time? Moreover, the two of you were over an hour late. Come,
will you tell me what happened?”

Although Shen Yi was not as strict as Wu Zhangkong, she was not all kindness and pleasantries. Especially when first grade class one’s result ranked on top while teachers and students of other grades were watching.

Tang Wulin scratched his head. “We encountered an evil soul master and
almost didn’t make it back.” He did not hide anything and told every single detail that happened during their trip to Heaven Dou City and about Zhen Hua sending them back himself.

“Are evil soul masters so unrestrained now?” Shen Yi frowned in a slightly gloomy expression.

Tang Wulin immediately responded. “I know! They even wanted to
assassinate my uncle-master. It’s clear that they’re trying to conquer the power of the soul master world. There must be a scheme behind this.”

Shen Yi nodded slightly. “Alright then, put it out of your minds. The both of you can leave now. The match with third grade class one is in a few more days. Please prepare yourself and don’t get beaten too badly.”

Tang Wulin smiled and said, “Ma’am, why are you so sure that we will lose?”

Shen Yi replied, “Then win the competition if you can! If you beat third grade class one, the academy will pay for all of the materials needed to make one-word battle armor for each of the participants.” Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

One must know that the amount of rare alloy needed to forge battle armor for that many people doesn’t come cheap. On top of that, making the core circuits takes more than only rare alloy. They also needed some unique
energy and precious stones to activate the circuits’ base and storage. All of this requires money. Essentially, the core components are the most vital part in the making of battle armor. They are usually located in the middle of the breastplate, while some are placed on the helmet. Making the core circuits was the most difficult step and also the one requiring the most expensive material.

“Yes, I’ve asked Elder Cai and he agreed to it. He told me that the Star Luo Continent representative team had invited our academy to do an exchange with their continent. Elder Cai is interested in selecting candidates from the outer court’s lower grade. Thus, as long as you display adequate ability, we should have some adjustments to our resources later on.”

“That’s great!” Tang Wulin was so excited that he almost jumped up. Shrek Academy had traditions stretching back tens of thousands of years. How
could they not be seen as worthy? Although the Spirit Pagoda had great wealth, money could not be compared with heritage. Their time taken to achieve one-word battle armor mastery would be greatly shortened if the academy could provide them with the required resources and support.

“Where are you going?” Gu Yue asked Tang Wulin as they walked out the door.

Tang Wulin replied “I’m going to the special cultivation venue to train. I’ll be there through the night. I guess we no longer have to work on our
coordination and routines. We’ll work on the battle methods together and practice with the rest tomorrow and the day after. Let’s give it our all.
Perhaps we really do have a chance at beating our third-grade seniors.”

“The chances are slim. Even with all of us combined, we couldn’t fight a one-word battle armor master that time. Don’t forget that the masters from our academy aren’t comparable with those from the outside world. Besides, it would be impossible for any of us to become a master within such a short period.” Gu Yue poured cold water on Tang Wulin’s enthusiasm.

The two students from third grade who possessed complete one-word battle armor were the biggest obstacle they would have to face.

“Let’s just try our best then,” Tang Wulin said while feeling helpless.

The first and second grade were tense those couple of days, especially for the students who were going to take part in the match with third grade.

The tensest atmosphere could be found at the working students’ dormitory. They stayed up all night for two consecutive days to discuss their plans.

There would be a total of ten points available throughout the three rounds. The one-against-one match was worth one point, the two-against-two waws worth two points, while the victorious seven-person team would earn five points. In the last round, victory would earn three points and performance would take two points.

They must reach six points to win the friendly match.

With that said, it would be best for them to score in every round.

This was different from the matches between the first and second grades. The friendly competition this time had attracted the attention of every grade in the outer court.

The reason was throughout Shrek Academy history, there were barely any challenges that took such a great leap. According to the normal academic
entry age, the difference between first and third grade was six years. A six- year gap was like Heaven and Earth among young soul masters.

Meanwhile, third grade class one classroom had its own issues.

“Class president, the academy is obviously punishing us by arranging such a thing. How dare the brats from first and second grade challenge us! They must be overconfident, a young man whose body was slender and whose face a little lecherous said to another young man while crossing his legs. As third grade students, their average age was around eighteen. The person he called class president was a young man with a large body and an unsophisticated face. He could not be considered handsome, but he had an unwavering majesty. Just sitting there, he made people feel safe. He was like the pillar of the entire classroom, able to easily hold up the sky even if Heaven was to collapse.

He was the president of third class grade one, Li Qiankun. He was also one of the two one-word battle armor masters from his class. At eighteen years old this year, he was a rank-52 shield battle soul master. His martial soul
was very unique. It was called the Heaven and Earth Sphere, a rare Variant Martial Soul.

“I’ve heard about the first and second grades. We can’t be careless,” Li Qiankun said calmly.

The lecherous one sat up. “Captain, do we have to be so serious about it? The highest they could be is rank-40. How far could they be on the path of soul master cultivation?

“Please count me in on the one against one match this time. I guess the
academy arranged this battle mainly to suppress their imposing manner so they don’t get too full of themselves.”

The lecherous young man was named Ye Wu, an agility-type battle soul master. His specialty was high-speed fights of all sorts, and he had
completed 70% of his one-word battle armor. He was seventeen this year and he had a good chance of becoming an inner court disciple by
completing his battle armor before turning twenty. He was the core member of third grade class one.

Chapter 536

Chapter 536: Start

“Ye Wu, when will you stop being so cocky?” a voice rang out clearly.

Ye Wu subconsciously held his head down at hearing the speaker. He stood up at once and looked in the direction it came from. “I was only joking, Sister Mo. I’m actually taking this very seriously.”

It was a young lady that approached him. She had long black hair flowing down her back, though her body was only average. Her face was sweet and pretty, but the gleam in her eyes belied a cold disposition. She walked to Li Qiankun and sat down.

“I’ve asked about them. This time there are at least two martial soul fusion skill teams among the little ones. One of them possesses the self soul fusion skill while another possesses the true martial fusion skill. There is also the light and darkness fusion skill. The main team members have a cultivation base above rank-40, while a few hold a couple of pieces of battle armor made from Spirit Alloy. Although they are behind us in terms of power, our advantage is not as great as you imagine. We might embarrass ourselves if we don’t tread carefully.”

Mo Yu was the vice-president of third grade class one. She was the other battle armor master with a soul power rank of 51. Within the class, she held greater prestige than even Li Qiankun. She was tough but protective.
Almost every student in the class benefited from her. She had a straightforward and strong character.

She and Li Qiankun were the iron staff of third grade class one. These two would almost certainly enter the inner court in the future.

They would be participating in the inner court’s experience exam when the academic year ended. As long as they passed the experience exam, they would become official inner court disciples.

Li Qiankun looked at Mo Yu. “Two martial soul fusion skills? What’s their power like?”

Mo Yu shook her head. “I don’t know the exact details, but I speculate that they won’t be a threat to our one-word battle armor. After all, one-word battle armor can elevate our ability to be on par with a normal Soul Sage.
Overall their skill level is nowhere near our own, but the juniors’ talents are quite outstanding. I heard one of them is almost a rank 6 blacksmith. That’s the reason he was able to forge Spirit Alloys. Moreover, it’s Spirit Alloy
with a harmony rate of over 80%. We might even need him when we need to upgrade and advance to two-word battle armor after we return from the experience exam.”

Li Qiankun smiled slightly. “In that case, we should show mercy while still keeping our own strategy in mind.”

Mo Yu nodded. “Just treat it as a normal match. As long as we take care of the seven-against-seven group battle, it costs us nothing if we let them win the first two rounds. We’ll have to give our juniors some confidence. What I have in mind is that both of us split up so that one of us in the group battle
and the other in the one on one fight. It would all work out as long as we manage to get at least six points.”

“Sure, we’ll follow your plan then. So which one are you participating in?”

Mo Yu smiled as she said, “Of course I’m going for the one that’s easiest. I’ll join the one-against-one match. I’ll look at the situation during the group battle. If the young ones are too powerful, I’ll join in as well. If we have too much of an upper hand in the beginning, I won’t take part in the group battle.”

“That’ll work.”

… “Get me a couple more buns.” Tang Wulin waved at Xu Lizhi as he leaned on the chair.

Xu Lizhi looked at him with a little concern. “Captain, are you sure you should be eating so much? Isn’t this overdoing it?”

On this day, Tang Wulin’s appetite was 50% greater than usual. He looked as if he was so full that he could no longer stand up.

Tang Wulin forced a smile. “Oh well! What if I don’t have enough blood essence in the afternoon because I didn’t eat enough? Since you’re not
joining the match, you can get me more buns when I’m done with the two- against-two match.”

The day of the match had finally come. Shrek Academy’s outer court’s first and second grades would be joining forces to challenge the third grade.

The battle attracted the attention of all the outer court’s students.

Normally it would be impossible to join the inner court for those who had not done so by the time they reached fourth grade.

The only option available to them was to become a one-word battle armor master before they reached sixth grade and received their Shrek Academy graduation certificate.

Consequently, there were not many one-word battle armor masters in the three higher grades because they would graduate from the outer court directly if they had become a one-word battle armor master and were over 20 years old.

To a certain degree, the third grade was considered the most powerful grade in the academy’s outer court, as it still had the most talented students. The most capable students of the higher grades would have entered the inner
court much earlier or they would have participated in the inner court experience exam. Such lively battles were hard to come by. It was just past lunch and the sparring arena was filled with outer court students and teachers.

Without a doubt, the students taking part in today’s friendly match all had the potential to enter the inner court in the future. They also represented the most powerful among the new generation.

Students from first and second grade class one arrived much earlier and were hoping for a miracle. Meanwhile, the students from third grade class one seemed to be far more relaxed. Given the difference in ability, this
could only be a friendly match. No matter how they calculated, there was no chance that the first and second graders could win.

Indeed, soul masters who had outstanding martial souls and powerful
abilities would be able to perform above their own rank, but there was a limit to that. It was almost impossible to defeat an opponent who was a one- word battle armor master, due to the massive upper hand granted by the battle armor.

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu had arrived much earlier. Both had a lot riding on this match. It would be embarrassing if the second grade lost to the first. They wanted to prove themselves in this competition.

The outer court headmaster Cai Yue’er arrived at the podium. Holy Spirit Douluo Yali was there, as well as the teachers from the outer court. From the inner court, both Scarlet Dragon Douluo and Blazing Dragon Douluo were attending. Their main purpose here was, naturally, to watch Tang Wulin.

All the Title Douluos were led by the Holy Spirit Douluo.

“Are you ready?” Wu Zhangkong looked at the first and second grade students who stood before him and spoke with a cold emotionless

“We’re ready!” everyone shouted in unison. “Yuanen Yehui will go for the one-against-one match. We have no idea what kind of formation they’ll employ, but you must give your all in this
round. Don’t worry about the group battle later. Try your best to defeat your opponent. Ye Xinglan will go in the second round and Wu Siduo will go on the third.”

“Yes!” the three girls nodded simultaneously.

Xu Xiaoyan smiled and said softly to Xie Xie, “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Look, it’s us girls who’ll be participating in the one-against-one match.”

Xie Xie scoffed, “There’ll come a time for me to take one for the team. I’m just showing my chivalry.”

Xu Xiaoyan giggled. “Hehe!” “What’re you laughing at…” “Hehe!”
Tang Wulin squinted both eyes. Following Wu Zhangkong’s arrangement, they would have to win the one-against-one battle and an additional two rounds. After that, they must win the two-against-two match where the pressure would be on him and Gu Yue.

The fight against their opponents in the group battle would be so difficult that they would most likely only be able to score two points. If they managed to get three or four points at the start, they could reach their objective for the friendly match by acquiring some performance points during the group battle in the end. The difference in ability between them
and the other team was significant, after all. To achieve such a result would be fantastic.

“All the best, Yuanen!” Xie Xie cheered loudly for Yuanen.

Yuanen Yehui glared at him, then sat cross-legged on the spot and began to adjust herself. As president of second grade class one, there was no doubting the excellence of her capabilities. She was confident of victory in the first round.

Beside third grade class one was their teacher Song Lin, an experienced middle-aged lady from the outer court, and a two-word battle armor master.

“First round. Go, Wu Rui,” Song Lin said to the boy before her who looked to be about 18 or 19 years old.

“Go easy on them,” Song Lin spoke with a calm smile.

Wu Rui’s martial soul was Heavenly Book. Rank-48 soul power, he was one of the most powerful team members from third grade class one. He was a control-type battle soul master. However, his strength in battle was clearly not the most potent in a one versus one match.

Chapter 537

Chapter 537: Cloning

Song Lin did not plan to sweep the friendly competition against the joint first and second grade team. To discourage the younger students was not a good idea. Therefore she chose Wu Rui, whose personal battle strength was top five in the class for the first round. Naturally, she figured that defeating him would still pose a significant challenge for the first and second graders.

Elder Cai stepped into the air. There was a glowing silver flash as she arrived on the battle ring.

“Please send forth your participant for the first one-against-one match.”

Two silhouettes ascended on both sides of the sparring arena
simultaneously, eliciting cheers from the students of all grades at once.

Wu Rui landed gently on the battle ring. His features were elegant and he possessed a peaceful demeanor. He had one hand before him and the other at his back. His hair was immaculately combed. With a subtle grin on his face, he went so far as to wave at the people below the ring. He was known for his love of showboating. If not for the academy prohibiting romantic relationships among students in the outer court, he would have kept himself busy from the start.

Yuanen Yehui landed steadily in the arena. Her clothes were still like those of a boy and there was nothing unusual about her appearance. However,
cheering began from second grade class one as soon as she entered the battle ring.

“Wu Rui, third grade class one!”

Wu Rui faced Yuanen with a slight smile, revealing his white teeth. His
eyes showed no sign of provocation or arrogance. The only thing he wished to be seen was his pretty-boy facade.

“Yuanen Yehui, second grade class one,” Yuanen said calmly.

Wu Rui smiled and said, “Oh, you’re the president of second grade class one! I’ve heard about you. Twin martial souls are quite an achievement. All the best, alright?”

Yuanen Yehui remained silent.

Wu Rui kept talking, “Don’t force yourself if you can’t handle it. Not to worry. As your senior, I’ll show mercy. We’re schoolmates after all. Be diligent in the future and you might eventually reach my level.”

Below the battle ring, Song Lin felt she had made a bad decision. She now regretted putting this blusterer into the first round. The lad was capable, but he was a sweet-talker who loved to put on a show. He took great pleasure in showing off. It was obvious that he could not help himself when he had an audience of so many students from six grades.

“Silence! Why are you talking so much?!” Elder Cai scowled and interrupted him directly.

“Uhh… Elder Cai, I’m just expressing my concern for my junior.” Elder Cai glared at him. “The battle begins now.”
“Be careful, junior brother…” Wu Rui was still sweet-talking, but Yuanen Yehui had already advanced.

She was a person of few words and preferred to let her actions speak for her. She stomped her left foot hard on the ground and shot out like a
cannonball. In midair, her body began to grow rapidly. It was her third soul skill, Diamond Titan.

Wu Rui could not help but widen his eyes in astonishment as he witnessed the speed of her tremendous growth. Even while releasing his martial soul he was dumbfounded as he spoke, “What the-?! That’s enormous!
Gigantic!” Yuanen Yehui punched her fist into the air. Before the blow could land, an evil wind struck her face.

It was a battle between the control and assault systems. Wu Rui was very confident in himself. With a sudden flash in front of his face, a thick book bound in blue appeared before him.

The book flipped itself open and turned to the first page. Out of nowhere, countless dark-green vines dashed from the pages and rushed towards Yuanen Yehui like a wild beast.

The vines were extremely thick, and with her body at such a great size, it was impossible for Yuanen Yehui to evade them. In fact, she had no plan of even attempting to dodge them. She continued her advance against Wu Rui as her body crashed into the vines.

“That’s not very smart, junior brother,” Wu Rui exclaimed while flipping through the book in his hands. With a flash, he disappeared into thin air. The next second, he reappeared ten meters away, escaping Yuanen Yehui’s blow. Meanwhile, the thick vines had wrapped themselves around Yuanen Yehui’s body.

‘Plant and spatial attributes? Two different attributes?’ Tang Wulin had a look of surprise in his eyes as he watched Wu Rui in the battle ring. How exactly did such a martial soul function?

“His martial soul, Heavenly Book, isn’t Elemental Control but acts to store some of his abilities. Meanwhile, each of his soul rings would add a page of soul skill storage to the Heavenly Book. He has stored Bind and
Teleportation in the pages and has honed his skills in the Control System. Such a martial soul is untraceable and the power might be unrestrained, but it would be hard to handle if he does not have the proper storage and
coordination,” Wu Zhangkong gave an explanation on the Heavenly Book with his cold voice.

Tang Wulin had just realized how powerful a Douluo was with these wondrous martial souls! It was obvious that Yuanen Yehui was in trouble now. The vines began to tighten their grip on her. They seemed to be much more powerful than Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass vines.

“Hmph!” Yuanen Yehui scoffed in anger. The first soul ring on her body shone brilliantly. It was Titan Strength!

She grabbed the vines with her monstrous arms, loudly tearing them apart one by one.

It was a combination of Diamond Titan and Titan Strength. In terms of pure strength alone, the only person who could compare with Yuanen Yehui in Shrek Academy’s outer court was Tang Wulin with his Golden Dragon

“Such great strength! Junior brother, you’re very strong. Here I come
again!” Another cluster of vines dashed towards her. They were even more overwhelming this time as they swept toward Yuanen Yehui in a massive

Wu Rui’s battle methodology was very simple. As a control-type soul master, he could win as long as he continuously kept Yuanen Yehui under pressure and drained her soul power until she was completely exhausted. After that, it would take little effort for him to control her and toss her out of the ring.

Even Wu Rui’s seemingly nonsensical chatter served a purpose, as it was a means to provoke his opponent. Wu Rui himself was a cunning survivor
who made the most of his Teleportation skill on the battlefield.

Yuanen Yehudi scoffed coldly, still aiming her blows at Wu Rui. The only way that she could free herself from the vines wrapped around her was to struggle and tear them apart continuously.

Wu Rui was shocked when the Air Cannon arrived at him in an instant. However, the book in his hands was flipping automatically, and a mirror appeared before him in the blink of an eye. The Air Cannon that had been fired at him was suddenly redirected towards Yuanen Yehui. This was the power of the Reflective Mirror, Wu Rui’s third soul skill. This soul skill would be highly effective if he was to use it wisely in the group battle.

As Yuanen Yehui was bound by the twisting vines, her agility was limited. Looking at the Air Cannon coming closer, all she could do was punch it, negating her own Air Cannon.

From the looks of the battle at that moment, Yuanen Yehui had fallen into Wu Rui’s trap. There was no doubt as to the result when it was a control- type soul master restraining an assault-type.

A glow flashed in Yuanen Yehui’s eyes and suddenly her body shrank at an alarming rate. A cluster of dark purple flames then rose from her body.
Right away the vines coiled around her began to burn and turned to ash.

As her body shrunk, she was left wearing only a tight, stretchable suit. Her boyish image was instantly transformed, revealing her feminine beauty.

A pair of black wings unfurled from her back. With the flame of the Shadow Demon Sword burning, she got within striking distance of Wu Rui almost instantly.

It was her martial soul Fallen Angel which was part of both the assault and agility system.

“Damn, you transformed from a boy to a girl!” Wu Rui yelled and teleported himself while dodging the attack again. There were changes in the pages of his book once more. A golden glow came dazzling down from the sky and landed directly on Yuanen Yehui’s body.

Something strange happened. There was another Yuanen Yehui separate from her own body. She didn’t have the same alertness in her eyes as Yuanen Yehui, but the rest of her appearance was exactly like her Fallen Angel form.

Cloning! It was Wu Rui’s fourth soul skill. With the four control system skills that were Teleportation, Bind, Reflective Mirror, and Cloning, Wu Rui had been ranked as the top control-type soul master in third grade class one. He was also granted the opportunity to one day enter the inner court.

Yuanen Yehui was a little stunned as she faced her own copy. Her opponent’s tactics were truly endless! However, having gained a great deal of battle experience, she knew that any duplicate made using the Cloning
skill would be much weaker compared to the original. Otherwise, it would no longer be as simple as a soul skill.

Suddenly, Yuanen Yehui’s body became a little illusory as she dashed forth with her sword held horizontally. Shadowy images emanated from the Shadow Demon Sword in her hand. At the same time, Curtain of Darkness bloomed from her body and covered the entire battle ring immediately.

The clone possessed all of the soul skills that Yuanen Yehui had, but its power was only 60% of her own. Wu Rui could achieve 80% if he managed to elevate his soul skill to a black soul ring in the future. He could even
achieve 90% if he had a hundred thousand year soul ring. However, he could not do that at the moment.

The clone’s main purpose was to buy him time to look for an opening to slip in an attack.

A huge tangle of vines dashed toward her as soon as the clone appeared. The Curtain of Darkness spread out at the same time.

Within the Curtain of Darkness, Teleportation would be greatly affected as Yuanen Yehui would be able to tell his location immediately no matter
where he teleported to.

Chapter 538

Chapter 538: The Shock

This turn of events filled Wu Rui’s heart with shock.

They had spent time looking into Yuanen Yehui’s capabilities. She was the monitor of second grade class one, so more likely than not, she would have been their strongest competitor in the duel. He did not expect that she
would be sent out in the first match.

According to their initial investigation, Yuanen Yehui’s martial soul was Titan Giant Ape. She was an extremely powerful strength system assault- type battle soul master whose attack range covered a large area.

Despite researching Yuanen Yehui’s abilities so thoroughly, they were not able to ascertain that she was female, let alone the fact that she was capable of transforming into the Fallen Angel.

Wu Rui was initially very excited when he faced Yuanen Yehui at the start of the match. His manipulative abilities worked well against strength-type battle soul masters like Yuanen Yehui. He could depend on his control
skills, and his soul power exceeded hers by a margin wide enough that victory would be a simple matter of exhausting her.

Yet who would have predicted that moments into the match Yuanen Yehui’s Titan Giant Ape would turn into the Fallen Angel?

The Fallen Angel was so powerful because it was equipped with the
characteristics of the agility, assault, and even control systems. It was an exceedingly comprehensive high-grade spirit soul. Even though his
Heavenly Book martial soul was also extremely rare, there was still a huge gap between its power and the Fallen Angel’s. The clone could buy him some time for now, but the difference between the replica and the original was obvious. The Curtain of Darkness also rendered his teleportation far less effective. As a student of Shrek Academy, how
could he not understand that the overall soul power of a twin martial soul was much stronger than a regular martial soul in a soul master of the same rank? He would not necessarily triumph over Yuanen Yehui in this
competition just by tiring her out.

Backed into a corner, he had only one option left…

A dazzling light beamed out from within the pitch black arena. The Curtain of Darkness could no longer conceal the brilliant glow. Silently, his
Heavenly Book expanded by several pages, and Wu Rui emerged from the shadows enshrouded by a marvelous halo.

Countless bands of white light reached outwards from his torso. He now wore armor like white jade branded onto his chest. The white light bands
intertwined and quickly covered his chest and back, increasing his power at an astonishing rate.

Wu Rui continued swinging his arms as many more streaks of white light flew out from his storage ring and swiftly wrapped around his body.

The breastplate, pauldrons, vambraces, gauntlets, and war-kilt appeared in quick succession. Only his legs and head were left unarmored.

In battle armor terms, “pieces” consisted of the armor covering certain parts of the body. The armor covering the hands and forearms was considered one piece, as was that guarding the shoulders and upper arms.

The waist protector and war-kilt were also one piece, while the breastplate alone was a single piece, bringing Wu Rui to a total of six large pieces.

The armor lacked any kind of ornate designs, but his power immediately increased several-fold when he donned it.

Yes, this was one-word battle armor. Even though his armor was still incapable of fusing into his body, to have six pieces gave Wu Rui an enormous boost.

The Heavenly Book before him flipped at lightning speed. The vines, now grown thicker by at least a third of their original thickness, rushed out like a swarm of bees, covering the entire arena in an instant. Like an enormous
web, they moved towards Yuanen Yehui.

Six pieces of battle armor! He definitely deserved the renown of being one of the seniors in the third grade!

There were already quite a lot of people gasping aloud in surprise below the stage. Wu Rui was a genius student who would very likely become a one- word battle armor master before the age of twenty-one. It was also highly probable that he could enter the inner court. As third grade class one’s master-control soul master, these six pieces of battle armors were his best- kept secret.

Even though the one-word battle armor was not the most beautiful to look at, its effect in aiding the soul master was undisputed.

Yuanen Yehui scoffed coldly before she looked up to the sky and howled. The dark purple aura surrounding her body suddenly increased in intensity. A streak of purple light surged skywards. The glow from her body dimmed while the wings on her back grew larger.

Her eyes turned a deep purple color as a phantom figure appeared behind her back as her third soul ring glowed brightly. It was black as ink with tinges of purple.

It was the Fallen Angel’s Arrival!

Flames over ten feet long shot out from the Shadow Demon Sword. The flames flickered and cut away the vines as they rapidly made their way towards Wu Rui.

“I don’t know if I should call you junior brother or junior sister, loser. Yuanen, being a battle armor master became the most sought-after occupation in the continent for the simplest of reasons – power!” His sparkling white aura extended to every piece of armor on his body
while a dazzling radiance arose from the Heavenly Book. A brilliant beam descended from the sky and fell upon Yuanen Yehui’s body once more
creating yet another clone.

The strength of this replica’s body was apparently greater than before. It had at least seventy percent of Yuanen Yehui’s cultivation base.

“With the boost provided by the battle armor, my soul power is increased twice over, and the strength of my clones is increased as well. Even your Curtain of Darkness is incapable of stopping my teleportation now.
Moreover, my teleportation is limitless. This makes me unstoppable. You’ll never win. Surrender now and conserve your energy. Perhaps, it will be useful later on in the competition.”

Wu Rui spoke to Yuanen Yehui with a bantering tone about the vines’ reinforcement and his replica’s strong resistance. Yuanen Yehui’s attack was immediately suppressed.

With the emergence of his battle armor, Wu Rui regained the lead in the battle.

Yuanen Yehui’s violet eyes appeared cold and emotionless. Her Shadow
Devil Sword struck out wildly, forcing the replica confronting her to retreat.

The next moment her body was frozen solid. Her entire person seemed to have come to a standstill, as though she had been turned into a statue.

‘What is she doing?’

Wu Rui was stunned for a moment, but he did not stop his attack. Countless intertwining vines wrapped around Yuanen Yehui rapidly. The clone too marched forward. It slashed at Yuanen Yehui’s head with its replica Shadow Devil Sword.

Meanwhile, Wu Rui saw a soul ring. One that was as black as ink. When Yuanen Yehui transformed into the Fallen Angel, it had appeared that she had only three soul rings beforehand.

The appearance of this fourth soul ring was entirely unexpected, moreover, its color was black. Black signified a ten thousand year soul ring! A ten thousand year soul ring and even a ten thousand year spirit soul.

The shadow-like phantom behind her back solidified in a flash. Taking the form of an adult Yuanen Yehui, it stepped forward and engulfed her body. The duplicate’s attack had only just arrived when it fused into the darkness and vanished in an instant.

‘What’s going on here?’ The Heavenly Book flipped rapidly due to Wu Rui’s shock. Another beam of light from the Cloning skill fell upon her once again, but when the light struck Yuanen Yehui’s body, no replica appeared. Wu Rui’s soul skill was no longer effective.

Amazingly, she was capable of concealing her soul ring. The fourth soul ring was actually her Fallen Angel martial soul’s true power.

Below the stage, the expressions of the students from third grade class one, Tang Wulin, and the others were filled with shock.

‘How long had Yuanen Yehui possessed the ten thousand year soul ring without anyone noticing? What was happening here?’

The pitch black figure extended its body. It was still Yuanen Yehui’s Fallen Angel, but its height had already grown to over three meters. The Shadow Devil Sword was no longer illusory but had now taken a solid form. The dark purple sword’s body was densely engraved with a magnificent pattern.

Streaks upon streaks of electric purple energy glowed around the long
sword. Yuanen Yehui’s eyes also took on a deep purple hue. None knew how this purple angel could have manifested, flapping three pairs of wings by her shoulder. Its gaze was cold and emotionless, glimmering with a bloodthirsty aura. This was Yuanen Yehui’s spirit soul! Moreover, it was definitely not the first spirit soul.

The Shadow Devil Sword stabbed into the air and the light within the battle arena became twisted. Wu Rui turned pale with fear and was about to
escape when he suddenly discovered that his teleportation failed.

‘She’s using the power of darkness to control the fabric of space? How is this possible?’

Countless vines extended out rapidly in an attempt to grab Yuanen Yehui
and give Wu Rui more time to plan. However, he found himself completely unable to lock down his opponent’s location.

Chapter 539

Chapter 539: The Powerful Yuanen

All of a sudden, Wu Rui sensed danger and hastily raised his hands to the front of his body.


A tremendous force imbued with a terrifying darkness surged towards him. Wu Rui was struck such that he flew out backward with the light of dark purple electricity shimmering around his body.

The six pieces of battle armor on his body glowed white as they withstood the tenacious sword blows.

‘How could this happen?’ Wu Rui’s heart was in disarray. The next moment, while still flying backward he abruptly sank. He was attempting to control his body subconsciously, yet he could only sense the tremendous pressure akin to a hill on top of him.


Wu Rui dropped to the ground and the twisted space vanished. The crowd watched as Yuanen Yehui kneeled on Wu Rui’s chest, using her knees to forcefully slam him to the ground. The tip of the Shadow Devil Sword in her hand was pointed downward at Wu Rui’s chest.

Though the battle armor was capable of protecting his body, he had yet to own a complete set of one-word battle armor. Yuanen Yehui needed only a moment before she could directly attack Wu Rui’s unprotected head.

“Stop!” Elder Cai’s voice echoed promptly, as she announced the match’s victory and defeat. The wings flapped behind Yuanen Yehui’s back. She floated up from Wu
Rui’s body and fluttered backward ten meters before she slowly touched the ground.

Sounds of cheering reverberated through the entire arena. The cheers from the second grade class one students were especially lively.

“She has become even stronger,” muttered Tang Wulin. “If she had such power during the two-against-two match earlier, I don’t think we would’ve triumphed so easily. Her Titan Giant Ape was surprisingly not her strongest technique, but the Fallen Angel was. This is truly unexpected!”

Gu Yue spoke, “Generally the second martial soul is stronger than the first. It’s only a matter of when one chooses to advance it. I didn’t expect for her to obtain a second spirit soul for her martial soul so soon. It would seem that she has made a vast improvement in her spiritual power.”

Tang Wulin laughed. “This is quite stressful! Everyone is advancing so fast.”

He was unaware that the reason for Yuanen Yehui’s quick progress was directly related to him. Yuanen Yehui had been desperately striving under pressure from first grade class one’s outstanding students. She had only very recently obtained the ten thousand year soul ring. Yuanen was truly powerful now.

“The first match goes to the first and second grade team!”

Wu Rui was uninjured, but his appearance was slightly marred by dust and dirt as he made his exit. It was absolutely shameful for him to lose to his junior sister when he had six pieces of battle armor.

Song Lin frowned a little. It was rather embarrassing for third grade class one since they lost in the first match! However, as a teacher, she could see that their defeat was fair, for Yuanen Yehui’s power was unexpectedly
strong. It was no wonder the academy agreed to allow the first and second grade team to challenge the third grade. They had a hidden secret as
anticipated. Setting the issue of battle armor aside, Yuanen Yehui was certainly gifted with unusual aptitude. She possessed a twin martial soul that had both
achieved four soul rings, and even possessed a ten thousand year old spirit soul. This sort of power was rarely seen even in third grade. Not even Li
Qiankun and Mo Jue were at her level when it came to natural talent. When she could own a set of one-word battle armor in the future, she would utterly exceed the outstanding students in her class. However, this was
currently impossible since she had yet to become a one-word battle armor master.

Song Lin squinted her eyes as she turned around and looked toward Ye Wu. “It’s your turn in the second match.” She did not advise anything else as these students had been with her for seven years. She understood their
characteristics very well.

Ye Wu’s eyes burned with flames of excitement as he raised his hand to pat Wu Rui’s shoulder. “Big Mouth Wu, I am going to avenge you.”

Wu Rui pouted. “I hope that you’ll meet an even stronger opponent.” He
was actually feeling somewhat recalcitrant. After the Fallen Angel released the fourth soul ring, his ability was apparently restricted. He could sense that he was suppressed by that ten thousand year soul ring’s martial soul, or his soul skill would not have failed. After Cloning lost its effect, he no longer had the upper hand. If he was able to clone himself, he was confident that he could fight to the end by relying on his soul power enhanced by the battle armor.

On the lower grade team’s side, Wu Zhangkong’s gaze shifted to Wu Siduo and Ye Xinglan. The former took a step forward spontaneously. “Teacher Wu, I’ll go for the second match.”

Wu Zhangkong nodded slightly. “Give free reign to your power and all will be fine. Do not enter recklessly.”

“Yes!” Wu Siduo answered and floated upwards, lithely landing on the competition stage. Ye Wu, who had arrived onstage one step ahead of her, perceived the vision before his eyes brighten. A beautiful maiden had appeared before him. A girl’s development was always slightly earlier than a boy. That was why
even though Wu Siduo was only fourteen years old, she appeared not much younger than Ye Wu.

“Nice to meet you, junior sister. I’m Ye Wu of third grade class one,” Ye Wu spoke with a smile. Surprisingly, his earlier aggression had subsided to some degree.

“First grade class one, Wu Siduo.” Her reply was much simpler.

Astonishment flashed in Ye Wu’s eyes upon hearing her name. He had learned of her long ago. She was ranked tenth on the Genius Youths
Ranking, twin martial soul, and she possessed a martial soul fusion skill. There was no doubt of her natural ability. Her martial soul might not be as strong as Yuanen Yehui’s, but her twin martial souls could utilize a martial soul fusion skill, and that was truly terrifying. Moreover, her cultivation base had already exceeded four soul rings even though she was only in the first grade.

The current batch of first grade students was truly frightening!

She would probably break through to the fiftieth rank by the second grade if she were given a few more years to develop herself.

She deserved to be honored as the best among the strongest freshman class in Shrek Academy in the past few centuries.

“Begin!” Elder Cai announced the start of the competition in the same exceedingly simple manner.

The two competitors moved simultaneously. It was as if two streaks of lightning appeared on the battleground. Ye Wu’s whole body seemed to have ignited in the split second he dashed forward. His back spurted out intense flames that allowed him to instantly reach an extreme speed. The first and second grade students were startled by his quick pace,
especially the agility-type soul masters who had never seen such speed before.

Yes, Ye Wu’s speed was beyond reason. Like a line of fire, it only took him a blink of an eye to approach Wu Siduo.

Wu Siduo herself was very fast. Her Hell Civet was extremely agile, yet she had only crossed a third of the distance between them when the opponent reached her.

‘What kind of speed is this?’ Wu Siduo could not help feeling fear in her heart. However, her reaction was incomparably swift. She released her first soul skill – Hell Rush!

Her Hell Rush was not meant to dash straight into the opponent, but for her to adjust her position ever so slightly. She dodged sideways using the Hell Rush’s explosive speed.

Flames flashed past as their two bodies almost alternated positions. Ye Wu had already arrived on the other end of the arena between the glimmer of
shadows formed by the light. He only changed direction when he
approached the stage’s edge. He drew out an arc as he turned and dashed toward Wu Siduo once again.

“He’s swift but it seems he lacks agility,” Tang Wulin whispered.

“Perhaps it’s because he is so swift that his level of agility is affected.” As a similar agility-type soul master, Xie Xie was startled by Ye Wu’s speed as well. His linear assault speed was too fast that one’s eyes would not be able to take everything in. Xie Xie wondered if he would be capable of such
speeds, but he could see from Ye Wu’s difficulty in stopping mid-stride that his agility was affected by his momentum.

Chapter 540

Chapter 540: Flame Body

Flame Body! This was Ye Wu’s martial soul, and it was used for both offense and defense. However, Ye Wu had an unusual approach during the cultivation process. He used the propulsion of the flames to make himself a unique agility-type soul master.

Even an agility-type soul master who was at a higher level than his would be incapable of comparing with his linear acceleration, let alone someone of the same rank. That was why his opponents usually lost to his extreme

Wu Siduo had a great deal of combat experience. She made an accurate judgment at that first moment when she sensed something was wrong, which was why she did not confront him aggressively.

Moreover, Wu Siduo’s body had already started undergoing some changes. She had suddenly grown taller while her slender figure became bulkier. Her long hair turned a combination of black and white, while fur grew out
soundlessly around her neck as her arms swelled in size, becoming thick and strong.

It was a martial soul transformation – the White Tiger!

Ye Wu had already turned around and was dashing toward her once again.
When he realized that Wu Siduo had grown brawny and muscular, the
corners of his lips that were hidden in the flames could not help but twitch. ‘How has it come to this? Why do all the young girls have martial souls
capable of making them stronger? This is truly… horrifying!’

There was a shimmering glow as Wu Siduo lifted her arms away from her sides. With a burst of light, she brought forth her razor-sharp knife, Tiger Claw. She was no longer trying to dodge but stood on the spot awaiting Ye Wu’s arrival.

With Ye Wu’s extraordinary speed, the two parties collided into one another instantly.


A fiery light burst out upon impact.

Wu Siduo slid a dozen meters backward before she managed to regain her footing. However, she had been able to forcefully withstand the strength point of Ye Wu’s dashing attack.

The assault system was resistant to the agility system. This was the reason why Wu Sidou chose the White Tiger martial soul. With the White Tiger acting as a protective shield, she used her strong physique to block the power of her opponent’s high speed.

The blood essence in both fighters’ bodies surged following the collision. It was a very uneasy sensation.

“Ha!” Ye Wu shouted aloud as the fiery radiance burst forth from his body once again. This time the reddish-orange flames turned a shade of azure, raising the temperature immediately. Wu Siduo could feel the scorching heat blowing against her face despite standing a dozen meters away from him.

Her White Tiger martial soul had not yet fully matured, and it was certainly not as strong as Yuanen Yehui’s second martial soul. She possessed only three soul skills at the moment as her second soul spirit had yet to find a
suitable one.

Her third soul ring brightened. The hairs on her body suddenly turned a dazzling golden color, and she became even stronger than before. She took one step forward before she suddenly rushed toward Ye Wu. Ye Wu’s body burned brightly, yet he did not dash toward Wu Siduo. Instead, he sped sideways at full speed. He drew out a large arc as he circled wildly across the battleground.

His agility-type battle method was completely different from most agility- type soul masters. He did not only use his speed to move around, but it also enabled him to attack his opponents with high-velocity collisions. His body was extremely durable and could withstand high-speed impacts when he transformed into the Flame Body. He could often severely injure his opponent with such powerful collisions and high-temperature flames.

This was indeed his own unique battle method which was the initial reason that Shrek Academy accepted him.

Of course, there were also some drawbacks when using this technique to battle. The most critical was that working together with a partner was very difficult for him.

Only through painstaking effort along with his incredible power, did he manage to become the strongest group member in third grade class one.

Ye Wu circled around once at full speed. When he reappeared before Wu Siduo, he was already rushing toward her at an extreme velocity again.

“Boom!” The two fighters flew backward simultaneously. Wu Siduo rolled on the ground before she stood up again. Blood essence was surging in her body while her heart was dumbstruck with astonishment.

This guy’s impact force was truly too powerful. This was absolutely not something that an ordinary agility-type soul master was capable of
achieving. It was extremely difficult for her to withstand his attack even
when she was in her White Tiger Diamond Transformation. She had already been slightly injured.

Ye Wu’s body rolled around in the air. He accelerated even more when he touched the ground. He relied on the Flame Body’s half elemental state to
strengthen his ability to withstand the force of impact. This was supposed to be his battle method all along. ‘What do I do?’ Wu Siduo’s mind raced as her heart pounded in her chest. This opponent’s speed really was more than she could handle. It was utterly impossible for her to depend on the Hell Civet to chase after him. However, her White Tiger martial soul was already in danger of failing when he was dashing at her with such force. Perhaps it would be better if the White Tiger possessed a fourth soul ring, but given the circumstances simply trying to
withstand more collisions was of no use. The azure-colored flames were being blocked by the White Tiger Diamond Transformation, but the
scorching heat still made it feel like her internal organs were burning.

Wu Siduo inhaled deeply as a quick flash went through her eyes. Her hands flung out simultaneously. Two streaks of light shot out and landed on top of her arms. A pair of pure white vambraces with faint golden-colored
striations covered her forearms. Soon after, two rerebraces flung out from her ring and shielded her upper arms.

Four pieces of battle armor!

“Boom!” Ye Wu was the unfortunate one during the third collision. His velocity was so great that it was difficult for him to adjust his direction. He watched helplessly as the opponent released her battle armor, yet for him it was too late. Wu Siduo did not budge at all this time under the violent
collision, while Ye Wu flew backward.

Wu Siduo would never waste such a fine opportunity. Her martial soul
switched over in an instant. Even the battle armor on her arms seemed to turn unreal following that. She dashed her way in front of Ye Wu using the Hell Rush and struck forth with her front claws.

Under the stage, Song Lin’s face was filled with astonishment. ‘Are the
current first grade students already so strong? She is only in the first grade of her second academic year, but she already has four pieces of battle armor. Moreover, these four pieces of battle armor were compatible with her twin martial soul. It is certainly difficult to produce battle armor that can be used effectively with a twin martial soul, yet amazingly these young people are
capable of doing exactly that. This is truly astonishing! Based on her
current rate, she would own a full set of one-word battle armor by second grade and formally become a one-word battle armor master.’ ‘Extraordinary!’

Luo Guixing’s mouth cracked into a gentle smile below the stage. Subconsciously, he peered in the direction of Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

Yes, the four pieces of one-word battle armor on Wu Siduo’s body were the fruit of their painstaking labor. Even though the armor was not made of
spirit alloy, the amount of effort it took to design and produce one that
accommodated the twin martial soul was similarly rigorous. Hence, they had no choice but to reduce the battle armor’s power by a little.

Wu Siduo’s little group of members worked with determination and invested enormous effort into this task upon seeing that Tang Wulin and his team were capable of producing one-word battle armor made of spirit alloy. Wu Siduo’s battle armor was only just completed the same year. The entire group focused all their effort on her in order to make her stronger while the rest of the team only owned one or two pieces of battle armor. They were leading their group by following the footsteps of Tang Wulin’s team.

As soon as the four pieces of battle armor were released, it immediately turned the tide of battle around.

Wu Siduo’s soul power was the greatest amongst the entire first grade class one. She had already achieved forty-fourth rank.

There was still a gap between her rank and Ye Wu’s forty-eighth rank, but he was not unpassable.

The Hell Rush was just about to reach Ye Wu when his body suddenly changed.

The azure flames turned sky blue, and the temperature went from scorching hot to off the charts. Wu Siduo could feel like a burning sensation immediately rush against her face. Not only did her body feel the heat, but even her spiritual power felt ignited.

“Clang!” Hell Rush collided with Ye Wu’s raised arms. It was unknown when Ye Wu’s arms and hands had been covered by blue battle armor. He was also using battle armor!

The two parties collided with one another. Ye Wu did not manage to steady himself this time due to the blow he suffered earlier. He was blown away by Wu Siduo’s impact. However, his reaction was extremely swift. His body immediately turned around in midair, shooting out blue flames as he
accelerated once again. He fled in the opposite direction so fast that Wu Siduo was rendered incapable of catching up to him.

Ye Wu’s hands flung out as he was wildly dashing around. One after
another, more pieces of battle armor were continuously added to his body.

He had a pair of pieces for his forearms and hands, his shoulders and upper arms, and his thighs. He had armor covering both of his legs with battle boots, bringing him to a total of eight pieces.

Even though he did not own the core armor, with eight pieces of armor attached to his body, he had double the amount of Wu Siduo.

This was the third grade’s real advantage. The most important aspect of their true power was on display here.

Ye Wu’s speed increased even more, making the blue flames on his body even more overwhelming.

There was no way to block him! Wu Siduo knew at once that when Ye Wu came dashing at her again wearing eight pieces of battle armor, none of her martial souls were capable of withstanding the impact anymore.

The third grade’s senior was incisive as expected!

However, it was also at this moment when Wu Siduo’s eyes started glowing. It was a secluded and lonely glow. The four pieces of battle armor on her body shone brightly and transformed into countless streams of flashing lights, covering her with bright striations.

Her body expanded abruptly as she launched the martial soul fusion skill – Hell White Tiger! Shimmering with an otherworldly radiance, the Hell White Tiger appeared out of thin air. It was even bigger and more unfathomable than before.

The space around the entire sparring arena seemed to warp upon its arrival.
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